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My Past, Present, and Future (Baekhyun)

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Words: 5004

Request:  Can you please do a scenario where you and baekhyun are best friends,(but you have a secret crush on him) and you two became stranger after his debut. After 3 years, you two meet again as you got a job at SM. But for your bad fate he’s in love with someone. (at last he realiazed it was you he love).. I need a happy ending.. sorry for my bad english…

A/N: I’ve been sitting on this for the longest time, but I finally managed to get it done. There are some parts that I’m a little annoyed with, but it can’t be helped. I hope you enjoy.

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Ari Beats the Gatekeepers Part 1 or.. Ari Knew She Was Right So She Went Around Those In Her Way

Unfortunately, due to the lack of clear guidelines and training in all levels of government regarding policy on transgender name and gender changes.. transgender people need to be prepared, they need to know more than ‘the supervisor,’ they need to be polite, but confident and assertive, and maybe someday, the gate-keeping will stop for all of us. Well, we can dream!

Today was a difficult day filled with aggravation and disappointment.. however, today was also a wonderful day topped off with a victory over red tape and a would be gatekeeper.

If you have been following my story long enough, you may remember I legally changed my name and updated my driver’s license and social security card information in May of 2016. Well, I was also in the midst of my divorce during that time. I wanted to apply for a passport since I never had one before. I filled out the paperwork over the summer and set it aside. I wanted to be able to apply with the divorce date filled in so the records were accurate. I decided, “no rush, I can wait until my divorce is final.” I did not anticipate it taking 11 months for my divorce to be final. It was not contentious.. my ex and I handled ourselves in the best manner possible in my opinion. Still, due to all of the built-in delays (30 days to respond here, 30 days to respond there) and some rather inept lawyer-ing from her representation.. it took 11 months! 

Guess when it was finally final? The irony.. it was Inauguration Day! That’s right, I waited to send out my passport application due to that one little box not being able to show that I was legally divorced and in doing so, I am one of the transgender people now holding my breath to see if I sent it in time. In time for what, you ask? In time to be treated like a human being rather than be treated like a criminal by the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is now the white house.

Anyhow, one of my loved ones had to be admitted to the hospital on the 19th, just one day before my divorce was final.. this threw a new wrinkle in things as I took the needed time to care for my loved one. She had to be top priority. My passport application waited another two weeks for me. (My loved one is due to be released tomorrow - yay!!!)

Finally, yesterday I went into my local post office which is also an acceptance facility for passport applications. I asked the woman working the passport desk to take a new photo for me because the Walgreens employee made me look like a grandma in my first attempt at getting an acceptable picture. This woman had kind eyes and she was also very knowledgeable and patient. She went through all of the paperwork I brought… my physician’s statement, my legal name change court order, my photocopy of my id.. then she paused.. 

“Is this the only birth certificate you have?” she asked. I said, “Yes, Why??” (as my heart began to sink)

“I’m sorry, but you need the long form and this is the short form. They will reject it immediately if your parent’s names are not on the copy.”

My heart sank as she told me I could get a copy the same day if I went to one of the Cook County Vital Records locations. I thanked her and decided I would just take the next day off (Friday) and take care of it. I double-checked the website when I got home and confirmed that the nice woman at the post office was correct. She had not given me bad information. I just missed that detail in my research. 

I started Friday morning at the dentist getting my newly prepared crown put in place of the temporary crown I got 3 weeks ago. Once that was complete, I was off to the Vital Statistics room of the Bridgeview Illinois Court House. Of course this involves going through a TSA like security (only not as invasive). They had the lines split for men and women. I of course went through the women’s line. They were nice enough and there were no issues. I found the right room, took a number and waited. I got called up to a station and told the woman that I needed a long form birth certificate. I showed her the short form one that I had (with my original birth name), my court order for my name change, and my current license. She started punching things into the computer then went to get a supervisor. Of course, I could already tell this was not going smoothly, but I hoped the supervisor knew the drill and knew that everything I brought was more than sufficient to prove who I was. NOPE! She told me that there was no way they could issue me MY birth certificate since my driver’s license now stated a different name. She said that I could be anybody. I had given her a stamped and sealed COURT ORDER for the name change and she told me she could not help me. 

I was so dumbfounded by the inept logic that I did not have the words to argue as she handed me a form to fill out and ship to Springfield Illinois so that I could have my birth certificate updated (a process that takes 4 to 6 weeks) BEFORE they could help me. Of course, as you can tell from the title of this post, I knew this supervisor was wrong. I decided then and there that I would visit each of the 5 other Cook County locations that day until I found a supervisor that knew the actual guidelines. Of course, because of the extended conversation about my gender and my name change with many people behind me waiting for their turn.. I had about 12 pairs of eyes looking quizzically at me when I turned around to leave. That’s okay though, because I smiled at them all, knowing I was right and that this was not a true road block. I imagine I had a rather determined look on my face..

It turns out, I only had to visit one more location! That’s right, after another twenty minutes of driving, the helpful people at the nearby Markham, IL location sorted me out in a matter of minutes (well, after I waited in line for about 25 minutes). The clerk did ask for a supervisor, but she returned just to tell me that I should make sure to also send the right form to Springfield, IL so that my birth certificate would match my ID in the future. I promised her that I would. I paid for two copies of my birth certificate and thanked the woman.

I glided out of there, feeling like I had just won a major victory. I knew I had enough time to get to the post office and still get my passport application out that very same day. I drove straight there (an hour drive back by that point). It was the same woman who had to turn me away the day before. I said cheerfully, “Hello again! I have the correct long form birth certificate, although I had to go to two different locations to get it!” I explained what had happened to her and she basically shook her head and lamented that it was sad I had to go through all that. She carefully went through all of my documents and told me that everything looked good and that I was all set. I paid for expedited processing and my passport application is now on an airplane.

I went home, filled out the form I was given to change my birth certificate and went back to the post office to get that sent out along with another physician’s letter and legal name change court order. This should not impact my passport application, because with expedited processing it should be finished by the time they get to my birth certificate change in Springfield (a slower process by all accounts). If my passport gets rejected because the birth certificate I sent has my old name and the system gets updated and shows my birth certificate has changed.. then resubmitting will be fine and less complicated because my birth certificate will show the correct gender and they will have no reason to question it or to deny it. What a tangled web.

By this point it was late in the afternoon and I was elated to have all of that done, but I also had several stress knots in my neck. I looked across the street and saw one of the salons that I frequent. I decided to get a blow out (they also give you complimentary neck and shoulder massages). The girl doing my hair did a great job and had some suggestions for a cut as well. I plan to go back on Wednesday for a cut, but went with just the blowout for today.

