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You know, Cheritz really did a fabulous job with Mystic Messenger. I’ve never felt closer to a fictional universe before. It feels like I could be going about my life and get a call or text from an unrecognized number and it could be one of them. I’m not exactly sure how to describe my feelings towards the characters but I wouldn’t be surprised if one day one of them bled from the app into other areas of my phone. If the texts and emails and calls from the app one day just started appearing on my actual calling/messaging/email apps.

noct loves prompto so much you guys

(So I was going to attach this to this post but everything spun wildly out of control. I have too many feelings about this okay.)

Noctis has spent his whole life surrounded by people who have simultaneously babied him and pushed him to the limits of his abilities. Just look at Gladio and Ignis–always there to support him in his daily life at the same time that their job is, literally, to mold him into a flawless leader above any reproach.

And more than that, Noctis is never around anyone openly vulnerable. He grows up around war heroes and politicians and people whose response to failure or trauma of any kind is to shrug it off or grin and bear it. Even his own father has to be stoic despite pain and strife; he’s so endearingly awkward when he bids farewell to his son at the start of the game, unable to offer any comfort or show any grief beyond a small plea for Noct to remain strong in the face of adversity.

You can see how Noctis has internalized all of this; how he becomes emotionally remote whenever catastrophe occurs. When his father dies, when Luna dies, when Prompto is captured, he doesn’t allow himself to cry or seek comfort from anyone. He distances himself, puts up a front. Turns inward.

But then there’s Prompto.

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Hmm. Okay I thought about this for a bit. And I sorta think I got the pokemon types for you figured out. Now since I don't know you, I based them after your art. I noticed that in quite a few of your drawings (but not all), they tend to have angular lines. And that reminds me of ice (fractals). Ice type. Also, your art can have dark-ish theme to it (not all. but quite a few). So Dark type as well. But I did consider these types: water, grass, rock, ground.

i loved this answer so much i just…kept it in my inbox to look at for ages lfjghdlf SORRY but thanks for your answer it made me really happy… i love ice types…n dark types…

my dad: “why do dave and karkat love the mayor so much?” 

me: “idk, the mayor’s great, everybody loves the mayor. also karkat and dave have never had anyone to love in their whole dang lives so…” 

and now i’m sad and thinking about how in the retcon they have EACH OTHER and i’m STILL ON FIRE FOR DAVEKAT IN 2017

I have so much anxiety about growing old and dying like I want to live in this moment forever. I don't want to have to grow old and see people I love die too.

Idk why I get so wrapped up in these thoughts sometimes. All it takes is small thought about old ppl, especially dementia, and I start thinking about when my parents will get that old. And how will I feel and what will I do about it

I’m also just stressed a lot lately about a lot of things so it might just be displaced stressed. 

Most of the time I’m just like eh we all have to die one day but hopefully its a long time from now but then sometimes I think like one day that this’ll all be over and I cant go back to being 17, or 25, or 42 or 57 and relive that year. All I have is now. 

NCT (Hyung Line) To Their S/O Calling Them Daddy

Anon: Could you do NCT hyung line reaction to their S/O calling them daddy? I feel so weird requesting this lol I love your blog so much btw have a nice day 💞

A/N: Here you go xx


He’d be so turned on by it, it will be one of his kinks. He’ll smirk at you and the next second you’ll be in his laps, your tongues battling each other in a heated war.

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Jaehyun would act all shy about it but you know he lowkey loves it. He’ll constantly want you to call him daddy and will change his name to ‘daddy’ on your phone.

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He’d be shy about it and will try to ignore it. He won’t really love the idea but will play along and hope it doesn’t become a habit of yours to call him daddy.

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“Daddy? Are you serious?” He’ll roll his eyes and give you a disgusted look but it’ll all be playful. It would irk him and you’d call him daddy playfully and he’ll go like “YA Y/N! STOP!” And then smile like a cute bunny.


Will call you “oh mama” because he just is that way. He’ll never let you live from this point onward. Like Jaehyun he will change his name to daddy on your phone and always bring it up in conversations.


Will try to act mature and manly about it but will mentally cringe and get all shy and just smile weirdly to himself whenever you call him daddy.


HE.WILL.LOVE.IT! We all know Yuta is a manly man and it make him feel more powerful and authoritative. But he doesn’t want it to be the norm and only want you to call him daddy in the bedroom. *wink wink*

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Ten will just laugh it off, not taking it seriously. He would think about it a lot and want you to say it again but would be too shy to ask.


“W-what did you call me again?” He was so shook when you said the d-word and was hella turned on. He wouldn’t show much of reaction though but you knew you’ll be having a long night.

