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autistic studying advice

by an autistic undergrad

1) Don’t trust all study guides by NTs

Their brains are wired differently and some things that work for them won’t work for us. There’s a chance those tips and tricks won’t do anything for you, which might make you feel like a failure. You aren’t! If something doesn’t work, move on. It’s okay.

2) If you have executive dysfunction, laziness and lack of motivation is not your problem

When you struggle with executing tasks it may feel like you are lazy and aren’t motivated enough, but that’s not necessarily true! You might be hella motivated and still not be able to do a task. Trying to motivate yourself in that case will only make you more frustrated.

3) Get distractions out of the way

Little things that would not distract a neurotypical person might distract you, in which case you won’t be able to work to your full capacity. Build a sensory friendly environment with no noises, bright lights, bad smells, etc. Use ear plugs or music if you need to. Get stim toys if you stim a lot to concentrate. Good environment is very important and is probably the reason why you struggle at school/college/uni where your senses might be overstimulated.

4) If you tend to hyperfocus, learn when it happens

Hyperfocus can be incredibly useful for studying, so if it happens to you, try to identify when it happens. For me I tend to hyperfocus when there are absolutely no distractions (for me that often means when I have headphones on and I’m alone). Then replicate those factors to get more done.

5) Learn ways around executive dysfunction and limited energy

This is the most difficult part. Studying when you have problems with executing tasks and limited spoons (energy resources) is tough. Here’s how you can deal with it.

6) Understand your priorities

You will not be able to do as much as NTs do in one day. Deal with it now. Understand that simple tasks such as brushing your teeth or talking on the phone also require energy. So prioritize. Assume you can only do one thing today, the most important/urgent one, and do that first. Then the less important thing. And so on.

7) “Don’t half-ass things” is a lie

Half-ass things. Quarter-ass things. If you can only do one math problem today, do it. That will be one less math problem later. If you can only read a few pages of a textbook today, do it. It’s also easy to think “if I can’t write the essay and finish that project today, might as well do nothing”. That’s a lie too. Do a small thing but do something. Do something badly but still do it. You might be able to fix it later. There’s no shame in being disabled, no matter what society makes you think.

8) Do the most complicated thing first

If you have several tasks and one requires more executive functioning, do that first. Your planning skills are probably at best right after you wake up, before you have time to spend any energy. So that’s the best time to do tasks with many steps or to plan tasks ahead.

9) Rest and take breaks right

It’s important to take breaks in between work, but you have to do it right. You might be tempted to do something useful for a break to be productive - like take a walk or read a book or talk to someone. Do not, or at least do not unless you are absolutely sure. Switching to another task requires mental energy, so that will only deplete your energy sources.

For breaks, do something ridiculously easy. Go on social media. Listen to a song and sing along. Watch a YouTube video. Stim. Daydream. Even lay down and close your eyes for five minutes. Just don’t switch to tasks that also require energy.

10) Don’t try to learn by repetition

Studies show that learning by repetition doesn’t work for us. It will not help you make more connections in your brain. Instead, do different tasks. Read from a book. Write down important points from the book. Read them out loud. Try to repeat them without looking. Pretend to explain it to someone. Answer questions related to the material. Draw it. Watch a video about it. Make a mnemonic for it. Whatever. Just don’t sit there reading it again and again.

11) Be kind to yourself

Your energy levels and capabilities will fluctuate from day to day, and you can’t always know how it will turn out. On some days I can write an essay from scratch in one sitting. On others I struggle to make myself a cup of tea. That’s normal, and it’s not your fault. Blaming yourself for it will only upset you and make it less likely that you do at least something today.

Imagine it like this: you are playing a game, and the difficulty setting randomly switches every day. On some days it’s on easy and you get through five levels with no problems. On some days it’s on very difficult and you can’t even get to the first checkpoint. That’s okay. Say to yourself, “my abilities haven’t changed, the difficulty changed”. Today, just get to that checkpoint. Tomorrow you might get through five levels.

12) Learn from other autistic people

For any other problem you might come across, other autistic people are the best source of knowledge. Allistic parents, teachers, friends, mentors, etc are likely to not understand your problem at all, or give you bad advice. Instead consult the real autism experts - actually autistic people. There are plenty of us who got through school, college and/or uni. Reach out to them. They will help.

Good luck!

Seeing Double

Anon Request: Hi! I’ve been reading your fics for a while now, I totally love them!!! I have a request, if you’re willing. A jim kirk x 5 year old child! reader who’s actually his child from one of his old one night stand or something that he has to take care of. Thank you!

Daddy!Jim and Daughter!Reader (Part 2!)

Word Count: 1626

Warnings: None!!

A/N: I hope this is okay! I realize there really isn’t a lot of Jim taking care of the kid but idk I’m still happy with the way it turned out, so I hope you are too! I definitely got a little too involved in the backstory lol. I think I might do a part 2 at some point, just because I like the idea of Jim and his kid pulling pranks on people throughout the ship. We’ll see, we’ll see. 

“Sir, we have a wee situation in Engineering.”

Jim cursed under his breath. It hadn’t even been three hours yet. “Guess it’s a good thing you’re the best engineer in the fleet Mr. Scott. I trust you can handle it while I finish this briefing.”

“I think this is something you’ll want to come down and see for yourself, captain.”

Jim pushed himself up from the table, cradling the comm to his ear. He spoke in a whisper: “Look, Scotty. I told you I’m in a briefing and frankly the admiral in charge is pretty hot so I’ve got to act like a Captain, okay? Whatever it is you can handle it.”

Scotty sighed. “All right, all right. Remind me what the procedure is for stowaways again.”

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I’ll Be There - Part 1

|Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 7| |Part 8| |Part 9| |Part 10| |Part 11| |Part 12| |Part 13| |Part 14| |Part 15| |Epilogue|

Member: Hoseok 

Genre: Fluff/Angst 

Word Count: 3310

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life. 

A/N: Hi guys! So this will be a series, but I’m not quite sure on how long it will be. I probably wrote half of this at 1 in the morning, so if some of it doesn’t make sense, I apologize. Anyways, I hope you enjoy Xx 

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


“Y/N-aaahhhh, where are yooouuu?” You’re greeted with Hoseok’s drunken state and loud club music.

“Hoseok, you’re drinking again?” You pick up your car keys and grab a jacket to put on.

“Noooo, I didn’t even drink thhhhaaaaaaaattttt much!” You can practically smell the alcohol coming from Hoseok’s breath.

“Sure, and I’m not a little angry at you right now. Where are you? I’m coming to drive your ass home before you do anything stupid.” Hoseok tells you which bar he’s at and you’re on your way to make a late night adventure; not a very fun one.

