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Angela… I have some chocolates for you…

musical theatre concept:

the stigma and hatred towards bootlegs is riD OF

guess who ;)

Imagine babysitting Groot with Peter...

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Warnings: way too cute for human consumption, probably language

A/N: This was a request by @grootiez. I hope you like it because I loved it. Definitely spurred more Groot ideas.

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You sat reading aloud next to the tiny planted Groot. He had been growing well since sacrificing himself and you hoped he would talk soon. You never met full sized Groot but between the stories and how much time you spent sitting with Baby Groot, you were pretty sure you would have loved him. The group was supposed to be going into the city on the planet you just landed so that they could collect some general supplies and maybe intel. You hated going outside so you opted out and just gave Rocket a brief list in exchange for you staying with Groot. 

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Rereading old chapters and I never noticed how Otose looks at Paako LOL

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I have seen your servamp art, its so beautiful!! ^*^ Could you draw Tetsu and Misono (tetsono)? :D

…why the heck not



Aesthetics of my fav Sundaes because @fundaes is pure and good and doesn’t deserve any of this stealing crap

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Cait is the first person that I've seen who actually looks classy in Daisy Dukes!

I know! She’s actually really cute in her Daisy Dukes.

I was curious about her hip measurements and found this quote from her in a 2014 article, which explains why she is just the best. “I go through very, very sporadic, once-in-a-blue-moon fits of going running and stuff, but I’m so lazy. When shows are coming up I just do some exercises at home and maybe not have so much chocolate cake the week before. A few more salads, that kind of thing.”

This is the first time I’m participating in a writing challenge.
Thanks,  @txf-prompt-box, for this prompt: 

Prompt: Someone falling asleep during an important meeting.
Bonus: How does the sleeping person is wakened up?
Double bonus: Told from a 1st person POV.

I was intrigued and that’s what I made of it. English is not my first language, so please overlook any grammar and word inaccuracies.

Telling Mom

Mulder is sitting on the couch and is barely able to keep his eyes open. He hasn’t really slept a lot lately and the lack of relaxation is finally taking its toll on him although he’s used to insomnia and knows how to deal with it. Maybe it’s not so much the lack of sleep that is responsible for his exhaustion but the frequent nightly physical exertion. Butterflies make themselves felt in my belly and I decide to let him fall asleep, anticipating a replenished Mulder in my bed tonight.

“Dana, honey, can you give me a hand?” my mother shouts from the kitchen, keeping the luscious thoughts in my head from taking a life of their own.

I hope she hasn’t noticed anything yet. She looked somewhat suspiciously when she opened the door to us about half an hour ago. I’m not sure Mulder had managed to get that goofy grin off his face, the one he’s been wearing ever since we decided to flush FBI fraternization rules down the toilet and jump head first into this adventure, and boy, what a wonderful adventure it has been so far. I have never been so comfortable with a lover before. It has never felt even remotely like this, so natural, so right, so fulfilling. I guess this is it for me, he’s the one. Mulder is going to be the last lover I introduce to my mother.

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she opened her mouth and bit, snatching for it with her teeth like a starved animal snatching food out of the air. but as her teeth broke the fine crust of the macaron shells, her whole body slowed, the energy of the bite dissolved into a dream. the most secret, delicate crunch, the blissful, soft inside of the shell, and then, sinking down, the burst of raspberries, the luscious cream. sex between two wings of heaven. bliss and paradise, if the paradise was the kind that featured infinite debauchery.

wine moms bookclub 2016 . the chocolate kiss . laura florand (older version)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: The Vigil

11k words, G rated

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Summary: Harry and Albus visit Godric’s Hollow on Hallow’s Eve, to join the vigil taking place outside the Potter’s destroyed house.

A/N:  About a year ago I had the idea that maybe people hold a vigil outside Lily and James’s house on Hallow’s Eve, as a way of marking the events that took place there. I loved the image and briefly referenced it in a fic.
This year, when I was thinking about what to do for my Halloween fic, I thought maybe it was time to explore the idea properly!


Albus comes up with the idea on Thursday morning while they’re in Herbology. He’s elbow-deep in soil, sweating having spent half an hour wrestling with the adolescent Venomous Tentacular he’s trying to repot, and for some reason Scorpius is rabbiting on about pumpkins. It’s that that makes Albus think of it.

