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it’s almost been like 3 years since i started watching jack???, i remember the first video i watched was the evie video where she said his real name. now seeing how far the channel and he has come it’s really insane thinking that i’ve been around in the community for that long to sEE that happen. i still haven’t watched him that much in the past couple months but nitw is really good so far (i’m only on episode 4 rip angus is my fave i lovE). in these past 3 years jack has been the only reason i watched youtube and got a tumblr, and even though i have a new fandom (haAAAA;;;;; ONE LOOK AT MY BLOG AND YOU’LL KNOw) i still really love his videos and who he is, so even though i don’t post about him as often now don’t think it’s because i’ve stopped liking him, because honestly i think that’s impossible. jack’s always gonna be my fave no matter how many channels i watch. xD :))

congrats boiiiii


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March 26th 2010-2017: 7 years today since your audition & look where you are; performing your first song in front of a huge crowd at Ultra last night!
I’m so proud to see how much you have grown & how much more confident you are in your voice & your talent. You are nowhere near done.


I know I’ve posted pictures of this lot a million times, but I really love it and I don’t know what in the world possessed me to banish it to a university subhood. I’m going to update the landscaping a bit and then I’m 100% moving it to the main hood. 

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*curtsies* One of the things I really admire about you is your independence and I really need some advice about moving out for the first time. My best friend and I both got into the same MA program so we'll be roommates but it's the first time we're going to be living away from our parents. We're both quite introverted people and I'm the type of person that hates change. However, the reason I decided to move away was so I could experience adulthood. Do you have any advice for a starter adult??

*curtsies* Right, this started as a normal paragraph post but then it got too long so here’s a list.

