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Seriously though, come talk to me!

So none of my friends watch any of the tv shows/movies that I like, and that means I have nobody to obsess over my favorite ships with. Soooooo basically, if you ship any of these couples as well, come talk to me so I can be the trash that I am 😂😂


We all have ships we don’t like. A lot of us even have ships we hate- but that doesn’t make it okay to tell someone not to ship something, and it certainly doesn’t make it alright to send someone hate/shame them for what they ship!

Ship wars can really hurt people, and leave lasting issues with fandom/shipping as a whole, or even drive people out of fandoms entirely! Tag blockers exist for a reason- so please reblog this to let folks know your blog is a safe space, and you’ll use them instead of sending hate!

i really don’t want to do that again 

I might be completly wrong in this and yall have free pass to come scrub it in my face when YOI ends, but like…. I don’t think the whole point of the show is having an antagonist?

Yes, compared to what we know of almost every character (and the writers put some effort in telling why they skate, what are their motivations and a little bit of everyone’s past), Viktor can seem a little… Off? Because the writers don’t dwell as much on his thoughts, and there’s very little we know about him (except he likes surprising people and he’s bored of winning at this point).

(I mean, look at this smile. It looks really fucking fake, even for someone thats 24/7 cheery af like Viktor.)

And while this might seem a bit iffy, considering we’re already halfway to the end of the show, I kind of just want to point out that Yuri on Ice is, mainly, about Yuuri (duh, Heloisa, you say, but hold on a second). And Yuuri’s development is really tightly walking together with Viktor’s. Through those episodes, it’s clear that Yuuri has a lot of talent and skill. He is perfectly capable of suceeding (as shown by the perfect copy of Viktor’s routine that won him another gold), except for the fact that he’s insecure and a very anxious person. He still pretty much anxious, even by episode 6, when he is able to perform Eros perfectly, as shown by the fact that he is freaking out about being first place. But I think that this is where Viktor comes through: Yuuri is dealing with his feelings way better this time. He is opening up to someone, which we all know he’s very wary of doing. He doesn’t like showing weakness, don’t like people thinking less of him. But he feels safe when Viktor is listening (the beach scene anyone?). And that’s really important! This is a really nice example of a healthy relationship.

(This is actually the most pure scene is the story of media, fight me on this.)

So, back to my point. Until now, he have been following closely Yuuri’s story, since his failure at the Grand Prix (that wrecked him) and his decision to get back up, to try ice skating, to go “well, I really love this thing, and so I’m going to keep trying, even if my body hurts and I’m tired and upset still”. When Viktor shows up, this resolve strenghtens, and Viktor puts him back on intensive training. Not only that, but Viktor urges him to be more confident and sure of himself. Viktor makes himself available to Yuuri, pushing ever so slightly until Yuuri is able to come to him and talk about what he’s feeling. But! There’s one more thing. It’s not only Yuuri that’s benefiting from it.

(Compare this man’s joy in this pic to the first one. I mean… Yuuri isn’t even close to winning the Grand Prix yet, but Viktor is more happy at his routine – this is before the scores came out – than when he won the gold medal for the 500th time.)

Some speculations have surfaced about Viktor being a very lonely person, which might or might not be true. But well. He was a child prodigy, reached fame at a very young age, and has been in the spotlight ever since, grew under it, every move hyperanalysed to exhaustion. As charming and extroverted as the guy is, that must be tiring. Which probably had a huge impact on his decision to just drop his career and go “well, look at this kid performing my routine better than I did. It would be a shame if I didn’t fly to Japan to coach him”. While we aren’t 100% sure of his full motivations (except Viktor does say that Yuuri creates music when he performs, and that sounds pretty much enough of a motivation, considering that Viktor wants to surprise and be surprised and wants passion, most of all) and past and wishes, etc, etc. What we have of Viktor right now is his development very strongly intertwined with Yuuri’s.