“They’re getting really big,” Scorpius says. “There’s one that I swear is the size of your shed. It’s huge. And on Sunday night we get to see them all carved.” He gives a happy sigh. “I’m so excited. I missed the feast so much last year. I think this year I’m going to try and drown myself in food. So much food. I hope they have those chocolate hats again, you remember the ones stuffed with whipped cream, and chocolate truffle, and-“

“Do you think McGonagall would let me miss the feast?” Albus asks thoughtfully, pausing in his battle with the Tentacular to wipe the sweat and mud off his forehead. 

Scorpius steps mid-sentence, mouth open, and stares at him. His eyes go wide and he opens and closes his mouth several times, doing a remarkably accurate impression of a Gulping Plimpie.

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Melanie Martinez Celebrates 'Cry Baby' Chart Success, Looks Ahead To Elaborate Album/Film Project
  • “The whole experience of putting out this record has been really magical," Martinez says of her debut album.
  • On this week’s Billboard 200 albums chart, Melanie Martinez’s debut LP Cry Baby comes in at No. 153. More notably, the album celebrates its 104th straight week on the chart, a two-year run without ever slipping off the tally. The fact that the album -- which has not produced a Billboard Hot 100-charting song -- has persisted on the albums chart following its August 2015 release is a testament to the connection Martinez has developed with her listeners.
  • “I can’t believe it’s been two years -- it’s really surreal,” Martinez tells Billboard. “The whole experience of putting out this record has been really magical, and the people that I’ve met are really special."
  • The 22-year-old also recognizes how rare it is to release a debut pop album with no radio hits and still sell an impressive amount of copies. Instead of relying on hooks designed for Top 40, Martinez has found an audience by combining dark alt-pop, vulnerable storytelling and a penchant for striking audio-visual ideas (each song on the album has received a video treatment). Her committed aesthetic has helped Cry Baby, a concept album about the perils of growing up, grow from 40,000 equivalent album units in its first week of release -- good enough for a No. 6 debut on the Billboard 200 -- to 1 million units to date, according to Nielsen Music, with 388,000 in traditional album sales.
  • “My whole mission in general, ever since I was fourteen, was to write music that would help people heal,” Martinez explains. “Music is like therapy for me, so I wanted to do that for other people or be that for other people. I’m just grateful that it’s resonating with that many people. I could not be more grateful, really.”
  • Martinez also isn’t finished with Cry Baby just yet: a video for the album’s final song, “Mad Hatter,” was put together three weeks ago, and Martinez describes it as “the finale” of her debut album. “It’s a lot of CGI animation stuff,” she says, “so right now they’re working on the effects and hopefully I’ll be able to put that out by end of September.”
  • Meanwhile, Martinez is deep into her sophomore album, saying that her standard track list is being mastered and that she’s finishing up the bonus tracks now. But the music is only one part of Martinez’s next audio-visual experience: instead of releasing a new video every few months (as she did with Cry Baby), Martinez will release a feature film to accompany her second project, a musical that weaves all of her new songs into a storyline.
  • “It’s all of the videos together of the next record, all thirteen, with dialogue and whatnot in between connecting all of them together. and I’m directing it and writing it and styling it and doing the makeup,” Martinez explains. “The film is really a huge priority of mine, because it’s really important to me that people can truly understand the sentiment and the story when they hear the record for the first time, and I really want people to be able to follow along properly. … I have such a clear vision in my head, but it’s always about the execution. I’m a perfectionist, and even if something comes out great, it’s still not perfect, you know?”
  • While Martinez can’t share any details of the movie, the album and the story that connects the two, she does confirm that the concept will be reflected in her live show as well. “It’s basically going to be similar to the way a ballet is set up, with an intermission and stuff,” she says. “There’s going to be a lot of choreography. For the first time I’m doing choreography, which is also something I have to work on -- you know, exercising and eating right, all that stuff. I have to stop eating so much grilled cheese and chocolate chip cookies* and start really working on everything!”
  • Because she’s been so busy wrapping up her first album cycle and poring over her second one, Martinez says that she hasn’t had the time or energy for social media; in fact, she doesn’t have Twitter or Instagram on her phone anymore. “I don’t think I’ve posted in like three months,” she says with a laugh. And because she’s so focused, Martinez didn’t realize the two-year anniversary of Cry Baby was approaching until her manager reminded her.
  • “It’s just been an insane journey so far,” she says, “and [I’m] just working on growing every day and really finishing up this next record, so that I can go back out on the road and do it all over again"
  • - 8/15/17 by Jason lipshutz