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Sumire fans, please don’t start

PLEASE YA’LL I’m begging you. Ya’ll are pretty nice, don’t turn into half of those Hinata and NaruHina fans who constantly bash the NaruSaku (and for some reason, even though they’re supposed to be companian ships) and the SasuSaku ship just to make NaruHina look better. It can look good on its own. Some NaruSaku shippers even left the fandom because the criticism they’d always receive from the NaruHina fandom.

Even though BoruSumi doesn’t have as much shippers as BoruSara does, it has enough to start a war. 

So, as soon a Studio Perriot decides to show another BoruSara moment, (which doesn’t even have to be looked at romantically) BoruSumi fans completely flipped out. You shouldn’t be so insecure that you begin bashing competing shippers. 

But I’m glad it’s not a favor thing, as much as I love NaruHina you can tell more attention was put on their ship, shit, Studio Perriot even censored SasuSaku moments that were in the manga. But they’re giving BoruSara and BoruSumi a chance. I’m surprised that people aren’t happy about that.

Honestly, I don’t yet ship BoruSumi it’s literally the only ship I don’t ship, I have tried to but it just mirrors NaruHina too much for me, NaruHina is my favorite ship in the series, but I don’t want two versions just with different people, and we haven’t seen a lot from it that proves it’s not like that ship. They even used the same/similar music that was in The Last. And since then we haven’t seen too many moments from them but it’s easy to say that they’re friends and they do have pretty cute dynamics, so I wouldn’t be straight pissed if it happened.

And I hate it when Sumire/BoruSumi fans say BoruSara is forced, where??:

(Art by Perriot Studio before people try to say it’s just “fanart”)


Sumire’s even smiling at them

Mitsuki is me

And BoruSumi isn’t forced either:

BoruSumi shippers, please don’t bring down BoruSara shippers and BoruSara shippers please don’t bring down BoruSumi shippers. The anti’s already make our fandom toxic enough.

It always feels really weird to revisit your old characters from childhood. It’s weird to think about how much they meant to you, yet now they are just abandoned.

I wanted to revamp my old, main OC, Amethyst Salligra. Redrawing drawings from years ago is actually a great experience as you can see how much you’ve changed and improved during the years. It’s pleasing to see how far I’ve come anatomy- and design-wise - even though I missed a couple of years of drawing humans due to MLP, but I’m slowly getting the hang of facial structures.

SO yeaaah it feels great to have this soft lady around again! More shit about her under the cut bc I don’t wanna flood your dashboards with my cringy stories

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niall has always been my favorite like i’m a fan of one direction since 2012 and i remember sitting in my room, listening to more than this for the first time and i lost my shit when i heard niall’s solo because i was so happy that he had a solo and you could actually hear his beautiful voice and not only his background vocals. niall was always the least favorite member of 1d, people always said he can’t sing or his voice is too weak, he didn’t have enough solos during his time in one direction like he had literally 1 minute and 24 seconds on an album with 15 songs? idk anyway my point is that it’s 2017 and he’s finally the most popular member and i’m not saying the number of twitter followers is important but niall deserves this so much. slow hands is the most played song in the US and he’s currently on a SOLD OUT TOUR!!!!!! he loves his job, he loves his fans and he loves his band mates and friends and i’m so fucking proud of him because he’s doing what he loves and he’s killing it and I can’t wait to hear his album

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It's the time of year I dread because I see so much immaturity across from both sides it became drama and outright bullying to some. Not to mention petty yes, elves and Wow in general should have more skin options, but it doesn't need to turn into a shit storm every time some idiot opens their mouth.

it’s really easy to be inclusive and not racist btw

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honestly it was the same for bst for me. like i fucking loved wings, i thought bst was an amazing track. but even tho he and everyone else said namjoon did the most for composing and the conception of the ideas, he had like -2 lines in bst and much less screen time. tbh I think he always thinks, 'oh this member would work for this part' and forgets to push for himself. like in 4 o'clock, it was even tae who pushed for him to have more sections in the song.

im gonna write him an angry letter tbh. id fucking die for this man and like it actually pisses me off that he underestimates himself so much. hes fucking drowning in talent but “oh im not that good let me give this to a more popular member”. no fuck that claim ur goddamn work namjoon. YOU write all these songs, you produce all this shit, you speak for the group and do so much fucking work and you wont claim a cent of it! he doesn’t credit himself for shit! god he works too hard to do this to himself!!! im so heated !!!

So at the Drive-In with my friends, I’d brought some rice crackers and peanut butter, and I was snarfing that shit down like I’d been living a life of bitter crackers-and-peanut-butter-famine. I said something about how much I fuckin like peanut butter, and my friend in the backseat goes, “Um, it seems that you more than ‘like’ it. You eat it with something like a mutual respect.”

I choked on my cracker.

