i have so much adoration for this film

Atomic Blonde (and why I’m a Sapphic who adored it)

Okay, first off…WOW! What a ride that film was! After having a full 24hrs  to really digest this film, I can honestly say that this film really blew my  expectations, in so many different ways. Since there seems to be so much  discourse over this film, I thought I would post a POSITIVE list of all the  reasons why this film is as important and special to me as it is, even with  That Scene. As Lorraine Broughton would say, “ Shall We?”

Okay first off, the obvious…

  • 80′s soundtrack with phenomenal remixes.
  • Charlize Theron, playing a truly Bad-Ass Bisexual MI6 Agent while still looking sexy as Hell!
  • The action was some of the best I have ever witnessed!
  • The general setting of this film, Communist Berlin, gives a remarkable window into just what the Cold War in its later stages entailed. The Cold War was perhaps one of the most deceitful wars in history, and when you figure in just how sensitive the situation was, you realize that Every. Move. Counts.

Lorraine Broughton

  • She owns my ass.
  • Again, we have an Openly-Bisexual Female Lead, who’s only main love interest is another woman!
  • Charlize Theron not only did 98% of all her own stunts, but she sustained injuries because of it.
  • I loved her characterization, it was one of the highlights of this film. We often forget that movies like this are hardly ever realistic, but in this film the opening scene is of Lorraine, MI6′s Top Agent, wearily trying to attend to her beaten body. She is barely alive, and as the film goes on we see just how much of a toll her physical and emotional well-being takes due to the nature of her job. As the film progresses we see her grow more cold and disconnected to the point where she is practically numb to those around her (her interrogation, mostly).
  • She wins all her fights, but not without repercussions. Her body takes. A. Beating. And unlike most films her wounds don’t just magically disappear or just “get better”. No, they are there for weeks, in all their ugliness, to display just how vulnerable as a person she is, whilst also reminding those who see her how tough and strong she has to be just to merely survive.

Lorraine and Delphine

  • Okay, first off…OMG THESE TWO!
  • Sofia Boutella was adorable as Delphine, and the way her innocence and naive-ness abolutely melted Lorraine was so cute!
  • The way Lorraine looked at Delphine with such intrigue, and the way Delphine looked at Lorraine with such awe.
  • The whole “Harold, they’re Lesbians”-like scenario with the dude at the bar (even tho Lorraine is Bi).
  • Again, we get another glimpse into Lorraine’s characterization here, which is basically she gets distracted by pretty girls we see that, even though Lorraine is still skeptical of Delphine at first, she very easily falls for her, a softness that we up until that point had yet to see in her.
  • Delphine’s slight hesitance when she gives Lorraine that adorably soft kiss and Lorraine’s shyness in returning it!
  • The way we see Lorraine follow Delphine into a more private place and being so dazed and transfixed by this tiny French Girl is mesmerizing and makes my heart skip a beat!
  • OMG their wicked make-out session and the slamming against the wall and the WHOLE SCENE THAT FOLLOWS I COULD NOT BREATH!
  • “…So you made contact with the French Operative?” “Obviously”
  • Lorraine in nothing but a sweater looking over Delphine as she sleeps-watching, wondering, worrying about what will happen to her.
  • Honestly, them snuggling was one of the most tender moments in the whole film. For once it feels as though Lorraine is being genuine with Delphine, which she picks up on.
  • Lorraine stroking Delphine’s hair while Delphine nudges her head in Lorraine’s neck is so precious. The way Lorraine is so gentle with her and laughs and smiles at her makes my heart melt so much! She cares so much for this one woman she just met and it is so beautiful!
  • Tiny Soft Nose Kisses!
  • The fact their relationship, no matter how brief, is actually a small subplot means so much because it really feels like this was for us Sapphics, despite what happens later.

That Scene among other things

  • Oh boy, here we go. In my opinion, I did not see this as partaking in the horrid “Kill Your Gays” trope.
  • We saw it coming in the trailer you guys, and I was fully prepared for this scenario.
  • She was a naive, inexperienced spy who got too close to Lorraine, and suffered the ultimate price for it. This happened to all of Lorraine’s lovers (although I honestly think she was just using her first one for information, where as she truly cared for Delphine).
  • Delphine Fought. Back. Hard! And she did a damn good job at keeping up. But unfortunately she did not have the skill nor the experience to win that battle. She is not Lorraine, who barely came out the mission alive!
  • This is a spy film about the Cold War, there were going to be many, many casualties. Lorraine (Another Queer) was the only one to make it out alive.
  • When Lorraine found Delphine, I truly felt for her then. This is the first time we see her fully shut down as she Empathetically mourns her girlfriend (which we hardly get to see in general, the LGBT Hero mourning the death of their lover).
  • At this point, after all that she has gone through (the beatings, the betrayals, the loss of intelligence, etc) this is the one thing that finally breaks her, and LORRAINE. IS. FUCKING. DONE.
  • She is done with everything around her, and we see this as she goes from on-the-ground vulnerable to STONE. COLD. NOTHING. And she goes out for blood, and Damn-It does she get it! She shows no mercy for Delphine’s killer, and it is obvious that this is revenge in its most raw form.
  • In the end this is a story about a spy in the Cold War, and in a genre like this things are going to be very brutal. We see this brutality play out on Lorraine, and how it affects her and all of those involved. She made it out with her life, and that was her reward. 
  • So Delphine’s death, to me, was the final Plot Point to move us into the final act, as it was portrayed as the one act of Evil that Crossed That Line, and to further the Characterization of Lorraine.
  • I could go one about the phenomenal action sequences, because I have never witnessed such raw and realistic fighting in an action movie, and to have a Female Bisexual as the lead taking as much as she dishes out was both horrifying yet empowering!

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if you think this film will seriously trigger you, then by all means please take care of your well-being, because that is ultimately the most important thing.

Was I sad that Delphine died? Yes, of course! Did I see it as strictly because she was gay? No, I did not. Do I see this as good representation? Ultimately, yes because I still felt incredibly valid as a Bisexual in more ways than one with this film, and the last time I felt this good about myself was when I first saw Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes in theaters (which nothing will ever top that film).

But for everyone else, please GO SEE THIS FILM. For the one negative we must also see all it’s Astonishing Positives this film has, and for it to get the attention and praise that it has is such a big deal for all of us, because if we show our support for this truly Rare Gem then they will make a sequel, and other films like it! Only then can we move forward!

