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I don’t know if it’s just me, but this line surprised me so much but in the good way?

He isn’t worried about the possibility that people see him in a situation like this with an other man.
He is just worried people think he doesn’t take the competition seriously. 

For any other anime with fanservice it would have been some teasing like “they’re gonna think I’m gay / dating a man” or else. 

So this is making me so much happy because it convinces me even more this ship is treated seriously, and not just like some queerbaiting since the question of gender hasn’t even been mentioned once in this anime!!!

The Ultimate Guide to POT Dates

noun, (pronounced: pē-oh-tē)
A potential Sugar Daddy. This is a man you have not met yet, but are considering starting an arrangement with, or have been on a date with, but haven’t established anything solid yet. In short, a man who you think could potentially be your sugar daddy, but aren’t quite sure yet.

So you’ve checked out his profile, messaged with him a little, decided he could be the one for you; the main question asked now is - what do I do next?

The answer is simple, but for the Sugar Babies who are new, it’s often terrifying. Using the experience I’ve gotten after being a Sugar Baby for a while, I’ve put together a complete guide on how to handle that very first date, so that maybe it goes a little smoother than mine did! xo

Before You Meet

  • Get a feel for him over messaging/text - There’s nothing worse than being stuck for an hour or two with a man who has an attitude, is full of himself, or is just salty, that’s why it’s important to work out what type of person he is. 
                    ‣ Identifying Factors:
                            - He has a sleezy username on SA: if his username is ‘CunnilingusMaster69′ or something along those lines, it’s blatantly obvious what’s he looking for.
                            - His responses don’t mirror yours: think about conversational mirroring and use it to help you gauge the success of your conversation. It’s a form of social psychology that is pretty important to how anyone is perceived. If you’re typing out paragraph after paragraph and he is replying with short responses (or vice versa), it’s obvious one party is more interested than the other.
                            - He asks for sexual photos: if he’s asking for sexual photos without even met with you for the first time, then he’s got one thing on his mind and it’s probably pay per play. However, most Sugar Daddy’s will ask for extra photo’s, to make sure you’re not catfishing them, so be ready for that request and have extra photo’s you can send that aren’t on your profile (I usually send one cute selfie and a second full body pic in a nice outfit.) Please note: Snapchat ‘puppy’ filter selfies are not appropriate to send as an additional selfie, maybe once you’ve met him a few times, but not prior to a first meet. You’re already younger than him, there is no need to make yourself seem even younger.
                            - He asks you questions of a sexual nature (ie: your favorite position, sexual history, what you’re into, kinkiest desires, etc): there is absolutely no need for tacky sexual questions, especially if you two haven’t met before. It is important to understand that yes, sugaring is based on sex, sugaring is sex work, but it’s not only sex. Sugaring is about companionship, chemistry, new experiences, and then sex. If he requires a detailed list of what you will or will not do sexually just to meet you for the first time, then he is obviously not looking for a sugar arrangement, he’s just looking for pay per play (which is fine if pay per play is what you’re looking for, each sugar baby is entitled to her own wants and desires out of an arrangement).
                   ‣ Tip:
                           - Whenever an SD asks me “what i am willing to do”, i always reply with this. It’s elegant, polite, and successfully moves the conversation to other topics.
  • Get as many details about him as you can - Meeting someone off the internet is always a little unnerving, especially when it’s a man twice or three times your age. To feel safer, ask for as many details from him as you can, then reverse search the information you have (ie: his phone number, email, name, etc.) to find out his address, income, family members, and other information of the sort. The same goes with photo’s, reverse search them to find out company info, criminal history, and if he’s on any other sites (this helps cross-check age, location, and other facts he has listed on his profile).
  • Choose an identity and stick to it - Think about the type of person you want to convey (ie: the struggling but motivated university student, the driven twenty-something, the educated single mother, the urban socialite, etc) and build yourself up around that image. If you don’t feel comfortable using your real name with POT’s, use a fake name. Invent fake facts and stories or recall certain facts and stories from your life that correspond to the type of person you want to be. Remember, the more you have, the better. Most POT’s will ask you to some extent, some more than others, about you (ie: your job, your likes/dislikes, your upbringing, your dreams/aspirations, your background, your parents/their occupation, etc) and you will need to be prepared to answer. On the other hand, be prepped with questions to ask him, this date is about getting to know each other, it’s a waste of time if you leave knowing nothing about him.
                  ‣ Tip:
                           - If you’re struggling with coming up with questions, check out this and this, there’s a large variety of questions that you could use.
  • Make sure he understands that absolutely nothing sexual will happen on this date - There should be no sex on a first date, absolutely nothing sexual. If your POT believes that coffee/lunch/dinner/drinks and a hundred dollars should equal sex in the hotel down the block, then you leave him right there and then. We are ladies looking for gentlemen with the means to provide for us and support us. If he’s only interested in sex in exchange for money, then he’s looking for an escort, not a sugar baby. (Note: if sex in exchange for money is what you’re looking for, then go right ahead and make that cash, every girl is allowed to make her own choices!)
  • Agree to meet in a PUBLIC place - Always meet for the first time in a public place (A restaurant, coffee shop, bar, hotel lounge/lobby, etc) because your safety and comfort comes first! If he invites you up to his hotel room for a drink, decline by saying that is something you would love to do sometime, but would feel better meeting in a public space first. If you starts arguing or does not agree to this, drop him. You don’t need to waste your time on an asshole like him. 
                 ‣ Additionally: 
                          - Have your own transportation to and from your meet! Do not get into his car thinking you’ll save a little cash, even if he was kind and definitely legitimate! Personally: I don’t let POT’s get me an Uber home either, I don’t feel comfortable with them knowing my exact address.
  • Ask for a gift - While this isn’t something that is necessary to do, it’s something that I do. If you’re aiming for a gift, make sure to ask after you have made plans to meet or at least a day before you meet, this gives the POT time to either go shopping for you or go to an ATM for some cash. If you’re aiming for travel compensation, then feel free to ask a few hours before or even during the date, travel compensation is something usually all POT’s will agree to. This or this are the ways I use to ask, either one usually work flawlessly.
                 ‣  Keep in mind
                         - It is not a red flag if he declines to bring you a gift! At this point in your relationship, he owes you just as much as you owe him, which is nothing. If he declines, just say that’s it’s okay and then (if you still want a little cash) try the travel compensation method.
  • Text to confirm - One of the worst things is dolling yourself up and then coming out to meet, only to find that your POT actually couldn’t make it. That’s why it’s important to confirm your meeting a few hours before in a quick little text.
  • Stay SAFE - Safety has always and will always be the number one thing in the sugar bowl which is why you need to make sure you have at least one person who know’s who you’re meeting, where, and when. If you don’t feel comfortable telling anyone you know in real life, message me and I will gladly be your safety contact. In addition to having a safety contact, it is always a good idea to carry around a bottle of mace with you, for creepy POT’s and creepy men in general.

