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Hey, I'm still kinda new to the Masa fandom and so far I love it! I know all about the Onibi and Sister Series but do you mind maybe explaining the characters from Maha's Story? I don't really get the series and I would love to learn more about it. Thanks

*cracks knuckles*

Let me just become a Masa teacher real quick


***The following information was translated partially by me and 99% by @shishikusas

Maria Kanzaki (A.K.A. Saint Luna Maria)

~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
A woman studying spirits in an enclosed island country that was blockaded.
She was the superior and conducted human experiments and homicides even on
her own parents and brothers, and was expelled for it. At the time she
obtained the forbidden books, there was a fesitval in hell. (?)

“She holds a crown prince of Ninomiya’s “Criminal Odd Entrance Lady L.”,
Ahn Jae-sul, a very serious person.
Dangerous philosophy that is “Luna’s Warrior” spread Fuwito, who is Kumaha’s
reverence, widely throughout the world for extra relief or in case of dangerous situation.“

Mentalism Maria:
"The blocked island nation (aka Japan) is proud.
The strange name is what her mother who is a
scientist took from "The Sea of the Moon, Luna Maria”.
Maria was particularly outstanding in psychological science,
but research on spirits was banned globally. However, the
island country advanced the research of the spirit mroe secretly.
Maria discovers the history of the closed island country during
her research. But taking that history is worth the death penalty,
so no one touches it. There was a thing of history in the
“Hell Foreign Road Festival” left by her deceased father, but is
officially appointed to a government official and the superior director of the spirits.“

Okay so to sum up, Maria is a scientist that studies the human spirit and does research on the Books of the Dead, which are relics of ancient Egypt. Eventually, she was confronted by Chlordane, and was persuaded to join the gang/organization/cult that she runs. The group is known as Maha, and you can see its logo on the front of her robes (it also appears on Phyrexia and Jeanne’s weapons, on Fen’s sleeve, and as tattoos on Morian and Jack). After joining, I think she eventually preaches her research in some kind of religious format, making her a nun/saint of sorts.

Seryl Claude les-Elizabeth (A.K.A. Chlordane)

~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
A woman whom everyone talks about. She solves legends and breaks
seals from around the world and collects them.
She seems to be in possession of the legendary ship
"Queen Ann’s Revenge”, which has been confirmed.
She is trying to gather ancient books from all around the world.

Chlordane has the same abilities as a woman once called ‘Hill of Crosses’.
A lot of crucifixes jump out of the ground from a considerably wide area,
mainly of women, to skewer them. A former woman was able to erase one town on this Hill of Crosses.
No. O1EX (Hill of Crosses)

Chlordane is the daughter of an ancient vampire named Nina Claude les-Elizabeth, but we’ll get to her later. She was abandoned when she was very small, and eventually grew up to become the leader of Maha. Many details are unknown (what/who her father was, if she ever met her mother again, if she founded Maha or just joined it, how she began to collect the Books of the Dead, etc.), but we know that she controls a significant power source called the Hill of Crosses. I think it was destroyed eventually. 

She defeated Shogun and persuaded him to join Maha. She stole books from Maria, but eventually persuaded her to join. She found an exiled nazi named Fen and brought him to Maha’s base, and he joined. She used a Book of the Dead to revive Morian (and probably Tsukuyomi and Phyrexia) from their magical seals.

Chlordane is basically the antagonist of the series, and is obviously a huge influence on all of the characters.


Okay Rakurai does have canon information but I lost it and I’m writing this up at a very late time of night. My fact-checker fell asleep a while ago so I’m on my own here lol

Anyway! Rakurai is most likely a lesser form of demon. He’s Chlordane’s little assistant, and she used his power along with the Book of the Dead to revive Morian.

Rakurai fell in love with Chlordane, but Chlordane has feelings for Maria. This led him to become distraught, and it’s the secret behind one of the well-known lines of Chinese Dogma. 

Keep in mind that Rakurai is the Japanese word for lightning. When it says in the chorus “Lightning has fallen into darkness because you felt love”, it could also be interpreted as “Rakurai has fallen into darkness because you felt love.”


~Canon Information~

A person who is the owner of the Book of the Dead and the only one who can
perform the darkest ceremony in the world.
She understands the origin of the old Aztec temple and later tells Luna that origin.
At the Singapore base in Maha, she is called “Queen of the Netherworld.”
No.03 Echidna (left eye of the gorgon)


Echidna manages Maha’s egyptian branch, which is doubtlessly the most violent. She’s the only person in the world capable of doing that dark sacrificial ritual seen in Enkantada, and that’s because she has some kind of ancient knowledge give to her by an aztec god (I think it’s the same one that Phyrexia communes with, but I’m not 100% sure). She shared this knowledge with Maria, and that’s why Maria was able to do it later on.

So Echidna is the one that takes action when Morian shows up at her base and kills Boreru. She sacrifices a prostitute to Morian to appease him, and he accepts. And since a certain character that Echidna is based on has cannibalistic tendencies (and because of the wording in the song), I think that she and Morian both devoured the prostitute’s corpse just afterward.

Anyway, a lot of Echidna’s character takes inspiration from the character of the same name in Greek mythology. Greek!Echidna can become snakelike, which explains Echidna’s tongue. The “left eye” thing is most likely a reference to the Lunar Eye of Horus, which could be a little acknowledgement of the exchange between Masa!Echidna and Maria. @yumekoro-baku mentioned that while there are a handful of goddesses that could represent each eye, for the left eye normally Wadjet (”the green one”) was represented. Wadjet was usually seen as either a snake or a snake headed woman. This just brings back Masa!Echidna’s association with snakes, which is really cool! It would also associate her with action and wrath (which makes sense, considering how violent she is) and would make her a “protector of a ruler” (I’m guessing Boreru). It’s also worth noting that Masa!Echidna is commonly known as “Queen of the Netherworld”, and considering that she takes inspiration from a greek mythological character that kidnaps people from the underworld, that makes a lot of sense, too! It also helps out my thoery that Masa!Echidna kidnaps people and forces them to become prostitutes for Maha.


~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
A large giant who leaves his name on a massacre in Coloumb after about 200 years being tied to Roman troubles long ago.
He was restored by Chlorden’s Book of the Dead and Rakurai’s wider technique, and became Chlorden’s man.
Lives as Luna’s escort.

Very dangerous.
Sa village was eliminated to nothing.
Was relocated to Shimpe from the Colomb root base of 200 Sa village.
Petition of Night: The sentence you request is an imperious fortune.
Mission statements of Maha were originally physically carried out, but the duality is different from Maha.

Literally all he does is ruin everything. He helped topple the Roman Empire, apparently, and then there’s all the murder and possible rape that surfaces when he goes to Echidna’s base. Morian’s a dick.

It’s my understanding that Morian, Phyrexia, and Tsukuyomi are three immortal demons that were sealed away to prevent the end of the world. Apparently, having all of them released at once would trigger the apocalypse or something similar. That just leaves me questioning Chlordane’s motives…

He’s also Maria’s bodyguard.


~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
A girl who made a contract with the ancient god Ometeotl, and became immortal.
She was sealed eternally by the pledge of wise men when witches were special emphasized(?),
but the seal was solved by Chlordane’s ancient book and is now part of Chlordane’s group.

She is immortal and is the one person who is said to be `strongest`
even in the story of Maha. Her strength is more intense than it looks, and
you can call her an artillery fire of ancient God.
No, 02 Phyrexia [Dragon Breath]

Her description is pretty self-explanatory. Witch hunters sealed her away, but then she was unsealed by Chlordane and her Book of the Dead (just like her buddy Morian).

Masa has confirmed that she is THE strongest character in Maha’s Story. 


~Canon Information~

An invulner of invulner sealed in an old isolated island country.
Luna’s “Hell Foreign Road Festival” and Rakurai’s magic revived.
She only comes to see her eyes and she is going to destiny,
she gives death soon.
I simultaneously repel all the troubles I absorb.
No.08 Tsukuyumi [Clouded Fox]

Okay so Tsukuyomi is a crossover character! She was sealed like the other two immortals, but get this:

She was sealed in an alter by Akari Oborodzuka, the Miku from the Onibi Series. Evidently she founded the clan that Akari was part of.

Tsukuyomi has healing powers. She can absorb diseases, and so many people came to her for help that it drove her crazy. She went berserk and killed hundreds of people, which is why Akari sealed her.

She was revived by Maria, instead of Chlordane, and I think that’s how she initially (if unintentionally) caught Chlordane’s attention.