The point of writing all of this out is that I hope it is helpful for anyone else dealing with this. Even if you have only one county court house you can visit, perhaps going on a different day and getting a different clerk will get you different results. It is unfortunately a toss of the dice every time we as transgender people have to deal with changes to identification documents.
Be in the know, do your research, know more than the supervisors, be prepared to politely but assertively stand up for what you know to be the correct process. You could also even suggest that they call another location to ask how they handle it if they are unsure. 

I titled this post with “part 1,” because I am fully aware, that there is a strong chance that either my passport application or birth certificate update request will be denied. As long as one of them comes back as expected, then I know the next attempt should be the last to get this all finalized. Of course, Mr. Drumpf could sign an executive order on Monday that calls all of this into question and both of my requests could be halted. If that happens I will immediately contact the lawyer who represented me for my divorce (she is also a transgender woman) and together we will take on the U.S. Government if we have to. 

I will keep standing up for myself and keep going to any lengths to make sure I am not denied. You should do the same 😉


My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.

Company || one.

◦ pairing: reader x hyungsik

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 1.2k

◦ a/n: We’re jumping right on into the smut, my loves xD Here’s the first installment of COMPANY (CEO!Hyungsik) for all you Hyungsik fans

one | two | three | four |

m a s t e r l i s t

“Did you really think you were hired just to schedule my appointments and take notes during meetings?” Somehow his words floated through my mind every time I ended up like this: my head spinning, a certain numbness humming violently through my body. My fingers clung uselessly to the fabric of his shirt. His fingers dug into my hips as he pulled me up, flowering bruises against my flesh for me to find hours from now. In one swift motion, he slammed me back down against his length. “S-sir,” I stuttered, and he loved that. He let out a moan into the skin of my shoulder, my blouse slinking down my arm. I must have been one hell of a sight. How did I get here? I wondered. To think I stepped into this office a year ago with the expectation of getting some valuable experience seemed like a joke now.

“You’re my personal assistant, and I’m going to need…company, from time to time.” He had paused with a smirk painted across his lips, undoubtedly studying my wide eyes and stiff stance. “Of course, I can always hire someone else.”

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Chocolate Run

Parings: Young!Remus Lupin x Reader
Notes: “emergency trip to hogsmeade with your boyfriend because Young!Remus is out of chocolate!”
Warnings: Nothing
Word Count: 513

Originally posted by nellaey

“Hurry up, y/n! We don’t want to get there late!”

You huffed out a groan as you followed closely to Remus, tightly holding on to his hand as he dragged you through the small crowd behind him. “It’s already late, Remus.” You called to him, motioning to the groups of students that were making their way back to the school. “Whats got your wand in a knot anyways? Did we have to interrupt our cuddles for a shopping spree?”

Remus came to an abrupt stop in front of one of the many shops in Hogsmeade, looking around at the other stores in a hurried manner for a bit before looking to you. “I thought that I had some more in my stash, but I was clearly mistaken.” He moaned out in annoyance, throwing an arm around your shoulders. You laced your fingers with his, giving his hand a small squeeze as you looked to him in confusion. “More of what?”


You hummed lightly and gave a nod when he said this, immediately understanding his sudden trip to Hogsmeade. “Should we make our way to Honeydukes then?” You questioned him, nodding your head in the direction of the favored candy shop.

“We are,” Remus told you as he grinned down at you, leading you in the opposite direction of the shop. You snickered as he replied, hiding your face in his shoulder to try and disguise you laughter. His face contorted to one of confusion at this action, and he frowned a bit as his eyebrows furrowed. “What’s so funny, y/n?” He asked, giving your shoulders a slight squeeze. “This is a very dire situation, you shouldn’t laugh.”

“know it is.” You patted his chest lightly before wrapping an arm around his waist, turning his body and leading him in the proper direction. “But Honeydukes is this way.” Realizing his mistake as he saw the shop behind him, Remus let out a small laugh as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. “Would you look at that, it is.”

In his hurry to get to Hogsmeade, Remus had completely passed Honeydukes as he pulled you throughout the market place. A red tint filled his cheeks, and he gave you an embarrassed smile. “No worries.” You gave a small shrug, an amused smile on your lips as the two of you neared your destination. “Let’s hurry and get your chocolate. Do you think we can also grab a few other sweets as well?”

Remus smiled down to you at your proposition, nodding in agreement as he laughed at your sudden enthusiasm. “Of course we can!” He exclaimed, holding the door open for you and giving a joking bow. You curtsied back to him, latching your arms around his body once again as you stepped inside. The sweet aroma of Honeydukes filled your senses as you entered, sending you into a fit of giggles as you looked around at the various kinds of treats.

“Now hurry and choose. I’d like to get back to our cuddling session as soon as possible!”


Summary: I got distracted by the thought of Fluffy ABO….so..The reader gets upset and feels the need to nest with their Alpha Scotty! Yay!

Warnings: Some name calling…but like fluff

Pairing: Scotty/Reader

A/n: I know I need to do real request….but…inspriation is a highly fickle thing. And my personal life has been way more stressful then I thought I be at this time. Anyway. I had a fun time writing this even though I’m don’t think it’s that great. 

Word Count: 784

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reminiscence pt. II

Author’s note: Hello lovelies! I apologize, this isn’t really my best work, more of a filler chapter. Next part will be a lot of fluff and love, I promise! Also, requests are open, please feel free to send in anything!

part 1 : here : part 3: here : part 4: here


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Sleepless nights weren’t anything out of the ordinary for Y/N.  Especially nights spent tossing and turning, lost deep in thought over a certain Gryffindor boy. Though seeing Sirius drooling over every other girl wasn’t uncommon, it still made the big, green monster of jealousy stir within the pit of her stomach.

Sleepless nights however, weren’t at all beneficial for the young 6th year, who seemed quite out of tune that following morning, purplish dark circles and her bed head clear indicators of how tired (and cranky) she must be. Y/N slumped into her seat between Peter and Lily at the breakfast table, groggily picking up a slice of bread, her eyes nearly drooping shut.

“I see you’ve slept well, darling,” Sirius said with a chuckle, peering over at her from the top of his cereal bowl.  He was sitting right by James, who was far too busy digging into his plate of eggs to even bother paying attention to their little exchange of words.

