i have some serious man flu

anonymous asked:

Wayfaring, how do you support someone who has the man-flu without treating him like someone who, well, has the man-flu...

Ugh, man flu. That is some serious stuff.

As a single lady I don’t have to deal with man-flu other than seeing the men who walk in my office with 12 hours of a runny nose asking for Levaquin, so my advice is slim. 

Maybe send him home so his mama can baby him? It’s a win-win for you and him.  

Actually, I guess you could make him a little sick cave/quarantine area. Bring him a little cooler with drinks so he stays hydrated. Get all the blankets. Set him up with a thermos of soup and a bag of crackers and Vick’s Vaporub and Tylenol and all the various OTC meds he needs and a giant box of tissues. That way he has everything he needs to wallow in the misery of being sick and you can avoid frequent contact and can avoid getting sick too. 

Man Flu

that-first-glance-feeling​ and I were concerned for Killian’s health - all that getting wet and all.
Which, of course, became something else entirely….

She knew there was going to be trouble when the sniffling started. His unplanned dip in the harbour and his subsequent adventures, hair and clothes still dripping, had come to their only logical conclusion.

Killian Jones had a cold.

(If she’d known, she wouldn’t have been so quick to throw an admiring glance his way when he was wet - no doubt a good look for him - because he NEVER missed that stuff. The vain idiot probably resisted towelling off for hours, knowing he looked good damp.)

She had given him an aspirin and sent him home with Kleenex and orders to keep hydrated - water, not rum - and promised to check on him the next day.

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