i have so many rae feels

my mad fat dairy is important because where else is there a show, and I mean a show that appeals to a major audience, that the big girl gets the guy just for being herself and making plenty of mistakes along the way and their entire road of strangers to friends to lovers is never because of a makeover or because she lost weight or because she changed herself in anyway. he ends up falling in love with her because of her and even when she brings up the fact of how other people might look at them BECAUSE they look like such an “unconventional couple” he tells her he will love who he loves and no one, not even her, can take that away from him and I just have so many feelings about this show I never want it to end

Tadashi Hamada Relationship Headcanons

(A/N: I just have so many thoughts and feelings for Tadashi Hamada and Big Hero 6 in general, so bear with my madness. Thanks. This might be a part one, so if anyone wants a part two, just hit me up.  -Mod Rae)


  • -There are so many students at the San Fransokyo Institute Of Technology Tadashi hardly can keep track of anyone’s names between his classes, the cafe, taking care of Hiro, working on Baymax, and hanging out with his friends.
    • -He was late to class one morning, as he rushed down the halls half-asleep. Tadashi took a sharp turn around a corner, colliding into you, knocking you both on your (ass) bottoms.
    • -He apologized profusely, taking a minute to recollect himself and just breathe. 
    • -Tadashi offers you a hand to stand up, both of you sorting out the mess of papers flying out of your textbook. “Thanks, your name is Tadashi, right?” You ask politely. “Yeah, how’d you know?” He questioned, his half-asleep mind not yet able to piece things together. With a kind smile you held up a paper with his name written on the top. “So then your name must be (Y/N)?” Tadashi held up a paper with your name written on the top. “Actually no, I was gathering homework for my best friend.” You joked at first, but the quizzical look he gave you made you quickly correct yourself. “That was a joke, my name is (Y/N). It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
  • -When the two of you know you’ll be burning the midnight oil, Tadashi will occasionally surprise you with tea or coffee, and vice versa. 
  • -You decided to keep a spare blanket with you, since Tadashi had spent many nights working in his lab. You sometimes find him asleep and drooling on his desk. Occasionally you check his pulse to make sure the boy isn’t dead.
  • -Fred makes up a personalized nickname of your own and you can’t help but feel truly accepted between the group of friends.
  • -Tadashi introduces you to the Lucky Cat Cafe, which you had studied at before. Though you didn’t know Tadashi and his family were the ones who owned and worked it. 
  • -On days where you’re sick, you try not to tell Tadashi. You know he’d want to care for you, and you don’t need him stressing over more things than he already is.
    • -Tadashi sees through it anyway, and always leaves a container of soup Aunt Cass made specially for you to help fight of sickness, at your doorstep. 


  • -It came as a shock to some people to find out you two started dating. Most had already believed you two were dating already.
    • -Aunt Cass was especially surprised by this, since when he first introduced you to her, she believed the situation was you two being on a date.
  • -Regardless of who asked who out, it took a lot of courage to get the words out there. The thought of going from friends to dating was worrying at times for the both of you,
    • -“What would happen between us if we broke up?” “What if they don’t see me that way as I do them?” “What would Honey, Gogo, Fred, and Wasabi think?”
    • -Lots and lots of worries.
  • -But as soon as you guys started dating, it didn’t seem like much had changed. In fact you were glad that you two started off as friends first. It built a good foundation for a relationship.
  • -Everyone practically loved you two together, even Hiro. You two are definitely a dynamic duo for more than one aspect.
  • -You two are sluts for holding each other’s hands. You two wil; have a pinky intertwined, all of your fingers laced, or just simply your hands being near one another.
  • -Whenever you guys have time, you love just simply touching in some aspect, long hugs, cuddling, hand holding, etc.
  • -Even when you two are rushed, you always find time for quick kisses, quick catch ups about how your day is doing, or even a fun fist bump and a shared laugh.
  • -You’ve gone to Tadashi’s home to help Cass make dinner. Sometimes she makes the mistake of leaving you two alone and the food almost ends up everywhere but your mouths. Cute food fights are always a thing.
  • -Very simple but romantic dates, walking together just talking about life, movie dates at home and cuddling, going on fast food trips at 2am when you’re up late burning the midnight oil in your labs.
  • -There’s many times where you’ve fallen asleep on the phone together, because you two can talk about anything and everything all night.
    • -Hiro absolutely hates it.

