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Can you give us new fans a quick rundown on what happened prior to the golden globes and IFH? And why you think they were going to come out as a couple?

Hii yes ofc!! I love that we have so many newbies!!!

Okay I wish I could provide a link to the actual post I made about this while it was happening that’s filled with screen caps of everything but since I deleted my old blog that’s impossible so I’m going off of memory.

Basically for most of 2015 Sam and Cait were acting like a pair of loved up teenagers and that turned into many of us believing they got married that year. There was some drama when they’d turn up places with other people, but looking at how things are now it’s pretty obvious that it was just the usual fuckery. It all started with the PCA’s in January, then the marathon and Paley in March and finally Comic Con in July. They had been flirty before but this seemed different. Sam tweeted about feeling so lucky and blessed a few days before the marathon and at the end of the year when we started adding things up we thought that might have been when he proposed to her.

It really started off when Sam bought a family kilt in August of that year. It was meant to be ready that December so we just kind of decided on that month as their wedding. It was really just speculation and wishful thinking but it kind of took off and turned into them getting married. Cait began liking and posting things of costars who were also married. Sam liked my tweet that September saying he was married to Cait. Then we had lots of online flirty interactions like Cait saying he looked better out of a kilt than in, and him saying there was no contest between her and any other woman. Cait was also liking lots of seriously deep, romantic quotes on IG.

At this point it was still just speculation that a wedding was happening but then at the beginning of December we found out lots of Cait’s friends flew into London and both of them happened to be down there that weekend. Then when they came back Sam tweeted the infamous celebratory macaroons tweets and the rest was kind of history. It just seemed to fit with our theory so we went with it. 

The week of promo in January (including the GG’s) was their first public outing since their “wedding” so that’s why we assumed it would be their coming out party. That still seemed to be a possibility during their “flirty Thursday” interview which was the day before the IFH. 

Obviously no one knows what truly happened and why they were suddenly forced to deny being a couple but I know for a fact Sam (and KDS) were visibly upset that day. Right now I don’t know if I still believe that they actually got married but I do still think they’re in a relationship and have been all along. Sorry this was all over the place but that’s the gist of it! 

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Do you think Lena knows that Kara is Supergirl?

Hi Anon.

I hope you are doing well. Thank you for the question. 

Does Kara love potstickers? ;-)

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I believe the answer to your question and the one I just posed would be a resounding ‘yes’. 

2.19 just further reinforced that Lena is wickedly smart. If she figured out Queen Rhea was an alien so quickly, I would think that she would be able to figure out that Kara is not of this Earth too. 

I mean Rhea tipped her off with the ‘gods’ comment and I think some of the schooling jargon. Lena then further confirmed her hunch with her alien detection device. This all occurred very, very quickly. 

Kara ‘I flew here on a bus’ Danvers has given Lena ample evidence for her to be a bit curious about her mild mannered reporter friend. 

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-Kara’s very close friendship with Supergirl.

-Kara’s immediate defense of aliens + her reaction to the detection device.

-Um, Kara’s disguise? I know it’s comic lore and I certainly respect that, but Lena has been around both Kara and Supergirl a lot at this point…so maybe she’d at least notice a certain familiarity?

 -Kara seems to know a lot about particular situations that she probably shouldn’t know about. 

-Kara/Supergirl showing up after Lena has interacted with Kara/Supergirl. So, the balcony rescue or the Kryptonite-Explosion-Kara-Danvers-Believes-In-You event. They both seem to always be there for Lena at just the right time.

-The list goes on, so etc. 

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Also, Lena has purposefully (imo) made some remarks or reactions that seem to indicate she knows of Kara’s double life. Most notably: 


-”Well, that’s lucky!”…Seriously, her reaction was that of forced surprise. There have been many screen caps of her expression because most viewed it as comical because she has to know, given that reaction. 

-”What’s your kryponite?” ….I’m not sure if this needs an explanation. I believe Lena was messing with Kara about her Supergirl  identity when she asked this. 

- “ Supergirl may have saved me, but Kara Danvers, you are my hero”. Lena acknowledges both aspects of Kara with this line, but more importantly she states that Kara is her hero. I think she purposefully did that because she’s grateful to both, but knows that there is only one Kara, who’s also Supergirl.  