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warrior stans think they are more intelligent than EMA or other side character stans in general, but they end up being just as petty and annoying, they hated EMA stans calling EMA protagonists and say it doesn't matter at all, now they are wanking Reiner as the protagonist and say he makes a better protagonist than EMA, you can't get more shallow and petty than that... the whole fandom is mostly full of shallow and hypocritical people

Yeah warrior stans and EMA stans are the same shit, they just have different favs. Warrior stans are slightly worse, they think they’re cool, but they’re not. They also casually talk up genocide as the right thing to do, insane.

Why do people care about who’s the protagonist so much? I’m not a fan of the idea of protagonism, most of the time, protagonists aren’t even the best characters in a series. I’d prefer a strong cast of half dozen characters who’re equally developed over a single protag. Protags tend to attract fans who like to see a story as a personal story about one character, they tend to want the protag to shine at all times at the expense of the plot and other characters.

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Oh my god I didn't know that there were more scenes from swoops pov- I had only read one before- and then I just binged the whole thing on ao3. I'm so heartsick for Jeff troy. When his mom said she thought he would marry Kent I legitimately cried. I thought I loved hummingbird heartbeat but now I don't want Eric and Kent together at all! I'm sure that'll change the next time I read through HH because you're a fantastic writer, but just holy shit zombi did you have to hurt me like this?

I did. I’m sorry. I just love that Jeffrey Troy and his family and I had to write it 😭😭😭

That’s a lot of reading! Thank you so much!! I hope you’ll continue to read and enjoy it. There’s probably several more parts of YAG coming up soon – since it’s not edited, it comes out pretty fast. The next HH chapter is 😱😱😱 in the works? Hahaha.

I guess it’s really hard to pick a “side” in all this!
Thank you again for your message ❤️

hey yall

@ all you c-137cest/rickmorty shippers:

i fuckinnlove you guys and your art and your fanfics and you guys are honestly so fuckin beautiful. like whyre you guys so talented im always jealous when i go through all of your tags.

@ all you pompous pep/dannyvlad shippers:

you guys are so creative, smart and wonderful people. your humorous posts and beautiful fanart brings me joy. stay happy !

@ all you dipford/pinecest/billdip/we shippers:

im not really in the fandom but the majority of you guys are so sweet and really talented with your fanfictions and art. you guys have such a warm atmosphere.

@ all of you maxvid shippers:

you guys have it the worst :,( your entire fandom hates you guys and it really sucks. you guys deserve so much more than a shit ton of antis getting all salty because of a ship !

i think you guys are so beautiful and talented and you guys are so nice !! i havent met one bad maxvid shipper. you guys are so pure and i want to protect you guys.

dont let ANYONE tell you you cant ship something.

dont let ANYONE tell you youre a bad person for shipping something thats considered ‘toxic’.

dont let ANYONE give you shit for coping or venting via art and fanfics.

you guys deserve the world and i love you all. stay safe and if you see anyone givin you trouble TAG ME, BITCH. ill go ALL on them.

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I am just. This. With the Simoun. I am. I just. Would that I could take you to some fancy ass fucking bar somewhere and buy us a round of expensive ass cocktails to seethe over, Doc.

Honestly I would love nothing more than to drink fancy cocktails with you and like….ROAST IT. I don’t know if I’m just such an old married lesbian that it’s easy  for me to be like, “no, thank you, I must attend a dragon elsewhere” but the show would have to bring something PRETTY FUCKING INCREDIBLE forth (which I assume Jet will tell me about if it happens) in order for me to consider going back to it. I just refuse to deal with that shit in my media when there’s so much great fic and shit out there. 

Coming in November I’m doing a feature called “Holligay hates everything” where everyone votes on a half hour feature for me to rip apart a la Eva and maybe I’ll put that ep on the voting list. 

This is the only post I will be making here about this, as this really is not what this blog is about. My 10+ years in the Spyro fandom I have had a great time, and practically grew up in it, made online friends, decided to draw more since the fanart inspired me so much, and spent my time on the Spyro Forums, and it still feels like a family to me, even if I am not on the Spyro Forums much anymore, I still check them time to time, but focus on the art sites, and their side of the fandom, Deviantart, Furaffinity, etc. The fandom has always has it’s drama, sometimes it was other kids my age at the time fighting over their ships, or petty shit, but it was never too much of a deal, never been taken too far. 

Recently I’ve been getting my name defiled by someone who has picked me out of the bunch, most likely I suspect because I have been one of the few people that have stayed in the community all through these years, and update my pages constantly. I still have a huge passion for Spyro, it is amazing how much we have gotten done, such as the fangames coming up, some even being done by one person. Without being paid a cent, just for the fun, the experience, and to put it out to other fans. And people like that, who make sure awesome stuff, I love to share it, artists need to help artists out, it isn’t easy out there. We constantly get told it isn’t a real job, art schools tell people how to draw and what to draw, and it isn’t easy to just draw whatever the hell we want sometimes. 

