i have shed tears over this boy

I thought there could be
no worse pain than
losing you
until I looked in the mirror
and did not recognize
the girl crying over a boy
who never shed a tear.

that was the most
painful feeling of all–
realizing I gave you the power
to change me.

—  by shelby leigh
A True Geisha

My Dearest Son

Many years ago, there were good people like you. But now they are only a memory that will fade into oblivion. These times is when things are more difficult for us, and we must strive harder to reach greatness. 

Our traditions are strong and painful, but nothing pleases me more than seeing in what you have become now. A geisha.

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What should have been learned over the years, you learned it in the months.

The beauty you show us every night makes me shed tears of joy, and I can’t help but think of that little boy who was always running among the sea and told me anecdotes about our peculiar eyes.

The joys experienced by you are profound, so profound. Because being a man, you proposed to be the most honorable geisha of the family. 

With the art of music and dance, you accelerated the most indomitable hearts, as well as captivating many with the light whisper of your voice singing.

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People clamor you, applaud you and give you their smiles, telling you how wonderful your debut, your show, your own art is supposed to be the flow of your feelings.

But you and I, my son, know how difficult the path of a geisha is. Because we are not courtesans, nor wives, we sell our skill and not our body. 

We create a secret world, where there is only beauty. The same word “geisha” means “artist”. And to become geisha is to be judged, as a work of art in movement.

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You paint your face to hide your face, your eyes are like the deep sea, the desire doesn’t exist for the geisha, the feeling doesn’t exist for the geisha.

The geisha is an artist of the ethereal world; she dances, sings, entertains everything other people wants. The rest are shadows, the rest is secret.

Agony and beauty go hand in hand, our feet will suffer, our fingers will bleed, and even sitting and sleeping will be painful.

But most importantly, you cannot consider yourself a true geisha until you have stopped a man with a single glance.

Nevertheless, when you prepare tea, when you serve sake, when you dance, when you tie the obi, prepare yourself for the most complicated and difficult art that you will experience in your life: Love.

My son, of the arts you have learned with pride, I am afraid it has not been enough to train you with the most inevitable. Turning in the path, without stopping the time, sings your heart because you wish to see. Earth, sun and moon, will teach you to love.

Because the wind will want to teach you to love.

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The day you fall in love with someone special, always remember what our Ancestors said:

In spring, cherry blossoms.

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In summer, the song of the birds.

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The moon of autumn.

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And the cold and white snow, in winter…

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To man Geisha can only be a half wife, we are the wives of nightfall, and yet to learn of kindness after so much angerness, to understand that a little boy with more courague than he knew, would find his prayers were answered.

You cannot say to the sun More Sun. Or to the rain Less Rain.

It goes without saying that men can be as distinct from each other as the shrubs that bloom at different times of the year.

Otherwise, if by then, and only then, the love you profess to whom you chose as your lover has flourished and has given way to a great change, be sure that fate decided to unite both of you in life and death.

Do all you can, and the rest give it to Destiny.

Live life with all your strength, be proud of who you are, the honor you give to our family and Ancestors, and never let anyone else try to destroy you, because at the end they would be making an unforgivable mistake.

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And son, always remember that the human heart is like the reflection of the surface of the water, the mouth says things contrary to what the heart says, but in truth, the heart wants us to accept each other, even the people with bad intentions.

Love you Always


(Finally, my sweet @sammymationsart I saw your beautiful Geisha Jack and I couldn’t help myself but begin to write this madness, which I was also quite inspired by Memoirs of a Geisha)

Being a Deaf Girlsie Headcanons

Request: I was wondering if you were interested in a deaf girlsie x any newsie boy ? It doesn’t have to be romantic but I would love to see her interact with the newsies

I hope this is something close to what you wanted sweetie! Also, if anything in this is offensive of insensitive, let me know and I’ll fix it! I don’t want to offend anyone.