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Ummm Anon... what that other anon (you perhaps?) said... IT WAS NOT AN OPINION!!! It was hate mail. It was rude, mean and directed at Rae's writing and "how she has so many loyal followers" it wasn't an opinion at all. An opinion would have been "I don't think you get the characterizations right" or "I think your smut all sounds the same" (both which are not true) but instead it started with "you're so fake"... see the difference Nonnie? I can... others can... but you can't.

I missed this somehow yesterday, but I appreciate it. ^_^ People will say what they want, doesn’t bother me. I feel a lot more love than hate around here, so it’s all good! Thank you so much and tons of love to you!

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Bath Time

“You want to what?”

His jade eyes priced in to hers as his mouth formed a permitting smirk. The one fang that he so desperately cherished mocked her as his tongue traced his bottom lip slowly. Her valentines gift sat open in her lap as she fidgeted with the wrapping paper nervously. “A bath, I want to take a bath with you.” His voice shook slightly with uncertainty unsure if he had upset her already, “I got all the stuff see?” He instinctively moved closer to her pointing to the various things that were neatly and meticulously placed in the wicker basket that her perfect fingers clutched. “Lavender scented candles, soap, bubbles. It’s all the things Star told me to get.”

Raven’s gaze met hers and her empathetic powers picked up on the slight nervousness he was admitting to her. “I-” she started uncertain what to say to him. Being with Garfield was the best thing that had ever happened in her time on earth. He was kind, gentle and allowed her to process things on her own pace, never prying or pressing. However, this unexpected gift caught her off guard and she couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed by his gesture. Her eyes shifted to the gift that she held, inspecting the expensive items that she would have never bought for herself. Admired maybe, but was never willing to put the money forth for such things.

“You don’t like it.” He stated with a slight drop in his voice. “I just thought that because you took so many baths anyways, that you would want to-” a slight groan left his lips forcing her eyes to meet his distressed face. “I should’ve listened to Dick, damn it. I’m sorry Rae.” His hands shot towards the package but was cut off as she took a small step away from him in shock.

“No.” she whispered softly “No I love it Gar. I do.”

A flash of confusion crossed his face as his head instinctively tilted to the side. “Then it’s doing it with me then?” he asked almost shyly. Timidity and embarrassment washed over her senses causing a sinking feeling to grow within her belly. “That was just a suggestion, you don’t have to. I mean I just thought that because we’ve already been intimate that-”

“It’s not that either Gar.” she breathed, sighing slightly from frustration. It was true, they had slept together, upon many of occasions. It wasn’t from fear of his intimacy that kept her on the edge about the whole idea it was something much darker. “It’s just-” her explanation died on her tongue. She felt her cheeks become hot from a mixture of emotions that were bubbling on the surface. Fear radiated off of her as she began to rub the bridge of her nose in order to keep the inevitable headache at bay.

“It’s just what Rae?” he asked softly. His had reached out for her, his senses picked up on her uneasiness and he knew there was something that she was keeping from him. That was one of the many obstacles that they had faced as a couple, her tendency of keeping things bottled up were in a way, aggravating. It wasn’t that he understood, it as that she had such hard time opening up to him. Even with the most simplest of things. “Just tell me, you don’t’ have to hide from me.” His thumb traced her knuckles gently as some form of encouragement as he waited patiently for her to continue.

The empath’s lungs drew in a deep breath as her gaze was fixated on their hands. “It’s just I don’t want you to see me in that light.”

