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I feel like Sansa sleeps in her parents room because she was raped in her room (other than Jon telling her to) What do you think??

Yes, kind of. I believe, that her father’s and mother’s room, makes her feel somewhat safe, comfortable. It gives her warmth, to be in the room that her parents shared. If you think of it, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon were all conceived in that room. Considering what that monster did to her, in her own home, I am not surprised at all, that she takes comfort in sleeping in their room. They had a happy marriage, they respected each other, shared their troubles and happiness, and they loved each other, really, truly, loved each other. 

Their room represents, and symbolizes happiness, the happiness and serenity that was once in Winterfell, because Cat and Ned, were at the center of that serenity and happiness, they were the heart of Winterfell. 

Poor thing has been through so much, and Arya just can’t give her a break. I just wish they’d sit down and talk it out, tell each other what they’ve been through. Not communicating is making things take a very bad turn. Let’s hope Bran will put his powers to good use, and put some sense back into the both of them, he has to make them see that neither of them is each other’s enemy in 7.07, that, Littlefinger is the enemy and that they have to work together. 

baby, you’re so cruel (but I’m bound to you) you

SOOOO this has been a long time coming, and its been sitting on my desktop for a while and so I decided to post it. (sorry if there are weird grammar or vocabularies used in this story, english is not my 1st language :))

So this fic is based on this prompt by @beyondmythought-s : Sansa just wants to make her arranged marriage the love match her parents had, but her husband seems to prefer swordplay and ale with knights than spending time with her. Jon never expected a wife nevertheless a wife as beautiful as Sansa. He figures she never wished to be saddled with a bastard prince and does his best to avoid her. Uprisings nearby and threats to Sansa’s safety change their dynamic and they realize they want very similar things

Thanks for giving me this prompt, and sorry if it’s not up to your expectations (I’m totes an amateur so i can’t write even a grain of smut :’)) I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! :D


Sansa loves stories and songs, especially the romantic ones. She used to beg her mother or her Septa to read at least one story everyday. Her greatest goal was to live a life like one of them. Or at least share the same love between her and her husband like what her Father and Mother had.

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So I guess based on the leaked photos the first thing happening next season is Daenerys and Jon becoming allies. Wow! What a shock after Tyrion’s speech about how she would find love again and her replying with having to go to the 7 kingdoms while marrying into an alliance.

Poor her, willing to sacrifice herself to a marriage. Luckily though the only one there that will be able to marry her because they share the same views and he is basically the only male leader left is nice, goodlooking king Jon.

Now who would’ve guessed that? It’s almost as much of a coincidence as Daenerys’ hair never catching fire, or her never getting closer than a mile from actual danger or death, or any other plot armor she has been getting since season 2. Lucky her!

While Arya will be a crazy murderer according to the show writers, Sansa will for whatever reason actually team up with Littlefinger(?!), Bran will not get his birthright of Winterfell and will just be used as a way of giving the audience info, Rickon has died stupidly, Ramsay got beaten to pulp and then eaten by hounds, Margery couldn’t find a way to save herself even though she was one of the most clever people in the 7 kingdoms, and Tywin who was a genius himself got killed on a toilet. It’s just so much bad luck.

Now at least we have Daenerys to make up for all that bad luck since she can’t seem to get any on this show.

But in all seriousness I was hoping the last 2 seasons would at least look like or resemble the actual story (asoiaf). But if the writers are gonna go on making the show into DanyParadiseAndFuckAnyOtherCharacter TM then I’ll find something better to do. Every other character has had some of the most shittiest stuff happen throughout all the seasons but Daenerys hasn’t gotten anything past season 1 (season 1 was actually written according to the books). Yes D&D, I know she’s your favorite character, that still doesn’t mean I want her shoved down my throat with every opportunity you get.

I just realized that Sansa & Jon’s reactions to Rickon’s death are even worse when you compare it to their reactions to Robb’s death. 

Jon tried running to Robb and Rickon. It wasn’t like Robb was right there when Jon was running, but he tried leaving Castle Black, he thought “I belong with my brother” and he wanted to protect him and fight by his brother’s side, and he was stopped from riding to Robb. When he learned of Robb’s death, maybe he even flashed back to that moment, wondered if his presence could have changed anything. When he  And then he had a chance to physically save his youngest brother, he was so close, and he had so much hope, only for it to get snatched away at the last second. He had a chance, he got to be present and it still didn’t matter, his brother still died. 

And Sansa. We know how much hope she had in Robb. She flat out told Joffrey that Robb would bring her his head. Whenever she was hurting, she’d tell herself to be strong, and she thought to herself, “Robb will kill you all.” She had so much hope and faith in her brother, even when nothing else was hopeful in her life, and then he died and that last piece of hope went away. Sansa’s said it herself - no one can protect her, that she can’t rely on anyone, and she also said that Rickon was as good as dead. I saw a few people say she didn’t care but that’s not true - she hoped that one brother would win once, and she wasn’t about to do it again. She accepted Rickon’s death as a real possibility and after it happened, she still looked angry and hurt because that’s still her little brother’s body laying before her. 

Just seeing these two and thinking of how Robb’s death factored into their emotions when it came to saving Rickon hurts way too much.