And, I mean… Viktor looks absolutely thrilled with Yuuri. Even more than Yuuri himself because, even when he’s building his confidence, Yuuri is still aware that a) people aren’t taking him that seriously just yet, b) everyone wants Viktor back to performing and c) most think Viktor is wasting his time. So, honestly, tha fact that Yuuri basically raises the middle finger (although, yes, metaphorically) with his performance to every single one of these people, because he doesn’t care how much they cry out, he did fucking stole Viktor. Deal with it, he says. So it’s safe to assume Viktor is more than slightly encouraging Yuuri to think like that.

Would all of this be necessary if Viktor was only doing this because he wants to create a new competitor worth of his time (when, I don’t know, Yurio seems strong enough to steal Viktor of his first place without so much extra care)? Would all this endless flirting and touching and intimacy be necessary to build up Yuuri’s confidence? Would Viktor actually say Yuuri to seduce him just to, you know, build His Straight Friend confidence? Would Viktor do all of this just to get more attention, when the reactions of everyone of their closeness isn’t even of shock at this point? Like, Phichit posts a picture of Viktor half naked all over Yuuri on the internet and the worries are “will people think I’m fooling around before competition?” and not that he’s fooling around with Viktor instead? Besides some embarassed reactions like Minami watching them hug, the whole affectionate thingy isn’t really a surprise anymore. Sure, photographers took a lot of pictures of Viktor and Yuuri hugging during the Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu Championship but, as showed on episode 6, Viktor is all over Yuuri any chance he’s got.

On live television, also… Just like Yuuri’s love confession (also, I super recommend reading this post on Yuuri’s speech. Just read all of OP’s posts because great analysis! And great translations!).

So, anyway, my point is that, if Viktor is doing this for pure and only his personal gain, he takes his objectives really fucking overboard and should get some sort of acting prize.

And my other point is that, if the show ends up making Viktor some sort of evil-only self-absorbed selfish douchebag, it won’t be a plot twist, it will be bad writing and very misleading (and I’m not only saying this because of the past episodes: both the open and ending of the anime are very upbeating; the tone of the anime and its writing are overall light, even when dealing with hard issues; etc).

Also can we just drop the whole narrative of same sex/gender relationships always having heavy drama, because it’s really getting tiring at this point. The drama is the Grand Prix, it’s all these fucking skaters trying their best and falling and getting up again, it’s the literal depression Yuuri went through and is trying to get out of with the help of Viktor and everyone else. That’s enough drama, don’t yall think?


a series of unlikely crossovers

After the carousel of emotions that provoked me the winter finale and the pre infarct that I suffered after seeing the kiss between marco and jackie I conclude that I loved the line of events, not because I¨m jarco team  One of the main reasons I saw the serie was shipping marco and star,  It was just a pleasure to see how star who is a girl who only thinks about going through great adventures and having fun with a smile on her face act so emotional and sensitive, She showed so many expressions that she had never shown before and that leave her usual character, it was so beautiful, While the red moon be in the sky will act as the red thread of fate sealing the fate of two souls who are destined to love each other, I am exciting to see how star shows us more expressions of a normal teenager who is not willing to let herself snatch what is hers

I don’t want to get involved in the drama but I just want to say that there were So Many Issues with s4 and 99% of them have nothing to do with johnlock, so please don’t reduce the entire argument to that just because you don’t ship it.

People have legitimate, reasonable issues with this series that merit discussion and to throw the “you just wanted them to be together” argument in our faces is to ignore all of that in favour of blind faith in the show.

Zuko and Katara did everything a couple would do actually, they trusted eachother, fought, ate, cried and slept near eachother. Only thing they didn’t do is be intimate on a physical level. But their relationship is very deep and intimate on a intellectual level. Their love and care for eachother is undisputable. I have seen many other shows with canon couples who don’t have the relationship that Zuko and Katara have, which is based on the mutual respect and understanding of one another. And that is why I ship them so hard.

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► 20. Paige Michalchuk & Ellie Nash

“I can’t believe I won’t hear your daily fashion tips anymore.” “And I can’t believe we lived with each other for a year without murder.” “There’s still time.”