UPDATE: So I just saw Atomic Blonde today for the second time in one week, and upon my second viewing I’ve come to realize just how much I love this film, and why it beat out my expectations originally! And it mainly falls back to what I discussed earlier, about Lorraine and Delphine’s romance and Lorraine herself, for instance:

  • Again, I love Lorraine’s characterization! Being more aware of the story my second time-round, I got to focus more on Lorraine herself, and I think I underestimated just how cold and numb and positively DONE she is by the “end” of her mission (again, in reference to her interrogation).
  • The physical and emotional toll on her and her body really is just as prominent as I remember, and my goodness I cannot recall another film where I actually left the theatre physically exhausted by what I just watched. Everything she’s endured sort of rubs off on you, and if that isn’t the most engrossing experience a character can portray, than I do not know what is.
  • Delphine and Lorraine, my god I love their relationship! It is the only relationship in the whole film solely built on attraction and Mutual Trust, so much so where they would rather protect each other over their mission.
  • In fact, going in this movie the first time all I was expecting between them was the “One Night Stand” that was so heavily portrayed in the trailers-which I would of been happy with-and, (just like in the trailers) I prepared myself for Delphine’s demise soon after-But we had an entire subplot dedicated to their relationship, right up to the very end!
  • Because of this Lorraine’s and Delphine’s romance felt genuine, filled with love and tenderness and worry and drive to protect each other-and that really is beautiful representation.
  • Which, I believe, is why Lorraine truly shuts down when it all goes south, and why we see the Lorraine we do in her interrogation. SHE IS COLD. SHE IS BEATEN. AND SHE IS TIRED.
  • In the end, I do think she cared more for Delphine than past lovers, which is why she seems so utterly broken when we first see her. She went back to Delphine even after her superiors threatened to end her, and she lied about Delphine to protect her from them, even though she was gone.

Anyway, as you can see this film really did a number on me, and I am absolutely fine with that! I apologize for making my crazy long post even longer, but there were things I still wanted to get off my chest, because this really is a Dream Film-a Queer, Female Lead 80′s Spy Film actually exists, and I think Atomic Blonde really hit it out of the park-and has ruined all other action films for me here-on out!

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yo please teach me about oscar wilde i really wanna get into him but i dont know where to start

oh boy have you come to the right place!!!! let me tell you about this man!!! 

this is probably my favourite picture of him because of his expression… i mean how is that not universally relatable…

Crash Course Biography:

  • Oscar marries his wife Constance in 1884, had 2 kids & decided he didn’t actually like her all that much & i’m like 70% sure they never had sex after kid #2
  • 1886 Robbie Ross (light of my life) turns up & is unabashedly homosexual - most people attribute Robbie as the one to bring Oscar to the Side of Gay.
  • Oscar struts about town, living a life that Henry Wotton would wholeheartedly advocate. He assumes the role of a ‘dandy’ - think flamboyance from every angle & add some frills. This was cool for him as it wasn’t seen as synonymous with being gay, just being a dramatist. 
  • 1891 is when Lord “Bosie” Douglas turns up & introduces Oscar to more gay stuff & more illegal stuff like weed & brothels & prostitution 
  • 1894 is when Bosie’s dad finds out about their relationship, flips out & takes Oscar to court for being illegally gay in 1895 :(
  • 1895 Oscar counters the charge by saying the case was unfounded (it totally wasn’t, he really did have a lot of sex) & whilst his epigrams / wit won him initial support, it all went downhill quite quickly. there’s another 2 trials for Oscar whilst all his friends pack up & get out of England (Robbie breaks into Oscar’s house upon request & packs up some of Oscar’s stuff, then legs it out to Paris) 
  • I think that the judge doesn’t even let Oscar have any last words in court i mean is that not the most heartbreaking, soul crushing thing you can do to this man 
  • Oscar does his sentence of 2 years hard labor in prison & gets hit in the head / ear - this injury & botched treatment is to be the cause of his death
  • He goes to Paris under exile & as far as I can gather lives with Robbie’s help but spent a lot of the time rejecting his help too. Also Oscar tries to live with Bosie again but both of their families are having exactly none of that behavior.
  • Oscar dies in Paris at the age of 46

Importance of Being Ernest is the 1st work of Oscar’s I read & I have never looked back. it’s short & sweet & hysterically funny, the humour is in no way dated & I love it
Picture of Dorian Gray please read this book as I have read it more than 7 times now & I need someone to rhapsodise about this with. It’s honestly a brilliant book with a totally cool plot & 3 fascinating characters (3 guesses who my fave is…it’s basil… it’s always basil)
The Ballad of Reading Gaol is the last work Oscar created before his death, & it’s about the harsh reality of prison & honestly I cry just because of the context
The Happy Prince & Other Tales so, my parents used to read these to me as a kid & like…is it really any wonder i love Oscar Wilde so much…I really honestly adore these stories!! 

Wilde (1997) Stephen Fry has been my standard image for Henry Wotton but he does make a damn good Oscar & also Michael Sheen as Robbie Ross is everything
Dorian Gray (2009) now…i have to admit i haven’t watched this but with all things considered i think i’m slightly justified in that due to the blatant disregard of Dorian’s descriptions in the book

Articles / other things to check out!!
queerhistoryproject has 2 great articles on Oscar here & here!! 
An article on Dorian Gray which is great 
This article explains a bit about where Oscar was coming from in the whole ‘aestheticism’ movement!!
And if you’re really keen (like me) there’s this one on Ernest 

I’ll cut my info dump off here - it seems like an ok place to stop! I’ll probably make more posts about Oscar-related things & any lit revision that I think might be useful to put up on this blog? I hope you enjoy the crash-course in Oscar Wilde & that this is all somewhat useful!! :]


This really is a very strange little short film. Like, you get the sense it’s trying to be too smart for it’s own good and too post-modern, but there are so many subtly hilarious moments. 

I should not have laughed at the nine-year-old bodyguard enforcer casually threatening people with knives as much as I did.

No, really. An adorable but sociopathic nine-year-old was his right-hand man and likely smarter than them all.

That and “We’re going to start a new happy life in….Detroit! Detroit!”

*Claire does not look amused* 

The Shape of Water

Dir. Guillermo Del Toro


(Possible Spoilers)

This was such a beautifully profound film, everything about it was so enjoyable. The cast did a wonderful job and the creature effects are amazing, Doug Jones did a FANTASTIC job of conveying the creatures emotions without language. The same goes for Sally Hawkins who gave one of the most emotional yet quiet performances I’ve ever seen it is so nice to see a character in a film whose disabled yet it’s done so tastefully with no “overcoming her disability” nonsense. The movies setting of the early 60′s allows them to not only explore the relationship between her and the Creature, but homosexuality and racism as well. It uses that sort of post WWII Americana vibe of the “Nuclear family” and throws it out the window, due to its meaning that this relationship between this disabled woman and fish creature holds more actual respect and love than any other “normal” family in the film. Michael Shannon does a great job as the villain because he isn’t a “crazy bad guy” he is the archetype of the 50′s “manly man” a painfully outdated way of thinking that is extremely unhealthy. A complex of superiority over all others, that emotion is showing weakness he embodies the “American man” perfectly showing how such atrocities were allowed to be committed back in the time of segregation. Octavia Spencer also does a wonderful job of playing Delilah, one of Eliza’s closest friends, her character helps display the undertones of racism the film has you can see every “normal” character treating her differently like she is beneath them and its that underestimation that allows her get the upper hand at points in such a awful time in american history. 
Another thing I want to praise this film for is its no nonsense approach on human sexuality. The Shape of Water displays romance and physical love as something that’s so natural. The way its displayed is such a good foil to the “decency” of american life from the 50′s as it approaches the “indecency” of the 60′s and beyond. One of the main characters is a gay man trying to find love in a time where it is dangerous to not only to love another man, but to even show emotion as a man. The villain of the movie is the exact opposite where it shows how the violent repressing of emotions can effect men it’s a good example of toxic masculinity. The romance between Eliza and the Creature is so…refreshingly healthy and it forms a stark contrast to how other relationships are shown in the film. I do also need to mention that they are ADORABLE Eliza and the creature as a couple is so cute and it’s so interesting to see their relationship play out.
I feel like it’s important to mention that despite Eliza having a disability it is never the point of the film to “overcome it” and I love that so much. Every character in the film deals with it so respectfully she has so many people who form healthy relationships with her and even know sign language and everyone generally liking her is such a nonchalant thing that you don’t even realize that to the “average” person at the time she is considered different. It’s displayed in such a way where its not a “disability” its just who she is and how she relates to the world and the love she has for the creature is just so pure because of it. 
To anyone who reads this or has any interest please go see this film it’s so beautiful and unique. 


