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A typical morning for you consisted of you rolling out of bed at around 9, stumbling to the bathroom to do your business, give your face a quick rinse and your teeth a quick brush, and then pad downstairs slowly to see what you could nibble on for breakfast. Whenever Harry was around, you’d wake up to smell of bacon and the sound of crackling. However, when Harry had to leave home for a couple months, you’d find that two slices of toast with jam on top filled you up just fine. 

This morning, you woke up feeling particularly rejuvenated. You flipped over onto Harry’s side, your arm tucked underneath his pillow as you snuggled up to it. It still smelled like him even if the last time he was here was about two and a half months ago. Odd… The ‘Harry’ smell seemed a lot stronger than usual. You missed Harry terribly when he had to go off, but you knew what you had signed up for when Harry first asked you to be his girlfriend. So, really - You couldn’t complain. You could whine, but you couldn’t complain. 

As you rolled up the blinds, you couldn’t help but notice how pretty it looked outside. The sun was peeking out from behind a nest of clouds, the trees were looking very green and lush, and the rose bushes you had been tending to looked as rosy as ever! Maybe today was going to be a good day! You had the whole house to yourself and you couldn’t wait to unwind on the couch with a bowl of cereal and your eyes glued to the TV screen. 

You hummed to yourself as you padded down the stairs, your brows furrowing at the sight of the remote control sitting on the arm of the couch rather than its usual place on the coffee table. You’d watched TV last night, maybe you just left it on the arm? 

“Silly me.” You snorted, picking it up and setting it down on the table. Walking into the kitchen, you wondered to yourself what kind of cereal you were in the mood for today. Cinnamon toast crunch? Or maybe those tiny chocolate chip cookies? Honey coated cornflakes didn’t sound half bad either. What if you mixed all three? Iconic, that’s what I am. 

“Mornin’, love.” As you made your way over to the cupboards, you glanced over towards the direction of the fridge to see Harry snacking on something. 

“Morning.” You smiled, rummaging through the cupboards to find all three of your- Wait. “What the hell??” You whipped around, your eyes popping open at the sight of your beanie-sweater-wearing, ring-bearing boyfriend casually standing by the fridge as if he hadn’t just disappeared for nearly three months. 

“I finished the cornflakes, I’ll pick up a new box later.” Harry murmured through a mouthful of food, dusting his hands off. There was a moment in which the two of you were just staring at each other, you were still in shock, and Harry was eyeing the shirt (his shirt) you were wearing before looking up at you with his dopey smile. “Aren’t yeh gonna come and gimme a kiss? ‘ve been gone for a hot minute.” 

“Oh my god!” You couldn’t help but squeal before you found yourself dashing over to Harry, practically tackling him in a hug before peppering his face with light kisses. “What are you doing here?” You pulled away, pressing your hands against his chest gently as you felt his arms wrap around your waist. (His arms had gotten a lot beefier, you had noticed. And his chest was definitely more muscle-y.)  

“I live here, Y/N. I bought this house for us.” Harry teased, reaching up to tuck a strand of loose hair behind your ear. 

“You know what I mean…” 

“I’m done.” He said simply, leaning in to give you a sweet kiss. 

“You’re done?” You asked softly, your lips parting in genuine shock. After so many months of Harry working his butt off and never having any time for you… He was done? 

“Mhm. I don’ have to travel anywhere… I’ll be working from home. Didn’t like having to abandon you for a couple months at a time.” He pouted, “Plus, I know for a fact you never eat healthy when I’m not around.” 

“It’s not my fault Panda Express is a ten-minute walk away from us.” You laughed lightly, shrugging as you did so. “I’m just… You’re home.” You whispered, Harry nodding before giving you another quick kiss. 

“Now, c’mon. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do! I’d like to see you in that pretty little lingerie set in real life as opposed to on my screen.” 


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Warning: Pervy Ben + angst towards the end…

Word Count: 4.3K+

The rest of the time spent at the pizza joint, you had found yourself contemplating for a good fifteen minutes on whether or not you should remove your hand. Eventually, as Rey kept eyeing you trying to eat your pizza with one hand as Ben kept to himself and paid you no mind, you removed it and let out a shaky sigh. You couldn’t comprehend as to why something like that had you all shaken up. Sure, physical contact with Ben always had you on edge, but why didn’t you do anything about it?