Y/N elicit a small, sarcastic laugh, the hint of a scowl evident on her lips, “Yes, I’m sure you slept well too, what with that girl draping herself all over your lap last night.” With quite a dramatic eye-roll, the girl pushed herself off the bench, swinging her backpack over one shoulder before promptly ruffling both Remus’ and Lily’s hair.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to get a bit of reading done before Potions. Unlike some of you,” she continued, flashing a glare towards Sirius, “I still have all my priorities in check.” And with that, Y/N marched boldly out of the dining hall, her heart feeling heavier yet emptier than ever.

Staring at her retreating figure with wide eyes, Sirius turned towards Lily, raising an eyebrow at the red-head, looking a bit bewildered. “What’s got her wand in a knot?” he mumbled, his confusion rising further as Lily and Remus shared knowing looks, both letting out the softest of sighs.

“Have you ever thought of Y/N as more than a friend?” asked James, finally catching on as well, trying to conceal the smile creeping onto his lips.

“Wha- Y/N?? No. Of course not, no,” he protested, clearly in denial, a steady blush spreading across his cheeks as he looked around the group. His friends were suppressing smiles, chuckling at the boy’s obliviousness.

“You’ll see what we mean soon enough,” said Lily, winking at Sirius very casually, standing up and excusing herself. She was soon followed by the rest of the group, on their way to Potions.


Sirius sat down at his usual seat, next to James, chewing on his bottom lip as he often did when he was nervous or anxious. Y/N ? He couldn’t possibly like her, he refused to think of her as anything more than a friend. He had known her for almost seven years now, and they had practically grown up together. He thought about all that they had gone through, every little adventure and predicament.

Second year, when she had fractured her arm, courtesy of Prong’s flying lessons, Sirius had been so worried. He had taken up her assignments, which was quite a shocker, considering he wasn’t one to do his homework on time. Still, he knew how studious Y/N was and how much she’d hate missing out on school work, and so 12 year old Sirius had spent nights in the common room and library, with help from Remus of course, trying to jot down notes for the girl. But that was nothing right? He was just helping out a friend.

4th year came to mind, the time Y/N had expressed interest towards more than a few boys and girls. Sirius had felt extremely protective and a bit… jealous too, seeing that her attention wasn’t just for him anymore. At the time however, he had brushed it off as just one friend looking out for another, especially since he knew how horrid boys could be. He had been there for her, after one of her breakups, when she had been crying and shaking, clutching onto his shirt, her tears leaving two wet patches on the soft material. He had held her close, rubbing her back and feeling awful for her. In the back of his mind however, he did feel a little happy, never really knowing why.

5th year, the night Lily and Y/N had stayed awake, chatting till 4, 5am and had accidentally witnessed the boys returning from an exhausting night, trying to take care of Moony in his werewolf state. Sirius was embarrassed; he didn’t want to burden or worry her. The girl had wordlessly tended to his wounds, only talking to the boys in the morning, being extremely understanding and supportive. From that night on, she had waited for them every full moon night. Truth be told, it was all Sirius looked forward to on those strenuous days. But again, that had to be nothing. Just an old friend caring for another.

Sirius had seen the look on her face every time he was caught being a little more amicable than  usual, with a random girl. She would laugh and roll her eyes, but he had seen that mask slip. And at times like those, he had wanted nothing more than to wrap Y/N up in his arms, kiss her all over her beautiful face and let her know that he only belonged to her. Moments like those confused him the most, left him spinning and dizzy in his own thoughts. He couldn’t possibly love his best friend. Why would he, Sirius Black, fall for his best friend when he could have any other girl he wanted? Every girl wanted to be with him, every girl but Y/N, or so it seemed. Why would she love him?


The dark haired boy was brought back to reality as Y/N took her seat behind him, next to Lily, looking straight past him, as if he were entirely invisible. She had never looked at him so gelidly and the sight of her usually warm eyes reduced to cold, icy orbs made his heart clench.

‘I don’t like her, I do not like her,’ he whispered under his breath, earning an obnoxious snort from James.

“Yeah right.”

Sirius opened his mouth, ready to spill out empty protests, only to be hushed by the professor.

“Potter, Black! I will not tolerate any kind of disturbance from you two today. Mister Potter, kindly switch seats with Ms. Y/N . You will have Ms.Evans  as your partner today.”

James, obviously overjoyed , wasted no time at all moving his books and material back onto Y/N ‘s usual place, flashing a cheesy smile at Lily.

Y/N however, quite reluctantly moved into the seat next to Sirius, not even bothering to make eye contact. She briefly glanced up at the board, flipping to the exact page in her textbook, letting out a small groan as she read the name of the potion they’d be brewing.

“What? What is it?” inquired Sirius, peeking over her shoulder to get a glance at the title. Surely it wouldn’t be something as horrid as Polyjuice Potion he thought, having tasted it before and not really enjoying it. A small laugh rose up in his throat, sputtering and dying quickly as he glimpsed at the title.

“Amortentia,” they whispered together, turning to face each other, the girl glaring icy daggers while Sirius just looked helpless.

What if he did like her? What if upon brewing he were to smell her shampoo and her perfume and her favorite flowers? What if she didn’t smell anything related to him?

‘There’s only one way to find out’ he thought, bravely turning towards her.

“Pull out your cauldron, Y/N. Let’s get brewing.”

my neurologist client kindly diagnosed me with migraines during our fun call in the oncall room because, he says, women can’t get tension headaches.

I was giving him a massage at the time and focusing on tense muscles in his neck and shoulders and explaining that i love giving massages because I too get massive muscle knots and tension headaches so i can vividly picture the process of the muscle letting go of the knot and the pain and the headache easing.

i’m not saying I don’t get migraines cause some of my headaches fit that profile but i was just so astonished that he could ignore the very words coming out of my mouth and actions that would seem to support those words because “women can’t get tension headaches” so i must experience migraines. then he kindly recommended some migraine medications to me.

i massively antagonised an old pole sore spot which is why my whole right arm has been hurting since Thursday and the headache kicked in yesterday and i’m trying to work the three giant knots out of my arm and shoulder and neck and just thinking about how women don’t get tension headaches bc i guess we don’t hold tension in our necks and shoulders and also we don’t even have anything real to be tense about, god

anonymous asked:

19 & 20. I'll leave the tone to you!

19. “Come on, admit it. You like me.” - “In your dreams.”

20. “Touch me.” - “Beg for it.”

“Nice bathing suit.” Bucky strolled passed you. “Though, wouldn’t it be much easier to tan without it on?”

“Come on, admit it. You like me.” You pursed your lips and opened your legs, giving Bucky a better view. 

“In your dreams.” His eyes raked up your legs as he spoke. 

