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let’s talk about @mortalpoision for a second shall we ? he messages me yesterday about my side blog (which is nsfw) and immediately talks about sexual stuff, which i’m fine with as long as it’s not directed at me. now, on my main blog i answered an ask that i sent nudes, which got him asking for some. now, this was maybe 5-10 minutes into us chit chatting alright ? so i basically put him in his place, what he did was so icky????? so then he messages me a few more times, which i don’t reply. but today he continued so i did. which lead into this argument about what he even did that was wrong. so i blocked him bc i don’t have time for that. THENNNN he messages me on his other blog ??????? so i block that as well. i wasn’t gonna do this post bc well, if you’re a douchebag so what? but he won’t leave me alone and is now logged out to send me anon hate?? LOL. my friends where right i should’ve made this post yesterday. well everyone, here’s another boy being an idiot. (if you want all the screenshots just message me bc a few aren’t in here and it’s just him spamming me)

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Do you still have a shop or anything w merch of Dre? I wanna buy some stuff! :3c

OH Yeah omg @blesstale and I have a joint shop and, now that I think about it, I haven’t put up a link to it on the blog description or ANYwhere!! DANG! Thanks for the reminder, hahahah!


We add more occasionally and we’re getting a few things ready to add more soon!!! LIKE… WE GOT A FEW SUPER COLORFUL AND CUTE STICKERS I CAN’T WAIT TO PUT UP THERE!! HGNGNGNGNN I’m gonna be getting some myself like a fuckin nerRRD.

blog update!!

from here on out i’m gonna start posting non-fr art here. this is my main art blog and for a while i’ve been a little uncomfortable with its entire backlog being fanart, so i thought i’d shift things in a more original direction. i have a bunch of creative projects i’m working on, some of which do include dragons. most however do not. so if you don’t want to see art that is not dragons, go ahead and unfollow (since i know a lot of people are only comfortable following 100% fr content blogs so)

things you may see here from now on: 

  • dragons. just not fr dragons 
  • monster designs! i’ve been working on a few 
  • terrible characters u may or may not recognise from my old fr lore blog, only now they are skin-coloured
  • some gw2 art because why not i’m only human
  • humans, for that matter
  • p.much anything else i want to share

if ur into things of a more furry flavour then check out @hyaenahysterics which is where i quarantine that stuff 

it’s been a super busy couple of months for me since i’ve been working in animal rescue and haven’t had a lot of time to draw. but i’m excited to get back into the swing of things soon enough

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Hi, there I love your blog so much I hope you are writing a story because if you ever publish it so buying it! I'm kind of in a fluffy sappy mood but I was wondering if you could do some autumn cozy snuggly prompts? I know Autumn isn't here yet but I was just wondering! Please and thank you <3

((I am writing stories - see my “current projects” tab or follow the “my writing” link on my profile! :) If you’re interested in having a read of what I’m working on. Or you can searching my “The God Key” tag which is the project I’ve been working on most recently and which I’ve posted a fair few snippets of on this tumblr.))

1) The sat huddled together in blankets on the hill, a hot thermos between them and mugs of cocoa clutched in their hands to ward off the chilly breeze. 
“Okay, so this is pretty poor stargazing,” one admitted. “It’s all cloudy.” 
“The only stars I need are in your eyes, baby.” 
One swatted the other at the comment and rolled their eyes at the grin they were met with, only for the other to shake their head and set the mug down so they could cuddle closer still with a soft sigh of content. 
“It’s quiet up here. Peaceful. I like it.” 

2) The storm raged outside the window, a white noise of rain hurtling against the roof and the windowpanes. They pretended to watch TV but spent more time listening to the sound and watching their companion curled up on their chest, engrossed in the latest paperback they were reading. Idly, they brushed their finger’s through their companion’s hair, feeling the warmth of it - of them - seep through their skin. The minutes ticked unbroken. With the wind gusting in a billow of leaves, red and gold, they could have been tucked in a pocket of forever away from the rest of the world. At least until the rain stopped.