It takes you a while to get to the bar because Hoseok, oh great Hoseok, chose to go to the bar on the opposite end of the city. Is this what you get in return for being his best friend? Another great thing, Hoseok chose to go to the bar on a Wednesday night. You mentally prepare yourself for the yelling you’ll have to hear from your boss tomorrow for going to work late; even worse, not going at all because who knows what Hoseok is going to be like?

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They say that the world was built for two

MP100 Valentines Week 
Day 7; Flowers

pairing: terumob

Story tag


To Reigen’s credit, when he opens his front door late on a Tuesday night, to be met with a disheveled and mildly-hysterical teenage esper – whose brilliant idea of a polite greeting is “Please I need your help I am losing my mind” – he doesn’t so much as bat an eye.

“It was only a matter of time at this point,” he says blandly, and stands back to let Teruki inside.

And now they’re sitting on the sofa and the armchair respectively; Teruki curls his fingers around his usual mug, breathing in the steam and the scent of sweet cocoa as it drifts up to him (and it’s amazing, he’s never had a usual anything at someone else’s home before). It’s calming, more calming than a warm drink and familiar cup have any right to be, and after he’s managed a few sips and a few deep breaths, Teruki no longer feels like he’s on the verge of drowning. 

Reigen is waiting patiently for him to sort himself out, but surely that won’t last much longer. “I’m very sorry for showing up like this,” he begins with, hesitantly lifting his eyes. 

Reigen raises a brow and gestures with his own mug for Teruki to get on with it already. Okay. Fair enough. He’s danced around the subject long enough.

Carefully setting his hot chocolate on the coffee table, Teruki folds his hands together on top of carefully crossed knees, and says, as painstakingly as he had rehearsed a hundred times, “I have feelings for – for your student. For Shigeo.”

The words take a weight off his chest as he parts with them.

It feels better than he thought it would. To say it out loud, where someone else can hear. 

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anonymous asked:

Zen react to MC calling him in the middle of the night bc she saw a spider in her apartment and freaked out and had to leave bc she's really scared of them, and she didn't know where else to go bc she was panicking. Thanks~~

Ah anonny, I always seem to write so much with these singular person request so I hope that’s alright! I have so many spiders coming into my apartment through my windows and I now wish I could have Zen come to my rescue! This one was a lot of fun to write so I hope that you enjoy!! ^^

  • The flashing spotlight shown brightly on Zen’s perfect body, his voice singing a tune that could only be described as pure harmonious joy
  • You stood next to Zen, pressing yourself into his arm as you complimented his stellar performance, asking if you could treat him in his private room
  • He licked his lips and just as Zen was about to say yes, a loud ringing snapped him back to reality
  • Zen let out a yelp as he looked around the room, realizing that he was dreaming
  • He groaned as he heard his phone blaring his ringtone, which is a song that he’s personally singing swiping the screen to see that it was 3:07 am and that you were calling him
  • Even though he would do absolutely anything for you, calling him in the middle of the night was pushing it but nevertheless Zen answered the call and before he could even greet you, you yelled to him
  • “ZENINEEDYOURHELPRIGHTNOW!” You screamed as Zen winced, pulling his phone away from his ear to try and stop the ringing that had started
  • The panic in your voice made Zen go tense as he started rubbing his sleepy eyes with his one hand and calmly asking “Slow down MC, what’s going on?”
  • “There’s no time to explain Zen, it’s in the apartment!” You exclaimed to a still very sleepy and confused Zen
  • “Wait a minute, what exactly is in your apartment? Is someone there MC?! Are you alright?!” Panic and adrenaline started to flow within Zen as he shot out of bed
  • “No no no not someone but something Zen!” You exasperated, the more you talked the more out of breath you sounded
  • Zen rubbed his temple with his free hand as he took a deep breath to calm himself down, saying to you “Okay MC tell me exactly what’s going on.”
  • “I woke up a little bit ago to get some water and when I walked into the kitchen, there was a huge spider there. I’m terrified of spiders so I couldn’t stay there and I’m currently walking around outside. Please help me Zen.” You explained as you bit your bottom lip, shuddering at the horrid memory
  • Zen was already pulling on a jacket and wrapping his hair up into his signature ponytail as he grabbed his keys to motorcycle
  • “Tell me exactly where you are MC. Make sure to stay by someplace where there’s a street lamp and keep your phone on. We’ll keep this call going and if anything happens, scream. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Zen stated determinedly as he hopped on his vehicle
  • Luckily, you were relatively close to Zen’s home and he got to you within ten minutes
  • Zen breathed a huge sigh of relief when he saw you shaken up but unharmed as he peeled his jacket off and put it on you
  • You pressed yourself close against Zen’s back as he rode the two of you back to his home, feeling your anxiety start to vanish with his presence
  • He sat you down on his couch and poured you some tea as you curled up into his strong chest, still slightly shivering from the cold air
  • “Listen MC, we can wait until you warm up and then I can take you back to your place. Don’t worry your knight in shining armor will slay that villainous spider!” Zen dramatically said with a dazzling smile
  • But you clung onto Zen’s arm and shook your head rapidly from side to side and with tears threatening to spill as you said “B-but what if you kill that spider and there’s more! I don’t want to leave, can’t I stay here and sleep with you for tonight and tomorrow we can go kill that spider? Please Zenny?”
  • Zen saw genuine worry in your eyes as your buried your face in his chest, sighing because he knew he could never say no to you
  • “Alright MC you win, you can stay here for the night. We’ll wake up early tomorrow to kill the spider okay?” Zen said with a smile and you nodded in agreement
  • The next day your knight managed to kill the spider and bought some bug repellent to place near the windows
  • You gave Zen a hug as you expressed your gratitude to him saying “You’re the best Zen, thank you so much for helping me!” And sealed those words with a sweet kiss
  • Zen smiled bashfully and gave you a quick kiss back, saying “It was nothing MC, let me know if you ever need help again.“
  • As Zen was about to exit, you grabbed onto his hand looking shyly at him telling him “Um, what if more spiders come inside? Maybe you should stay with me, you know, to help protect me from the spiders!”
  • From that day on, you and Zen lived together as you payed Zen for his spider-killing services in exchange for kisses

anonymous asked:

Oh! One more question for the night. Religion under communism. Some religions have a system of hierarchy, such as Catholicism with the pope and bishops and whatever, but these are practically governments. Would a communist future require dismantling huge faiths? Or do you think we can just kinda, come to an agreement for religious leaders to tone it down and be strictly religious and not use their following to create political and social power?

