i have so many tags this isnt funny

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kinda funny how most of ur followers actually followed u bc theyre interested in ur skin care tag and stuff and now that u got all the attention ur replies are just so... rude? like what would it cost u if u helped a girl with her skin care routine? honestly... replying with "pay me" isnt really nice lol,,,, where's ur "girl power" now? :/ idk ... lmao unfollowed

Do you ever read something and you can just feel the whiteness and liberal feminism radiating from it.
This is so funny for so many reasons because “now youve got all the attention” as if i need it or as if i didnt have it beforehand or irl.
also “what does it cost u to help a girl out with her routine” it costs fucking at least 45 minutes and me asking her 81929 questions beforehand. It costs me not doing productive things that i couldve done instead, like my actual fucking job, taking care of my grandpa and my 6 cats, cleaning, housekeeping, cooking, gardening, and much much more that i need to do every day.
Its sooo funny that you use “feminism” as your argument here because this is the most ignorant thing ive ever read. You expect me to do intellectual labour for free for everyone. All day. The fact that you obviously dont know how much work it would be do make a fucking routine up for someone from scratch as if im their personal fucking dermatologist and esthetician, who get paid like $100 for this shit and think ill just do it for free and the fact that you think that just because theyre women im not allowed to be rude when theyre ignorant is literally so fucking stupid. Also its so obvious that you dont know shit about this so why the fuck are you criticising me on MY labour that you dont know shit about? you dont fucking know what it takes or how long i spend reading and researching in a day and you have the audacity to send me angry ANONYMOUS messages about how “wrong” i am.
Also if my replies are “soooo rude :///”, what the fuck would your dumb ass do if you got 30 of the same fucking questions a day, that couldve been answered if some idiots scrolled down for 10 seconds.
Your “feminist” ass really thinks that women are supposted to do intellectual labour for free and arent allowed to be angry. Girl if you dont get your ass our of here.