“What?” he asked. “We’ve had sex Rae, I’ve seen-”

“Yeah, but it was dark.” she replied with a slight pinch to her voice. “You didn’t see everything Gar, and if you see-” she paused forcing the tears that welded up in her eyes back to their rightful place. Her teeth chewed her bottom lip as she pulled her hand from his allowing it drop back to her side. “If you see what I really look like then you won’t like me anymore. If you see the scars you’ll think that I’m a monster.”

“Scars?” he pressed, ignoring her harsh tone. A light, hearty chuckle erupted through his chest, “We all have scars Rae. It’s not a big deal. It’s a part of being a hero.”

“They aren’t the same scars as yours Gar.” she correct, taking a few steps away from his from. “These are from before the Titans. Before I knew any of you.”

“I-” he choked “I don’t understand.”

“Back on Azarath, when I acted out or got out of control they used methods. Questionable methods to keep me from destroying, to keep me from lashing out. They-” small tears escaped her strong grasp and fell down her redden face. This wasn’t something that she had told her friends, she hadn’t told anyone about this, and now that she was it was agonizing. “They whipped me. The device was tainted to drain me of my power and it left marks. Terrible, disgusting marks that I can’t heal. I don’t want you to see it Gar, I don’t think I could handle loosing you and I'msorryIjustcant.” her words became jumbled as she pushed his thoughtful gift back into his arms with a bit of force. Tears flowed freely down her face and she refused to recognize their presence.

An animistic whine erupted through the thick air as the green man’s heart began to shatter at the sight at his love. Her sent reaked of fear and desperation eating him alive, “Raven.” he cooed in a gentle voice, “There is nothing about you that could make me stop loving you.” He laid the gift down on top of her bed lightly before turning to face the distraught woman before him. “I’m sorry that you had to go through that. I really am, but you could never be a monster.”  His hand gently traced her cheekbone, whipping away her tears. Before she was even able to fathom another thought his arms pulled her against his chest into a bone crushing hug.

Her body rejected the touch at first, but after the shock washed away she found herself completely melting into him, drinking his comfort and compassion. After a long moment of silence between them, his honey like voice called out to her sanity,

“Let’s go take a bath.”


“It’s okay Raven. Go ahead.”

The breath she held escaped her as she offered a nervous nod to the man who was currently playing with the bubbles that engulfed his body. Slowly and cautiously she allowed her silk robe to slip over her shoulder. Her body cringed slightly as it hit the tile floor sending what was left of her modesty away with it.

Garfield’s eyes sparkled as he held his hand out to his lover. As she reached to him she slowly entered the tub, shimming between his legs. The water level rose treating to over fill with the added mass. A satisfied sigh left her soft lips as the warm liquid consumed her entirely. A nervous laugh escaped her lips once she felt his rough skin move against hers. She leaned forward to reach for something out of habit and the air in the small bathroom became tense and thick as his gaze scanned over her back taking in her marks.

Tension grew and she contemplated saying something to relieve the stress, however the thought was lost on her once she felt his lips press against her shoulder blades. He continued this action, making sure to touch each scar that she bore. His butterfly touches felt like fire and a soft moan left her before he ceased his actions and ran his hand down her spine.

“God you’re beautiful Rae.”

Bubblegum & The Message of Love Series | Stingue 

For anyone who is going through a hard time. Anyone who feels like things are not going to get better. Anyone who feels unloved. You are loved by someone out there. For anyone who doesn’t deserve the negativity in their life. For anyone out there who needs this. Who needs others and anyone who needs reassurance. Somebody cares. And I love you. 

Tag anyone you feel needs this.

For @nalu94​. Liz I want you to get this message. I want you to know that I care about you and I want you know that bad neighbours are crap people and I would trade the world to get them to disappear for you. ily darling.

