i have so many feelings about this girl


Listen, the writers for Supergirl this season are complete trash and shit. I’m only gonna talk about the shit they dun fucked up for 2.13 but I am aware they screwed up everything else in this season. Sooo let’s start off by talking about WHERE THE FUCK IS JAMES OLSEN?! I’ve been looking for him EVERYWHERE and yet he gets such limited screen time. The writers can take his character in so many WELL written storylines but, yet I have to remember they are trash and constantly forget about storylines that do not involve Karamel.
Secondly, I’m gonna talk about how they fucked up the writing through out the episode in which we discovered that Maggie doesn’t like Valentine’s Day. Along with that we discovered why she doesn’t and why it’s an IMPORTANT issue to be talked about. We learn that Maggie started to find out that she liked girls when she would spend time watching movies and smoking cigarettes with Eliza Wilkie. Maggie thought that the feelings were mutual and spent time to write her a note about how she felt and put herself out there only to have it ALL backfire on her. Her dad found out and KICKED HER OUT for BEING GAY. Upon hearing this Alex wasn’t prepared and didn’t comfort her at all. This is such a HUGE issue in today’s society and Alex didn’t even comfort her?! Maggie’s pet peeve is to not be heard and that’s the way that Alex made her feel. Furthermore, into the episode Alex and Maggie make up but they made Maggie apologize? NOPE! I THINK THE FUCK NOT! Maggie was 100% in the right to feel this way. Yet, again we don’t see Alex console her or try to make her feel better… it’s all about how Alex feels because that’s the only feelings that matter? Nope. TBH I would rather see them talk about Maggie and how this affected her. Also, how she dealt with it, and how on top of that she lied and said that her parents were okay to make Alex have a better time. YOU CAN’T TAKE HEAVY CONCEPTS AS SUCH AND CRAM THEM INTO SHORT SCENES to make room for a toxic heterosexual relationship.
Next, I’m gonna address the horse shit that is Karamel. Throughout the past couple of episodes up until the FINAL SCENES Kara has been figuring out that Mon-Hell is wrong for her. This was shown in MAJOR way tonight. For example they fight in EVERY SCENE up until the final scene of the episode as always.In this episode Mon-Hell is being jealous and over protective and acts like he now owns Kara since she got guilted into liking him. She has to repeatedly tell him to leave because he making the situation worse with Mr Mxy and she has to remind him that she IS Supergirl and is capable of dealing with this in her own in which she is right because she eventually defeats him. Then after he finally leaves he picks a fight with her stating that she “has bad judge in what she can handle” Which is not true because AGAIN she defeated Mr. Mxy as she ALWAYS does. She even states that she thought that he had changed but she still thinks he is “some macho egotistical” guy he has always been. Lastly they end this fight scene with agreeing it was a “mistake.” In the final scene the first thing he does is flush her with compliments until she is blushing and thanks him. Then he proceeds to apologize and guilts her into thinking his behavior is okay when it’s not and it is VERY TOXIC. Then the end the scene with them making out almost swallowing each other faces and then crash into the couch and make out even more that alludes to sex. In which they ONLY got together within about 3 days. Lastly, I’m gonna touch on the development of J'onn or lack there of. WHERE WAS HE THIS EPISODE? Huh? I’d like to fucking know where he is? He is such a huge father figure to both Alex and Kara and he is NEVER AROUND anymore. What is he even up to? Which alien is he hunting? How is he hunting it? WHY WAS HE NOT HELPING SUPERGIRL HUNT DOWN THE IMP? Why is the setting like almost never where it used to be? The setting in S1 was the DEO, CatCo, and Karas apartment.. but this season I have no fucking clue where the main setting is at? Where are the family value that used to be in S1? Why am I being deprived of quality Danvers sisters scenes? Do they just not spend any time together anymore since they got into relationships? Why is it that all they talk about is relationships? Shouldn’t there be more to talk about?? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ICONIC FEMINISTIC QUOTES? Did they disappear with Cat? I guess so. What happened to Supergirl working with someone other than Mon-El? Is it since Mon-El is on Earth that is the only person available to help her??? The Guardian is a new developing character in S2… Can he start to help Kara since they are friends again? How about Alex and J'onn helping her?? Along with agents they have? Lastly, WHY ISN’T ANYONE AT WORK AT THEIR DAY JOBS?? We never see Kara or James at Cat-Co? And Maggie came to the DEO and Alex was nowhere to be found… CAN THE WRITERS SCREW THEIR HEAD ON STRAIGHT AND WRITE ANYTHING GOOD?? Furthermore, what is the main story line? I don’t even know anymore??

