i have so many feels about this song

you know, i really respect song writers like tyler joseph. he can write songs in such a way that they can be interpreted as many different things to many different people. and i find that so incredibly important when being a song writer. the message is something you really have to think about: what does his words mean to you? what is he singing into your ears? it’s such a metaphor to kind of sort through to find what the true meaning is TO YOU. and i just feel that’s SO important.

Some stuff about Yuri On Ice EP#7...

OKOK OK i know that everyone is freaking about about this episode because i am too (trust me ive died like 200 times already) but !!!! 

instead of the (maybe? probably???) kiss scene what really hit me was this !!!! line !!!!!

The original words were “離れずにそばにいてよ!” A more literal translation is perhaps “Just don’t leave me and stay by my side!”

WHICH… are the exact words to the title of the song Viktor was skating to in the beginning (yup yup the one Yuuri skated to as well). Like, exact words. In the English fandom the song is more commonly translated to “Stay By My Side” or “Stay Close To Me” I think?

IN ADDITION !!!! There are probably already a bunch of posts about this circling around but a while ago the OST tracklist leaked causing a huge explosion on Japanese Twitter:

SO…. You see track #24 iS A DUET VERSION OF THIS EXACT SONG which means it will probably be played in the last episode and thus there is a huge huge chance that we will see Viktor and Yuuri skate to this together i’m just dreaming a girl can dream right

im dead this is too much tHIS SHOW IS TOO MUCH

do you ever just get emotional because a.m. was literally the PERFECT choice as the last song on the fifth album, like the last song for this chapter of their story? because it reminds me of them just sitting around a fire at the bungalow and talking about how astonished they are by the amount of success that they’ve achieved, about what they’ve gone through along the way, and about the unbreakable bond that they built throughout the journey? think about the first time at the bungalow - where they were all sitting around, literally dreaming out loud, about where they wanted to be in the future, and what they wanted as a band. and then they came back again and reminisced about those early days and reflected upon how things have gone and about how they’ve been through hell and back as a band and they’ve all got the scars to prove it, but they’ve all come out stronger as individuals and stronger as a unit. and they’re always coming back to that place because that’s the place that keeps them humble and reminds them of the beginning. then think of them going back to the bungalow at the end of the hiatus, and talking about what they’ve learned as individuals throughout the break, and laughing and having fun,, and time literally has no meaning because they’re a group again and it feels so right. it’s just such a feel-good, nostalgic song, like reflecting fondly back on the last five years and it’s the most beautiful way to end that chapter of their story.


I’m growing right before your eyes

Song is “Young Man in America” by Anaïs Mitchell, which is a song I have many, many feelings about. There’s a violence and harrowing feeling to the song, but in the end there’s a sense of contemplativeness that  I feel really fits with both Alfred’s character and just… this country itself. "There’s a feeling that the American is something of an orphan, that we can’t trust we’re going to be taken care of,” says the songwriter in reference to uncertainty and unease in this country, but at the same time I feel like there’s a lot of hope, which is necessary to survival, which i tried to sort of capture with this little piece. :0 

Thinking about possibly expanding to do the entire song in the black/white/gold style just to see how it’d work out, but I was struck with emotions for APH America while watching the PBS Hamilton segment, so I had to do something featuring him. Hope you enjoyed!


here we are now, with the falling sky and the rain
     we’re awakening ♪

one of the scenes I would really love to see (as I’m sure many people have thought of!) is Rey experiencing her first rainfall ☺ also because “Awakening” has become one of my theme songs for TFA and all the new kids, there’s something about it which is very beautiful and fits so well thematically ;;

AND BONUS PIC: Finn + Rey (+ Poe’s jacket of a thousand uses (〃▽〃) )

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: all the lyrics from the sgfg songs are so touching and deep in all these different ways. they sing about so many different topics including not feeling loved, mental illness, divorce of your parents, that you think you just don't fit in etc.. and throughout the songs they also kinda help you to cope with your problems in a way. it's just encouraging to hear that everything will be alright and that it's okay to be different than others and to have your own dreams. i'm so proud of these guys that created the new broken scene for all of us and wrote these amazing songs. i am just so so so proud!
Anyone else in the 2016 ‘Single this Holiday Season’ Club?

With the overwhelming amount of holiday movies and songs all about romance, the holidays can be particularly hard for those of us that happen to be single. 

Many people at one time or another have been in this club during their lives. And if you have, you know how annoying and depressing it can be.

So if you are in this club, reblog this. Let people know that you’re single this holiday season. Maybe your one true love will send you an ask, and you won’t be single for long?

More realistically though, I feel like this will help people not feel like they are the only lonely sad sack around this holiday season. Cause no one is alone in this. There’s a whole bunch of us.

ok! so!

like many of you i have been LOVING yuri on ice, it is a joy to the senses as well as the feels, and one of the few consistent bright spots of the last two weeks.

and so today i was listening to the full version of the op history makers by the wonderful dean fujioka (that i actually went and bought the full version off itunes, i love it that much i need it with me always) and, sorry if someone has already talked about this before, but i have come to the conclusion that the song, though sung as a solo by dean, is actually a duet between yuri and viktor, and that just makes me love it even more.

like, let’s take a look at the lyrics. We start off in first person with:

Can you hear my heartbeat?

