i have some questions for steven moffat

This is not meant as wank, but I’m genuinely curious

to know if Steven Moffat has friends who have “nicely” shot him in vital organs before. Because if so, I’m concerned about him and I’d like to suggest he get some therapy to work out better coping mechanisms than rationalisation of abusive and criminal behaviour. Does he “nicely” shoot his friends? Do they like that? I have so many questions. 


To the Time Lords/Ladies. Gender if fluid, literally. It can change with every and any regeneration. We know this. We have seen it with the Master/Missy. And we know that aftera regeneration. The person is still themselves up with a new face.

So therefore, they dont see gender like humans do. Like we do. Meaning they date, love and care without gender being a factor. Because the gender of their partner could change without second thought.

To quickly address other theories surronding this topic. Most claim that they are asexual and panromantic, I’m not saying that this isn’t possible. But as an asexual myself, I would not “pro-create” even if the world depeneded on it. They may be different but due to the fact that there are children of Time Lords and the Doctor himself has had children. I don’t think they could be very far along the ace spectrum.

Need some evidence???
Why hasn’t the Doctor even questioned or acted the slightest bit suprised by Bill’s choice in female partners?

He doesn’t see gender as a factor.

Steven Moffat confirmed the fact that River Song (Melody Pond) is pansexual, having had something like three wives and god knows how many husbands. I believe it was partly derived from her being part Time Lady.

Here’s a possible scenario:
If a Time Lord (person A) and a Time Lady (person B) fell in love and married. Then person A was shot and regenerated into a woman, making them a same sex couple. They would still love one another, their genders not having an impact.

Therefore, pansexual.

Sherlocked USA questions

Hey fellow Sherlollians!

I will be heading to Sherlocked USA next week, and I wanted to see if anyone in our group had some good questions that I might can ask the crew.  If you have a burning question, please reblog this and add your question, or you can send me a message too.  Below is a list of people who will be there!

Louis Moffat (young Sherlock in S3)
Timothy Carlton (Benedict Cumberbatch’s father, played Sherlock’s father)
Wanda Ventham (Benedict’s mum, also played Sherlock’s mum)
Alistair Petrie (Sholto)
Arwel Wyn Jones (set designer)
Una Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson)
Mark Gatiss (Mycroft Holmes, writer)
Amanda Abbington (Mary Watson)
Andrew Scott (Jim Moriarty)
Sue Vertue (Executive Producer)
Steven Moffat (writer and head showrunner)

I’ll do my best to ask things during panels or whatnot.  I’m actually nervous as heck…but I will do my best!  Thank you!

Sherlock fans just stop it. Stop sending hate to the cast, the producers, and anyone else who worked to give us season four of Sherlock. They all worked very hard to give us season four, even when Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were busy. Moftiss didn’t have to make this season you know. They could have canceled season four, so be grateful that we have new content. 

Johnlock doesn’t have to be canon or else “everyone involved in giving us this new season is homophobic”. Honestly I loved how Moftiss ended this season because in the end, no ship is canon. If they made Johnlock canon, then the people who shipped like Sherlolly or Adlock would be angry. If they made Sherlolly canon, then the people who shipped Johnlock or Adlock would have been angry. They ended the season so that anyone could ship who they wanted, and you’re f*cking mad about it?

Sure, there are some plot holes. Questions left unanswered. But honestly, aren’t there always? Johnlockers, Moftiss gave you that beautiful hug that Sherlock gave John. John is now unmarried, so you can ship Johnlock as you please. Stop targeting Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue, Louise Brealey, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Fandom Blogs, and other people. You are making the Sherlock fandom a negative place to be in, and I for one hate it. What is the hate supposed to make them do? Go back in time to rewrite the whole script? 

If we were ever going to get a season five, stop making the chances slimmer by being rude to the producers, and the cast. The hate isn’t going to get you anywhere, it just makes the Sherlock fandom a disgusting place. 

Somewhere in the UK...

Moffat: What are you doing?

Gatiss(running around rearranging the lamps of his living room): Everyone hated tfp. Everyone.

Moffat: I know, im sorry, but we’ll figure it out, the next season will be better!

Gatiss(attaching his phone to a selfie stick): We don’t have to fix it! They already did (waves hand at open laptop), the tin hatters!

Moffat: ….what?

Gatiss: We don’t have time for silly questions. Just read it.

Moffat(skimming over the basic ideas quickly): Well, its completely mad, but I suppose we’ve done mad before.

Gatniss: It’s not maddness, its fucking brilliant. Now, call Ben and Martin, I have a camera ready (waving the selfie stick triumphantly), the lighting is perfect, we can still get some footage to the BBC by tomorrow morning and look like we planned on this. HURRY, steven!

We have just filmed the special, which as you may know is set in 1885. I swear to God I couldn’t answer this for laughing for fully five minutes but Steven [Moffat] and I were asked, ‘How can Sherlock Holmes exist in an era without iPhones?’ He just said, ‘There is some history of that’. We are answering all the same questions we were asked five years ago but upside down. Our version has so fundamentally become Sherlock Holmes that people have trouble thinking it could be Victorian.