Also, this ended up being about 5 pages long hehe

Warnnings: Cussing, name-calling

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Being a Deaf Girlsie Headcanons:

- You’re a Newsie (obviously)

- So, you haven’t been deaf all your life

- And you lost your hearing under circumstances you’d rather never mention again

- Jack met you in the refuge

- And when he escapes, he brings you with him

- By this time you’ve become accustomed to reading lips

- Being poor, you can’t afford to learn ASL

- But that’s okay

- Because even if you did, no one else in the lodging house knew it

- They just become accustomed to looking at you and speaking clearly

- Okay, so

- You get very insecure about being deaf

- Because you can still speak

- But you don’t know what you sound like anymore, after all these years

- But Buttons and Finch assure you repeatedly that you have a lovely voice

- Also, even though you escaped the refuge with Jack, you’re best friends with Crutchie

- Because he understands what it’s like to not be “100% there” as he sometimes puts it

- Also, Crutchie’s not much of a crier.

- But there was one thing you said that made him shed a tear

- “I wish I could hear your voice.”

- You just sounded so sad

- So he held you for the longest time, humming

- You like being held while people hum

- Because you can feel the vibrations in their chest

- Anyways

- The boys get very protective when someone tries to flirt with you

- Boys out there on the street have no idea you’re deaf

- And you’ll often get hit on without knowing it

- Then suddenly you see Romeo standing over some bum, who’s holding his broken nose

- Specs adored you btw

- He doesn’t know why

- It’s just something about your kind and gentle nature

- Also the fact that when your clueless it is adorable

- Like, every once in awhile (it doesn’t happen too often) one of the boys will tell a joke

- But you’re not paying attention

- Then everyone around you is busting out laughing

- And you jump back, surprised

- Why is everyone throwing themselves around

- They look like they’re in pain

- Are they laughing?

- And all you say is “What?”

- When Davey meets you, he has no idea you’re deaf

- So he introduces himself rather quickly

- This boy talks FAST

- Not only that, but you’re also not looking at him

- All you see is a hand suddenly thrusting out towards you for a shake

- So when you look up you do that little “What?”

- And he’s really confused

- Like “she didn’t hear me?”

- “Uh. Hi, I’m new. I’m Davey.”

- He says it just as fast, so you catch nothing he says

- “Sorry, I’s… Didn’t quite get that. Can you’s say that again, a bit slower?”

- “…what do you mean?”

- “Sorry, sorry. I’s is deaf. And I need you’s ta talk a bit slower. So I’s can read yah lips.”

- “You don’t sound deaf!”

- You can’t hear Les, but Davey smacks his brother with his hat nonetheless

- “Sorry. I’m, Davey.’

- “Okay, not that slow.”

- You two become fast friends.

- SO

- You have a small crush on the Spot Conlon

- He visits every once in a while, since the strike ended

- You avoid him like the plague

- Because every time he tries to talk to you, your face goes red

- Because his lips look so soft

- And you’re so busy thinking about kissing him that you don’t pay attention to what he’s saying

- The only one who’s picked up on this is Elmer

- “Be careful with ‘im, (F/N).”

- “What you mean?”

- “That Spot Conlon’s a handful. I just don’t want you’s gettin’ hurt. Might start a terf war.’

- “I’s ‘ll be fine, Elmer. Sides, not like he likes me back.”

- “Why you’s say that?”

- “He’s Spot Conlon.”

- You once saw Baby flirting with him

- And that hurt you the most

- You couldn’t see his responses, since his back was turned to you

- But you could see everything she was saying to him

- And you end up crying that night

- Little did you know that he was blowing her off

- #BabyGotRejected

- Anyway

- Pulitzer was having a party one time

- And Katherine invited some of you

- And you didn’t plan on going

- Until Spot turned up and asked if you were going

- Because he was “hoping to see you there.”

- This is when the rest of the newsies pick up on your crush

- And they warn you

- And you’re just like “I’s already got this lecture from Elmer, shuddup.”