So! This is a thing! That exists! Some folks got together in 2017 and created a 2 hour long adaptation of Life is Strange as an indie film. I’ve said for a while now that I’ve wanted to see this story told in film format – personally, I’m still rather interested in the idea of Life is Strange reimagined as a TV series – but in the meantime, I adore seeing so much effort put into fanworks such as this.

If you had problems with the plot of the original story (as my gf and I do) then, well, you will still have some problems with the plot of this. It is an adaptation, and while it does definitely rework, cut, and remix ideas and moments from the original story, it does still follow the same primary plot beats. I was actually impressed with the creative ways they remixed and combined some ideas to make this story work better in a 2 hour format.

Parts of it are still a bit rushed, still a bit awkward, but there’s a lot of good stuff here, too. Enough, I’d say, to make it totally worth giving a try. Especially when it goes “off script” from the game’s dialogue, there’s a believable, awkward romantic tension between Max and Chloe here that I’ve never seen portrayed in live action before, which was adorable to see. The main two actors do their parts pretty well, especially when you consider this is an indie film. There were admittedly some moments when I was taken out of the experience because of an awkward line delivery or a forced moment, but there’s many other moments that just don’t exist in the game that felt real and subtle which I really liked.

It ALSO actually has an ENDING with catharsis that gives the characters and audience time to have that nice sense of resolution that the original game just…really rushes through. So that was nice!

It’s got its rough edges, but so does any fanwork on this kind of scale. It’s a great piece of fanwork and definitely up there as one of my favorite things in the fandom due to the sheer effort put into it for being a budget, independent college style film.

Great job to Carrsan T. Morrissey, Shelby Davis, Mads Hoofnagle (whose name is just too fucking great) and the rest of the team behind this. It’s such involved stuff like this that really shows how much passion has been developed around these characters.

It ALSO actually has an ENDING with catharsis that gives the characters and audience time to have that nice sense of resolution that the original game just…really rushes through. So that was nice!

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What's your favorite scenario (Can be in any series of bts doesn't matter)❤

Ah I wasn’t sure if you meant my favourite scenario I’ve ever written or my favourite scenario I’ve ever read… so I decided to answer both… opps!

It’s difficult to pick my favourite fic out of everything I’ve written, and honestly, they all hold special memories for me, but I really like these ones:

↳ Smoke with Yoongi | I was experimenting with writing style in this one and I really like how it turned out. Maybe it’s overdramatic to say, but I feel like this fic marked a change in my writing, both in my style and my attitude to it!

↳ Felix Culpa with Yoongi | I fell in love with the world I constructed in this particular fic. The world building was so much fun!

↳ 364 Days Dead with Taehyung | This one is just my favourite level of angst, it’s sad, but there’s still some hope in it.

↳ Aureate with Jungkook | I just love Hogwarts aus and enemies to lovers, so this is perfect for me!

↳ Red Faced with Hoseok | I love writing for Hoseok, and out of all my scenarios, I think I nailed his personality best in the one!

↳ Metallic Snow with Hoseok | Yep, I think we’ve all established that everyone loves android Hobi, myself included!

And now for my favourite fics I’ve read (I feel like I’m tagging people too much recently oops) :

↳ The Train of Lost Souls by @inktae | I absolutely love this fic, the fantasy in it stretches the imagination, and it’s beautifully written! It challenged all that I believed fanfiction could be, and went above and beyond all I could have expected!

↳ Freesia by @eleventoes | Listen, I’m a sucker for childhood aus. And this was exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t know how much I needed this fic until I read it! Adorable!!

↳ Candyman by @lthyl | This was so unique and original, and I loved the horror incorporated into it. It was unlike anything I’ve read before or after, and for that reason it’s stuck in my mind as one of my favourite fics!

↳ The Witch Switch by @kittae | Have I ever mentioned how much I love Hogwarts aus? Because I do! This fic was charming, the dialogue was witty, and I loved Yoongi’s characterisation!

Black Majick by @dreamscript | The buildup of romance throughout the course of this fic made me feel like I was watching a film, hoping for more development during the action… and that made it all the more rewarding! It made me fall in love with fanfiction all over again and I’ll always love it for that!

↳ Safe and Sound by @an-exotic-writer | This one is short, but it has stuck with me for it’s simple beauty! The images that it conjured in my head were breathtaking, and I just hope I can write in such a pleasing way some day!

That’s all for now, but as I go on writing and reading, I’m sure there’ll be more to add!

I swear the In a heartbeat fandom is split into four sections

¼th: “Look at these homophobic comments on the video wow I can’t believe Christians what the-”
¼th: super cute fan art and redraws and I saw a few adorable comics in there that made my heart grow three sizes.
¼th: *giggles* “Dorian Gay”

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In one of the posts that talk about Finn not being on merchandize, someone states as fact that it's because John Boyega's "attitude" has annoyed Lucasfilm and this is their retaliation. This is not the first time I'm hearing claims that John is somehow some braggadocious jerk who is supposedly too big for his britches. Even before I was fully in this fandom I heard the untrue rumors that he harrassed Daisy Ridley to the point that she insisted on doing no more press for him in TFA (1/3)

There was that rumor that he was asking too much money for subsequent movies and was going to be fired, and then a white man podcaster making up rumors that John’s attitude was going to get him fired and that Finn could be killed off. Now there is someone in the notes of that post saying that the merchandise situation is, and I’m quoting, “Very much sure it’s because the actual actor makes producers n shit think he’s an asshole; he was a show off to people when he got his role as Finn…” (2/3)

To what extent is this unfair and untrue reputation John Boyega apparently has gotten responsible for what is going on? I would have thought nothing of it, but there was his dancing which literally made national headlines and now someone professing to be a Finn fan saying in effect “Well, John Boyega is an asshole and he acts like an asshole so no one wants him on shirts.” I’m astonished and angered at this pervasive attitude that John being confident in his ability somehow brands him a jerk.