Tired of feeling never enough

I close my eyes and tell myself that my dreams will come true

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and that is so clearly yuri at the start of the show. He feels like a failure, like he’s missed his chance, but in his heart he’s still not ready to give up on his dreams of being a winning skater.

Then we get the second verse, switching to second person:

there’ll be no more darkness

when you believe in yourself you are unstoppable

where your destiny lies, dancing on the blades,

you set my heart on fire

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and like, that is viktor, entranced by yuri and his skating from the youtube video onwards, seduced by him more and more with each performance as yuri grows as a skater. He believes in yuri and wants yuri to believe in himself (though he isn’t always the best at understanding how to help yuri do that :p)

and then we get the chorus, the two of them together, first person plural

don’t stop us now, the moment of truth

we were born to make history

we’ll make it happen, we’ll turn it around

yes, we were born to make history

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this is them coming together, as skater and coach, as partners, as lovers. this is them as a united front looking to the future together.

and though the second half of the song is pretty much a repeat of the first, there is some important changes in yuri’s verse

Can you hear my heartbeat?

I’ve got a feeling it’s never too late

I close my eyes and see myself how my dreams will come true

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and this change is markedly more positive than the first, he’s not feeling tired and down anymore, he’s inspired to move forward. And he’s no longer just telling himself ‘my dreams can come true’, he’s able to visualize it.

because he and viktor are together now, viktor has heard yuri’s heartbeat, and it has set viktor’s on fire.

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and that is why thinking this song is a duet somehow makes it EVEN BETTER IN CONTEXT FOR ME.

and out of context it is still an incredibly beautiful and positive song about having dreams and faith in yourself along with the will to move forward, BUT WHEN CONNECTED TO THE SHOW, yeah :)

Happy Birthday Tyler!

So the person that changed so many lives turns 28 today. And I am so so happy he has made it that far and brought us such amazing, personal, heartwrenching and sometimes heart-warming songs. 

I can’t put exactly into words what I feel about this band, or how they have been there for me on days where it just didn’t seem possible to hurt anymore. The music is more than that, it has a palpitating soul that breathes life and meaning to every single person a different way. 

He has inspired people to take on music. He makes his shows th ebest experience by far to the devoted fanbase that surrounds them. 

It may be another ‘popular band’ to some people, but they are more than that..Tyler is someone who has been through Hell and back and instead of moping or dedicating time to his own fortune through songs, each and every day he supports and makes sure that he loves people triumphently. 

I will probably never get a chance to meet him, but he is someone who created my favorite band, he’s the echo in the halls telling me to keep pushing as I put my headphones on to drownout the hate and the suffering and the pain.

He turned pain into beautiful melodic pieces. Ashes into a blazing fire.

Tyler is 28, but that is so much more than that. That’s him not giving up no matter how hard it was. That is his persistence and his courage. And I just want to tell him thank you, thank you, for allowing us to connect and relate to that. When you go there, all judgement slips away. You say that you have suffered from depression and the other sends messages of love and support.

Tyler Joseph is more than a singer, he’s more than his tattoos or his paint. Its his entire belief system that he spreads. The hope that he and Josh give that makes me proud to be part of this fanbase more than anything. 


we’ll give the world to you and you’ll blow us all away.  someday, someday.

(no, i am not afraid to die)

I wrote this because I am having a lot of feelings about the fact that everyone but keyleth and vax have died and idk man. title comes from the Oh Hello’s song this will end.

