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close the distance | pjm

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• prompt: things you said with too many miles between us || taken from this list

• words: 2.03k

• warnings: swearing

→ note: also - thinking about bein like every other fanfic writer & starting a drabble series with prompts from this list since school makes it difficult for me to write long pieces :’)

It’s 4:13 a.m. when the call finally comes, a harsh ringing of your phone against the soft rumble of thunder from the storm.

Over the course of the past two years, you’ve done nothing but learn to expect things at the worst times. Loud text notifications come during the middle of lectures when professors take a pause, seven missed calls are what you get after daring to have a night out with friends, and, much like tonight, FaceTime sessions only appear to happen in the dead of night. The cycle repeats itself more than once within the span of a week, and, truth be told, it’s more than a little bit exhausting.

Apparently, the universe has firmly decided that you are not allowed to sleep and date at the same time.

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Phantom thieves and hogwarts houses GO

YOU JUST MADE MY DAY. HERE WE GO FAM (I’m not finished with the game so since I don’t know much about Haru we’re just gonna go through Futaba)

Starting with my best boy Ryuji Sakamoto IS A HUFFLEPUFF AND THERE IS NO ARGUMENT AGAINST IT. I will accept that Ryuji has Gryffindor qualities (bravery, not afraid of confrontation, risk-taker, etc) but that boy is NOTHING if not LOYAL. Ryuji is sunlight incarnate I will accept no other metaphor. He cares about literally everyone before he cares about himself. He literally offers to be beat up if it would make his old team feel better (pls). He is relationship-driven and his risk-taking behaviors, his confrontations, his passion for justice all come from helping out someone else. Definitely the kinda dude that would consider the house elves in a dire situation. He’s so aggressively selfless that it’s almost like “pls care about yourself first just once.” Ryuji time and time again puts other people before his personal needs and safety without a single second of hesitation. He just DOES it. And he’ll do it fifty times if you need him to. If you call him at 3am crying he’s showing up in your room, sneaking you into the Hufflepuff common room for snacks.  If you don’t have a pencil in class, he’s giving you his without mentioning it’s his only one (s’not like he was gonna do nothin’ with it anyway). You about to head into a fight he’s got no stake in? Doesn’t matter, he’s got your back. He once punched a student for making snide comments about another student’s sexuality and he has no ragrets about it. A blushin’ fool whenever someone is tender towards him cause he’s so busy being that/doing that to everyone else he doesn’t think about being on the receiving end. He’s just happy to make someone else smile, ya know? HE IS KIND. HE IS TRUE. HE IS A HUFFLEPUFF.

Akira Kurusu is 3000% a Slytherin. Dark, mysterious, smug ass mofo. A leader of his in-group (teenagers being the in-group, adults being the out-group) and thus inclusive in the sense that anyone who joins the cause can be a Phantom Thief. Where a Hufflepuff (Ryuji) might do anything for anyone they care about impulsively, a Slytherin pauses for a second, calculating–instead of diving headfirst to save Ryuji in the first palace and ending up with nothing, he hesitates and that’s when Aresene is like “so u gonna let the boy die??” and akira is like “no gimme a second there’s a fucking mask on my face.” His persona is all about MAGIC and DARKNESS if that’s not obvious enough for ya. This boy is snakey sneaky, all cunning eyes and cocky smiles and deep, mocking laughs. He knows he’s powerful and he’s not afraid to show you that he knows it. What’s wrong with knowing your own strength? Let’s not forget he is a master of interrogation. The ultimate trickster, he’s not above pulling dumb pranks on you and blaming it on a Gryffindor for its lack of complexity. He a good dude, tho, because obviously Slytherins aren’t bad. He gives his plant nutrients to make it stronger bc he likes building something up to be more than it started (most ppl would just water it but aiight dude). He’ll casually walk up behind you while you’re getting bullied, sling his arm around your shoulders, and be like “something the matter?” Totally threatening without a single verbal threat. Secretly loves bubble baths, will give you a scathing look if you even try to tease him about it tho. 