~Canon Information~

An officer who commanded an army who had detained the
ancient God with military power alone. Both vampires
had the ability to fight equally, but the military
ceased annually as the state collapsed. Most officers were
executed, but there was no name for this man on that list.
Was exiled and has now become an official of the Chinese Government.
No. 04 Fen

Chinese Dogma:
Official of the Chinese Government,
He is Decoy’s main source of funds.
Was told to hide in the Coloumb District after he returned with Chlordane and Rakurai.
A man who betrays a person without hesitation for the sake of profit.

//*DISCLAIMER* Literally 99% of the writing I do with this guy is headcanons so if you’ve been gathering information about his character from tumblr, buddy, it was most likely me and it’s most likely inaccurate. Don’t ask why I picked such a minor character as my favorite because I have literally no idea//

But seriously, look past his awkwardly-drawn face at the interesting character he is. Fen is a military commander (most likely from germany) and is therefore more involved with the war than the nazi movement. 

So efficient a commander was he that an ancient god was captured by his troops. No magic. No powerful seal. For a human in Maha’s Story, this is a pretty big deal.

When his homeland was taken out (either by a supernatural force or just the end of WWII), Fen betrayed his country and his comrades, fleeing and exiling himself to stay alive. All officers of his standing were executed, but Fen left them behind.

Now he’s in China, where the home base of Maha is located (Coloumb District), and is acting as a government official. Thus, Maha basically has the government in its pocket because of him.

I think the reason why Fen caught my attention is because he’s on a whole other level compared to the other human characters. Minagi and Nina levelled a city, Chlordane is changing the whole world, and Fen’s accomplishments are in the same league. It’s fascinating to me! okay i’ll shut up now he’s not that important

Nina Claude les-Elizabeth

~Canon Information~

“The first immortal vampire. She died suddenly 100 years ago. She is the first operator of the Hill of Crosses and more user of the prison. Once the ice prongs were shook, it brought about enough damage to make one feel like the world was ending.”

So Nina gave birth to Seryl/Chlordane in the middle of battle. As she was in labor, she was defended by Jeanne. I think she either died or was forzen somehow in her infamous battle against Minagi Yotsuba at the Hill of Crosses, but the timeline is a bit confusing. 

She abandoned Chlordane when she was only a baby. Nina left an infant to fend for herself in the middle of a war-torn, post-apocalyptic world with nothing to protect her but a magic book. Girl. Why. There had to be a baby daddy or maybe Jeanne. Don’t put your baby down and then leave while everyone is DYING


~Canon Information~

Estimated warrior 15 unfortunately (something).
An impeccable visit to Kiki.
Schooled at La Granciasau, whose ideology was unknown.
Has been a member of Maha for fifteen years.

Works under Echidna. He’s basically a medic that helps Maha operate its prostitution and probably helps Echidna with her sacrifices.


She doesn’t have any canon information, but this much we know for certain: She is a prostitute (some think she was from the start, I think Echidna forced her into it) that Echidna kidnapped and abused, then sacrificed to Morian.

Borereru Aaze

~Canon Information~

Transformed the World Confrontation Conference (something),
into a field and it is one of the bottom runners.
Lays claim to Enkantada. Farming is not a crime.
There is no prolongation, but the crowd also has more interests.
Also: Keep in mind that there was an artifact of Maha with the Enkantada.

Alright so Boreru is a very influential drug dealer in the Egyptian city that Echidna’s branch of Maha resides in, and is a very important ally of Maha (supplying them with drugs, paying to use their prostitutes, etc.) Morian kills him in Enkantada, which is what causes Echidna to sacrifice Chimera.


Literally all we know about him is that Fen is paying him to do something and that he’s seen looming creepily of Echidna and Chimera. @shishikusas thinks he might be Chlordane in disguise, which isn’t impossible. It’s worth noting that he wears an Anonymous mask, which references the movie V for Vendetta.


~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
users of the system say he came from a blocked island country.
In singapore, Chlordane defeated him and he joined her group.
Everybody calls him shogun, but he calls himself Miyamoto when he’s alone.

All I’m gonna say is that I think he’s the “creepy masked man” mentioned in Mentalism Maria. There’s not much to him.

Enti-Suti le Gabriel

~Canon Information~ 

“One of the eight angels and one of the few users of the thunder prison. Her wicked black thunder makes her appear like a demon, but she is indeed an angel. She clashed with Chlordane on the Stairway to heaven.”

She has her own song, Impact Death Entity, but it’s unrelated to Maha’s Story and is actually like hella innocent.


~Canon Information~

“She was a guide at the top of Pergol mountain and once brought Dante to heaven. She is famous for stopping advancement of Nina Claude les-Elizabeth’s only wartime battle. Now we have to see Vergilius to meet without anyone knowing were we are.”

What seems to be most important about Beatrice and Enti-Suti is that they are two out of eight angels. I’m guessing that these angels are the protagonists.


~Canon Information~ 

“Head of the Knights of San Marco who served the Ometeotl. To serve Nina to serve the first dragon knight Phyrexia sealed at the time of the wise men, to defend the weak Nina and child born during a battle against the stone blood of gargoyle and petrified but after a long time passed to Chlordane and is rescued.“

Minagi Yotsuba (A.K.A. The Yotsuba Clover)

~Canon Information~ 

"World’s best bounty hunter. It is said that Nina Claude les-Elizabeth had used the Hill of Crosses to erase the city from the very strength of the slaughter of gods or demons in her fight against the Clover. Her blade is called the ‘four leaf blade’.”

She fought and probably killed Nina. I don’t know much else about her, but there’s something about these profiles that kinda bothers me…

The fight between Nina and Minagi was mentioned in Fen’s bio for some reason. Why?? I mean there were two separate battles going on: Miagi vs Nina and Fen vs a diety. Are they related somehow? I don’t know why the connection was made.

However, it does say that “Both vampires had the ability to fight equally,” so I’m guessing that Minagi is a vampire, too.


~Canon Information~

Chinese Dogma:
The soldier who manipulates the ancient god
protects the seal of the dead.
Turism ’s life was snared within the book
of the dead to keep him within the royal family,
but he gave a copy of the book of the dead to Chlordane,
who had a book of wisdom, and became a subordinate.

I didn’t have space on the post to include his picture, but Anubis is pretty important. Throughout the series, the dead are spoken of. A feast of the dead, dead that are filled with dreams, etc. Anubis is the one that guides the dead to the afterlife, and I think he has some kind of connection to the talk of the dead we hear so much in Maha’s Story. It isn’t confirmed, though,so I’ll talk about that in the theory section down below.


Here is the information about the story that Masa has posted to Twitter, run through the unreliable google translate:

1. [Story of Maha] A great rebellion hit in hell for a long time and the hell’s suppression became difficult God closed the door of the summit of Pergol mountain which continues to heaven. But demons and hell sinners came into a great battle to collide with the archangels to prevent them from going to heaven through the Makai and the human world in order to drop heaven and to involve the human world and the Makai world. It is the view of the world of Maha’s story.

2. 【Maha’s story 2】 After that the devil is frozen with hell with ice prison at the abnormal strength of Makai’s true ancestor. Still, the anger of Makoto is not settled, heading to Puru mountain to drop heaven, where it collides with a guiding person and reconciles at the end of the prolonged battle and the great war is over. And hundreds of years later, the human world has changed the situation. The story begins in Enkantada in the city in Egypt.

Enkantada: Morian kills Boreru. Intimidated and fearing for Maha’s safety, Echidna sacrifices Chimera to him, and successfully appeases the demon. But something in the lyrics suggests that he may have enslaved her after that.

Mentalism Maria: Maria studies the souls of humans through cruel, violent, and taboo experiments and rituals. This is supervised by a Japanese government official. Maria unseals Tsukuyomi, and both of them go with Chlordane to join Maha.

Chinese Dogma: Chlordane and Rakurai unseal Morian and inaugurate him as a member of Maha. Observing the ritual are Maha’s newest members: Maria, Phyrexia, Fen, Decoy, Anubis, and Shogun.

Ergonomic Hero: Not technically part of the series, but it is set in the same universe. 200 years after the events of Chinese Dogma, a member of Maha faces off with a government soldier.

————My Personal Theories————

1. Jack (The Ripper)

Masa has a tendency to use inspiration from real-life criminals when designing his villains. And, since I wrote my senior term theme paper over Jack the Ripper, I was able to make some connections!

Whoever committed the “Jack the Ripper” murders in the Whitechapel district of London in 1888 knew what they were doing. The murderer was able to sift through organs in search of the uterus, and obviously, this would require a great deal of medical skill and know-how. It’s also been theorized that Jack the Ripper had a strong hatred of prostitutes, given that he killed about a dozen of them.