3) There is nothing so blissful as staying in bed on a chilly autumn day. Until someone returns with cold feet.They squirmed, tugging their legs away from the frozen skin, only for their companion to wrap arms around them all the more determinedly. Nuzzling against them with a mutter that sounded suspiciously like “sowarmandnice.”
“You’re not! Traitor,” they hissed. “You dare bring cold into my bed.”

eh a little psa to the people who follows me for ml stuff: probably you are going to not see me post about it after the anniversary. while the show is fun and i enjoy drawing some ideas the thing is im not a one-fandom blog. My blog is basically an animation blog, so there’s a lot of multifandom stuff in here. I usually jump like that and since there’s really nothing interesting me about ml until new stuff happens in december (except for one or two little marichat ideas happening) fanart will sporadic go as well. 

There’s also the fact that ccs and batim stuff are coming in september so im going to be avocated to those more. I’m having more ideas for batim too (i sketched a little comic today even so that’s saying)

anyway thanks for the ones who follow me i appreciate it but really dont feel commited to this blog. I’m not indispensable in the fandom. I just enjoy doing stuff once in a while.

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do you have any vixx blogs u follow that u could recommend to me? preferably ones that only post vixx

ah there’s a lot great vixx blogs in here! but here are some i reblog from a lot and love their content ^_^

  • @ottokaji-vixx - Agata was one of the first blogs i followed! Her gifs are high quality and her blog is amazing & sweet just like her~
  • @hakyunie - amazing blog too, with lots of nice gifs and reblogs mostly vixx stuff 
  • @hong-buns - Anna posts high quality content and all her tags are hilarious~ Also her gifs are always funny and cute ;;
  • @1eohyuk - where would i be without Nem T^T she posts a lot great content and loves leohyuk :’) @leohyukprincess is her writing blog that u should follow if u can handle smut/amazing fics i literally love all her fics okay T___T
  • @thumbeli-n-a - B is my sweet child who posts a bunch of vixx and is super friendly <33 
  • @xxinkeyxx - they posts really nice edits! and are mostly a vixx blog too
  • @wontaec - Mila’s blog is filled with yummy wontaek/vixx and her blog is great ;;
  • @ntheonlycha - they don’t post regularly but you should def check their blog out if you’re interested in reading the best wontaek fics here!! 
  • @softleo - Jhazel’s blog is filled with vixx and her tags/posts are gold tbh
  • @fake-v - mostly vixx in Z’s blog but gosh another hilarious Starlight in here with an amazing personality ;u;
  • @chained-up-taekwoon - Xenia reblogs a bunch of vixx and also makes pretty gifs~
  • @leejaehwan - posts a lot of vixx and great blog to get info/updates on Jaehwan~~
  • @wonsiks-hamster-taek - gif content creator and her blog is really nice~
  • @leothevixxn - their blog is filled with vixx! and their writing blog @tuberc-leo-fics has amazing/funny/heart-wrenching vixx fics ;;A;;
  • @vixxti - one of my favorite vixx artists whose work i love a lot!!
  • @at-taekwoons-mercy - even though Angeline is in semi-hiatus her blog is great! and filled with lots of vixx
  • @ch-y - Apple’s gifs/edits are so high quality and their content is everything <333 def a blog/Starlight i look up to ;; they also have @vixx-otps which is amazing for all your otp needs and filled with juicy content 
  • @hakyeon-go-go - Trish is a sweetheart and her blog is mostly vixx content <3
  • @wonshiks-tiddy - they post a bunch of vixx and are super entertaining
  • @chahakyeo - their blog is so pretty and they make amazing vixx content!
  • @saltykong - Riri’s gifs are so nice ;~~; and her blog is adorably filled with vixx/hongbin
  • @royalbins - Elouise is another great hongbin biased blog that i love a lot and her gifs are super nice!
  • @hyukbinnie - multifandom but there’s a lot of great vixx content in their blog and their gifs are high quality ;;u;;
  • @boopshik - another multifandom blog but they post a lot of great vixx stuff and i like their gifs a lot as well 
  • @bfwonsik - for all your ravi updates! 
  • @prince-taekwoon - for all your leo updates!
  • @translatedvixx - must follow to keep up with vixx updates and they translate their stuff super fast. I’m so thankful ;;A;;
  • @fywontaek - i made this blog for wontaek and make gifs in there too :)