Ann Takamaki, Gryffindor extraordinaire. She starts out kinda timid but she’s actually daring af. She keeps a relationship with Kamoshida who is the worst man alive just for her friend’s sake, but she also isn’t afraid to ignore Kamoshida’s calls (hesitant =/= afraid, ok). Fiery af, Ann is liable to go off on you at any time for a bunch of really good reasons (and some just ok). Ryuji, stop being a dick. Akira, enough brooding. Morgana, shut up for once. Just as spirited as Ryuji, but his light is like warmth and hers is like scorching. Like…literally, her specialty is fire these things write themselves i swear to god. Extremely passionate, especially for the things she believes in like The Phantom Thieves, Shiho (obviously), and giving people courage to stand up for themselves. She really wants to prove herself, seen esp in her social link, and be strong for herself and others. She’s headstrong, kind to the little guy, scathing to the big guy. She’s incredibly competitive and gets into eating contests all the time in the Gryf common room (she also wins every time, especially if the food of choice is crepes). She knows she is beautiful, and is thus confident, but avoids being vain by reminding herself how each person she comes across is also beautiful (”pretty eyes, biggest heart”). Feeling insecure? Call Ann, she’ll hype you up in under ten seconds. Spend an hour with her in a crowded room and you’ll swear it was just you two the whole time. Ann is giving, courageous, and ready to fly off the handle if need be. 

Yusuke Kitagawa, my darling painter boy, is a Ravenclaw. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back!!!!! Yusuke is a Ravenclaw through and through. He wants to know more, wants to expand his understanding. He’s not afraid of doing whatever it takes to achieve these things: he’ll spend hours watching the river, waiting for something to come to him, or he’ll awkwardly approach a couple in love and ask them what their love life is like (he needs to know for a painting ok it’s not a sexual thing). He is elegant and fluid and his definition of “the finer things in life” EDIT i’m dying i accidentally wrote “finger things in life” the first time depends on how much he knows about it and how much value he sees in it (for example, a cup of coffee brewed by Akira is one of the most delicious things he’s ever known, much finer than any rich person food, purely for the effort it takes to think of the beans, to make sure the water is the right temperature, etc). Gets lost in his head all the time. Has an understated air of haughty in certain situations, like he’s fully aware he’s better than u but only mentions it to remind you when it seems you’ve forgotten. Uses way too many words to describe a sneeze just because he can.  Yusuke doesn’t give a shit who you are: if you came out to him, he’d nod solemnly and then ask if he could interpret your emotions into an abstract painting (that he would then gift to you, of course). He’d ask you on museum dates, historical bus tour dates (why yusuke why), planetarium dates *cough*, even if things between you two were totally platonic. He just likes discovering, especially with someone he can bounce ideas off of. 

Makoto Nijima is, brace yourself, a Gryffindor. WHAT. yes. trust. Dis girl is POWERFUL. And you can be Ravenclaw and powerful too, no doubts about it, but just because she’s top of her class doesn’t mean she’s Ravenclaw. She studies cause she’s competitive. She’s student council president because she likes the status, the power associated with it (power to protect, to serve, not corrupt power). Makoto is also fiery like Ann, but in a different way. She doesn’t fly off the handle like Ann can; Makoto calculates first, strategizes, and then fuckin’ GOES FOR THE KILL. She’s a headshot kinda girl–take em out simply, easily, quickly (metaphorically speaking obvs she doesn’t go around killing ppl). Queen is a very apt codename because Makoto’s path is a fiery blaze of ambition and strength. She’s gonna get what she wants because she’s been working very hard for it and don’t u take that away from her u piece of shit. She’s not terribly confident though, and this sometimes makes her feel uncomfortable in the Gryf common room when everyone is talking about their achievements. She’d rather just show than tell. Not really a master of stealth (lol), Makoto is your big sister in the hallways always looking out for you. If someone breaks your heart she will literally punch them in the face (and apologize profusely afterwards, but you know she’s secretly p pleased with herself). She likes learning new things about the world, always turns it into a competition with you even if it pushes her boundaries (you two went to a strip club once and even though you put a dollar on the stage, she one-upped you by putting it in a thong, face blushing so hard but determined to overcome). Her drive and determination are her biggest, most redeemable, wonderful qualities. The rest is just the happy byproduct. 

