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1034. Having been invited to many dinners at The Burrow over the years, Harry always noticed that Molly never really sat down to eat with the rest of the family. She was always serving others and making sure everyone had enough to eat, and usually ate while cooking or after everyone else was finished. When he asked her about this, she replied, “One of my greatest joys is seeing people enjoy my food. When those I love are happy, I am happy. Now, have some more shepherd’s pie.”

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Aggressively supportive dad Richard Bittle

Keeping with the theme of my previous post, here are just a few headcanons about Coach Bittle, who just really loves his gay son, okay?

  • Coach wishes he could make it to some of Bitty’s games, but his busy schedule with coaching and teaching, plus the distance to Samwell makes it difficult. Instead the Bittles have a completely ridiculous cable package just so they can watch NCAA hockey. They still can’t catch every Samwell game live, but Coach DVRs and watches every game broadcast.
  • In a stroke of really bad luck, the APUSH exam was the same week as the Frozen Four championship game, so Coach misses that too. When Bitty gets back to Madison he’s surprised to find there’s no room on the DVR to record The Great British Bake-Off because it’s full of Samwell’s playoff games.
  • Jack comes to Madison for July 4th, and he and Bitty are completely not subtle about their mooning over each other. Suzanne is really tempted to tell the boys that they know and Coach has to talk her down. Instead he suggests a series of totally urgent errands he and Suzanne need to do ‘so you boys can have some time alone.’ Dropping hints that they know also does not work.
  • When Bitty does tell his Coach he’s dating Jack, Coach plays it pretty cool. He says that Jack’s a good man and a fine athlete, so well done, Junior.
  • In public it’s a completely different story. When Jack and Bitty go public with their relationship, it’s non-stop bragging about Junior and his NHL-star boyfriend. Did you know they played in the Frozen Four together?
  • The faculty of Morgan County High School gets used to the fact that outside of football season, all Coach Bittle wants to talk about is hockey. Eventually he wins a few new Falconers fans. Possibly this is because he won’t shut up and his friends want to at least know what the heck he’s on about.
  • Fun town game: spotting Bitty and his friend ‘Mr. Crappy’ in the crowd during Falcs broadcasts. (Cue reminders the Junior used to play on Jack Zimmermann’s line.)
  • Coach’s team knows that he has absolutely zero tolerance for homophobic slurs or intolerant behavior from his players. That’s a one way ticket to being suspended from the team.
  • Coach is never going to be outgoing like his wife and son, but things are easier between him and Bitty now. Bitty doesn’t have to hide his sexuality, and he knows Coach doesn’t secretly wish his son was a QB.
  • Coach still agrees with Jack that Bitty should eat more protein.
evening in the Avengers Tower

“There. All done.”


“Ah, screw it.”

“Merry Christmas, wherever you are.”

*Sam knocks before entering the living room sadly, Matt, Foggy and Karen following*

“Merry Christmas Tony…are you drinking?”

“Tony switch it out for some cookies. Come on man you like these ones the best.”

“We have some homemade hot chocolate mix along with whipped cream, mini marshmallows, and peppermint bits. I’ll make some for you two and you guys can decide what toppings you have.” 

“I also brought some Shepherd’s pie. It’s my mom’s family recipe. And it’s fresh and organic, so that’s a bonus.”

“And I got you two tsum tsums. The Iron Man is yours, Tony, and the Falcon one is yours, Sam. They’re really soft and I heard they’re cute along other good reviews. They’re also great cuddle buddies. Karen and Foggy helped me find them.” *gives the tsum tsums to their owners* “I can also do anything else you two need. I also plan on going out tonight on duty. I’ll contact you guys if I hear anything.” 

“Thanks, guys… Merry Christmas.”


somewhere in New York

*looks at his phone* “Tony…”


“Why do you have to make this so difficult…”

“I don’t know why are you being a prick about Hydra Cap. I miss Sam. Steve why can’t we go home?”

“Soon, Bucky. I promise this all will end soon.”


