i have so much chocolate

guess who ;)

A long overdue piece for my part of an art trade with @desiree-u of her Harry Potter OC Arthur (Ravenclaw) and her sister’s Finnian (Gryffindor)! They live in the same era as the Founders of Hogwarts so that was an interesting detail to work with :D

Haven’t done backgrounds in forever but I’m happy with how it turned out regardless!

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Cait is the first person that I've seen who actually looks classy in Daisy Dukes!

I know! She’s actually really cute in her Daisy Dukes.

I was curious about her hip measurements and found this quote from her in a 2014 article, which explains why she is just the best. “I go through very, very sporadic, once-in-a-blue-moon fits of going running and stuff, but I’m so lazy. When shows are coming up I just do some exercises at home and maybe not have so much chocolate cake the week before. A few more salads, that kind of thing.”

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34 and 45 for mun ? But muse answers

Send In A Number For A Question About The Mun And The Muse Will Respond! || @strxtchxd-out

34. Favorite food?

     “I think it’s chocolate? She seems to eat a lot of that stuff, whether it be in cookies, brownies, or just a straight-up chocolate bar! It’s kind of unhealthy for her, but whatever floats her boat I guess…”

45. Spirit animal?

     “Does it have to be an actual animal? ‘Cause she’s always saying certain people are her spirit animal or somethin’ like that. If it’s gotta be an animal, then it’s obviously a wolf. I mean, her nickname is Wolf. If it doesn’t have ta be an animal, then it’d probably be that stupid pun-makin’ skeleton she let hang around here fer awhile. Think his name was Sans or somethin’…”


Ayapin Week / Day 2 / Gifts

“A wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover as the love of the giver.”


iKON | Debut Half Album ‘Welcome Back’ → Favourite lyrics 


I’m flying back to the UK tomorrow exclusively to go mega shopping and eat nandos (ok and do medical stuff) and oh I am excited. I have the world’s biggest shopping list for the supermarket and a stack of parcels at my parents’ place. Oh and today I got accepted to go and deliver a talk about my work out in Vancouver! So I may have eaten too much chocolate and I’m still climbing a very difficult mountain, but hell fucking yeah. 

oh my god i just figured smth out

i have to cook something for spanish class

my teacher loves chocolate so much, it’s a meme in the class

i should make a chocolate dessert for appeasement

this is so smart of me to think of???