- Katherine, the sweetheart, let you borrow one of her old party dresses

- It was a little big

- But Tipper fixed it up so it fit you

- You, Race, and Jojo, and Tipper walked there together

- When you arrive, you feel so out of place

- Most people there are wealthy

- Or they have enough money to get by, then some

- Meanwhile you and your friends are basically dirt poor

- And you start to regret coming

- Because everyone looked like they were having a nice time listening to music, and listening to each other

- And the one person you’d come for, you couldn’t find

- So you tell Race that you’re heading back to the lodging house

- And he tells you that he’ll walk you

- And you shake your head

- “You’s have a good time. I’ll be fine.”

- “It’s dark outside, and- Oh, look who it is.”

- He turns you around, and your heart stops

- Spot has just arrived, fashionably late

- And he’s wearing his nicest pants, and a blue button up you’ve never seen on him before

- And he’s walking in your direction.

- “(F/N), you look great.”

- “S-so do you!” You blush, because some people turn to you

- You’d spoken rather loud.

- Race says something from behind you

- Spot just shrugs

- “I ain’t late. Party just started early.”

- Then he starts leading you towards the dancefloor

- “Spot, what are yah doin’?”

- He stops and turns to you, saying once three words

- “Dance with me.”

- “I can’t hear the music.”

- “Just follow my lead.”

- It isn’t that easy

- You trip over him multiple times

- So he brings you closer to the band

- “Vibrations, right?”

- Your heart fucking melts

- It’s all you can talk about for the next couple days

- And the other girlsies think it’s adorable

- The boys?

- Not so much

- Not to say they aren’t happy for you

- But you and Crutchie are their little rays of sunshine

- And if Spot ended up hurting you

- Elmer was not joking when he said there would be a terf war

- The next time Spot visits, Crutchie pulls him off to the side

- And gives him a warning

- “If you’s hurt ma sistah-”

- “(F/N)’s your sistah?”

- It takes a moment for Crutchie to realize what he’s said

- “N-no… But still-!”

- “Hey, hey, calm down. I ain’t gonna hurt no one.”

- He places a hand gently on Crutchie’s shoulder

- “You’s promise?”

- “I’s swear on tha life’a Brooklyn.”

- You two have Crutchie’s blessing

- Back to the “Sistah” thing

- Most of the boys see you as a sister

- Especially Specs, Jack, and Crutchie

- Crutchie is the first one to refer to you as his sister though

- And you see them as your brothers

- You’re all one big, (mostly) happy family

- This part

- This gets a bit angsty

- The Delancey Brothers

- Those bastards think they’re funny

- Because they think you don’t know what they’re saying

- So they call you names

- Their favorite so far is “Poor Deaf Bitch”

- But they make sure none of the others are around when they use them

- And you couldn’t bring yourself to tell anyone for the longest time

- Because you didn’t want to start a fight

- But then they picked up on your crush

- And they start calling you “Brooklyn’s little slut”

- And you’d had enough

- You ran away from them, and back to the lodging house

- And You break down, and tell Crutchie immediately

- You’d never seen Crutchie so mad

- And you can’t bring yourself to tell him how long it’s been happening

- “How long, (F/N)?

- “… A while.”

- “Goddamn them!”

- “Crutchie!”

- You just want to be held

- So he holds you while you cry

- And you eventually fall asleep

- When Jack gets back, Crutchie tells him immediately.

- He doesn’t even say hello

- And Jack is beyond pissed

- He marches straight out of the lodging house, grabbing the two closest newsies (Mush and Tipper)

- And the three aren’t seen for hours

- You’re awake by the time they get back

- Tipper’s lip is busted and a bloody nose

- Her clothes are torn

- Mush has cuts and bruises

- His clothes are fine though

- Jack has a black eye forming, his nose is bleeding, and he’s limping just a little

- They went to go soak up the Delancey’s

- But they had a couple friends with them

- Regardless, it was obvious who had won

- You started to cry again

- The next time Spot is over, you beg the guys not to tell him

- But Race does anyway

- And Spot gets so mad

- He turns to leave the lodging house

- You have to run after him to stop him from trying to take on the Delancey’s by himself

- “Spot! Spot stop!”

