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oh my gosh

i’ve written about how i wasn’t in love with pristin’s title track “wee woo,” but i am seriously enjoying their live music show performances. they look so confident and happy and i want them to step on me i’m so proud that they’re very clearly singing live! like even if they sound a bit breathy they’re all still very stable, and i don’t think most groups (esp. when debuting!!!) sing 100% live on their first performances of a song 

and freaking BLACK WIDOW sungyeon’s cartwheel 💕 that should be illegal

and these stage outfits man pledis is investing 

ok i’m ending my incoherent fangirling sorry 

yuri on ice has now made history. it has done what several sports anime hesitated to do and said a simple ‘no’ to queerbaiting and heteronormativity. it did it, guys. aside from a wonderful storyline, amazing characters and skating routines, it brought a beautiful romance and i couldn’t be more proud.
this is to the creators : i salute you

i love how even though newt is an outsider and considers humans The Absolute Worst and prefers and loves his creatures a lot more, he was never mean??? even when tina turned him in and got his creatures taken, he didn’t hold that against her, and when graves was interrogating him he didn’t say anything rude or disrespectful and i think it’s really important that he feels that even if he doesn’t like someone they deserve basic respect and kindness because it’s something he wasn’t really granted

Some stuff about Yuri On Ice EP#7...

OKOK OK i know that everyone is freaking about about this episode because i am too (trust me ive died like 200 times already) but !!!! 

instead of the (maybe? probably???) kiss scene what really hit me was this !!!! line !!!!!

The original words were “離れずにそばにいてよ!” A more literal translation is perhaps “Just don’t leave me and stay by my side!”

WHICH… are the exact words to the title of the song Viktor was skating to in the beginning (yup yup the one Yuuri skated to as well). Like, exact words. In the English fandom the song is more commonly translated to “Stay By My Side” or “Stay Close To Me” I think?

IN ADDITION !!!! There are probably already a bunch of posts about this circling around but a while ago the OST tracklist leaked causing a huge explosion on Japanese Twitter:

SO…. You see track #24 iS A DUET VERSION OF THIS EXACT SONG which means it will probably be played in the last episode and thus there is a huge huge chance that we will see Viktor and Yuuri skate to this together i’m just dreaming a girl can dream right

im dead this is too much tHIS SHOW IS TOO MUCH


I don’t know if it’s just me (i may be wrong) but Yuri’s Grandpa car looked old and worn in contrast with the other cars around. And then you read his info in the official page…

The details in the car animation were probably on purpose. His family probably went through hard time economically speaking. This is why he is so focused on winning; he holds a big pressure. He may be harsh at times, but he’s a really caring person who just needs support. 
I mean, look at him: 

He obviously cares so much for his grandpa! I love him so much.
(Also…sorry for my terrible english)

So. I think Serena’s still going to therapy, every week, and sometimes Bernie drives her there, and sometimes Serena walks, and sometimes she wishes she hadn’t gone at all. But one week, at a session after work, she fidgets on the couch for a while in silence, before shuffling towards the edge, leaning forward, conspiratorial, says I’m worried about Bernie. 

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Viktuuri Headcanon #3

Viktor talks to Yuuri in Russian a lot. Yuuri, of course, doesn’t understand him, which Viktor takes advantage of sometimes the first time he confessed to Yuuri the boy had no idea

Nowadays, Viktor mostly speaks sweet nothings into Yuuri’s ear and calls him pet names in Russian, which Yuuri still doesn’t understand word for word, but has learned the meanings/implications of well enough to make him a blushing, stuttering mess whenever Viktor starts doing it.