Oh my gosh friends, I have hit a truly outstanding milestone!! Honestly, I really never expected to ever get here, and I have been so grateful for every new follower and every new “milestone” that I hit and really, I should have been doing this all along. Because I was truly awed and thankful when I had reached the point of having 25 followers, and I have often wished there was something I could do to thank people for being with me here on this blog.

But here is an amazing thing and I would very much like to thank you for being here! Giveaways seem to be the standard approach, so I will try a writing giveaway first, and if that doesn’t work (as in, if absolutely no one wants this), then I’ll come up with some other giveaway =D

I am calling this the “Will You Ever Write” Giveaway, because this giveaway is designed to give people (well, one person) the chance to dictate the next story I write. I often get questions along the lines of “will you ever write a longer version of [blank] AU” or “this pairing in this AU” or “this anime” and this giveaway is specifically designed to say, “yes! I will! And you can choose what that is!”

I am promising one *at least* 5k long story to the grand prize winner of this giveaway. This person can choose to request that I write a full-length (at least 5K) story for one of the AUs that I have written in short format on tumblr but have yet to continue as a longer thing.

That means, you could choose a full length version of:

(Designation: Miracle and Fairy Tale AU are off this list because I have too many plans for what’s in D:M and the Fairy Tale AUs are being written regardless)

OR you have the option of designing a brand new AU for ANY of the fandoms I have written for:

  • Kuroko no Basuke
  • Haikyuu
  • Eyeshield 21
  • Ookiku Fuributte
  • Free!

(provided it is a ship I have written before). Just pick an AU trope you would like to see me write for a fandom (Coffeshop AU, Superhero AU, etc) and I will do it!

OR if there is a fandom I haven’t written for that you’d really like me to, we can negotiate that too! 

Boku no Hero Academia and Yuri on Ice are two that I would certainly love to write for. Any *anime* that has appeared on this blog is also fair game, although I have varying degrees of familiarity with the stuff on this blog so thus why negotiations might have to be made.

The only rules/restrictions I put on fic are:

  1. All fic will be SFW,  although I am comfortable with writing darker themes if you want darker themes. (Think along the lines of what has appeared in D:M).
  2. It really does have to be for a ship I ship, sorry, but I am open to writing friendship fic between any pairing
  3. for length’s sake, it has to be limited to one ship, but if you would like to see cameo appearances of another ship, that’s something that can happen too.
  4. I do reserve the right to ask you to pick something else, if you happen to pick an AU or a fandom that I am very uncomfortable writing for. Nothing comes to mind at the moment, I’m just reserving the right to say that.

Rules of the giveaway! Likes and reblogs each count! This is for my followers, but I have to be honest with you, I’m probably not going to know if you don’t follow me. You can reblog however many times you’d like, it each counts as an entry. Grand prize will be picked by random generator. Deadline for entry is September 4, 2017 at midnight. I will notify the winner through message and give them a week to respond; if they do not respond the random generator gods will pick a new person. The winner and what they chose will be announced publicly after confirmation and negotiations have been finalized.

I think I’d probably even do a 2nd and 3rd place winners for a 1K fic or 500 word drabble, if they want.

And, you know, if no one wants this, I will come up with some other way to thank people! I promise =D

I’m going to reblog this a couple of times before the deadline to give people the chance to see it, since I suspect people missed out on the last offer I made. So if you are tired of seeing this on your dash, please avoid the tag #willyoueverwritegiveaway, because that’s what I will be using.

