i have some glue


cosplays both mother and son bc i’m my own vampire family

RvB 15.21 spoilers below

Unpopular rvb15 opinion: I feel like Joe actually did a lot in the way of grimmons despite it not being technically canon yet. He’s like the first writer to actually take their relationship seriously in the actual plot so I feel like that’s a step above the rest of the writers. And also since apparently he is writing 2 seasons opposed to just one, I think he may have left some ends open like grimmons, the hate glue thing, etc. So he has something to work with in season 16…. So I just feel like Joe did a pretty good job and I’m overall happy with this season despite it’s faults. (God bless Joe for that Carolina song tho)

The Ramones’ wants

Aries: something to do

Taurus: be your boyfriend

Gemini: the airwaves

Cancer: you around

Leo: everything

Virgo: have some kicks

Libra: get some chicks

Scorpio: shock treatment

Sagittarius: sniff some glue

Capricorn: puke

Aquarius: steal from the rich and give to the poor

Pisces: be sedated

Back to School Essentials

I’m now back to school after our semestral break. Someone asked me to do a stationery/school haul so I’m gonna share to you some of the things I bought and the things that I already have which I’m still going to use.

Where I buy my stationeries?

I usually buy them at Muji, National Bookstore, SM Department Store, and online shops.


Left: I got it from Art Box in Glorietta 4. They cost Php 50 each notebook.

Top Right: Got this notebooks from Muji. They cost Php 350 for a set of 5 notebooks.

Bottom Right: I bought this notebook from Typo in Greenbelt. It has 3 dividers inside. This was on sale for only Php 160. 


I’m currently using the Starbucks x Moleskine planner (the one on the right). I won the plain Black Moleskine Notebook from Starbucks during their Christmas Launch. 

Pens and Highlighters

Of course, I can’t live without these!

Top Left: Muji 0.38 Gel Ink Pens for Php 65 each.

Top Right: Staedtler Triplus Fineliner. My mom bought this in the US.

Bottom Left: Muji Highlighters for Php 65 each.

Bottom Right: Zebra Mildliners. This one’s old. Some are out of ink. I bought this from Dolces Online on Facebook/Instagram around Php 350 - Php 400.

Index Cards

This is another must have for me since sometimes I use index cards in studying. This is a plain one so I can freely design or write on them. I got this from National Book Store for Php 17.50 each.

Sticky Notes and Page Flags

Sticky Notes are so important to me since I don’t want to write on my books, and instead, I use them when I want to insert some details. I also use them in my planner. I’m not sure how much these are since my mom bought them for me.

The page flags are also important to me because I label my books by chapter or article so I can just immediately go to that page without taking so much time looking for it. One pack costs Php 244.

Other Essentials

I always bring with me some scotch tape and washi tape. I use the magic tape since they do not tear the paper when I use it on them, unlike a regular tape. I also need some glue since we have to attach a photo on our index card. I also need a correction tape since I’m not great with spelling and always misspell words. 

So these are my basic essentials for school. Shoutout to @akilahpina for requesting this!