-The list goes on, so etc.

Both the comics and the show’s canon establishes that Lena Luthor is brilliant. She’s a genius. 

I believe that Lena Luthor is aware of Kara’s double identity. 

Why hasn’t Lena brought up the fact that Kara looks amazing in primary colors? 

Because Lena Luthor is very understanding and supportive of Kara Danvers. 

This character trait is supported by: 


-Early on in their relationship, Lena aids Kara by giving her information on Roulette because Kara asked for help.

 -Lena not being angry that Kara missed their kombucha date, rather she visited Kara at CatCo to make sure she was okay. 

-Lena inquiring about Kara’s well-being when she notices Kara’s failed attempts at ‘grief baking’

-The series of phone calls in 2.19. Lena could tell Kara was upset just by her voice and later called her again to check on her. Also, scored herself another date.

-the list goes on, so etc. Lena is really amazing, okay? 

So, why hasn’t Lena confronted Kara about Supergirl? 

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Because she’s respecting Kara by letting her tell her when she’s ready.



I’ve been dying to see a more intimate interaction besides the forehead poke.

I mean, another forehead poke would be fine, but shit - they can do other couple stuff than that! They’re married, jesus.

Like, Sakura leaning on Sasuke’s shoulder as they watch Sarada, and they look at each other (eye smex here) and Sakura just smiles giddily and Sasuke smirks with the slightest blush -

Or maybe, another intense eye smex followed, I repeat followed by Sasuke finally saying (and hearing him) “I’m home, Sakura” (and possibly a hint they’re gonna have some rough passionate night after god knows how much pent up sexual frustration Sasuke has yielded for being gone)

Or Sakura and Sarada at home, someone knocks on the door, but Sarada is too busy doing shits so Sakura opens it. BOOM Sasucakes in all his sexy daddy glory , Sakura blushes and we’ll hear the all familiar “Sasuke-kun” from her, like shit man, only Sakura knows how to speak Sasuke’s name like that with a sweet smile and Sasuke replies with I’m home, a small smile like the one from Gaiden after he left his wife and daughter or on EP500 when he looked back after Sakura read his one worded message, only this time Sakura will finally fucking see it, then Sarada comes saying ‘Papa!’ 

Or Sasuke placing his hand on his wife’s waist while you know, strolling around the streets of Konoha, their Uchiha crest proudly on display then Sarada greets them or just plainly Sasuke’s way of showing his affection for Sakura.

Or Sakura clinging to Sasuke’s arm as Naruto greets them on the street, (Sasucakes’ hand on her waist works perfectly fine here too!)

Naruto be like - “So you’re back huh?” grinning as he sees their close proximity
Sasuke - “Hn.” (insert smirk here and a blush i guess?)
Sakura is just all smiles because fuck, sexy husband is HOME GURL NO MORE LONELY NIGHTS!

Okay, maybe cling is too much but walking side by side BUT REALLY FUCKING CLOSE, ARMS TOUCHING AND ALL but come on, I’ve seen how Sasuke is more open to emotions in the last episodes, HE EVEN GAVE HER A PIGGY BACK RIDE IN THE LATEST NARUTO GAME SO YES, CLINGING IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED AND NOT OOC AT ALL

UGH gawd. I’m so sorry but I just have to let this out. I have so many scenes in my head that can work in the Boruto anime should they finally include Sasuke and Sakura. I’m not a NaruHina hater, it’s just this triggered me. I’ve been dying to see another scene from these two! NH got a wedding goddamnit. I know kissing scenes are far from possible BUT there are so many fucking ways to portray a SasuSaku PDA other than the obvious ones!


* edit: Reduced the ALL CAPS lels. Am sorry if it hurt your eyes but this was a spur of the moment rant.

