i have so many photos on my phone the rally was huge

DAY 3090

Sopaan, New Delhi             Sept 15,  2016            Thu 8:13 am

The morning starts with guilt .. the address bar had anomalies .. the location was wrong .. Ef messaged to correct it .. done .. the writing was obscure and disconnected .. made no sense, the little that there was .. happens when travel, immediate schedules of consequence get you sleep induced .. and there is hallucinatory outputs .. making no sense whatsoever .. !! 

Night is troubled over the lack of communication here and so ..


Airport, in the rush of mornings, and the wait till the call to board, can become at times, consuming the energy that is generally associated with ‘go getting’, but well utilised by using it for information procuring is of value .. papers do not give one much time, these technical infested days, to read all that it prints in detail. Headlines suffice. Assumptions made. Move on to next subject of activity. But yesterday was different. Time was utilised. Editorials of varied kind were consumed. The finer points of views assimilated, and all the messaging from that most ‘can’t do without’ machination accomplished.

The walk from the car to the entrance airport, till the doors of the aircraft, and within it, is a film by itself. It is an adventure, laced with emotion and drama, comedic touches, at times action of the absurd, instead of laughter of the absurd, and finally the end credits acknowledging the cast and crew.

It is a film because, you are on camera, indeed several cameras, from start to the finish line as you break the tape at the end of a marathon ..

From the travelling passengers to security personnel, to staff, to fellow travellers on flight its :

‘Sir, sir sir .. just one selfie, please sir .. sir sir .. I am your biggest fan sir please .. main sir aap nahin jaante kab se wait kar raha hoon yahan .. ek selfie sir .. this is life’s dream .. arre security, don’t push me don’t don’t .. let me just take one .. sir sir .. that one did not come nice .. come come come on move  move let him go .. ok thank you .. sir my son is a huge fan just one message can you just say hello to him .. arre beta ! Amitabh Bachchan .. here here talk to him .. hi .. what’s his name ? ..Ankush .. hi Ankush ok got to go .. flight miss ho jayegi bhai saheb .. buggy buggy get the buggy hurry up .. !! sit down sir sit down .. chalo chalo chalo fast .. moving mam, there is speed control on buggy .. oye ! look look Big B .. sir SIRRRR .. hellooooo .. how are you .. nice shades sir .. thank you sir .. oyeoyeoye .. do not run along the side .. aarrre bhai saheb lag jayegi .. just one autograph please .. you have no idea what this means to me .. please sir ..ok clear the cue .. no no I shall stand in line .. sir give me your phone and bag sir I shall put it in the tray .. no I’ll do it .. where’s my boarding card .. maam ke pass hai .. she will walk you through .. no give me my boarding pass .. ji .. ok .. good morning sir, kaise hai aap .. i am fine aap kaise hain .. THUMP .. boarding pass pe stamp laga do ji .. ya that bag is mine .. no , no computer is in the open tray .. ji .. no that is not my bag that one there, thank you .. sir ek photo .. ji le leejiye .. ok thank you .. walk walk walk .. please madam aap gir jayenge .. careful you will break that glass .. thank you sir , yes … ZIRRUMTTINNG .. pass scanned .. security cop aap bhi dekh lo .. ho gaya .. thank you .. maam just let me sit down we shall do the photo .. ok .. good morning good morning .. i am fine .. sir your boarding pass .. yes come sir i shall show you to your seat .. that’s ok I shall find my way thank you .. NO  ..nothing to drink and no breakfast .. resting .. shall tell you if i need anything .. where is my hand bag ? thank you .. yes yes i shall put it under the seat .. yes .. no no its alright, I shall do it .. thank you .. sir its such a pleasure to have you on board, I have waiting for all these years to fly you .. thank you .. lovely to meet you .. AANNNNNDDDDDDDDDDD … zzzzz. pretending to zzzzzz ..’

Take off .. no pictures .. baad mein on landing .. and landed .. and the same routine again till in car to first engagement ..

SO .. how many of you noticed, adventure, action, romance, drama and the end credits in that .. kindly enumerate in the response column .. !!

DAMN ! it’s late got to rush for interviews .. shall be with you in a while at the Hotel .. getting some steam done now for my cold and chest condition ..

Drive long route .. traffic jam due a political rally or a visiting politician .. ok .. at the Tv station eventually about an hour late .. no issue .. quick make up .. studio han doing it .. Deepak my man stuck in traffic .. he, the studio make up, ot looking at my face while applying the rouge .. he look to mobile camera taking his shot of making me up .. no issue .. done .. loads of staff and personnel enroute to the floor .. more SELFIE’s .. at the floor quite Q&A and off .. straight to more interviews and … off to theatre to host shows of PINK .. lots and lots of celebrities, old friends, .. simply more SELFIE’s .. shows over by 1:30 am .. quick departure and home .. 

A warm meal thank God .. staff still up waiting .. they care .. tablets done .. steam done .. now drowsy .. write BLOG .. aaaahhhhhhhhhhh .. writing stuff which I realise this morning is absolute RUBBISH ..

Much like what this is turning out to be … !!!

Good day .. at Le meridian and millions of SELFIE’s and interviews .. still going .. more to do .. 

I love all of you ..

More later tonight ..

Amitabh Bachchan