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I went to the shops unsupervised and bad things happened.

It’s been an absolutely lovely birthday and I wanted to share my joy with you all. So here–a quick drabble on me. First thing written on my new laptop. :D And thank you to those who sent in prompts–I loved reading them and will be posting them sometime this weekend, hopefully with something a little extra for Halloween~! (Update: Now with edits/detail fixes because what is proofreading?)

Title: Lovely Stunning Honest

Synopsis: No one warned Kouki what Akashi was like when drunk.

AU: No Designated AU

Pairing: Akashi/Furihata

Word Count: 800+

Can be read under the cut.

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If You Only Knew - Live From Houston (x)

I’m in Bloodborne hell.

leo-xor  asked:

😡 for an angsty starter // all the angst

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     The clinking of links on a chain hitting each other was a constant noise, always filling the silence of the void he was stuck in. There wasn’t a single part of his body that didn’t hurt, that didn’t ache, that wasn’t coated in his own blood. At this point, he merely stared at what was left of his right hand, the bones in said hand poking up and out of the skin. Most of the fingers were gone at this point, but the few that were left were all broken beyond repair. 

     Then came the soft laughter. HIS laughter. Something he recognized all too much, and even though he wished it would stop, it wouldn’t. Then came the twisted form of that horrible beast that tortured him, even in his dreams. The sadistic, cannibalistic Hound, Michi, who never failed to make his body hurt even more than it already did. But this time, it wasn’t just him. There was Loni too, but instead of being shackled down, beaten, and bloody; she stood there in front of him with a deadpan expression on her face. 

     “Kidd.” She spoke, looking down at him, “I’m sick of ya not ever bein’ there fer me when I need ya… We’re through.” With that, she turned and started walking away, leaving him feeling like she had just stabbed a red-hot iron spike straight through his heart. He couldn’t say anything as she left, but then there was Michi following her. He tried to warn her, to tell her to look back, but his voice wouldn’t work. There was nothing he could do as he watched the Hound take out one of his daggers and slice her head clean off.


     Kidd woke up, sitting up in bed with his arm outstretched in front of him with his knees slightly pulled up towards his chest. Tears were still running down his face as he sat like that for a few moments, gasping for breath as he tried to calm down. Slowly, he pulled one knee closer to himself and rested his forehead on it, wrapping his arm around his head. 

     He couldn’t stop the tears, no matter how many times he wiped them away. He couldn’t stop shaking either, the night terror still fresh in his mind as he stared down at his lap. The images wouldn’t leave no matter what he did, neither did the horrible pain in his chest.

     “’m sorry…” He mumbled softly to himself, repeating it over and over quietly as little, hiccuping sobs caused him to stutter and eventually stop.

Ayo Lucy’s back a bit early bc as I try to catch up I found some drama and am gonna address it in a vagueish way bc that is how I roll

this turned longer than I figured(go figure lol) so TO SAVE YOUR DASH FROM AN ESSAY here u go

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ff7 characters as memes
  • cloud: pepe
  • aerith: john cena
  • tifa: why the fuck u lyinn
  • barret: WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOSE???!??
  • marlene: disaster girl
  • yuffie: rickroll
  • red xiii: advice dog
  • vincent: feels guy
  • cait sith: i can haz cheezburger?
  • reeve: i came out to have a good time and i am honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • cid: deez nuts
  • zack: ridiculously photogenic man
  • sephiroth: MOM HOLY FUCK
  • reno: doge
  • rude: deal with it sunglasses
  • elena: why can't i hold all these limes
  • tseng: son i am disappoint
  • hojo: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

on drowning. 29k. (ao3)

It takes all goddamn night, but they finally gank the wendigo that’s been haunting the little town of Iron Mountain Lake, Missouri.

Dean would probably feel more accomplished if it weren’t the middle of February. The whole experience has been, unsurprisingly, unpleasant. The temperature can’t be much above freezing, probably colder than that with the wind chill, and Dean’s winter coat and constant movement aren’t doing shit to keep him from shivering.

And the all-nighter definitely isn’t helping. Actually, if there’s something that sleep deprivation does help with, Dean would love to know about it.

He’s going to think back on that, later. He’s going to think, Yeah, we were all exhausted, that must have been the reason we made the fucking decision to take a shortcut over the fucking lake just to save ourselves a few minutes trekking back to the car.

Right now, at least, to his credit, Dean is asking, “Are you sure this is safe?”

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