Snarky is as Slytherin does for Futaba Sakura. This girl is a nightmare in all the best ways. Somehow she figures out your weakness just by looking at you and has the ability to absolutely destroy you in just a few words. What she doesn’t show is the literal hours of research she did on you beforehand: she bugged your robe, your wand, set up a camera in your common room…a girl’s gotta have intel, alright? Futaba is an actual mastermind of everything, but the Hat settled on Slytherin because of how Futaba intended to utilize such knowledge. She doesn’t love it for the sake of knowing it, she loves it for what power it gives her. Futuba loves the upper hand and having full view of the whole picture, so Slytherin’s innate ability to lead a situation and turn tables was a huge calling point for her. If Akira is the dark mysterious Slytherin, Futaba is the loud and out of control Slytherin who nobody messes with because she’s got dirt on everyone and the means to release it widely. She prefers to stay in her room than gather with her house or other classmates, often completing assignments from there, but no one minds because it’s not like she’s really gone. She conjures up stand ins for her and speaks through them, engaging without really engaging. Watch out for when Akira and Futaba team up tho–they’re the Slytherin version of Fred and George, conniving and ruthless when it comes to playing tricks on you. Like Akira, she’s still a good girl: she understands anxiety better than anyone and is well known for comforting students who fall into a panic attack. She struggles with social situations sometimes and no one makes mention of it, this time not because they’re afraid of her but because they care about her and they know she’d never cross a line with them, so why cross one with her? She just likes to wield information like a weapon. That’s all. >:)

I forgot Morgana lmao so you can find that here


As unreal as the last thirty-six hours had been, the last person Riley ever expected to see at her door was Olivia Nevrakis.

Yet, there she was.

“I’m sure you’re pleased to see me, but there’s no time,” Oliva pushed past her into the tiny hotel room, casting an unimpressed glace around the place. “And you obviously need to get out of here as soon as possible.”

Riley stared at her for a few long seconds before finally shutting the door behind her. “Olivia? What-“

“Don’t ask stupid questions. Just clear off this desk for me.” She began rooting around in the bag that dropped from her shoulder before shooting a glare at her silent observer, prompting Riley to scuttle over to the desk and push her things out of the way. A bottle of perfume tipped over, rolled off the desktop, and landed with a hard thud on the carpeted floor when she scrambled to make a place for the pile of documents Olivia brandished. She dropped them onto the desk and crossed her arms over her chest. “This was all I could find, but I think it’s a start.”

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youtube! jungkook "Close your eyes and hold out your hand" in so excited you're back you've been missed my dude

Ary’s Drabble Bonanza: August ‘17 Edition < 008 >
Character Jeon Jeongguk (Jungkook)
AU YouTuber 

“Is it on? Alright. Hello! I mean, aloha, guys!” 

“What a dork,” you mutter, laughing and shaking your head. 

“I heard that,” Jeongguk says, looking at you through the camera. “Anyway. As you can probably see, we’re still in Hawaii right now, and hot damn is it nice out here, you guys. Stunning. Oh, and _____’s here too, I guess.” 

Wow. Thanks,” you say, rolling your eyes, but waving at the camera regardless. “How’s it going, guys?” 

“Today is day… uh, three?” 

“Yep. Day three.” 

“Day three of the Adventures of Jeon and _____ are well under way. Today, we’ve got snorkelling on the agenda, which reminds me,” Jeongguk says, padding over to the bed where you’re currently lying, holding your phone over your head. “I need to charge my GoPro. Hold this for a sec, babe.” 

You take the camera from him, adjusting the view finder to see your reflection before continuing on from where Jeongguk left off. 