- “They don’t ‘ave the right ta call yah that!”

- “Jack, Mush, and Tipper already took care’a ‘em.”

- “I don’t care. No one messes with my goirl!”

- He’s talking so fast, you almost don’t catch what he says. And your heart just stops.

- “What did you’s say?”

- Your voice is so quiet

- And he stares at you

- And you can see him calming down

- He pulls you into the tightest hug you’ve ever been in

- And you two just stand there for a while, hugging

- These boys will do anything for you

- Though you remind them constantly that, despite your disability, you can hold your own

- But boys will be boys

- You’ll just have to show them

- Won’t you?

Daddy Egos (Part 1)

Pairing: Egos x Reader

Requested: I have a request, so imagine everyone but as Dream Daddy.


•Wants one or two kids

•When he found out you were pregnant it was like a waterfall

•Tears from the both of you

•Tries to plan every single situation that might happen

“Mark put down the fire extinguisher”

“But what if-”

“I’m not going to catch on fire.”

•When your water broke he was on red alert.


“Baby it’s literally just you and me in the room. You have a car. ”

“Oh right.”

•You give birth to a baby girl

•Mark is sobbing as the doctor passes him his daughter

•He starts to cry even more when she wraps her tiny hand around his finger.

•Crying because your daughters first word was dada

•Mark just cries alot

•Is the cool dad but can be serious when needed.

•It’s like taking care of two five year olds.

•You always end up being the bad guy because Mark always agrees with your child.

•But when needed he will back you up

•Him crying when you watch Disney movies.

“Honey we’ve watched the Lion King 5 times.”

“It’s just so sad. *sniff*”

•Teaching your daughter to ride a bike

•You’re surprised when your daughter turns both of her feet backwards.

•Mark is so proud.

He ends up crying because his baby girl is just like him

•When you’re tired from work Mark cooks and cleans.

•Vice versa when he’s tired from recording.

•Uncle Ethan and Tyler spoil the shit out of her.


“Goddammit Ethan.”

“It’s not my fault it’s catchy”



•she’s such a good puppo

•When your daughter gets her first period Mark is freaking out because you’re not home.

•Him frantically calling Kathryn and Amy to help because he doesn’t know what to do.

•Everything gets taken care of.

•Mark tries to be the best father he can.

•And he is.

•Such a happy family.


•The strict parent

•But not so strict where its suffocating

•Only wants one child.

•Because he doesn’t want his child to have to go through what he suffered being with all the egos.

•When you tell him you’re pregnant the smile that grew on his face was almost blinding.

•His eyes get a little misty as he places his hand over your stomach.

though he knew because he sensed something off about you.

•All the egos would find out immediately.

•Wilford would buy them little top hats and suspenders.

•Mark buys them a teddy bear and gives them his old gameboy

•Dr. Iplier buys them a doctors kit to play with when their older.

•King of the Squirrels gets them a squirrel stuffed animal.

•Google gets them an encyclopedia.

•Bim gets them a microphone.

•Even Anti buys a tiny Sam since he has always had a soft spot for you and babies.

•When your water broke Dark was so calm it startled you.

•You end up having twins.

“Aw crap I owe Google 20 bucks now. ”


•You have twin boys named (B/n) and (B/n).

•When you see Dark shed a couple tears while holding both of his boys, your heart flutters.

•Dark sniffs as he walks over to you kissing the top of your head.

“Thank you for everything.”

•Dark teaching them how to manipulate the pressure in rooms and people’s mind

“Dark I’ve told you this they want to be normal.”

“They can use it for school.”

“They are not going to manipulate their teacher Dark.”



•Doesn’t surprise him that youre pregnant.

•You guys do “it” a lot.

•Wilford didn’t want to but you both went to Dr. Iplier for check ups.

•"Well you’re having twins.“


•"At least you’re not dying.“

•Wilford almost misses the birth of his children because he was on set for his show.

He sadly didn’t have time to shoot his contestants.

