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Bon Voyage S2 EP.6 - Hoseok & Namjoon's conversation

(re-translated by request)

Hoseok: I haven’t gone on a real trip before, not even once. The Bon Voyage trip was my first…
Namjoon: For me, the fact that we can stay together until the end of the trip… (shakes hands) Since I couldn’t stay till the end last time.
Hoseok: How was last time?
Namjoon: Last time?
Hoseok: After you left first.
Namjoon: I couldn’t go anywhere other than the convenience store, for real. And my studio. I wrote a song in tears, you know. That song was one of the only 2 songs that got confirmed among the songs I sent in one year. Among all the songs I wrote in one year.
Hoseok: Really?
Namjoon: That song was one of those 2.
Hoseok: Seems like you make quite a lot of songs.
Namjoon: No, it’s not that many, I just take a lot of time working on one.
Hoseok: Oh, really?
Namjoon: Yeah, it takes longer than you think.
Hoseok: I’m writing a song recently too…
Namjoon: You should release it, it’s time.
Hoseok: I should.

Hoseok: I always feel this but I envy you.
Namjoon: I envy you. (laughs)
Hoseok: Why do you envy me?
Namjoon: You’re always… You’re the most professional-like in our team. You’re stable and I think that’s how a celebrity should be. I like that. Suga-hyung always jokes “Let’s do a rap line concert”, you know. But it can’t come true right away, it’s hard. I don’t have that many songs. There’s only a few thing I can do. I was only able to write 1 song while in America. I always find it hard to connect the verse and the hook.
Hoseok: Yeah.
Namjoon: When I first make the beat. Suga-hyung is incredible. I feel that sometimes when I listen to ‘Dead Leaves’ or ‘Tomorrow’.
Hoseok: Right.
Namjoon: I really respect Suga-hyung for writing songs for Bangtan. When it comes to writing Bangtan songs…
Hoseok: Right, it’s hard.
Namjoon: I have always wanted to talk about this with you.

Namjoon: People say this. “Taehyung and Jimin look very close, but Hoseok and Namjoon, one is in charge of dancing and one is in charge of rapping”…
Hoseok: Actually we talked a lot more than they think.
Namjoon: No, we talked a lot from time to time.
Hoseok: We talked a lot. I always came look for you when I had a slump in music.
Namjoon: I don’t know about you but, it’s true that you play a very big role of an axle to our mood, in another direction from me. And to be honest, I think you also help fulfilling what I can’t as a leader in the team, mentally.
Hoseok: No…
Namjoon: I’m serious. I’m all about external affairs.*

(*Namjoon means that while he takes care of the more professional matters of the tean like representing them in front of the outer world, Hoseok takes care of the team’s atmosphere and mood.)

Hoseok: Hey, thank you.
Namjoon: Me too.
Hoseok: For real.
Namjoon: No. You know what I think it’s dramatic? I heard you wrote that during Bon Voyage season 1.
Hoseok: They asked in the interview, “Where do you want to go?”, I said “Me? Shouldn’t I want to go to Hawaii at least once?”. The next question was “If you were to go with the members, who do you want to go with?” and I answered, “I want to go with Rap Monster, my same-aged friend”…
Namjoon: Wow.
Hoseok: We didn’t get that kind of chance often, you know.
Namjoon: I was wrong. I shouldn’t asked Hobi to go grab a cup of beer, I should have asked to go grab a cup of peppermint tea.
Hoseok: My favorite tea?
Namjoon: Yeah, you like peppermint tea, don’t you. I can’t understand people who drink peppermint tea.

Hoseok: We actually talk a lot. We talk a lot but it’s just that my character and his character on camera don’t coincide that much and we don’t have many in common, so people might think like that, but in reality, if I were to pick whom I talk with the most, I would pick this friend here.
Namjoon: We talk about trivial stuffs and also serious stuffs, thanks to that.

I have a weakness for characters who’s defining feature is a capacity for love that for all intents and purposes shouldn’t even exist. When it comes down to it, this is why Cas is my favourite character.