  • It’s many years later; decades, maybe even centuries after the dragons are defeated. 
    • A child lays in her bed, her grandmother telling her the story of the brave heroes who saved the world.
  • The rogue, the ranger, the cleric, the barbarian, the bard, the gunslinger, and the druid.
    • their heroics exaggerated after all the years, their names forgotten to time.
      • maybe not completely forgotten
  • Her grandmother tells her of the battles: 
    • how they killed the Iron Storm in his home
    • how they slayed the Hope Devourer by teleporting inside of it
    • how they took vengeance for their fallen friend in killing the Frigid Doom 
    • how they nearly died at the hands of the Cinder King 
    • how two of them did die, briefly, at the hands of the Diseased Deceiver.
  • The child, who had heard all the stories of the adventurers, asked her grandmother a question. 
  • “Do you think it hurt?”
    • “What do you mean, child?” asked her grandmother.
  • “They all died- well, all except for the druid and the rogue, I guess, but the ranger, barbarian, and gunslinger all died twice. Do you think that it hurt?” The child asked, curiosity gleaming in her eyes.
  • An innocent question, asked merely out of curiosity 
    • the child was always the type to ask, rather than leave a question steeping in her brain
      • Of course it hurts- it feels as if you lose a piece of yourself every time and it hurts so badly you feel you might die from the pain, too.
  • Her grandmother, sighed, and answered:
    • “Do I think dying hurts? Child, I know it does. To have someone you love leave? That pain is unimaginable, especially if it’s before their time. The pain would be awful for their friends, and it would only get worse every time someone died. Dying is painful for the living, I think. I don’t think it hurts too badly for the dead.”
  • The child stared at her with wide eyes.
    • “But grandmother, the dead have died. That’s gotta hurt, right?”
      • Trust me, child; I’ve lost enough friends to know it hurts. It feels as though the grief will swallow you whole every time.I’d rather fight a whole conclave of ancient dragons than lose someone I love.
  • “Child, I would not know, I haven’t died. I imagine it hurts, and I know people who are brought back have lasting effects. But those who are left behind, to live on after someone’s died? They have to live without the person they’ve lost. 
    • And it hurts; it gets better on some days, Child, but then there will be days when you see something and your first instinct will be to tell the person you’ve lost, and you will remember you can’t. 
      • But then you remember to stay strong,and be happy for those who have gone before, and to live well for them.”
  • The child blinked, taking in her grandmother’s response.
    • “Huh. Grandmother, would you tell me another story?”
  • Her grandmother laughed:
    • “One more, and then it’s off to bed, now which story would you like to hear?”
      • “Can you tell me the story of the Bard and his magic spice?”
        • Her grandmother smiled, and begin to weave the tale.
        • Oh child, if you only knew he thought he was buying drugs, not spices.
  • When she finished her story, she blew out the candle by the child’s bed, and went to leave the room. 
    • She stood at the doorway, the hallway light illuminating the room, her headpiece casting antler-shaped shadows over the room.
  • “Goodnight, my child. Sleep well.”
  • “Goodnight, grandmother.”

Something I keep forgetting to post about is that when asked about whether Milo Murphy’s Law would ever do parodies of Phineas and Ferb songs (you know, with Weird Al Yankovic voicing Milo and all that), Dan Povenmire replied with “not only have we THOUGHT about it…”

This opens up so many questions, particularly how they could actually get PnF song parodies into episodes while feeling natural about it.


“…I want to compliment Gongchan on doing a really good job. Gongchan completed the song. When BANAs listen to ‘Nightmare,’ I’m sure you will think this song is very nice. I thought that if we went too strong, fans might not have enjoyed it. I think Gongchan played a role in making the song harmonious. This is my favorite part, including the lyrics…the mood as well. He did a really good job.“

As someone who knows how unconfident Gongchan can sometimes be about his singing abilities, I live for moments when the other members show their appreciation for him.

It’s hard not to feel insecure when you are part of a group with so many talented and powerful vocalists. In any other group, Gongchan could have easily been written off as just another visual, but instead, the other B1A4 members show Gongchan a lot of respect as a singer, even though he definitely has room for improvement. 

I’m thankful that they are able to recognize his unique singing voice and find ways to properly utilize it. It also shows a lot of maturity and open-mindedness on their end. 

Basically, B1A4′s teamwork is amazing, and I can’t compliment them enough.

A thought on ‘Edgy’ 2000s music jokes...

I know a lot of people laugh at how abused those songs are from crappy AMVs and overuse in OC character themes with dark pasts, but here’s the truth on some of this.

Linkin Park’s Crawling is about a woman being abused, having visible bruises and people who see them not saying a damn thing. Finding it hard to cope or even move on. Reliving the abuse and feeling there’s no way out.

A lot of their songs at the time centered around abuse of all kinds, something music rarely did if it wanted to be part of mainstream. So many people grew up in broken homes in more than one way, and while it’s funny for a moment to call them corny because of the people misusing them, some of those songs have meant much more than ripping on Goth and Emo stereotypes.

When the Iraq war was going on Linkin Park was one of a handful of bands who used their music to oppose blowing up people in the name of revenge. I haven’t followed their music as closely as then but I found myself going back to those times and being thankful they wrote music that even the broken can relate to, and still relate to.

I know other contenders for this Make Fun Of ‘Edgy’ Music Memes is Evanescence and others… but I can only vouch for LP because of loving them so much growing up. They’re easily in a playlist of things I grew up with and I won’t feel ashamed or dirty for liking them. I won’t let Memes dictate how I should feel now about those things and I hope anyone else who finds safety in music to continue to see beyond what others say.

Everyone goes through emotional turmoil, and plenty of people use music to describe how they feel, not just when they feel hurt either. Plenty of people also use music to heal and I encourage anyone who reads this to never feel ashamed if you enjoy something everyone makes fun of. 

It’s really beautiful to see how many people relate to these lyrics in Better Man and how they are saying that the song describes their experiences, thoughts and feelings perfectly. I think that’s what I love the most about the songs Taylor creates. 

They are just so human

Her songs come from such a real, emotional place that either amplify the feelings that are bursting through the surface, or pull at the feelings that are buried somewhere deep inside. 