•The twins end up being fraternal since one of them has your hair color and the other has Wilford’s.

•Wilford almost cried but keeps himself together.


•That consists of White,pink, and yellow.

•Will shoot anyone who messes with his daughters.

•Wants to buy them a 2mm Kolibri.

“So they can defend themselves.”

My daughters are not having guns at the age of 5.

“So later?”

•Uncle Mark brings Chica over for the twins.

•He’s still surprised you agreed to go out with Wilford.

•Like really wHy.

•Wilf insists on making cookies for their bake sale.

•The kitchen almost catches on fire.

•He buys store bought instead

•He is so grateful he found you.

•Your daughters ex’s “disappear”


•When he find out you’re pregnant he’s like a ball of excitement.

•Tries to play it off cool.

•His pal Dr. Schneeplestien insisted on letting him check you up.

•He’s never dealt with someone with mood swings this bad.

“Honey how do you feel. ”


•You give birth to a healthy baby boy named (B/n)

•Iplier buys them baby doctor clothes

“Smile for the camera son.”

“Aww look at my boys.”

•You find Iplier reading the history of medical science while (B/n)

“What the hell Iplier.”

•Iplier is a very protective parent

•Because he’s seen so much shit happen to kids.

You teach (B/n) to ride a bike and Iplier freaks out

•One scratch and Iplier is fussing over it like he broke his leg

•Uncle Mark takes him to California sometimes

•(B/n) is always stopping Wilfords and Dark’s kids fighting each other.

•Iplier wants (B/n) to follow in his foot steps

•But if his son wants to be something else he’s be okay (though slightly disappointed)

fluffy date w/ mark!!! ⭐️ requested ⭐️ hope you like it! ⭐️ if you don’t like it I can always try again. I just don’t know the definition of fluff even though I am fluffy ⭐️ I love Mark sm if someone doesn’t like this bc of something tell me 

• ok so
• thIS BOY
•cutest thing I’ve ever seen please get me some water
• he just woke up and picked up his phone right away bc he wanted to text u
• sees that you already sent him a text to say good morning and that you love him
• dead man™
• he sheds tears probs omgmg so blessed
• he sees u don’t have to do anything today and is like “hey bab u wanna come over??”
• so u go over and he’s ecSTATIC to see u
probably because y'all haven’t been able to have alone time for like a week  
• he sees that you’re wearing the sAme sweater from like 2 days ago and is ?? where are all ur shirts bby
• is ready to fight you when you tell him you have like 2
• he doesn’t stress on you not wanting to go shopping or just not caring because ?? he loves u so much and respects u
• he lowkey stops at a café on the way to the mall to buy coffee and breakfast because he forgot 
cafe dates r highkey one of my bf!mark hcs for any situation
• you both sit down and he starts to take pictures of u when u drink ur order and he just g l i s t e n s with love bc CUTIE 
• insert cute triggered s/o “mark omg pls stop”
• threatens to not pay for your next date and u just ಠ_ಠ and then smile because he looks so happy
• goes to sit next to u so u both can take like 500 pictures together
• does his cute laugh when u do aegyo because cuteness overload omG mark is gonna die stob it
• he angles the phone when u have ur hand on his shoulder and are leaning in rly close to be in the picture
• and just as he takes it he almost screeched bc u kissed him ?!?!
• “what did you do that for I was threatened”
•  so red honestly chill tf out there’s like 2 people in there
• looks at the picture because he probably looked ugly from being so shook™ but he just
• clutches his chest and sighs because he thought it was so cute
• sets it as his background when ur not looking
• *catch him spending his life savings that day*
• when ur at the mall he just looks for cute clothes in ur style and wants to buy everything
• show him anything and he will tell u that ur beautiful
• ends up spending so much yet so little
• refuses to let u repay him
• highkey sneaks u lil kisses while ur behind the racks and moves away so fast
•  thinks he’s slick
• when the day is over he just hugs u for like 3 hours and does the cute sway thing
• is so happy that he got to get you things
• “did I ever tell u that I love u more than I can ever express”
• “yes mark u just did”
• cute lil puppy who never lets go of that hand
• just wants to give u the world and doesn’t know how
• u wanna give him the world too ugh
• the two of you probs go back to your place
• and cuddle for hOw long???
• neither of u know when to let go and it’s probably like 6am at this point ffs
• so cute I wanna protect this

Wolf EXO w/ their kids

So this is my first post on this page and this post was heavily inspired by me reading @exowolfblog ‘s posts! I’ve been obsessed with wolf!EXO recently and I’m so excited to be writing this!