I’ve been hearing from multiple friends of mine (Not naming any names) that there have been rumors being put out about me from someone, such disgusting accusations that I am a “transphobic pedo”…. and get upset when I am repulsed by the accusations, with the reply being childish excuses such as me being jealous of them the rare merchandise them and their friends have collected….no. I am disgusted by the very serious words being described as me, let’s get this straight. I am in no way transphobic, I have friends in are transitioning and I fully support them, not doing so is ignorant, you should be allowed to express yourself as the gender you really feel you are. I believe in being part of the LGBT community, as I am a bi female myself, and I am tired of people not letting others identify as what they believe they are, it feels exactly like being born in into the wrong body. Being against that is such an old judgmental man thing to do. 

And about me being a “pedo” ummm….no. Calling people this simply because you hate them is not a reason, and people using the word without being legit is using the word loosely, is making the word not be taken as serious. This word has been going around about me, and most people don’t come to me first to ask if such things are true, but thankfully, some don’t believe what they first read, and have come to me first. Which makes me have some faith, at least. But my antagonizer goes out of their way to stalk me even after saying they blocked me, to look over my blog, and call me out for the littlest thing they don’t like, I assume. And messaging a charity zine that I wished to take part of, saying “oh KrazyKari is a pedo” as usual, but thankfully, that accusation was not taken seriously. One of my friends informed me of this, this was literally right after I asked the zine organizers a question, she is ready to tell anyone I talk to these claims. 

From what it seems, they are leeching off my name to make me seem bad, since pretty much everyone knows me, as I know everyone myself, and them a saint. But if people actually look into it, they can see these claims are slander and bullying. Bullies usually get that action from growing in a bad home and going through it their self, but this is not how to handle it. It is pretty pathetic, actually. Having a specific section on their “Don’t Follow me if” page about me, shows you are targeting me, yet, as if I am the worst thing possible. Furaffinity is full of people who ONLY draw R34 in the fandom, yet, they go after me. Clearly they have something against me. Coloring other’s art in the past of non-human fictional characters, with the artist’s permission, is not a case to call someone a child predator.

Let’s get another thing straight. If you follow me on Twitter, you will see my tweets every once in a while of me being annoyed of a baby crying it’s head off while I’m in a store, for example. I can’t STAND children. My mom has constantly told me since I turned 18, “Oh, I can’t wait to see my grandkids”! And honestly, it always pisses me off when I hear that. I don’t get the appeal of having children???? Going through child birth, dealing with screaming and crying all day, having to raise someone for literally YEARS, having to take them back and forth to school constantly, having to deal with bratty moments, haha, NO THANKS. I’d rather spend my life creating art and putting my time into projects, making friends and such, parents always have to give up so much when they decide to have a child. I thank my parents so much, but I personally don’t get it, LMAO. My mom used to live in Key West before she had me, PRETTY SURE LIVING IN KEY WEST WAS MUCH BETTER THAN MOVING TO HERE TO RAISE ME LMAO. I constantly can’t stand children and their bratty attitude, not all of them are jerks, but for the most part, parents are giving kids iPads to watch phones all day to raise them, which hey, if you are going to raise a kid, PLEASE raise them right… Talk to them, help them achieve their goals, teach them wrong from right, parents are not doing this anymore. It is so frustrating to even think about, can I just sit down and draw random fanart instead? Can I travel the world and achieve my own goals? 

Sorry, got off topic, point is, I can’t stand children, LMAO. And besides that, what is the appeal of it? Hi, I’d rather see a grown woman *Cough* I have a huge cartoon crush on Elora. *Cough* than an underage human child. And screw ACTUAL pedos, the ones who creep on kids when they are having innocent fun at the playground, and make them live in fear, the ones who do things to them that they cannot take back, that will haunt children forever. That NEVER leaves them. And the person who does it to the child, rightfully so deserves to be taken away from them, kids do deserve to be safe in environments that are built for them. As much as they annoy me and I try to avoid them, I wish that most parents clean up their act, and ACTUAL pedos who go after fellow human beings who don’t know what is going on, are put in their place, AWAY from children. That isn’t okay. And if you do defend them (which there are people who openly defend them, look up YouTube videos) shame on you. 

I’m not sure what is going on in their life, but I genuinely wish them to feel better, and I’m not one to wish ill harm to anyone. I hope they look back on such behaviors and now that they have now learned better, because calling people such horrid things, and if you are so passionately against such things, take it out against ACTUAL people doing such things. I’ve heard of the dark web, and HOW HAS THAT NOT BEEN SHUT DOWN? Now THAT is a problem. But no, apparently, harassing someone and laughing about it isn’t cool. Don’t be one of those bullies who thinks they are above consequences. I have literally never seen something like this happen in this community. 