Thank you again, friends!! I cannot express how happy this makes me :)

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Do you have any blog recs/writer recs for marvel/other fandoms you're into? Thank you!!

of course! this is a list of people I’m either good friends with or I admire a lot, like a TON ❤️ some of them are writers, and others are just blogs that have great content, fandom/aesthetic

@asirenscalling @bovaria @brighterlights @buckybarnesismypreciousplum @buckys-fossil @buckyshattergirl @buckysinthesinbin @buckyywiththegoodhair @cameronahugenerd @canumoveyourseatup-no @crappy-camel @cumonbucky @denialanderror @damneronpoe @fantastic-fantasy-fanfics @gaybybirth @howlingbarnes @helloitscrowley @imhereforbvcky @james-bionic-barnes @jurassicbarnes @lanibonot @marvelousamanda @marveloussssworld @minervaem @mynameisnoelle @myserium @nanbreadnook @nataliarxmanxva @ortizshinkaroff @papertopaz @poe-also-bucky @rotisserierogers @sanjariti @sebastianstanaddictsanonymous @sgtbxckybxrnes @soldatbarnes @spiced @spideytrxsh @teamspider-man @tired-alpaca @thebuttplug @thejamesoldier @thewintersadie @thewinterswimmer @this-kitty-has-claws @whotheeffisbucky @whothehellisbella @whyisbuckyso @winterssmiles @yikesbuckster @zjarrdhebor / @barnescrazy

holy shit that was a long list, but here you go anon :)


It’s been a while.

I felt like I needed to make a post just confirming that I’m alive and to clear up a few things, mostly the reasons why I left and why I don’t know if I’m coming back.

1. I was dragged moved my belongings from Hetalia hell to Yuri!!! On Ice hell.

Don’t get me wrong, I tried to stay in this fandom but YOI quickly took over my life and I kind of lost interest because of my new obsession.

2. My art has improved A LOT recently.

Seriously. When I started this ask blog last October, this is what my art looked like:

And this is the kind of stuff I’m doing now:

I tried drawing some stuff for an ask the other day and I was like “hOLY SHIT HOW DID I DRAW LIKE THIS????”

Also, a lot of other things have happened since I started this ask blog, mostly to do with final exams taking up a lot of my time, but as well as that I’ve started longer illustration and animation projects and I’m also in a relationship now so this blog has kind of been pushed down to the bottom of my list of priorities.

So anyway, I’m not entirely sure what to do with this blog now, I just wanted some sort of closure, you know? Maybe I’ll be back one day, I’m not sure yet. But for now it would be great for you to follow my art blog @alexadooodle because there I post drawings that I actually spend time on (despite most of them being shitty sketches drawn at midnight).

- Alex

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hey pss do u still take prompts? Ive been really sad lately and would love to have some cute af domestic sheith!! Its total cool if ur not or too busy!!!!! Anyway love ur blog u r one of my fav vld blogs <3

i hope you guys don’t mind these together! have a nice evening guys!

“I’m not sick,” Keith says, again, for the third time in as many minutes.

It’s been two days since Shiro found him passed out on the couches in the Castle common area, sallow and sweaty—two days since Coran came to him wondering what magic markers were, two days since Shiro found Lance, Pidge, and Hunk standing over Keith’s sleeping body, trying to improvise with some Altean engine oil—and it’s been one long downhill since.

“Keith,  I swear—”

Keith stands, wobbles, and falls back to the couch. “I’m not sick.” His voice cracks on it, and it would be funny if Shiro weren’t so worried, or so frustrated.

He’s been ghosting around the Castle like a specter of death for days, and now Shiro knows how he fought at the Blade of Marmora base until he passed out. It’s sheer, unadulterated stubbornness, but there’s a self destructive bent to it that’s as painful to watch playout the second time as it was the first. It’s almost worse this time, somehow, because he’s close enough to do something about it, but Keith won’t give an inch.

“Keith, you’re sick. You are sick.” It’s like talking to a brick wall. Keith doesn’t even acknowledge he’s spoken. It’s late, he wants to go bed, and the only thing keeping the both of them here is the fact that Keith can’t make it more than a few steps without falling over.