As much as I love dancers like Quinn, Club dancers, Stars dancers, etc, it drives me UP THE  DAMN WALL that they have to compete in literally every city BTF goes to, like can you just let the kids from that region (or from nearby) compete and do well please. I understand that dancing and competing isn’t about winning but for goodness sake is it so hard to let kids who are actually from that city have the opportunity.

I just feel like it’s unfair to dancers that they don’t even having a fighting chance to win/place/do well in their home city or the city that is closest to them because other kids, who have attended 10+ conventions already and know the faculty really well just fly in from 4-7 hours away and win first place. 

Like if you want to prove you’re the best, can you just wait until Nationals or something  and please stop invading all the regionals outside of your region.

Get to know me

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Nickname: ktee, ducky, rice, katherine

Sign: aquarius

Height: i haven’t measured myself in a while but i think around 158cm/5′2

Last Thing You Googled: is it safe to eat soggy potatoes

Favorite music artist: tegan and sara………..shut your up i’m gay (also steel train)

Song stuck in my head: waterfall by tlc

Last movie you watched: scott pilgrim vs the world

What are you wearing right now: my pink tegan quin shirt and jeans

What do you post: what DON’T i post?

Why did you choose your URL: there was that meme where it’s like “your superhero name is the last thing you ate + your fav animal” or something like that and mine turned out to be bread dog and i thought that sounds pretty cool but there were several variations of breaddog taken on tumblr so i added the extra b, which is also there to balance out the double d aesthetic

Do you have any other blogs: i have a tegan and sara side blog @tesquin and another blog which i did own once about…a particular aspect……of steel train….which i regret…..i handed it over to a friend bc i didn’t want the username plaguing my screen every time i went into settings. she doesn’t use her tumblr much anymore so it’s just sitting there…out there somewhere…..in the world wide web. you’ll have a hard time prying the url out of my hands i’m never giving it out

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: i’ve never been in one before lmao

Favorite Color: blue or teal

Average Hours Of Sleep: like 6 ??

Lucky Number: 7 bc i’m harry potter trash

Favorite characters: FIRSTLY i know he can be a real dickhead sometimes but honestly??? i hate how relatable he is - connor walsh from htgawm. 

SECOND hernando fuentes from sense8 a REAL AND TRUE ANGEL he loves his art and he is so good at what he does and  he L O V E S LITO SO MUCH. 

also from sense8 AMANITA CAPLAN WHAT the fuc k she is so….SMART and amazing??? she loves nomi so MUCH she would do ANYTHING for her and she is so??? so smart about it what to heck she is so intelligent and incredible and her CLAP 👏 BACKS 👏 TRULY ICONIC. i would LET HER HOLD A GUN TO MY HEAD AND i would Thank Her.

fourth…maybe last, jacob kowalski from fantastic beasts what the fucking,,,he is so fucked over by all this wizard stuff but honestly???? he tries to wrap his head around it and with the things he can’t understand he just accepts without further question. admittedly he is scared bc really who wouldn’t be but even though he is scared he does’t try to fight whatever it is that’s scaring him whether that be wizard magic or a magical creature. and also he cares so much? he cares about the animals and he takes the time to understand and care for them. he doesn’t think newt’s weird for taking care of wild creatures like every other wizard does. these creatures are so (literally) otherworldly that yes he was scared of them at first but he was also?? fascinated and he was never aggressive to creature or human. he’s just….so…..caring….he is so kind and incredible and honestly i could see him cradling his and queenie’s daughter in his arms bye he is so loving and lovely and god what is there not to love about him

this has gone on for way too long

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: usually 1 but 2 if it’s cold

Dream Job: music theatre actor

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i’m two (too) short but i mean  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This blog will be 100% Cheryl's Baby-Free

For my own peace of mind, I would not reblog any post that relates to Cheryl and HER baby. Yep, you read it right HER baby coz I don’t believe Liam is the father. Really don’t care how Cheryl conceived her child (I highly suspect it’s through IVF though) but I believe Liam’s sperm did not fertilize Cheryl’s egg. Sorry for being a bit blunt in there but I just want to make it very clear as to what I believe in.

I have nothing against her baby (and I never had tbqh) so I wish him all the best and I hope he has a fruitful and happy life ahead of him. I’ve always believed that a baby is a blessing to any parent so as much as I’m pissed at Cheryl right now, I congratulate her for having a bundle of joy to cherish and love. But that’s about the positive thoughts I’m willing to extend to her. There’s a saying if you have nothing nice to say at someone then say nothing at all so no comment about her though I’d like to point out she’s a persona non grata in this blog.