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It’s Okay


I cuddled up close to Ashley as he flipped through the channels on the tour bus television. His arm was wrapped around me lovingly and I felt so peaceful in that moment. I never wanted to have to go back into the real world. You can call me cliché, but nothing is better than being close to the one you love.

The door opened and the rest of the band came in making a bunch of noise. My moment of peace was ruined and I groaned. Ashley’s stomach moved when he laughed, and I hit him playfully because he made me have to move from my comfortable position.

“You two are so gross,” Jinxx said rolling his eyes.

“I think they’re kind of cute,” CC defended us. I swear to God he was like a teenage girl sometimes.

“Nope. Definitely gross,” Andy agreed with Jinxx.

“Grosser than dog shit,” Jake agreed.

“That’s pretty descriptive,” I said standing up and stretching. “You’re all just jealous of our relationship,” I gave Ashley a peck on the lips. The guys gagged, but CC awed. At least someone was for us.

I heard a groan behind me as I walked to the kitchen area of the bus. I was just grabbing a water. The groan came from Andy. I had no idea what his issue was, but I think he hates me. I’ve done nothing but be nice to him but he leaves the room whenever I walk in, and if we get stuck in the same room he has to be a complete jackass to me.

“[Y/N], would you please wear pants around the bus,” he complained. I could hear a little bit of lust in his voice though. I think he’s just horny because he hasn’t gotten laid since he broke up with Juliet. And the shirt I was wearing, which was Ashley’s, did not cover my ass.

“I know. Her ass is great. Just thinking about it gets me off,” Ashley responded to Andy giving me a sexy smirk. Andy rolled his eyes and angrily got up and stomped to the other end of the bus.

“Hey, what’s your problem?” Ashley said in an angry tone as he followed Andy.

“Oh shit,” Jake said getting comfortable on the couch that Ashley and I had vacated.

“Wait. What? What the fuck is happening?” I questioned as I walked to where I could hear Andy and Ashley screaming at each other.

CC followed me as I made my way to the other end of the bus. “[Y/N],” he started as I followed Andy and Ashley’s booming voices. “I wouldn’t go back there. Please stop,” CC tried to warn me.

“What the hell do you mean you think you’re in love with her? She’s my girlfriend!” I could hear Ashley yelling. I peeked into the room from behind the doorway. Ashley was red in the face from all his anger, and Andy looked so ashamed. His blue eyes looked downward and his skin seemed so pale.

I stayed cowering behind the door as Ashley went off at him. “I mean, you can’t just come up one day and say you love her! She can’t love you back. [Y/N] is in love with me! We’ve been together for so long. And you’re one of my best friends. There is no way you two could work out as a couple,” Ashley spat at him. Andy just stood there with this wounded puppy look on his face. There were a few moments of silence before Ashley took a breath. He was going to go on and I could not watch.

I turned around and bumped into CC. I mumbled an apology and sprinted off the bus. I didn’t care that I was still only wearing Ashley’s shirt and my underwear. I just needed a moment of silence so I could think.

About a hour later I heard Jake, CC and Jinxx’s voices calling after me. I didn’t respond. I had not gone far. After walking around for a while I sat down in an empty park not far from the venue. But now that I thought about it, they probably wouldn’t look for me here. I got up and slowly started walking back to the bus. I would have to talk to Ashley about this sooner or later.


It had been about a month since the whole “Andy is in love with me” fiasco. Ashley and I never really discussed it, which was okay with me, but Andy hasn’t been able to look at me since. He won’t speak to me or Ashley and the other guys are getting more and more uncomfortable.

At this moment, Ashley and I are sitting on the couch, but not cuddled together like we usually are. In fact, we hadn’t been all cuddly or even sexy with each other since that night. We still consider ourselves a couple, but we don’t do the couple things.

All of a sudden Ashley turns to me and clears his throat. I look up from my phone and smile. “We really need to talk,” he says sternly.