During Your Meet

  • Make an entrance - Often,the first part of the conversation happens before you open your mouth, sometimes it happens before you’ve even laid eyes on them. When you enter any room, have your head up and your shoulders down. Don’t strut, but walk gracefully, swaying your hips gently, you can even look up videos of models on catwalks and learn how to walk like they do. Be dramatic, walk like you’re the center of attention - you’re a sugar baby: you’re young, stunning, and seductive. Pause in the entrance and survey the room slowly, let your eyes to travel from one side of the room to the other, until you locate your POT. It may sound a little silly, but a proper entrance will captivate anyone, especially your POT. Knowing how to walk properly and make an entrance is useful in practically every aspect of your life, not just in sugaring. 
  • Keep the focus on them - I’ve noticed that POT’s (and SD’s in general really) love to talk about themselves, some SB’s will even go as far as to say that these men don’t care about the things you say unless it directly relates to them (in my experience this isn’t always true, it depends on the man). Try to find a way to refocus the conversation about him, you will easily become his favorite person to speak to.
                ‣ Additionally:
                         - If he shows pride, you give praise. If he says something, then pauses, and looks at you significantly, he’s waiting for the applause. Be there to give it to him. You don’t even have to think what he did was impressive. You just have to be there ready to dispense a pat on the back  Do not be over dramatic, smile, look impressed, and stroke his ego.
  • Pay attention when he speaks - Be engaged in the conversation: ask questions to further your understanding of the topic, make comments to indicate that you are paying attention, laugh a little to signal that you are having fun, smile to show that you enjoy being in his company, and make eye contact! If you look a person in the eye, it signals that you not only hear what they’re saying but are interested in it. If you have to look away do it slowly, this reinforces your interest and enjoyment of what you’re hearing.
  • Don’t fidget - It ruins your credibility. Often, stillness is compared with integrity. Those that can look someone in the eye and sit still are usually believed over those that try to say something while squirming in their seat. It’s important to have good posture as well, don’t slump in your seat and if you do, catch yourself and correct your posture. 
               ‣  Don’t worry:
                        - Your hair looks fine, your clothing fits you well, and your phone will not explode if you don’t check it for an hour. Your main focus should be your POT, not the little things about your appearance.
  • Relax - You might be a little nervous over the first date, but chances are, he probably is too! Some SD’s are nervous the first time meeting, this might be due to the fact that you’re much younger than he is or he might be downright intimidated because of your looks. Your job is to make him feel at ease and the easiest way to help him feel at ease is to be at ease yourself. People play off each other’s energies and your body language speaks volumes, so try your best to just relax.
  • End on a good note - End the date with a hug or a handshake (or a kiss on the cheek, if you like him), something physical so that you touch and it leaves him wanting a little more. If you went out for lunch/dinner, tell him how thankful you are for taking you out, how much you loved the food, and how he has great taste in restaurants

After Your Meet

  • Assessing him - A person’s appearance and demeanor speaks volumes about them. Observe not his wallet, his cufflinks, or his shoes, but his mannerisms, his eloquence, and his overall conduct. Many good sugar daddies may not look the part, but they will act it. There’s no forcing chemistry, so it’s best to figure that out right away before delving deeper.
                  ‣ Questions to think about:
    - Does he ask you first what you want to eat?
                         - Is he interested in what you’re saying?
                         - How does he talk about his family, his employees?
                         - Is he nice to the waitstaff?
                         - How much is he tipping?
                         - Were your personalities compatible?
                         - Did you have a lot in common?
                         - Was it easy to hold a conversation with him, or were there awkward silences?
                         - Is this someone you’d be comfortable being seen in public with, going on vacations with, and generally spending time with?
  • Send a follow up text - If the date went well, shortly after you meet (a few hours or a day, at most), send the POT/SD a text saying that it was a pleasure meeting him and you’d love to see him again. When (or if) he responds, you might be able to schedule your next date!
  • Think about your loses - If the date didn’t go so well, you got a free coffee/lunch/dinner/gift. If your POT contacts you and asks you out again, decline politely and wish him luck finding what he’s looking for.

Allowance Talk - Yes Or No?

There’s a lot of disagreement on whether or not you should speak about allowance with your POT on a first date. I’ve had POT’s bring up numbers over text/on the phone/email (prior to meeting and after meeting) and during coffee/lunch/dinner/drinks. In my opinion, let him bring up the allowance talk.

  • If he does, express your desires concerning allowances, gifts, and how the arrangement will work. Most arrangements end due to schedule conflicts and misunderstanding expectations, be clear about what you want. 
  • If he doesn’t, that’s completely fine too. You’ll most likely speak about it on your second date or over some electronic format.
  • If you touch on the subject but you notice he’s not too keen on delving into it at the moment, leave it alone. This sends your POT the message that you’re more interested in a suitable arrangement than the money, as well as that you are nowhere near desperate and while you are interested in him, not overly so. This lack of overt interest gives you more control of the relationship from the get-go. It also shows that he cannot control you or gain your interest with his money alone. This makes it easier for you to discuss the terms of the relationship, set boundaries, and negotiate your allowance later on.

