i have so many pictures i'm sorry


som super early tazboys designs……………i’’’m got so much work to do refining them (esp outfit wise lord Jesus)


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The Blessed Messiah and the tower of Ai - Ver. Fatesona

HELLO YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS FIRST OF ALL and don’t forget to click for a better quality

I’m sorry for making you suffer but i like it. It’s been a while since i did this

Lmao i forgot to edit the first picture with a part of the messiah

So here’s the casting : @sakudrew (Brandon), @rlynsss (Lyn), @tacticianwinter (Winter), @belowtheraedar (Rae), @oreowarrior (Floran), @lilleilder (Agathe), @soundlessroom (Denna), @jisunshines (Liefe), @krazehkai (Kai), @happywonderfuldays (Mai)

I'm Sorry I'm Awkward


so this is a pretty weird thing to apologize for, and probably even weird to think about haha, but I wanted to say sorry for how awkward I was at pax south to those who met me.

I realized after I saw the videos and pictures being taken of me, and I just look really uncomfortable and weird. I feel I did okay with talking to you guys, but my posture is very stand offish, and my deepest apologies for that.

Pax south was my first time ever having SO MANY people coming up to me out of no where and bombarding me with questions and compliments and I was trying really hard to get used to it. Probably trying too hard LOL. Future conventions/meetups will go way better now that I’ve had some experience dealing with all of that :) love you all and thank you for understanding! 💜

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I feel stupid for not knowing the answer to this, but are Dre and Adre two different people? I hear those names pop up all the time and I'm just getting confused >.< sorry if this is annoying


don’t you dare be sorry! That’s a PERFECTLY good question! It’s okay!! XOXO 

Adre’s the name I gave Dre’s kid-self so I wouldn’t have to continue typing out “Kid Dre” or “younger Dre” etc etc! Adre sort of became his own person since he’s been doing so many things outside of how I pictured Dre’s past really being like though, so I guess you can consider them two different people in a way!

Gosh, I’m confusing myself answering this. AHAHAH *hughug*


until the spring comes again, until the flowers bloom again, please stay🌹

I went for a walk with my dog and everything looked pretty so i had to take a bunch of pictures lol

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okay so many moons ago, i posted a picture of Tayozali, my sassy Sandfury shaman. Nicknamed The Roc because of her emulation of the fiery bird of prey. (lots of leaping down with weapons on fire to ambush enemies)

and then the head canon that they have gotten into goblin scraps from tanaris and adopted (and made up) new and fantastical loa that embody the majesty of machinery for worship.

this of course was borrowed from the Mad Max movies. so i’ve made up a new basic loa of machinery, if you look at the center of her gear/steering wheel axe, you’ll notice a troll mask dressed in a tired and v8 core headdress. whabam.




Happy Shiratorizawa Weekend ♡♡♡

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i dont care what others say but key is as manly as fuck! like wow!

Here’s the thing about Key

He can be incredibly manly

while still slaying with his style

I mean fuck, look at this man

He’s impossibly beautiful

And incredibly adorable

He’s a good dancer too

But sometimes… 


He’s a little more feminine..

And that’s okay, we still love him 

Oh, he also makes the best faces~

(i’m sorry for all the pictures.. it was impossible to choose just a few..)


ereriweek, day 1: pining

i actually finished this i can’t believe it

there’s no reason for this to be this late, please forgive my lazy butt

the idea is levi having this HUGE crush on eren but he doesn’t want to break the friendship and stupidly he doesn’t know that eren feels the same way. pretty cliche but well..

hope you like it! it’s the first time i actually draw so many panels, hope it turns nice enough ; w ;

here’s a better resolution (i suppose)

((I drew a little love confessing Shikko for a friend ( @askv4xrinandlen ) as cover picture for a fanfiction she is writing for me, because of a scenario i told her.

I actually think this is pretty cute so i thought why not post it here as a kind of apologize for not updating the last days.

Atm I don’t have much of motivation to work on asks here and at my other ask blog ( @ask-ultimatelen ) I’m really sorry, I hope i get my motivation back soon!))

“I spent last night watching The Academy Awards, ready to see Moonlight and La La Land winning as many Oscars as possible and honestly I feel so sorry for Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway because clearly it wasn’t their fault since the envelopes got mixed up. It was awful to watch the whole La La Land cast getting on stage ready to accept the Oscar for Best Picture and then see them get told it was a mistake and the Oscar belongs to Moonlight. They both would have deserved it.”


Women in their multitudes

is something that needs to be seen more than

men in their multitudes.

–– Graeme Manson [x]|[x]

So I Was Messing Around on Microsoft’s ‘Guess Your Age’

And hey, band pictures are a lot of what I have, so might as well see what comes up for those, right?

Little bit old there- but it did pretty good!

Once again, a bit old.

He’s just got one of those faces!

… But then I move onto Ryan.