The Jack of Maha’s Story has this medical knowledge, given his years of college study. And given that he’s seen dragging poor Chimera around, I think it’s also likely that he dislikes the prostitutes used by Maha (or perhaps women in general).

So I think it’s very possible that he was based on Jack the Ripper.

2. Fen and Anubis

I think it’s possible that the God captured by Fen was Anubis.

Without Anubis to guide the dead, spirits cannot escape to the afterlife. This could be why Maria was able to experiment on them, and why they have such a strong presence in Maha’s Story.

To me, Anubis’s information suggests that he was trapped within a Book of the Dead (possibly by Fen) and forced to become a subordinate.

3. A fourth immortal

Because of all the mythology appearing in this story, I think it’s plausible that a fourth immortal demon character might exist. That would give the immortals a “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” vibe, which would be very interesting!

Morian = War

Tsukuyomi = Plague

Phyrexia = Death or famine

There are a lot of possibilities for these three, and this is the one that I have the most fun thinking about.


Here it is! Literally everything I know about Maha’s Story! I hope this helped! ^^

jealous | chapter five

pairing: baekhyun x reader x chanyeol

genre: angst, fluff, smut

word count: 2,994

summary: baekhyun is heartbroken after you leave him. he decides to start over and try to get over you by moving into a new apartment building where he meets chanyeol. what he later finds out is that chanyeol has been your boyfriend for the past month.

pov: baekhyun + chanyeol diary entries

rating: whether you’re an underage hard stan or a legal soft stan, reader whatever the hell you wanna read.

↠  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 |

October 28, 2017 [Fri.]

[23:45] I am fucking tired. Thank god tomorrow is Saturday because if I had work, I wouldnt be able to wake up probably. Park fucking Chanyeol is such a pain in the ass. I don’t hate it though.

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I don’t like to talk about personal stuff but I feel like I have to.

5 month ago my mom had a  brain haemorrhage. One second she was there, the next she was slowly fading in the hospital. She passed away one week later, on February 1st. I can’t say what was worse - watching my father sobbing like a child, being in total mess after the woman he’s spent most of his life died and knowing I can’t break because someone had to stay sane or ironing her dress she was going to wear in the coffin and trying not to spread snot all over it because I was crying so hard – basically, two worst weeks in my fucking life. But why I’m wasting your time writing it?

There were three things that kept me sane. My best friend, who has spent a lot of time chatting with me on facebook about the dumbest shit you can imagine, to keep my mind away from the fact the last time I spoke to my mother, I was pissed off. The second was my salty Teen Wolf squad here on tumblr. The third was Karamel. Why? Because these two space adorable aliens were my happy place. Watching them made me a little less depressed. They allowed me to keep my fucking brain from going to places I really didn’t want to go.

So, I went to the Karamel tag, to grieve in peace, but instead I have learnt that I am a Trump supporter, Kremlin, abusive relationship cheerleader, racist, homophobe, slave owner apologist and blah, blah, blah, the list is going, basically I have learnt all the things I wanted during being in a shithole *sarcasm* Thank you, Supercorp/Lena fandom, because most of the shit was (and still is) sent there by you, seriously thank you. I’ll probably remember it to pathetic end of my life. But, why I’m writing this?

Because dear Supercorp fandom, you don’t give a shit. No, sorry, you give a lot of shit (basically, throwing that shit at fan), blowing it out from proportion, when you are involved. Basically, when your feelings are hurt when the cast sing a song about two women being friends, even if the main actress said you can ship whatever you want few minutes earlier, even if the cast was bullied for months by your fandom with the grosses shit you can imagine. That’s it. That’s the cast’s crime. A joke.

And you know, I get why this joke could hurt you. Basically, jokes do shit like that to people, because we are all different, we have different experiences, so different things trigger us – that’s normal. The problem is, some jokes are just jokes. Or jokes that were meant to make you realize that some things won’t happen and there is no queerbaiting. I know, truth can hurt and you want to express that to the world. The problem is, you don’t act like hurt people but like a bunch of bloodthirsty haters ready to eat anyone who doesn’t agree with you.

And I know, there are nice supercorp shippers who just sit and like the stuff and have nothing in common with the nasty minority. But you know the problem, nice supercorp shippers? We all have learnt from the history that usually the most awful things were done by minorities, while the majority sat silently and didn’t move a finger.

Personally, I don’t care about the hate I’m getting. I survived that two weeks, because after all I am emotionally strong and I’m old enough to deal with my shit. But other people are not me. I remember that 13 year old girl who came here, to her first fandom, liking Karamel and Mon. And how Supercorp shippers treated her like shit. Her feelings didn’t matter because she liked Karamel? How many Karamel shippers who are members of lgbt community have to repeat they are not straight or homophobes? How many poc Karamel people have to repeat they are not racists? How many people who experienced abusive relationships have to repeat they don’t think Karamel is abusive? How long you are going to ignore the FACT we are normal people? Our voices seriously don’t matter because we ship something else? We are not true survivors, lgbt members, teenage kids because we like different ship? Because, you don’t care?

And you know the worst part? We don’t owe you explanation why we ship, why a ship makes us happy, why a ship helps us dealing with shit. We don’t owe you an explanation of who we are. I don’t owe you a description on my blog saying that I am asexual, white Polish, recently losing my mother and my life being a fucking mess. No one does. You know why? Because my fucked up life doesn’t make my ship better than other ships. My fucked up life doesn’t justify me being a freaking online abuser. My fucked up life doesn’t give me a right to be disgusting and to throw gross shit at the cast that did something I didn’t like only because it hurt my feelings. 

Especially when the cast is treated for months like YOUR property.

Rant over.

anonymous asked:

Every time I see your art of a rare pair I somehow become a huge fan of that rare pair. I have too many otps...,

…is it okay for me to be happy I’m dragging you down with me on all of my weird ships because tbh I am for a lot of them there’s just a handful of people shipping them I’m happy you’re joining us hahaha

Anon said: because of your tags on that kamisero post i now love the hc that kirishima just uses loving bakugou as an excuse to get out of conversations that make him uncomfortable, even if it makes no sense. Like ‘any advice on how to confess?’ 'I’m dating bakugou, you probably should ask someone else.’ or 'how do you think snow works?’ 'Dude I’m dating bakugou, i don’t know.’

I’m in love with this ask because this has been my most ridiculous headcanon for an age I’m glad I could subtely make you share it, anon - Kirishima being perfectly aware of the fact that aside from the face there is no objective reason why he should be that smitten with Bakugou? That’s my jam, he’s as surprised as anyone else so when people ask him anything love related he’s like “do I look like a reliable source man DO I I think it’s hot when Bakugou yells there’s obviously something wrong with me you don’t want my advices”

But also for however aware of it he might be he’s still in love with the dude so people pointing it out to him gets old really fast, like, “it’s one thing if I say it myself and another it’s you talking shit about my boyfriend stop that”, which is why he just starts using “what do I know I like Bakugou” as an answer to anything - it starts with him being a smartass and it becomes just habit by the end of it, sometimes he uses it when Bakugou is around or with Bakugou himself and Bakugou doesn’t understand, doesn’t want to understand, has pondered the option of getting angry/offended/demanding an explaination and has deemed it not worth his time because the answer is most probably just gonna be that his boyfriend is an idiot anyway

(also he might or might not like how Kirishima’s pretty much just going around telling people he likes him over and over again, tbh)

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Hallura HCs

Apparently I give more than a moderate fuck about this ship. Whoops.

- They are a really good team in battle, surprisingly. Though Hunk is scared more often than not, Allura’s confident leadership and stubborn determination to keep fighting makes Hunk do the same. However, Allura is not infallible, and Hunk is quick to realize when she is doing something out of anger and impulse rather than common sense, and acts as her anchor. Allura, in turn, is encouraged by the fact that Hunk has trust in her leadership, and the fact that he’ll always have her back.

- Hunk thinks Allura is objectively the most beautiful girl he ever met and drops her like fifty casual compliments a day.

- Allura loves learning about other cultures and Hunk tells her about Earth in as much detail as possible. They talk until deep in the night, and fall asleep on top of each other.

- Allura in turn tells Hunk about Altea, and though Hunk has never been there and never will be, Allura’s stories make it feel like home.

- Hunk thinks Allura’s hair is the best thing in the galaxy and will take any excuse to play with it.

- Allura falls asleep on Hunk’s shoulder almost daily.

- Allura likes to sit in the workshop with Hunk while he is doing engineering stuff, occassionally making a helpful comment. This is how Hunk learnt that she’s actually a rather good engineer.