“Well, can you at least be a gentleman and apply some sunscreen to my back?” You sat up and chucked a bottle of sunscreen at him knowing he’d catch it.

“I’m never anything less than a gentleman.” He settled behind you, legs around you as you sat in between them. “Except in the bedroom.” He whispered in your ear as he untied your top.

He squeezed some of the cold lotion-like substance onto your shoulders and you shuddered. He kept his mouth next to your ear, massaging your tensed muscles as he rubbed the sunscreen in. You were barely holding your top up with your hands.

“You sure there’s not something you want to admit?” Bucky chuckled deeply. “A simple confession and I can have you on your back screaming my name within seconds.” 

“You clearly don’t know how stubborn I am.” A small moan passed your lips as he kneaded a knot under your shoulder blade. “I’m not saying anything until you do.”

“Then you get to continue imagining what my mouth feels like on yours, on your neck, on your hardened nipples, on your sweet little cunt as I taste you.” You dropped your head back and bit your lip. “Or what my fingers feel like as they slide inside of you, curling against your wall and hitting that right spot. And you’ll never get the fullness of my cock filling you up, slamming into that hidden spot deep inside of you.”

“Touch me.” You breathed out, your bathing suit top dropping and exposing your chest. Your eyes peeled open and found Bucky’s. 

“Beg for it.”

so, as a violinist with tension issues (aka just being a violinist), there’s always been a really painful knot right between my shoulder blades on the left side.

the only way to get at that spot used to be some serious deep kneaded massages but i recently found a neck stretch (after 7 years of this pain) that reaches the knot!!

guys this is such an accomplishment, ya’ll have no idea. the first time i did the stretch, i could literally feel 7 years of tension being bled out of my shoulder/neck area. it was amazing

anyway, i thought i should share that just because it REALLY WAS THAT AMAZING. fellow violinists can probably commiserate 

((So… remember this artwork I super shyly posted? Relating to this rp? I mentioned I had some other drawings and few said they’d be interested in seeing! …Well, this is me finally getting up the nerve to post them. XD Months later. Derp.))

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The next week’s Friday morning, Alaina is dragging her feet as she picks something to wear. “Honey, we need to hurry,” I call out, slipping into my flats.

“I can’t find my shirt!” she shouts back.

I hurry down the hallway and peek my head into her room. “What?”

“My softest shirt!” she says, and I see clothes being thrown out of her closet at a rapid speed.

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yamikurama  asked:

I've seen Alpha Bucky knotting Omega Steve. But I don't think that I have seen WS beefy Bucky knotting Post-serum Steve. Fics that have those are really rare. Anyway, so can I have some beefy Bucky knotting post serum Steve post WS if possible? With a cherry on top???

ugh yES knotting is one of my fave parts of A/B/O! always happy to write it~ 


p.s. this also seems to have turned into a bit of pregnancy/impregnation kink…because I’m weak, apparently XD

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youngbloodbuzz  asked:

8. kara, alex, elizabeth jennings, elizabeth swann, finn hudson :D :D :D

8 - who I’d prefer to wake up handcuffed to

are we talking in the sense of handcuffed so we can walk side by side, or some asshole did this so we are constantly facing in opposite directions? because that matters. also what is this Team Slytherin gathering here because lol.

5. Finn Hudson. Wicked knots in my shoulder due to that height difference, man. Also I’d have to constantly smack him to stay focused or do anything, and while I am patient with children there are LIMITS.

4. Kara, because unless they are fancy anti-Kryptonian handcuffs she could just break them off. Also we could go SOARING, FLYING, THERE’S NOT A STAR IN HEAVEN THAT–  ahem, I mean. That could be fun?

3. Elizabeth Jennings, just because that’s a lot of time to spend that close to a person. I’d probably snap at her at some point because she’s so grumpy and she’d kick my ass and then pick the lock and chain me to a wall out of spite before stealing my clothes and peacing out.

2. Elizabeth Swann would not let a mere thing like being handcuffed to someone else slow her down. She’d probably send out an army to find whoever was responsible and then publicly ream them out before casually picking the lock and kicking them in the face. And it would be awesome.

1. Alex. I can’t decide if she’d be more or less weirded out than the other two, but she definitely has the most chill temperament. And is also the human I’d trust most to give me a piggy-back ride if we are in Asshole Scenario B and need to run away really fast for some reason.

Bucky One-Shot "Don't Go"

Summary: (Y/N) has nightmares and Bucky has a crush

Charaters: Reader (Y/N), Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Original Character, Steve Rogers

Notes: Well I’ve decided to do one-shots while I think of another fic plot, hope you like!

It was the third night in a row I’d had these nightmares and I couldn’t even remember what they were about, I just know they were terrifying and I needed them to stop. Staying in the Avengers’s tower had become something of a routine, but I’m still new to the whole thing. I was hired about a month ago as a lab tech for the Avengers and my job was to make sure all of their armor and equipment was working properly and suited them well. This meant I was in close contact with each of them every day. I was one of four people on the equipment tech team, so my workload was fairly steep, but not unmanageable.

Like all of the lab personnel, upon being hired I was invited to live in the tower and I was one of the only ones who took the opportunity. I had nowhere else to go, especially given that I was hired out of a completely different state.

“Hey, are you alright, (Y/N)?” Tony asked me when he came in for his daily checkups. “You seem a little tired.”

“Yeah, I am a little, but I’m okay,” I lied. I was absolutely not okay. I was bordering on zombie status, but I wasn’t about to tell my Iron Man boss that. Especially when he had been so kind to me and allowed me a basically free place to stay (I paid for any food and other necessities I needed, but there was no rent and that’s what counted).

“Alright, well, if you need anything let me know. Can’t have my littlest elf all tuckered out,” he joked. Yes, I was the youngest, being in my early 20s and everyone else being in their upper 30s or 40s, so that put a little it of a social strain on things. When Tony hired me he said my work in Chicago was impressive (I had made several promo type suits for the National Guard, I guess Tony liked them), despite my young age.

“Thanks, Mr. Stark,” I said and smiled.

“Alright, so who do we have today?” my coworker, Kathleen, asked me.

I looked at my chart and my heart jumped. On there were 3 names, one of which I had butterflies over-Bucky.

“Um, Steve, Bruce and um, Bucky,” I stammered.

Kathleen and I got along very well, she was very nice to me and didn’t treat me like a kid the way our other teammates, John and Andrew, did.

“I’ll take Bruce. You can have Steve and Bucky,” Kathleen smirked, knowing of my slight crush on the brunette super soldier.

