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Ready to fight

Continuity: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Name: Canon

Who Are They: Canon’s duties are overseeing the cadets and working closely with his counterpart Mirth who oversees the detention area.

About: Assigned to work in conjunction with Shaak Ti, Canon oversees the cadets and ensures that his younger brothers are abiding by the rules laid out for them, and that they are not being mistreated by the current bounty hunter trainers who he generally does not trust or like.

His job ensures long days that can be more emotionally draining than he ever lets on. More than once making him thankful for his training in resisting torture so he can hide any difficulties he may be having on a given day from his General as well. Despite her kind words that she is always available to talk if need be, training has drilled into him that certain things must or should never be spoken.

The roughest times he has is when dealing with the detention center. If on his own he takes a moment to check in on brothers who have been injured and are now unfit for duty. Feeling a mix of emotion when he finds their cells cleaned out and empty. When with Shaak Ti, he is protective. The verbal abuses she has suffered when questioning would be defectors or traitors has brought him to blows with a brother on rare occasions; something he tries to ensure Shaak Ti never learns of. One of the more memorable times was with the traitor Slick and the beating he gave him after he ran his mouth with insolence and threats instead of answering her questions.

When in need of an outlet, he enjoys participating in fights and spars against his brothers, and even at times against Bounty Hunter Trainers in his off hours. His winning streaks only adds to the proof that he is a well trained soldier despite not leaving their home to go on missions like the rest of his brothers do or eventually will.

Personal Views: No matter the upbringing, all are capable of betrayal.

Why Did I Create Them: Sometime back in 2012 I pretty much thought it would be cool if Shaak Ti had a Clone Commander to aid with her duties in some way, since every other General had one except her.