Speaking for myself, I don’t particularly believe in god. However, I can safely answer that when I was still a believer, a few years ago, I still didn’t think that any singular religion (or multiple religions even) should have hegemony over any group of people. And I definitely didn’t/don’t believe that however we choose to organize ourselves in the future should be done so on the basis of religion, or along religious lines. 

However, with that being said, there are and always will be many many people who are motivated to do good for others, and in service of others, because of their religious conviction. There are, and always will be, many individuals for whom their faith is inseparable from their drive to dismantle problems of injustice that are brought on by systematic racism, anti-blackness, sexism. There are many activists who view the struggle to get rid of institutionalized poverty through an entirely religious lens, while simultaneously refraining from advocating that every one should adopt their belief system alone.

As for whether or not a communist future would require dismantling huge faiths–I don’t really feel comfortable answering this question. I think that this is best answered by people who are religious themselves who are involved in the movement. Not to mention, this question doesn’t exactly take into account that historically speaking, some religions have been more persecuted than others. And some denominations of particular faiths have been far more persecuted than others, on the basis of religious differences. 

I’m purposefully trying to leave this vague, rather than giving specific examples of religious conflict, because it’s really easy to get carried away by the specifics of whether or not a given religious faith is “really” oppressing another or not, and that’s not the point of this conversation. But it is safe to say that these patterns of oppression don’t look the same around the world at all, and to try and equate them all under one group just because they happen to be religious faiths, when we know for a fact that some faiths don’t have anywhere near the same sort of institutionalized power that others do, is a one dimensional analysis. Looking at it from that perspective is going to do a lot more harm and reinforce a lot more negativity and persecution against those who are historically discriminated against on the basis of their beliefs. 

Not to mention, this sort of analysis continues to reinforce the double-standard that exists within leftist movements as well when it comes to talking about religion, in a way that enables a heck of a lot of leftists to continue to fall back on some fairly anti-semitic/Islamophobic/racist prejudices when it comes to their “critique” of religion. So not only is any sort of discussion around religion that doesn’t take into account its immense complexities going to be lacking, it’s also going to be actively endangering large groups of people who are already vulnerable, and making them targets for further marginalization and prejudice. 

At the end of the day, you can’t boil down your options to just “dismantling huge faiths” vs. “asking them to tone it down.” The only people who are best equipped to discuss the ways in which religious beliefs are amenable to a communist future and how that would look for each religion are the people who belong to those belief systems. And the answers to these things aren’t going to be simple–they’re going to be complex, and we have to allow for that. The onus on the rest of us who aren’t a part of these communities is to create an environment that facilitates these discussions (with all of their depth and often contradictory nature), while still actively fighting against any sort of oppression on the basis of religion.

- Mod A

Steel and Flame II

Linkto Part One of the Steel and Flame series. Have fun with the (short) second part before it gets real in Part Three! 

II. Perspicientia

The fires were burning high, emitting sparks into the dark night sky. The air was warm; it was a lovely summer night. A night in which things seemed possible.

Nesta lay on her back, one arm propped behind her head. In the distance, she heard the other soldiers laughing, eating and flirting, but she didn’t join them. She needed her calm and space. There was a positive atmosphere in the whole camp. She could maybe have talked to some of them- but Nesta did not feel like making friends. So she had stolen herself away from the turmoil to watch the stars.

That certainly was something she’d never done as a human. A luxury she had not been able to afford. To lay out in the open, unprotected, worriless…no, she hadn’t ever even thought of doing such a thing.

She shifted, and flinched; training with Cassian today had left some nasty bruises all over her body. There was a particularly large bruise on her right forearm, all shades of blue and green and lilac. Cassian had looked horrified after training when he saw what he’d done. But Nesta liked that he had not held back; that he had seen her as an equal in fighting, someone strong enough to demand his full power, his full strength.

Strangely, some part of her had recoiled at the idea of hurting Cassian. And she’d avoided it as best as she could. Even when she noticed that she was stronger than she’d thought, even when he had taunted and provoked her until she wanted to kill him for being such a bloody, arrogant, idiotic fool-

“There you are.”

A deep voice ripped her out of her thoughts and the bloody, arrogant, idiotic fool in question stepped into her line of sight. Cassian looked even more handsome than usual tonight. He had changed from fighting gear into loose trousers and a simple white shirt which almost seemed to shimmer against his dark skin. His wings were spread widely, and Nesta thought that out of all the stupid men in the world, Cassian was perhaps the worst, but also the best at the same time.

A half smile was dancing on his lips. “I’ve been searching you for over half an hour”, he said. “Only to find you lying behind a rock.”

“It’s very nice here”, Nesta answered. “I’m not thinking about leaving.”

“Very well, then”. Cassian tucked his wings in and lowered himself to the ground next to her. Nesta sat up so that she faced him. “Why are you not with your soldiers?”

He held up a small box. “I wanted to take care of your arm. You’ll heal faster because you are a fae now…but this salve helps getting rid of the soreness and the pain.”

“I’m fine.” She looked at the bruise, so present right now and likely to be gone in the morning.

But Cassian leaned forward. “Just let me do this. Please?”

When she looked up into his eyes, she didn’t find it in her to say no. Perhaps he had disliked hurting her too, and this was his way of making up for it.

“Fine.” She offered her arm. “But make it quick.”

Cassian opened the box to take out a small salve and bandages. He gently picked up her arm and dipped his finger into the salve to apply it to the bruise. That those hands, rough and used to wielding weapons, could be so soft…Nesta was not even sure if she was breathing anymore.  

“I’ll put the bandages over the salve for a few minutes”, Cassian said. His voice was rough. “It needs a little bit of pressure.”

Nesta only nodded.

Cassian gestured for her to come closer. When he applied the bandages, she looked at his face. It was almost stupid how well she knew it after only a few months; the crinkles around his eyes, the full mouth- the long lashes, the scar on his right cheek, his hair…

The wind blew the scent of jasmin and rosemary over to them. It carried the promise of a half forgotten sentence, a faraway song. A small thread seemed to shimmer between herself and Cassian, and she only had to tug to turn it into something else, something made of iron and steel and eternity.

“Can you turn a little? Then it’ll be easier to hold the bandages in place”-

Nesta placed herself directly next to Cassian. He took her arm into his hands, pressing the bandages to her skin. Then they sat in silence. If was not uncomfortable; Nesta liked not having to talk right now. It felt almost to natural to close the last inch of space between them and put her head on his shoulder. Brush her arm against his.

