i have something in common with rihanna!

     It was not often that he made direct trips to his study, finding need to make the trip across was few and far between. However the goal in mind was quite clear, and with it did he hardly bother knocking at all. Silently he slipped into the room watching the man loom over his desk, hard at work. Admirable almost, but not something he had intention of watching for long. Instead he walked past him, fingers brushing lightly through his mane of fur as he cut to his bookcase instead. 

     “Don’t mind me Commander- simply passing through. I heard you might have something valuable to me, a book, more specifically. Therefore my trips might become more common, if you don’t mind.” Hands pressed to his hips, hardly more than a glance given over his shoulder at the other. The devil’s grin on his lips was all too clear, but in all honesty, something he didn’t regret showing in the slightest.  // @disciplinebreached