I honestly think that belief has nothing to do with anyone involved with the film or the marketing. If anything co-stars and bosses express total adoration for him. I mean, I know you don’t talk shit about the ppl you’re working with, but they don’t have to be that enthusiastic. I guess Rian not gushing about John as much feels like he hates him, but … nah. I doubt it. And i REALLY doubt that Finn not being marketed as heavily atm is because the producers don’t like him. 

LF is trying to satisfy antiblack markets with some of the marketing, that’s just the truth. It’s ridiculous to blame John. 

Like, Forces of Destiny is featuring Finn in at least one episode in October, voiced by John himself. Around the same time Finn on FOS season 2 info released, that Rey and Kylo FOD doll set was leaked. Hardly anyone is talking about Finn’s role on FOD, they’re talking about this doll set. Kylo is not even going to be in the next season of FOD, and while John has been confirmed to appear in the series from pretty much the start, Kylo’s possible appearance in 2018 (possibly voiced by a different actor as far as we know) is the hype. 

That whole thing is shady. It isn’t John, it’s some studio fear that a Rey and Finn set won’t play in Poughkeepsie.   


*There are many spoilers in here for Pitch Perfect 3 ok*

Here’s some thoughts from me fresh out the cinema that I’ll probably feel were too emotional and incorrect after a while as I always do, but here we go…

***Warning, this got really long! ALSO A THOUSAND SPOILERS***

Let’s start this off by saying that it wasn’t a bad film. Not at all. Was it amazing, maybe not, but I had fun watching it and i’ll see it again, and i’ll buy the dvd and i’ll continue to listen to the soundtrack and love everyone who was in it, because they’re beautiful, wonderful people who were amazing in it and fought really hard to get the movie how it is.

First of all it didn’t really feel like a finale, especially one that was supposed to be about them being a family, (YES I KNOW THEY SAID THEY WERE A FAMILY AND OTHER PEOPLE SAID THEY WERE A FAMILY LIKE 20 TIMES, but they didn’t show it like they really did in the past two films in my opinion) like they had like 2 and a half scenes where they actually all spoke to each other and about life. There were really sweet interactions by people we don’t usually get the see interact, and i’m glad they carried on the beca/amy friendship, because that was lovely to see in the second one, but like, and i know i’m a bechloe shipper so i’m biased here, but beca and chloe didn’t really interact at all, neither did chloe and aubrey (DID CHLOE AND AUBREY ACTUALLY SPEAK TO EACH OTHER???i can’t even remember) and so much of the other films had a lot in about their friendship, the second one especially, and now i’m thinking back to this one and wondering if they even had a one to one conversation other than the boob grab (which was shorter than the trailer one ugh) and Beca calling her ‘sweetie’ in their apartment, which came off 98% less sarcastic than when she calls theo ‘honey’ later on which i loved.

The editing felt kinda heavy handed to me, like they had to put in all these silly effects around chloe and chicago stuff to make it overly obvious to us that she liked him. And cut to him and theo so so often i actually started rolling my eyes at it, because it made it look like chloe and chicago had been dating for years when at that point they didn’t even know anything about each other. Like, i’m not one to say no to watching chloe be all bashful and bite her lip and play with her hair, but it seems like exactly what Kendrick said she didn’t let them put in for Beca, the tripping over her feet kinda crushing, was put on chloe instead. And chloe is the confident, sexual, ‘i get what i want’ kinda girl who literally barged into someone’s shower because she liked the way they sang. This chloe didn’t make sense to me. She doesn’t even know anything about the guy other than his name and she’s talking about commitment. (Like okay, that scene was funny and Brittany was amazing in it and, like i said i love a flustered chloe because she’s adorable and it was like all the fics where she acts like that around beca, but it felt really strange in this position) Chicago just showed up, said a few things that didn’t really matter and we were supposed to be all the way in for their relationship. Like, a relationship storyline wasn’t necessary at all. It was actually more distracting than anything else, i’d rather have no relationships at all. The bellas and their friendship is all we need.

I felt like you could tell more than one person wrote the script and you can tell it was changed a lot. The lack of chemistry i felt was between chloe and chicago was actually funny and maybe that’s why they made chloe be extra lusty, ditsy, flirty and add those slow motion and sound effects……… And interestingly to me or hilariously so, in a sad way, chloe and Chicago and beca and theo are filmed/edited so similarly, other than the weird slow mo chloe stuff, yet one is absolutely not gonna happen and one does and it’s so heavy handed and they’re so similar that neither of them really work. (That credits scene felt stupid to me, the only reason it was okay was that we didn’t get to really gauge beca’s reaction to it, but it wasn’t overly positive i don’t think)

I also hated that beca and theo still came across all flirty, because it was similar to how she was with jesse, but at least they didnt happen. I am so glad Kendrick fought so hard for it, because I actually don’t think I would sit through the film again if they had. I’d just download my favourite scenes and make a whole other movie out of it for myself to enjoy. HEY THAT’S WHAT FANFIC IS FOR.

On to bechloe for a bit i guess,

The thing with bechloe was that it was always just fun for me, they’re fun movies and an amazing cast that I loved for shipping the characters as well as us, understanding the importance and never making fun of us (and they still don’t, see brittany’s build interview for recent stuff and kendrick all the damn time). We had (and still have OF COURSE) our own little community and we didn’t really have to think about what it would mean to us for it to be canon because we never ever thought it would be! I never ever imagined it could be canon until they started really leaning into it. And when the ads started well that was just too much.

It just became a marketing ploy for a movie where the couple barely speak to each other. The film wasn’t even really about the bellas, not really.

I don’t know. Maybe I would have enjoyed it so much more and not picked up on all the stuff i’m saying if I didn’t feel like I’d been played the whole time leading up to it. Even yesterday with the ads saying ‘will bechloe ever happen’…. No wonder the ads are full of clips from the old movies, because they don’t really interact in this one at all. It was the type a example of queerbaiting and i really hate them for that.

I’m sure I’ll watch it again and have different thoughts and again, it wasn’t not enjoyable, I just felt like the baiting without any intention for them to at least be sweet to each other throughout the film and talk to each other was extra extra wrong, and actually having a canon love interest for chloe all the while doing this….. it’s really not okay. And there must have been a hell of a lot cut for the way the cast was talking and why did they have to stay in the giant water tank for two days when there was literally ten seconds of them in the water I don’t understand.

Anyway, I was there for the bellas and I don’t feel like I got them. It was funny yes, it really was and i smiled throughout most of it. The baiting just dampened it a lot for me.

