i have so many feelings about marco bodT

Marco dead or nah

So uh I might be the only one but when I first saw the scene where it portrayed a dead Marco I didn’t even recognize him; eventually I saw that he had died but then again Marco is a very plain-looking character (MANY other people looked like him and I feel like this was done on purpose because the majority of other characters have qualities that desperate them from everyone else) A few things to think about, I was looking back at episode 7 and Annie, Bertholdt, and Reiner were all standing together- with Marco. At first I thought it was funny that he was the odd one out, but he seemed freaked out that day especially compared to his normal happy self, even in terrible situations. he obviously wasn’t killed by a Titan (a normal one, at least; it wouldn’t have only eaten half of him) and the whole half burned thing? Other than the excessive body heat that can be released from Titans, not many things can give off that effect, this IS in a far past. I feel like Annie, Bertholdt, and Reiner could have gotten someone that looked like Marco and killed him, because he might be an important part on the plot line. // what. if. marco. is. in. the. basement.