Advice for Starter Adults

  1. Budget. Everything is more expensive than you think it is. Figure out what your monthly spending cap is, figure out what the necessities are going to be each month and how much you’ll have left over for pocket money. Then STICK TO YOUR BUDGET. There is nothing worse than your card getting declined because there’s no money in your account or not being able to pay your rent at the end of the month. Most importantly: (1) Leave yourself a cushion and a backup plan for emergencies. Things come up unexpectedly. You don’t want to be down to your last five dollars when your car breaks down on the side of the road. My advice is to put a chunk of money in a savings account and just pretend it’s not there until you’re in a tight spot and you need it. (2) Keep track of what you’re spending on what. Ask for receipts. This is a really good habit to get into and trust me, you will be much better off when you start doing your own taxes if you have an exact record of all your spending. (Also: Don’t use a credit card at the bar. Take cash out at the beginning of the night and when that runs out, stop. This is a great way to avoid the unpleasant surprise of an $80 bar tab in the morning and also keeps you from getting embarrassingly drunk.)
  2. Talk to your roommates. Turning from ‘friends’ to ‘roommates’ has wrecked a lot of friendships. It might sound ideal to live with your best friend but it’s actually a lot harder than it sounds. The best way to avoid hating your best friend is to communicate. If they do something you’re not okay with, tell them instead of stewing about it. Encourage them to do the same. Talk to each other and establish ground rules even if you think you’ll never need them. Because you will. 
  3. Talk to people besides your roommates. When you go off to college with a good friend it can be really tempting to use that person as a security blanket and only hang out with them. Don’t do that. The first risk you run is that you’ll get sick of each other and it will have a seriously negative impact on your friendship. The second is that you won’t meet anyone new and you’ll regret that down the road. A friendship is like any other relationship in that being conjoined at the hip isn’t healthy. Have other friends, pursue your own interests, and get back together to talk about it at the end of the day.
  4. Clean up after yourself. Especially in shared space, and don’t wait until three days later to do it. This goes not just for your house or dorm but for classrooms, libraries, etc. Nothing says “I’m still a child” like not cleaning up your own mess. But this goes for your own space, too. You will have a much easier time functioning if your room isn’t a wreck, so just keep it clean. It will do wonders for your mental health. 
  5. Budget time for housework and errands. If you don’t make time to do laundry and go to the grocery store you’re going to be naked and hungry a lot. These things take time. So book hours into your schedule on days you don’t have class to get shit done. 
  6. Budget time for work AND relaxation. A lot of people crash and burn in college and grad school because they don’t understand how to divide their time. Yes, schoolwork should be your priority, but you also need to make sure you’re spending time relaxing because if you don’t, you will wreck your mental health. Take your playtime seriously.
  7. Make lists. Make lists of what groceries you need to buy, what you need to get done before Monday, emails you need to send, whatever. Write shit down and cross it off as you get through it. This will not only greatly reduce stress because you know exactly what you need to get done in a given day and you’re not going to forget anything. 
  8. Eat as healthy as you can. Trust me, I understand exactly how expensive produce is and how tempting it is to live on coffee and Cheerios because it’s cheap. But that kind of diet (or worse, a diet of Doritos and Aristocrat) will take a toll, believe me. Find a place to shop where you can get some reasonably healthy stuff at reasonable prices. Buy store-brand versions of name-brand stuff. (It’s a lot cheaper and it tastes exactly the same.) If your diet sucks it’s going to cause all kind of other problems: breakouts, weight gain, lethargy, etc. Learn how to feed yourself. Make lists for the store so you have the stuff to make actual meals at home. And if you have problems with junk food or overeating, here’s the most important tip: Just don’t buy that shit. Don’t keep beer or potato chips or chocolate in the house if you know you’ll end up eating it while you binge-watch The Crown at three in the morning. Buy healthy snacks instead and you’ll have no choice but to eat those when you have a craving, and save the chocolate for special occasions.
  9. Get more sleep than you think you need. The older you get, the more you will start to feel it when you don’t get enough sleep, so guess what? BUDGET YOUR SLEEP TIME INTO YOUR SCHEDULE. There are only 24 hours in a day and you need to use like at least seven of them for sleeping. 
  10. Exercise. Look, being a teenager is great because you have an elastic metabolism, hangovers don’t exist, and you’re going to bounce back pretty quickly from eating a cheeseburger every day for a week. Once you hit about 23, the glory days are over and before you know it you’ll have gained fifteen pounds and be feeling pretty crappy. So nip that in the bud. Most universities have student health centers, and even if they don’t you can always exercise in the great outdoors for free. Find some kind of exercise you like and guess what? Budget it into your schedule. If you’re a person who’s never exercised in the past, don’t get me wrong, it will suck the first few weeks you do it. But after that it will start to feel really good and you will be much happier and healthier. (Not to mention, you will look better, and that’s always a plus.)
  11. Don’t put off doctor’s appointments. Dude, I am SO bad at this. It takes forever and it’s always awkward and it’s just easier not to think about it. But you know what? It’s even easier to plan it in advance instead of trying to shoehorn it in at the last moment because you need a prescription refilled. 
  12. Don’t do dumb stuff just because you can. Getting out from under the parental eye can be exciting and very liberating. However. Most of the rules your parents have are to keep you from accidentally maiming or mortally embarrassing yourself. So take careful stock of decisions that seem reckless. Like, don’t go out and adopt an 80-pound dog because your parents never let you have a puppy. Don’t get wasted on a Tuesday and hook up with a random stranger twice your age just because nobody’s going to stop you. Being an adult is about having the freedom to make your own decisions but not being a dumbass about it. 
  13. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Start small. Under-commit yourself at first because I promise things are going to come up that you didn’t expect. So don’t sign up for twice the recommended number of classes and three intramural teams at the same time. Start small and add to your workload if you find you have the time and energy to do more. You have much greater odds of success that way.
  14. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Adulting is hard. There is no instruction manual. If you need help, ask. Professional Adults understand that being an Amateur Adult is hard, because they had to do it once, too. Chances are they will be happy to help so long as you ask politely. So. No idea how to balance a checkbook? Ask your mom. No idea how to get grass stains out of your jeans? Ask your dad. No idea how to navigate the library? Ask. No idea how to format a college paper? Ask. Admitting you don’t know how to do stuff and then doing what you have to to learn is part of being an adult. Pretending you know how to do stuff you don’t and accidentally breaking your dishwasher is not.
  15. Don’t beat yourself up if you screw up. Look. Inevitably, it’s going to happen. You’re going to lock yourself out of the house or overdraw your bank account or hit a mailbox backing out of your parking lot. Shit like that is going to happen for the rest of your life regardless of how good at adulting you are. The most adult thing you can learn to do is deal with it reasonably. Melting down because you made a mistake is childish, so don’t do that. When you screw up, laugh it off is that’s appropriate, fix it if you can, and get on with your life. 

Anyway, those are the basics. Good luck!