For @jellalato​. Allie. You don’t have a rough situation as far as I’m concerned but i want you to know that I love you and your work and I support you so much as a fellow artist. ily beb. 

For @taylor-fairy. Maia you are the sunlight in my life sometimes. You make me so happy and I know the feeling of anxiety tightens a lot of our emotions and might limit our experiences. That’s fine and I don’t love you any less. Have your bby Sting and his bf. ily darling. 

For @stormtrpo​. Meg bby. You are a sweetie and I’m so so happy we have a lot in common and you’re amazing and I need you to know that you’re amazing bc you make me feel happah. ily cutie. 

For @moonlustelara​. Vera. Thank you for the request! I know you love your sabertooth bebs and I want you to know that I love you so so much for colouring yuki. Beb. You did such an amazing job on it and ily. 

For @a117c​. Charm you are a cutie. I cannot art senpai. I try and I’m 35358% sure it fails. ily. 

For @constellunaa​. Your art is lovely darling Shana. Don’t forget these words. ily. 

For @itschildofthefairies. Brandy. You’re actually gonna get a longer paragraph in the next positive bubblegummer’s appearance but I desperately want to tell you I love you as the first step. *cue the 32482394 next steps*

For @neato-ft. Dar. Oh dar. Don’t think I will ever forget what you’ve had to go through this month and probably last month. I want you to know so bad that I’m so so proud of you for moving forward despite the shit that has gone on and I’m so glad you’ve told me. You know I love you so much.

For @meadowofstars. I love you to the moon and back. There doesn’t even need to be a reason. I just love you. I hope you have the brightest of days.

For @melichamaa​. Some people don’t get soulmates in a entire lifetime but I got one from a Carly Rae Jepsen song and i love yah. 

I wanted to love a few of you and send out a few messages from the kokoro. There’s so much love. This is only the tip of the iceberg. I have so many more people to shout my practically unlimited endearment to. *cough* you know who you are *cough*

But for now, ily all. I feel so emotional rn and i haven’t even eaten dinner yet

So far in The Bubblegum Series;

I’m proud of whatever you did today, whoever you are. ily.

randomcoffeesimmer replied to your post: Did u watch Shane’s new vid

WAIT U LIKE SHANE? I have been watching him since I was like 12?!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry I’m excited) let’s be best friends, I’m obsessed with his videos, specially conspiracy theory ones. Thanks for telling me about kendall rae, as well!!

kendall rae is the best tbh!!!!!!! god she has so many conspiracy videos and they’re so well done and aaaaaaaa! her personality is very great, too. but oml i’ve been watching shane for so long, too!!!!! he was one of the first youtubers i ever watched, i can’t even remember when i started watching him tbh. totally feel free to talk to me!!!!!!!! i’m kinda shy so sometimes i’m bad at starting convos, but i would love to be anyone’s bestie!!!!!!!

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How can I stay happy. I feel like something good will happen right before the world changes on me. I feel like im not good enough for the worlds moodswings

the truth?

you can’t stay happy, dear one. we all have ups and downs. there are always gonna be sad days but they aren’t going to last forever.

you will have good days. days filled with smiles and sunshine. days with laughter and love. these yellow days will outnumber the blue ones.

you are going to have so many good days that you won’t even worry about the bad ones. you will be able keep your head above water. you will push through.

you are strong.

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What is a label if I'm bisexual and homoromantic? Can I still be labeled as lesbian? I could never sleep with a guy because I need a connection but I know that I'm sexually (but not romantically) attracted??? Does that even make sense...

see, sexuality is weird, and what you’re describing sounds like comp het to me. if you never plan to date men, and never plan to have sex with men, you can be a lesbian. you don’t need to include them in your sexuality if you don’t want to act on the attraction.

i went through a time where i labeled myself as biromantic homosexual or homoromantic bisexual because i reasoned out that “well i Guess i could date a guy but i don’t want to have sex with him” and so on and so forth

and honestly? all that did was push me further back into the closet and made me spend a lot more time in self denial. i was a lesbian the whole time, but i didn’t want to admit it, and those labels helped me sweep it under the rug.