Uhm… There are many things wrong here.


wtf microsoft

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sorry your parents are being strict but i love your attitude about it. so many ppl on this site throw obnoxious little tantrums when their parents yknow try to parent.. its refreshing to see someone who still respects them. and youre so young too! im so proud of u :']

That’s okay, and thank you! <3 Yeah, they’re pretty strict (as an Asian w/ Asian parents). I don’t exactly like to listen to them, lol, but I guess I have to. :) Thanks for your (and others’) support! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

…also, y’all are going to hate me but the Hiatus was an April Fool’s joke (sort of. cuz mom got mad when she saw me on Tumblr actually)

I’M SORRY I MADE YOU ALL SAY SUCH KIND THINGS TO ME T-T I RLY LOVE YOU GUYS AND I HOPE I DON’T HURT Y’ALL WITH THIS Thank you blessed anon and @daily-team-skull-grunt your words always make my heart smileee :)





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- Meliorn has a famous aesthetic-blog where he posts pictures of plants, sketches, poems, pictures of himself (+ plants) 

- He mostly earns his money through the blog, but also works at a small flower shop for some extra cash

- Jace owns a coffee shop (it’s actually owned by his adoptive parents, but he’s running it)

- He’s never admit it but he loves Meliorn’s blog with a passion

- He often scrolls through it when he’s stressed/close to a panic attack, because the nice pictures calm him down (+ Meliorn is really pretty and Jace is in awe of his beauty)

- Meliorn is friends with Magnus (who’s a fashion/beauty blogger) and Raphael (who works as their photographer and has his own grungy insta): They live together in a huge ass flat

- Magnus tells Meliorn about his boyfriend’s brother’s coffee shop and how it has the perfect aesthetic for his pictures

- Raphael agrees to check it out with Meliorn and look if they can get some nice pictures there

- When they get there Meliorn is amazed, because the place is basically perfect for his blog and every aesthetic lover (little does he know that Jace actually gets the inspiration for his decorating ideas from Meliorn’s blog)

- They order coffee and Raphael asks the (cute) barista with glasses if they could speak with the owner

(- Simon nearly drops Raphael’s coffee, because holy shit that gorgeous guy is actually talking to him, oh god)

- He hurries to get Jace, who comes out of the kitties with a flushed face from the heat and his hands full of flour

- Meliorn is in awe the second he sees him and Jace nearly chokes when he recognizes him

- Raphael goes full on business mode and asks if they could take pictures of and in the place, and Jace agrees and even offers them to stay in after closing time, so they could take some pictures without customers around

- Meliorn thanks him cheekily and then they sit down again with their coffee and Raphael starts to take pictures of Meliorn, the coffee and Meliorn + the coffee

- Meanwhile both Simon & Jace are wondering if Meliorn and Raphael are boyfriends (because that would be too bad)

- After Jace closes the shop, Raphael starts to take some more pictures and Jace is amazed by Meliorn looking so effortlessly beautiful while posing

- Jace finds the courage to tell him that he loves his blog just before they leave and Meliorn smiles at him and suddenly there are butterflies in Jace’ stomach and everything is spinning and holy shit Meliorn is so beautiful 

- Meliorn visits the coffee shop again a few days later without Raphael; instead he brings his sketchbook

- Simon shyly asks where he left his boyfriend and that’s how they find out that Meliorn and Raphael are not together (it’s also how Meliorn figures out that Simon is crushing on Raphael)

- The next day Meliorn posts abstract art of a pretty blond boy in an apron surrounded by plants on his blog

- Jace nearly has a heart attack when he sees the sketches on Meliorn’s blog that evening and actually spills his green tea everywhere

- The next time they see each other is at the flower shop Meliorn works at, because Izzy dragged Jace there (she needs a bouquet for her anniversary with Clary)

- Meliorn asks Jace out and gives him a orange rose (Izzy tells Jace later that they represent a mix of friendship and love, basically a crush)

- Jace says yes with an adorable blush on his cheeks

- Meliorn takes him to central park for their first date and they sit in the grass and Meliorn braids flower crowns for them while Jace talk about his job at the coffee shop and how much he loves him

- They later on take pictures with the flower crowns on (they happen to be the most popular pictures on Meliorn’s blog in the matter of a few hours)

- Their first kiss is during their fourth date at a public garden

- Jace was braiding flowers into Meliorn’s hair and Meliorn just kissed him, because he looked so damn cute

- The kiss is very soft and gentle and careful (like everything in their relationship)

- After that they are official boyfriends and Meliorn’s blog is now full of couple pictures and poems about love and sketches of strong jaws, shining eyes and bright smiles

(- Meanwhile Simon got up the courage to ask Raphael out and to everyones surprise he said yes - Raphael’s dark and grungy instagram turns a little less dark after that and the images of thunderstorms, dark streets and leather get accompanied by pictures of fingers laced together, rough kisses and Simon in general (often playing the guitar with a soft smile on his face or in the morning with his hair sticking up in every direction))


Flarrow Femslash Week 2015
Day 6 - Favorite OT3 Snowsmoakwest (Caitlin Snow/Felicity Smoak/Iris West)

Snowsmoakwest Social Media AU: Iris, Caitlin and Felicity are dating, having fun and take lots of pictures.