There is room for all kinds of art in the world, and in the world of music specifically, people experiment in so many ways that are exciting and interesting. But I think the reason that Taylor’s music always proves to have such a far reach, where so many people latch onto it and buy it and live with her songs for extended periods, is because they speak to the part of the human psyche that just wants to connect, to feel understood and less alone in their experiences. When I see the reaction to her music, it’s apparent that people feel like her words could be their words at some point or another in their lives. That is a special gift. 

anonymous asked:

Hey! I was listening to your playlist on Spotify and I was wondering if you could explain what "her komer vinteren" is about cause it has a cool beat but google translate confuses me hahah

Hey! Yes!! It’s one of my favourite songs so I’ll just translate it cause it’s really cool and everyone should know it k !!!

“Here comes the winter”

Are you the kind who never gets tan
And never really tries to become it?
Are you viewed as a boring coward
Because you generally don’t wanna go swimming
Have you got problems with interacting with overly positive people
You’re not alone, we are many who feels that way

Are you the kind, who like to sit
Sit inside and pimp while the sun is shining?
Are you the kind who enjoy sports, but only on the screen and only when we’re winning?
Then you’ve got problems, according to the peanut-brain association
But you’re not alone, cause we are many who feels that way

People I’m bringing news, I have to ask for absolute silence
The waiting period is over, it’s gonna fall snow tonight

Here comes the winter
Here comes the cold, fine time
Here comes the winter
Finally we get peace

Are you the kind who gets irritated
By people who always have to impress
Have you got a fridge
Have you got a tv
The you have everything you need to live, cause…

Here comes the winter
Here comes the cold, fine time
Here comes the winter
Finally we get peace

I get that you were confused if you tried google translate hahahah

My Twist and Shout wish

Hi there! I really need the SPN Fandom to do this. I don’t know if someone already did this, but if they did, I’m not aware of it. I’ve been struggling with this, if I should or shouldn’t do it, because, well, it is probably going to hurt right in the feels if it becomes true.

I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now, since I read the greatest Destiel FanFic: Twist and Shout (it breaks your heart but it is worth it. I have so many mixed feelings about it). A big point in Twist and Shout is that Cas loves Elvis (you’ll probably cry every time you hear after that) and it has the whole thing where Dean sings it to him the “can’t help falling in love” song to him.

One thing that I cannot get out of my mind is that Jensen sings in some of the conventions and his voice is just too sweet to hear, anyways, it would mean the world to me, and I think for many other fans too, if we got Jensen to sing it (or maybe some other Elvis song).

The problem is, I don’t know how they pick the songs that he sings, and I would probably be able to ask them to do it, in some panel, but there are no SPN conventions around here. Therefore, I come here, to the SPN Fandom, to ask for your help, so that maybe this could become true. If someone knows how the songs are picked or if you could ask this to them for me, even that I won’t be able to see it by myself, I’m sure there will be plenty of videos of it online after.

And since my blog isn’t that big I’m going to tag here a few of my favorite Destiel/Supernatural blogs that are little bit bigger than mine so that might help to get little more reach (if you want me to take your name off, please, let me know. If you can, tag other blogs that you think can/would like to help with this).

Rolling Stone, September 12, 1985

Prince Talks: The Silence Is Broken

By Neal Karlen

The Interview

Why have you decided that now is the time to talk?
There have been a lot of things said about me, and a lot of them are wrong. There have been a lot of contradictions. I don’t mind criticism, I just don’t like lies. I feel I’ve been very honest in my work and my life, and it’s hard to tolerate people telling so many barefaced lies.

Do you read most of what’s written about you?
A little, not much. Sometimes someone will pass along a funny one. I just wrote a song called “Hello,” which is going to be on the flip side of “Pop Life.” It says at the end, “Life is cruel enough without cruel words.” I get a lot of cruel words. A lot of people do.

I saw critics be so critical of Stevie Wonder when he made Journey through the Secret Life of Plants. Stevie has done so many great songs, and for people to say, “You missed, don’t do that, go back” – well, I would never say, “Stevie Wonder, you missed.” [Prince puts the Wonder album on the turntable, plays a cut, then puts on Miles Davis’ new album.] Or Miles. Critics are going to say, “Ah, Miles done went off.” Why say that? Why even tell Miles he went off? You know, if you don’t like it, don’t talk about it. Go buy another record!
Not long ago I talked to George Clinton, a man who knows and has done so much for funk. George told me how much he liked Around the World in a Day. You know how much more his words mean than those from some mamma-jamma wearing glasses and an alligator shirt behind a typewriter?

Do you hate rock critics? Do you think they’re afraid of you?
[Laughs] No, it’s no big deal. Hey, I’m afraid of them! One time early in my career, I got into a fight with a New York writer, this little skinny cat, a real sidewinder. He said, “I’ll tell you a secret, Prince. Writers write for other writers, and a lot of time it’s more fun to be nasty.” I just looked at him. But when I really thought about it and put myself in his shoes, I realized that’s what he had to do. I could see his point. They can do whatever they want. And me, too. I can paint whatever picture I want with my albums. And I try to instill that in every act I’ve ever worked with.

What picture were you painting with Around the World in a Day?
[Laughs] I’ve heard some people say I’m not talking about anything on this record. And what a lot of other people get wrong about the record is that I’m not trying to be this great visionary wizard. Paisley Park is in everybody’s heart. It’s not just something that I have the keys to. I was trying to say something about looking inside oneself to find perfection. Perfection is in everyone. Nobody’s perfect, but they can be. We may never reach that, but it’s better to strive than not.