What to Wear

Men are visual creatures, they love eye-catching arm candy, but most prefer elegance or casual classy to outright flashy. However, showing all your goods on the first meeting is not a good idea. Choose one thing to show off, this leaves his imagining and wanting more. Keep in mind where you’re meeting, as well. There’s no need to go all out if you’re just meeting for coffee.

  • If you’re meeting for coffee - Jeans and a pretty blouse will be just fine, top it off with flats or boots and you’ll be good to go. If it’s warmer out, a sundress is perfectly acceptable too.
                ‣  Keep in mind
                        - Meeting a POT for the first time in shorts is not appropriate, there is no need to play up the age difference between the two of you, even if it is hot outside.
  • If you’re meeting for lunch/dinner/drinks - A formfitting dress will do you good, especially if it’s dinner or drinks. Complete the look with a nice pair of heels and some jewelry, if you’re having trouble figuring out which jewelry to wear with what, check out this!
  • Makeup - Keep the makeup light and natural, opt for neutral colors rather than darker ones. Get your nails done, fill in your brows, foundation, mascara, light colored eye shadow, and lipstick/lip-gloss is all you’ll need. I prefer to top up my look with a slightly red nude lip (since my lips are full and the color makes them pop more), even though most SB’s suggest to stay away from all red’s.

So there you have it dolls, an ultimate guide to POT dates. Feel free to add on your own tips! Keep sugaring, dolly xoxo

Someone mentioned this term in a lower post where I was being harassed for refusing to argue with someone who I think is an obvious alt-right troll. I’d never heard of it before so off to urban dictionary I ran and man… It’s right on.

You do not have to engage with people like this. You don’t owe every person in your path an explanation.

This happened to me around Christmas. A guy messaged me, called me a dumb bitch, etc. I didn’t engaged with him because, why would I? He kept messaging me demanding why I didn’t respond. Citing his language to me I asked why would I want to.

He said he’d apologize if I would debate with him and answer his questions. I tried debating with him on and off for about a day. Finally it was Christmas Eve and I just realized I was getting no where so I told him that we had to agree to disagree. That angered him and said I’d promised I’d answer his questions. I’d felt like I had as best I could.

I told him again I was done.

He immediately took back his apology, resumed his insults, and essentially said that since I wouldn’t endlessly defend my case I was worthless and everything I said was worthless.

I realized then this whole conversation has been a mistake. He was willing to swear at and insult me and only apologize and show respect if I did everything he said no questions.

That was not respect and it was my mistake for not recognizing it earlier.

I’ll say again… You don’t owe everyone in your path an explanation. If you do decide to engage someone it can be on your terms.

Your worth and your beliefs don’t have to be validated by every troll under the bridge.

This is so rushed and short, but I couldn’t get @aina-p​‘s adorable AU picture out of my head. It’s so cute, and I would love to expand this into a multi-chap (or read a multichap of it someone else writes) given the time. It’s such a cute idea, I just had to get this down while my excitement was at its peak!

The scratched up ice stung Victor’s hands as he threw himself down for what must have been the fourth time in the past half hour. For a second as he sat there on the freezing ground, he questioned how things had gotten to the point where he, world-renowned figure skater Victor Nikiforov, was taking fall after fall in a rink.

“Are you okay?”

Ah, right. It was because of him.

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im feeling so romantically frustrated aaa

Ok I love all the Kylo Ren jokes (human trashbag, complete monster, Emo Teen) but like

According to the novel Ben was ten years old when he left home to train with Luke, and fifteen when he destroyed Luke’s Jedi temple

So that means Snoke tempting him to the Dark Side would have involved a lot less offering untold cosmic power; and a lot more child-grooming, and subsequently absconding with a preteen boy

Idk about you but that skeeves me out

We play 5e, and our Aasimar cleric is a cocky, hot for a fight kind of guy. And we were in a combat encounter with the evil father of our half elf Druid. This guy had caused our whole party a lot of trouble, and threatened several of our members, so needless to say, we were all ready to skin this man alive.

Cleric ooc: God, question?

DM: yeah?

Cleric ooc: Since this douche is below me, having a pretty bad day….can I…suffocate him with my dick?

The rest of the party: WHAT?!


rouge (me) ooc: -covers face with hands- please no…

DM: um…I guess…you could? It would be…an unarmed attack…WITH disadvantage…?

Cleric ooc: -rubs his hands together- oh this guys going to be having a bad day

Ink (M)

Genre: Smut, angst, badboy!Tae (kinda)
Word count: 7470
Description: Kim Taehyung is nothing less than a storm, contained in a human body, ready to lash out if you get too close. But you have been careful for way too long already.
Warnings: Mature content, mentions of depression
Author’s note: So I had a dream about Tae having tattoos and started writing this, trying to make him a bad boy but it turned out a bit more emotional than I intended it to… :D Also I’ve been struggling with finishing this for much longer than usually so I don’t know how it came out… (Not to mention it came out way longer than I intended)

You barged into Taehyung’s room ready to question the man what was taking him so long, but stopped in your tracks at the view of his bare back, tattoos eating up at his skin from his right shoulder blade, as if threatening to devour the rest of his milky skin soon enough. With the tempo Taehyung was going at, you wouldn’t doubt that actually.

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Sis, don’t reserve your availability for him

When a POT wants to set a date with you or a client wants to book you and doesn’t go through?

Keep hustling like he never existed. Yes, you heard me.There’re plenty of fish in the sea.

Is he waiting to confirm that meeting? His problem.

A grown man can make his own arrangements and he should respect your time. I learned it the hard way. And I receive so many questions about it.

No, don’t text to confirm. Don’t touch that phone unless it is to text another guy. Before reserving your availability for him, think:

1. Did he set a time for your date?

2. Did he set a place?

3. Did he make reservation? 

4. Did he confirm it with you?

If he casually mentioned that he would like to have a dinner tonight, NO.

Also, not texting them has another advantage. 