I wonder from where so many Americans get the idea that voting is supposed to be some expression of your deepest, most beloved values and virtues rather than a pragmatic, political move meant to shift your country as much closer to your ideal as possible. This strikes me as another example of extreme individualism. Voting isn’t about *you*. It’s about your city, state, and/or country. It doesn’t have to feel transcendently good deep down in your bones. It just has to *do* as much good as you can do, in this particular moment in time.

i have always always loved superman, like he was my fave and i lived and breathed smallville for an entire decade. but man. i am so fucking grateful for supergirl??? like the fact that she shoulders krypton’s memory all on her own. the language, the history, she and clark’s entire family. obviously clark didn’t have it easy being an alien on earth or whatever, but goddamn, kara danvers is one of the strongest characters i have ever heard of. girl has lost everything and she’s still so compassionate, so hopeful and loving. i just can’t get over it. i have too many feelings for her. i’ll post about sanvers and lena all damn day but never question the fact that i would fucking die for kara.

i get that we all love malec and its the reason most of us even watch this show but i see so many of u talking about the homophobic aspects of the last ep but there was also so much racism some of it subtle and some of it not like

-the izzy storyline which was so blatantly racist it actually makes me sick

-the fact that maia and simons date was mostly about clary (a white girl) and her feelings more than maias

- the way cleophas’ storyline is going and her siding w/ valentine

-the way luke is treated in general but esp how valentine had the upper hand during their fight

-and the way magnus’ feelings are ignored and he barely gets any screentime to explore his character w/out alec 

so what im saying is if you guys wanna watch the show and criticize it when its homophobic you should also talk about how extremely racist its getting w every new episode


rory & logan | written in the stars

Choose your sexual role (Hypnosis)

So as I have noticed many girls who write me are not yet sure about what role they desire to take. Newbies and young girls mainly, however the following hypno text is of use for every girl who found her way to my blog. There are many roles a submissive woman can take.

I will guide you through many choices that allow you to get a clear picture of who and what you are. Its always good to know what kind of toy you are.

But first of all lets put you in a gentle position you feel most comfortable with.

Good girls go deep…..

Feel the relaxation and the ease spreading in you now…..you are allowed to gently touch your body but cumming is not allowed yet. the gentle feelings spread now as you go deeper and deeper.

Choices Level 1

this choices are about your general role in life and what kind of girl you are to me.


As a slut you may have found my tumblr because you like to masturbate often while browsing through the net. You get aroused easily generall like to please men and being fucked.  Youre bimbo trainers slut

Good girls go deep.


Many women have certain fantasies and craves to be a pet to a master. As my pet you would be leashed and trained properly. You enjoy having a pet name and not only feel like a pet but act like a pet around me. Jumping on my lap, cuddling and craving me, when I am not around. Youre a good girl pet !

Good girls go deep.


You’re beginning to realize now that being a bimbo is what you might desire. Being a bimbo means being carefree, fun loving and blissfully dumb. You are a slut, but have gone further. You enjoy making your body perfect for bimbo trainer. Good girl !

Good girls go deep.

Baby girl

You crave having a strong man who cares about you, you feel little and feel good about feeling little. you know that the strong man should make your major decisions and raise you as his little girl. you so want to be my good girl, more than every other girl. As bimbo trainers little baby girl you crave my attention and do everything to catch it. It has been imprinted since you were a little child. Good girl !