Of course this is my interpretation so my ideas can be different from yours! And gifs are not mine! 

Enjoy! <3


Originally posted by yixingsosweet

  • I can least say that our precious Xiu would have two kids. He would have a little boy, and his precious little girl. The boy would come first, his princess coming along two years later. 
  • Xiumin would melt into a puddle the first time he would get to hold his pups. The little man would be so small compared to him and when he opens his eyes, Xiumin is forever hooked. Legit, he will be staring at him for hours just in amazement on how small he is. 
  • Then after his prince grows older and some other members start having kids, Xiu gets into the baby fever again and you two are blessed with a little princess. 
  • He is forever protective over them, through the pregnacy and all. He made sure you were always taken care of and he was always the one who got up at three in the morning to soothe the babes back to sleep.
  • And who knows, maybe there will be a third Kim on the way?


Originally posted by cakefuls

  • Our deer boy would have three kids, two boys and a girl. One of the boys would come first, three years later a little girl, then another boy a year later.
  • Luhan is putty in their little hands paws. 
  • He’s a bit freaked out at first when the first pup comes along. He was scared that he would mess up their lives up but as they’re born and he takes care of them, he really deserves the title of ‘The Best Dad in the World!’ on his presents on Father’s Day. 
  • I have this headcanon with Lu playing with his kids hair. When the boys would be on his chest, he would play with their hair and massage their heads. He would do it without even noticing and it would gradually put the boys the boys sleep. Then when princess would be on his chest, he would do it to her and she would also fall asleep to it. It would become the best way of getting them asleep.
  • And he is forever having them outside. Whether it’s them hunting, playing soccer, or even dragging sticks in the dirt, Lu is always out with his bby’s. 
  • And Luhan would be very protective. Any problem at school, dad’s on it. A bully, dad’s on it. He goes out of his way to make sure his pups are always happy and he can listen to their endless babble talk about nothing while they color.


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  • Kris would have twin girls, and boy does his tough alpha male phyisic disappear in a snap. While I was typing this up, I could just imagine his little girls being his entire world.
  • When they’re born, he’s in so much awe, he can not take his eyes off of them. Then when he holds them and they look up at him, he turns into this pouty puppy and he sheds a few tears. He’ll look at them, then to you, and he thanks his lucky stars that he has his own family.
  • He is SO PROTECTIVE over them. Being the leader of EXO-M, Kris would be the second alpha, so he would always make sure that his girls are safe and no wolf would try to take them and try to destroy him. Lowkey though, I can imagine Kris wrapping them up in four layers of clothes when they go out in the snow so they have no chance of getting cold even though they’re basically walking furnaces. 
  • They are also forever clinged onto his legs. They both turn into a giggly mess as he walks through the living room and he will willing do a whole tour of the house just so he can hear their giggles. 
  • And he never can say no to his little girls. They’re big doe eyes and pouty lips would be their biggest weapon and they get everything they want.