Cassian stilled. This was something new; this was something they’d never done before. They had fought and insulted each other and flirted. But this…

Cassian put one arm around her shoulders, keeping the other one on the bandages. And leaned closer to her as well. He had not pushed her away- had not laughed at her for opening herself up like this, showing vulnerability…for showing affection.

Something in Nesta’s chest grew very, very wide, growing and blooming and suddenly-


It hit her into the guts like a punch.

A word, clear and loud in her head, a bond, shining between them, bright as the midday sun. Mate. Cassian is your mate. Your mate, your mate, your mate. You’re bound to each other.  Cassian is your mate.

Nesta had a coughing fit.  

She coughed until tears stood in her eyes and only then did she take in Cassian- Cassian, her mate- and she jumped up and mumbled something like “I have to go” and then she ran, ran as fast as she could, away from him- her mate, her mate-

She entered a house. A door closed behind her, and she was in her room. Had Cassian followed her? Someone was knocking on her door- her mate-

Cassian was her mate-

“Go away”, Nesta yelled with a choking voice. “I am not feeling well. Go away, Cassian.”

She felt her mate’s presence in front of the door. Felt his emotions. Worry, confusion, despair- love-

An irrevocable truth: Cassian loved her-

Nesta assembled all the strength left in her body, opened the door, and stared her mate right into the face. “I am fine, Cassian. I am just not feeling well. Please leave me alone. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Every sentence was a lie. What she wanted to say was, you are my mate. Cassian, you are my mate. Come into my room, Cassian, because you are my mate.

But she ignored the hurt expression on his face. She closed the door and flung herself onto the bed. And cried.

Only later did she realize they were tears of happiness.

Perspicientia- understanding.

anonymous asked:

27. When can I see you again?

This is probably not what you had in mind, but it’s what came out …

“When can I see you again?”  

In another time and place, those words might have been romantic.

The FBI agent looks his part, crisp suit and neatly parted hair and a businesslike manner. Levi, the criminal informant, knows that he probably looks his part, too - black hair and black clothes and a shifty, suspicious nature. They’re like night and day, dark and light. Good and bad, though ever since Levi agreed to act as an informant for the law, he likes to think he’s creeping closer to the good side.

When can I see you again?

If Levi could have his way, as soon as possible. Tomorrow. Tonight. In an ideal world, they wouldn’t have to separate at all.

They sit at the bar where Levi has his clandestine meetings with Agent Smith, two men sipping whisky in a crowded room and looking no more out of place then the rest of the kaleidoscope of humanity that finds itself in such a place. If Levi could have his way, they’d trade it for somewhere different, somewhere clean and quiet that didn’t smell like spilled alcohol and sweat. Somewhere Levi could fully appreciate the low pitch of the agent’s voice without straining to hear it against the cacophony that makes their conversations difficult to eavesdrop on.

The agent looks like a man who would know where to take a date. Levi likes to picture him in such a setting, when he allows himself such flights of fancy. Such a stupid, juvenile train of thought to have. But still, Levi likes to imagine the agent in a fine restaurant, the kind Levi’s only seen from the outside of a window, with white tablecloths and waiters in vests and candlelight burning low. Sometimes, when he’s feeling especially pathetic, Levi will even imagine himself across the table from him.

“Mr. Ackerman?” Levi’s taken too long to answer. He glances away, pretending to think, trying to keep the color from coming to his face.

Levi keeps his tone matter-of-fact and sticks to business. “After the last bust, the gang members are pretty suspicious. They’re watching everyone to see if they can catch a rat. If you don’t want me to be compromised, we should probably wait a few weeks.”

A beat of silence. Then, “A shame.” When Levi’s eyes flicker back to the agent’s face, wondering what he meant, he adds, “It’s a rare pleasure when I’m paid to have a drink with a colleague.”

A colleague. More of a title than Levi deserves, and less of one than he wants.

“Very well, then. We’ll meet here at the same time three weeks from now,” Agent Smith says. He lays some bills on the counter to pay for his drink and stands. “I’ll see myself out. Have a pleasant evening … Levi.”

Agent Smith has never called Levi by his first name before. Levi wonders what prompted it. He wonders if he’ll ever get to hear it again, that deep voice rolling over his name.

Levi doesn’t respond right away. It’s only when Agent Smith is halfway across the bar that Levi quietly says to his back, “Until I see you again. Erwin.”

Send me a number and a pairing and I’ll write a drabble

What a Mess

for Rae, who now has like five blogs so I'll just answer her ask

Word Count: 978

           Rich isn’t messy, but he isn’t clean, either.  He doesn’t care if there’s a pile of papers that are due next week on the floor.  He doesn’t care if his bed isn’t made.  That doesn’t mean he doesn’t make his bed or pick up his papers anyway.  There’s not enough room to be messy—not in a college dorm.

           Rich might not be totally clean and organized, but Jake definitely is.  His bag is always in order, and there aren’t just piles of things on his floor or bed. He can’t stand the mess.  

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Papers of Homelessness - Chapter 29

(This banner had been made by the awesome and amazing artist @benteja​. i am so honored that she had drawn this banner for this story. please go and show her all the love in the world that she deserves!!! \[^o^]/)


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KC and 14 "I thought you were dead"

Okay, you have no idea how hilarious receiving this prompt was. I literally came up with a scenario on skype that fits this prompt to the T, the day before I received this one.

KC + “I thought you were dead”

Caroline handed the assignments to several of the journalists. Right after she had graduated, she had accepted a job offer at the Mystic Falls courier, the local newspaper. For now, she was mostly still an assistant, but she had had the chance to write a few minor articles.

While she made sure that everyone got the assignments, she took a glance at the papers in her arms. ‘Weather reports’, ‘local news’, ‘sport section’, ‘obituaries’. She paused her round when a name in the first obituary caught her attention. Klaus Mikaelson.

She froze and quickly read the rest of the message. A few parts stuck out to her. Brother. Only 22. Tragic boating accident. She shivered when she finished reading. She couldn’t believe it. Klaus Mikaelson. Dead.

Of course, she hadn’t seen him in four years. They had been dating since they were juniors, but after their High Schoo graduation, Klaus had decided he had to leave Mystic Falls behind. Travelling abroad and living off his paintings instead of settling for a nearby college like she had. Her feelings for him had never changed, but she knew she couldn’t be the girl that waited in her hometown while Klaus was off who knew where. And now… now he was gone.

She bit back a sob. She still had her work laid out, but how was she going to work through her day, knowing what she knew. She couldn’t believe Rebekah or Kol hadn’t called her up and told her! Oh no, she instantly felt guilty, they had more to think about right now than one of Klaus his ex’s.