Listen. If you ask him “hey, are we still meeting tonight?” he will leave you on read and it will get all awkward. He won’t want to come back to you with an apology because of fragile male ego. But if you don’t say anything he will get the idea that you didn’t sit and wait for him. And if he says “sorry we couldn’t meet the other day” just play it cool like “it’s ok I made other plans :)”  Remember, you’re a sought after woman.

If he you would meet at 8 but never called to confirm until 10? In case you’re still available and up to meet him tell him you just got back home from dinner with friends and you can meet him in 20 minutes if he wants. 

An in tents situation

We were playing 5e, the party consisted of a dwarf paladin, wood elf druid, dragonborn warlock, half orc barbarian, high elf rogue (me), and a half elf bard.

Dm: you come to a clearing, there appears to be a camp site up ahead.

Paladin & Bard: we’d like to search the area.

DM: alright, so, you start looking in tents…

Me (ooc): I didn’t know this was such a serious situation.

The rest of the party proceed too boo me while the Dm looks confused.

DM: you find a man asleep in one of the tents.

Warlock(ooc): we should ask them questions.

Paladin(ooc): i poke the sleeping man.

DM: the man is startled and jumps to his feet

Paladin(ooc): I’m startled too so i punch him in the face.

the paladin and bard subdue the man,we then question him, bind him up, and have our goliath npc carry him through the upcoming dungeon.


(Loophole: Joker has taken it upon himself. You did not ask him to have any involvement with your past and the people in it. You are not involved in his actions. He willingly choose to do it without motivation or being told by you to do so, he made the choice)

“W-what am I doing here?” the obviously paranoid man asked. The Joker grinned as he approached him from behind. “Tell me, do you remember a person by the name of Y/N?” he questioned as he moved around to face him. “Y-yeah? Why? Did they put me here?” he asked, shaking his wrists to try get free from his restrains. “Oh no, they don’t even know you’re here. They’ve no idea about this little… meeting” he smirked at his choice of words. “I just think that karma takes too long, but I on the other hand can act much quicker and much more painfully” he taunted, devious eyes and grin set on the man.

James March: Ugly Jealousy - Part Two


Eventually, you grew tired of begging James to free you from the room so you sat against the double door to collect your thoughts, resting your head on your knees. The fight to holding in your tears has failed as tiny droplets slowly fall from your eyes.

Elizabeth’s ghostly figure suddenly appears in front of you.

“Elizabeth?” You moved your head up as you were surprised to see her.

“Why do you cry, love?” She questions you in worry.

Wiping your tears with your shirt, you answer, “Oh Elizabeth, it’s James. I was having an innocent conversation with a married man and James just killed him.”

She bends down to your level, making eye contact with you. “Sweetheart, don’t be so upset. It’s because he truly loves you. I can see it in his eyes. He may even love you more than I love my precious Rudy.” Elizabeth cups your face with her hand. “And honey, I know damn well he loves you more than he loved me.”

You smiled at her in relief. “Thanks, Elizabeth.”

“And if you love him the same, you’re just going to have to accept that he is the way that he is and everything will be okay. Your James has been killing for almost a century. There’s no changing the way he is.”

“You’re right. You’re definitely right.” Elizabeth was correct. Her advice really helped ease your judgement on what James has done. James will always be the way he is and there really is nothing you can do to change him. Your love for him is so incredibly indescribable that you’re now willing to fully accept it. 

You and Elizabeth have always been on good terms. You’ll never forget the day that she thanked you for coming into James’ life because he has left her alone ever since. Now, he wouldn’t so much look in her direction whenever their ghostly spirits do cross paths in the hotel.

Elizabeth smiled back at you. But before she had the chance to say another word, a knock goes on your door. She glances at the door and her spirit disappears.

“Dearest?” James calls as he’s putting his ear close to the door to listen for you.

“I’m right here, James.” You answered.

James grabs the key from his pocket to unlock the door. “I’m coming in.”

As he enters the room, he closes the door behind him and quickly scans the room with his eyes to look for you, then he finally sees you sitting on the floor. “Darling, are you alright?” He goes to kneel down to your level, facing in front of you.

“Yeah I’m fine now. Actually, I’m better.” You said as you’re looking down.

“My sincerest apologies for my actions by keeping you locked in our bedroom. I just could not dare to see you leave me.” James lightly grabs your chin to lift your head up. “Not for a day. Not even for a minute.”

You smiled at James when he said the last line. “I forgive you, James.”

“Come.” James smiled and put his hand out for you to grab. “Take my hand, dearest.” 

Forgiving James put your mind at peace. Feeling the way you’re feeling right now, that beautiful face of his is something you can’t say no to. Those dark brown eyes definitely drew you in more and more.

You took James’ hand and he helped lift you up from the floor, grunting a little as he lifts you up. “Now that that’s all in order, I have a small surprise for you.”

“Surprise?” You questioned. An apology gift wasn’t something you expected at all. 

James opens the door and the sight of him quickly disappears as he’s grabbing something in the hall. Keeping your feet glued to the floor, you move your head to get a closer look at what he’s doing. 

He comes in pushing a cart filled with enough appetizers, entrees and desserts for two. Your eyes grew wide from surprise and excitement. “I figured we dine in tonight. How does that sound, darling?”

You walk over to James, giving him a kiss on the cheek to thank him. “That sounds perfect, James.” 

James smiles, revealing his dimples. “Splendid.”

Home, Part One

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: mild language, fluff. about 3k.

A/N: This will be two parts with a possible epilogue. Wanted to thank @thebeasthasentered for reading my first draft and giving me some really helpful feedback. 

Summary: Your best friend in the whole  galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade?  Part Two

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Another chip reader story!!!

So apparently no one has caught onto the fact that basically they’re everywhere now but this man took the cake for the worst experience I’ve ever had with the stupid chip. I will forever be annoyed by this interaction.