Sounds religious.
As far as that goes, let me tell you a story about Wendy. We had to fly somewhere at the beginning of the tour, and Wendy is deathly afraid of flying. She got on the plane and really freaked. I was scared for her. I tried to calm her down with jokes, but it didn’t work. I thought about it and said, “Do you believe in God?” She said yes. I said, “Do you trust him?” and she said she did. Then I asked, “So why are you afraid to fly?” She started laughing and said, “Okay, okay, okay.” Flying still bothers her a bit, but she knows where it is and doesn’t get freaked.

It’s just so nice to know there is someone and someplace else. And if we’re wrong, and I’m wrong, and there is nothing, then big deal! But the whole life I just spent, I at least had some reason to spend it.

When you talk about God, which God are you talking about? The Christian God? Jewish? Buddhist? Is there any God in particular you have in mind?
Yes, very much so. A while back, I had an experience that changed me and made me think differently about how and what I wrote and how I acted toward people. I’m going to make a film about it – not the next one, but the one after that. I’ve wanted to make it for three years now. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still as wild as I was. I’m just funneling it in a different direction. And now I analyze things so much that sometimes I can’t shut my brain off and it hurts. That’s what that movie will be about.

What was the experience that changed you?
I don’t really want to get into it specifically. During the Dirty Mind period, I would go into fits of depression and get physically ill. I would have to call people to help me get out of it. I don’t do that anymore.

What were you depressed about?
A lot had to do with the band’s situation, the fact that I couldn’t make people in the band understand how great we could all be together if we all played our part. A lot also had to do with being in love with someone and not getting any love back. And there was the fact that I didn’t talk much with my father and sister. Anyway, a lot of things happened in this two-day period, but I don’t want to get into it right now.

How’d you get over it?
That’s what the movie’s going to be about. Paisley Park is the only way I can say I got over it now. Paisley Park is the place one should find in oneself, where one can go when one is alone.

You say you’ve now found the place where you can go to be alone. Is it your house? Within the family you’ve built around you? With God?
It’s a combination of things. I think when one discovers himself, he discovers God. Or maybe it’s the other way around. I’m not sure… . It’s hard to put into words. It’s a feeling – someone knows when they get it. That’s all I can really say.

Do you believe in heaven?
I think there is an afterworld. For some reason, I think it’s going to look just like here, but that’s part … I don’t really like talking about this stuff. It’s so personal.

Does it bother you when people say you’re going back in time with Around the World in a Day?
No. What they say is that the Beatles are the influence. The influence wasn’t the Beatles. They were great for what they did, but I don’t know how that would hang today. The cover art came about because I thought people were tired of looking at me. Who wants another picture of him? I would only want so many pictures of my woman, then I would want the real thing. What would be a little more happening than just another picture [laughs] would be if there was some way I could materialize in people’s cribs when they play the record.

How do you feel about people calling the record “psychedelic”?
I don’t mind that, because that was the only period in recent history that delivered songs and colors. Led Zeppelin, for example, would make you feel differently on each song.

Does your fame affect your work?
A lot of people think it does, but it doesn’t at all. I think the smartest thing I did was record Around the World in a Day right after I finished Purple Rain. I didn’t wait to see what would happen with Purple Rain. That’s why the two albums sound completely different. People think, “Oh, the new album isn’t half as powerful as Purple Rain or 1999.” You know how easy it would have been to open Around the World in a Day with the guitar solo that’s on the end of “Let’s Go Crazy”? You know how easy it would have been to just put it in a different key? That would have shut everybody up who said the album wasn’t half as powerful. I don’t want to make an album like the earlier ones. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to put your albums back to back and not get bored, you dig? I don’t know how many people can play all their albums back to back with each one going to different cities.

What do you think about the comparisons between you and Jimi Hendrix?
It’s only because he’s black. That’s really the only thing we have in common. He plays different guitar than I do. If they really listened to my stuff, they’d hear more of a Santana influence than Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix played more blues; Santana played prettier. You can’t compare people, you really can’t, unless someone is blatantly trying to rip somebody off. And you can’t really tell that unless you play the songs.
You’ve got to understand that there’s only so much you can do on an electric guitar. I don’t know what these people are thinking – they’re usually non-guitar-playing mamma-jammas saying this kind of stuff. There are only so many sounds a guitar can make. Lord knows I’ve tried to make a guitar sound like something new to myself.

Are there any current groups you listen to a lot or learn from? 

Naah. The last album I loved all the way through was [Joni Mitchell’s] The Hissing of Summer Lawns. I respect people’s success, but I don’t like a lot of popular music. I never did. I like more of the things I heard when I was little. Today, people don’t write songs; they’re a lot of sounds, a lot of repetition. That happened when producers took over, and that’s why there’s no more [live] acts. There’s no box office anymore. The producers took over, and now nobody wants to see these bands.

People seem to think you live in an armed monastery that you’ve built in honor of yourself.