She quickly walked towards Mike’s office and when she noticed he wasn’t present, dropped the reports on his desk. He would know what to do with them when he returned. Right now, she needed a moment alone.


Ten minutes alone and she found herself crying, mourning the past she had had with Klaus. Yes, it had been ages since they had last seen each other, but it’s not like they ended things badly. They just had different plans for their future. Even with those differences, she hadn’t realized it until now, she still hadn’t closed their story. A part of her still cared, deeply.

She quickly sent out a text to her boss, explaining how she just heard a friend passed away and couldn’t continue her day. Luckily she got a message right away that she could have the day off, as long as she returned tomorrow. She didn’t know if she could, but at least she had today to grieve.

The first thing she would have to do was go to the supermarket. She needed ice cream. And tissues. And she would have to buy flowers for the Mikaelsons and- in her head she started making a list, trying to distract herself from her emotions.

While she was in the store, she kept going over that same list, making sure that she didn’t miss anything. She didn’t even notice when she bumped into someone.

“Caroline?” a familiar voice asked her. She bit back a sob, it sounded like Klaus. Oh no, now she was hearing things. “Love,” the voice tried again when she didn’t look up.

“Caroline,” a second amused voice asked her and she recognized it as Kol. Oh no! What was she going to say? He must be devastated! She looked up and noticed the grin on his face and looked around confused. The person next to him looked at her with concern and she took a step back in surprise.

“Klaus?” she swayed. “How- I- I thought you were dead,” she stammered and glanced at Kol bewildered. “The- the newspaper. How- I just say your obituary!” she cried out.

Klaus looked at her in confusion, “I don’t know about any of that, but I’m still very much alive,” he assured.

“Then how- who,” a guilty chuckle on her right alerted her to the culprit. “KOL!” she hit him on the head, “You can’t just send false obituary reports to the newspaper! That’s- What if they were published?”

“In my defense, if Klaus hadn’t arrived last night, it would probably be true. Rebekah was ready to murder him when he canceled once again. Luckily for all of us, he had a change of heart.”

“I don’t care why you did it! I almost had a heart-attack when I read it.” She took a deep breath and turned to Klaus, taking him in now that she knew he was really there. The years certainly had done him good. “Okay- okay so not dead,” she told Klaus. “Anything else I have to know before I murder your brother?”

“Virginia still offers the death penalty?” Klaus said, trying to break the tension.

“Right. Yeah, that would make it all a lot less tempting. Okay fine. Not murdering your brother.” She turned to Kol, “But you better call the paper right now to retract that obituary or I swear-”

“Yeah- yeah I know. Death and torture. Although the torture bit could still be fun…” he smirked at her before he ran off, “Nope? Okay seems like I have some calls to make.”

Klaus turned back to Caroline and stood closer to her, “So now that you know I’m not dead, and I’ve learned you work at the newspaper… want to get together and catch up on lost times?”

She looked up in surprise and smiled. “Yeah I would like that,” she admitted and caught his eye, “So first question. How long are you here for?”

“At least a couple of months,” he reassured her. “I have a show in New York in November and plenty of paintings to create before then.”

“Mmmh so all work and no fun?” Caroline teased while they walked towards the registers. It surprised her how easy it was to fall into old habits with him. Two days ago she had barely thought about him, an hour ago she was crying about having lost him, and here she was… teasing him.

“I think I can handle some fun in between,” Klaus said while he teasingly bumped against her hip. “So my turn.”

“Do your worst, Mikaelson,” she challenged while she paid for her groceries.

“Are you seeing anyone?” he asked, asking the only question he really cared about.

She let out a startled gasp and turned towards Klaus. “No,” she admitted. She felt butterflies when he moved a step towards her. “You?”

“Nope.” They shared a nervous smile while he leaned forward. He looked at her, making sure she was okay with his next movement and after her small nod, captured her lips with his.

She was the only thing he was looking forward to when he decided to return to Mystic Falls. He had never forgotten about her, and he hadn’t dared to assume they could just pick up where they had left, but when he saw her in that store, tears staining her cheek because she believed he had passed… He knew whatever was between them was still here. All they needed was the time to explore it all.

If you want me to write another prompt, take a look here and send me the number and ship!

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what is sugar daddy riddler like?

        It takes five months for him to use you as anything more than a personal personal assistant. He has you sit in his lap as he reads the morning papers, you’re not allow to talk unless he addresses you first. His hand massages your thigh causally while his thumb caresses you minutely. 

    He’s grown more confident in his roll over the time and the two of you have set up ground rules.  You are to never call him ‘daddy’. Sir is a fine substitute for the term. While in public and with other rogues you’re just another henchman. you’ve spent together. 

    He opens a credit card under a pseudonym and allows you buy anything you want. The only catch is you can’t share his wealth with anyone else before asking permission. Despite this, he carries a wad of cash on him at all time, Riddler likes to fling 100s at you when you answer a riddle right or do something to please him. It’s a way to remind you of your place. 

    Expensive dates and extravagant gifts become a normal thing from him and he expects you to appreciate them all, even if they aren’t all suited for your taste. 

Welcome to Night Vale starter sentences

“Show me an egg. That’s not an egg. What’s an egg? Who let you in here?“

“They come in twos. You come in twos. You, and you. KILL YOUR DOUBLE.“

“Someone’s going to kill you someday ______, and it will involve a mirror. Mark my words.”

"Oh, _____… For you freedom was never an option.”

“People are not allowed in the _______. It is possible you will see hooded figures in the _______. Do not approach them.“

“We all want to live forever, right? Wrong.”

“All hail the mighty glow cloud.“

“______ seems really proud of me, too! S/he hid from me for three days, the longest time ever!”

“We are not history yet. We are happening now. How miraculous is that?“

“It’s really a lack of imagination that makes children check under the bed, I mean, like monsters couldn’t be floating invisibly above you?”

“The faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home does lots of things…”

“Immortality is stupid. Think before you wish.”

“We do not have answers. I am not certain we even have questions.“


“Death is only the end if you assume the story is about you.”

“… Everything about him/her was perfect, and I fell in love instantly.”

“…I…don’t…remember having a brother/sister…?”

“The past is always better than the present, and the future is the worst of all.”

“It’s better that I don’t read this aloud, better that you not know. Tell your family that you love them.”

“Are we living a life that’s worth the harm?”

“Getting blood out of a stone is pretty easy if you loosen your definition of ‘stone’.”

“Maybe my lazy day isn’t quite done after all…”

“Alligators. Can they kill your children? Yes.”

“Some of us are not here. We leave space for them. Space, that has been emptied by time.”