So I scan all his crap, and I work in a pet store so this lady had a dog that was I guess the same breed as his. So they start talking. I tell him his total, and do my little “it’s going to have you answer the donation question on the screen, wait a moment and then swipe or insert your card if you have a chip.” So obviously this conversation with this woman is so much more important than listening to me. He swipes his chip card. The reader beeps and says “please use chip reader”. He doesn’t look at it (our machines beep very quietly). Puts his card away.
“Sorry sir but it’s going to have you insert your card”
Nothing. He keeps talking to this lady. At this point I’m like ok, I’ll wait they’ll be done in a sec. Nope. He stops for a second, looks down and goes,
“Oh, it didn’t go through?”
Takes out his card again. I start saying he needs to use the chip reader, but I’m cut off mid sentence by them talking and he swipes and puts his fucking card away again. This repeats (me getting cut off, him swiping and putting his card away instantly) for at least another ten minutes. I’m just standing there at this point twiddling my thumbs. Looking around awkwardly.

Finally, he looks at me and goes “well why isn’t this working?” With his card in his hand. I look at him and as loud as I possibly can explain to him HE NEEDS TO USE THE FUCKING CHIP READER PLEASE GOD JUST LISTEN FOR TWO SECONDS AND LEAVE MY STORE. He starts up his conversation again and I literally snatch his card out of his hand and shove it in the reader, and then shout “CREDIT OR DEBIT?!?!” Finally the transaction ends and I literally turn around and walk away without saying anything, and after his receipt had printed the conversation had ended so I’m sure I looked like a total asshole, but my ability to refrain from saying something incredibly rude was non existent at that point and I had no other options but to remove myself

I always wondered about the significance of Yashiro’s affair with one of Hirata’s men in one of the flashback stories. I could never really figure out why it was included and what was so important about it until recent plot developments. So here is my theory about the mysterious man from Yashiro’s early yakuza days.

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sterek olympics au

I took the simone biles + zac efron thing (x)(x) and sterek-ed it (with a few creative liberties…)


“So, Stiles, we’re getting to the end of our interview now, and I just have one more question for you.”

“Shoot,” Stiles says, grinning.

“Is it true that you have a bit of a crush on a certain actor by the name of Derek Hale.”

Stiles blushes and he’s sure it’s picked up by the several cameras on him currently. “Oh man, I wouldn’t call it a crush,” he hedges, rubbing at his chin, “I just think he’s really good. I mean, who doesn’t, but yeah, um…”

The crowd’s laughing and Stiles turns around the see that the screen behind him is showing a compilation of seemingly every tweet he’s ever written about Derek Hale. He buries his face in his hands and groans, which makes the audience laugh.

“I’m so embarrassed right now,” he mumbles, though of course the mic clipped to him picks it up.

The host laughs good-naturedly. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Who here has a crush on Derek?” she throws to the crowd. There’s a lot of cheering and screaming, so at least Stiles can console himself that he’s not alone in his appreciation for Derek’s form. Acting form. Like talent. Not like, body form.

“Me too, me too.” The host turns back to Stiles, who has emerged from behind his hands, cheeks still pink (he can see them nice and big on the screens around the studio). “Well, we have a little surprise for you, Stiles. If you want to turn to the screen.”

Stiles turns, a little (a lot) worried.

His tweets disappear and there is a second of blackness before a video recording starts playing.

“Oh my god!” Stiles shouts, and actually jumps out of his chair before he can tell himself to contain his reaction.

“Hi Stiles, this is Derek Hale,” the video starts. Derek’s sitting on a couch in what is probably his living room, staring right at the camera so it looks like he’s staring right at Stiles. Stiles is melting a little on the inside and sweating a lot on the outside to show that.

On screen, Derek waves, and Stiles, like the giant dork he is, waves back enthusiastically. There are some laughs from the audience but Stiles is so transfixed by cataloguing everything he can see in the frame that it doesn’t faze him like it did a minute ago. “I just want to wish you all the best for the Olympics. I’ll be cheering for you, and crossing my fingers for a medal. Go Team USA, and good luck, Stiles.”

The video ends on a freeze frame of Derek smiling gorgeously at Stiles– at the camera.

“Do I get a copy of that?” Stiles asks the host, to more laughter from the audience.

“You sure do,” she says, “and I’d check your twitter when you get home too.”

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The boys trying on thier S.O’s clothes and then getting caught, por favor?

This ask could’ve gone in so many different directions. I hope you enjoy it!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • You walk into your room to go get your scarf because man it is cold out
  • You stop when you see Shinguuji standing in front of your mirror
  • He freezes and you can see him look at you through the mirror
  • You notice that rather than the usual bandages on his hands, he’s wearing your gloves
  • When you question him, he goes into a great long speech about how the frigid weather would have a chance to render his hands utterly-
  • He just needs your gloves, basically.
  • You question why he’s wearing your gloves though
  • …He only has the bandages.
  • He lost his gloves.
  • He needed something because he really hates the cold-
  • You kiss him on the cheek
  • It’s fine, you tell him
  • After you two go out and he gives you the gloves back
  • He notes that it felt like you were holding his hands the whole time
  • You let him keep them.

Rantarou Amami

  • You walk in and your room is a mess
  • Your clothes are spread out everywhere
  • There are some shirts you haven’t seen in years out in the open
  • And there’s your boyfriend standing in the middle of this tornado of clothes
  • Wearing your favorite shirt and jeans
  • You ask him what he’s doing
  • He tells you in the most subtly annoyed voice you’ve ever heard from him
  • “I’ve seen you wear the same eight shirts since we’ve met when I know you have more”
  • You ask him why he’s wearing your shirt, though
  • He said that he was trying to organize your closet with the best outfits possible
  • But why is he wearing your shirt though
  • He needed to see how they looked on a person
  • And he’s decided: You two are going shopping
  • He drags you out the door while still wearing your clothes

Kokichi Ouma

  • You work very hard and often come home late
  • You’re absolutely exhausted
  • But you became very much awake very quickly when you see Ouma sleepily welcome you home
  • In one of your button up shirts
  • It’s a little big on him so the sleeves nearly end at his fingertips
  • And you can barely see the edge of his bright red underwear under the hem
  • You ask him what he’s doing in your shirt
  • He tells you, while he’s still only half-conscious, that he wears your clothes when he can’t sleep next to you
  • Of course, that’s a lie, he adds
  • But from the way he curls up next to you that night, you can tell he was telling the truth