Best Friend Series; Dino/Chan

- you met chan in your teens
- you were a broke high school student who was looking for a part-time summer job
- you couldn’t even go out with your friends or anything because all you had in your wallet was like 75 cents what have you done
- while looking for a job online, you just so happened to come across this ad of a family saying they were looking for a babysitter to watch over their two sons on certain occasions
- they were offering to pay 15$ an hour and so you were like I FOUND MY JOB
- so you call up the family and after a quick interview with the parents over the phone, they ask you if you could come over to have an in-person interview and you say yes while striking a victory pose
- you tell them that you’re available this saturday and luckily they are too so you make sure to polish up your resume and wear nice clothes to show that you’re responsible and clean lol
- saturday comes around and you NAIL the interview man, you were hired on the spot
- the adults call down their sons to meet you, and two boys come rushing down the stairs immediately
- one is about five years younger than you but the other….. is literally only a year younger than you??
- you’re like ??? uhhh he can’t watch over his little brother himself ???
- the little brother just shyly waves hi to you but the older one grins widely and runs up to you and exclaims “hi i’m chan!! it’s really nice to meet you!!” and he takes your hand and shakes it excitedly
- on your first day of babysitting, you discover that chan’s parents hired a babysitter because all he can cook is instant ramen and he’s actually pretty accident-prone lmao
- so you’re cooking dinner for the two boys, and while preparing the table, you hear a crash in the living room and you’re like no nO DID WHAT I THINK JUST HAPPENED REALLY HAPPEN
- you sprint to the living room to find a broken vase and two little boys looking down at it with dropped jaws
- your jaw drops too when you see the mess and it’s silent
- until chan’s little brother points at him and yells “HE DID IT” and chan looks so betrayed that his brother sold him out
- but you don’t get mad and tbh you’re more concerned about their parents’ reactions and how you might actually get FIRED
- you quickly pick up the pieces of the vase and ask chan “DO YOU HAVE SUPER GLUE” and he stutters “uh i think we have some in the cupboard!!” and you’re like “OKAY LOOK THEY’RE NOT GOING TO FIND OUT ABOUT THIS. WE HAVE THREE HOURS TO WORK LET’S GO”
- so you and chan get straight to work while his little brother eats dinner at the table peacefully
- you both carefully put the vase back together and you both succeed in finishing it LITERALLY ten minutes before his parents get home
- both you and chan sweat when they walk through the living room, and you both let out a sigh of relief when they walk past the vase
- you both high-five each because GOOD JOB
- but after the high-five, you notice something red on your hand and you’re BLEEDING you actually cut yourself while putting the vase together without even realizing it
- and chan notices and he says “OH MY GOSH ARE YOU OKAY?? THIS IS ALL MY FAULT I’M SO SORRY WAIT HERE” and he zooms out of the room
- he returns shortly after with a first-aid kit in hand and he takes out a band-aid with dinosaurs on them and rips it open and sticks it onto your cut
- he exclaims “there!! i hope it heals fast” and you’re like…. why. are. you. so. CUTE.
- and every time you or his little brother gets hurt, chan takes out his dinosaur band-aids, and because of this you give him the nickname dino and he loves it so much
- you end up babysitting the two boys for the next few weeks of summer and chan is always looking forward to your visits, like he always has something new to tell you or a new dance to show off to you
- and when summer finally ends…. you feel so…. sad…..
- you never wanted it to end
- on your last day, you ruffle chan’s hair while his little brother is hugging you and crying for you not to leave
- you say “hey don’t be like this, you’ll still see me around, i promise”
- and you know what?? YOU KEEP YOUR PROMISE
- chan and his little brother literally wouldn’t shut up about you so his parents invite you over for dinner one night and they invite you again and again and again
- and through this, you and chan get really close and become BEST FRIENDS
- but the big question is did he force you to learn all the michael jackson dances??
- yes. yes he did
- tries way too hard just to make you happy because his best friend “deserves the best of the best”
- like once he went all out for your surprise birthday party and when things didn’t go exactly as planned he cried and then got sick for over-working himself then cried again because he felt like he ruined your birthday
- you ended up having to take care of him and you laughed “chan just seeing you today is good enough for me”
- on his graduation day, you cried when he went to pick up his diploma like the proud mother you are
- you screamed louder than anyone when they said he graduated with honors like “YES THAT’S MY BOY DO YOU SEE HIM THAT’S MY CHAN”
- hugs you all the time. if he can, he will
- compliments all day every day
- “you’re amazing!!” “you’re so cool!!” “ohhh i like what you’re wearing!!”
- constantly over-exaggerates his actions for no reason at all like you’d lightly push him and he’d fall to the floor and you’re like….. get the frick up chan
- you’re always telling him how cute he is and he gets so offended
- “cute?? i am a MAN”
- used to call himself the little giant and you’d make fun of him for it until he outgrew you and you were like how dare you
- the type to make you do pinky swears when making a promise
- scolds you when you prank him and suddenly the roles are reversed
- “how dare you speak to your mother this way”
- signs up for talent shows with the stage name dino
- made everyone believe it’s because he “dominates the stage” but really it’s a shout-out to you and you guys’ precious summer memories
- you’re usually the one taking care of him, but when you’re sad, chan suddenly becomes super protective and goes to great lengths just to make you smile again
- and it’s because he loves you with every fiber of his being and he isn’t shy when it comes to expressing it, he wants you to KNOW
- chan normally hates being called and treated like a baby but when it’s you
- he doesn’t mind at all
- “chan whose baby are you?”
- “(name)’s baby!!”