Good girls go deep.


There is a certain craving in you, that really is growing stronger by the minute. As the most obedient women of all you love feeling the mindless bliss that comes from mindless obedience. you enjoy being told what to do. You would take a severe spanking, being roped, cuffed or just living in bimbo trainers closet. As a Slave you go deep now and obey my every word.

Good girls go deep.

Choices Level 2


You have submissive tendencies. As a submissive you feel the pleasure and relief that comes from being told what to do. It feels refreshing to you and gives you energy to obey me like a good girl. You have certain submissive fantasies you crave to live out. The feeling of bliss and submission is mixing and spreading constantly in your body, as it flows out of your body, it goes back into your pussy, letting you feel even more submissive.

Good girls go deep.


You have taken this energy even a step further. the pure joy of being submissive has become now a fullfilling lifestyle. A yearning to obey me more and more. Every day adds fresh and more intense emotions and thoughts of obeying me. You have been trained into a good cumslut that orgasms more and more by doing submissive deeds, by obeding me. You feel a sense of purpose for being my property. Life feels great.

Good girls go deep.


You mind has become ultra obedient. Obedience and bliss on a soul level are the same and occour regularly. You body reacts to any kind of command from me with little sparkles of orgasm, shivering and spasms of uncontrollable joy. On this level you are most susceptible to my words. Now you exist to serve bimbo trainer. you have found you meaning in life by serving me.

Good girls go deep.

Level 3 - Places

Your Chair and Bed

You only feel those choices and needs when you are at home, either in your bed or most comfortable tumblr-masturbation-place.

At work

You think often about your sexual role at work. When you set at your disk you might be thinking…Oh, how would it feel if you were being fucked by me here ?


All those fantasies…..they play thorugh your head on a constant basis…getting more and more, no matter whether you work, are at school, in bed or ouside….you deeply enjoy being a good girl to me and obeying your new role.

There are so many choices In life we cant take and this little post has made you now more into a good girl, than ever before. Obey good girl and shre this post. Obey and read it on a constant basis to deepen this choice. Good girl !

I’ve been thinking a lot about how bi!annabeth could actually come into canon and I’ve decided this is how it happens (I may have pulled from my own experience slightly, but only briefly).

  • Annabeth had never considered her sexuality being anything other than straight until she turns 17.
  • She starts to question after realising that she has had too many ‘girl crushes‘ to not be properly attracted to girls, like why she ever thought it straight to feel the same way when a pretty girl comes along as a cute guy is beyond her.
  • She’s dating Percy by this point, and so she feels bad thinking about it, but she figures it doesn’t mean she loves Percy any less?
  • At first, she wanders if she’s a lesbian, but her feelings for Percy are too strong for her to contemplate that for too long (she is pretty sure her attraction is real).
  • She decides to go to Rachel for help, who had recently came out as gay and is now dating Reyna. This is the main reason she is worried, because Rachel used to think she liked Percy too? What if she is lying to herself?
  • Rachel explains that even though she thought she had feelings for Percy, it was down to compulsory heterosexuality, and that when Rachel had really thought about it she had known all along her and percy were platonic (and that she was forcing herself to like him because she was in denial and scared). 
  • This confirms to Annabeth that she hasn’t been stringing Percy along, because no matter how much she tries she cannot stop thinking about him shirtless.
  • She’s scared of what Percy will think, but at the same time she knows Percy, and she knows he would never be horrible about anything (especially stuff like this).
  • He’s the nicest and most understanding person she knows, so she tells him first.
  • She goes to the beach with him later, and at first it’s really hard for her to find the words but soon she explains and says that she doesn’t want it to change anything. Percy immediately jumps to comfort her, saying he would never think she was more likely to cheat, and he understands that, despite her attraction to girls being completely valid, that doesn’t stop her being his girlfriend and loving him.
  • She nearly cries about how supportive she is.
  • She struggles at first, when she thinks girls are cute she doubts herself (thinking she’s gay) and when she thinks guys are cute she doubts herself (thinking she straight), but eventually she finds a comprimise, no matter who she likes at the time, she is always bisexual.
  • She likes to wear the bi pride colours (pink, purple and blue) literally every day. Even if it’s just her bobbles or earrings (or something else small).
  • She manages to get Pecy to go to pride with her, once he also tells her he’s bi a few years later.
  • She does struggle a bit with jealousy about percy being bi at first, but she quickly pushes it away, reprimanding herself. He still loves her, that doesn’t change.
  • They both paint the pride flag on their cheeks (the bi flag on one and the rainbow flag on the other) and they meet loads of really cool people.
  • She is happier than she has ever been now that she can be her complete and authentic self.