“I can sleep here.”

“No, you can’t. Keith, this is ridiculous. You're—“ Shiro scrubs a hand through his hair. God, he’s worse than Slav. He almost says that—almost means it. Keith gives him a doleful glare and doesn’t move. They’re at an impasse, and Shiro is a breath and a heartbeat from leaving him right where he is.

But then Keith sniffles, and wipes his nose with the back of his hand. It’s gross, objectively, which doesn’t explain why Shiro’s heart stutters for a beat.

He sighs and steps closer, ruffles a hand in Keith’s hair. It’s fever-warm, a little damp. Shiro pulls him in. Keith doesn’t resist, nuzzling his face into Shiro’s shoulder, and this close Shiro can hear his wet, stuffy breaths and feel them through the vest that Keith’s probably dripping snot on.

Gross, his mind supplies again, distantly.

[read the rest on ao3]

welcome to my queue group!!

what is it? 

a group that you can always queue from! your blog is never empty! this is an opportunity to meet some cool pals and receive a big audience for your blog:)

how can I join?

what do I get?

  •  queue never empty!
  •  new friends!
  • a follow from me!
  •  more followers!!

 extra info: 

  • choosing on sept 3rd or when this gets enough notes
  • 7-15 pals in the group
  • have 100% sfw content
  • higher chance if you post similar content!

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Hi, do you have any asoiaf blog recs? :)

Hey anon ! I definitely do have some recs! Here are some of my favorite beautiful and great asoiaf/got blogs 

@meerareeed @gendry @roosebotlons @starkjon @manbunjon @gendryxaryatrash @ashavgreyjoy @darylvdixon @aryaestarks @madaboutasoiaf @aryainwinterfell @branstarrk @therealncrth @gendryatrash @sansaeris @ashara @dreamofspring @gendrie @eliaamartell @bitchfromtheseventhhell @argelladurrandon @wildfirecersei @lordjon @lyannas @sansalayned @lady-meera-reed 
@asoiafedit @iheartgot @gotladies @dailygotgirls @game-of-girls

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Hellooo~ I love your blog! Good luck fam! Anyways, I need Shinso to get some more love so how about some HC's about how he feels when his female s/o confesses to him? Btw I'm on mobile so I can't find the rules, sorry! 😅

sure beans!

Shinsou Hitoshi
- He’s stunned to complete silence at first, which has his crush thinking that he’s going to reject.
- He’s suspicious about if it’s a trick and that he’s gonna get teased about it. He kind of inquires stuff like “How long have you liked me?”, “What about me do you like?” and it kind of just turns into some insecurity rant.
- When he’s reassured that she really likes him for him, he feels really elated and happy inside. He accepts their confession.
- He has really good sleep from then on.

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Hey there. I love ur blog and it has helped me a lot to write my previous fantasy book. Now I'm planning to write a book which sort of has a strong female protagonist. She is rude, strong, smart. Can you suggest some traits for this kind of character. Recently I thought I would portray her as a smoker and I think it's good. But I think I need more of that stuff to make her more realistic. Do you have some ideas??

Hi there!

I personally wouldn’t make her a smoker. Mostly because I don’t like edgy, alternative characters who are established as a badass when all they do is smoke, wear leather, and ride motorcycles. Plus, I despise the concept of smoking in general because it’s a deliberate act that you know is bad for you. But I can’t control you or what you write, so feel free to ignore this.

Also, and this is a flaw I made in my first draft of a book I’m working on, who a character is should be tied closely together to plot. If you changed the character’s perosnality, the plot would change. If you want to add more quirks and habits to make this girl more realistic, make sure you’re consistent (you don’t only mention said trait only once), the trait adds to the readers’ understanding of the character, and, even better, the quirk/habit/trait affects the plot.