Originally posted by suhomysuho

  • I imagine Suho having two sets of twins, the first set boys, and the second set being girls, and the sets being a year a part. 
  • The second set would actually come as a surprise. All through the pregnancy, all the ultra-sounds only showed one bby and one heart beat but delivery day comes, they leave the hospital with two beautiful little girls. 
  • The kids would be absolutly spoiled. It wouldn’t matter if they were at the store or begging for another cookie before dinner, he would crack and would slip the extra cookie and as they get older they ban together against him so they’ll get whatever they want because they know he’ll say yes.
  • Family cuddles are also very present in the Kim household. He loves his family so much he will lay there for hours just to tell you and the pups how much he loves you. 
  • And Suho would buy the biggest king sized matress he could just so the babies would have their own wiggle room. The kids would gradually “sleep walk” into your and Suho’s room and they would just wiggle their way in between you two, whining until they were wrapped up by one of you. 
  • Smart ass kids. He would teach  them basic skills when they were young whether it was how to fold clothes or how to make a fire with sticks, he would always have something new to teach them. And they can pick up instructions very easily. 
  • Unless Uncle Jongin is teaching them how to dance.


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  • Lay would have three kids. Two boys, being one year a part, then a girl who is three years a part from baby #2. 
  • His boys are his little minime’s. They would enheirit so much off of him and they would even pick up his habits in a snap. 
  • The boys would be so hyper omg. Lay could come home with his eyes barely open, but when he steps through the door, those two crazy pups run across the house and cling onto his legs and suddenly sleep becomes a thing of the past. They can play and wrestle for hours on end and not be tired. And some days they would cuddle up on the couch and they would be asleep with them on his chest. 
  • Then his little girl comes along. You dare look at her the wrong way, angry dad comes out. A bit more protective with her than he is the boys, but all for good reasons. “The only boys you need are your brothers." 
  • She’s forever on him too. Whether it’s a piggy back ride or he’s flat up in the middle of the bathroom hugging her, they’re basically inseperable. She’s also 100% okay with that. 
  • Yixing just loves his kids so much and he always reminding them on how much he loves them and he is always praising you on what amazing wife/mate you are and how lucky and appreciative he is to you have how you brought him such amazing kids.


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  • Our precious baby would have three babies. Two girls being two years a part then a boy being a year behind. 
  • The sass is rEAl. The Byun kids are forever sassing Baek and their cousins, even picking up some adult language from uncle Kris. 
  • They want to touch EV.ERY.THING. Whether they’re little toddlers playing with their binkies or a picture frame of you and Baek from your wedding, they always have something in their hands. And lowkey destructive devils. 
  • They’re forever rough-housing and breaking something and teaming together to steal that extra cookie. 
  • But over-all the sweetest kids you will ever see. Always helping mom with dinner, or helping their cousins with their homework, they are always there when you need them. 
  • Head canon: baby #3 is such a momma’s boy help.
  • SQUISHY CHEEKS FOR DAYS. Baek is forever squishing their cheeks, from day one to the first day of high school. "Dad, you’re embarassing me!” “But I can’t help it! They’re so SQUISHY!!”


Originally posted by chanchen4ever

  • The second member of the Beagle Line would have three kids, two girls and a boy. The girls would be a year a part and the boy would be two years behind. 
  • His first born is litterally his best friend. As soon as she’s able to control her form, she is out in the woods running with Dae and they’re always going to town to pick up groceries. Basically if it involves moving anywhere, they’re locked hip to hip. 
  • Bby #2 is the definition of a daddy’s girl. He always has to coach her to choose an ice cream flavor for he’s always there to tie her shoes when she’s gets too frustrated and she gets everything she wants. 
  • Even though babe #1 is clingy to Dae, bby #2 is basically glued to him. But when Chen’s baby boy comes around, he gets so soft. It’s such a headcanon. 
  • Even though Chen connects deeply with his girls, the first time babe #3 gets sick, reality hits him. When the bby gets sick, you’re at work and Dae has to take care of him and he gets his sisters sick too
  • The Kim kids are known for their display of affection and constantly wanting attention, but bby #3 takes that to a whole new level. He is fairly young when he gets sick and he wants nothing but to lay on his daddy’s chest because that’s the safest place in the world. Dae is always at his aid 24/7 even sleeping with mom and dad  and is treated like a little prince. 
  • Sorry for talking about the son so much, it’s just such a headcannon.