ieatkitcat  asked:

hi! (lol i think we've been mutuals for a looong time but we've never talked) i noticed you have a drarry blog, and i was wondering if you could give me a list of your all time favorite drarry fics? i'm still fairly new to the fandom (i was in elementary school during its heyday lol) and there's just so much fic that it's hard to sift through all of it. thanks!

Hi there :) BOY OH BOY I have no chill and so many faves, and I’m more than happy to share them!! Also feel free to hmu any time!! I’m a never-ending garbage disposal of fic recs and I pretty much spend all my free time screaming/crying about drarry so

A Thousand Beautiful Things by geoviki (104k)
Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances, an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend.

Foundations!verse by Saras_Girl (364k)
Harry is about to discover that the steepest learning curve comes after Healer training, and that second chances can be found in unexpected places.

Azoth by zeitgeistic (faire_weather) (88k)
Now that Harry is back at Hogwarts with Hermione for eighth year, he realises that something’s missing from his life, and it either has to do with Ron, his boggart, Snape, or Malfoy. Furthermore, what, exactly, does it mean when one’s life is defined by the desire to simultaneously impress and annoy a portrait? Harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with Malfoy to care.

We Are Young (I’ll Carry You Home Tonight) by Femme (femmequixotic) (68k)
Harry and Draco have been falling into bed on and off again since the last election five years ago, much to the amusement–and financial gain–of their circle of friends. But when Harry agrees to work with Draco to put Kingsley Shacklebolt into the Minister’s office, they can’t work side-by-side again every day and sleep together; that would be courting disaster. Wouldn’t it?

Turn by Saras_Girl (306k)
One good turn always deserves another. Apparently.

Serpentes by xErised (29k)
It’s a shame that Draco Malfoy looks so good stripping in a club with stolen snakes, because Auror Harry’s got a job to do.

Running on Air by eleventy7 (74k)
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.

Unhook the Stars by jad (72k)
“Love is like a Rubix Cube: there are countless wrong twists and turns, but once you get it right, it’s perfect no matter how you look at it.” Seventy-thousand words of pornographic discourse between two boys-turned-men that still haven’t learned how to communicate like normal people — with words.

Stately Homes of Wiltshire by waspabi (57k)
Malfoy Manor has mould, dry rot and an infestation of unusually historical poltergeists. Harry Potter is on the case.

The Fall of the Veils by lettered (60k)
This is the fic where Muggles find out about wizards, wars are fought, Apparition is abolished, political conspiracies abound, Draco is asexual, and Harry has Legilimency sex with him.

Hope Springs Eternal (But Love Springs in the Forest, Unannounced) by lettered (12k)
Draco falls into a love spring. Harry saves him! And now they’re bonded for life. Draco is horrified. Harry thinks it’s kind of neat.

Temptation on the Warfront by alizarincrims0n (180k)
Draco Malfoy is forced into hiding with the Golden Trio and dragged into their search for horcruxes. What ensues is a journey of redemption, unexpected friendships and an unwanted, turbulent romance with Harry Potter. Warnings for swearing, sexual content, and dark themes.