you can still feel a bit of attraction to men. it’s hard to separate compulsory attraction from real attraction, and this is something that many lesbians face. if you only want to be with women, you are a lesbian, and that’s that.

some fluttering feelings head canons i’ve been thinking about:

  • seol-a would probably be the first one to admit her feelings for no rae but no rae says “i love you” first. on a train ride home, she was thinking about it like ‘man, i love her’ and she doesn’t realize she says it out loud but her confession is soft and gentle, and seol-a’s just taken aback before smiling and leaning close to her ear and whispering, “i love you, too”
  • seol a definitely takes out no rae’s guitar and plays with it, and at one point manages to get no rae to teach her how to play a few chords. so imagine this: no rae sitting behind seol-a, arms around her, fingers grasping seol-a’s hands, correcting her hand position, showing her where her fingers go
  • seol-a plays along with no rae’s ‘i have son’ joke when hye-gyeong is not around, no matter how many times they do it, no-rae still gets kick out of it while seol-a might think otherwise…heh
  • also seol-a’s a top 

…oh boy, that’s a lot of people owo

hitting such a number is amazing, so i’d just like to thank all of you for even considerinG visiting my blog, let alone following ^~^ it does mean a lot to me, regardless of how many times i’ve said it in the past. 
which is a lot, by the way //w//

now for the totally tubular stuff i’m sorry
i’ve decided to do a mass shout out post for my favourite blogs & some rlly cool people! :D in no particular order, of course ~ 

if i accidentally miss you, just know that it is a mistake on my part and that i still love u loads ok? ok. R I G H T

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rambling 12.28.16

it’s so strange when you finally make friends that genuinely care about you after having had nothing but toxic people come in and out of your life.

it’s weird because you are unaware of all the one sided friendships/mistreatment until you meet someone who is excited to hear about your interests and worries about you and cares about you and gives you the attention that you’ve been giving all along and it feels fake? like it’s so unusual that you’re wary of it?

i have made so many wonderful friendships in the few months that i have had this blog and i want to tell you that i appreciate and love all of you so much. you guys mean so much to me. you make me feel important and loved and that’s something i didn’t think was possible.

i love you and i will never stop telling you that.

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what's the point of staying alive? who would care if i died? what does it matter? i don't know why I'm here


I don’t know who you are but you matter to me.
your life is so important.
you are so valued.

i need you to stay alive because even though everything is rough right now, there are so many wonderful things you have yet to see, feel, taste, experience

because one day you’re going to be thankful that you fought.

you’re going to know that all that suffering paid off.

that everything was worth it.

That YOU ARE worth it.

I am with you.
please stay alive.


#the way they were split up with no care or respect left me bitter af #…but I am so happy to see their relationship break so many barriers #I say this a lot but I am so grateful for the acting # I loved how their relationship was built from you annoy me to I’m crushing on you so hard #I also really love how Nico was able to convey that Finn loved Rae for who she is but that he was able to express those moments of pure desire and want #and that he was ridiculously attracted to her #my fave part of all is that she didn’t have to change a single thing about her appearance or who she is for him to have these feelings for her [1x04|3x01]


Plays Champagne Supernova….

and you have a fit of crying …

because i’m in denial.

I’m just in denial… that is the end.

Is the end.

My mad fat diary is ending. Really. 

Bye nineties, bye oasis, blur and more great bands and tunes….

Bye Gang Izzy, Chop, Archie, Danny, Chloe, FInn

Bye Rinn.

Bye Rae. Oh Rae earl. Bye bye

I’m not okay. 
You know that feeling discovery this world, the MMFD  beautiful scenes, perfect soundtrack, perfect casting,  great dialogues, life changing really. 

So much of this world i don’t want to let it go. 

Thank you so much. SO MUCH. 