Mark Gatiss, The Big Issue, March 30-April 5, (x)

(N.B. Another misquote of 1885?)

hey guys, question: how do you know it’s queer baiting and not just like… men having a good platonic friendship??? watching this show i didn’t expect them to be gay for each other??? john was married and mourning his wife, did you all just not think that was real at all??? why can’t men be allowed to love each other as friends ? 

  • Don’t have any hot beverages
  • Be sure you warn anyone in your home/other structure of living about your viewing, as they might think you are being brutally murdered at some point(s)
  • Smacking your device will not help anything, I promise
  • Bottom line: You survived Angels Take Manhattan, Time of the Doctor, Reichenbach, etc., and you can survive this 

We are in this together. Good luck, comrades.

Problems I have with the Christmas Special

Quick rundown of my questions and concerns:

  1. Clara is completely fucking useless.  All she did the whole fucking episode is hold on to a key, cry, talk to a crack, and cook a turkey.
  2. The Doctor is a complete asshole to her.  He uses her, and he sends her away, and generally just sort of sidebars her…when he’s not slapping her ass and treating her like a child.
  3. That was the most anticlimactic regeneration ever.  I don’t care how explodey he got before that (which was also soooo over the top), he just…what…sneezed?  And then he’s Peter Capaldi.
  4. Since when would the Time Lords give a shit if it’s “safe” to come out?  Supposedly, that’s why they’re asking “Doctor Who”–WHICH WAS STILL THE FUCKING QUESTION, THANK YOU VERY MUCH STEVEN “I’M JUST GONNA FUCKING DO WHAT THE FUCK I WANT” MOFFAT–because they wanna make sure he’s there…to…what?  Give them safe passage?
  5. “If you love him.”  They don’t.  They never have.  They’ve persecuted him and shunned him, when they weren’t manipulating him, using him, and risking his life.  Kay.  Just need to make that clear.  Again.
  6. So, they know it’s him, and he’s been fighting for…centuries, apparently, all of their enemies, so…they open another crack and send him some extra regenerations, hooray…but now they’re still in the other universe?  It’s down to just the Daleks, and the Doctor’s splodey regeneration-that-isn’t-quite-a-regeneration took care of them, so…why didn’t they come through then?
  7. WHY THE FUCK WERE THE DALEKS THERE?  They forgot him!  Oswin took care of that.  How do they even remember him?

Countdown to Moffat Appreciation Day: An Under-appreciated Work

Even from fellow ardent fans, I always hear people making concessions about series 6 of Doctor Who. They know it’s not as good: it’s too plot heavy and there’s far too much River Song. But things have gotten so much better, so we can forgive it. Well, I love series 6 to pieces. It was the first complete series I watched as it aired, and it cemented my love and obsession with the show.

Series 6 was really a game changer for the show. Let’s start off a new series by killing off our protagonist as all of his friends watch. I remember yelling at my television the moment it happened. How can he kill off the main character ten minutes into the first episode?! What on earth can you do to top that? And so we spent a good few months trying to puzzle that out.

I think the first moment comes in A Good Man Goes to War. We see the Doctor try desperately to do what he does best: stride in, save the day, and hold the moral high ground. But in comes River Song, taking the Doctor to task for years of being the Oncoming Storm. Years of making people so afraid and years of dancing through time and space without looking back and what he leaves behind. If he hadn’t done any of that, then perhaps the word “doctor” would still mean healer. Perhaps the family he had grown so close to would never have been torn apart. People have been lauding series 8 (and rightly so) for asking if the Doctor was a good influence and a good man, but Steven Moffat started asking his audience this question in this episode.

And let’s look at River Song some more. The idea that too much time was spent on her is ridiculous for me. She is one of my favorite characters of all time and the fact that this was the River Song series probably has a lot to do with why I love this particular series so much. River Song introduces to New Who a female character who is the Doctor’s Doctor. Time and space is her playground just as it is his. She swans into his life as a mystery and wonder, the way he comes into his own companions’ lives. She can fly the TARDIS (better than he can in fact), she knows the rules of the universe, and defies them more often than he does. To me, she is the definition of a strong female character because she has been given everything the male hero has. River isn’t a character I relate to; she is the character I look up to. She is my Female Power Fantasy: reclaiming her agency and doing anything and everything she wants to do, loving herself and the person she’s with, and doesn’t need the male character to make her story interesting. 

This story culminated in one of my favorite series finales for any show: The Wedding of River Song. We finally get the answer to the question, “What happens if you mess with a fixed point in time?” The answer of course is that all hell breaks loose in the most fascinating way possible. Everything is resolved and the Doctor and River finally are on the same page. Amy and Rory prove once again that they will find each other in any universe, and Amy and River finally are able to take back everything Madame Kovarian stole from them and heal. The Doctor learns to step back into the shadows and leave less of a wake behind him, and we finally learn the question that needs to be asked. I don’t think I’ve ever simultaneously felt more satisfied with a series and more eager for more.

There are so many other things that make this series amazing. We finally learn what the TARDIS would say if she could talk to her Doctor. Amy gets to make sense of her life, grow up from her childhood love of her imaginary friend and clearly make traveling with the Doctor a choice to be with her best friend instead. Rory finally comes across some character development, and we are introduced to the Paternoster Gang. So I’ve never felt like this is a series I should be apologetic for liking. This is the series that transformed my love for Doctor Who into what it is today, and how could I not thank Steven Moffat for that?

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