- Hunk noticed that Allura has a tendency to run herself into the ground when stressed, and taught her stress baking as a distraction. Now their home is permanently filled with cinnamon cookies.

- Allura taught Hunk a couple of traditional Altean songs and dances. They do an Altean walz together for the first time at an official diplomatic gala, and they were so obviously in love about it.

- They share a love of puns and drive everyone within a ten mile radius crazy.

- Hunk will not stand for Allura’s undecorated room, no matter how many times she sais it’s okay. He starts bringing back unique things from every planet they visit, and soon Allura is surrounded by a million different cultures. She has to admit that she loves it.

- They love painting each other’s nails.

- Allura made Hunk an Altean partner bracelet and Hunk cried.

- They decorate their room with glow in the dark stars.

- Hunk can always tell when Allura is feeling sad or tired, and he’ll bake something sweet to cheer her up.

- Hunk likes to plant a lot of little kisses on Allura’s face, while Allura loves to give Hunk nose nuzzles.

- They love to complain about, well, everything, to each other. It’s a bonding moment.

- During their honeymoon state, they are that disgustingly domestic couple that is waaay too obsessed with PDA. They mellow down after a couple of years, but can still be found sleeping on top of each other more often than not.

- The one exception are diplomatic galas, because Allura insists on professionalism.

- At first, they try to keep their relationship a secret, because it makes them a wide open target for blackmail, but then they realize “fuck it, we’re both key members of team voltron, if we get kidnapped it’s because of our roles, not to blackmail the other”, and at the next diplomatic meeting Allura introduces Hunk as “The yellow paladin and my husband.”

- Allura is SO PROUD of her boyfriend.

- Allura, to any random alien: “ See the handsome yellow paladin? Did you know that he’s my boyfriend?”

- Hunk is also immensely proud of Allura but keeps quiet for the most part, because so many people already look up to Allura and it causes her stress sometimes. Whenever Allura pulls off a particularly badass move, though, you’ll hear Hunk shouting “THAT’S MY GIRLFRIEND!” all over the battlefield.

Alan of Trebond and Renge of Ouran

(Warning, spoilers for anyone who has not finished reading the series Song of the Lioness

I’m rereading one of my favorite series, Song of the Lioness, and am at the second book, In the Hand of the Goddess, when something struck me… 

So Alanna is complaining about being at feasts and how when she’s there she really can’t do much since she’s shy around strangers and flirting with girls is excruciatingly embarrassing. This is when she’s still disguised as a boy: aka Alan of Trebond.

Then it dawned on me. If I was one of the Ladies at court I would totally think Alan of Trebond was gay.

I don’t know if this is accurate to the world, I don’t really care.

Alan would have been a lot of news in court. He helped heal prince Jonathan of a deadly disease, accompanied the Prince to defeat ancient evil beings in the Bazhir deserts; fought and defeated a Tusaine knight who was more experienced, older, and a full knight while Alan was still just a squire; and was also the Prince’s best friend and personal squire. So, I’m assuming that Alan would have been pretty standard palace gossip. And when that squire is heatedly against flirting/engaging with women in any way and has never had any interest in females, and shows fierce dedication to his prince above and beyond your normal squire-knight relationship…yeah, I would have been shipping them together since the Bazhir. Also, there had to have been some sparks between them when they started getting together. Even if they were small. Come on, Alanna blushes at the drop of a hat when it comes to anything sexual. Fangirls would have picked up on something.

I’m not arguing this was happening. I don’t care if its cannon. But now I’m imagining a little gaggle of noble girls standing around in a corner in their elegant, puffy dresses, during the feasts giggling over Alan as he desperately tries to get his knight friends to stop forcing him to talk to girls. I’m also imagining one of them just happening to be on Palace Way when George plants one on Alanna. To them it would have looked like little Alan getting a kiss stolen from him by some friend in town. And now that girl is off to tell all of her friends the news. They’ll be sitting around a sewing circle the next day with their heads drawn in close trying to decide if they should tell Prince Jonathan that some rogue from the city is trying to steal his secret boyfriend, then they would decide they need to figure out who this man from the city is.

Dude, this is becoming a full fledge anime in my mind.

I’m imagining someone like Renge from Ouran being the leader of the Alan fan club trying to figure out how to get the Prince and Alan to confess their feelings to each other, or dramatically reacting to Delia of Eldorne coming to court and causing strife between them.

And now I’m imagining her and her gaggle of fangirls following Alan around EVERYWHERE. Them figuring out who George is and going melodramatic on it: ”will Alan choose the Rogue King or his Noble Prince? The man who stole his heart or the man he pledged his loyalty?” Them being there when Jonathan kisses Alanna in the garden. Of course, they would not have figured out Alan was a girl–in this scenario they would think Alan was cross dressing…cause come on! How many people with violet eyes would have access to Palace grounds?

AHHH, now I just want an manga of these girls reacting to Alan’s love life. When Jonathan and Alan go to war and they hear about the Prince sneaking over to the enemy side to rescue Alan, against his father’s wishes. You can hear the ‘awwww’s. When Jonathan starts rejecting Delia’s advances and they all start drawing bets that he and Alan are finally together. Them standing outside Jonathan’s suits trying to find out if they were right or not (because, seriously, what else did you really have to do at court as a girl waiting there to get a husband? JK, I’m sure they had to do a lot…but still)

Except, they DO NOT KNOW that Alan is a girl. They somehow keep missing it. When Alan reveals herself to be female, they all do a jaw drop then a standing ovation (cause female power!)

I just, I don’t know what my mind’s doing these days. Its amusing in here.

anonymous asked:

Could you explain the whole obsession with sansa and the hound? i don't get why that relationship is so romanticized at all...

Well, a romantic subtext is indeed present in the books when it comes to Sansa and the Hound. While in the show their relationship was never romanticized (maybe you’re a show watcher?) and the age difference between the two characters is too big, in the books the romanticization is undeniably there.

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slayedthat  asked:

Hey~ Um can I request for RFA+ Saeran and V reacting to a MC who is Indian . Not Native American Indian. Indian as in born and brought up in India . But she doesn't appreciate the culture much~ BC superstitious and ya know the drill . ( Yes I don't know English)

No worries hun, your English is fine! I’m sorry this is late (and to all requests waiting to be done), but I hope you understand why, since I’ve been (and still am) sick. 

Now, I’m not Indian, but I have a bunch of Indian friends who gave me some ideas, except they argued where they wanted the MC to be from (I think Delhi won, but I might need to check that). I hope this is okay! 


·         When he finds out you’re Indian, he’s pretty excited. Like that’s exotic!

·         When he isn’t playing LOLOL, trying to hone his cooking skills, or studying, he does some research on India! He knows a tiny bit about it, but when he does a simple Wikipedia search… He’s really surprised at how much he didn’t know.

·         He starts to share his knowledge with you, and whilst you do appreciate it, you do have to stop him. When he asks why you explain you don’t exactly appreciate the culture. You just didn’t like it that much and felt more like an international person who preferred trying other cultures.

·         “I’m not that passionate about it. I know I’m Indian, but I’m not one of those holiday salespersons”

·         He’s kind of confused, like shouldn’t you be really proud? But he sort of rolls with it and accepts that maybe you just don’t care for it that much.

·         Still, he wants to learn your language and culture since you took the time to learn about South Korea and the Korean language! Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as “How to speak Indian”… He ends up having to ask you if you speak Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, or another one of India’s many languages

·         If he’s still very insistent on learning about your culture from you, you might show him a few romantic movies since that’s his favourite genre. You two watched Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and he enjoyed it! He hummed some of the songs for a few days afterwards, but was in tears at the ending, LIKE HE SHIPPED AYAN AND ALIZEH SO HARD!


·         Can we take a moment to appreciate Bollywood Zen!?

·         He already thinks you’re perfect, and this honestly is just the cherry on top?

·         However, when he asks you about India, he notices you aren’t all that interested and he has to know why – you explain that you just have bad experiences with your family; they tried to raise you into something you didn’t want to be and that some aspects of the culture reminded you of that.

·         “There are certain things I can’t look at without being reminded of my mother’s angry face because I didn’t do what she wanted me to do”

·         He totally understands! His family pretty much did the same thing and it caused him to run away, and it affected him in a different way – he doesn’t like rich people, right?

·         Still, if he ever gets a role in a Bollywood-inspired movie he’s going to ask you for tips on how to approach it. You’re his best source of information, after all.