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My new neighbours gave me a pumpkin 🎃 as a gift for the holidays so I used it to make two pumpkin pies. One for my family and one as a gift for them. As I whisked together the filling I poured in all the good holiday comforts (and a good 4 cups of sherry) so they should certainly have a lovely holidays 😉

I walked over to their house to give it to them as soon as I popped it out of the oven because there is nothing better then the smell of freshly baked pumpkin pie.

They were so pleased that I used the pumpkin they grew in their garden to make the pie and the kids dove on the pie “can I have some? Can we have some now?” as soon as they carried it in. Australians don’t really have pumpkin pie so it will be new to them ~ hopefully they like it.

~ Marci

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I was out with my nephews and these girls who had obviously just come from a figure skating competition were crying over pie. They kept saying things like "carbs are so good" and "as soon as the seasons over I'm having pie every day" and I feel like this explains some things about bitty.


In my own recent experience of the real world reminding me of Check Please, I went to my first macroeconomics lecture the other day (man I wish I took it in the summer, this is not gonna be a good class), and my professor was very boring but he did say that he used to play and coach hockey, so, not so much an au as a future fic suggestion: Holster goes on to be an economics professor and coach for a university.

ok so here are the little useless, canon/semi-canon tidbits about Kent I remember right now, for your perusal. Most of these are from the streams and N’s twitter. 

  • He’s probably met and had a chat with Holster before. 
  • He’s a Slytherin 
  • Too small to fight on the ice!! (”he’d go flying if he got checked”)
  • Supposed to be from the South Coast instead of NY
  • Apparently he sounds cool and collected most of the time?
  • But N tweeted that although he may look chill, along with Lardo and Nursey, all three of them are Frothing on the inside
  • “Some say his cowlicks are the source of his strength” useless but it’s really cute
  • Wears dog tags?? for some reason
  • Has Jack’s baby pictures in his wallet (?)
  • I’m certain the cat is canon? (I saw a picture of Kit for a commission.)
  • “……. I’ve had better pie” Kent…….. 
  • Apparently he and Jack have some closeness levels depending on what they call each other? Like, casual to intimate, for Jack it’s Kent -> Parse -> Kenny, and for Kent it’s Zimmermann -> Jack -> Zimms.
  • Jack is aware of the Pimms fanfic 
  • APPARENTLY quiet, deliberate and a bit flirty
  • SUPPOSEDLY Kent and Chowder would of have gotten along.
  • probably has a weird way of saying good morning to Jack.. like.. “Hey.. look at you..” ‘first thing in the morning’.

also worth checking out  is jlzimmermann’s post about all the canon facts we know about Kent. 

  • Me: Hmmm, basically all I've had to eat today has been my super rich birthday pie. I should have something light and nutritious, especially since I've been slowly easing my way back into real food post-stomach bug.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: I'm gonna have some birthday pie for dinner.

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Hey I'm just straight (lol) up a lesbian but I'm here to drop off a cake for your aro/ace party! I support the aro/ace community 100%!

I’m kin w Victor and I was Not Ace™ but I 100% support this~! :D Have some pie and framed photos of Makkachin ♥

awwwww you are so freaking sweet! thank you for the support, dears!! 

u are making me,, tearing up,, dknasjkdnskjf  (๑♡⌓♡๑)

sO Knight and I are watching Sweet Land and we just got to the pie scene and

Brownie: …men?
Inge: No, no men.
Brownie: *very gravely* Have some pie.
Knight: *dies laughing*


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When will you be opening your bell commissions again? ☺

hi there cutie pie! ♡ okay so i have some drawings to get through (art trades, finishing bell commissions, giveaway prizes) but hopefully within the next two weeks! i’m sorry about this round taking so long. i’m super excited to get the next round going though because i have new plans!! so please look forward to that. c:

anyways i hope i answered your question! thank you so much for being interested in my art. i’ve been getting so many kind messages and comments on my art and it means SO much to me! i see every single comment on my art and i can’t help but smile at all of them. OK SO sorry for the rant there ahaha ^^; have a nice day cute lil anon! ♡