Castiel is an ancient disembodied being, who has witnessed the evolution of life on earth from the very beginning, but who somehow fell in love with a human being who’s lifespan must feel like a mere blip in time to someone as old as him.

When thinking about it this way, I even kind of get why most angels are “dicks”. Why should they care about individual humans when they have been here millions of years before them and expect to still be here after humans have long gone extinct. That’s why even the angels who were more on the friendly side, always acted a little aloof. The only equivalent I can think of is a human being who loves nature and wants to preserve a certain species of insects. That person wouldn’t love an individual animal of that species, but care for the species as a whole.

But then there is Cas. Who somehow loves his human family so much, that he would gladly give his eternal life for them and has done so many times already.

Can you imagine loving something with the lifespan of a mayfly? No? Then consider the capacity for love within Cas and explain to me how some people can not admire him for the truly miraculous creature he is.


The first thing I’m doing on June 12th is making a post listing all the accounts that I know have plagiarized work and refused to take it down, stolen work from people, posted work without the author’s permission etc. And then I’m adding it to my queue and reblogging it every day for every single person on this blog to see and report, and that’s about 22 thousand people. We’ll see how long your accounts with stolen uncredited work will last once you get reported that many times. You’d better go delete all the stories you stole before then! Peace ✌️


we are destined to hold two truths:

i love you and i fight you


new plants! :D


I’m the winner. That’s who I am.
                                                      The Time Lord Victorious.

So how many times a week do you think the newsies discuss the places they sell papes and someone says “I need a better spot” and Race says “I have the best Spot” without missing a beat.


Hey uhhhh did I ever mention I made a really cool Fusion AU that I draw too much of? No?

Well anyway here’s Casey and Donnie’s fusion. Cadon maybe? Hard to think of names that aren’t ship names.

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Edmund the Insane

Edmund was… broken.

What the Witch did to him was unspeakable - and he wasn’t able to speak about it anyway. Jadis planned to keep him alive so she could lure the three others before killing them all.

Oh sure, she wanted the little brat dead and buried deep underground, to keep her throne safe. Jadis loved power. More than this, she needed power more than anything. She didn’t care about the Narnians or the land in itself. No. 

She just wanted a place to rule, a territory to conquer and to own. So Narnia was hers and she wasn’t gonna let it slip away from her, especially not to children.

Jadis was awoken by two children, a long time ago, when she was still in Charn, the first country she tried to rule - and destroyed in the process. She wasn’t gonna let four other brats defeat her, big lion Aslan to help them or not. 

 So, yes, she thought about killing that first one. He was useless, right? But still. That kid was a weapon she could use against the three others - and she was gonna use all the weapons she could. She decided to keep him alive. But keeping alive didn’t mean to keep him safe, right?

Jadis made sure that Edmund would never be able to rule her kingdom. Didn’t killed him, no. Tortured him? Yes. To insanity.

And she was so bored. Trying her spells on him, making him scream and cry and beg for mercy, and playing with him? Well. That was one Hell of a distraction.

When Lucy found him back, her armor still fresh of blood and the head of Jadis in her hand, chained in the Witch’s castle he calmly looked at his sister. Blinked a few times. And laughed. 

 He didn’t know who she were, and why she was looking at him with such painful eyes. He did not understand what was happening and why she hugged him.

Everything is gonna be okay Ed, I swear.

Why was she calling him Ed? He was nobody. He was a void. Voids don’t have names. 

We will protect you, you’re safe now

 Safe? Oh no. No, no, no. No one could ever protect him, even this three children looking at him with so much pain and love in their eyes. He knew that more than anything else. 

His mind, his ability to be rational and to think? They were gone. But he knew he was never gonna be safe, he knew that he wasn’t ever gonna be able to run away from the danger, the pain and the fear - thanks to the Witch, they were deeply rooted in his mind now. 

Unable to speak, Ed only opened his mouth to scream, cry or laugh insanely. Whatever they told him, he knew the truth, somewhere in his damaged, burned, sick and twisted soul. 

He was simply a walking piece of painful flesh and memories.

Nothing else.