“Thanks..” I said almost sarcastically and handed her Dr. Banner’s file.

Before long, the three men walked into the lab, my stomach knotting at the sight of Bucky Barnes.

“Alright, you two can go with (Y/N) and I will take you,” Kathleen said and guided Bruce away to her office.

I smiled and held back a yawn at the two very tall men that stood before me. “So who would like to go first?”

“I will, I’ve got a date later,” Steve said. I smiled and brought him into my own office for his measurements and fitting.

“So, how are things?” he asked as I looped the tape measure around his waist.

“Oh, they’re good, thank you. How are you?” I asked, jotting down the numbers.

“Very good. You like it here so far?” he asked.

“Yes, definitely,” I said smiling, then yawned.

“You tired?” Steve chuckled.

“I guess so,” I giggled back and handed him the draft of his armor to put on over his undershirt.

“Wow, this is great, (Y/N),” he said, easily sliding it on.

“You’ve shrunk in the waist, though. I’ll make that adjustment before the next fitting,” I told him

“Thanks. Sorry, I didn’t mean to,” Steve said.

“It’s okay. It’s why I’m here,” I said and took the garment from him. He smiled and waved as he left and soon Bucky came in.

“Hello,” he said and smiled at me as I pulled out the measuring tape once again.

“Hi,” I said yawning.

His face fell slightly and he asked, “You alright?”

I looped my arms around his chest to measure it and brought the tape snugly around his toned chest and nodded, not trusting my voice. Being this close to Bucky was slightly overwhelming, what with my somewhat major crush on him. Over the course of the month I had spent here, I had seen Bucky almost every single day. I considered him a little more than an acquaintance, probably even a friend. We had numerous conversations about things we had in common that we liked and he actually was very charming.

“Yeah, just tired, I guess,” I said, knowing full well that it wasn’t just a guess, and Bucky smirked.

“You guess?” he speculated. Bucky would often see right through me, unfortunately. I could fool everyone but him.

I sighed and wrote down all of his measurements then handed him the vest I had for him.

He slipped it on and it fit perfectly, being snug around his perfectly toned body. He examined himself and smiled lightly at me. Oh, that smile sent my heart into a frenzy.

“How does it feel?” I asked, trying to ignore the suddenly quickening pace of my heart and the knots in my stomach.

“Feels great, (Y/N). Thank you,” he said and took it off, handing it back to me.

“Good, I’m glad,” I said, letting a yawn escape my lips once again and placing the vest back on the table.

“You should get some sleep,” Bucky told me, stepping forward to place a hand on my shoulder.

I nodded and smiled, unable to have a functioning brain with his hand on my shoulder. He gave me a small smile and left the room, closing the door behind him. If my heart didn’t stop doing these stupid flutters and skips when he was around, I’d end up having a heart attack.

“So how did it go?” Kathleen asked once our work day was done. I often walked with her to her car in the parking garage. It started off as just finishing up business, but then she continued to invite me to walk her out and we had great conversations, becoming friends quickly.

“It was a good day, I got a lot of work on Thor’s chest plate done, Wanda’s sleeves are proving more difficult, but I think it’ll be easy once I get the hang of the stitchery,” I said and noticed her eyes rolling and a smile plastered to her face in disbeleif.

“Not that, silly… How did it go talking with Bucky?” she inquired and placed a bin full of Bruce’s expanded shorts in her back seat once we got to her small cruiser.

“Oh.. Um, fine, I guess…” I said, my stomach knotting at the mere mention of his name.

“You know, if you asked him to hang out with you, I bet he would,” she said. “I’ll see you tomorrow, and try to get some sleep?”

“Yeah.. Okay, see you tomorrow,” I said and waved as she drove away.


I wasn’t sure if it was the crack of thunder or the nightmare I was having once again, but I woke up with a start, shaking and sweating, a few tears had fallen onto my pillowcase.

I held my pillow close to me, finding moderate comfort in hugging it tight to my chest. Once my heart rate had slowed and I stopped sweating, an obnoxious growl emitted from my stomach, signaling to me that I was really hungry.

“Right…” I said, sighing. I got up and put my lounge pants on even though I’d most likely not run into anyone at four in the morning on my way to the kitchen. Still anxious and slightly fear-striken, I padded my way through the darkness, repeating to myself that I was okay in my head.

I immediately was drawn to the fridge in search of anything that was quick. Upon finding nothing that I didn’t have to prepare, I shut the door and went to the pantry, not happy with needing to leave the lit area.

“(Y/N)?” I heard a low and groggy voice ask from behind me.

I jumped and spun around to face where the sound came from, my heart pounding. I was already jumpy and whoever it was that decided to startle me only made it worse.

“Whoah, hey, it’s just me.. You alright?” the voice said and I could clearly identify it now as belonging to the certain brunette super soldier I had a crush on.

He turned the dimmer up to where it was light enough for us to see each other, but not light enough to hurt our eyes. In the dimness I could see that he wore only a pair of dark grey sweatpants, his top half completely bare. My sympathy for him only amplified upon seeing the pink and raised skin around where his vibranium arm was attached.

My stomach turned into a bundle of knots at seeing his half naked body come closer to me and look at me with such concern.

“I didn’t mean to wake you, I’m sorry,” I told him, feeling guilty that I might not have been as quiet as I thought.

“You didn’t, the thunder did and I was hingry. What are you doing up?” he asked, reaching past me for the bag of chips, giving me an excellent view of his toned arms and chest.

“Oh, um.. I was hungry too,” I said. I mean, it wasn’t completely false. I was hungry after all.

“Is that why you haven’t been sleeping well? You get hungry at 4am?” he asked, placing a chip into his mouth.

A bolt of lightning flashed, followed closely by an extremely large boom of thunder that shook the windows. I jumped forward more and closer to Bucky, then heard him chuckle.

“It’s just thunder, doll,” he said and continued to eat more, then offered the bag to me.

“No thanks, I’ll have some cereal,” I said, reaching for the box of Oat Squares.

Bucky shrugged and continued to eat as I made my bowl.

“So why are you really up?” he asked after I had taken a few bites, breaking the silence between us.

“I told you, I was hungry,” I said and sat down at the table. Bucky sighed and put the chips away as I took another bite.

He sat next to me and looked at me with a look I couldn’t quite identify.

“You know, you can talk to me. I know we haven’t known each other very long, but I’d like to consider you a friend.. So, if you ever need me, I’m here,” he said. He reached for my hand and took it in his and squeezed it gently. My cheeks grew hot at the contact and if the light had been any brighter, he would have noticed my cheeks had turned a shade of pink.