First off, I don’t live in a prison with armed guards around me. The reason I have a guy outside is that after the movie, all kinds of people started coming over and hanging out. That wasn’t so bad, but the neighbors got upset that people were driving by blasting their boxes or standing outside and singing. I happen to dig that. That’s one reason I’m going to move to more land. There, if people want to come by, it will be fine. Sometimes it gets lonely here. To be perfectly honest, I wish more of my friends would come by.

Musicians, people I know. A lot of the time they think I don’t want to be bothered. When I told Susannah [Melvoin] that you were coming over, she said, “Is there something I can do? Do you want me to come by to make it seem like you have friends coming by?” I said no, that would be lying. And she just put her head down, because she knew she doesn’t come by to see me as much as she wants to, or as much as she thinks I want her to. It was interesting. See, you did something good, and you didn’t even know it!

Are you afraid to ask your friends to come by?
I’m kind of afraid. That’s because sometimes everybody in the band comes over, and we have very long talks. They’re very few and far between, and I do a lot of the talking. Whenever we’re done, one of them will come up to me and say, “Take care of yourself. You know I really love you.” I think they love me so much, and I love them so much, that if they came over all the time I wouldn’t be able to be to them what I am, and they wouldn’t be able to do for me what they do. I think we all need our individual spaces, and when we come together with what we’ve concocted in our heads, it’s cool.

Does it bother you that strangers make pilgrimages to your house?
No, not at all. But there’s a time and a place for everything. A lot of people have the idea that I’m a wild sexual person. It can be two o'clock in the afternoon, and someone will make a really strange request from the call box outside. One girl just kept pressing the buzzer. She kept pressing it, and then she started crying. I had no idea why. I thought she might have fallen down. I started talking to her, and she just kept saying, “I can’t believe it’s you.” I said, “Big deal. I’m no special person. I’m no different than anyone.” She said, “Will you come out?” I said, “Nope, I don’t have much on.” And she said, “That’s okay.”

I’ve lectured quite a few people out there. I’ll say, “Think about what you’re saying. How would you react if you were me?” I ask that question a lot: “How would you react if you were me?” They say, “Okay, okay.”

It’s not just people outside your door who think you’re a wild sexual person.
To some degree I am, but not twenty-four hours a day. Nobody can be what they are twenty-four hours a day, no matter what that is. You have to eat, you have to sleep, you have to think, and you have to work. I work a lot, and there’s not too much time for anything else when I’m doing that.

Does it make you angry when people dig into your background, when they want to know about your sexuality and things like that?
Everyone thinks I have a really mean temper and that I don’t like people to do this or do that. I have a sense of humor. I thought that the Saturday Night Live skit with Billy Crystal as me was the funniest thing I ever saw. His imitation of me was hysterical! He was singing, “I am the world, I am the children!” Then Bruce Springsteen came to the mike, and the boys would push him away. It was hilarious. We put it on when we want to laugh. It was great. Of course, that’s not what it is.
And I thought the Prince Spaghetti commercial was the cutest thing in the world. My lawyers and management are the ones who felt it should be stopped. I didn’t even see the commercial until after someone had tried to have it stopped. A lot of things get done without my knowledge because I’m in Minneapolis and they’re where they are.
It’s a good and a bad thing that I live here. It’s bad in the sense that I can’t be a primo “rock star” and do everything absolutely right. I can’t go to the parties and benefits, be at all the awards shows, get this and get that. But I like it here. It’s really mellow.

How do you feel when you go to New York or L.A. and see the life you could be leading?
L.A. is a good place to work. And I liked New York more when I wasn’t known, when I wasn’t bothered when I went out. You’d be surprised. There are guys who will literally chase you through a discotheque! I don’t mind my picture being taken if it’s done in a proper fashion. It’s very easy to say, “Prince, may I take your picture?” I don’t know why people can’t be more humane about a lot of things they do. Now when I’m visiting, I like to sneak around and try stuff. I like to sneak to people’s gigs and see if I can get away without getting my picture taken. That’s fun. That’s like cops and robbers.

You’ve taken a lot of heat for your bodyguards, especially the incident in Los Angeles in which your bodyguard Chick Huntsberry reportedly beat up a photographer.
A lot of times I’ve been accused of sicking bodyguards on people. You know what happened in L.A.? My man the photographer tried to get in the car! I don’t have any problems with someone Iknow trying to get in my car with me and my woman in it. But someone like that? Just to get a picture?

Why isn’t Chick working for you anymore?
Chick has more pride than anyone I know. I think that after the L.A. incident, he feared for his job. So if I said something, he’d say, “What are you jumping on me for? What’s wrong? Why all of a sudden are you changing?” And I’d say, “I’m not changing.” Finally, he just said, “I’m tired. I’ve had enough.” I said fine, and he went home. I waited a few weeks and called him. I told him that his job was still here and that I was alone. So he said he’d see me when I was in New York. He didn’t show up. I miss him.

Is it true that Chick is still on the payroll?