“We’re also going hiking up a volcano crater so, uh, pray for me guys,” you say. “And pray for Jeongguk too, because he’s gonna have to carry me on his back when I get tired. And to top that off, we’re going on another sunset cruise.” 

“I’ve also heard there are nude beaches around here,” Jeongguk says, putting his charging camera down onto the side table before jumping onto the bed next to you. “So if you guys know where they are, comment down below and let me know so we can go to one before we leave.” 

Scrunching up your nose, you smack his chest. 

“We’re not going to a nude beach, you nerd.” 

“That’s what you think, babe.” 

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If I Could Fly // Calum Hood

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Requested; Yep

For your eyes only, I show you my heart

For when you’re lonely and forget who you are

I’m missing half of me when we’re apart

Now you know me, for your eyes only

The more you continued to talk the more he felt his heart constrict, he couldn’t pull himself together to listen to what you were saying. The sound of heavy rain beating against the colossal glass window didn’t help either. He hated the fact that he couldn’t even see your face, the darkness of the cab concealing your features.

“Babe you okay?” You took in his gloomy expression, the dim light highlighting his beautiful face. Calum’s eyes lids were heavy and he looked like he hadn’t slept in days. Normally you’d fawn over his disheveled curls and how cuddly he looked but it broke you heart to see him so unhappy, so worn out.

The brunette took a deep breath, looking away from the phone for a split seconds. He chewed on his plump bottom lip, debating whether or not he should spill about yesterday’s events, he didn’t want you to worry about him. “What’s wrong Cal?” Most of the time Calum has trouble communicating his feelings so you had to give him a little nudge. But you also knew when he just needed time.

It wasn’t unusual when he’d get swarmed by people and have grown ass men shoving cameras in his face asking stupid questions at times but yesterday was definitely too much.

 After coming out of the restaurant from a nice dinner date, Mike was lucky enough to be shoved into the van first but Calum had to wiggle his way through the loud crowd of people and even with his bodyguard by his side it felt like he was never going to get out. Then out of nowhere he felt fingernails dig into his forearm and he tried to shake that person off but they managed to gab his t-shirt’s sleeve and they yanked on it, holding him back. He felt the material stretch and he started to get really pissed. Calum wanted to take a swing on whoever got ahold of him but his bodyguard was able to pull him away, yelling at whoever grabbed him.


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okay but what about an omgcp au of one of those ghost hunting shows or whatever

