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Why Not? We Have Time -Frank Iero Smut

Again, I have nothing against MCR and their wives, it’s just a request. I tried to make this one as long and detailed as possible, it took me forever to write it, but at least it’s good quality. No warnings besides the smut (and maybe some slightly offensive language, it really isn’t terrible).

Jamia had left for the weekend, leaving you, and Frank home.


It was a time you were looking forward to for about a month now. It wasn’t even the fact that you got to be alone. You finally got sometime with your best friend.

The part about being alone was just the bonus.

You always liked Frank. You never denied it, he knows, Jamia knows, all his friends new. You would never act on it, you respected him and all he was worth. You never had to worry about Jamia being jealous either, because you knew he was taken, and Frank didn’t want any sort of relationship like that with you.

You showed up at their house, just dressed in some skirt, a long sleeved shirt and some pretty warm tights. The cold only nipped at your skin a little bit as you made your way out of your car. You got to the door just as Jamia was about to leave. She looked nice today, like everyday. She smiled at you. “Make sure to make him something to eat, he’s a little lazy today.” She chuckles.

You nod. “Got it captain!” You wave her goodbye as she makes her way to her own car. You walk up the steps to the side door, walking right in and going into the living room. “Honey I’m home!” You shout, announcing your arrival.

You hear Frank laugh. He was always super cute when he laughed. His face would scrunch up, and his shoulders would shake. His smile was always super wide, showing off his white teeth and slight dimples. He always brought his hands up, sometimes to his chest, other times to his mouth, and his legs crossed, or his knee just was held in the air as he made the most joyous noise, changing the entire atmosphere of the room.

You could hear the television, some stupid movie playing more than likely. “Y/N. I bought your favorite blackberry brandy!” He shouts, coaxing you to finish your journey to the living room.

You step your way lightly to meet him in a dead stare. You both break out into a ridiculous smile. “It’s so great to actually see you.” Your smile stretches.

“I’m so glad you could actually come over.” Frank says, with a little bit of playful attitude in his his voice. He pours the brandy into a shot glass, as you kick off your shoes and leave them in the doorway.

You sit down next to him, grabbing the glass from his strapping tattooed hand. You swallow it on one gulp, holding your wrist to your mouth as you grimace. “Fucking weak.” Frank mocks you.

“Shut up I haven’t had a drink in forever.” You scowl. You could feel the sting in your stomach as you reach for the bottle.

“If you try to just drink from there, you’re going to be in a world of hurt.” He giggles, pulling his sweater up to his hands, leaning back on the couch, almost encouraging you to do it.

You did, bringing the bottle to your lips, taking in one gulp at a time, giving up after five. Your stomach burned and you could taste the syrup in your mouth still. As your face scrunches again your nose started to run. “Fuck.” You curse, dabbing it with the back of your hand.

Frank roars with laughter. You smirk, looking down at the bottle. “Okay how about you try, dumb ass.” You sneer, handing him the bottle.

“Fine.” He squints, taking it from you. He sits there, the dark liquid pouring into his mouth for about ten seconds before he covers his mouth with his wrist. He smiles at you. “Yeah, it’s hard liquor.” He sighs.

You take another sip from it after taking it from him, leaning back against the couch, looking at the television. “What are you watching, even?” You ask, feeling the heat of the liquor rising on your cheeks.

Frank takes the bottle from you, and takes a drink himself. “Fuck if I know. I was just channel surfing and this is what I stopped on when you walked in the door.” He reaches for the television remote and turns it off. “Anyway, what’s up with you?” He asks.

You hiccup. “Well, I think I’m almost drunk, which is pretty pathetic.”

“Just a little pathetic.” He agrees, laughing at you. “No, but tell me about your four months away?” He suggests. “I want to hear about it from beginning to end.” He takes another drink of the brandy before handing it back to you.

You take another couple of swigs, before wincing and setting it down. “Well, the first week, we got stupid drunk, like vomiting every single night, and drinking the pain away. After that I decided to get myself together and focus on the company, which is what we were there for.” You answer him, talking about your time in Vegas.

“Okay, but are there any stupid stories, because you know I live for you making a fool of yourself.” He raises an eyebrow and licks his lips, waiting for you to tell this amazing story.

“Well, I almost fell off a balcony while I was puking. Almost was hit by a car a couple of times. Wasted most of my money, probably fucked way too many people to count. I learned a lot, lets just say.” You give him a really cheesy smile.