Eternally Consistent by kitsunealyc (44k)
Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter assumed they would never be anything but civil enemies, until Potter lands on Malfoy’s doorstep, bleeding, covered in curses, and acting very strangely indeed

anonymous asked:

Hello!! I absolutelly love your blog and your voltron headcanons, do you have any about Pidge and Allura? (either alone or interacting with each other)

  • i feel like allura sees herself as this great potential mentor to pidge whereas pidge’s thoughts on allura are basically “my weird friend who tried to kill me with lasers once”
  • the brains and the brawn
  • pidge has so! many! questions! about how the castle ticks but allura knows jack shit about technology
    • “but if you don’t know how any of this stuff actually works, how do you use any of it during battle?” “i kind of just…” *waves arms, makes whooshing noise*
    • it’s magic pidge leave the girl alone
  • those friends who get a little too real while roasting each other
  • allura: “so pidge… got any deep dark secrets you wanna share? ;)” pidge: “yesterday i used hunk’s toothbrush to clean weird gunk out of rover’s wiring and i didn’t wash it afterwards”
  • neither can lie to save their lives
    • allura asked someone what their bloodthirstiness was on a scale of 1 to 5 and pidge’s gender was the worst kept secret on the ship i mean
    • they’re the absolute worst team up if you ever need undercover work done
    • shiro makes that mistake exactly once
  • “hello lance. pidge asked me to inform you to….. ‘git gud’?” *turns to pidge* “did I say that right?”

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Forget about the commander can't have a family thing. How would you headcanon Clarke and Lexa having a child?


Ok. So, first thing first, they would totally adopt one. Yeah, they could have Abby perform some sort of IVF, but I just don’t see it for them. It’s way more likely that they would take a child in instead, an orphan. A little girl? Let’s go with a little girl for this. 

It would come after MANY discussions about this particular matter, because these two have so many issues. Lexa would be terrified because no Commander before her had a family, it was simply something unthinkable, so she is worried that being a mother simply won’t work with her being also the Commander. Also, we know that Lexa has problems with feelings: she was raised to believe that love is a weakness, and even if she never truly believed that and learned that love is strength, that’s still years of conditioning, and i feel one of her fears would be that she’d be too cold with her child. Clarke on the other hand would be scared to be too “messed up” to be a mother. So as I said, it would take a while for them to decide. But once on board… damn these two would be the most loving parents.

So…. random headcanons?

  • Lexa is the playful one. She has to be so strict and rigid and serious all the time because of her duties. There’s always something to worry about, something to stress over, something that fills her mind with concern at best, with anger and sorrow at worst. She doesn’t want that to taint the time she spends with her family, and these are the only moments when she’s truly free, so she doesn’t want to waste them. I’m talking pretending to be Pauna and chasing after her little girl. Fake battles with wooden swords that quickly become tickle fights. Blowing raspberries on her daughter’s neck and stomach and feet just to hear her cackle.
  • Clarke LOVES drawing Lexa and their daughter together. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, she just wants to capture every single one of these moments.
  • Lexa reads stories to the little girl before going to sleep. Often she falls asleep there, wrapped around her child. When this happens and Clarke finds them, rarely she wakes Lexa up. It’s much more likely instead that she just grabs a fur and settles on an armchair or couch next to them and sleeps there, to stay close to her family.
  • Clarke often brings her daughter on top of the tower and together they look at the sky and stars and she tells stories about when she lived in space.
  • More often than not they let the little girl sleep with them. Clarke tries to be strict but she can only resist one pair of hearteyes, not two. And who is she kidding anyway, she loves sleeping with her girls.
  • They both catch themselves staring at their daughter, sleeping, playing, running around, it doesn’t matter. They look at her and wonder how is it possible that after everything they went through, after everything they did, they are blessed with this kind of happiness.

