i have so many feelings

Nicole telling Jeremy that he’s part of the family is such a beautiful scene because I think Nicole finally realized that she is more than just “Waverly’s girlfriend” and she doesn’t want Jeremy to think he doesn’t belong with them because that’s what she thought about herself all this time.

okay…shipping aside…jon cares SO MUCH for sansa????like. in this episode he asked for her advice on a very important matter after we last saw her puppy eyes and the “would that be so terrible?” line. let’s not forget HE LEFT HER IN CHARGE OF THE NORTH. that is basically naming her his hand. he choked one of sansa’s abusers after he dared to say he is in love with her ??? after selling her to ramsay bolton ??? and being a creep around her ???after everything she’s been through, someone finally cares for her thoughts, asks for her opinion, defends her, trusts her enough to LEAVE HIS KINGDOM FOR HER TO CARE FOR. finally someone shows sansa some love and respect.

Can we just discuss this? This was when she saw Rhea on her phone talking to Kara, and when she asked, Rhea blatantly lied to her face. Lena KNOWS she’s lying (and TBH, she always knew in the back of her mind that Rhea is shady), but she chooses to ignore it. She struggles, but she still turns away and continues to work. She wants SO BADLY to believe that someone (besides Kara) is truly good, and truly believes in her. She turns away, knowing better, because despite everything, Lena Luthor has a hopeful optimism that trumps her rationality simply because her heart is desperate for love.

This also ties into the headcanon that Lena knows Kara is Supergirl, but is in a bit of denial about it, simply because she wants to believe her life can be normal, for one second. For one second, she can have a friend who doesn’t have any ulterior motives, and doesn’t have a past that is tangled with her last name. Kara is her safe place, a place to go to hide from the reality of her life, and admitting she’s Supergirl adds layers of complications that I don’t think she’s ready to face. Lena Luthor is smarter than everyone, but she chooses to overlook certain things, almost as a reflex, to protect her heart.

idk if anyone’s brought this up already but i’m really in love with the idea that usually for every piece submitted to them, the voidfish unanimously decide to broadcast it to the world, and the reason the broadcast for magnus’ duck was small was because the baby loved the duck so much it broadcasted on its own when none of the other voidfish would

y'know i’ve noticed that every time they bring up jongin’s first impression of kyungsoo, jongin always rounds the story out with “we became the closest soon after” like he doesn’t let the “kai didn’t/doesn’t like d.o” impression linger longer than some teasing and laughs, he clears it up and admits that it was because he misunderstood kyungsoo and tbh I find it really sweet how adamant he is to say this every time like we don’t already know