  • ransom doesn’t believe in ghosts obv but he had an Experience with an old apartment that always seemed to be playing 90s music despite the fact that he didn’t have any neighbors
    • his ass was touched one too many times and now he is determined to prove that ghosts aren’t real and there’s a totally rational explanation for it all
  • holster loves watching ransom scramble for explanations when they stumble across an actually legitimate case
    • ransom and holster: *literally sees a full figure ghost, like facial features and everything* holster: *gives ransom A Look* ransom: “…it was just a shadow"
  • it’s a running joke that maybe someone was living in ransom’s attic and harassing him
  • or possibly 1000 roaches who knows definitely not ransom
    • “i personally think that the person hiding in his attic is more likely, because there could’ve been secret passageways that they escaped through whenever ransom turned around. how would 1000 roaches get away that quickly? it doesn’t make any sense, unless they were mutant roaches who had camouflage powers. what do you think ransom?” “i hate you. i hate you all.”
    • ransom has developed an eye twitch
  • nursey and dex are always partnered up partly because they piss each other off and the rest of the team thinks it’s funny and partly because they surprisingly work really well together
    • *hears noise* “what the fuck was that” “dex, man, chill dude” “i swear to god if you tell me to chill one more fucking time i’m leaving you here alone” “…chill” “bye” “no wait”
  • chowder would probably hold a full conversation with a spirit before realizing that he could see right through them
    • he wouldn’t even run away if it happened he’d just slowly back up, stuttering, “uh– well, it’s been nice talking to you! haha, i have to go now but really! it was so cool! like, i’ve never talked directly to a spirit before!” because he doesn’t want to be rude
  • lardo is in charge of their equipment and she is somehow immune to all the supernatural shit. like nothing has ever messed with her once and no one gets it.
    • she says that she’s got connections in the afterlife and no one can tell if she’s actually joking or not
    • even ransom isn’t sure
  • when something messes with shitty he doesn’t get scared, he breaks out into giggles
    • “holy shit, lardo did you get that on camera, oh fuck brah that was ‘swawesome
    • meanwhile bitty is having a heart attack because this man wants to die doesn’t he lord have mercy
  • jack’s dad was a famous paranormal investigator and his name is well-known because of it
    • he was following his dad’s footsteps when he had a Bad Experience during one of his dad’s investigations and had to take some time off
    • he gets a lot of shit for joining one of those dumb paranormal shows when he finally gets back on his feet
    • he doesn’t actually give a shit because his crew and their shitty little show are better than any other team he could’ve joined
  • jack and bitty are super in love and somehow no one notices? like they’re dating for months before someone (shitty) finally walks in on them making out or something
    • in retrospect shitty thinks that he should’ve realized when he heard jack tell bitty that he loved him and then saw him kiss bitty’s cheek before bitty went on a solo investigation but he just didn’t think about it? like he thought that it was just bro love. not once did he think that jack kissing bitty’s cheek could be a romantic thing.
    • it does make sense now that jack looked so confused when shitty kissed his cheek before his own solo investigation.
  • bitty sings beyoncé songs when he gets scared
    • *doing a solo investigation* “if there’s anyone here with me would you please–” *loud bang* “loVE ME LIKE XO YOU KILL ME BOY XO”
  • holster is that one guy who gets scared of his own shadow
    • literally one time he saw his shadow and he just. started running.
    • ransom looked over the footage after he caught up with him and laughed his ass off when he realized what happened
    • holster tried to convince everyone not to use the footage but they totally did
  • the lax team is a rival paranormal investigation crew
  • one time they both show up to the same investigation site and shitty has to be held back when the lax team assumes that they’re the ones that get to stay even though the smh crew had this place booked for MONTHS
    • they don’t realize that they should’ve held lardo back too and one of the people on the lax team gets knocked tf out
    • there’s almost an all-out brawl until bitty intervenes with his Disapponted Mom Voice and everyone stops
    • (at least the smh show is that kind of horrible that makes it funny the lax show is just bad period there are no redeeming qualities to it)
  • they have all (minus jack) pretended to be possessed at least once to scare everyone else
    • once jack tells them that he doesn’t feel good and they call bullshit until he throws up and then punches a wall. the high pitched shrieking that the entire group collectively lets out is deafening
    • (the only footage they have of the incident is of them running at full speed away from jack. all you can see is feet. they send bitty in to get jack after careful consideration.)
    • (“why do i have to be the one?” “because you’re his boyfriend!” “so? you’re his best friend!” “why doesn’t ransom go get him? he doesn’t even believe in ghosts.” “yeah, that’s true. ransom, why don’t you– where’s ransom?”)
    • (ransom was hiding because ghosts might not be real but psychotic breaks followed by murderous rampages sure are)
    • (bitty goes in and gets him and jack is totally fine other than being shaken up? to this day nobody has an explanation but jack may or may not still be possessed who knows)
  • nursey trips over a glass bottle and is convinced that a ghost tripped him no matter what everyone else tells him
    • this happens twice (it’s the same bottle)
feel free to add more if you can think of any bc this au has breathed oxygen into my dying lungs

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'absolute insanity of living la vida la leto' never before this made so much sense for me lol btw you wanna comment on the hate (as usual) that Jared is getting after yesterday's vyrt? not about prices, haters always do that, is boring. but about fans who got really upset about the 'vip only cuz they really care' thing he said about marx abl? he's so great at speaking that sometimes it amazes me his lack of choice for better words

Jared (to someone off-screen): Mars X…isn’t there something about we’re putting that up, we’re not putting that up - what are we doing?
(in response to someone off-screen)….the self-titled one.
….have we done one or two?
….we didn’t do “A Beautiful Lie”.
….(surprised) people want that?
….ok. Well maybe we should just do VIP-only for that…
Cause I don’t think any…
The only people who are gonna want to do that really care.
It’s not something that’s for everyone….
And then we can tell lots of secrets.