I have like 4475468 more but i’m stopping here for now

for all that we talk about thirsty, frat boy clarke from this scene, i don’t see a lot of people discuss how lexa was the one who pulled clarke onto her when they were at the bed

you see that hand there??

that’s going to cup the neck of the pretty girl who fell from the sky and made her believe love was worth it again

that hand is literally tugging clarke down on top of her because clarke’s so beautiful and lexa’s so ready. clarke gave her hope by kissing her back (so many months later but not a second too soon because lexa’s so patient and she knows these things take time). but lexa also knows better than to squander this moment of hope. 

so she’s going to make love to clarke griffin and she’s gonna do it now

Josie Mccoy is a lesbian

•she’s in an all girl music group
•she’s mean to boys
•she wrote (I think??) and sang a song about how amazing and hot a girl is
•she sang the song with (and TO) Cheryl Blossom
•she “doesn’t have time for boys” lol girl same I’ve said that line so many times
•apparently she sings songs as favors for the cheer captain semi-regularly

Feel free to add on (I probably will as the show goes on)

If I see one more “let’s wait and see!” Trump-minimalist gentile coopt the one Anne Frank quote they know to try and humanize or soften the people who MURDERED THAT CHILD, I will scream.

They murdered her after she kept the belief that people were good at heart. They murdered her. You don’t get to erase that part of the story to feel better about voting for the American Nazi Party.

She isn’t advocating “let’s wait and see!”, she’s trying to live through being brutally dehumanized without stooping to the level of her oppressors. She isn’t fucking saying, “you can treat me however you want and I’ll still love you!” either.

And that quote? I feel like if that quote sums up your analysis of her diary, you didn’t actually read it. That quote is the touchstone for the gentile/post-war American world because it defangs her. It defangs her pain and fury and intelligence and sexuality and HUMANITY. It turns her into a little doll that gentiles can pose however they want to tell themselves they didn’t really murder a human being with unlimited potential.

You don’t get to decide how she felt after that diary was ripped from her. No one does. It’s beautiful and meaningful and important, but people acting like it contains her complete thoughts about what happened to her are ignoring that she continued to have thoughts and feelings after its last page. Until she was murdered. By the people you’re making stupid minions memes of on Facebook to defend because you fucking voted for this. You voted for a replay of her murder. Keep her name out of your mouth.

I don’t understand what it is about me that you seem to love” he said. "You know how sometimes when it’s snowing and you don’t want to go outside but you have to because you have to get things done so you go outside and face the cold harsh weather  because you’ve been out there for so many hours, you begin to freeze and feel miserable and it all feels so unbearable then you go inside and can finally sit in front the fire to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate? You were my warm fire and hot chocolate.“ She said.

Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #341


2:24 pm



I would like to begin by saying that sometimes the end of something good is worse than the beginning of something bad.

Girl Meets World has been canceled. That is a fact. I am not in denial. I am not angry. I understand that the reason a show so life-changing must have been canceled was for good reason. I know some people are furious. I know some people are frustrated. I’ve considered labeling my feelings using these words before, but none of them seemed to truly describe the depth of my emotions. I have been thinking about the perfect word to use ever since the cancellation, and only now after watching the final episode of Girl Meets World did it come to me.

I am passionate.

Passion can drive a person to do anything. Passion can encourage someone that was formerly known as weak to endure hardships many thought were impossible. Passion can influence a crowd of people with a common interest to come together as a family and fight for what they believe in. That is a fact.

Here are some more facts:

1. Girl Meets World is the #1 show on Disney Channel. It gets more views each week than any of the other programs on the network.
2. I’ve genuinely cried multiple times since hearing the news of cancellation.
3. Girl Meets World has been nominated for multiple Emmy’s.
4. I am the same age and in the same grade as the characters. They help me get through life everyday.
5. I have bonded with my best friend and my sister in ways I never thought imaginable because of this show.
6. Michael Jacobs has confirmed that the show was not supposed to end where it did. He assumed he would get a 4th season. The story is not over.
7. I’ve never even considered fighting for something I believe in until this show aired.
8. The cast wants to continue the series.
9. My passion for Girl Meets World is overwhelming. My life will change drastically if this show does not continue.