“How such an innocent human can change in a week!” Frank cries sarcastically, holding up the bottle of liquor.

“I think the worst thing I did was gave some guy a lap dance?” You try to think back. “It was pretty dumb I assume. I don’t remember most of it.” You say, pulling your phone out of your purse, trying to find some pictures. “I have pictures of it, my friends say it was pretty hot or something? They left when it turned into a strip tease, I ended up getting laid by him I think? I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get drunk like that again.” You hand him your phone, showing him the pictures,

“Damn!” He laughs. “Not going to lie, it doesn’t look that bad, I’ve only seen you do this one other time and that was like in high school.” He thinks back, trying to remember, closing one eye, and looking up. “He looks like he’s enjoying himself.”

“You’re surprised!” You yell, jumping up, and taking the bottle away from him, feeling light on your feet. You take a drink. “How about you sit your ass down right here,” you point to the middle of the floor.

He bites his lip, shrugging. “Why not?” He stands up, dragging a dining room chair into the room, and sitting down on it. “We have time.”

You set the bottle down, and whip out your phone, searching for some music to play. You open your folders and play shuffle.

You bite your lip, immediately feeling nervous, this was your friend. Your best friend. You weren’t sure you could get through this without it being awkward.

He sat there, waiting for you to start, his hands pressed together as he leaned forward, watching you with an intense stare.

You were going to follow through, and you were going to take this as far as he would allow it.

The music was playing for about forty seconds as you collected yourself, thinking this through. Frank was waiting patiently, betting secretly you would back out in the next few seconds.

You take a deep breath, sucking as much air as you could before taking a couple more drinks of the brandy, and bracing yourself to start.

You move your hips, sensually to the beat of the song, making your way toward him. You grab his hair and sit facing him on his lap, grinding your hips against his, and watching him stare. His hazel eyes moved up and down your body, from your face to your hips as you moved.

He bit his lip again, making your face heat up. You tug on his hair, pulling his head back as you grabbed his neck with your other hand, stroking it gently before you laid a kiss on it.

You were going to be more sensual with this one, more personal considering who Frank was, and what he meant to you.

You licked up to his chin before getting off of him, and standing before Frank. You glide your hands up his legs, and stare him directly in the eyes, your body, slowly rising and your hips moving even slower, more sexually than before. Your hands wander around as you turn, your hips rolling. You sit on his lap again, your ass feeling a prominent bulge. Your hips move more smoothly after feeling this, grinding into him as you lean against his chest.

He sits still until you grab his hands and place them at your waist, an invitation to touch you. He moves them softly over your curves his fingertips brushing you lightly through your shirt. You started to get a little wet yourself as you leaned back, your head turning to his, getting ready to kiss his jawline. Your arms went up, tugging at his hair as you did so.

Instead of hitting the skin of his jaw, you touched his lips, surprised at the softness, and surprised at the gesture from Frank, you kept moving, paying just as much attention to your pleasure as you did to Frank’s.

He was a little more rough than you expected him to be. His mouth was soft, but his kiss was heated, his hands went from gentle, cautious strokes to passionate, heated fondling.

His hands were at your thighs, grabbing them and moving themselves in long strong strokes. He pinched your tights, yanking them at your inner thighs, ripping them and making them run. He ruined your tights, and you didn’t care in the least.

His hands were now rubbing along the bare skin on your inner thighs, getting close to your core. They make their way up your sides again, fondling your breasts in his large hands.

You bite down on his lip, pulling your way back and standing up. You pull your shirt up over your head, and toss it to the floor.

You drop, your hands going up your thighs, dragging your skirt up with it. You continue moving your hips, rolling them in circles as you danced, you hands gliding up your tank top, pulling it off your body as well.

Your hands grope your breasts as you slither your way to a stance, pulling the straps of your bra down, and then unclasping it.

You stop moving, watching Frank’s facial features for some sign to stop. But it never came, he watched you with lust filled eyes. You dropped your bra, making your way over to him after his eyes told you to continue.

You lick your lips and straddle him again. You could almost see his eyes grow darker. He places his hands on your back, pushing you closer to him. He kisses down your neck and attaches himself to your nipple. You hold his head, moving your hips in circles and arching your back in an attempt to push it closer to him.