Shuuichi Saihara

  • You come home from getting groceries one day to see your boyfriend wearing your school uniform
  • He even took your kneesocks
  • He’s blushing as he tells you that he just wanted to know what wearing a skirt felt like
  • And you come to the realization
  • He looks great in your uniform
  • Maybe even better than you
  • His voice and his stupid beautiful eyelashes don’t help matters
  • He notices the grin you have on your face and the blush fades
  • Because he is now very much regretting trying on your uniform
  • You take him by the hand and start dragging him to your room
  • He’s trying on all the clothes

Kaito Momota

  • He has a good excuse for wearing your jacket, he swears
  • You put on his all the time so why not try on yours for a change?
  • You giggle at the uncomfortable look on his face because the sleeves are too short on him and he can’t close it
  • Then he looks you in the eye and bluntly tells you:
  • This is the crappiest thing he’s ever worn.
  • His t-shirt is sturdier than this thing.
  • You give him a shrug that tells him “They’re all like that”
  • He sighs and tries to shove his hands in the pockets
  • He can only get up to his knuckles into them
  • He looks at you with such pity at the realization that girl pockets suck
  • No wonder you keep taking his jacket!
  • He comes home the next day with good jackets
  • That will keep you warm
  • With actual pockets


  • You find him wearing that one over-sized hoodie you own
  • You know, the one you wear when comfort is the absolute priority
  • It’s just big enough to cover his body armor and he looks really huggable right now
  • His face is blushing bright red over the fact that he’s been caught
  • Before you could even ask him what he’s doing in your hoodie, he blurts out his explanation
  • He just wanted to know what it was like to wear clothes
  • Once he finishes, he looks even more embarrassed
  • So embarrassed that he tries to hide his face with your hoodie
  • You can’t help but hug him
  • If he wanted to wear clothes so badly, he could have just asked!
  • He says that he was too ashamed to buy clothes while not owning any…
  • You give him the hoodie

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta found that one really cute shirt with the bee on it
  • He loves it but, by god, is it small on him
  • How did he even get his arms through the sleeves?
  • You can’t help but laugh
  • He starts laughing too
  • But the second he does, your shirt kind of explodes
  • Gonta is very sorry

Ryouma Hoshi

  • It kind of started with a comment about his height
  • At the time he had just rolled his eyes and said “I’m not that short”
  • But a few days later, you came into your room to see him standing in front of your mirror
  • For a second you think that he’s wearing a dress
  • Then you realize that he’s wearing one of your shirts
  • He looks over to you with a straight face
  • “Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m short.”
  • And you tell him that it looks good on him?
  • He appreciates the thought
  • But he still has to shop in the kid’s section
  • Now occasionally he’ll walk around the house wearing nothing but one of your shirts

And backbite not one another. Would one of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would hate it (so hate backbiting). And fear Allah. Verily, Allah is the One Who forgives and accepts repentance, Most Merciful -(49:12)

And follow not (O man, i.e., say not or do not or witness not) that of which you have no knowledge. Verily, the hearing, and the sight, and the heart, of each of those ones will be questioned (by Allah) - (17:36)

Not a word does he (or she) utter, but there is a watcher by him ready (to record it) - (50:18)

The Prophet ﷺ said, “He who believes in Allah and the Last Day must either speak good or remain silent.” –(Muslim)

The Prophet ﷺ said, “Whosoever gives me a guarantee to safeguard what is between his jaws [i.e. tongue] and what is between his legs [i.e. private parts], I shall guarantee him Jannah” – (Al-Bukhari)

The Prophet ﷺ said, “A man utters a word pleasing to Allah without considering it of any significance for which Allah exalts his ranks (in Jannah); another one speaks a word displeasing to Allah without considering it of any importance, and for this reason he will sink down into Hell.” – (Al-Bukhari)

The Prophet ﷺ said, “When the son of Adam gets up in the morning, all the limbs humble themselves before the tongue and say: ‘Fear Allah for our sake because we are with you: (i.e., we will be rewarded or punished as a result of what you do) if you are straight, we will be straight; and if you are crooked, we will become crooked.’” – (At-Tirmidhi)

Iron Will (Part 5)

Tony x Reader

Summary – Tony Stark isn’t a man who takes no for an answer, even if his feelings for you complicate an already delicate situation.

Warnings – Tony Stark’s flirting, PG-13 moments (this is as smutty as I get guys!)

Word Count – 1,620

Notes – This part is really hot and steamy!  I got a little carried away here and …well, you’re just going to have to read for yourself.  Tony is just too sexy for his own good!!  As always, I appreciate all of your feedback and questions!!!

Part 1  

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Originally posted by duckbuttt


“Sir,” FRIDAY interrupted again. “Hydra has attacked a city in Eastern Europe and Captain Rogers feels as though this is a mission that can only be neutralized by the entire team.”

You pulled Tony’s head up so that you could look him in the eye.  “Go. The world needs Iron Man.  I can wait.”

Tony buried his head in the crook of your shoulder, completely frustrated.  “Fine, but don’t move!”  He pointed at you with a stern look as he untangled himself from your embrace.  “I’ll be right back, and then we’re finishing what we started here.”

You rolled your eyes at him with a smirk on your face.  You watched as he tapped the watch on his wrist and in a few seconds one of his suits emerged out of the shadows in the corner of the building.  He stepped into it and gave you a wink as the face plate came down. He took off into the night as you continued to lay on the lounge, your overheated skin quickly cooling as night settled in around you.


You lay on the lounge for a few minutes to catch your breath.  If FRIDAY hadn’t interrupted, you would have ended up having sex with Tony Stark on the roof of your apartment building.  You knew you should be scandalized at the thought, but just thinking about it thrilled you.  Tony Stark wanted to be with you!  You just couldn’t wrap your mind around it.  You tried to keep a level head and tell yourself that he only saw you as a challenge, nothing more.  You could have continued to play hard to get, but what good would that have done either of you?  You were a woman with needs and he was renowned for being a ladies man.  If the past few minutes were any indication, you knew sex with him would be the best you’d ever had, potentially the best you’ll ever have.  You never knew if the next mission you flew out on would be your last, so why not live in the moment and take something for yourself for a change?