This series told me so many things that no one had spoken. Had the courage to show things that people would rather ignore. Courage to show things that hurt and that we do not know how to deal with them ….
How many times I got mad at Rae wanting her to be happy. Then it taught me that if I want it to her to be happy, because I think she is perfect and amazing. Me too. I deserve be happy too. Thank you for showing me that I am good enough.
I do not know if anyone had spoken this to me, and i didn’t register… but i think that nobody told me that “I am good enough”. 

So thank you for showing me this. I am good enough.

Thank you


Not ready to say good bye. 

Trust [1/3]

A/N: OH i’m sorry, I didn’t see you there, I was too busy mmmmbeing MIA! (I’m also sorry for this unnecessary meme reference). SO this is a piece that I actually started writing in April 2014 (I wish I was lying), right after S2 ended. It was inspired mainly by this post lovely Shawna ( endemictoearth ) made back in the day and really hit me in the feels. This is basically a self-gratuitous and pretty much unrealistic story about how Rae and Finn FINALLY talk about their relationship. I have read and edited it so many times that I can’t stand the sight of it now, but I’ve spent too many hours on this shit to not post it ever. And I wanted to do it before S3 airs cause there’d be no point after that.

Warnings: Over the course of the three parts, there are descriptions of Rae and my headcanon Finn’s bad experiences and general issues. It’s in Finn POV, so there’s like 87% inner monologue in there. Oh and the story takes place in the universe where Finn wrote “I like you” and not “I love you” on Rae’s back outside the chippy. Links for the songs are attached if you’d like to listen as you read, which I like doing. All in all, this is too long, too detailed, too soppy and too over-dramatic. It could be considered as a dystopian AU where everyone cries too easily and people jump to conclusions like frogs ‘round a pond. I don’t mean to sound self-deprecating, I just hope you guys can find something to like in this, because I honestly can’t anymore.

Summary: The morning after, Finn surprises Rae with a trip, a few mixtapes and a word vomit.

He felt bad leaving without saying something, something along the lines of “Goodnight, I love you, this was the best night of my life”, but he had to go before her mum and Karim returned from the hospital. She had told him that they stayed there every night till the early morning to be around the baby, but he didn’t want to risk getting caught naked beside her or sneaking out like a thief. He didn’t feel guilty for sleeping with Rae, he’d happily scream it to the entire world, but that wasn’t his thing and, plus, he doubted Mrs Bouchtat –or Rae, for that matter– would appreciate it.

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I won't let you go (part 1/∞)

…Or how season2 should have been for Rae and Finn.

This is my first fanfic for Rae & Finn. I hope you enjoy it! I’ll have to tag my wonderful friend llexis for expressing interest in reading it <3. 

Let me know what you think I already have several parts written! 1200+ words

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friend: *calls me* hey what’s up

me: Run Away With Me was the best song of 2015, and probably one of the best songs of 2016 as well. Carly Rae Jepsen inspired a whole population to be free, find love, and to hold on to the happiness we all feel when we’re with those we love. God spoke through Carly and gave us this new gospel, and with every day I interact with you, I cannot help but notice that you and so many others have taken this scripture for granted. 


Pretty Lucky

So, last week @14000romances requested some Father’s Day fluffiness. I don’t know how much this qualifies, but there is some fluffiness! The talented @flirtmcgirt has already proffered a lovely fic on the same topic. (And, like I said, we must be on the same wavelength!)

I suppose I should mention that I’ve been calling Finn’s dad John since way back. I know a consensus decided on Gary (and I agree that the actor who portrayed Bald Dad gives off a strong Gary vibe), but I just saw Hairy Dad as being a pretty simple guy, and I like how John and Finn sound together. So, that’s what’s up with the name in this fic!

It’s a little all over the place, but I was trying for … something. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this! (I’m going to try the tagging at the end and see how that goes!)

* * * * *

“He left when I was really little.”

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