“A life of pain is the pain of life, and you can never escape it.“

“The terror you feel in quiet moments is not misplaced just mistimed.”

“Wow! That’s a very specific and painful horoscope. Thanks for nothing, stars!“

“Someone’s going to get some kind of lead poisoning.”

“I-I kicked it… and I kicked it again. Then ______ helped me pin it down and animal control tried to sedate it and I wanted to beat it to death with a hammer. But I had no hammer…I only had self control.”

“The view is literally breath-taking!”

“It also has torture cubicles…but I don’t think anyone is going to make _____ use those.”

“His/her hand has been removed because of too many overdue library books.”

“I ate one of your ______. Sorry, I got nervous. I’ll replace it with a _______ as soon as I’m mayor.”

“I myself was frozen, sure that any movement would lead to death.”

“What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs at evening? I don’t know, but I have it trapped in my closet. Send help.”

“Finally on this show; something weird to talk about!”

“What danger are we in? What mystery needs to be explored?”

“If you say guns kill people one more time, I/we will shoot you with a gun, and you will, coincidentally, die.”

“So beautiful! It is so beautiful it hurts." 

“Wait. Hold on. _______ is apparently getting agitated, and…flailing around their office and howling?”

“Vote correctly or never see your loved ones again!”

“Have you ever asked yourself… why the _______ is off limits?”

“Rabbits are not what they seem to be.”

“It feels good to have a crime-free tomorrow, doesn’t it? It makes any crimes that happen today feel justified.“

“Remember: if you see something say nothing, and drink to forget.”

“Did you just accuse my _____ of being a secret operative?”

"That was really gross!—-Do it again!”

“Do you get sexually aroused by ______? That would be weird. Not to be judgmental…but it would be weird.”

“Plastic bags. PLASTIC. BAGS.“

“A thousand ways in, no way out. Subway. Eat fresh. Eat terribly, terribly fresh. Terribly, awesomely, gruesomely, terrifyingly fresh.”

"I don’t know what this thing is that we’re living in, but it’s not the world.“

anonymous asked:

"can I buy you a coffee?" + jimon

Jace is having a bad day. He’s having a really, really bad day.

First of all, his hair is a mess. Alright, fair enough, that isn’t the worst thing that could ever happen. It’s hardly a world-stopping catastrophe. But it’s one of those things that nag at you, that make every other problem seem so much worse, because there’s that constant stress of knowing this is not your day; looks-wise or otherwise.

And then there’s his mother, who’s been berating him and humiliating him all day. She sends him on errands, then she tells him he doesn’t do them like she wants them done so she does them herself; she tells him to watch his little brother, then she tells him he’s a bad influence because he told the boy he doesn’t have to play with cars if he’d rather play with dolls; she tells him to talk to his sister about how ‘cheating is bad’, then gets angry at Jace when he tells her that Izzy isn’t cheating because she’s polyamorous and just likes dating multiple people at once.

No matter what he does, it’s never enough, and today is such a painfully clear example of that.

So instead of suffering through even more of his mother’s humiliation, he decides to spend some time alone in the city. He asks his brother Alec to take care of their younger brother Max, and then he’s off.

He hates feeling like this. He hates the anger that’s threatening to boil over at any inconvenience, at any innocent soul who happens to annoy him. It’s horrible being this angry, but he doesn’t know how to cope with it.

When he finally finds a coffee shop that is open, he slips inside, cringing at the too-loud bell over the door.

The shop is fairly empty, with only a few people strewn about the room. There is no one in line.

Strolling up to the counter, he focuses on the menu board to try and find something. It’s one of those days when nothing seems appealing, so it takes him a bit longer than usual to decide.

Because he’s so focused on the menu board, he doesn’t notice the barista that has appeared behind the counter. He probably wouldn’t have noticed him yet either, if he hadn’t just spoken.

“I’m sorry, what?” Jace asks, blinking a few times.

“Can I get you a coffee?” the barista asks.

“That’s why I’m here, yeah,” Jace says, furrowing his brows.

“Oh, oh no, I’m sorry,” the barista says, and Jace feels his stomach plummeting at the horror in the poor barista’s voice. Had he really been that angry? “I didn’t mean– I mean obviously, I’m the person who works here, so obviously I’ll be making your coffee but…” The barista takes a deep breath, supposedly to collect himself. “Sorry. What I meant was, can I buy you a coffee?”

This is even more complexing, and Jace has no idea what to answer. “I, uh. What?”

“You look like you’re having a bad day,” the barista says, stammering a bit due to… nerves, maybe?

“Understatement of the year,” Jace says, and once again he cringes at how unfriendly he’s being. He shakes his head and continues, “Look, I’m sorry. I’m in a really bad mood and I didn’t mean to be rude.”

“That’s fine,” the barista says with a weak smile.

“No, honestly, I’m sorry I was a jerk. Here,” he holds out his hand. “I’m Jace.”

The barista looks between him and his hand, and then shakes it. “Simon.”

“Pretty name,” Jace says before he can stop himself.

He’s been out as bisexual for years now but he still hasn’t learned to control himself around cute boys whose sexuality is unknown. Although, this Simon guy doesn’t look like the type of guy who’d get violent if he was hit on by another man, so he’s probably safe.

“Oh, that’s… thank you,” Simon says, and honest to God blushes.

Feeling a little bolder, Jace smiles and says, “So, instead of you buying me pity coffe–”

“Oh no, that’s not what it was!” Simon splutters.

“How about I buy you coffee instead? Maybe somewhere you don’t work?” Jace asks.

He’s not sure where all this smoothness is coming from, because he’s usually a quiet mess around cute boys. He’s good at flirting with girls because he’s had a lot of experience with that, but it isn’t until later years that he’s started flirting with boys too, so he’s not so good at it yet.

It seems to work on this cute boy, though, because he lights up and nods enthusiastically. He rips off a piece of paper from a notepad and starts scribbling.

“Here’s my number and my name’s Simon, although I think I already said that. It’s Simon Lewis, by the way. L-E-W-I-S. I’ll write my number and then you can text me or I can text you, or– well, I guess you’ll have to text me because I don’t have your–”

“How about tomorrow?” Jace interrupts gently. He still takes the note he’s being offered, and puts it in his pocket.

“Oh, tomorrow? Absolutely, yes, wonderful.” Simon blushes again, and Jace wants to tell him that he’s probably the cutest boy he’s ever seen, but that seems too forward so he keeps it to himself.

“Awesome, I’ll text you then and we can sort out the details?”

Simon nods quickly.

“Okay, awesome. I’ll see you tomorrow then!” Jace says, and he smiles so wide it’s actually starting to hurt.