NOW LET ME BE MORE POSITIVE - here’s some things i liked:

- AMY WAS BADASS, really, i’ll watch a bellas action movie anytime
- there was more aubrey and she was funny and cute
- background jessica and ashley was adorable and some of the actual best hilarious one liners/moments comes from jessica which is amazing
- little drunk chloe in the bg of aubrey talking about the USO tour was adorable
- the fact that chloe gives speeches like those all the time and the bellas roll their eyes at her everytime but you know they all secretly love it
- the off hand comment about there having been a sexual encounter between some bellas (by chloe, probably including chloe) ‘one time’ is the stuff dreams (fics) are made of
- kendrick looked so good, like extra good
- chrissie got to sing more which makes me happy
- emily still felt like emily and she GOT A HAMSTER (aca-child is overwhelmed by hamster)
- beca telling theo he looks like a turtle
- the other performers in the tour were awesome, really awesome
- kendrick is super gay in the riff off
- cynthia rose got to say the word gay which was cool
- there were def some bechloe glances that will make wonderful gifs (not enough tho)
- lilly (/ester) got an okay amount of screentime and we got to hear her speak properly finally even if only for a few seconds
- the scenes with all the bellas in were actually beautiful and funny and made me feel good 
- also the stacey baby thing was the most cliche, but adorable and i’ll admit i got a couple of goosebumps at that cliche, sweet, loving naming moment

In conclusion, the film was fun. The bellas were great in it. They kinda forgot about all the other characters other than the men after the riff off which was stupid because they were so much more interesting and charismatic and musicians, which the films are supposed to be focused on… Couldn’t the film have focussed more on the tour and them working and fighting for their place, i get that that’s the plot of the others, but that’s what they do and it wasn’t broke so why try and fix it

I do not want to take away from anyone’s performance because they were wonderful. Kendrick was amazing and so sweet and gay and it felt right for beca for the most part, you could see the character development. The rest were not given enough time really. I know most of us were there because we care about these characters and not getting a chance to hear them speak and get to know them a little better because thats what the films have been about so far was sad. It still feels open ended to me. It doesn’t feel like it was wrapped up. I don’t know anything more about any of them really. I don’t know. Again, I didn’t hate it, I didn’t even dislike it. What I dislike, what I feel really emotional about, is how they exploited us, how hard Kendrick had to fight for bechloe and for beca to be who she should be in this film, something that should be so obvious. And how little time we got to see our bellas be bellas. it had a really different feel to the other films, and i hope that i watch it again and feel differently because i wanted so much to love it and i was so nervous going in. 

 It all just feels a little strange, maybe that’s just because it’s supposedly the end and it doesn’t feel like it should be at all.

I can’t wait to be all over those dvd extras and am hopeful for another Kendrick book where she can tell it all.

THANK YOU to the cast and crew and everyone. This isn’t the end, i’m writing like 3 bechloe fics as we speak and the community of amazing people and artists and writers who make me laugh and cry and grow to love these characters more and more each day will still be here and i am so happy about that.

Thank you to rebel and brittany and kendrick for how they’ve spoken about bechloe especially, it really means more than i think they know. AND TO EVERYONE ELSE IN THE CAST I LOVE YOU SM.

I have to stop now, but i may update after i see it again. This is a little in the heat of the moment.

If you’ve made it through my 2000+ words of mess then i thank you and also apologise to you.


Tell Me Again - Finn x Reader

anon asked: Can I have 45, 27 And 16 imagine with Finn please? Thank you so much xx I ADORE your writing :)
“How much of that did you hear?” “Tell me again.” & “I can explain.”
a/n ahh Thank you so much! also I wanted to include It bc i honestly live for richie tozier, its also super short :((( 
request/christmas prompts

Your eyes moved from person to person, each squished into Finn’s living room to watch It, Finn’s new film. They finally landed on Finn himself, your best friend for so many years, and now child superstar. He was sat next to you smiling to himself, watching his friend’s reaction, not realising you were staring.
“I’m proud of you” you lean over, gently whispering in his ear and he grins looking back down at you 
“Thanks” he says hugging you close to him “I really appreciate you coming even if you don’t like clowns” he teases, making you roll your eyes.
“Well, at least you’re here to protect me” you shrug, having spent plenty of evenings curled up in Finn’s lap after he’s made you watch a horror.

One by one, the kids left. Each praising Finn on their way out. But you stayed behind, pacing the kitchen as he saw each of your friends to the door.
“Finn…I love you…and I was maybe…” you mumbled shaking your head “Finn, would you maybe want to go out with…you know I really like you…”shaking your head again, you turn round, seeing Finn in the kitchen door way.
“How much of that did you hear?” you mumble feeling the dread rise up
“Pretty much all of it” Finn said, keeping a completely straight face
“I…I can explain…Finn…I was just”
“You don’t have to explain yourself to me…I’ve wanted to ask you out for a while but I figured with me about to start filming season 2…I just didn’t want to seem like I was ditching you”
“Shit really?” you can’t hide the shock, and excitement in your voice 
“When I film a hard scene you’re the first person I call right?” he asks and you nod “Because, its the closest I’m getting to just holding you in my arms, which is all I want to do” he says, taking your hand
“Tell me again…” you whisper, looking up at him, just needing that extra confirmation
“All I want to do y/n, is hold you in my arms, you’re all I think about…and I would really appreciate it if you went on a date with me”
“Of course i’ll go on a date with you Finn”
“Tell me again” he teases watching you smile
“Of course i’ll go on a date with you” 


I honestly don’t know where to start. Three weeks ago, I hosted the first fandom movie night in my Rabb.it room. As a joke, I clicked and renamed the title of my room “Taylor Swift Trash Zone,” playing off the way I’d been telling everyone what trash I was for Taylor. Before I knew it, multiple people were coming into the room and we were having the time of our lives. We hardly knew one another at the beginning of that night, but within a few short hours we’d laughed harder alongside each other than I had in months. It’s from there that I formed the TSTZ group chat. Over the next few days, more and more people joined us and, without much effort at all, we’ve all come together over our mutual love for Taylor Swift Now, in the past three weeks, I haven’t gone for more than a couple hours without spending time with the members of TSTZ. These guys are my family. They’re my best friends. This is one of the most diverse groups of people I’ve ever been surrounded by. We’re all different ages and come from various parts of the world. Some of us don’t even speak English as our first language. Not only have we accepted our diversity, but we’ve begun to learn about one another’s cultures, religions, and ways of life. It’s incredible.

In so many ways, I believe that we’re fortunate. So many of us in this group have had trouble being ourselves out in the real world. So many of us have felt isolated from our peers and have been lonely because of that. But because of TSTZ, that’s begun to shift. I can’t even articulate how great it feels when a member of TSTZ tells me that their parents have commented on them smiling more lately, or how their friends have commented on how they won’t stop laughing when they look at their phone. It warms my heart so much to know that this group has managed to make each other feel less alone – to know that we have each other smiling and laughing so hard that the people around us have begun to notice. There’s not a single one of us in here who doesn’t deserve that. Each of you has a heart of pure gold and have been so kind and uplifting with one another. I’ve grown to love each and every one of you so deeply that I genuinely cannot believe it was only three weeks ago that we met. I believe that meeting online has allowed us to reach a level of authenticity and vulnerability that we wouldn’t have had elsewhere and as much as the distance sucks, I’m grateful for that. I have no doubt in my mind that this is only the beginning for us.