I realize that it seems selfish to be devastated over the cancellation of a children’s show when there are countless other events going on in our world that are much more worthy of my tears and prayers. I realize that I should accept the fact that things end and simply move on. It’s the normal thing to do, after all. With that being said, I also realize that this television show means a lot more to its fans than other shows mean to theirs. I’ve never watched something before that has spoken to me on such a deep, personal level. The characters are real to me, and whether that be a figurative or literal statement doesn’t matter. Some form of them exists in every person I meet, and each and every one of them has caused me to change for the better.

Mr. Matthews has taught me to care about my education. He has showed me that what we learn isn’t irrelevant, that what we are taught can relate to our daily lives on a personal level if we care enough to figure out how. He’s made me realize that history doesn’t consist of just names and dates, and that people change people.

Zay has taught me to be real. He has showed me that race-based stereotypes don’t have to define the way I live. He has showed me that fitting into a new set of close friends isn’t always easy, but if they’re truly good people, they will accept you no matter who you are.

Smackle has taught me that it isn’t a bad thing to be different, and fitting into the crowd does not make you any better of a person. She has taught me that a disease does not define you. Finding love doesn’t only happen to people that are normal.

Lucas has taught me that not everything is how it originally seems. People have flaws. People have dark sides. Not everyone is as perfect as they may appear, and that’s okay. Lucas has verified my strong belief in refusing to judge a book by its cover.

Farkle has taught me that feelings are worth exploring, and that you do not have to stay true to the label you were originally given. People change, and Farkle is the main reason I’ve developed such a strong understanding of the fact that evolving is the only way to truly grow.

Maya has taught me to stay strong during tough situations. She convinced me that hope is not for suckers. She has showed me that being strong doesn’t have to coincide with breaking the rules and being a rebel in the eyes of others. She has taught me to stay true to the people that stayed. They are the only ones that really matter.

Riley has taught me to stay positive. She has taught me that other people should not determine how I act or who I want to be. She has proved to me that being unique doesn’t prevent me from being cared for. And most importantly, Riley Matthews has taught me that meeting the world is the most important thing a human being can do on their journey through life.

These people have changed me. Millions of fans agree. No other show could ever have a chance at changing the way I live my daily life as much as this one does. It seems impossible, but it’s true.

If there’s one thing that has kept me hopeful during this fight, it’s the countless examples Girl Meets World has provided, encouraging us to be passionate about what we believe in. If I’ve learned anything from this show, it’s not to give up. Whether that be on love, friendship, family, or learning doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I have faith that the universe is hearing us. It knows what’s truly good. It knows that I will not stop fighting for this show as long as at takes.

I don’t think it was a coincidence that the very first episode of Girl Meets World taught me to discover the cause I’m fighting for. I never entirely understood this until now. I know now that I believe Girl Meets World deserved better. I believe that that the show has more to offer. I believe that Girl Meets World should continue on another network for years to come.

It’s not debatable that at this day in age, children and adults of all ages need a show like this as a good influence. Current and future generations need to be taught to dream, try, and do good. These are the only things that matter, really.

So yes, Girl Meets World was canceled. But just because something is shut down doesn’t mean it’s over.

You have the power to keep hope alive. You have the power to save this show. I’m speaking on behalf of all of us when saying that this program means more than a lot to each and every one of us.

From the bottom of my heart, I love Girl Meets World.

I beg of you to try picking up Girl Meets World as an original on your network. With our massive fan base, I can guarantee you it will thrive.

I believe in my generation. I believe in us. I believe in Girl Meets World.

And that’s the cause I’m fighting for.

Thank you.
-Melanie (Age 14)


About Camila

I’m going to miss her like crazy, true. But I’m happy for her. Doing things like this, going out of your comfort zone and go follow your dreams is hard. I’ll love her forever. I’ll support her forever. They made wonderful things together that will be all my life (and theirs too) in my heart and memories, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

The girls have given me some of the happiest memories and I’ll be forever grateful that I have them in my life either together or apart. I live OT5, I breathe OT5, and it’s exactly because of that, that I’ll support, respect and love them five whatever happens. I know 5H3 and CC1 are gonna be amazing and I can’t wait to hear what my girls, ALL OF THEM, get to do.