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Title: “Admiration”

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: K

Hello, hello! Currently in the midst of transferring my fics from my other account to this one, so my other account can be deleted. I hope you enjoy. :)

“Natsu Dragneel! Natsu Dragneel!”, the reporter from Sorcerer Weekly jogged up to the salmon-haired man.

He’d been following him quite literally ALL day long.

Natsu sighed and turned towards the scrawny man. He fiddled with the several bags of groceries he held in both hands. He just wanted to get back to Lucy’s apartment. He didn’t have time to dabble about and talk to random people, let alone a reporter. Those guys could go on forever and ever, it’s like they never shut up with the questions!, he frowned, groaning internally. Lucy was expecting him back with the groceries any minute, she’d be upset if he wasn’t there soon. Especially considering she was already pissed at him for raiding her fridge again.  “What’s up?”, he questioned, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible about this whole thing.

The man toyed with the pen and noteback he was holding, uneasy as can be talking to such a strong mage. “Um…Uh…sorry I’m a little nervous, this is my first time out in the field gathering information for articles.”, he cleared his throat timidly and adjusted the glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose, “I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about some of your friends from Fairy Tail?”

“Uh…Sure why not? Shoot.”, Natsu shrugged indifferently and set the bags of groceries onto the ground next to him.

Hopefully Lucy doesn’t kick me too hard for being late, Natsu shuddered at the thought. 

The reporter cleared his throat once again, “Alright, my first question is from a fan. They want to know…Who in the guild do you want to fight the most?”

“Hm…”, the dragonslayer tapped his foot as he thought of his answer then started cackling loudly, hands crossed over his stomach as he doubled over from the laughter.

The reporter stared at him wide-eyed, confused by the sudden burst of laughter, “Um, sir, is everything alright?”

Natsu’s laughter had reduced to light chuckles as he wiped the tears away from the corners of his eyes, “Sorry, sorry! I just, when I was thinking about that I remembered about much I really wanted to kick Metal-mouth’s ass, but then I thought about it more. What if, and hear me out, what if I kicked Pervy Popsicle and the Iron Idiot’s asses at the same time!?”, his laughter increased in decibels again at the image.

He could just see it now, Gajeel and Gray begging for mercy as he gets ready for a Fire Dragon Ro- “Sir. I don’t really think that qualifies as an answer…the fan asked for one person…”, the scrawny man carefully attempted to persuade him into picking a different answer.

Natsu tsked and shook his head, standing up fully with a toothy grin, “Now I would disagree! Just imagine how hilarious it would be to see both of them running away after I shove their heads up their-“

SIR! Please, just choose one.”, the reporter begged as he rubbed a hand down his face in irritation.

The salmon-haired man mumbled a few obscenities and crossed his arms, “Fine.”, he stated with his upper lip out in a pout before smiling widely, “I’ll choose, Erza! I’m going to beat her in a fight one day, you know.”

The lanky reporter face-palmed at his answer, “Okay okay…next question…”, he sighed before he continued, “This one is from another fan, she wants to know who your best friends are.”

“Oh this one is super easy!”, Natsu exclaimed, “Happy and Lucy are my best friends!”

“Is that so?”, the reporter nodded appreciatively that Natsu had finally given him a straight answer as he scribbled down his responses on the notepad he held, “Well, then that should make answering this next question super easy for you. A fan wants to know what you think of Lucy Heartfilia?”

The fire mage burst out into laughter at the mention of his best friend, “Luce is such a weirdo! You know, she only sleeps on the left side of the bed? She says it’s because she likes to be right next to the window so she can look out at the stars, but I personally think she does it cause she’s strange.”, he stated as if he had just pointed out something completely legitimate.

The reporter leaned in a little, “Are you saying you sleep in the same bed as Lucy Heartfilia?”

“Yep!”, he answered casually and grinned widely, “Oh! Oh! You know what else she does that’s weird? She always writes these stories about princesses meeting their prince charmings and living “happily ever after”. Why would you want a prince charming anyways? They’re always so snobby and annoying. Plus, they smell bad. I’ll be damned if I let her end up with some rich bastard”, he made a disgusted face to emphasize his words.

Intriguing…, the report contemplated before asking his next question, “I see…Well who do you propose Miss Lucy finds to spend her “happily ever after” with?”

Natsu tapped his chin as he worded his response in his head before answering, face suddenly turning serious, “Luce…Luce deserves someone who appreciates her for who she is. She needs someone just as weird as her, a person who will accept her odd shower times. They have to be willing to fit in with her weird eating habits, and she has some weird eating habits. Let me tell you, she is only person I know who won’t eat the skin on her chicken, or she even won’t eat the crust on her sandwiches. I have to make sure the syrup is cold for our pancakes, otherwise she won’t eat it. Sure, it gets annoying sometimes, but being a fire mage kind’ve helps I guess.”, he chuckled to himself not realizing how off track he’d gotten.

“Sir, you went a little off topic. Do you mind starting where left off originally?”, the reporter asked politely, but inside he wanted to smack Natsu across the face and tell him to take this more seriously.

“Oh yeah! What were we talking about? Sorry about that…”, he rubbed the back of his head bashfully.

“You were telling me about the kind of person miss Lucy Heartfilia deserves…”

“OH! So anyways, like I was saying, Luce deserves someone who isn’t afraid to walk through fire for her, someone who would walk through hell and back to save her. She needs someone who is able to find something to do on their own for a while because she really needs those couple of hours to read to herself. That’s something I’m not very good at. She gets mad at me because I constantly beg her to do stuff when all she wants to do is sit in her room and read, but I guess I’m really lucky that she just brushes it off…”, he paused for a second as a blush began to form on his cheeks and spread up to the tips of his ears, “She really is an amazing person…I don’t deserve her friendship, let alone to spend the rest of my life with her…”

The reporter frowned at the end of his response, “Why would you say you don’t deserve her? I’ve heard of all of your valiant rescues, and from what you’ve told me, your relationship already sounds like what most married couples’ relationships sound like.”