Also - I know Sasuke hasn’t returned yet, this is me hoping SxS gets the same amount of fluff NxH has, and SP will hopefully animate some of the suggested scenes. *crosses fingers*

hey pals so @cruvcio wanted to know how I made the doodle gifs in this post so I thought id make a little tutorial (pls bear with me this is my first time making a tutorial✨)

- okay so to start, I use photoshop (you can find great free download links at @yeahps​, @itsphotoshop​, or @completeresources​ ) so you want to open that up with your picture or blank canvas or whatever you want to doodle on

- next you want to go to your timeline (if you can’t see it, go to the tab windows –>timeline and make sure its ticked), click create frame animation, and then create 3 or 4 frames (the number depends on how much movement you want between doodles)

- next you want to create some new layers and you want the same number of layers as the number of frames you created 

- this is the fun part! select your first layer and doodle whatever you want (you can experiment with brushes and colours and all that fun stuff) and then once you’re done, select you second layer

- say you’re just doing little squiggly lines like the header on this, draw the lines on the second layer slightly to the left of the ones on your first layer. then once you’ve done that repeat for third layer and so on. in the end, with all your layers selected it might look a bit mad like this:

… but that’s fab

- next you want to make sure that your frames and layers match up, so when you click on the first frame, only the eye next to your first doodle layer is showing, etc. etc. for all your frames/layers (it makes more sense if you just look at the screen cap, i’m terrible at explaining)

- on the timeline bar, choose how many seconds you want each frame to be showing for (I used 0.2s for this, but I normally use anywhere between 0.05 and 0.3) and make sure that its showing forever (so the gif doesn’t stop)

- go to file –> save for web, and wham kablam you’re done!

I hope this was helpful, pls like/reblog if it was, and if you have any more questions just hmu  💛

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Do you have a favorite screen cap?

I don’t think it’s possible to pick just one, tbh! I go through so many screencaps every day, and I constantly enjoy them. I can say that I love all the expressions you can find in any of Jack’s vids, and I’m a fan of screencaps where Mark makes this face: B[

There are too many good ones, though; I can’t choose!

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look, there’s a lot of things we’re hoping will happen in VLD. but my biggest hope is that all the characters’ ethnicities are explicitly stated at some point in the show. not only for me, but also for all the casual viewers - who are most likely the young kids this show is actually aimed towards lol. 

i mean it’s pretty obvious that lance and hunk are characters of color. we were blessed enough that they were drawn with undeniable brown skin. but their ethnicities aren’t common knowledge to people who don’t keep up with the VAs/show creators. there are kids out there who can relate to their skin color, but don’t know that lance is cuban or that hunk is samoan!!! that is just as important as being able to identify with a character because of skin color!

for example, as a latina myself one of the major reasons i live and die for lance is simply because he’s good latinx rep. just that in and of itself makes me insanely happy, because i can relate to him on some level. but being able to relate when it comes to ethnicity is just something else. i’m not cuban myself, both my parents are from guatemala. but my big “i can relate ethnically to this person” was when i heard that oscar isaac was a fellow guatemalteco i binge watched the entire star wars franchise just to go support him when the force awakens came out. knowing that we connected through ethnicity and not just race was so fulfilling!

there are cuban/samoan children who would love to know that lance and hunk could possibly share the same culture as them. like it’s everything to know about ethnicities. 

that’s why i for one can’t wait until lance says “i’m just a boy from cuba” unless it’s said in a negative context. imagine all the cuban kids with brown skin who are gonna be like: “he’s like me!!!”

also explicitly stating ethnicities would clear up any confusion on shiro’s behalf since so many people think he’s white. like the only reason i know he isn’t is because i have this blog and saw the fine print in that one screen cap that showed his full name was: takashi shirogane. ugh there are kids out there who are embarrassed about their all too ethnic names and this kind of rep is a blessing!!!! (at least i think so) i know i needed it when i was younger - and still do - so i really hope that this is taken into account and that lance/hunk/shiro can at one point or another actually verbally say something that links them with their ethnicities. 


Supergirl Season 1 Appreciation Week

day 5 - april 21th : best episode or scene(s) AKA CHOO CHOO BITCH THE ANGST TRAIN HAS REACHED THE STATION

These two episodes kill me every time.

For the Girl who has Everything

I love Krypton. Moreover, I love Kara’s Krypton. It is one of the biggest differences between Supergirl and Superman’s story and it’s also the reason why Supergirl will always be more fascinating because to Kara, Krypton was a real place. It was her home. It’s all she knew for 13 years and she had a life there. She expected to live out her life there. She’s the heiress to the noble House of El, she was going to go into the Science Guild, she was going to get matched by the Matrix. Kara lost all hope of having anything normal when Krypton died. In a way, her life ended as well.