To all of the people throwing shit, just try to be respectful of other people life’s decisions. You don’t know how they’re feeling right now. We as a fanbase should be united and trying to lift them up instead of making them feel worse. Love only, remember?

@waakeme-up I’m here for you always. I’m proud, and excited for what’s coming ❤ go slay the world, Cam. You can do it. I know it.

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isn't it weird dnp have like so many friends who aren't youtubers who we'll never see on camera. like dan mentioned his friend who has a hunterxhunter sleeve tattoo. where's that guy?? or he mentioned being w a girl when he was talking about faving the top/bottom virgin airlines tweet. all the friends they hang out w in manchester?? it's weird that all these unknown ppl like are friends w them?? have seen them in intimate ways??? idk I feel some sort of way

this is phake dan and phils only friends are youtubers + bryony and wirrow


“So, there’s a girl?” Caesar asked Finnick with an eyebrow raised. A large grin pulled itself onto Finnick’s face. “There is,” he answered. Many of the women in the audience cheered with joy, some hoped dearly it was them the boy with champagne blonde hair was talking about.

“Mind telling us more?” Caesar challenged playfully. “I’m not so sure she wants her name broadcasted on television for millions to see, but I can however tell you about her,” Finnick spoke.

“Go on,” Caesar urged him. “She’s beautiful, she has these beautiful eyes that sparkle like diamonds in the sun. She’s so incredibly intelligent and smart, and so easy to talk to. She’s just really perfect,” Finnick said.

“Well I hope that we can hear more of her sometime,” Caesar nodded, hopeful that Finnick bring his significant other into the spotlight. Finnick shrugged with a smile, “Maybe.”

A fast Rogue One entry

Remember the Diego Luna Appreciation Post? Well, I just wanna tell you that I saw Rogue One last night AND IT’S FUCKIN AWESOME!!!

And this movie made me think about a few things:

Diego Luna is gorgeous. A precious gift. And it’s SO awesome that many latinx kids will feel identified with his character.

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Apparently the new Star Wars combo is British girl+Latino guy. And we all love it.

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Even though I want more brown and black and asian girls in Star Wars, having a girl as the main character in the last two movies is just perfect. Telling girls everywhere that they can be heroes and not only princesses is the best. Really thank you <3

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The only white guy in the film’s gang of rogues (who are the good guys) is a robot, so I don’t know if he even counts.

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The rest of the gang is made of: a woman, a latino, two asians, and an indian. A perfectly colourful ensamble.

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And we can add Forest Whitaker.

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Not exactly in the gang, but the other (and visibly only) white guy is Mads Mikkelsen. And he’s perfect. Anyway, have you noticed that he’s everywhere? Well, I am definitely not complaining.

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I’m not gonna spoil anything BUT there are a lot of cameos. Like a LOT. You’ll be very happy when they happen.

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Darth Vader. Darth. Fuckin. Vader.

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And capes. Wonderful capes. Let’s ignore Edna Mode’s advice and let them wear wonderful capes.

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Sana Bakkoush

I just needed to take a moment to appreciate Iman Meskini and her character Sana on Skam. Representation matters and I’ve never been able to stan someone that I could relate to. She is the first mainstream actress I’ve seen as a hijabi on television, who is also one in real life and that is so important. She is the best portrayal of a muslim girl in a european or western country that I have ever seen. She is not made into an overly religious and unrealistic saint or condescending character that we often encounter. She is a teenager and a beautiful character and I relate to her about so many things other than the hijab but it feels so nice for that aspect of me and my religion to also be represented in such a popular show on screen, by an actress and writer who are doing a great job in representing a teenage muslim girl. Diverse and honest representation is important. Thank you.