Natsu frowned, “I don’t deserve her because I’m always in her personal space; reading her letters to her mom, reading her book, sleeping in her bed without her permission. I’m more of a pest than anything.”

“I would have to respectfully disagree with you, sir. Sure, the things you do may be annoying, but in every relationship there are going to be things the other person does that you just don’t like or agree with. It is very obvious how much you care for this woman, and I think it would be a shame if your love were left wasted.”, the reported finished with a nod.

Natsu beamed at the man, “You’re right! I need to show her how much I appreciate her! Starting with telling her it’s okay to to sleep on the left side of the bed, that I love her no matter how weird she gets as time goes on.”, he paused and thought of something for a second then broke out into a series of chuckles, “Can you imagine how many wrinkles she’s going to have when she’s an old lady? I’m totally gonna make fun of her for it, so will Happy! He’ll really let her have it!”

“Sir, with all due respect, don’t you think that’s a little harsh…?”, the reporter pointed out.

Natsu snickered, “Nah! Lucy’ll be the most beautiful, wrinkly old lady ever! I can’t wait to tell her every single day of our lives how gorgeous and amazing she really is!”, he grinned his megawatt smile and bent down to pick up the groceries he’d been carrying, “Thanks for the advice, Mr. Reporter-Guy! See ya!”

“Wait, Mr. Dragneel, I have a few more questions for you!”, the man shouted, but it was no use, Natsu was already halfway down the street.

The reporter smiled softly, “Good luck, Natsu Dragneel.”, he whispered and flipped his notebook closed, putting the pen in the rings before shoving his notebook back in his bag and briskly walking away. 

Natsu slammed open the door to a certain apartment on Strawberry street. “LUCYY!!!!”, he bellowed into the empty kitchen and set the grocery bags onto the big kitchen table.

“LUCY WHERE ARE YOU?????”, he tried again, a loud bang and a yelp sounded from Lucy’s bedroom.

He quickly ran through the kitchen and the living room, being careful not to run into anything. He reached the closed door to her bedroom and held up his fist to knock, but he hesitated and reached for the doorknob instead. “Lucy…? Is everything okay in there…?”, he questioned and turned the knob, opening the door slowly.

It was an absolute disaster. The floor was covered in crumpled up pieces of paper, glitter was quite literally everywhere, in every single nook and cranny. The room smelled of something weird as well, something he’d certainly smelled before, it was tangy but the kind of tangy he never wanted to smell again. Then he saw her, sprawled on the carpet covered in glue and rainbow glittered, and the realization hit him that she had been trying to make something. “It looks like a glitter monster just rampaged through your room and beat the shit out of you!”, he burst out into a fit of laughter, pointing at the obvious mess she was in.

A kick to the face had shut him up very quickly though, knocking him flat on the ground. With that, Lucy took her place back on the rug and gripped a piece of paper next to her. It appeared to have something written on it in bright red and orange glitter. She silently scooched herself forward and held the paper out to him. Natsu hesitantly grabbed the paper from her hands and held it to his face to read it.

I’m sorry.

He stared at her wide-eyed, confused by what she’d given him. “Why’re you sorry, Luce? And why did you just to apologize with glue and glitter? You never make crafts. You always say it’s too childish.”

She only blinked at him for a few seconds before launching herself into his arms, knocking him back once again, “I’m sorry I got so angry at you for eating my food again…I overreacted. I asked everybody from the guild what I should do to apologize…This was Erza and Happy’s idea. I objected at first, but Erza started to pull out her sword and I didn’t want to get sliced into a million pieces.”

There was another thing he admired about her, the way she was always able to forgive somebody even if they didn’t deserve it.

He chuckled at her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, “Nah, Luce, it’s fine. I understand why you were mad. I would be mad too if somebody stole my food!”

She giggled softly and gave him a knowing smile, “You would…”

Natsu cleared his throat and pushed her back ever so slightly to look into her deep chocolate eyes. “Hey, Luce…”

“Yes, Natsu…?”, she stared at him perplexed.

“I need to tell you something super important.”, Lucy began to speak, but he quickly silenced her, “Just sit there and listen. I just want to start off by saying that it’s okay that you are such a weirdo!”, Lucy nearly interjected, but he placed his palm over her mouth to keep her from interrupting, so she settled for an irritated face instead, “You can sleep on the left side of bed, eat cold syrup, shower at 3:30 in the morning, and kick my ass as much as you want! I will still love you, even when you have lots of wrinkles, you can’t hear me, and you can’t walk anymore! I’ll carry you everywhere if I have to!”

“Natsu…”, she started as tears began to prick the corners of her eyes.

“Shh…Let me finish!”, he chuckled, “You are such an amazing person, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know I’m not your prince charming, and I can’t give you that super fancy “Happily ever after” you keep talking about. I’m not very good at romance, I don’t take hints very well, and I am terrible at personal space. I certainly don’t deserve your love, but it is something I want. I understand if you don’t want to give me a chance, but I-“

“You idiot…Why would I want a Prince Charming when I can have my very own dragon?”, then her lips were on his before he could finish his thought.

He sat there in shock for a few moments before he relaxed into the kiss, closing his eyes. The Celestial Spirit King had blessed him with a goddess for sure. This was how he wanted to spend the rest of his life and the rest of eternity, in her arms, kissing her passionately. Then it was over almost as soon as it started. Lucy pulled back and rubbed a hand on his rosy cheek, “I would rather spend the rest of my life, going on adventures with a dragon than with a smelly prince charming. The only downside is I won’t get a crown.”, she spoke, putting on a fake pout at the last sentence.

Natsu smiled at her widely, “I’ll get you a crown, don’t you worry.”, he kissed her forehead, “For a princess always needs a crown, this way everyone knows how truly incredible she is. Even if she chooses the mighty dragon over the dumb Prince Charming.”