Some ideas:
• She puts her hair up when she’s guarded or angry.
• She carries a pocket knife around just in case.
• She’s afraid of elevators.
• She wears an heirloom ring.
• Her method of stress relief is exercising.
• She paints over famous paintings to give them a creepy edge.
• She loves thrift stores.
• Her favorite season is fall.
• She never says the word “please”.
• She thinks her laptop is more precious than her phone.
• Her favorite place to think is amidst a bustling, busy city.
• She has a knack for remembering birthdays.
• She wears glasses that she doesn’t need.
• Her favorite shoes fluctuate between high heels and combat boots.
• She drives a beat up mustang.
• She has a lucky bobble head on the dash
• She’s always 5 minutes early.
• She knows a lot about Greek mythology.

These are pretty random suggestions. Not all of them will fit in with your character. Don’t force a trait onto her if it doesn’t fit with who she is.

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For an update blog with only 2 or 3 people active you guys update things pretty quick, fantaken or press pics or tweets so there's nothing to apologize about

Thank you so much for this message. ♡ When things do come out from time to time, the few of us who are pretty active on here try our best to get it up ASAP, but occasionally it’s just not possible. We apologize for that. But we work hard to do what we can. It’s just been a bit slow lately.. Anyways, thank you to you and everyone else for being supportive and sticking with us, and simply for understanding that sometimes we have life to deal with and this blog may be a liiittle slow to update at times~ Much love!

Anonymous said: as a non english speaker for some reason i always mix up “escalator” and “elevator” so i was hella confused and like “how the hell did she survive this” until i realised my mistake adfgh hope you get well soon tho, i still imagine it to be painful af :/

Thank you~ ^.^ It has gotten much better! Still just hurts a bit if I turn it certain ways. And don’t worry, I’m an English speaker and even I get mixed up sometimes LOL.. 
- Kristi

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hi ! i'm sorry i hope this won't bother you. there's this one person on tumblr who says the most hateful, biphobic shit i've ever seen and despite knowing who i am (hopefully not a shitty person) and what bisexuality is and isn't, etc their words have gotten to me very deeply. i've blocked my browser from reaching their blog bcos it'd be masochism. they're on the "bihet" train, call bi women "nut huggers", say that bi women abuse lesbians' trust, etc etc. i feel awful so i wanted to come to you

hey anon, sorry i am just seeing this. blocking is right thing to do in this sort of situation, so you did good. i wish i could say something that would make all the awfulness you experienced go away, but unfortunately i can’t. maybe take some time away from tumblr to hang out with bi friends/watch your favorite movie/visit an animal shelter and pet some cuties?

in the meantime, here’s a picture of my cat:


Here have some free hello neighbor face icons for your blog image you hello neighbor fans ~

I made these awhile ago and never used them so why not give you watchers of my art an gift ^^
I left the background blank for those who do those flag stuff ^^

Art drawn by me!
Do not claim my art!!
Reblog only if you like my art!!!
Please credit when in use and tag me when in use :D
Reblog only if you like my art ^^

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Hiiiii love! Do you have a Harry/Harry aesthetic blog rec?

Hi sweets! Thanks for asking! I guarantee I’m forgetting several blogs, and I am so sorry. There’s so many I love! Here’s some of my favorite Harry/Harry aesthetic blogs off the top of my head: @hardliquorhaz (one of my favorite pests) // @mizpahes (my other favorite pest) // @neverland-city (my twin) // @heart-attack-harry // @floralharries // @thisstylesguy // @weeklyfangirl // @oh-styles // @stylesunchained // @bribe-the-door // @stylishmuser // @1nfinitestyles // @causeitsweird // @psychic-styles // @givelovechooselove // @theroyalharry // @code-blue-styles // @onlyhangel // @2-ghosts

panaceasexual  asked:

caretaker my phone literally keeps freezing and and shutting down whenever i try and view your horoscope post with the cool fonts and i have some BEEF to discuss. is there something the stars don't want me to know? cause like idk how i got enough good graces to send this message now and idk how to proceed. like do i need to get a blessing from a woodland being to view your blog again or what