“Th-Thank you, Bucky…” I stammered, my brain swirling around in my skull.

“Good night, (Y/N),” he said and left the kitchen. I finished my cereal and exited the kitchen as well, my head still in the clouds from being touched and so close to a shirtless Bucky.


After a few nights of nightmare-less sleep I felt pretty good. That was of course until that night when I woke up actually screaming.

My door flung open and I felt arms around me- one flesh and one a cold metal.

“Hey, hey, (Y/N), it’s okay,” Bucky soothed. I stopped screaming and clung to him. I had tears streaming down my cheeks and a thin film of sweat covered my forehead, but Bucky held me against his smooth and bare chest. After a few minutes, I looked up at him and he wiped the hair out of my face and my tears away.

“I’m sorry,” was the first thing I said. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Doll, if you were having nightmares you could have just told me…” he said and stroked my hair, comforting me.

“I didn’t want anyone to know.. I didn’t want to bother anyone or them think I’m weird or something…” I confessed, his eyes calming me and forcing the confession out.

“Oh, (Y/N)… We’re friends now. Nobody would think you’re weird for having nightmares. Almost everyone here gets them…” he soothed, rubbing my back in slow circles.

“Well you guys have scary lives, protecting the world and all, of course you would.. Me, I’m just a seamstress who also knows a lot about armor,” I said, casting my head down.

“So what?” he said, ducking his head down to meet my eyes again.

“So, I shouldn’t get nightmares and I definitely shouldn’t need help, you guys need it more,” I said, my voice low.

“You think just because we have more violent and life-threatening situations in our lives that belittles your problems?” he inquired, his voice disbelieving.

“Well… yeah,” I told him

He scoffed and shook his head, smiling a bit. “That is so not true. Your problems are just as real and relevant as ours. They’re just different, is all.”

I looked up at him and he looked at me, reaffirming his statement.

“Alright…” I ceded.

“Are you going to be okay, doll?” he asked and gently placed a hand on my cheek, causing a blush to appear.

“Uh.. yeah.. Thanks, Bucky,” I said and half-smiled.

“If you have a nightmare again, please come and get me. I’m just down the hall, ok?” he offered.

“You don’t have to take care of me, it’s alright,” I told him, not wanting to be a burden or a bother to him.

“Promise me,” he said, his voice unwavering in resolve.

I sighed, knowing only a promise to alert him of my misfortunes would satisfy him. “Okay, I promise.”

With that, he smiled, bid me good night and left my room. A large part of me wanted him to stay. His arms felt so nice around me and his hand on my cheek was lovely. But I knew there was no way he felt the same, so I silenced that part of my stupid crush on him. The crush that was quickly becoming more than that.

After that night, Bucky visited me in my office every day and on the weekends when I didn’t have to work, he would come to my room and we’d watch movies and hang out. He always showed up with a smile on his face and greeted me with a hug. Who knew Bucky Barnes, the great Winter Soldier, loved hugs? Not that I was complaining- Bucky gave the best hugs.

“Oh wow, it’s so late, Bucky..” I said one Friday night, glancing at the clock that showed 12am.

“Yeah, you should head to bed,” he said, sighing. Was there.. disappointment in his voice?

“No, I was gonna say you should. I’m alright,” I said, smiling.

“I am too, so let’s keep watching Gossip Girl. You’ve got me hooked on this show,” he snickered and put another handful of popcorn in his mouth. As the night wore on, we both became more sleepy and thus, more handsy. Eventually we both watched the show with my head on his shoulder and his arm around me.

Before I knew it, I was being carried onto the mattress and laid down, unaware that I had dozed off and missed half the show. Before Bucky could get too far away, I said words that my more awake filter never would have let me utter.

“Don’t go,” I said in a small voice.

I heard him chuckle and then he slid his body under the comforter with me. He wrapped his arms around me and held me against his chest.

“Thank you, Bucky,” I told him and drifted off into sleep.


I startled awake and my room was pitch black, not even the clock was on, telling me that the power had gone out. What with it being the stormy season, it wasn’t exactly an unlikely thing.

Before I could even begin to react to my own actions, I shot out of bed and ran towards Bucky’s room. Ever since the night we spent cuddling, he and I had been bordering on inseperable. I gently knocked on my door before it was too late to turn away. The fear and shakiness hadn’t subsided since I had woken up, so I wasn’t sure I could even form words to say to Bucky. Bucky, who I was definitely falling for.

The door opened and there he stood, his eyes puffy and hair a mess.

I felt a rush of powerful emotion run through me as I gazed over him. Him being so near comforted me, but I still felt terrified.

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?” his groggy voice said, opening the door for me to come in.

I couldn’t form words, I could barely move, so I just stood there, my eyes wide and staring at his gorgeous form. I was overwhelmed by the fast beating of my heart and I started to cry with a small sob.

“Oh.. oh, doll, come here…” he said and pulled me to his bare chest, cradling me and holding my head.

I sobbed into his chest and just let myself feel all of my feelings. He carried me over to the bed and cuddled me there, stroking my hair and saying kind words to me. I felt his lips connect with my hair and I felt my heart pound at the contact.

“Bucky..?” I whimpered and looked up at him.

“Yes, I’m here,” he said and placed a warm hand on my cheek.

“Thank you, I’m sorry,” I apologized.

He chuckled. “It’s alright. I told you to get me when you’re having trouble sleeping…“

I said nothing, but buried myself deeper into his embrace, my sobs subsiding.

“You know I care for you, don’t you?” Bucky said abruptly.

My head shot up and I looked at him with wide eyes. “You.. do?”

“Yes… Very much so,” he said, his hand caressing my face gently.

“I care about you, too, Bucky,” I told him, smiling.

“Let me take you out.. Please?” he asked, hope evident in his voice.

“Sure… But right now, I want to sleep…” I said and nuzzled back into his chest. He chuckled and held me securely to him, his grip making me feel safe and protected.

“Hey, Bucky?” I said, resting my hand on his chest.

“Yes, doll?” he responded.

“I feel safe with you,” I told him, knowing how much it meant to him to make someone feel safe. He kissed my head and I drifted off into blissful sleep, not wanting to ever spend a night alone again.

blue boxers

characters: mafuyu, takaomi
pairings: mafuyu/takaomi
summary: late night accidents, half-naked homeroom teachers, and a five yen debt
note: inspired by this post; for the lovely aokijis, who wanted an oresama teacher fic forever ago OTL

There was an adorable little grandma with a kind, toothy smile living in the apartment below hers whom Mafuyu had always adored – until she tried to bake a batch of cookies in the middle of the night due to a random bout of sleepwalking, promptly causing the fire alarm to go off at 3AM and ushering everyone in the building out of their cozy beds and into the biting winter outside.