I’m done with this now, you think I don’t have better things to do than write posts over someone trying to leech off attention from me? Hah, I got bigger plans, and I’m here to put my foot forward and defend myself, and to continue doing what I’m doing. They want to stop me, want to get me thrown out of the fandom, but I’m not leaving, that is just giving them what they want, and giving bullies what they want? Nah. 

Oh, and by the way, those accidentally favorites I put on your posts, I checked for myself to see for my own eyes what some of my friends have told me you have said about me, and on mobile, I sometimes accidentally press the heart button whiles scrolling through, so yeah, sorry about that. I’ve talked to my friends about this who have been telling me what’s going on, and they are great friends, and are there to comfort me. And about Razzek, I told her what was going on, and asked them if you were giving them shit, because we worked together on art you hate so much of fictional characters, and they wanted to stand up to me, so that is what that note is about. 

And your response is “what a poor baby… shes just jealous that me and my friends have all the rare shit she does lmao” Yes, clearly this is all about me being salty about you and your friends having rare Spyro merchandise, because that is mature.  Sure. Hah. Okay. 

People can continue to listen to the person putting out false claims about me, be blind to listening to both sides, and go ahead and block me. It will save me the time from me blocking such and ignorant minded person myself. 

Thanks for everyone taking the time to listen, I feel bad I even had to waste time on something as silly as this. Just remember, some people just want to leech off of others, and want to stir up drama to make a name out of them. SMH. 

PS: When you know who is reading this, and you make a huge freak out, people will see how unreasonable you really are. I’m not going to sit here and let you call me whatever you want for any longer. 

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#NEW AU WHERE DIAMARI AND CHIKARIKO ARE DATING#AND RIKO AND DIA ARE JUST LIKE#how have our girlfriends survived this long?#idek Dia You act as if this isn't already canon

HAHAHAHA I love these two pairs. Calm and composed DiaRiko and demon meme spawn ChikaMari both annoying the absolute shit out of their girlfriends who still somehow love them.

Riko: Chika-chan sometimes I feel more like your mother than your girlfriend
Chika: So can I call you mommy?
Riko: Get out


Mari: Diaaaa~ I’m hungry can we have McDonald’s?
Dia: No, I’m making dinner.
Mari, sobbing: I hate this fucking family

even though i made a new post-it wall to-do list system for work, the past few days i have just been studiously avoiding looking at that wall. (if i can’t see it, that means i don’t have any work to do, right? that’s totally how that works…) i really gotta get my ass back on track today though, so i’m making a list here of all the shit i need to get done today so y’all can yell at me if you see me fucking around on here too much

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Remembering a couple months ago when some jerk told me that teachers have to do more paperwork than librarians do, so my job is basically much easier and less work than theirs.

Listening to this lecture that is basically ALL ABOUT THE SHIT TON OF PAPERWORK BEHIND POLICY PLANNING (including plans, procedures, and BUDGETING).


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I have been trying to learn how to make gifs, and damn. I have soooooo much more appreciation for gif makers/creators now. This shit is hard and kinda confusing. 

Props to all y’all that dedicate so much time to this so we can watch those cute lil moments we all love from our boys. 


Unpopular opinion on the Myers Brigg’s 16 Personality Type Test here.

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brevity is the wit of the soul let me see if i cant abridge what i was gonna say

  • links only like 18 even tho hed legally b an adult hes not a grown up hes still to some degree mentally and emotionally a kid
  • i like the idea of him actually reacting to shitty situations the way a kid would (ie taking a second to cry and panic and be upset and scared and tired)
  • idk if any of u have seen spider man home coming but its like tht scene with the rubble where peter starts freaking out i want him to be like tht w shit it seems so much more realistic itd make link seem so much more human
  • its ALSO similar , i think , to the mechanic in oot where link starts panting like hes out of breath and tired and hurt when u get down to one heart cause its like hes Actually affected by having taken so much damage it makes him seem that much more human especially the way child link sounds
  • this is lowkey me being salty still abt the lack of characterization for link (thanks n.o.a)

Listen I’m bi as Heck and as much as I love girls, I also love boys? Boys are amazing and pure and liking boys is a wonderful feeling? I never see a lot of posts talking about cute boys so

Some Boy Aesthetics™ I’m in love with include:

Their tired grins? Have you seen a cute boy grin when he’s tired? Life Changing

Sleeves rolled up to forearms is all good and Well but also when they have Sweater Paws in their hoodies or jumpers? Makes the tallest of them seem so smol? I’m lov?

When they run their hand through their hair and it sticks up in places and it looks So Good

Collar Bones

Soft pudgy stomachs they absolutely make me melt

When ya boy gets flustered A++ Bonus points if he giggles Boys giggling is Everything