Friday was a big day for me and began a big shift in my life. I finished a ten-month process of growth that encompassed some of the hardest work I’ve ever had to do in my life. I wasn’t expecting to be lifted up at all by the people around me at all, let alone what the members of TSTZ were planning behind my back. It started Friday evening when I was told to come into a Rabb.it. When I got in there, confused little me was met with the beautiful faces of other members in the group and shown videos of them each congratulating me and reminding me of their love. It was a gesture that reduced me to tears and filled me with lasting joy. But it didn’t stop there, because the next day, they managed to do the very same thing. Even more members had spent their day filming videos for me in support. I was blown away and didn’t expect a single thing more from them, so… of course they managed to surprise me once again. Tonight, I was sent several cards with the most adorable messages scrawled out across them by my friends. On top of that, I was sent to another page where much longer letters were written for me by everyone.

I can honestly and genuinely say I have never been shown love on this level by anyone in my life. This group is changing my life for the better. It’s healing parts of me I was unaware needed healing until now. TSTZ, thank you guys so much for being who you are. I love you and I’ll love you always. Meeting you guys is one of the best things to ever happen to me. Taylor, thank you so much for bringing us together through your music. I know that each and every one of us is more grateful for you than we could ever express.

@taylortrashzone @taylorswift


A/N: So I got bored and wrote this. It’s total spur of the moment and probably terribly written so apologies. Also thank you for the great reception to Overdue!

Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Fluff💕 homeless Jug. Some cursing.
Description: Reader finds out about Jughead’s living situation and fluff ensues.


The poor beanie clad boy winced at the high pitched sound that just emitted from his girlfriend.

“Under the stairs at school. And the drive in.” He mumbled playing with the hem of his shirt.

You had received a text from Archie while you and Jug had been discussing his latest findings in the murder of Jason Blossom up in your bedroom.

Archie: Hey can you tell Jug that his laptop charger turned up in our room? He was freaking out this morning about it and I can’t get in touch with him.

‘Our room’? There were two logical explanations for this: Either Jughead and Archie were having an affair or he was living with Archie.

“Jesus Christ Jughead I have a fucking spare room in my house and you have been living in a janitor’s closet. Why did you not fucking tell me? I found out from Archie that my boyfriend of a year was homeless! I could have h-helped you.” The girls voice cracked in the middle of the last sentence which made Jughead look up from his shoes which he had been so enthralled with.

You were less angry with Jughead and his pride than you were with yourself for not noticing anything.

“I couldn’t. I’m sorry. I couldn’t drag you into the mess that was my living situation. I know I should have told you but I-I just couldn’t.” It’s ok though now, I’m gonna stay with Archie.“ Jughead held her small frame in his arms as he spoke.

“I understand where your coming from just, Jug, please come to me in future. I’ll do anything to help you with whatever.” You inhale his familiar scent, something forever soothing to you. This meant a lot to you, both Jughead and yourself struggled with expressing vulnerability, this occasionally caused problems but they were easily smoothed over. This pure, unadulterated emotion and love.
You both just stood there in a comforting silence for several minutes before a thought popped into your mind.

“Jug, how many decent homemade meals have you had over the last few years?” You tilted your head up to the (much) taller boy.

Food has always been an important part of your family’s life, so when you think of home, you think of a meal at the table. No matter how difficult the time, or how broke your family was: there was always a good dinner.

So naturally, when something like this happens, your first thought is to make sure everyone is well fed.

“Well if Pop’s counts as a homemade meal, then every day?” Your family absolutely adored Jughead and your mom; English teacher and literature enthusiast, was always dying to get a look at his novel. Safe to say, he spent quite a lot of time in your house.

“Right, first things first, I’m making you a decent wholesome meal. Downstairs, now.” He ate at your house sometime when he was over at dinner time, but it was different this time. You had no idea he was homeless then. Now, with him safely settled with the Andrews, you were getting him back to decent meals and not kidney beans from a tin.

Walking downstairs to the kitchen and grabbing an Italian cookbook, you started to take out the ingredients for Carbonara.

“Right, Jug. You chop the bacon and grate the parmasen.” You were actually a fairly good cook, with the ability to make several signature dishes.

After about 30 minutes Jug and yourself were sitting at your table, plating up the meal.

“You’ll make a great little housewife someday Y/N/N.” Jughead said smirking, trying to wind you up.

“Umm hmm… not where I feel my destiny lies Juggie.” You laugh smacking him over the head.

A comfortable silence descended over the both of you as you demolished the pot of pasta. When you were both done, you clear everything away and make your way to the sofa.

“Whatcha think? Juno or The Breakfast Club?” You can feel the warmth radiate off him as you lean into his chest.

“Let’s go for The Breakfast Club. Haven’t watched that in about 3 days.” He pulls you closer into him.

Just before the end of the film, as you begin to feel a little sleepy; Jug turns your face so you’re looking at him.

“Thank you Y/N. Thank you for always being there for me and understanding me. I really love you so much. No matter what, you are my home” He says as he kisses your forehead.

“I love you too Jug. Always have, always will. Wherever we end up, if we’re together: that is home. You wanna stay here tonight? We can put another film on?” You smile hopefully.

“I sure do, your choice this time.”

Pulling a blanket around you both, you both fell asleep halfway through Scott Pilgrim and when your mother let Betty and Veronica in later that night, they found you both asleep on the sofa. All tangled limbs and messy hair. Both girls whispered about how adorable the scene was, snapped a few pictures and left you both in peace, in each other’s arms.

I am so fascinated by Armie’s relationship with Luca. He clearly ADORES him. I mean, he’s said he full on fell in love with Luca during making this movie, that he got angry because he thought Luca was letting him go and moving on, that his time in Italy changed him, that he and Luca would have conversations that he missed so much he had to go back to Italy to see him, that Luca took his frustrations out on him while filming a scene…

And then we see these adorable moments of Luca saying he loves Armie, of them cuddling and sharing and sitting close together like people who genuinely can’t get enough of each other

I just can’t get over their relationship. There’s clearly so much love there and I think it seems that Armie genuinely feels seen by Luca and that they are comfortable enough with each other that they can go to extremes

Watching them for a year doing all this press and hearing stories has fascinated me and I am kind of thrilled that Luca is so set on the sequel because it means they will work together again!


Summary: you’ve been spending an awful lot of time with Tom’s family. And it seems as they prefer you, to him.
Warnings: none I might’ve put a swear in there so watch out for that
Word count: 1k+
Requested: nope


Tom had decided that in between breaks of filming for Chaos Walking he wanted to spend his time in London with his family. So you also decided to stay there because the Hollands as Nikki puts it, “adore you” and you absolutely love them too. And there’s nothing better than spending your days in such a wonderful place. Sure you do get homesick and your family and friends absolutely miss you, they also accept that you’re happy where you are.

And have you mentioned how much the holland brothers love you? As they like to put it you’re like the “coolest best friend that’s a girl they’ve never had”. So naturally they come to you when they want to have fun or need help on something. But with Tom being gone half the time he doesn’t realize how close you guys have gotten. He feels sort of ……………. replaced?