“Okay,” Simon says, smiling as well. “See you!”

Jace turns around and leaves, and it isn’t until he’s a block away that he realizes that he never actually ordered any coffee.

He contemplates going back for it, but then he remembers the date with Simon tomorrow and suddenly he’s forgotten all about the coffee once again.

Like Old Times

For @audreycritter You challenged me with this and I hope you enjoy it. 

Words: 1,700

Rating: Fluffy

Summary: Dick and Bruce bonding over crepes. 

Matches Malone sneezed, his nose wrinkling up just before and after the act, the first time to hold back the inevitable, the second to hold back his flopping mustache. Dick had to hold back laughter as his mentor discreetly pushed it back into place and glared at him over his sunglasses.

“Not a word.” Bruce threatened.

“Wasn’t going to say anything.” Dick said, popping a strawberry into his mouth to chew on.  

They were seated across from each other at one of Wayne Enterprises hotel’s enjoying a breakfast of crepes and orange juice. They were outside for two reasons: it was sunny, and their mark was eating two tables down from them.

Bruce’s mobster costume, and the whole setting were making Dick imagine old movies and tv shows from the 60s and 70s. He was tempted to pretend they were the Men from UNCLE or spies on an impossible mission. Not that it wasn’t close enough to the truth, they were following a drug kingpin, and at some point, they would be suiting up to take him down.

Dick should be bored, they’d been there hours before the man had showed up and still another hour as he ordered and ate, and in all that time Bruce had said less than fifty words. Instead of being bored, Dick found he was enjoying the day. He hadn’t sat across from Bruce on a stakeout like this almost since he’d been in pixy boots.

He missed time alone with Bruce. Missed missions being just the two of them, Dick cracking jokes and Bruce being too serious for his own good. On impulse, he reached out with his fork and snatched the last banana slice from Bruce’s plate, adding it to his own.

“That wasn’t yours.” There was that look again, over the sunglasses, but this time there was a smile. Yes, he’d missed this.

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anonymous asked:

could you do 29 + klaroline ,please?

Hi anon, I sure can! Hope you like it!

KC + “Come over here and make me.”

“We need two volunteers,” the president of the student council announced. Caroline wasn’t sure what they wanted a volunteer for again, but it wasn’t like she was going to do it anyway. 

Next to her Klaus Mikaelson poked her in the side and she swatted his hand away, turning to him to glare. She knew he just wanted her attention, but she was really trying to appear like she was listening. When he tried again she yelled out in frustration, “Klaus!”

“Caroline? So nice of you to volunteer Klaus. I assume that means you’re volunteering yourself as well.” She wrote down the names on her board. “Be sure to check with Mrs Deates for more information and the keys.” Before Caroline could protest, the president had already exited the room. “What did I just sign up for?” Caroline muttered dejectedly.

“A late night with me,” Klaus announced behind her. Looking rather pleased, even though she had accidentally got them both involved in some type of stupid task.

“In your dreams, buddy,” she said and turned back. She didn’t dislike Klaus, but somehow he was just one of those people with who she communicated better with in banter. Well technically he was the only one, but she was sure that was normal.

“In my dreams, fantasies and in a weird turn of events, in the gym,” Klaus joked. He smirked at her and leaned back in his chair. He hadn’t wanted either of them to get in trouble, just rile up the beautiful blonde beside him a little, but he could work with the circumstances.  

“Why would I ever be with you in the gym, late at night?” she asked confused. While she didn’t react on her staring in some of his fantasies (he had never made that a secret), the gym felt like a weird location for those.

“Because that’s what you just volunteered us for,” Klaus enlightened her. “They rented out the building for some night class, and we get to be the lucky bastards who get to clean up after them so that PE isn’t delayed tomorrow.”

 “Don’t we have cleaners for that?“ Caroline asked. Surely they weren’t allowed to use students for this.

“They get to set it up. Apparently, our school isn’t interested in asking them to return three hours later and do it all again.”

“Yay us,” Caroline muttered.


“OMG, Klaus!” Caroline exclaimed and jumped aside to avoid the ball he threw her way. “We’re supposed to remove the tables and chairs here. Not throw around PE supplies.”

“Well you look like you’re handling it pretty well on your own,” Klaus observed, checking out Caroline’s ass while she half bent to lift up one of the last remaining tables.

They had been in the gym since 9 PM, moving all tables and chairs back to the storage unit. When that was finished they needed to sweep the floors, lock up and go home. They had been busy for an hour already. At least Mrs Deates had informed them that this would count as extra credit, at least something good came out of this complete waste of time.

Klaus grabbed another one of the balls, a smaller tennis ball this time, and aimed at Caroline this time. He hit his mark and Caroline quickly turned around. “Seriously? Stop it!” she exclaimed, “We’ll never get out of here this way.”

“Who says I wanna,” he teased, checking Caroline out, “I mean being in the gym in the middle of the night? Kinda a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

“Like this is anything different from your normal evening. Alone and playing with your balls.” Caroline winced when she hears the words. She was talking about him playing on the football team but knew he wouldn’t interpret it that way. 

“You can play with my balls as well, Caroline,” Klaus retorted, smirking when she turned around. “All you have to do is ask.”

“Not going to happen,” she sang and continued her task.

Klaus watched her leave with a fond smile on his face. Maybe not yet, but one day he would get enough under her skin and she would finally admit what she wouldn’t yet. 


When she returned from storage, Caroline found Klaus with a basketball, playing around in the gym. “You’re not ever going to help, are you?” Caroline asked. Sure he had done most of the work for the first half, right until he announced he was finished and started playing around.

“You could come over here and make me,” Klaus challenged, while he aimed the basket in the net. He scored and watched the ball bounce off the ground before it rolled his way. Just when he was about to grab it, it was intercepted by Caroline.

Caroline grabbed the ball and moved back to the storage, determined to remove the ball before she was going to throw it at Klaus’ head. She had her back to Klaus and was surprised when she felt two arms around her waist. Before she could turn around, she was lifted off the ground and spun around. 

“Omg Klaus!” she shrieked, “Put me down!” She dropped the ball, using her hands to slap at his, but he didn’t budge. When she started to get dizzy he released her, and she stumbled away. Klaus caught her in his arms so she wouldn’t fall over.

“You’re infuriating,” she stated, looking up at him. She caught him staring at her lips and unconsciously bit her bottom lip. “You can’t just-” she never got to finish her sentence. Klaus mouth covered hers and silenced her.

His lips gently moved against hers. For a second, Caroline froze before she moved against him as well. She put his arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Caroline walked backwards, taking Klaus with her before she bumped against the last remaining table.