·         Also, I can see him wanting to learn some Bollywood dancing. You actually decided to show him a movie since he was still kind of curious about India, and whilst he found the dramatic effects kind of overwhelming, he was impressed by the dancing and songs. He’s made it his mission to learn the Chaiyya Chaiyya dance… Will he do it on a moving train, though? Maybe when he’s mastered it!


·         UGH JAEHEE IN A SARI YASSS Okay I’m stopping after this I promise

·         I don’t think she would be too bothered by it, but she’ll probably be a little surprised by it, like what are the chances she would fall in love with someone from India if only 10,000 people live in South Korea, but she isn’t going to make it such a big deal of your relationship.

·         Yet, she feels it’s her duty to learn about your culture, since she would feel rude if she didn’t. Yet she’s surprised when you tell her she doesn’t have to, since you’re not that into Indian culture and instead prefer Korean culture.

·         “I’m just one of many Indians in Korea. The fact that you love me is all I need, Jaehee.”

·         She appreciates you saying that, but still wants to learn. She won’t pester you with her knowledge but she just wants it for her reference in case you have different customs she isn’t familiar with.

·         However, you do at least let her try masala chai, since you think she might be into it. She doesn’t mind it, but she prefers coffee. Yet, she wants to start selling it at the café…


·         Like Jaehee, he wouldn’t be bothered by it. He has someone in his life who can truly understand him and “untangle the threads”, so he isn’t bothered by where you’re from. However, if the media starts being offensive because a high society guy like him isn’t dating a Korean woman, he’s going to sue them for damages.

·         But he does try to make you feel comfortable living with him; his chefs are going to cook meals you probably ate during your childhood, he’ll order one of his guards to find some Bollywood movies, and he’s going to buy you the most expensive sari in the world.

·         Even if you do appreciate his efforts, you decide to draw the line when he wants to take you on a business trip to Mumbai; when confronted, you explain that you experienced a lot of bad luck growing up in India and decided to move to South Korea in hopes of starting fresh, and that being reminded so heavily of the culture brings back embarrassing memories.

·         Even though he understands, he’ll still learn about your culture since he feels like it’d be rude not to. He even tries to encourage more projects relating to India at his workplace, even more than cats, and while Jaehee is happy not to be doing something related to cats for once… her workload is insane

·         When he’s on that business trip to India, he’ll buy you plenty of gifts. He wants you to take more pride in your culture, and he wants to make you feel like an Indian queen <3


·         Don’t be surprised if he knows exactly which tiny rural village you grew up in – that background check was thorough

·         Since he only speaks 17 languages fluently, I don’t think he knows every single official language of India, but he seems like the sort of person who would know Sanskrit (I’m 99% certain he knows English too, but I digress)

·         He’ll send you the Tunak Tunak Tun music video when he should be sleeping. Also, he finds this video absolutely hilarious, yet ridiculous: 

·         HE’LL dress in a sari and you have no idea how he has one because you sure didn’t bring any with you to South Korea. Then again, you have no idea what sort of agency work he did…

·         Before he gets too excited about having an Indian girlfriend, you tell him you don’t really care for the culture too much and that you’re actually quite superstitious about it. Now, he doesn’t believe in superstitions, but he’ll accept it as a part of you

·         Even so, he’ll learn more about India, since he now doesn’t really have anything to do since leaving the agency. Soon, he becomes way more obsessed about Indian culture than you ever were…


·         He learned you were Indian when Seven gave him information from his background check on you.

·         Since he travels a lot, he’s probably been to India to take photos. He shows you his photos and even if you don’t appreciate the culture, you can’t help but be amazed by the quality and beauty of the photos.

·         He asks if he can take a photo of you in a sari, since he wants to see you in one. He thinks you would look even more beautiful than you already are.

·         You tell him that you aren’t a fan of your culture, and he honestly just is like “alright”? He doesn’t ask any questions and just accepts it, which surprises you, since you expected questions.

·         He respects the fact that you don’t really appreciate the culture that much and instead just focuses on what makes you happy. However, like Jaehee, he would learn about your culture since he feels like he should; you spent time learning about Korean culture, after all.


·         He guessed you were a foreigner from your name but didn’t think you were from India. In fact, due to being so isolated all his life, he probably isn’t aware of any sort of Indian culture.

·         You tell him early on when he’s doing better with his recovery, that you don’t really care for your culture that much. He’s a little confused because he expected you to be really passionate about it, but he’s overall quite chill about it.

·         Even so, he’s going to learn about your culture… secretly, of course! It’s also beneficial for him since he kinda wants to learn about stuff outside South Korea – he finds it calming in a weird way to just sit and read about the world for hours.

·         One day he’ll work up the courage to say he loves you in your respective language. He spent so much time thinking the conversation out in his head that he was really surprised to hear that he pronounced it perfectly.

·         He finds it quite funny that even if you say you aren’t interested in the culture, you’ll sometimes sing traditional Indian songs or use really obscure Indian remedies whenever he has a nightmare or PTSD attack.

·         However, you see that he’s really uncomfortable about his Mint Eye tattoo, and you have an idea. You decide to temporarily cover it up with henna ink! He might be apprehensive about it, but when he learns that henna ink isn’t permanent and you’re actually very skilled with the cone, he relaxes. Needless to say, it’s his new favourite thing and asks you to try out various tattoo designs over his current tattoo to see if he likes them.

My requests are open! There’s a slight backlog but I am catching up!

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if you could ship any of your mutuals with members of exo who would you ship with who?

wow so that’s gonna be a wild ride here i’ll put it under a read more again bc i cannot answer asks moderately i’m sorry you’re always getting way more than you ever asked with me (also gonna stick with ot9 bc otherwise this would get even longer than it already is)

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Sorey/Mikleo Is Romantic and Canon, the Cross-Tales Edition

Originally, I was going to wait on doing this until after I’d finished my NG+ play through since I’d spread out my original play through over 6 months (so my memory of mid-game SoreMiku is a little fuzzy, while early game and end game are like, crystal clear, lol), but since I’ve been seeing a few “SoreMiku is platonic” or “they’re just bros” and similar reblogs and comments, I figure now is as good a time as any to write this: SoreMiku is a romantic and canon ship, the cross Tales of Series edition.  Also known as: “And you wonder why a lot of us think SoreMiku is romantic when (insert other couple here) gets to do this.”

Cutting for length (this monster wall of text was nearly 3 pages long in Word), spoilers everywhere for other games:

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anonymous asked:

YukiRin with not-douche!Yukio 'cause I don't really feel like gettin' my heart broken right now.


//lol I feel you mate as an Okumuracest shipper this AU is the wORST so we could all use some incestious fluff rn uwu (in this one the whole AU never happened cause NO PAIN NO SADNESS ONLY TWINCEST SHUSH)

  • Who would be the big spoon?

//Yukio would be the big spoon and he’d press his face into Rin’s back and enjoy his brother’s warmth and softnes and he’d wrap his arms around Rin protectively and Rin would hold Yukio’s hand and they would intertwine their hands together and ahhhh and sometimes Rin wiggles his butt against Yukio just to fuck with him lol

  • Who would wake up first?

//Yukio sleeps like 4 hours a day cause sLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK while Rin sleeps for a week. So Yukio would wake up first and plant soft kisses on his brother’s back and tighten his hold on Rin and inhale his scent before getting out of bed auuuGHHHHH

  • Do they have nicknames for each other?

//Rin calls Yukio four-eyes when he wants to piss him off. Yukio is a respectable young man so he totally doesn’t call Rin ‘babe’ when they’re alone sometimes just to make his brother blush like a tomato nope who gave you the idea???

  • What happened when they met each other’s parents?

// [Mun laughing her ass off in the distance]

  • How do they apologise after an argument?

//Rin sulks and grumbles for half an hour or so before he feels like way too guilty to function so he dashes over to where Yukio is and clings on him like a koala and mutters ‘sorry’ repeatedly until he knows he’s forgiven. It doesn’t matter where they are, Yukio could be in a meeting and Rin would barge in and cling on Yukio until he’s forgiven.

//Yukio also sulks and mutters about his brother’s idiocy for like 10 minutes before he feels rly rly guilty about the argument and Rin could be crying because of him oh shit i fucked up fuck fuckfuuuuckkk so he goes over to him and hugs him tightly but tenderly and sorta whispers ‘sorry…’ and of course Rin forgives him uwu

  • What would they be like as parents?

//Yukio would be the strict yet loving father who supports his kids and helps them out with everything he can while Rin would be the embarassingly attached dad who kisses and hugs and protects his precious babies and he would teach the kids how to cook and he’d be on his kids’ side no matter what aAAAAAA

  • Who is the better cook?