What about the exposé he wrote about you in the National Enquirer?
I never believe anything in the Enquirer. I remember reading stories when I was ten years old, saying, “I was fucked by a flying saucer, and here’s my baby to prove it.” I think they just took everything he said and blew it up. It makes for a better story. They’re just doing their thing. Right on for them. The only thing that bothers me is when my fans think I live in a prison. This is not a prison.

You came in for double heat over the L.A. incident because it happened the night of the “We Are the World” recording. In retrospect, do you wish you had shown up?
No. I think I did my part in giving my song [to the album]. I hope I did my part. I think I did the best thing I could do.

You’ve done food-drive concerts for poor people in various cities, given free concerts for handicapped kids and donated lots of money to the Marva Collins inner-city school in Chicago. Didn’t you want to stand up after you were attacked for “We Are the World” and say, “Hey, I do my part.”
Nah. I was never rich, so I have very little regard for money now. I only respect it inasmuch as it can feed somebody. I give a lot of things away, a lot of presents and money. Money is best spent on someone who needs it. That’s all I’m going to say. I don’t like to make a big deal about the things I do that way.

People think that you’re a dictator in the studio, that you want to control everything. In L.A., however, I saw Wendy and Lisa mixing singles while you were in Paris. How do you feel about your reputation?
My first album I did entirely alone. On the second I used André [Cymone], my bass player, on “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?” He sang a small harmony part that you really couldn’t hear. There was a typo on the record, and André didn’t get any credit. That’s how that whole thing started. I tried to explain that to him, but when you’re on the way up, there’s no explaining too much of anything. People will think what they want to.

The reason I didn’t use musicians a lot of the time had to do with the hours that I worked. I swear to God it’s not out of boldness when I say this, but there’s not a person around who can stay awake as long as I can. Music is what keeps me awake. There will be times when I’ve been working in the studio for twenty hours and I’ll be falling asleep in the chair, but I’ll still be able to tell the engineer what cut I want to make. I use engineers in shifts a lot of the time because when I start something. I like to go all the way through. There are very few musicians who will stay awake that long.

Do you feel others recognize how hard you work?
Well, no. A lot of my peers make remarks about us doing silly things onstage and on records. Morris [Day, former lead singer of the Time] was criticized a lot for that.

What kind of silliness, exactly?
Everything – the music, the dances, the lyrics. What they fail to realize is that is exactly what we want to do. It’s not silliness, it’s sickness. Sickness is just slang for doing things somebody else wouldn’t do. If we are down on the floor doing a step, that’s something somebody else wouldn’t do. That’s what I’m looking for all the time. We don’t look for whether something’s cool or not, that’s not what time it is. It’s not just wanting to be out. It’s just if I do something that I think belongs to someone else or sounds like someone else, I do something else.

Why did Morris say such negative things about you after he left the band?
People who leave usually do so out of a need to express something they can’t do here. It’s really that simple. Morris, for example, always wanted to be a solo act, period. But when you’re broke and selling shoes someplace, you don’t think about asking such a thing. Now, I think Morris is trying to create his own identity. One of the ways of doing that is trying to pretend that you don’t have a past.

Jesse [Johnson, former guitarist for the Time] is the only one who went away who told what happened, what really went down with the band. He said there was friction, because he was in a situation that didn’t quite suit him. Jesse wanted to be in front all the time. And I just don’t think God puts everybody in that particular bag. And sometimes I was blunt enough to say that to people: “I don’t think you should be the front man. I think Morris should.”

Wendy, for example, says, “I don’t want that. I want to be right where I am. I can be strongest to this band right where I am.” I personally love this band more than any other group I’ve ever played with for that reason. Everybody knows what they have to do. I know there’s something I have to do.

What sound do you get from different members of the Revolution?
Bobby Z was the first one to join. He’s my best friend. Though he’s not such a spectacular drummer, he watches me like no other drummer would. Sometimes, a real great drummer, like Morris, will be more concerned with the lick he is doing as opposed to how I am going to break it down.

Mark Brown’s just the best bass player I know, period. I wouldn’t have anybody else. If he didn’t play with me, I’d eliminate bass from my music. Same goes for Matt [Fink, the keyboard player]. He’s more or less a technician. He can read and write like a whiz, and is one of the fastest in the world. And Wendy makes me seem all right in the eyes of people watching.

How so?
She keeps a smile on her face. When I sneer, she smiles. It’s not premeditated, she just does it. It’s a good contrast. Lisa is like my sister. She’ll play what the average person won’t. She’ll press two notes with one finger so the chord is a lot larger, things like that. She’s more abstract. She’s into Joni Mitchell, too.

What about the other bands? Apollonia, Vanity, Mazarati, the Family? What are you trying to express through them?
A lot has to do with them. They come to me with an idea, and I try to bring that forth. I don’t give them anything. I don’t say, “Okay, you’re going to do this, and you’re going to do that.” I mean, it was Morris’ idea to be as sick as he was. That was his personality. We both like Don King and got a lot of stuff off him.

Because he’s outrageous and thinks everything’s so exciting – even when it isn’t.