And in this episode, we get a glimpse of what that life would have been like. Her parents are alive, her Aunt Astra is back with them, Kal-El’s barely a teenager (and you can see he adores her). The screen cap I chose above, while alien to anyone else, is Kara’s normal. It makes Kara’s love for the Wizard of Oz kind of tragic because in the end, Dorothy gets to leave the strange place. Kara doesn’t.

This episode is amazing for so many reasons but getting to see Krypton is what made it really special for me.


This episode. Wow. It’s one of those that makes me nervous and excited when I watch it because this episode is fantastic. We’ve already discussed this episode at length so I’ll keep this short. I absolutely love Red Kryptonite Kara. And I think what I love most about her is that she has no time for any of the quirks that she built into Kara Danvers to make her completely ordinary. RedK Kara is graceful, she’s aware of her god like powers and relishes it, she hates her cutesy wardrobe and dresses boldly because she knows she is stunning and is not going to hide it anymore, she stands tall, she wears a very understated costume where her family crest isn’t in your face because that’s how it would’ve been on Krypton. And the thing is, she feels alien, whether or not she’s using her powers. RedK Kara is almost none of Kara Danvers, the authority and power of Supergirl, and the elegance of Kara Zor-El, all wrapped into one. But darker. Because our Kara Zor-El, the real Kara Zor-El, would never be cruel.


George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, in Rishikesh, 1968; screen capped from The Beatles Anthology

“George was the most interested in the inner journey - a young man, only 24 […], of enormous fame and yet remarkable humility. He changed my life.” - Paul Saltzman, Examiner, 19 September 2009

“One moment remains etched in [Paul] Saltzman’s memory. ‘George was practising the sitar and it was just the two of us sitting together. George said - he said this without any ego, [he was] a very calm, very wonderful man - "Like we are The Beatles, after all, aren’t we? We have all the money we could ever dream of, we have all the fame you could ever wish for, but it isn’t love, it isn’t health, it isn’t peace inside, is it?”
‘The sentence George said to me impacted on me hugely so I have never forgotten that,’ says Saltzman.” - The Telegraph India, 27 March 2005

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How many lovey dovey moments did the Diazes have so far in screen caps? "Diaz Family Vacation", "Royal Pain" (maybe), "Storm the Castle", "Camping Trip", and "Raid the Cave"

I think you got them all. We might include them reading together in The Bounce Lounce

and them embarassing their son together in Starcrushed


On day 2 Keisuke ends up doing some karate and then somehow got his hands on a training pole and started doing some forms with it and no amount of descriptors could possibly do this justice, so have a sequence of pathetic screen caps. 

I died many times over during this DVD.

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Hey! :) so my friend and I were talking about queen's gambit and how awesome it was that we had both played it and that led to talking about emily's route (my ultimate fav. I love that route so much and I have so many screen caps!!) and he said he thought emily never loved shield and was just using her, and I said that she actually did love shield. we couldn't come to a conclusion, so I thought that maybe you, as the writer, could help us settle this? (only if you want to, though!)

Emily Verma loves Shield more than air and water.

Emily Verma loves Shield in a way that defies reason, that goes beyond mortal love and into the realm of actual, literal soul mates.

Emily Verma crossed the oceans, destroyed organizations, and rose up from the ashes solely to get back to her and try and save Shield from suffering the same, terrible fate she did.

She loves her so much it’s a literal, physical ache. She loves Shield so much it drives her fucking crazy. If it weren’t for Shield, Emily would have stayed a straight-up villain and probably taken over the world. (I mean, she plans to do that anyway, but in this new plan she puts Shield in charge because she looks pretty on the throne).

Emily Verma would– and in some routes, pretty much does– tear her own heart out for Shield.

Emily Verma would burn down the world for Shield. In a heartbeat. Never doubt that. It’ll be the last mistake you ever make.

And while you’re here, go tell @sailorscooby “thank you” for making Queen’s Gambit happen ;D

What keeps me going

Writers in general tend to be a depressed lot, and when I am like I have been of late, I get this and it just makes me feel really good, so I screen cap it and it sits on my desktop. All of the beautiful posts from @andantezen and @simsmono (singled out because the last couple days) and everyone else give me so much of all the feels, I sit and read them over and over again they mean so much to me always, but right now even more so… that anyone takes the time to write something, anything, I am so grateful. All words all the little hearts everything is appreciated and nothing is ever taken for granted. I’m so thankful I have so many people who are dedicated to keeping up with my story. I love you guys.