//Rin. Yukio is a total disaster in the kitchen because he says stuff like ‘this much oil is unneccesary’ or ‘this much sugar is too much’ and hecks up the recipe and he can’t even chop stuff properly so after that time Rin forbade him from attempting to cook without his supervision with a creepy twitchy I’m-about-to-kill-something smile and Yukio had never been more terrified of his brother in his entire life.

  • Who is more romantic?

//Hmmm I think Yukio would be a surprisingly romantic person and he’d take Rin out on all the sappy dates and he’d give his brother all the romantic gifts and Rin gets totally smitten when he does that cause the half-demon’s a huge romantic nerd lol

  • What sort of gifts do they get for each other?

//Yukio gets Rin both practical stuff and cute gifts like that one romantic movie that made Rin bawl in the middle of the cinema or the stupid Christmas movies they watched together as kids and it makes Rin squeal and melt a little inside when he does that

//Rin makes Yukio all the bentos and he also gets him cool casual clothes cause compared to Rin Yukio’s fashion sense is way to bland and uGH but he also gets Yukio stuff that reminds him of his megane bro like cute glass-cases or a nice notebook or maybe even a cool pen bc everything that reminds him of Yukio is too good to pass up in his opinion

  • Who gets jealous easiest?

//Hmmm Rin isn’t the jealous type and he’s actually proud of his brother bc so many people admire him but Yukio? Holy shit don’t even get me started on Yukio. If you flirt with his brother or make advances on him you’re in dangerous terriority mate. And by dangerous I mean a fUCKING MINEFIELD RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN FUCKER HE’S GOT A GUN HE’LL KILL YOU BEFORE ANYONE KNOWS IT HOLY SHIT haha just kidding~ Actually no I’m not.

  • Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?

//Rin is a rly festive person and his favorite thing is snuggling with Yukio on the couch/bed/any comfy surface and forcing his brother to do absolutely nothing all day on holidays.

  • Who is the most adventurous?


  • Who is the most protective?

//Both of them are yanderes with brother complexes the size of a fricking mountain so if u hurt one of them you better not run you better not cry you better not pout im telling you why. Your casket is coming to the graveyard~

  • What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?

//They kinda are???? Childhood sweethearts??? So???

  • *BONUS: Song to sum them up?*

Christina Perri- A thousand years AAAHHHHH

 Do I ship it?

 NOTP / Crack only / AU only / Not really / Maybe a little / Well now I do/ Yes/ Of course! / OTP/I have over 2000pics saved of it what do you think

Don't You Think He Looks Tired?

Arty’s Definitive Guide to Her Moffat Hate

Okay, so I’m pretty sure most of you know I’ve made my opinions on Steven Moffat running Doctor Who very clear. Basically, I have a plethora of issues with it.

My rant shall be below the cut to save you guys the agony of having to scroll through all of it.

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uchihana  asked:

I don't know what to choose, but let's go with 17 - Winteriron, ir just parallels between Tony and Bucky :D

All my nightmares escape my head/Bar the doors please don’t let them in

I’m gonna tell you straight up this drabble is VERY oddly written, and went more off your prompt than the lyrics? I hope it’s okay. Song is:

Welcome Home

                               Sleep don’t visit/So I choke on sun

He hasn’t slept in days. 

He can’t. Not when - not when that dream is waiting for him. All his friends, his team, the people he was supposed to protect, dying.

“You could have saved us.”

Fuck. No. He had to keep working. He had to keep-

He is under a desk and doesn’t know how he got there. He doesn’t know why he’s like this. Tony has been on the edge for awhile now, even he is self-aware to realize that, but he was keeping it under control. Ever since the HYDRA base - ever since he had that vision.

He can’t think. Or eat. Or sleep. He hasn’t seen the sun in days but he’s afraid to go outside, afraid to look at the sun and see the sky swarming with aliens.

His mind feels like it’s not his anymore. It belongs solely to the future. Protection. Ultron.

They’ve done something to him. Or…they’ve been doing it for awhile? He isn’t sure, not of anything anymore, not for some time.

He thinks he might have been a person once, and he thinks that person might have been called Bucky. But Bucky goes away whenever they put him in the chair, and less and less of him comes back every time.

There’s a void left in its place. A void they call Asset. He doesn’t want to be Asset, but he’s not sure there’s anything to go back to. There might have been a time and a place, a building made of stone that felt warm all the time and a man, a boy, a friend with hair bright like the sun-

There might have been-

There might have been-

The man blinks his eyes open to gray walls and cold air that makes his breath mist like fog when he breathes “готовы соблюдать.”

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anonymous asked:

hi summer! tbh i've been meaning to ask you something and somehow i always forget to do it, but not today! okay, firstly i hope you have an amazing day/week and you are one of my favorite yoonkook writers, your stories are so fluffy and i'm always rereading them. now, to the question, i don't know if you have answered this and if you have, i'm sorry, but i'm very curious: when was the moment you decided to ship yk? for example, since i got in the fandom, their whole hyyh story made me ship them+

(hi same anon about shipping yk) so i really wanted to see it from your point of view because your characterisation is so pretty, like the way they love and adore each other in your fics is so cute and also the fact that they are not a very popular ship, sadly :(, compared to a lot others.. so yeah, sorry if this was so long omg im sorry but yeah, that’s it. would love to have a proper conversation with you tbh, take care <3

ahh hthank you so much for the rereadings /holds face and blushes

i’d just like to say in advance sorry for such a late reply!! things have been busy recently and i didn’t want to give a half assed answer ; u ; 

i started shipping them…hmm around rookie king, i’d say? it was that one episode where jungkook, our at the time reticent maknae, didn’t say much and so him pouring his lil heart out in the camera was a bit of a shock for everyone. he was talking about how he wanted to grow up fast and do all these things as an adult and i feel like? i feel like he wanted to grow up too fast because he’s the youngest of the group and yet he’s forced to take on the same responsibilities as the hyungs and he’s expected to carry them out well. and while jungkook does do that, sometimes it’s just easier to be a kid, you know? sometimes you want to be a stupid teenager, but he didn’t really have an outlet for that when bts was just starting out, as their concept was edgier and harder and they were all striving to prove something. 

and then yoongi comes over each time he tries talking about trying to be older and doing all these things like getting tattoos and such, just butts in the conversation and situates himself close to jungkook and starts talking to get jungkook’s mind off of that, starts talking about himself - he doesn’t berate jungkook for his wishes that much, doesn’t call kook dumb for having these thoughts, just sort of is there. and i thought?? that kind of subtle caring is amazing, how yoongi knows not to bring this up bc jungkook rarely talks in the camera as is, and as silly these dreams might seem to yoongi they’re something important to jungkook, so he doesn’t belittle them. i sort of gleaned that yoongi is the type to be considerate of others from that, and from then on, i sort of noticed that yoongi is the type to take care of the maknae in his own subtle ways. he doesn’t do skinship with jungkook all that much and he doesn’t play into fanservice with kook much either, but rather keeps his interactions genuine and real, cares for him in that soft subtle way of his that tells me that yoongi has a soft spot for him that he can’t scratch away. 

similarly, jungkook listens to yoongi and sees him as a role model and a person who protects him and takes care of him. i think that’s important, for jungkook to have someone to talk to that partakes in what he likes and also stays quiet and listens to what he has to say, because he rarely says what’s on his mind. he’s one of the quieter members of bts in all honesty, and while the other quiet members often tell us what’s on their mind when they do talk (nams and yoongi) jungkook doesn’t really do that. yoongi, in shows and in interviews, usually lets jungkook have his piece and waits for him to talk. (other members do this too, but i’ve noticed yoongi doing this from the start.) there are a lot of really quiet, comforting movements between them, a sort of understanding; when yoongi looks at jungkook it’s sort of like he’s saying, i know. and when jungkook looks at yoongi he’s also replying in same. they hang off each other’s words, because they both know the importance of them, whether they be small unimportant memes or songs (yoongi with his endless nights in producing, jungkook asking namjoon to help create his song begin while knowing he won’t be listed as a writer tells me they both care about what they’re saying than about fame) they both have a sort of subtle warmth to them that draws them to each other for support and care. 

and that’s one of the reasons i ship them. among many! 

Imagine Jensen, your co-star and best friend, being jealous of how close you are with Jared Leto because he has feelings for you.

“So you know I was trying the other days to finish the symphony for this new song-” you stopped to chuckle as the crowd cheered, Jensen being he first one of them and you gave him a look “-and I was working with my computer for most part and by the end I was like ‘Wow, so that’s how hunters really feel’!”