Throw in some nudity.
Things like that.
Stretching, of course.

This ^ is word for word, exactly what he said during this now apparently-infamous VyRTviolet in question (from 9/21/2015).

What people should be upset about, really, is the fact that Jared was under the impression they had already done a second MarsX VyRT. Cause apparently Jared tends to imagine entire VyRT events. (Clearly that man has waaaay too many jobs to keep track of literally every single thing about every single one of them.)

Or the fact that he was teasing nudity when we all know that man would then show up on-screen like:

The fact is - is that Jared has many fans whose first language is not the language of the man whose every word they’re following. I mean, I speak the same language, with a lot of the inexplicable Midwestern twang he tends to have, and I still barely know what he’s alluding to half the time. Not to mention despite his overt sillybillyness, he has an insanely layered, biting, dry humor - that often never translates well. Unless you’re bilingual in Bitch.

The fact is - he clearly under-estimates people’s interest in A Beautiful Lie because of its age, maybe because of his age too, which is beautifully heartbreaking to those of his fans born before 1995, as well as those who love Leto: the romantic, the insecure, the raw, the hunting.

The fact is - he was clearly not in the best state of mind to be on-camera for a free casual hangout with the fanz - as he was quick to point out he was  distracted by his deep thoughts - which means, yes, he was free-ballin’ his word choices and could’ve made some better decisions on what he said. Oh, and for a better part of the first part, he was a total and complete bitch. Plain and simple. Which, I loved. But if that’s not a Jared you’ve met before - it’s gonna color the remainder of your time spent together in that VyRT. You’re gonna be on the defensive over what he says, even if it’s nothing, because you already feel put-off.

So like, while the people who are coming for his head heard:
“The only people who are gonna want to do that really care…

What Leto was really saying was:
“The only people who are gonna want to do that really care…[about listening to us (and really, it will probably maybe just be me and Tomo because…Shan does not seem to want a lot to do with VyRT like he used to) try to discuss a 10 year old album, a majority of which we don’t play live anymore, probably because chances are the crowd isn’t as familiar with it in full as they are with the radio hits “The Kill” and “From Yesterday” and then those only because they’re basically my only-ever-written-and-recorded love songs, “A Modern Myth” and “Was It a Dream?”].

Because if you missed it seconds before the “really care” statement, he asked, quite shocked at the suggestion of doing something special for ABL, “people want that?”

Cause if you didn’t know it already, Jared is constantly seeking the next big thing: in technology, in style, in sound, in life. He doesn’t like to revisit.

Maybe because he was raised constantly on the move. Maybe because it seems his coping mechanisms are to look forward and forge ahead, rather than analyze on what happened, or what could’ve been.

And in that same breath, A Beautiful Lie is unarguably Leto’s most-personal work. The lyrics are farrrrrrrrr less opaque than anything else he’d done before or what followed. There are songs so deep in emotion and devastation, confusion and hurt, that I can see him now, at basically-44, looking back on that period in his life and wanting to avoid going back into it. Let alone discuss it openly with a crowd.

That and he’s a perfectionist. And his absolute worst-critic.

So, really, the idea of sitting around, listening to and discussing an album where he, Jared Leto, wasn’t the main producer on (as he was with Love Lust Faith + Dreams) will probably make him just highly critical of the work and of himself.

While I would give anything to hear him discuss my favorite album… I would also give anything to avoid having to hear him possibly tear it apart over something silly as a way he enunciated a word, or go on and on about some extraneous giggle on “The Fantasy” that he wanted taken out but Josh convinced him to leave in. Yanno what I mean?

Now, as for the “we should just do VIP-only” dialogue…

How many people tuned in for the first MarsX, which was hosted in what, 2012?