You let out small whimpers, finally after sitting in that position for a few moments. He swirls his wet tongue over the bud, gently.

You were beginning to sweat and you ached with want. Your head spinned with pleasure and intoxication as Frank lifted his head up to your mouth, leaving a string of saliva, from his mouth to your nipple. You kissed him heatedly, sucking on his tongue. His hands glide their way up and he holds you steadily, as if to keep you from getting up again.

You force your way up, teasing him with your skirt. You slid it gently down your legs, tugging at the elastic of it. You could practically hear him moan impatiently. He shifts in his seat, and his eyes shine, demanding you to hurry up.

In response, you just went slower, not letting your skirt drop until you felt like it was enough. Your tights were already ruined, so why not ruin them more? You scratched up your legs, making them run even more, strings of the material getting caught underneath your manicured nails.

Frank grunts, biting his lip, and bringing it into his mouth to suck on it and peel the top layer of skin off of it, making the new wound bubble with blood, droplets just sitting there until he closed his mouth, the red fluid sitting in the crack between his red swollen lips.

Your hips moved more profusely as you hooked your thumbs in the waistband of your panties, moving it teasingly on your hips as you danced. Finally, you drop them, stepping out of them and kicking them behind you.

Frank’s eyes wander up and down your bare body, through every curve, every edge he could see at this angle. You dance your way over to him, running your wetness for the bulge in his jeans. Your chest smashes against his shirt as you move, and his hands grab you ass, making you gasp. He takes his chance and delves his tongue, wrestling yours to get inside. He slaps you once on the ass, and bites down on your lip softly. You could taste his blood on your tongue from his self inflicted damage moments ago.

He kisses down your neck, making your throw your head back. He kisses just below your jawline, making you cry out at his harsh attempts at hickies. You bite your swollen lips to keep in your moans, depriving Frank of satisfaction. You were set on being just as much as a tease as he was.

You were still hot from the encounters at hand, and the amount of strong alcohol consumed. Your cheeks were flushed red as Frank held you close, teasing you by pulling and nipping at your soft and sweaty skin.

You were eventually allowed to venture downward, right in between his legs. You palm gently at him, undoing his belt, and sliding it through the hoops, handing it to him.

His eyes flickered devilishly as you did so, watching you undo the button of his pants. He whimpered as you grabbed the waistband and began to pull it down. He lifted himself off the chair for a split second, allowing you to get his pants off.

He slid his sweater off, and then his shirt. You watched him as you grabbed his cock, feeling how painfully erect he actually was. You stroked him gently, feeling the skin of the organ on your finger tips. He sucked in his breath, shifting his weight in his chair. Every single strand of hair on his body stood up as you blew cool air onto him, getting yourself ready. Your stomach was doing flip flops, bursting with butterflies.

You licked down the underside of his shaft, and back up again, tasting the entire length, before swirling the tip your tongue around the head, poking at his slit and then wrapping your swollen pink lips around it, creating suction with your tongue and lips.

He tangled his hands in your hair, not forcing anything. He was going to let this happen, he tugged encouragingly at your locks, grunting inwardly at the warm feeling of your mouth.

You flattened out your tongue, and curled it around the side of his shaft, licking it slowly until you brought your lips to a pucker, sucking on the vein that traveled downward. At this point, your eyes were closed, and you used your hands to feel the places that needed attention. You were determined to tease him, despite the consequences.

Lightly scraping your nails up the side, he shuttered. You giggle at this and lick your way up to the tip, again, wrapping your lips around it, you pull him in further and you could hear him sigh with relief. You hollow your cheeks out, and begin to bob your head, in short increments, slowly making your way up to the head again.

You suck lightly, your other hand stroking him lightly on the underside, with your thumb. He grunts, his grip tightening on your hair.

The arousal between your legs was beginning to be a nuisance, so you moved on of your hands down, only to have it be kicked away by Frank.

You groan, sending vibrations through Frank, making him stiffen. Your hand travels upward and scratches down his thigh.

Finally you pop off, not being able to control your arousal. Frank looks down at you, smirking.   “Well, it’s your turn, you fucking tease.” He says, gesturing you to stand up.

He stands up, and tells you to take his spot, while he steals yours on the floor, on his hands and knees.