“We can’t say we didn’t want you!” Jensen chuckled and you hit your best friend on the shoulder playfully.

“Yeah but really, I think I have never related most to Dean before in my life! Researching will never be my thing I am sure of that!” you laughed and so did Jared and Jensen.

“You have already started working on the next album?” Jared asked and you nodded your head.

You turned to the audience as people cheered “Yes yes I already have. And I am super excited to say that this dork here has not only helped me with some sons but also will feature.” that seemed to be the only thing left as the entire crowd started clapping.

Jensen chuckled, giving you that adorable smile of his that every time made your heart flutter. But you forced yourself to focus because other than the fact so many people were watching and taking a video of your every action you and Jensen were only friends, and you weren’t going to risk that for some stupid feelings- alright maybe not so stupid. You were in love with him but how could you ever tell him? There was no way he’d see you that way.

“First copy’s gonna be mine! And I am definitely asking for an autograph too!” Jensen pointed out and you chuckled, resting your head on his shoulder.

“Anytime.” you mumbled before turning to look at the rest of the crowd “I honestly feel so happy about this one, and proud too.”

“I mean since my last album so many things changed but everything has been so great. I got- I got into Supernatural, met such amazing people; Jensen… a-and Misha and Jared and you know Mark too and all these great people that we’ve become a family with!” you tried to cover your slip up, chuckling a little awkwardly.

“I am so happy I can now share this with my new family.” you said with a small smile and shrug, glancing at Jensen as he rubbed your back subconsciously.

It was a thing you too had, being as close as possible with each other. In a way that seemed weird to others, or at least those who knew you weren’t dating because the rest just assumed you were a couple. You smiled at him, your fingers playing with his shirt out of habit after endless night off having fallen asleep on him after a movie night or just a night off with each other. Yes the first few mornings you had blushed every shade of red but then it became a habit and you’d by now snuggle to each other, sharing each other’s trailer once or twice a week. You always played it off as nothing, as if you were just friends, but how you felt was far from friendly.

“Do you got any more news about it?” a voice was heard through the crowd.

You bit your lip in thought “Uhm well, other than I look like a mess when I am on the recording studio?” you chuckled.

“No let me think.” you paused for a second before bring the mic back up “Well there have been some pretty crazy situations since I started working on this.”


“I- I don’t think I can describe it that well. I mean I was with Jared about three nights ago, four? Well, anyway it was before we flew to this Con and we were trying to finish writing this song, I’m stuck with a few lyrics and he-”

“When was that? I don’t remember.” Jared frowned, looking at you.

“Oh oh no, no.” you chuckled “No you, I mean- I meant JL.” you explained and he nodded.

But he glanced at the crowd before look again at you “Oh wait- wait they don’t know who JL is.”

“Oh right, it’s like my and moose’s way of telling it apart cause we get really confused with all this.” you chuckled “It actually stands for-”

“-it stand for Jared Leto and he was-” you pursed your lips as soon as the audience started cheering, a small giggle leaving your lips at how excited they seemed. You smiled a tight and shy smile but it soon fell when you felt Jensen’s body stiffen next to you.

You frowned, looking at him only to see his jaw was clenched. When he noticed your eyes were on him he gave you a tight smile that you didn’t believe in the least bit. Why was he so bothered all of a sudden? There was something in his eyes that made you really start thinking about some things and almost doubting others but- The crowd was getting to loud and you knew if they realized what was going on at that moment with Jensen it wouldn’t be the best situation.

“Guys” you breathed out a chuckled, putting on your best smile “It was about the album-”

“I ship it!” somebody from the crowd shouted, making your cheeks heat up.

You dared sneak a glance at Jensen only to see him get from his chair to supposedly go drink some water. But you took notice of his clenched fists and set jaw.

“No guys-” you looked back at them “No we’re- we’re just friends… honestly.” you tried to brush it off with a smile and a chuckle.

But truth was you ha started to doubt this concept of friendship anymore. From every aspect and in every case.

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how do you feel about tajimiha? it seems like most people like them as a 'brotp' :/

I out-and-out adore TajiMiha in all configurations, but I definitely have Strong Feelings about them being romantically compatible. 

Basically, it comes down to chemistry for me. They have that sort of down-to-the-core-of-me click, you know?  They’re that couple that meets at fifteen, starts dating, and then just never stops.  

Tajima is someone Mihashi can call at 3 A.M. when he’s feeling panicky or anxious without any fear of rejection or belittling.  I can’t think of a single point where Tajima belittles Mihashi’s emotions or reactions.  He inquires, he talks things out, he supports. But he doesn’t coddle where it counts—he’s much more likely to present a line of questioning that gets Mihashi thinking; what realizations Mihashi comes to, and how he acts on them, are all up to Mihashi.  Tajima’s not trying to put him into a box, there’s no Finished Product he’s aiming for, there’s just Mihashi.  

On the other hand, I think Mihashi is someone Tajima can go to when he needs space (which might not make sense but bear with me).  At one point, Tajima’s mother says he’s somewhat spoiled because he’s the youngest, though we also know he’s got a sense of being lost in a large family.  Moreover, the team itself tends to fawn over Tajima, which he’s got to be at least somewhat aware of, because I’m not sure how someone as observant as Tajima could miss it when people literally blush and swoon in front of his face.  Of course, if he’s not Baseball Jesus to them, he’s a horndog.  Overall, you can kind of see that this isn’t the most sophisticated way to read a person, right? 

While Mihashi does his fair bit of swooning too, we get enough second-hand information about their habits together (going home together, Tajima visiting Mihashi very, very often, constantly together in class, etc.), as well as in-scene evidence of their conversations to know that there’s a lot more to their dynamic than Mihashi swooning and Tajima catching him before he hits the ground.  They talk as equals, Mihashi even argues with Tajima relatively early on, and who knows what kind of conversations they have over dinner and during classes?  

My point is, Mihashi admires Tajima’s skill but neither spoils nor worships him.  He sees Tajima not just as part of a family/team unit but as an individual, with baseball being one of the many things they share in common.  

Basically they both get acceptance as full and equal individuals, and a bundle of affection to boot.   Also the sex is prolly great, what with how bendy they are. 

tl;dr: I have a lot of feelings about TajiMiha but they are definitely OTP not Brotp to me and “Lovers and Friends” is prolly their theme song.  Also one day I will make an honest-to-goodness manifesto for these precious children because they deserve an explanation that makes more sense than this one. 

Guys, I really need to get this off my chest.  First of all, Bamon fans , i love you all, but if you're a steroline fan, please don't read this.

 I come here tonight because I just need to vent a little about some things in this show, things that honestly make no sense to me First of all, before i get into that. Why must so many people post about Steroline in the Bamon Tag. I hate Stefan and Caroline as a romantic pairing.  I dont wanna see it. I love them, as friends, as my BROTP and the reason why i don’t ship them is quite simple. Caroline has had more love interests than anyone.. I am tired of her being the character that has to always be with someone, or have a connection with someone. Stefan and Caroline, in my opinion, should remain as friends. Part of me feels the writers are doing everything in their power to amp them up, just to make Delena more believable.   Every chance the writers get they downplay Stelena, like it was a passing crush, a summer affair, and when they do that, they make Both stefan and Elena move further from eachother. I can’t help it, that I am a Stelena fan, and a Bamon fan. But I cant see Caroline with Stefan, I just can’t. In my eyes, Liz had to die for Steroline and Delena to happen. How messed up is that? The writers kill off Carolines mom, so Elena can realize how short life is ( even they are vampires and dont die easily.) and use cares moms as a crutch to get back with Damon. And stefan was so clear he saw Caroline as only a friend and all of a sudden, the mom gets sick and he does a 180 and loves her? It doesn’t make sense, but i digress. 