I came out to have a good time

and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now by my own gay thoughts. :’)

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  • haikyuu!!: so many things you can ship! legendary animation that slays my existence!
  • attack on titan: seamless animation and such a diverse storyline with so many characters with different backgrounds and personalities! such an amazing show! so many ships!
  • one punch man: so funny! amazing character designs and the most humorous storyline in ages! such a relatable main character! great ships!
  • love live: so many lovely characters! the show is pure and adorable! the ships are amazing!
  • me: still not better than yoi
What amazes me on voltron fandom is

That there are actually kids that believe with all their heart, with all their soul and with every cell in their body, that their OTP is going to be cannon. Im not saying that i dont want it to be, but why have so many expectations? Why dont just enjoy the fucking show. Are you gonna hate the show after your ship is not cannon?
Sorry not sorry but.. seriously… why.


Part one of my Victuuri comic is finally done!

No real romance in this one, there’ll be more in the upcoming parts!

I hope you enjoy it until here, all the pictures you see are based on actual parts from the show, as you can probably see, the next parts will be more free style.

Other characters will make appearances later on. 

Part 1 >> Next >> Latest


read from right to left.

A-typical April

I want to start a thing. 

I love my ML fandom. I do, more than any other fandom I have been a part of. 

But in the last 3 months I have seen a distressing amount of posts come across my dash of people feeling that Non- Lovesquare things get overlook or worse actively criticized and even harassed. This is a problem. Not because people shouldn’t like what they like ::aggressively cuddles my Marichat square::: but because there are SO MANY THINGS that are great about this show that aren’t JUST the love square. 

SO I am proposing a thing. A-typical April. a slew of prompts and challenges that have nothing to do with the lovesquare. Lets celebrate the friendships, the kwamis, the families, other ships- canon or noncanon!, heck the villains! I will personally put aside time to have a day of Gorilla appreciation! That man needs more love! 

As we get closer and closer to the premiere of season 2 let’s take some time to appreciate everything else wonderful in the ML fandom! 

Anyone else up for it? 

I just needed to rant about Karamel a bit so...

That first moment Mon-el arrived on the show, I knew what was going to happen. I know they were going to pair him with Kara. Say what you want, but I knew. I’ve seen it before, on so many shows it’s unbelievable. The white, male love interest seems to be the standard for ruining good, family shows like Supergirl and Once Upon a Time.

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So, I just wanna be clear–one of the reasons why I’ve enjoyed supergirl so much is the amount of shipping material

and by that, I mean this show is so focused on women, and the relationships between women. Like there are so many female characters and they all have such good chemistry with each other that in most other shows, there isn’t even the potential for multi-shipping really

so p much what i’m saying is just bc i ship one thing doesn’t mean i don’t care about the other. like just because i’m currently eating pasta doesn’t at all detract that i will inhale a lemon bar, or think about having a lemon bar for dessert. usually i don’t multiship but oh my god there is so much chemistry between all these actresses that i just keep going oh my god *smashes drink* AnOTHER

so yeah, i pretty much ship all things femslash on supergirl ngl

(also i’m just saying why argue over ships when you can make an ot3 and/or “oh my god i’m not at all jealous of you rn (that’s a lie i’m insanely jealous))

                                      Regarding Shipping

Okay since I’ve come back into the Johnlock fandom (been a fan since Granada;) I’ve noticed a very toxic attitude towards anyone who doesn’t ship Johnlock especially since + I love you line in the trailer.

Now personally I think it might link to Sherrinford Holmes (which I have waited literally a decade for, the smartest of all the brothers exciting :D) and I have lots of different theories on that one line not just johnlock;)

I would point out all the evidence for Johnlock but I’m here to view the other side as well so watch TJLC & her many theories on Johnlock (highly recommend)

But I have noticed that SOME BBC Johnlockers have been very over defensive of the ship to anyone who has a different opinion on the show.

Throwing around words like “Troll, heteronormative etc.” to anyone who doesn’t believe in that ship.

I saw one rude post saying how Canon Sherlock book readers only like straight ships(untrue Johnlockers are older than spock x kirk) and didn’t understand being gay back then…… didn’t know you were a time traveller! On a serious note all us book readers get times were different then!