The signs as Nirvana lyrics

Aries:  She’ll come back as fire, to burn all the liars, And leave a blanket of ash on the ground, I miss the comfort in being sad // Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle

Taurus: Don’t, tell me what I wanna hear, Afraid of never knowning fear, Experience anything you need, I’ll keep fighting jealousy, Until it’s fucking gone // Lounge Act

Gemini:  I’m so happy ‘cause today, I have found my friends, They’re in my head // Lithium

Cancer:  I wish I was like you, Easily amused, Find my nest of salt, Everything’s my fault, I take all the blame, Aqua seafoam shame // All Apologies

Leo: Would you believe me when I tell you, You are the queen of my heart, Please don’t deceive me when I hurt you, Just ain’t the way it seems // Love Buzz

Virgo:  Teenage angst has paid off well, Now I’m bored and old, Self-appointed judges judge, More than they have sold // Serve the Servants

Libra:  Who said don’t look back? Don’t believe ‘em, Go for that crazy sounding restaurant, Cause they’re gonna try and get behind you, Don’t you let them do it, You know what I’m talking about? You hear me talking? // Turnaround

Scorpio:  Where do bad folks go when they die? They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly, They go down to the lake of fire and fry, Won’t see ‘em again till the fourth of July // Lake Of Fire

Sagittarius: I searched for form and land, for years and years I roamed, I gazed a gazley stare at all the millions here, We must have died alone, a long long time ago // The Man Who Sold The World

Capricorn: I am my own parasite, I don’t need a host to live, We feed off of each other, We can share our endorphins // Milk It

Aquarius: Load up on guns bring your friends, It’s fun to lose and to pretend, She’s over-bored and self-assured, Oh no, I know a dirty word // Smells Like Teen Spirit

Pisces:  My heart is broke, But I have some glue, Help me inhale, And mend it with you, We’ll float around, And hang out on clouds, Then we’ll come down, And have a hangover // Dumb

esculent-macabre  asked:

do you have a slime recipe thats very reliable? i just bought some glue but i dont have a lot of money so i definitely cant afford trial and error.

I hope the glue you bought was white glue rather than clear glue, because I have yet to come across a foolproof clear slime recipe, I’m way more comfortable with opaque/fluffy slime! ^^; I’ve made this cream cheese slime recipe 4 or 5 times, and it’s never gone wrong for me, even the very first time I made it! It always comes out nice and soft! (Even if you bought clear glue, that would probably work too! I’ve used clear glue for opaque slime before and it turned out fine!)

Besides that though, unless you want to make a specific kind of slime, you can make a pretty simple and easy slime batch just by mixing glue with some water and maybe some shaving cream, and then adding your activator a tiny bit at a time! (I like using liquid starch bc you don’t have to mix it beforehand, but if you want to use borax, generally you’d mix 1 teaspoon of borax to 1 cup of warm water!) The base ingredients for any kind of slime are glue, water, and activator (sometimes not even water lol), so the only real danger of messing it up would be adding too much activator! Just add it a tiny bit at a time and mix it for a long time between adding more, you’ll see and feel it start to come together! If it’s too sticky but you don’t want to add any more activator, adding some shaving cream should help!

It used to be a huge pet peeve of mine when people wouldn’t add exact measurements to slime recipes (and it still makes me really mad when I’m trying to make a specific kind of slime), but for just a basic opaque slime, measurements don’t really matter all that much! It’ll always form up to make something, lol!

Out of Context - Memorable Lines From Drama Class

Here is a lovely collection of my favorite lines from my four years of Drama and Musical Theater classes in high school.

If you want the tale behind the line , send the line to my ask box and you’ll get the story behind it !

“ I have , by some grand miscalculation, managed to glue my hand to a chair and I’m supposed to be onstage in two minutes. ”

“ Do you think Brayden will be upset with me if I tell him that I’m really distracted by his forest green eyes when he’s wearing the mask ? Because I’m really distracted and I can’t do my lines when he’s looking at me with those eyes. ”

“ ….I have five copies of the same hat in case I lose one. And yet , with my scene in 90 seconds, I….. I have no hats . ”

-mildly concerned voice -“ Jaron why is your script on fire ?”

-completely calm disinterested tone -“ Oh. That would explain why my finger is hot. ”

“ Indi !”

“ Yes? ”
“ Why is my favorite hat taped to a rafter?”

“ Listen , I don’t care how it got in here , but get the live bat out of here now. ”

“ For the last time , we are not changing the ball scene dance to the Macarena. ”


“ Heath , I will take away your finger gun privileges right now. Don’t test me , young man.”

“ All right, who put ’ death match opera’ in the suggestion box ?”