People think you control those bands, that it’s similar to Rick James’ relationship with the Mary Jane Girls. A lot of people think he’s turning all the knobs.
I don’t know their situation. But you look at Sheila E. performing, and you can just tell she’s holding her own. The same goes for the Family. You and I were playing Ping-Pong, and they were doing just fine.

After all these years, does the music give you as much of a rush as it used to?
It increases more and more. One of my friends worries that I’ll short-circuit. We always say I’ll make the final fade on a song one time and … [Laughs, dropping his head in a dead slump]. It just gets more and more interesting every day. More than anything else, I try not to repeat myself. It’s the hardest thing in the world to do – there’s only so many notes one human being can muster. I write a lot more than people think I do, and I try not to copy that.

I think that’s the problem with the music industry today. When a person does get a hit, they try to do it again the same way. I don’t think I’ve ever done that. I write all the time and cut all the time. I want to show you the archives, where all my old stuff is. There’s tons of music I’ve recorded there. I have the follow-up album to 1999. I could put it all together and play it for you, and you would go “Yeah!” And I could put it out, and it would probably sell what 1999 did. But I always try to do something different and conquer new ground.

In people’s minds, it all boils down to “Is Prince getting too big for his breeches?” I wish people would understand that I always thought I was bad. I wouldn’t have got into the business if I didn’t think I was bad.

Prince on the cover of Rolling Stone. “Raspberry Beret” video still.

Yuri!!! on ICE ep7 initial thoughts

Seven is my favorite number. Now it’s my favorite episode. Oh my god so many feels! I’ve gushed about it in the live streaming chat already, but I’ll note them here, as well as a little bit about why I find them so special:

-The tabla in Phichit’s song! Thank you, animators, for using traditional South East Asian instruments and having Phichit proudly represent his country. I love it when real-life skaters pull together a program to make an homage to their culture (There’s more to music than Classical European thankyouverymuch. Not that I don’t love Classical music too, but darn if I wouldn’t be super happy to hear a koto song one day.).

-When Victor sees the TV cameras and moves Yuuri to a place where people won’t be able to see him. I love that he recognizes that it’s causing anxiety, and that he takes action immediately to make Yuuri more comfortable.

-When Victor shouts “Don’t listen!” after Yuuri takes out his earbuds and gets really pale hearing the cheering for Phichit. I love that Victor did that so reflexively. He didn’t think - he just acted and covered Yuuri’s ears to help him not get even more tensed up.

-Victor learning how to be a coach. I love that they make him mess up, that they show he’s NOT perfect all the time. He’s learning, and growing alongside Yuuri. I love how they show that Victor would do anything to snap Yuuri out of his nervousness, that he would give a couple of stern words, but then starts sweating and his mask starts breaking because he doesn’t mean it. That he doesn’t know how to fix it, so he offers a kiss, but then gets yelled at by Yuuri. That Victor realizes he was seeing the situation wrong entirely, and that he comes to understand Yuuri’s thoughts. That the two show up at the rink relatively calm again after having talked it out.

-That Yuuri was ABLE to burst out like that. He didn’t try to run and hide his tears. He didn’t try to withdraw even more and spare Victor his ugly sides (like in episode 4 before the beach scene happened). He cried and screamed and let out all those thoughts - selfish and otherwise:

-“hanarezuni soba ni itte yo!” (Stay close to me and never leave!) Hanarezuni Soba ni Ite is the title of Victor’s program - the one that brought them together. The one that captured Victor’s interest and which bolstered Yuuri’s love in skating.This line right here was the start of their story. And now Yuuri is asking Victor to stay with him.

-the head boop. Yuuri that was perfect to show that you forgive Victor and that you want strength from him. It was like a good-luck-pat. Like rubbing the Buddha’s belly for good fortune, or touching one of those omamori for winning. I love that Yuuri gets Victor to reach down in order to do that instead of asking him. It was a bit of spite, and a bit of wanting to surprise him, and a bunch of forgiveness all rolled into one motion. I love that this sweet moment from a few episodes back (a long time ago in-universe), was brought back.

-the “Victor no baka!” (Victor, you idiot!) Can you imagine Yuuri calling Victor this back in the early episodes? He knows what Victor is like - there’s no more idolization - but the best part is that he follows up the hurt/annoyance with thoughts about wanting to make Victor happy and surprised.

-the 4F. This is Victor’s signature jump. I’m sure Yuuri has been practicing the quads in practice, but hasn’t put them in competition because they have a low percentage of landing. For him to try it here - to surprise Victor(all for Victor, never for something as small as a point boost) - means so much.

-Yuuri is turning around, trying to locate Victor since Yuuri isn’t facing the direction where he entered the ice anymore. Victor running around the rink to get to the Kiss&Cry this time.

-The KISS. The tackle and kiss and fingers threading through Yuuri’s hair, and falling on the ice in a hug, and then the fond looks on their faces when Victor lifts himself up a little to look at Yuuri. It was a private moment, and I know there will be people arguing because it wasn’t explicit lip-locking, but the main point behind this is the sheer affection towards each other. The scene turning silent, the slow motion, Victor closing his eyes, the crowd shocked. This was a public display of affection - more so than any hair ruffling or hugging from behind like in episodes.