You sit awkwardly. You knew what was going to happen, but you were confused as to how he was going to do it in this position. He grabbed your legs and dragged you downward. Your upper back and head resting on the seat of the chair, the lower half of your body being held up by Frank, his forearms resting on your lower stomach, his face already between your legs.

He licks a long, deep stripe up your wet slit, getting a taste of you and making you shudder. Your eyes clench shut, and your breath hitches. He licks at your clit softly and slowly, digging at your sides with his fingernails

He continues at this, nipping at your folds, slurping up your flavor, and licking down to your entrance, licking a deep and soft stripe as he worked his way inside. He licked up feeling the soft wetness of your core, and then started to suck at your folds.

His hands accompanied his tongue, which was flicking back and forth at your entrance now. He carefully brought his finger down and massaging the nub.

You were glistening with sweat by now, breathing heavily at Frank’s soft touch. You could feel a knot welling in the pit of your stomach.

“Frank, I’m gonna cum.” You whine, pushing yourself closer to his face, holding his head there in between your legs.

“Are you gonna cum for me my pretty little tease?” He asks, his finger speeding up at your words.

“Yes!” You answer him, your hips rolling.

He continues to lick as your core becomes wetter. He struggles to get it all. He continues with his deep strokes until your walls clench, signalling your orgasm. Your legs wrap around his head, squeezing him there until you rode out your orgasm, spilling onto his tongue.

Your whimpers filled the room as you came. Frank helped you out, massaging circles in your sides as you came.

Finally he let you go, gently setting you on the floor.

You take a moment to collect yourself, the alcohol wearing off a little bit. What you were doing was insane, and terrible. The look on Frank’s face showed you that he wasn’t even tipsy anymore. He didn’t look sorry in the slightest as he helped you up and carried you to the couch, laying you down, gently. He kisses your neck softly, down the front, feeling you swallow hard.

His hand, stroked at your side, lovingly as he played with you a little more, making you furrow your eyebrows and moan. Your eyes were closed most of the time, in pure bliss. His thumb ran over your nipple a few times, his tattooed hands massaging sensitive parts in your body.

He groans, feeling your leg brush up against him as you shift, getting yourself into an easier position.

Your knees are up, and spread apart, getting ready for him. You open your eyes, begging him to hurry up, as you couldn’t take anymore of teasing.

He kissed your forehead, sliding slowly until he was buried inside of you. The feeling was hot, and once place that was so empty for so long was full and stretching with the added length and thickness.

Your entire body tingled and begged for him to move. “You’re so fucking tight.” He whispers, pulling his hips back, and then forward, testing how much you could withstand. You just nod at him, saying it was okay for him to continue.

Frank started out slow, massaging your clit, and looking right into you eyes. They were dark, and shiny as he thrusted into you.

The feeling was indescribable. You couldn’t simply put it into words. Doing this with someone you had been interested in for so long had a much more intense feeling than randoms.

He had hardly even moved and your entire body was in a state of pure bliss.

Frank moved quicker, his thrusts becoming more rhythmic, and deep. You only let out a few sighs as he did so, your mouth hanging open.

As it went on, Frank became much rougher, making you squeal and choke. He was pounding quickly, trying to find the right angle to hit your g-spot. After a few tries, he hit it, over and over. You were sweating more, your walls threatening to contract and pull you into an orgasm, but you refused to let it happen.

Your head pushed back as Frank kissed down the front of your neck. “Fuck, Frank!” You groan, grabbing on to his biceps and digging your nails into his tattooed arms.

By now, the couch was moving, your breasts were bouncing and your hair was slicked down with sweat. Frank’s thrusts hitting you in just the right spot every couple times, edging you nearer to your orgasm.

You let a moan rip through you, as your hips met with his.

Soon your walls started contracting as the knot unraveled, you shake slightly, feeling it in every limb, the heavy, wet, hot feeling of your orgasm.

Frank was pushed almost over the edge. He pulled out, pumping his length a couple of times before releasing on your stomach and collapsing next to you.

He hands you a Kleenex, and you use it to clean yourself off, and you toss it in the garbage at the corner of the room.

You breath heavily. Trying to collect your thoughts. You were in such a confusing state. “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted that.” You finally say.

“I think by the look of it, it was pretty badly.” He laughed awkwardly. “You’re such a tease, I wasn’t sure I could actually keep myself from losing control, I’m sorry if I hurt you.” He apologizes, feeling concerned for you.