“Hey, can you come help me talk to this girl I’ve been liking for a while now?” Paddy asks popping his head into Tom’s old room you guys are lounging in, even though Tom’s flat is literally a five minute walk away.

“Alright lad, ready to hear some advice from the master of dating?” Tom says starting to sit up as you do too. Paddy’s cheeks turn pink as he started to remember that Tom got home yesterday, and it was no longer just you that sat in his room anymore.

“Uhhh this is awkward now. I was actually speaking to y/n.” Paddy says awkwardly looking at Tom with a sorrowful look. Your cheeks turning red caught in a weird moment with them.

“Oh uh that’s ………quite alright I guess. Y/n make sure my little guys pads gets the girl alright?” Tom says turning to you as you fully stand up walking over to Paddy to help him with his girl troubles. You nod a response to him and leave calling out a “bye babe” as you follow pads downstairs. Leaving Tom by himself, feeling a little lonely.


“Now why do you look so gutted?” Sam asks you finally looking up from his phone to see you sprawled against the couch. You were in a moment of despair as to seeing you were extremely bored.

“ I am at the maximum level of boredom you could ever reach.” You explained to him as Harry soon joined you both in the lounge. Harry just looks at you in confusion starting to wonder why you aren’t with Tom.

“Dare I ask why Tom isn’t latched at your hip at the moment?” Harry questions you. Still just staring blankly at the ceiling you respond to him.

“He has an interview at some London radio station till like 8.” Sam seems to take your state of boredom into consideration and offers you a nice idea of fun.

“Harry and I were going to check out this new pub in the center of town. Would you like to come with us?” Sam asks you. You quickly sit up letting out a small gasp being taken aback once again, by how amazingly nice they were being to you right now. But really you should start getting used to it since they always treat you this kindly. You squeal in excitement.

“WOULD I? OF COURSE I WOULD! THANK YOU!” You jump off the couch about to head to Tom’s apartment to get ready.the


You burst back into the house in a heap of laughter with Sam and Harry. The three of you a little tipsy from the night of fun you had. You guys go to the lounge in hopes to sit down and calm your swirling brains. But what you didn’t expect to find was Paddy and Tom sitting side by side their noses up in the air, and an expectant look on their faces.

“May I ask, where on god were you?” Tom starts off the interrogation.

“At a pub?” Harry answers looking a little squeamish under Tom’s and paddy’s stares.

“And what hours are these to get home?”

“Paddy’s still awake?”

“……… very well we’ll be on our way, goodnight.” Tom says taking your hand and dragging you out the house.


The short walk to Tom’s flat is quiet with Tom looking everywhere but you. Which is quite different to his usual self considering he can never take his eyes away from you.

You start to get worried seeing as how he’s been more so quiet than he really has ever been around you. He doesn’t look mad or anything of that sort he just looks rather sad. Taking this into notice you squeeze is hand in a way of reassurance to him. And just like always, he squeezes back.

You make your way into your shared room and decide to stop this unending quiet.

“Tom? Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m quite alright love. I’m just thinking stupid things.”

“No thoughts of your could ever be stupid. Come on just tell me what’s on your mind.”

“It’s just… ever since my family has been spending more time with you, and you more with them, and I’ve been gone the whole time. It makes me feel like you guys don’t even care? Or need me there?”

“I take it back. That might be the dumbest thing you’ve ever said.” He just groans in response to that. Knowing he shouldn’t have said anything.

“Tom, how on earth would that even make sense? I wouldn’t know any of your family if it weren’t for you. Of course I will always need you. And so will your family. I mean we were just bonding really if you think of it. I’ve been trying to create a relationship with them that I’ve made with you. I’m sorry you were feeling left out, that wasn’t our intention.” You finish talking now wrapping your arms around Tom.

“It’s fine love, I knew I was overreacting I just miss you all. But enough of my foolishness, let’s get bed, yes?” You nod and give him a sweet longing kiss.

“What was that for?”

“I just realized we haven’t kissed all day.”

The Last Jedi thoughts spoilers ahead

Had one hell of a wonderful time seeing the last Jedi with Jeu. A lot like grey Jedi there was things I loved and thing’s I was disappointed with, and all the feelings between. But going to stick to what I liked rather than negatives, because I’m tired of negatives lately. So here’s some thoughts, very rambling one’s as I forgot half of my impressions. I think I talked most of them with Jeu and forgot. Probably talking bollocks but here’s my initial thoughts.

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Perfect | Tom Holland x Reader

Notes: Hi everyone! This is my first Tom Holland imagine, and it will be based off the chorus of “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran!

You were about to come home from your job as a waitress. You were tired, but Tom was coming home in a week after he was finish filming. You smiled at the thought of that. You finished up washing the tables. After you were done, you said goodbye to your fellow co workers and left.

When you got in your car, you looked in the mirror. Your hair was messy from you running your hands through it because of stress. You were wearing a yellow dress you found in your closet. It was the first thing you saw in your closet, since you couldn’t care less how you looked for your work. You started driving, even though you were extremely sleepy and tired.

The thought of your warm bed made you want to go home. You then thought of Tom. He was going to come home in a week after 7 months of filming. You smiled at the thought of him.

The day he will come, you had planned to dress nicely and cook for you two and play music and everything. He was so special to you. You loved him so much, he was the light in your dark life.

You were at a red stoplight. You started looking at the stars in the sky and hummed a tune. You missed him so much. You had been in love with him ever since you guys were kids.

You arrived at home. You saw a person outside of your house. Who was that? You cautiously stepped out of your car. You peered into the darkness. Is that…?

“Tom!” You shouted, grinning. Even though it was dark, you could still make out the silhouette.

“Y/N!” He shouted. You ran into his arms.

“I’ve missed you so much,” Tom said, his head in your neck.

“I have too,” You said, smiling.

You stood up. You looked at him. “I thought you were going to come home in a week?” You asked.

“We finished filming earlier. I couldn’t bear to wait any longer to see you, anyway.” He said as he pulled you into a hug, kissing the top of your head.

“Thank god for that,” You said into his chest. “Let’s go inside, it’s dark out here.

“No, look.” Tom said, as he went to go do something.

You watched him in confusion. Then lights turned on around you. Tom hung fairy lights! You looked around, finally being able to see. You saw a record player and a small basket on a laid out blanket.

“Tom..?” You asked, grinning. “You did this all for me? And you didn’t tell me?” You asked.

He looked at you with pure happiness, glad that you liked his set up. “Yes, cause I love you so much, and I thought this would be special.”

Your eyes wandered around with awe and wonder, looking at the pretty setup Tom did just for you. Suddenly it went dark.

“What the heck?” Tom said, and cursed under his breath. He went over to the same place again. You heard him cursing. You started laughing. The lights probably burned out or something.

He went over to you, pulling at his hair. “The…lights went out.” He said, trying to put on a smile.