“…. Oh no , I’ve developed an allergy to oxygen ! -lies down - ”

“ Look , man, I’ve had a bad day and I will kill you with this muffin. ”

“….. Tony yelled angrily , as I continue to narrate, amused by his fury. Aubrey subtly gives me a thumbs up , much to my liking . Scott glares at me , making very offensive hand gestures. ”

“-glides in on wheelies- Phantom is back , ladies. This time with wheels. ”

“ Chef , there’s an eye in my soup. I think it’s mine. ”

“ Oh no , he’s a service dog , sir. He fought Hitler. ”

“ I might be a rogue , but I have morals. For instance , I didn’t kill that mage back there because he had poor fashion sense. He deserves a chance to find himself. Sure , he killed half our group , but we don’t know his story. You do you, mage. ”

“ Of all the people I could have been stuck talking to as I bleed out , it had to be you. ”

“- loud screaming in background- Please tell me Stede is messing with us again. ”

“Please don’t play with the corpse. ”

“ Is there a reason you’ve perfected a Colonial American accent and decided to use it in Fiddler on The Roof?”

“ New rule- mentioning Sharks or jets is banned. ”
- aggressive snapping -
-a ca pella singing -’ WHEN YOU’RE A JET-’

“ Can you dance , Byron? Wait , why are you in a baseball uniform- OH NO ”

“ -gets stabbed- I’ll have you know I’m allergic to blood loss , sir ”

“ Officer it seems this unfortunate idiot managed to strangle himself with his headphones . Cause of death - Jammed out too hard. ”

“ I’ve gone ten minutes without murdering someone,you should reward me. ”


“ The cake was not a lie but it WAS poisoned. ”

“ Stede stop telling audience members that ’ all deaths are actual deaths ’ and that ’ the funerals will be held after the performance’.”

“ How is a cheerleader supposed to fight a Dragon? Do I smack it with my pompom? ”

“ Yo , demon , I know you’re trying to be all terrifying and deadly but I’m watching the latest Sherlock can you chill for like an hour and THEN kill me? ”

“ I can’t be murdered today I have a test in bio. ”

“ If you insist on speaking Klingon you have to translate what you said so I know you’re not insulting me. ”

“ I have a complicated relationship with my father . See, he’s my brother and he’s also my mom’s uncle. And he’s cousin twice removed by death. It’s complicated. ”

“ VILLAIN I HAVE DONE YOUR MOTHER- a favor by fixing that pesky broken fence around her garden. We’re tight . ”

“ -gunfire- Would now be a bad time to sing "Shots”?“

” Yeah I’m a zombie but I’m still chill you know. I just want a bite of you and then we can play Mario. If you’re not dead , that is. “

” -Looking their killer dead in the eyes- I hope you can live with yourself knowing you just orphaned a puppy. -gasp-… A….really…..cute…..puppy…..“

” I didn’t set out to be a vigilante today but you just stole my autographed selfie with my favorite celebrity- IT’S ON NOW “

” If you try hard enough , kids , you can die doing just about anything. “

” Stop changing the name of the baby doll . His name is James. “

” I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY LOCKED US IN! - panicked shouting - “

” I know ! 😁"

“ I want you to put ” She was the bomb “ on my grave as a huge middle finger to my assassin ”

“ ….Aubrey , stop challenging people to poetry slams , we’re trying to get this murder right ”

“ Somewhere in this very auditorium , I have hidden your self confidence ”

“ I may or may not have hidden numerous small alarms throughout the auditorium set to go off whenever someone passes the motion sensor ….”

“ We now present : Jurassic Park Ten - Jurassic Lawsuit. Why anyone ever allowed this horror show of a family fun zone continue is beyond us. ”

“ Plot twist , Chewbacca is just a guy stuck in a fur suit and he’s got a speech impediment. ”

“ 911 , what is the nature of your emergency ? …. Ma'am. ..I’m sorry but ’ Micheal Bay is making a live action TMNT movie ’ is not an emergency. ”

“ Is the phantom actually a phantom ? How does he get food down in the sewers? And clean water? It’s full of rats and disease. Phantom is dead , yo.”

“ Can you quit singing ’ Don’t Cry For Me Argentina ’ every time someone dies?”



“ All arguments today must be settled in song form. It’s Musical Monday. ”

“ Whoever keeps adding ’ with great sarcasm ’ after the words ’ he dies’ in the script needs to stop. ”

“ I’m not gonna let you murder me today , I haven’t finished my Minecraft house. ”

“ If you can quote at least one historical figure who wasn’t white, I won’t shoot you. ”

“- in a slow motion voice - No don’t throw knives , you’ll get blood on my throw rugs ”

“ Well , I’m dying but at least I don’t have to go to work tomorrow ”

“ Never thought the way to avoid death was by complimenting my would-be killer”

“ You’re under arrest for being a smartmouth”
“ Oh, am I?”


“ Yo , Prince , don’t kiss her before you date her first . She’s a sleeping beauty not a paid escort. ”

“ I’m immortal , and I’m here to tell you your ancestors are disappointed. ”


“ I managed to walk off the roof by accident ”