I’ve always hope that Cheryl and her baby would not be a talking point in solo Liam’s publicity and will be blacklisted but given that Capitol UK has posted about it (do record labels really post about their artist’s personal life?!) I’m not keeping my hopes up. Which is such a shame coz I feel like they would compete for attention with Liam’s music and Liam himself. I’ve always wished that the publicity surrounding his solo career would center around him and the music he created so I completely resent Cheryl piggybacking on his solo career through her baby in order to gain relevancy.

So that’s about what I have to say on the matter. I’ve really considered to get away from my blog for awhile. I love Liam so much though and I want to be here to support him so I’m staying put but I also have myself to look after too and BG 2.0 stress me out so I’m keeping it off my blog. If the Larries is still persevering with Louis’ version of babygate so can I and I’m going to take this day by day in order to cope with it.

That’s it and back to regular programming for me.


#8 Auston Matthews

Hi!! I love your writing!! Can you do an Auston imagine where you guys are babysitting a teammate’s kid and he kinda drops hints about how he wants kids?

I sorta changed it a little bit

I babysit this gorgeous little kid called owen and I love him so much he is the purest being on this planet. 

Song suggestion of the day: Boo by shortstraw

Song i was thinking about when writing this: Whatta man by Salt-n-pepa esp the line: ‘I think i wanna have your baby’ lmao 

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If you were being honest, the best part about getting to know the wags of some of the older guys on the leafs roster was the fact that you’d get to babysit their kids. You and Auston had been together for almost five years, which simultaneously felt like forever as well as no time at all. When you’d first gotten together, you guys went out a lot more but now you weren’t so interested in the bar/party/club scene and more interested in hanging out at home with each other and doing weird adult things you never thought you’d want to do (okay, you’d gone to one winery for a wedding but still). Obviously, seeing as you guys didn’t have kids and weren’t sleeping off big nights out, you found you had a lot more free time than Auston’s teammates. Given that, you guys were happy to give families like the Bozaks a break and babysit for them. Kanon was nearing eight and the biggest ball of energy you had ever seen. So at first, when it came to babysitters, Zach had ALWAYS been favoured above you. You get it, the guy writes children’s books and he’s like the nicest dude ever. Heck, if you had kids, you’d definitely want him looking after them. Then slowly but surely, Zach was high in demand and you guys got a shot at kid-watching duty. Look at you now, regulars!

To be honest, you didn’t blame most of the parents for wanting to get out every once in a while. Kids are full on. But totally worth it. You could not wait for the day you got to welcome your own baby into the world. You knew Auston loved kids, but if he wanted them.. well you assumed he wanted them eventually. With you? hopefully. In the next few years? yeah, no. Which was sad but you totally got that he wanted to figure himself out first. He’d been in the NHL for seven years and hockey was a big deal for him. You didn’t really know if he’d even thought that much about having kids.

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bunwithabow  asked:

What is your process when it comes to making pixel art? How do you choose colors for certain pieces? Have you ever experienced a really bad art block and how did you get through it? I love your pixels so much and they inspire me with my art and projects for games for school! Thanks for all that you do. 🤓

Hey- Thanks so much, and thanks for the questions! Let me answer in parts!

First, The process by which I usually pixel is:

1. Think of a concept, and write out/sketch possible objects related to that concept

2. Start pixelling from the object I feel most excited about

3. Look through my collection of existing pixel art to see if there are some shapes I could recycle, and find a few objects/photos to reference if I think I need help (for example, when I drew my banana, I went out and bought a banana.

4. Draw the line art version. I don’t usually freehand, but I do sometimes use curve line or shape tools, and then zoom in close and work on it one pixel at a time.

5. Fill in the object with the basic blocks of color

6. Play with resizing the object, getting the silhouette just right, making multiple versions and comparing before deciding.

7. Recolor the inside lines, add lighting, shadows, dithering, details..

8. I often make multiple versions again at this point and compare before choosing which colors to make the final version.

9. If at some point I feel the proportions, perspective, or lighting feels wrong, or something feels off in general, I look at my reference objects/images for help.

That’s my basic process!

anonymous asked:

I agree with you but I understand the anon, it's gonna be hard to be reminded he's out there, loving, feeling and discovering emotions in a romantic and it's not with neither of us, specially if you're really obsessed/in love, like picturing scenarios 24/7 with him and not just a regular fan.

I can guarantee you that person is me - the one who things about him all day, every day. The one who daydreams of being with him, the one who’s in love with him enough to be upset when I hear him singing about other girls, I can 100% guarantee you I am that person. 

But, by loving him so much, I have to think about and respect what he wants and I’m not pretending to know what he wants, but I’m pretty sure he’d want us to listen to his music without caring for his love life. I’m honest when I say that being with him/in his life is one of the things I most wanted in my entire life. There is nothing regular about my love for him.  Still, I know he’d want me to look at his art instead of what’s behind it - because he’s offering us (the ones who are think about him 24/7 and the regular fans) his music, not his love life. 