I even saw one YouTube comment say “If you believe Sherlock is asexual or just friends your homophobic”

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This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve read!

Being asexual myself this upset me.

Also the misuse of the word homophobia which a serious issue being trivialised and used in completely the wrong context.

Thus it prompted me to write this post.

I can tell that Benedict is playing an Asexual he has even said so in interviews.

BUT this does not mean that Johnlock cant be real. Asexual’s can be very romantic actually :)

Sherlock for my me has always been my asexual hero he doesn’t need to have a GF or BF his love is his work :) This pic describes me perfectly!

Like Sherlock I have had the if you don’t have a BF you must be gay Q before. How about asexual’s aren’t intrested in anybody!

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As TPLOSH says “Your being presumptuous.”

If you ship Sherlock as gay, asexual(lots of evidence for both) or straight(evidence for this too as Sherlock said he has though of taking a wife , also Irene adler) I’m happy with that btw <3

People are allowed to ship people as just friends I mean heck I ship Frodo and Sam as friends. Some ship them as lovers fair nuff :)

Even I have shipped Johnlock as a friendship depending on which show I’m watching.  

If people like Sherlolly or sheriarty let them ship it ffs nothing worse than ship shaming!

What I want people to understand is just because 2 people are friends doesn’t mean they are just friends or on the other hand in love.

I have had friendships like ‘Johnlock’ and people shipped me and the person but were we up to anything. Not a jot!

Eve contact ,hugs etc even friends say I love you just as families do yet again lovers do that too!

 Relationships are far more complex than subtext allows!

Also the classic oh if they are a boy & girl they would /must be together. That trope must go #justsaying

Though on a serious note the obsessive nagging got to one of my friends (really frustrated and annoyed them as it did me)

So if you ship people in real life and they say they are friends, no matter what signals you think you see take their word for it!

We will all see what happens in the next two eps personally I don’t think they will kiss.

If they do kiss I will jump for joy <3

I think it looks like John and Sherlock will go their separate ways and then in 10 years (which I think they are hinting at in interviews) We will have old Sherlock like the Mr Holmes movie!

 Regarding representation in the LGBTA community yes we need more representation but we need more new main characters who being gay or asexual isn’t their biggest trope.

E.g Sherlock asexual but everyone knows him as a detective

So whoever you ship or however you view a character that’s fantastic its your imagination I encourage it!

Please don’t burn other peoples ships or opinions !!!!!

Maybe look at their opinion a little more than throwing it into total disregard or using cores out of text language to shut down the conversation.

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this is a rant explaining why I think Yurio x Otabek is okay and my annoyances with people against it. read at your own risk.


I don’t understand the whole “You can’t ship Yurio with Otabek! He’s 15!” thing because when tf did I say I wanted them to have underaged sex?? There’s a difference between having sex and dating romantically ya weirdos.

I’ve known so many people who dated younger than 15 in high school. That is perfectly fine without sex. It is legal too lmao.
Also, the age of consent changes everywhere. Where I am from (Canada), it is 16.
Considering Yurio is 15 rn and it’s December in the show, he’d be 16 in March, his birthday. Otabek and Yurio seem like they would take time to form a relationship, even longer than 3 months, which is when Yurio would be able to consent. So, them dating rn wouldn’t even be problematic because by the time they are ready for sex, Yurio is old enough to consent.
That’s just for 16 consent age too. If consent is older somewhere like 18, I’m sure that Otabek would wait cause he seems like a nice, calm dude. (Ugh can’t believe I gotta write this out for fictional characters too. JFC Tumblr. w/e it’s been bothering me for a while)

This is something that just annoys me on tumblr like “you can’t ship them!! too young!! and 3 year age gap ew!!” But then y'all be like “if it’s two consenting adults, it’s ok!!” Like ok I agree with that but, you are a complete hypocrite if you go “3 years are too much!!” one second and then say a 25 year old can have sex with a 40 year old the next. What is this logic and reasoning??
Yes, both parties should be legally consenting but don’t pull this shit like “oh 3 years is too much” but then say “15 year age gap is fine if they’re adults.”
Just saying “Hey that’s underage so no” is fine, because one or more members cannot consent. Why the hell is the age gap brought in??
Yuuri and Viktor have a 4 year gap and that’s fine, but you guys are disgusted with 3 years for Otabek and Yurio even when it’s aged up. (I seriously don’t get this, if anyone wants to explain it to me, feel free.)