“Okay. What’s on your mind?” I ask sweetly. I brace myself for whatever he’s about to say and hope it’s nothing too terrible.

Ashley looked at me then looked down. He seemed nervous and kind of jittery. What’s wrong with him today?

“[Y/N], I don’t think that we should be together anymore. Like I don’t know… I still really want to be your friend. I just don’t want us to be identified as boyfriend and girlfriend. Just friends,” he finally blurted out. He looked like he expected me to get angry and start screaming. Or overly emotional and start bawling.

I didn’t do either. The thing is, I was kind of relieved he said it. I had been thinking about this for awhile, but I didn’t say anything. I just didn’t feel any kind of romantic feelings for Ashley anymore.

“It’s okay,” I finally told him. That is all I really could say. There wasn’t anything left to say.

“You’re okay with this?”

“I’m okay with this.”


{Andy’s POV}

No one had seen or heard from [Y/N] in six months. That’s how long it has been since her an Ashley broke up. It had been seven since she found out I was in love with her. Ashley and her both said that their break up was mutual, but I blame myself for part of it.

The earlier fact about her being gone for six months is what made her sudden appearance back stage so surprising. She looked tired and a little worn. However, she was still absolutely gorgeous. When she saw that I had noticed her she gave me the tiniest of smiles and a wave.

I couldn’t help it, but my face broke into the biggest smile. She came back! But what if she came back for Ashley? That was probably it. But I was so glad to see her I didn’t care. The rest of the concert went by in a blur. I couldn’t get the thought of [Y/N] out of my mind.

As soon as we thanked the fans for coming out we ran off stage. The guys all hugged [Y/N], but Ashley held her the longest. It was kind of nice to see them together again, but I still felt a longing in my chest.

Finally, I was able to embrace her. I squeezed her tight and smelled her sweet perfume. “Where have you been?” I asked her when I stepped away.

“I traveled the world!” [Y/N] said excitedly. “It’s something I always wanted to do. So I did it.”

I laughed at how enthusiastic she was about it. It was cute, actually. “It’s great to see you again,” I responded to her happily.

“Let’s go get some drinks,” she said brightly. “We have so much to catch up on,” she said to all of us.

Later, we were all sitting at a table in a random bar discussing how life had been for us these past few months. [Y/N] had so many stories to tell us. I barely drank anything because I wanted to remember each word she said.

The two of us stayed there almost all night. At least until closing. The guys had all either gone back to the bus or found a girl and gone home with her. There were not very many people left and the music was playing a little quieter.

“So I’ve been thinking a lot about you,” she said to no one in particular. But I knew she was talking to me. She twirled the straw in her drink and her painted nails drummed softly on the table to the beat of the music. “Do you still love me?”

I nearly choked after registering her words. I was hoping that she wouldn’t bring that up. “If I’m being honest with myself, I do still love you. And there isn’t anyway I can take that back now. I blame myself for your and Ashley’s break up. If you had never found out about my feelings then you two would still be together and,” I was rambling and couldn’t stop, but [Y/N] did. She gently pulled my face close to hers and connected her lips to mine.

I felt the next words catch in my throat. Our lips stayed together for a few minutes and there was no battle for dominance or anything. We just stayed together in a sweet, gentle kiss. But it was so full of passion. And all I could think about was how this is how love is supposed to be.

I pulled away first because a thought struck me: How was Ashley going to react? She looked at me with a small pouty look on her face. Her lips were a little swollen and her eyes had this cute puppy dog look in them.

“What about Ashley?” I asked softly.

“Don’t worry. He’s alright with this,” she says kissing me again. “It’s okay,” she says in between kisses.

“Okay,” I smiled pressing my lips against hers.

Imagine waking up next to Jared after a party

I roll on the bed bumping into something soft and warm, I open my eyes only to find this guy I met last night. He’s still asleep, probably still drunk, and I know I’m a bit drunk just by the way my head still spins. The clock on my nightstand shows me that is almost two, and if the sun wouldn’t be entering through my window I would have ignored the time and pretend it was two in the morning.

I roll again, to face the wall instead of my guest. We met at a party the night before, I was drunk, he was too, and my house was near. End of the story. But I had never done this before and I felt really uncomfortable now that I was getting in the hangover fase.