    Now to the Bamon, no ship has ever been so worked up, so foreshadowed, so evident in any show I have ever seen. It is clear that Bonnie and Damon are both in love with each other,  it has been clear for such a long time now,  every episode we see the emotional tether they have to each other. They are connected in ways that they have never connected to another person. We’ve seen Bonnie get her magic back to save him, we’ve seen her come back after endless fights, we’ve seen Damon stepping up to defend her, choosing her over everyone, telling Elena to her face that Bonnie was the reason he was doing everything. There is friendship and there is friendship that is so precious it borders the line to something more, Bamon are there now. They are on the precipice of something amazing. and every episode we get hints, signs, that Bamon is happening soon.  it;s little things the writers add in. Like we are supposed to sit and believe that Bamon watched the bodyguard, watched a endless, INTERRACIAL love story and no sexy thoughts went through their heads?  Then they made a death pact , they vowed to die together, like some tragic romeo and juliet shit . We were baited with hope for Bamon and we still are , and every time i think we get one up there comes another “EPIC” Delena kiss. I can’t even stomach it anymore. Delena , in every episode has to have that one kiss with the slow , or fast ( depending on julieplagues mood ) epic love song playing, AFTER Elaine gives some speech about how they gotta be together. Like we get the point , Gilbert, we got it the last 1234 times you said that to Damon. And Elena, all she ever does is make everything about her. Damon was drinking cause he was sad his BEST FRIEND was about to kill herself and Eleanor is crying, wondering if she changed by being a vampire and crying over herself and Damon. Like give me a break. I never seen a more unlikable character in my life. Like  I dont know what makes me more angry, the fact that the writers have untapped potential in Bamon and ignore it for Dullena to be cannon, That the writers are constantly re-writing history to make it into that Elena and Stefan weren’t even that big a deal . uh hello ”  The vampire diaries is stefan and Elenas love story” kevin williamson said that. when it started, So even if it’s not their love story anymore. It sure as hell was. But of course, it’s always Damon , right . She NEVER found her way back to Stefan right? Bullfucking shit. Elexa is the biggest hypocrite ever written. Its at the point i dont hate the characters, i hate the writers for being so stupid and forcing a ship that obviously is dead, I always hated Delena, it always sucked, but now, the awkwardness from watching Ian and Nina act its too much to bare. it’s like they dont even wanna look at each other, they have zero chemistry anymore, and we can sense it. Just, let it go already, please . But i think what i hate the most is the shitfest Bonnie has been given and i can’t believe I am about to say this but i really fucking think she gets shited on cause shes a woman of color. her only love interest was Jerome ( who no one wants ), and then any other love interest she could have , was her own ethnicity.( jamie, Luka if thats his name?)  AND I NEVER WANTED TO SAY THAT OUT LOUD. but what is the reason for Bonnie not being with Damon. why is she always crapped on. It makes me mad, it makes me pissed. It hurts me and i hate that it hurts me. Elena and Caroline, they get multiple love interests, they get nice things, Bonnie gets not invited to balls, and shoved in a hole of 1994.  they separated Bamons so early. Judith is just a racist bitch .  Yes im sayng that. I hope she proves me wrong. I really do.  because Bamon HAS TO HAPPEN. give me one reason why every ship from the books happened excpet Bamon?  I wanna gag whenever i see Delena, i wanna put leggos on Julies bedroom floor so she hurts her feets. I am ranting so vividlty about this, it makes my skin crawl. 

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I was the anon from before asking about that sansan fanart. Thank you for your reply. I am curious to know what is special about this pair, what is their appeal? I don't mind the age gap which normal in those times, but if GRRM decides to make the series realistic in terms of how ladies could never marry their true love? if they cross path again, idk that they might have their 1-time tryst but Idk both will be aware that they could never be together, which is sad. ..tbc

Sansa may be torn between her heart and mind. IF Sansa finds out what Robb’s fatal error (1 of many factors) that lead to the RW, how likely she is to pursue a relationship that can never be? I like to think they might have a bit of Titanic-car-love-making scene x3 - even if Sansa is reunited with her family, it won’t be like she would be able or allowed to marry a man of her choice, bc I think that her people & possibly her family would expect her to do her duty and agree to marry.  

I think that even if Sansa (once reunited with her family) is expected to marry again, I think that her family won’t let her marry someone brutish or that would abuse her. I think her family would look for a loyal ally but that the man has a good and kind nature. I ship Sansa + happiness but I am open to other ships too.

Hi Anon,

There’s a lot going on in this ask!  I will tackle what I can and I hope that it will answer your question.  (If it doesn’t, let me know.  I’ve talked a little about my SanSan feelings here and here.  Some of this might be similar; some of it might be different.)  

So I guess the first thing that I’d address is the nature of the way that I ship the thing.  The trouble I have with the word ship/the concept of shipping is that it deals with love, and English—and other languages as well—is remarkably bad at delineating types of love.  And when it comes to my approach to SanSan, I don’t necessarily endgame-ship-it.  I mean, I certainly wouldn’t say no to it if GRRM were to present it to me on a silver platter or anything, but I’m aware of the many obstacles that the ship faces when it comes, logistically, to being “final.”  For me, shipping, like love, comes in many different forms.  There are some ships where I want participants married like yesterday, there are others where they are so crack it’s not even funny that I have feelings, and there are still others that each have their own dynamic.  Shipping is very fluid, and deals with all different sorts of relationships, and when it comes to SanSan, there’s so much going on there that’s not even “romantic” that I find completely enthralling.

So, as I read your ask, it comes in a few different parts that I am reacting to primarily below the cut.

  1. Endgame reactions?

  2. “I think that her family won’t let her marry someone brutish or that would abuse her”

  3. Sansa x Happiness

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your attitude towards antis is so misguided. i consider myself an anti, but guess what? i also ship the hell out of harry and louis. i love seeing their friendship, i LOVE reading fic, i love cute photos and videos. but you know what? i also accept reality for what it is, and refuse to force my own shipping on to reality, and that's what antis are against. we're not against the concept of harry and louis together.

i’m an “anti” and i want larry to collaborate on songs together. you all don’t think harry will ever go solo like louis so i guess it’ll never happen

First of all, you sent your asks without even checking my Harry tag, because I’ve been saying for a log time that I do expect solo material from Harry sometime in the not so distant future (and I don’t see that many people on my dash asserting the opposite, so?).

Secondly, I’m doing you the big favour of not replying to you with the same you all you used on me, because  that group of people you present yourself as part of, the antis, are very rude, gross, unforgivable individuals who spend their lives, or at the very least their online experience, targeting with their obsessive hate people they don’t know, sending them incredibly nasty messages, reblogging screenshots of their posts to add mean, offensive comments, publishing and making fun of their personal pictures, all in all indulging in a behavior that is 100% bullying. All of this because antis feel threatened and somehow insulted by a large group of bloggers’ beliefs ABOUT A BOYBAND; bloggers who made very very clear they don’t want to have anything to do with them and their sick attitude. And not out of fear of confrontation, but out of exhaustion as the result of years of constant, relentless harrassment. That is what an anti is in my dictionary; that’s what an anti is in my experience as a very pacific person who’d simply enjoy to have some little funny, nice time in her personal corner of tumblr. 

So don’t try that card with me, because I can guarantee you that if you all antis were just normal people making a normal use of your blogging time, just  “accepting reality for what it is, and refuse to force my own shipping on to reality, and that’s what antis are against. we’re not against the concept of harry and louis together”, none of us (certainly no one on my dash) would have the slightest concern about you. Go and see if me, as an adult with a job, a career, a social life and even too many personal contacts, could ever find interest in what a group of people don’t believe in. If antis would just live and have fun in their corner without perpetuating their aggressive, disgusting behavior day after day, I would not only have respect for them as human beings, but I’d also promote various confrontations. Think of what a lovely world that would be, uh? 

Ok I know it’s probably been said before many times. But I seriously just do not get Blacks*n. (personal opinion + rant below) 

Bumbleby makes much more sense. Blake and Yang’s relationship has far more development, and Blake is a lot close to Yang than she is to Sun. Blake and Yang have just has so many more moments. And what, just because of ONE (one) moment in volume 3, Blacks*n is the more likely pair? If they intend to make Blacks*n canon, they should give Blake and Sun more moments, more screen time. More development. I don’t understand the need for a romance between the two, when they hardly ever interact, in comparison to how much Blake and Yang interact? Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly, or am being forgetful, but I don’t recall Blake and Sun interacting much in volume 3. At all.

I don’t hate Blacks*n, I just feel kinda salty about it for a few reasons, mainly:

- It feels forced, like an obligatory romance between a boy and girl

- There’s not a lot leading up to it???? like???? what is the point. I don’t see it.

The Bees on the other hand, I can see their relationship very naturally leading to romance, especially after the events of the volume 3 finale. I mean, Adam straight up referred to Yang as someone Blake loves. And please don’t give me the “it’s platonic” argument. If Yang or Blake were a guy, most people would assume it’s romantic. *cough* heteronormativity *cough cough* >__>

Annnnnyway. Yeah.

As for the song from the volume 3 soundtrack, I get why some BB shippers are getting a little nervous. Honestly, I wasn’t nervous at all, until I saw others were. Come on guys, keep your spirits up! Be confident. Don’t let the song get to you like that. Think instead of how well developed Blake and Yang’s relationship is, and how perfect they are for each other. <3