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What was your favourite parts in the movie? I'd love to hear what touched you.

Ooooh boy…

I apologize in advance for how long this is going to be, but I feel the need to get it out. The movie in it’s entirety struck a cord with me, but there was a moment that really struck home and I’m sure it had an effect on all of us in some way.

This scene right here-

I mean it is a pretty somber moment, and the music in this sort of montage that plays fits perfectly. It’s hurts the heart to see and it really did hit home with me. Now I may be gettin’ a bit too personal here, but I think a lot of people who have family members in their life just walk out or mistreat them can sympathize and feel the pain Jim’s feeling. I certainly do, because I had an abusive father. I was around young Jim’s age here when I realized that. He didn’t have any love for me or my younger siblings and he was never home; in fact he was behind bars for several years and though is out now doesn’t care to even acknowledge we exist. Now Jim’s father may have loved him and left for important reasons, but we ndon’t really know. Young me could relate to the pain of having someone just leave and not seem to care.

And seeing his poor mother like this; it’s something I’ve seen in my own mother who raised us on our own our entire lives. It’s heartbreaking, but it was relatable. I felt connected to this movie; maybe just for my own personal projection of my own life on to it, but it helped me cope. I didn’t feel as alone. That I wasn’t the only one who could go through something like this, and that is very important to realize and learn at a young age.

Also this right here-

Again, maybe it’s just personal feelings projecting onto this movie, but I felt this was a moment Jim realized that he didn’t necessarily need his father in his life. He could just let him go. That there could be others and would be others that would help him grow, teach him, and encourage him. It doesn’t all have to come from one source. He could be happy and move on and be supported and in turn support others.

This helped me to grow as a person, to accept the things that had happened, to let them go, and to move forward.

And also here at the end.

Everything came together for him. He’s surrounded by the mother that worked so hard to care for him; that sacrificed for him. He’s surrounded by the friends he’s made; that also love and care for him. He also seems to have gained some self confidence and pride; like all the doubts he once had are finally lifted. There is hope. There are people who will be there for you (even if they take some time to meet) and people that do care for you. Sometimes it’s just hard to see at first, but here…

I mean look at him. It’s like he’s just soaking in all he’s got; not just in the moment, but for the future. Everything’s going to be okay. Life can be miserable, but there’s always tomorrow and there will always be people willing to listen.

I took a lot from this movie growing up, and I think it’s helped me more then I ever thought an animated film could. I’m even more thankful however that it’s helped and inspired so many others as well.

I’m sorry for spillin’ my guts like this, but now I’d like to know:

What touched you the most? What part made you laugh the most? What did you find the most relatable? I would really love to hear it!! Also thank you for asking me! I may have thrown out more then you were expecting, but I do appreciate your time. <3

Thank you again!!

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Screencap redraw from Film Z

I absolutely love Nami’s coat in this movie. Also Nami and Robin have matching sunglasses I didn’t notice that before!!

this has been in my wips folder for so long I can’t find the original pic I worked off anymore whoops