Klaus lifted her on the table and spread her legs so he could stand between them. They separated their kiss and looked at each other. “Still infuriating?” Klaus checked.

“Hmm,” Caroline hummed. “And annoying, and distracting and-” when she felt his fingers trace shapes in her neck she shivered, “and a surprisingly good kisser,” she admitted before she captured his lips with hers once more. They were never going to get ready with this pace, but she didn’t care. No one was going to be here for at least another 8 hours, and they needed the time to explore what was going on between them before they met in a classroom once more. She could feel Klaus toy with the buttons of her blouse and helped him open up the top one. And maybe they needed some time to explore each other as well.

Well, I’m sure we can all guess what happened next ;)

I'll heal the hole in your heart - chapter 1/?

Chapter 1/?

Winner of Phanfic award 2014’s Memorable award! Thank you

Next chapter >>

Summary about the story: Dan suffers from a really, really bad heart condition. Phil came in as the new kid when they both were 11 years old and has now made it his personal mission to take care of Dan the only way he can by being his best friend.
You’re going to read about them growing up together and different episodes happening in their lifes. Phil does his best to help Dan through the illness and life the best way possible.

Eventually friendship isn’t enough. What is next?

Prompt:Could you do a fic where Dan and Phil are kids in primary school and Dan has a bad heart condition so he’s not allowed to go outside at break and lunch because he’s not allowed to run around and this means he doesn’t have any friends really because they think he’s a bit weird. Then Phil comes in as the new kid and stays in with Dan and talks to him and they become really close? Then maybe do more parts about them growing up and Phil always being there and staying with Dan when he can’t do something.”

Someone asked for this^^ Of course. Here we go!

A/N: This have been compared to TFIOS.
(No matter how bad it gets, no one is going to die! Don’t worry.)

Contains: School AU, AU, friendship, fluff+, angst, chronic illness.
Warnings: Heavy angst, sadness, vomit, hospitals (mentions of needles, blood ect.), panic attacks.
(This is a long and interesting story so expect it to contain everything.)
Phan status: Relationship development thoughout the story.
POV: Point of view changes throughout the story.

Summary about chapter 1: (They’re 11 years old) Dan suffers from a really bad heart disease and is all alone because he’s not allowed to run with the other kids. Until Phil comes along as the new kid. He stays with Dan and they become really close friends.

Words: 5.506

I’ll heal the hole in your heart chapter 1

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anonymous asked:

do you have any tododeku fanfic recommendation?


It’s 430 in the morning and this is a rollercoaster and a half

Also @obviouslystiles I see this may have been relevant to what you posted as a reply earlier but I lost it in my notifications ;__; Hope this helps! ;)

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sougoii  asked:

AhhH for the ask thing 4 mayumiko and 17 harurin? I mean if you feel like it and all i dont want to impose or anything ^^'

It’s been more than a week, I’m so sorry orz Life kinda sucker punched me before I could fill the requests *_* I’ll be steadily replying to everyone bit by bit \o/

And oooooh I did the MayuMiko one first because thinking about the HaruRin one made me cry (I’m weak to Rin’s angst, sue me). I’ll do that later and tag you? ANYWAY. I had an initial plan for this but Sakura Chiyo is the boss of me, so. It ran away from me as soon as I wrote it down.

The greatest mystery of life for Sakura, other than ‘how can Nozaki-kun be this dense’, was the question of what Mikorin and Mayu talk about everyday. They have been secret mail buddies during their second year, but Mikorin had revealed himself at the start of their senior year, restarting their relationship into a not-secret one. Now, halfway through the year, and with Mayu still studying a town away, they’ve evolved into… phone pals? Sakura wasn’t sure what to call them.

She wasn’t sure what to make of their relationship either. Before, when it was all just Mamiko and Mayumayu talking, she could easily see what they were. They talked about random things, like school and the horoscope and the weather. They flirted, in a weird we-don’t-really-intentionally-do-it way. It was easy enough to imagine Mikorin awkwardly flirting with a girl he admired from far away.

But it was hard to reconcile the idea of Mikorin flirting and Mikorin flirting with Mayu of all people.

Would Mikorin flirt with Mayu?

“Do you flirt with Mayu?” Sakura couldn’t help the question from coming out. It’s been eating at her for weeks now. She HAS to know.

“Wha- what?!” Mikorin’s face turned a bright shade of red and he shook his head frantically left and right. “What are you- What kind of- Who would-”

Sakura narrowed her eyes, leaning closer. She scanned his expression. “You don’t?”

“I don’t!”

He’s lying. She can see it in those eyes.

“Would it be wrong to listen in on Mikorin talking on the phone?”

Sakura poked at her food, listlessly thinking back to the lie. She just didn’t understand why he would do that. They’ve become closer and closer the past year, especially during this year when they were put in the same class. She always talked to him about her problems with Nozaki-kun. Did he feel like he couldn’t tell her? What was he worried about?

“It’s fine,” Seo said, shrugging indifferently. “Stud’s your friend, right? Listen in as long as you like.” She smirked. “Want me to assist?”

“Oh. That would be nice.” Sakura was so glad to have such a supportive friend as Seo.

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Let It Out

Part one of a two part fic. In the weeks after Legacy, Riley is reaching her breaking point. 

Notes: Thanks go to @sand1128​, who was an excellent sounding board and motivator during the writing process for this when I was feeling negative. Part One is the break down, Part Two will be the repairs. 

Riley Matthews is tired.

She’s tired of sharing beautiful, warm, butterfly-inducing moments with Lucas and having to feel guilty immediately afterward. She’s tired of going about her day, just doing whatever it takes to get through, and turning the corner to find him sharing mirrors of those moments with Maya.

It would hurt no matter who it was, but she thinks it probably hurts more because it’s Maya. Because Maya deserves every happiness in the world. Because Maya is her best friend and practically her sister so who is Riley to be getting in the way of that and potentially taking it away or to protest Maya finally knowing what she wants and actually being willing to try and get it? Because Maya is her best friend and practically her sister so who is she to decide that what she wants is the very same thing that Riley has?

OK. So Lucas wasn’t hers. But they had something. Something that was real and mutual, and yes, Riley got scared and pulled back a little and she can own her responsibility there but she knows roughly when Maya figured out her feelings for Lucas and it was almost certainly when Riley and him were still close and in their unofficial bliss.  It hurts that Maya would do that to her. And she can’t say anything because  Maya has every right to feel how she feels, and now Maya has every right to act how she wants to with Lucas.

After all, Riley got scared.

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