i have so many addictions

listen, listen, there’s this fanfic called My Fault by Keelynoelle, and it’s by far the best Babybones fic I’ve read so far and there’s this one part where they all sleep together in the small living area Grillby has behind the bar all in one big bed and it’s so FLippINg cute it warms my entire heart

but seriously it is sad and happy and painful and long and regularly updated all sorts of other good things, so go read it!!! (and follow them! @keelynoelleart)


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-12: favorite book/comic/movie/tv reference

(FMK with Coballoway ft. Superheroes)

Marry Iron Man. Fuck Batman. Kill Thor.

Thor is ridiculous, and I don’t mean the Norse mythology. I mean the one played by the actor on a movie screen.

Rose is quick.

Of course you would marry Iron Man. He’s as egotistical as you are. – Rose

Another text.

Lily said you’re Batman, so you just fucked yourself, Richard. – Rose

I rub my lips, my grin escalating tenfold. I reply: I have good taste.

I have better taste. – Rose

I type fast. You did choose me, so I think we can agree that we both have equally great taste when it comes to sex.

A pause before my phone buzzes.

Fine. We’re equals. It’s cemented. – Rose


The first dose is the worst.


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-04: favorite parent/child relationship

( Lo & Moffy )

“It’s only two days, Moffy.”

And then he cries, “I hate you!”

My eyes burn. I hate you rings in my ears. “You can hate me for two days, Maximoff, but I’ll love you for a thousand more.” I wipe his tears with my thumb, and he sniffs, calming down for a minute. “It may seem unfair, but we’re your parents—and if there’s anyone in this world you need to listen and trust, who will always have your back, it’s us. We just need you to respect us when we tell you something. The same way that we respect you when you ask us questions. What do we do?”

He thinks for a moment. Then he says softly, “You listen to me, and you always answer back.”


I see that look, I know you’re in love
“Why do you ruin me?!” I ask to above
I ship she and her and he and him
When I see you looking at each other I sin
I’m sorry for fan art and for my gay fanfiction
I can’t stop now, it’s become an addiction
Reblogging posts of AUs galore
I have so many, an army or more!
One true pairing, my ass! I’ve got dozens
From Destiel to Johnlock I want them to be husbands
These feels that I get make me asdfghjkl
I can’t sleep cause of you, I gone completely mental
From Clexa to Bubbline and everything inbetween
I want them to be canon (if you know what I mean)
Gay ships are yay ships they make me lose slumber
I guess I’ll keep night-blogging about ships on my Tumblr


Sam and Poppy hug more than they kiss in public, and whenever they start to have an argument, they usually take it to another room. They’re so normal that having them here reminds me how the rest of us ride these extremes of life, rarely wading in the “okay” content state.

Connor is too conceited.
Rose is too high-strung.
Daisy is too wild.
Ryke is too aggressive.
Lily is too awkward.
I’m too hateful.

Sam and Poppy are just right.

this pretty much sums up my entire experience with Story Of Seasons thus far. i havent doodled in a while and i wanted to doodle sos and might do more shortly (esp fritz oh my god im in fritz hell) if i can push myself to scrub the rust off! 

i could gush for paragraphs and paragraghs about how SoS is probably the best game in the franchise to date, how I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a HM game this much since the HM64 days (and I have played so many…), how even the farming system is addictive and fun where in previous games it was really just a means to woo candidates, not to mention the character development???

the character development!!! shouts from the hilltops about the character development!!!!

but ill just say it’s excellent. what a time to be alive.