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Elorcan First Date: Part I

Could be thought of as the “sequel” to Confessions. Part one will just be Lorcan picking Elide up for their dinner date. Oh and thanks @tragically-broken for suggesting I continue :)

Lorcan was fidgeting. Elide had agreed to court him, and he was extremely happy that she had, but he didn’t quite think of the consequences.

Manon and Aelin sat in front of him, waiting for Elide to finish getting ready. Aelin was lounged back, casually cleaning a very shard looking blade. Manon, also lounged back, was tapping her iron nails on the wooden arm of her chaise. Lorcan found himself following the movement of the witch’s claws. When he looked up, Manon was smiling at him with iron teeth. Smiling may not be the right term; it was more like she was showing her teeth.

Aelin spoke first, her deft fingers spinning the dagger she had finished cleaning. “So, Lorcan,” she drawled “what are your intentions?”

“What is your right to ask?” He narrowed his eyes at her. Fire-breathing bitch or not, he would not be intimidated by the Queen.

“I am her Queen.” Aelin tilted her head, golden hair falling over pointed ears. “Aren’t I?”

“Not her only Queen, Galathynius.” Manon’s gaze lazily flicked over to the other female. “Don’t forget the witch’s blood in her.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it.” Aelin rolled her eyes. “Answer the damn question, Salvaterre.”

“If it wasn’t already obvious, though I suppose I can’t expect your royal highness to notice anything outside of herself,” Lorcan paused at Aelin’s soft snarl, a smirk playing on his face at the sound. “I wish to court the Lady of Perranth.”

“Then allow me to make one thing very clear.” Manon began, but switched her gaze to Aelin for a moment. “Unless you’d like to go first?”

“Oh, go ahead.” Aelin crossed her legs on the chair, leaning her chin against her hand. “I’d hate if we used the same threats.”

“Indeed.” Manon turned her attention back to Lorcan. “If you do anything to hurt her, ever again, you will regret it. Fae males do not scare me. I will shatter your bones, gut you, and take my sweet time doing it.”

“And I will burn you.” Aelin’s smile was feline, edged with a wickedness that reminded Lorcan why the most powerful Fae male was her equal. “So, so slowly. Until you are nothing but dust, blown away by a summer breeze.”

“If I hurt her.” Lorcan chose his words carefully, hands gripping the chair. “I would welcome it.”

Aelin looked pleased with his answer. She lounged back, plucking a chocolate from the table next to her as she leaned back. Manon observed him, sniffing the air for a hint of a lie. She hummed, apparently satisfied, and reached for a chocolate. The Queen’s held eye contact, Aelin’s gaze narrowing as Manon slowly popped a chocolate in her mouth. The witch queen even went so far as to suck her fingers to remove the little bit of chocolate there.

Lorcan suddenly wasn’t sure if they wanted to fight him, or each other. Both, probably.

“I see you’re all getting along fantastically.” King Dorian strolled into the room, his hands in his pockets. “Elide should be down any second.”

“Why were you helping her, Princeling?” Manon raised a single white brow, moving over to make room for the King.

“Jealous, Witchling?” He smirked, floating a few chocolates over to himself on a phantom wind. Lorcan swore he hear Aelin mumble something about damned, rutting thieves. “She obviously wanted my opinion because I have the best sense of style in our rag tag group.”

“I’m starting to question my decision.”

All eyes turned as Elide walked into the room, and Lorcan could have sworn his heart stopped. Her dress was black as night. The bodice hugged her tightly, storm-cloud colored beading made up a design of Terrasenian knots. The skirt was mostly black chiffon, it glittered as she moved, and small bands of chiffon hung off her shoulders. Her dark hair was in a plaited braid, hanging  over her right shoulder, though some of it still hung over her dark eyes. Jewelry of iron and onyx completed the look.

Elide fidgeted under his gaze. Lorcan realized he must have been gaping, the entire room waiting for his reaction. He stood, so slowly, and walked over to Elide. He stopped when he was close enough to touch her. She looked him over, lingering on his black tunic with storm-cloud embroidery. They matched, he realized, and he knew the King had planned as much.

He took her hand, bowing to kiss it. Her face flushed, though she smiled up at him as he straightened.

“Shall we, my Lady?” Elide’s blush grew at his words, much to his satisfaction. She nodded her assent. They began to make their way out of the sitting room.

“Have fun.” Dorian lazily waved at them, his other arm draped over his witch’s shoulders.

“But not too much fun!” Aelin’s voice quickly followed the King’s, and Lorcan could practically feel the glare at his back.

When they were out of earshot Elide looked up at him, eyes full of sympathy.

“I am so sorry.”

“Don’t be.” He ran his thumb over her knuckles, marveling at how good it felt just to have her hand in his. “I would endure far worse for you.”

Possibilities ~3

Originally posted by chinomiso

Part 2 

@emmarablack @rosebloodstuffandthangss

“Walk, go on..” Negan nudged you with Lucille, stumbling forward. You continued your walking to where Negan was leading you, it was more like he was pushing Lucille onto your back. It didn’t hurt, but the feeling was uncomfortable. 

You walked into a room, dim room, it was big. A bed with blue bed sheets, a closet and a cabinet. But what bothered Negan was that he saw a pair of shoes on the floor. It wasn’t his. It was one of his wives, he growled grabbing them throwing them out of the room.

“ I told her to get all her shit..” He mumbled underneath his breath. “ Who are you talking about?” you had heard him, he wasn’t that quite. “ One of my wives, she’s good for fucking only. She’s got less of a brain then a walker.” 

His words made you shiver, he was pretty tall for a man like him. You had to look up at him slightly as he walked closer. Just the way he was looking you at made you tense. Breathing became shortened as he stood in front of you, looking down at you like you were a small mouse. 

“ You know what I do to women like you?” Gulping, nodding your head. He kneel his head down, his breath on your face. “ I am going to make you regret opening your mouth to me. The more you talk back at me the more I’ll make you beg for me mouse.” 

He cupped your face with his hand, squeezing as your lips squeezed together. “ I am going to make you my mouse..” 

His hands went down to grip your waist pulling you harshly against him. A whimper escaped your lips. “ Hush” His lips went to your neck, kissing it first then sucking on it. You didn’t want this, you weren’t a virgin. You gave you virginity to someone else.