David Tennant Don Juan in Soho Stage door 17th March 2017 

Due to the recent uprise of realization that Stevonnie is waaayyyy over-sexualized, I’ve decided to redesign them!! Not only to look more human (gem is covered) but to look more like a kid and like an actual mash-up of Steven and Connie

I used the perfect hexcode middle of Steven and Connie’s skin colours, I gave them the outfits of Steven and Connie from that episode, covering more of their skin so that they are the actual outfits and not just sort-of them

I shortened their hair because it was really long, and Steven’s hair is cropped close to his head, while Connie’s is only mid-back, so having their hair near their thighs didn’t make much sense to me

I’ve also made them just the tiniest bit chubbier because they were a tad too thin for someone as chubby as Steven, even fusing with a thin girl like Connie wouldn’t result in a stick person

thanks to @badstevenuniversescreencaps for reblogging posts about Stevonnie’s rampant oversexualization, and bringing it to my attention.

How they’re introduced is much different too, in this redesign. Rather than sitting on the beach running their hand up their leg (creeeepy) they form standing, much like Garnet in The Answer. They’re confused, and they look around, see Steven’s shoe, and pick it up. They realize they’ve fused, they romp around a bit, then go tell the gems

The episode would be generally the same from there, up until they go into the Big Donut.

Lars and Sadie both semi-recognize them, and are silent as they order their donuts, Lars maybe saying something like “I think I’ve seen you around before” They laugh, and say “No, I’ve only been here for a few minutes” then leave

The rest is the same, Kevin flirts with them, they get mad, saying “Ew, back off you creep” or something of that nature, dance like crazy, unfuse, and have tons of fun

Thanks @therealjacksepticeye.
Since Jack’s reached 15 millions subscribers I thought I’d just make a quick post thanking him. 
Although he did really ‘save’ my life, as there wasn’t really any danger in my life at any point, he certainly helped me improve it. I’ve never really had that much access to games; growing up the only console me and my brother ever played on was a PlayStation 1 and 2, playing really only Star Wars Battlefront, Half Life and Disney’s Atlantis, so I wasn’t really into games when growing up. Only recently have I taken interest in them and Youtube Gamers were my only access to games I couldn’t play myself. And I’m sure as hell glad I discovered Jack’s channel. Some of his play-throughs have opened my mind in many ways, whether it be the art style, the music, the genre, the story, the characters, the graphics or the journey the games take us on. Games like The Final Station, Undertale, Papers Please and others have taught me that amazing graphics don’t have to be key in telling a story or creating intense atmospheres, just colours and simple shapes and the scale of the world on screen in a simple bitmap pixel art style can blow your mind. And The Final Station, along with Night In The Woods, Inside, Firewatch, Unravel  and many others, has inspired me and my art, discovering artists (with Jack’s assistance e.g. Simon  Stålenhag) and art styles that have helped my broaden my skills as an artist. A game I’d definitely thank Jack a million time over for introducing me to is Undertale, mainly for the music. After watching the whole of Jack’s play-through of the game I downloaded the soundtrack after falling in love with it. One day I had a panic attack on a crowded bus and need to calm down without causing a scene, so I put my headphones in and listened to Home and Home (Music Box) on a loop; the slow plinky-plonky melody was easy for my brain and breathing to follow to. Now my anxiety cure in crowded, fast situations and my calming music for a stressful day (along with Rainy Mood, again: thank you Jack) is Home by Undertale, which works every time now.
So thanks Jack for introducing me to many many games that have helped my coped with my daily snags, given me more paths of art to explore, and opened my eyes to realise the world is a much bigger place than I ever knew it to be. I would never have discovered them without LetsPlayers like you and my life would very different to what is it now. 
I know there are thousands of people who would thank you for so much more than what I’m thank you for, but that’s for them to say. For now, this is why I’m happy I discovered your channel and your friends. Thanks very much. :)

guess who didn’t sleep and has class in two hours

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Thank you so much for that fake goth post!!! I'm disabled and I get called out for "not dressing goth enough" when I'm having bad pain days and I'm in my wheelchair/using my walking frame etc. when I'd prefer to dress comfortably than in a more aesthetically pleasing outfit or wear any of my wigs (my hair is pastel pink and that's considered ~not goth enough~ to so many people). It was really starting to get on my nerves and I saw your post and it said everything I was thinking!!