Jared’s arm wraps around my waist as he pulls me closer, he’s still asleep, but he manages to trace my body in order to grab my chest and accommodate his head on my pillow. I feel his breathing on my neck, and shivers run all over my back.

The doorbell wakes me up a few minutes later, I didn’t even noticed that I started sleeping again. Jared is still holding me, and when I start moving to get out of the bed, he starts growling.

“Don’t go” I hear him mumble as I put a shirt on and my underwear.

“I’ll be back in a second”

I’ll be? Yeah, probably to ask him to leave.

I grab some mints from the kitchen before heading to the door, I don’t even look who it is, I just open and the second I do it I regret not hiding in my bedroom pretending I wasn’t there.


“Aw, sweetie, you’re glad to see me! Good, cause I brought lunch!”

She doesn’t even wait for me to invite her in, she just walks pass by me and heads to the kitchen to put a ton of bags in the counter.

“I called you so many times, I ended up deciding to come anyway. If you weren’t here, I still got your keys, I could have cleaned a bit” Her eyes catch the dirty dishes on the other counter next to her, she sighs and continues to unpack her bags, “I guess I’ll clean anyways”

She talks and talks and I completely forgot about my little guest in my bedroom. When I see Jared coming to where we are, wearing nothing but his pants, I start making him signs to get back to the bedroom.

“What are you doing?” My mom asks me, she looks entertained, but I know she will not be if she knew what was going on.

“Oh, nothing, it was… Just a fly”

“You have to clean this place, it’s a mess!”

“I know, mom”

“No, you don’t, or you would actually clean it. I’ll start charging you for the monthly cleaning”

“Yeah, sure, whatever you say” I mumble, getting out of the kitchen, “I’ll take a shower before we eat”

I run back to my bedroom, Jared has returned to bed and it’s twisted over the blankets. I should have asked him to leave earlier, but seeing him like that, makes me want to ask him to stay for good. But he can’t, and if my mom sees him, she’ll probably freak out.

“Hey, come on, wake up” I shake his shoulder, but he only mumbles something in his sleep, “I really don’t want you to go, but if the lady in the kitchen finds you, you’re dead meat”

“You want me to leave through the window?” He asks, with just one eye open.


“You’re crazy, I fucked a crazy woman”

“Shhh, she could hear you”

“I’ll leave” he mumbles, but falls asleep again.

“Come on, Jared!”

I receive no answer, and I desist from going on. Instead I lock the door, so my mom doesn’t find Jared in here, and walk to my bathroom to finally get a shower. I take my clothes off and get in, the cold water hits my body and I finally start to wake up. My head hurts like hell, and to think that I’ll have to hear my mom talk about how my whole life is a mess, makes my head hurt even more.

I almost trip when I hear someone opening the curtain, and I see Jared, completely naked, entering the small shower.

“What are you doing?” I ask him, but everything is completely clear when he corners me. “My mom is outside!”

“I know”

His lips reach mine almost violently, and my breathing turns heavy immediately. I didn’t remember much from last night, but this was a good sign that I had a great time. I open my eyes when his lips leave mine to start tracing my neck, and his hands take my tighs to wrap them around his hips. The fact that my mom is outside isn’t reason enough to stop the moanings coming out of my mouth, especially when he finally makes his way inside of me. I cup his face with my hands, pulling him closer and kiss him whenever I’m able to stop moaning. I hear him calling me beautiful between kisses, but he stops when the thrusts become faster. My whole body starts shaking, and the excitation is too much, so I end up sticking my nails on his shoulders. A few more thrusts and an almost guttural moan comes out of his lips. I gasp a few times trying to catch my breath, and I’m left alone in the shower.

When I return to my room Jared isn’t there, part of me is happy that he’s gone, but the other part is almost crying because he didn’t even left a note.

I get dressed and get out of my room, I can hear voices and I think my mom has the tv on, but when I enter the kitchen, I see Jared lying against a counter and my mom laughing at whatever he’s telling her.


“Always so secretive, this one, why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend? Thank god I brought a lot of food”

“I was just telling your mom about the fun party we had last night” He comments, his eyes on my mom, that keeps getting the food in different plates.