Yes, Rick. He was the one who took your virginity. 

“ Please..don’t..” He picked up his head from your neck, “ You’re mine now mouse. I own you.” He hissed, his hands gripping your ass pulling you closer, flushed against his body. 

His lips went back to your neck, nibbling, sucking on the skin, pulling on it. He was going to leave bruises there. 

“ I-I don’t w-want to” you were upsetting him you knew that but you didn’t want to sleep with him. He was disgusting and Glenn was still on your mind. “ I owe you mouse, I’ll fuck you anyway I want too. Now shut up” He growled. 

You pulled away from him, stepping back bumping into the closet. He chuckled darkly making his way over to you. Grabbing you by your hips, squeezing hard as he leaned down, “ Don’t push me to something I don’t want to do. The only thing I want to do to you is fuck you, fuck you good and fuck that pretty mouth of yours.” 

“ I-I-” 

“ Spit it out mouse!” He snapped, he was running out of patience. “ I’m not used to roughness..” you mumbled.

“ Too bad, just thinking about how I’m going to give it to you turns me on. Fuck..” 

Whimpers escaped your mouth, “ Look mouse, I am not going to rape you.” 

He licked his lips as he looked you over, he took a deep breath. “ You and I are going to play a few games. Like Catch, but I’m the one chasing you”

He threw his head back laughing before he walked over to the other door which you thought was the bathroom. You were right, hearing the water turned on. He was taking a shower. Sliding down the wall, you brought your knees to your chest. 

What was Daryl doing? Was he thinking about you? How was Carl doing? Rick? Maggie? Oh Maggie, you wished you were there for her. You didn’t want to be here. No where near Negan. You were trapped. 

A mouse. That’s  your nickname. You were small and innocent but that’s what he thought. He doesn’t know you. 

You ended up in his bed, moving far away from him as possible. Curled up in a ball, silently crying to yourself. You hated being around him, you just wanted to go back. Back to your brother. To Rick. To your friends. 

Shower turned off, your ears perked up hearing it. Sniffing, wiping your tears from your face as you waited. The door opened revealing Negan in without a shirt with pjs hung on his hips. A blush creeped your cheeks as you looked at him, he chuckled looking down at you from where you were laying.

“ You see something you like mouse?” He put his thumbs into the inside of his pj bottoms, your breathing stopped as you saw what he was trying to do. Rushing past him into the bathroom, he laughed from the other side.

“ Don’t worry mouse, for now I won’t show you anything but you’ll be begging for me sooner or later. I’ll show you a whole show.” 

Hands on the sink as you looked at yourself in the mirror, you had to do this. It wasn’t that he was unattractive, he just killed people out of enjoyment. Shaking your head, you opened the bathroom door seeing Negan laying in bed. He heard the door opened, looking over at you confused to why you didn’t shower yet.

“ Just fuck me.. let’s get it over with” A smirk made it’s way to his lips, sitting up he pulled you to him. “ I don’t do the whole sappy loving thing. I fuck women real good. I give it to them hard. His hand reached over to your pants, unbuckling them and pulling them down as they laid in the pool of your feet. Stepping out, throwing them aside, he growled seeing you in panties. He liked what he saw. 

Licking his lips, his eyes roamed your legs. 

Your heart begins to pound fast when he reaches out to you pulling you down before changing positions as he hovers over you, gazing down at you with a smirk.

“ My, my, my, my mouse, I bet your going to taste half as good as I imagined” 

It would’t be too far before he starts, leaning down his lips grazed your ear making you whimper. His rough, large hand found your shirt sliding it off of you, tossing it somewhere in the room. 

“ My dick is so hard for you” He removed his pj pants and ripped your bra off with one hand. His hand went past your breast to your stomach to your underwear where he took it off while looking down at you. 

“ I can smell you from here.. mmm” He hovered over you, smirking. You gasped feeling the tip of his dick near your lips. Gasping for air knowing the pain was about come, “ You’ll enjoy this too mouse.” 

He pushed himself into you, you winced freezing feeling him inside you. When he pulled back out, he grunted and pushed himself back in. Going harder and faster each time. Tears ran down your cheeks as you stared at the ceiling above you.

“ You’re.. so.. tight.. damn..” He muttered, you gasped clawing at his shoulders as he went deeper. The pain had gotten away replacing with pleasure, it felt good but was so wrong. “ Scream my name, mouse” 

You did as he asked, he growled into your ear thrusting more, panting throwing his head back moaning. He was getting sloppier meaning he was going to cum, you were as well as you felt your stomach tied in knots. 

He thrusted one more time before he climaxed while you gasped grabbing his shoulder climaxing after him. He collapsed over you, panting, he chuckled.

“ You are staying with me. My mouse.” 

He gotten up after sliding out of you, getting dressed. He brushed his hair back putting his leather jacket on, grabbing Lucille walking out the door, he returned saying, “ Shower mouse, you look like you need it. I have some business to take care of.” 

He left. 

You laid in bed, panting, hurting and whimpering crawling into a ball as tears streamed down your cheeks. 

some highlights from the massage i just got:

  • politely requesting my masseuse to beat the shit out of me when asked about pressure preference
  • masseuse: “i guess you don’t drink many sodas, huh? you’re very well hydrated!”
    me: [thinking about how i shotgunned 3 cokes on the drive there] “yeah!”
  • me cooking to death on the heating pad, thus prompting my masseuse to touch my scorching arm and then my ice cold hands and ask me if i’m alive before admitting she has no idea what heat setting best suits this situation
  • her gently feeling my toes and murmuring “frosty”
  • masseuse: “wow, you have a lot of huge stress knots. are you stressed, ma’am?”
    me: starts fucking crying
  • she kneaded the same big knot by the pressure point between my neck and shoulder for 5 minutes and then said, “you’re one tough cookie! if someone did this to me, i would be dead or at least paralyzed”
  • being asked if i’ve ever taken ibuprofen and chuckling under my breath but choosing not to say “HAVE I? i popped 2 before i got out of bed this morning,” nor “i was taking vicodin just last week, i think i can fuckin handle some advil”
  • slowly lifting up afterwards and asking if it would be okay to go to physical therapy afterwards, and prompted by her confused expression, explaining that i have a disorder that makes me prone to dislocating joints. her responding with a horrified “:0″ and saying that that is something she REALLY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BEFORE SHE OBLITERATED MY MUSCLES
  • promising to stay hydrated and eat light afterwards; purchasing a philly cheese steak within 10 seconds of leaving from the shop immediately next door