Glad to have been of assistance (:

“Aaa… HeHeh… I will come out to play one of these days again, but a certain someone is currently too tired to let me play…”

hi guys! i honestly can’t believe i hit 4k followers, thank you so so much for sticking with me, even when life gets in the way and i can’t post as much as i’d like to!

anyways, i thought we could all celebrate this with some blog awards and blog rates! 😊


  • you don’t have to be following me, but it’d surely be appreciated!
  • please reblog this post (likes don’t count, sorry!)
  • send me an ask telling me a little about yourself, how your day is going, anything that’s been troubling you maybe? just anything really, i’d love to get to know you! (also send br so i’ll know you want a blog rate. i guess you don’t have to send me an ask if you’re only entering the blog awards, but it’d still be nice to hear from you!)
  • deadline: april 28th - winners will be announced on may 1st!

winners get:

  • a follow from me oh wow such an honor lol (even if you don’t win, i might still follow you!)
  • a mention in the winners’ post
  • i’ll be reblogging stuff from you (again, even if you don’t win, i’ll still reblog/queue a bunch of posts i like)
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  • an icon or header for your blog if you’d like (lol i’m not even that good at making these but i’ll do my best!)

i don’t want you to have to scroll for 3 hours to get to the end of this post, so i’ll be including the blog awards categories and the blog rates format under the cut!

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for 2k im posting me!!
i want to that all of you sososososososo much because honestly? i smile a lot just thinking of all of you. youre the sweetest and im just happy to think people actually follow me?? thats so unreal to me!!
so, thank you. it means a lot to me that i have people who care about me and genuinely enjoy my blog!

after reading a lot of posts about this whole thing ive got a few things to say

i took it too far. i really did. but i still think roxy is an asshole.

but really all of the things i wrote werent really callout posts. i didnt intend to cause so much stigma, but i mean roxy Did reblog one of my posts as clown-names so she kinda put it upon herself. 

its true that were both just kids, i shouldnt have gone to such an extent, and i apologize, roxy deleting was not something that i expected. 

but honestly the people that arent correct but also arent terrible people are really just misinformed, and it sucks that i cant do anything about it

tl;dr, i fucked up by not explaining well enough, i apologize for going too far, Fuck eagleman, and i wont do this shit again

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i have never really been much for aus but for some reason i've found myself reading werewolf aus all day and i just finished everything you've posted for his so far and boiiii 10/10 would read again! Anyway i was wondering if you have any werewolf!bts recommendations. Thank you and i can't wait to read more of his. x

thank you so so so much! sorry it’s taking ages to be posted but I’m currently working on the ending right now. here are a few recommendations :))


Bark and Bite.

I Finally Found you.



Peter Loving his S/O’s boobs Would Include . . .

Requested: Yes

A/N: In this post, I explain my mental health and why I haven’t been posting lately, but if you don’t want to read that basically says that I’m having a hard time lately. But I would like to say that I am so thankful for you guys and I love when you send me stuff so please do that! Also I love this I’m so pumped for it. 

Before dating:

- Now, dearest Peter, our favorite teenage hormonal cinnamon roll, tried not to gawk at your boobs

- But he failed

- Like a lot

- Not so much during the winter, thank god for coats mainly in the summer and spring, when you wear tank tops

- God forbid if he accidentally brushes your boob he’s boner city

While Dating: 

- Dear Peter is secretly such a horn dog

- Like you could be doing anything and he will just be staring at your boobs

- While laying on the couch/on a bed he rests his head on your boobs

- Later in the relationship he just like plays with your boobs all of the time

- Most of the time it’s not even sexual, it’s just become a pass time for him

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Felt like posting something..so i did the 6 artists meme on my twitter a while back! (basically replicating the artstyle of the artist with ur persona)

Had the pleasure of doing these lovely artists!! Thank you so much it was fun!
@jpdraws ; @rcdart​ ; koolaid_23
@kingkimochi ; @peachy-prince​ ; @artsyfeathersartsyblog

Congrats @therealjacksepticeye on reaching 15 million subscribers!

Or, really, I should be congratulating everyone in the community. Every milestone we hit is a community effort, and shows that the community is growing and changing for the better. And every time we hit a milestone, I’m always reminded of how much I absolutely love this community. In the past month or so, I’ve been very depressed, even to the point of having suicidal thoughts. But the lovely people in this community, including Jack and his videos, supported me through those tough times. Being surrounded by such great people has made me feel like and grow to be a better person than I once was. I’ve made new friends, and even met the love of my life, who’s shown me undying love, affection, and support, no matter what I was going through.

Jack, if you see this, I just wanna say thank you, for everything. I’ve been a part of this community and watching your videos every day for almost 2 years now, and I could not be more grateful for it. Thank you for always leaving a smile on my face, and making every day just a little bit brighter for me. Love you dude 💚

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I still haven't been able to see the movie yet and JDF is already posting spoiler-ish sh*t. It pisses me off so much. I think I'm going to have to completely avoid the internet until I see it. Not even safe from people in the goddamn movie...

Speaking of JDF, he got escorted out of the movie premiere by security because he tried to film a part of it.