“You never tell me anything” My mom mutters, with a sad expression on her face. “How long have you two been together?”

“Umm…” I look at Jared, looking for help. He started this whole act, so I don’t know what to do. Jared holds two fingers up, so I follow his lead, “Around two months”

“Come on, Jared, help me get all this to the dining room, you too” Mom says, handing me a bowl filled with lettuce.

I follow them to the dining room, and after we place all the food on the table, we finally sit. I’m scared that I will not be able to follow Jared’s lead on whatever he’s doing and my mom will end up finding out the truth. How am i supposed to tell my own mom that the guy sitting next to her is just a one night stand?

“How did you guys met? I bet it was a bookstore, this girl would live in one if she could”

“It was at a party, actually” Jared answers before I can think about what to say, “She’s friend with my best friend Emma”

At least something that it’s true.

“Oh, Emma! She’s such a sweetheart”

Jared keeps telling stories that have never happened, and I look at him amused at how many things he can make up without even thinking for a second.

“What are you doing?” I ask him, after my mom leaves us alone to bring dessert. “We met last night, I didn’t even know you had a brother”

“Yeah, and a few step brothers” He adds with a smile, “Come on, it’s fun”

“You said you were going to leave, not that you were going to join us for lunch”

“Yeah, I was leaving and your mom saw me, I told you I wasn’t going out through the window” He reminds me.

“And what am I supposed to tell her when you leave and I don’t see you again?”

“Who says you’re not going to see me again?”

I stare at him not knowing what to say, I thought that after what happened last night we were done.

“We are going to Palm Springs next week, maybe you could come with us”

“Palm Springs sounds fun” My mother interrupts us, placing a cup of ice cream and fruit in front of us, “You should go, you never go out”

“I do, mom”

“No, you don’t” She says with a serious tone, but changing her expression completely to continue talking to Jared, “You’re a fallen angel, Jared”

“No, I’m not” he laughs.

“Of course you are, you may be the one who finally makes this girl settle down for once”

I hear my mom talking about how long it’s been since I last had a decent boyfriend, and I don’t care that Jared hears all that crap, it’s not my real boyfriend, I don’t need to worry about what he could think about me now.

When I start to think that my mom will stay forever getting fascinated by my fake boyfriend, she finally decides to leave us alone to enjoy the rest of the day. We dismiss her at the door, waving at her while she leaves in her car with the biggest smile I’ve seen her with for the last few months. Jared grabs my hands at the last second, and my mom looks like she’s melting with cuteness while she drives away from my house.

“That was fun” Jared says, pulling me inside the house.

“Hell no” I mumble, taking my hand away from his. “She’s not gonna leave me alone now that I have a "boyfriend”“

"Palm Springs, next week. I wasn’t acting that for your mom” Jared says, ignoring my comment.

“Is Emma going too? Is the only one of your friends that I know” I ask, actually considering the offer.

“No, she’s not going, not her or my brother. I’m going alone, well… Was going alone, because you’re coming, right?”

I take his jacket from the couch and hand it to him, his face saddens in a second. If there’s one thing my mom is absolutely right about, is how boring and messed up my life is, so I decide what to do with Jared immediately. I notice the surprise on his face when I jump into his arms, to wrap mine around his neck.

“I can’t let my new boyfriend walk around all those almost naked ladies, I may lose him in a second”

“Told you, playing house is fun” Jared whispers, his lips over mine. “But, you know what would make this even better? If I actually stay”

“I thought one night stands only lasted for the night” I mutter and a smile appears on his face.

“Yeah, but it’s afternoon, and I already met your mother, I think this is getting pretty serious”

“Yeah, you better leave before I ask you to move in” I push him to the door, but he grabs my hand to get me closer and finally kiss me.

“Or I ask you to marry me” He laughs and I push him again, “I added my number in your phone while you were in the shower, I’ll call you during the week, we can go buy you a nice bikini for the weekend”

“I can’t wait”

I receive one last kiss before Jared starts walking to his car, I wave my hand to him till he disappears down the road and I finally get in my house again. Palm Springs started to sound fun all of the sudden.


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