“No, I’m fine. I was just surprised how gentle and loving that was.” You shrug, getting up to grab your clothes.

“I mean… I do love you. Why wouldn’t I? You’ve been there for me, since I can remember, how could I not?” He chuckles.

“I’m just used to rougher… more coarse sex, y’know?” You bend over, grabbing your bra.

Neither of you mentioned Jamia. Not once.

“If you want that from me.” He winks, being suggestive.

“It hasn’t even been two minutes and you want a round two?” You ask, slightly shocked at the offer.

“Why not? We have time.” He shrugs.

“Let me have another drink or two first.” 

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Hi can u recommend me some lesbian films or like any one with lesbians in it. Ive watched like 4 today including imagine me & you which im inlove with also watched lost and delirious which was not into :/ I really prefer happier ones can u help im looking everywhere. Btw if this seems like a strange request sorry ive recently come out to myself and i like these kinda movies and its good to watch them without feeling guilty or questing why i like them so much

i feel you, i’m wishing u the best as you get comfortable! Tbh this is a Real Problem, it doesn’t help that there aren’t many films with lesbians that don’t end in angst or involve Disapproval or affairs or dark forbidden things and leave you feeling kind of miserable? Like?!??! in my Gay opinion, in addition to happy lesbian films, there should be blockbuster fantasy/ scifi /action etc films that just happen to hav lesbians, and i want the lesbians to b treated as casually as straight people in the same sort of films w/o anyone making a giant deal out of it being a Lesbian™ film… im… it needs 2 not be so rare so lovely ppl like u won’t feel guilty about it!

Anyway, with the exception of a few, some of these aren’t great great… but I hope at least like some end up being worth it, bc like at least these don’t have miserable endings,,

  • Masterlist Recs: *use this one* / 1 / 2 / 3 (these aren’t necessarily all happy ending films though… i want to warn you though, that blue is the warmest color is on some of these lists and i personally do not recommend it idk.)
  • Carol (2015): I’m sure you’ve seen/know about this by now and obviously it’s excellent and beautiful and has Cate Blanchett and is the standard to which all other films with lesbians should aspire to in my opinion, maybe all films with lesbians should feature Cate Blanchett, i wish e v e r y lesbian film was this high quality and dreamy but they aren’t
  • But I’m a Cheerleader (1999): comedy with a popular cheerleader who’s parents decide she’s gay and LITERALLY send her to a ‘recovery’ camp, like! so it backfires and she falls in love with this girl and there’s lots of pastel colors and 90′s music and softness and the cheerleader’s played by nicky from oitnb which makes it funnier im,
  • I Can’t Think Straight (2008): elegant, involves a lady that’s about to get Married to this guy but then she meets a woman that she falls in love with, it has Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth and they have onscreen chemistry and passion mostly
  • Kyss Mig (2011): Swedish film similar to Imagine Me and You, since you said you liked that one, this film is /ok/ and well written but it’s just… also, like, awkward-ish in my opinion but
  • My Summer of Love (2004): OK so i lied this doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending and it actually has triggering subject matter (also reviewers will pass it off as a Gals Being Pals film which….. is vaguely annoying) but i just stuck this in here bc i guess it’s kinda good and has emily blunt and you might want to check it out later or whatever
  • Viola di Mare (2009): film set in rural 1800s Italy about two women that fall in love, based on a true story, sometimes the soundtrack is rlly annoying, not really a happy ending idk
  • Desert Hearts (1985): this lady is stressed out from her divorce and moves to nevada in the late 50s, or whatever, but then she meets this lady who works at a casino and, yeah
  • D.E.B.S. (2005): a girl who was admitted to this elite secret spy academy falls for the Attractive villain… cute, ridiculous lots of guns and actions and plaid skirts, it has bad reviews but like… c'mon… it’s one of those sleepover type films… it’s not meant to be Deep…
  • Show Me Love (1998): i watched this forever ago it’s Swedish lesbians-discovering-themselves film abt a girl falling for the ‘popular girl’ and it has grainy cinematography. decent with a decent ending. (trigger warnings: homophobia, abelism) the soundtrack gets annoying
  • The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love: I saw this awhile ago but I recall it being mediocre but relaxed it takes place in the 60’s/70’s and involves an interracial relationship between high school girls so it’s kind of a bb lesbians discovering themselves film