I’d also like to point out that I’m not taking digs at anyone. I’m just saying how I feel. When you love someone, you have to respect and honor their choices and that’s what I’m doing here.


big ol doodle dump from the last couple of days, featuring garfield’s head drawn by my mum because she has a secret garfield drawing talent that i never knew about until now? thanks mum

Let's talk about the Queens of Ru Paul's Best Friend Race season 9

I don’t like Trinity Taylor (her vibe is AWF to me)

I do like Valentina but I feel like she is going to be miss congeniality over all ( she could surprise me)

I DON’T like Charlie Hides (canceled)

I Like Aja but she talk too much

I am on the fence about Farrah ( someone showed me some receipts about her BUT they may have been out of context so I’m going stay neutral) SHE REAL WHINEY THOUGH 🙄 it’s going to get old fast!

I like Alexis Michelle so far

I do like Jaymes Mansfeild but I’m not sure what she’s doing or how she’s coming across ( idk if she is nervous or… but I would like her to pull it together)

I Love a plus sized queen with a country accent! Eureka is cool but she gotta MOUF on her and she came in and automatically started with the slick comments. So we shall see!

Lemme tell you about Shasha Mother Fucking Velour. I👏🏾Am👏🏾Living👏🏾For👏🏾This👏🏾Art👏🏾Haux👏🏾AESTHETIC👏🏾

Ummm Nina BoNina Brown another queen who is very talented BASED on first impressions her look is fucking cool and abstract ( based on what I’ve seen and heard I’m not feeling her personally)

I’m cool with Kimora… F o r n o w ( I feel like she’s gonna be running her mouth and get real annoying real quick)

I like Peppermint… she’s an established queen I want to see what she’s bringing to this competition.

LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT SHAE COULEÉ aka BAE COULÉE. I’m in love ❤️ she is perfect and I can see her SLAYING the competition!

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A puppy follows ray back onto the waverider. He cant tell it to go away, how could he, so he lets it on board and is DELIGHTED to find it likes him best out of everyone, and with the combined cute puppy face forces of he and the dog, the legion of doom doesnt stand a chance.

what the fuck I love this so much
I also like thinking about the team’s reactions to this fuck ass puppy?? Nate and Amaya would love it ofc, Nate is highkey an animal lover and Amaya is a given
Rip would be exasperated at first, like “why the hell do we have an animal on board Raymond what have you done it’s going to get fur everywhere and we need to feed it and it better be housebroken” but he can’t resist the sweet baby when it jumps on his lap while he’s in his office and decides to take a nap, Rip is sold right then and there
Sara is also hesitant at first but she loves animals and she probably does baby voices at it and tries to teach it tricks lmao
Mick, assuming he’s still on the team at this point, doesn’t give a shit either way, but he will occasionally pet it and throw some food scraps under the table for it, and will also talk to it like it’s a person
“Don’t look at like that you mutt, he won’t fuckin notice if I take his damn spaghetti. Actually you know what you’d probably snitch to him wouldn’t you. You’d look at him like that and he’d know someone ate his fuckin spaghetti. You have a telepathic bond with him or something. Whatever. I’ll get Gideon to make me more”
Stein is probably allergic to dogs tbh which is tragic bc every time he sneezes it makes Jax sneeze, and Jax loves dogs and was very much not allergic before he became firestorm, so he is Suffering bc he just wants to pet it without Stein yelling at him

newscarlettshana  asked:

Hey there amazing artist)) I love your AU and I wonder: what about Shimada angst?

Hello there amazing person! We are glad that you like our Au ;w; <3
Shimada angst you ask? Ooooh there will be plenty of it!
The story of Genji and Hanzo in our Au is pretty similar to the one that they have in game, with some adaptation to fit the shapeshifter world.
Sorry if it took us so much time to get to your ask, I actually wrote down for you a really long answer with all the details of the Shimada angst, but then we realized that they were the same info that we were planning to share along with Vany’s drawings xD
She’s working on them at the moment so they’ll be uploaded soon ahah

Anyway, consider that if Hanzo still have trust issues and difficulties to accept help/affection from others is because of his past. He still can’t see the perks of being an omega and would never confess it directly, unless someone point it out. Let’s just say that he went trough:

i thought you were
best friend!
like i was for you
besties and friendies
until you took me
to the room that smelled
of sickness death
sour smiles

and so much pain
i was lost in pain
came to to smell
chemical sickness

loss loss lost

you hugged me after
made jokes about me!
shook my head as if
i would not bite you
called me good when
you neutered the part of me
that loved my own kind

are you so jealous of our love
that we can’t share it
with each other?
i don’t wag my tail
i don’t wag my tail
i wag my tail
have to be
a good dog