PS you get written sexy time Thursday AND Friday. 😉

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You seemed to really like both VMs programs from ACI do you have any favourite moments?

I did, I enjoyed them both a lot. I’m going to try and do this with gif and screen caps if possible

SD: Sympathy For the Devil

@scottandtess gif (this is the SD practice)

I love the opening to this program, especially Tessa when she does that little twirl will on the picks of blades. Super small detail but I LOVE it.

I love their NTMISS, I think its so much stronger than their Prince one last year, which I remember saying it needed something more. This one is already so strong imo and I’m totally digging the break in the middle of it which is where this screen shot comes from. I’m obsessed with Tessa’s body here and her arm. Like so fierce, so strong, she just snaps right into it and Im obsessed. This is from the actual competition performance. In practice they were both tighter and cleaner with the hit. 

When I watched the practice I actually said it looks like Scott’s out dancing Tessa a bit which I am totally here for. We all know Tessa can move and she fucking moves in this program but its so great that Scott’s really getting into it as well, he’s going for it. 

FD: Moulin Rouge

both gifs courtesy of @icevirtuemoir

I also love the opening for this program. Specifically that little hop- kick Tessa does right at the end of the gif. Tiny movement that captures the perfect essence of the song. 

I don’t even know how much more I can talk about this moment. Its my favourite I think. Its so perfectly in place with the lyrics and the story of Satine dying. She falls so gracefully and it still looks like movement. My absolute favourite

My own gif (you’re welcome for the quality of this bad boy). 

I love this movement. I’m like weirdly obsessed with watching them skate so fast backward like this. And the change in hands, its just a stunning addition.

gif @thatonekimgirl

I have no issue with them reusing their old lifts. I like this one more than the altered Carmen lift only because this one looks like it fuels the story line a bit more. One of the reasons I love MR and the CWM section so much is because its completely character driven. Satine is dying but Christian has no idea. And even in a lift like this the strong arm she comes up with quickly fades softly to her side. That back arch as well - damn. There’s SO much story to tell with CWM but the fact that they’re able to do it in these small movements is incredible to me.

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There's a rumor that Tom Holland no longer gets to read the Infinity War script because he revealed too many Spider Man secrets about the next two Spider Man movies and his character during the Spiderman: Homecoming press. Do you know if there is any truth there?

I saw screen caps of an interview where he (tom holland) said that he wasn’t allowed to read the infinity war script bc he isn’t good at keep secrets so the rumors have been confirmed!!

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P1/2 Good afternoon! Question for you. You seem to not be commenting on a lot. Before you were v vocal about what you thought this or that meant. For example, Sam saying "I would never lie esp to my bosses at Starz". You said it was odd but not really didn't elaborate. Are you quieting down bc you don't care anymore or bc you don't want to be screen capped? I only ask bc I've sent you a few asks about what you think of certain things and you don't answer, which I'm not saying is a bad thing..

P2/2 Lord knows how many hundreds/thousands you answer & I don’t expect you to answer every ask you get. But if it’s bc you don’t care enough to answer I’ll stop sending those types haha. As curious as I am to your opinion I don’t want to bombard you with stuff you don’t want to be bothered with haha. I know you’ve gone back and forth so in the in between I wanna make sure we respect your wishes. Even if we still wanna talk with you about stuff, if you don’t wanna then it’s on us to stfu lol.

Hii anon. I’m glad you brought this up actually! I recognise you (even though you’re anon lol). Even though I don’t always respond, I do read all of your messages so I hope you don’t feel as though you’re being shunned. My inbox is still quite busy surprisingly and I still have a lot to say on basically every subject but most of my opinions are kept private now because 1) I don’t want the hassle of being screen capped and harassed 2) the fandom is basically dead and I don’t feel like many people care enough to read about the same stuff over and over again and 3) there still seems to be a bit of a divide among shippers so I don’t want to perpetuate that by sharing my thoughts when they’re negative most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy talking to you guys and answering your queries but I think I’ve just lost my mojo due to how toxic everything is. I hope that helps you understand :)