To summarize: I ship Yurio and Otabek romantically. That is legally okay. I think that they should have sex when they can both consent (which varies on location).
I do not like y'all pulling this shit of “it is gross because he’s too young” because that only applies to sex. It doesn’t address romantic feelings at all which is at the core of every ship. In conclusion, please keep your negative bullshit away from a ship, especially when you’re not considering the age of consent in locations besides your own. And please simply say something is underaged (which is the real issue) rather than saying there’s an age gap (because that doesn’t apply when they’re older).

Hello there......

I’m completely new to this fandom, I came across Outlander totally by accident in August….was actually trying to find Poldark and that shirtless Aiden Turner scene ha ha!! Saw a few articles on Outlander’s Season 2 finale & how gut-wrenching it was & thought that was the same show so ended up googling the wrong thing but was intrigued by the story line & being Irish, loved that Cait was too.

Literally hooked from the beginning and binged watched the whole two seasons in like a week…..and have pretty much re-watched both seasons about twenty times or more!! With all shows I watch, I always want certain characters to be together and have shipped so many of them over the years and live for their chemistry. And I always love finding out if the actors are together in real life or not (most aren’t) but just even just watching their friendship & fun chemistry off screen is enough for me.

With these two however I was like there is no doubt they are together after watching some of their early interviews, I was going in blind, this was before reading anything about these two or searching shipper blogs but I was like its so obvious, they are adorable with one another so I starting watching literally every interview I could find of them and that just seemed to back it up!!

I was already on Tumblr for other things but just started with this blog recently (thought about time) but when I first discovered Outlander, I followed a lot of blogs, the obvious most popular ones that were suggested…..I soon began to learn that there were two sides, those that don’t believe they are couple and those that do or at the very least wished/hoped they are/will be, didn’t bother me initially, was like I’m here for them and Outlander but I quickly began to see the hate and name calling and total utter disgraceful behaviour on blogs and all of which were the ones claiming they are not a couple…..Anti’s/truthers/idiots….whatever you want to call them!!. That’s fine if that’s your belief but why waste so much energy and time spreading this much hate on a daily basis…..it baffles me??

There is so much horrific things happening in the world right now and thank my lucky stars I get to wake up every morning, healthy & happy & the worst thing about my day is going to work (which I actually do enjoy)!! I’m not getting executed, raped, tortured, I’m not risking my life and my children’s crossing seas facing death to escape a hell worse off. Yes I have issues that are relevant to me but I make the choice every day whether I’m going to be happy or not & I chose to look on these Tumblr blogs because I am lucky enough to have access to a computer and the internet…..sounds crazy to us but there are sooooo many who don’t get to experience this luxury at all and we do on a daily basis & when I do it’s always fun, and spreading happiness about the chemistry of two people (doesn’t matter whether they are fictional characters or real) or whether they are in a relationship off-screen……everyone on these shipper blogs agree on definitely one thing which is the insane chemistry and fun these two have!! 

To be honest I think it’s crazier to start blogs and fan wars over fictional characters who don’t exist and never will so all arguments are kinda pointless in that regard because its not REAL. To see two real people who exist in reality and have crazy chemistry that not only fans but cast, crew and the media have all picked up on & to want them to be together……that’s crazy??? Ugh so confused. I really wish those Anti’s would put their truth seeking expertise to actual use and determine if there really is a god or an afterlife or if gentlemen really do prefer blondes???

Anyways just wanted to say, I love this ship whether it’s a reality or not….who knows except for Sam & Cait, I still ship them because I believe they should be together, I don’t know them, prob never will but hey I don’t know god and never will and plenty of peeps believe in him, I aint starting no blogs hating on all things religious & calling people who do believe crazy just cos I don’t believe….each to their own……you can’t police people’s minds!! Onwards and upwards I say!!