You giggled at him. “It’s okay, Tom. We still have the stars.” You offered. He was so cute.

“No, no. I have candles inside. I was prepared for this…” he muttered, as he walked inside. You waited.

“And…I don’t. I’m so sorry, Y/N.” He said, frowning as he walked back outside, looking around.

“It’s okay, Tom! We have the starlight. It’s beautiful out here. Let’s go eat, aren’t you hungry? And so we don’t waste your food!” You said, dragging him.

He stared at you with adoration. You were always so positive.

You two sat down and started eating. You also both took off your shoes to lay your feet on the blanket. You talked about his filming, what’ve you been doing, and other things.

He had managed to make turkey sandwiches for the main meal, two small bags of chips, yogurt, water for drinks, and some other things. You thought that was all, but he went inside.

“Wait, I have one more thing,” He said running inside. You laughed. How much did he have?

He walked out. He came over to you. He had a bouquet of, what, rose shaped strawberries? He also had a bowl of melted chocolate dip.

“Tom? You made this?” You asked.

“Yes. Are you proud? It was a lot of work.” He looked proud.

“Of course!” You kissed him on the cheek. You started eating. “I can’t believe you did all this,” You said, waving you hands to the eaten food.

“Anything for my special girl,” He said.

You looked around. You saw the record player. “Come on, Tom! Put on some music!” You asked, getting up and not bothering to put on your shoes.

He came over to you, and put on an Ed Sheeran song. You took his hand. He twirled you, and you giggled.

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark,

He twirled you around a couple more times and dipped you. You smiled. You knew he was such a good dancer. He looked at you as you smiled so big. Even though it was so dark, he could still see your features and how beautiful you looked. He was so in love with you.

With you between my arms

You turned yourself around so that you were against him, but not in his direction. You looked up at him and made contact. He wrapped his arms around you. You swayed along to the music.

Barefoot on the grass

As you were dancing, you both were barefoot on the lush green grass. Of course, being an unexperienced dancer, sometimes you stepped on his feet, but to Tom that was just adorable.

Listening to our favorite song

This Ed Sheeran song had a special place in your heart. Tom played it on your first date, where you first fell in love with him. You both love listening to Ed Sheeran, especially this one.

When you said you looked a mess

You still couldn’t believe Tom came home early. If you knew, you would’ve dressed more nicer. Even though you guys have been dating for a good two years, you were still afraid of what Tom thought of your looks. As you were dancing, you looked down at yourself. “Wow, I look a mess,” You muttered.

I whispered underneath my breath, but you heard it

You heard Tom say something under his breath. “Did you say something, Tom?” You asked, peering at him.

He looked up, turned away, and looked back at you smiling so wide. As Tom leaned in to kiss you, he said,

“Darling, you look perfect tonight.”

More Notes: I hope you guys like that! It was so cute and fluffy. Please request! Sometimes I’m low on prompts and it’s hard to write. Also check out my masterlist!

V3 Boys and S/O on a Rainy Day

this was claimed by @lil–avocado, hopefully you enjoy

-Mod Maki

Rantaro Amami

  • As soon as it started raining, you were about to find your boyfriend

  • But, he was already at the door

  • “I got blankets, some snacks and your favourite movies, let’s go”

  • How did you get so lucky? What a perfect avocado

  • You made two cups of your favourite hot drink and just cuddled with Rantaro for the rest of the day.

Kokichi Ouma

  • The rain started when you were walking back from the shop with your tiny supreme leader boyfriend

  • He instantly started to complain about the weather, saying how it’s cold and wet and he doesn’t like it…

  • When he literally tackled you into a hug

  • “Nishishi~ This’ll warm me up”

  • You were about tell him to get off you and you can do this at home

  • …when he splashes you with a puddle

  • Boi he’s gonna get it now

  • This led to a all-out puddle war between you both

  • You both got home completely soaked and woke up ill the next morning

  • It was worth it though

Shuichi Saihara

  • Shuichi thought nothing of the rain at first, he would just look through his files and get some work done today.

  • Boy was he wrong

  • Within a couple minutes, you were already banging at his door like there was no tomorrow

  • He sighed heavily and walked to the door, thinking it would be ouma due to the sheer amount of times he’s disturbed him while working.

  • To say the least, he was pleasantly surprised when he saw  you there instead of the purple supreme leader

  • “Oh S/O did you need anything?”

  • “Shuichi look it’s raining!”

  • He found your excitement about the rain adorable

  • “Come on!”

  • You literally grabbed him and a couple blankets and then just snuggles

  • A lot of snuggles

  • He’s a blushing mess but he has to admit, he loved every minute of it

Gonta Gokuhara

  • As soon as it started raining, you two probably went out looking for bugs

  • He would tell you about how in the forest, bugs would look for shelter under leaves

  • And he would be so excited when telling you

  • Literally he has the cutest face ever at the moment

  • Protect him

Kaito Momota

  • It was raining and cold, so you decided that today would be a day to relax

  • But then your boisterous boyfriend comes crashing in with other ideas

  • “S/O! Come here!”

  • He didn’t even allow you to resist, he grabbed your hands and dragged you into the living room

  • When you saw a bunch of pillows and blankets scattered across the floor

  • “Kaito wh-”

  • “We are going to build a pillow fort S/O!”

  • Okay but he has the most adorable excited look on his face you just can’t say no to that

  • You two built an amazing fort, fit for the Luminary of the Stars!

  • After it was built, it’s obvious that it turned into a cuddle fort

  • Cause cuddles!!


  • You saw that it was raining and instantly ran to find your robot boyfriend

  • Rain was the perfect weather to just have a movie marathon so you decided to find him and watch some of your favourite films together.

  • You enter his dorm , “Kiibo! Ah-”, you pause

  • Why does he have a plastic sheet covering him?

  • “Oh S/O what is it?”

  • “Kiibo um why the sheet?”


  • You instantly begin giggling

  • “Jesus, you’re so adorable Kiibo”

  • He nearly overheats at this, help him

Ryoma Hoshi

  • Ryoma prefers to stay at home for dates anyway so the rain didn’t bother him much

  • So instead you brought over snacks and some blankets and decided to binge watch Rupauls Drag Race Season 6

  • He found all your flip outs and excitement about it rather adorable but wouldn’t admit it

  • You continued watching until his cat walked up and laid across the both of you

  • The silent rule kicked in then, so you two just decided to chat

  • While staying completely still

  • The day turned into a cute, simplistic chat between you two, cuddling the tiny family you shared.

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • He was just reading in the living room of the apartment you share

  • But you were bored

  • And needed attention

  • “Kiyooo”

  • Silence

  • “Kiyooooooo!”

  • More silence

  • Time to take a new approach

  • You laid down onto his lap and simply looked at him

  • “Kiyoo, if you’re not going to pay attention to me, can you read to me instead.”

  • “Kukuku, you really are a beautiful human S/O”

  • He then proceeded to read to you from the point in the book he was at

  • It didn’t make any sense to you

  • But after a while, his soothing voice managed to lull you to sleep