Cause I can’t believe it was anywhere near the 3,000 people who tuned in on Monday to just watch Jared fuck-around on camera for 20 minutes at a time discussing Starbursts in his armpits, yelling at people about memos while they’re using a faucet in another room, thinking out loud and judging people on their non-sequitors (and also mistakenly reading Yasir’s promoted comment below:

…as “You look like a powerful girl, but ill-eeee…?” I will never get over Jared saying that sentence aloud. Clearly homegirl doesn’t know text speak as well as we all imagined him to.)

Here’s the thing people need to know and never forget:
VyRT is a fucking start-up.

It wasn’t something Jared bought for millions of dollars he had lying around one day because he was bored and now feels like tacking his name onto it.

This is something he dreamed up, researched, spent years developing, probably a million dollars+ in building, designing, revamping.

This is something that he’s put in thousands of his own hours and dollars into (maybe millions at this point), something he’s hired people to devote their careers too, something he’s entrusted others to take care of, nurture and promote.

The VyRT that exists today is costly to exist online. And bills need to be paid.
It’s a streaming site - which means data is existing externally and streaming to you through VyRT. It looks fucking gorgeous, and everything is stylized down to the pixel. There are no annoying ads you have to sit through or deal with. You tune in - and its sole purpose is to entertain you while looking lovely as fuck.

The VyRT that exists today hosts programs and events that are costly to put on because their executive producer is a stickler for high-quality. And sorry, but the reason why shit looks so fantastic and leaves us wanting more is because of the people behind it. And those people need to be paid for the hours they spend behind the scenes working on whatever. Most of those people are doing double-duty, triple-duty. Jobs on jobs on jobs.

The reason behind Jared suggesting MarsX ABL be “VIP-only” has nothing to do with wanting access to all of your bank account coins to dive into a la Scrooge McDuck*. The reason behind Jared suggesting doing ABL MarsX VIP-only is because he figures the demand for the event will be far, far less than the demand for Le Grand Palais. Or Camp Mars shit. Because those are things that exist around something in the recent past (i.e. Love Lust Faith + Dreams and LLFD Tour, and the month-old Camp Mars) and therefore have a fan base built into them that will likely drop the cash fast on the event. The bigger the audience pull, the lower price they can manage offering the passes for.


If you have 5,000 actual people quickly snatching up Camp Mars tickets, let’s say 85% at $10.00 a pass, that gives you $50,000.00 to put directly into paychecks to the daily VyRT team, Yasir, Dai, David, VyRT pre- and post-productions team, filmmakers, the editors, the platform, serving costs, future VyRT events, etc. 

If you have 1,500 people actually interested in MarsX ABL tickets, let’s say at $40.00 that gives you $60,000.00 to put directly into the same outlets.

So, if Jared’s assumptions are correct, and only a fraction of the average VyRT audience is interested in MARSX ABL, it’s more cost-effective, and an intelligent business move to make it an event that carries 1 higher price tag than offering a smattering of people $5 - $10 tickets.


I swear. Never have I ever encountered such a bonkers fanbase as the one Jared manages to taunt and tease and tether to him. And like, this is coming from someone who used to be super-into Tori Amos. They want to protect him while being the first to throw a stone. They want to put him up on a pedestal, just so when he says something and it’s then gif’d and screenshot and spread insanely out of context, he can have a much farther distance to fall.

I don’t quite get that mentality, nor the fact that the people whose distaste for him seems to be the loudest, are sometimes the ones that follow his every move the closest.

And he is far from perfect, and he says a lot of shit that you have to just roll your eyes at - but don’t damn him for something that he did not mean in the way some people like to imagine him meaning it because it makes for better bitter-drama. Like, this is coming from someone who finds him and the world he creates around him interesting enough to sometimes write about.

*Also, he doesn’t need to be throttled with your sob stories about having no funds. Cause guess what, that is a man who never got shit handed to him either. Who was raised on welfare, slept on a beach, rented a room, did some shady shit to get by. He knows what it means to not have everything easily within reach. So, enuff. Enufffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.