Originally posted by dailypetal

  • It makes sense for a husband to want kids, but our Yeollie can’t help himself and winds up with five kids. And he wants more. 
  • His oldest would be a boy, then following a year after that, he’d get another boy. Then another year later, twin girls! And then two years later, he get’s another little boy. 
  • Chanyeol is the most hyper in the Beagle Line out of my eyes so you bet that Channie’s kids are the craziest of all the EXO kids. 
  • Starting out strong, his two boys are the life of the party in the pack house. They’re always putting on some show, running around or even playing one of dad’s instruments, you just know they’re there. And he loves watching them. 
  • He’s one of those dad’s that has no restrictions and mom is the head of the house no matter how much Chan wants to argue about it. 
  • Next come his twins and oh my god he can barely keep up. Them on top of their brothers, you and Channie still struggle getting sleep after the baby years are over because there are some nights to where they aren’t all asleep until almost two in the morning. 
  • The last pup is actually the tamest out of the five. Unlike his older siblings, he’s reserved on the normal but when he is with his siblings, he transforms into this wild child and there is no stopping him the crazy evil maknae. 
  • Chanyeol really loves his kids though. He takes the time out of everyday to wake up early to wake them all up in unique ways, showering all of them in affection and he gives out at least two hundred kisses a day. 
  • He’s also a huge role model for them because they admire all the things he does for them and he provides the most he can for his family.


Originally posted by prkchaeyoung

  • Just like Kris, I feel like Soo would be blessed with two girls, but they would be two years apart. 
  • In the beginning when you and Soo had began to talk about kids, he honestly wanted one pup. He wasn’t in the baby fever as much as his other members were, Chanyeol, but once he got to experience parenthood, he couldn’t help but want another. 
  • His girls are his everything, including you of course. He is forever wanting to go out and show off his beautiful family. And he loves saying, “Do, party of four." 
  • His girls would heavily take after you with your looks and personaility, but they would have the unbelievable sass of their dad. 
  • They’re also a bit more hyper, most likely due to their hyper cousins. The girls bring Soo out of his shell by a mile-stone, but SatanSoo is also very present. 
  • Soo is very protective over his pups so not a lot slides by him. There is one day where babe #1 is getting bullied at school by a bunch of kids from their rival back and you bet your buttons that Soo is at the school bright and early ready to set the parents straight. "It’s bad enough we have to deal with you mutts, but you feel the need to teach your kids the same habits? Discusting." 
  • Like I said, don’t mess with his pups.


Originally posted by anki-tao

  • Our little diva would have twins, a boy and a girl.
  • So spoiled tbh. The most spoiled out of the whole pack. But he does it for the soul purpose to take care of them and give them the best because they deserve the world. 
  • But even though they’re spoiled, they’re hard working kids and they’re always helping mom or other members. Tao teaches them from a young age that you should always work and do your best and you will recieve the best in return. He is forever attached to them, like he never wants to put them down. 
  • And Tao is forever calling them 'my babies,’ or 'my pups.' 
  • He loves people asking about the little ones just so he can show them off. It’s his favorite thing to do. But he has the biggest smile on his face when he talks about them. He is SO proud of them. Then he’ll get carried away and he can talk about them for hours. 
  • Sehun: "Hyung, that’s great that they counted to five but I really need to go back to my work.” Tao: “But that’s not even the bEst PART.”


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

  • This is such a head canon of mine. Kai would have four kids, souly just to have his own army of kids.
  • His first born would be a boy then another boy two years later. Then he’d get in the baby fever again, and a year later he’s got twins(boy and girl). 
  • Just like Tao, he loves to spoil them. He wants his kids to have everything because they’re the best humans on the planet and never wants his pups to be without something. He gets banned from taking the kids to the grocery store because he spends WAY more than he needs to just because he gives into the puppy dogs faces. 
  • He is so fascinated with everything they do. One day he watches the twins color for a straight hour just because he is so fascinated on how focused they are and how they don’t color outside of the lines. 
  • And he is forever watching them sleep. 
  • And once the pups are born, Kai turns into a jungle gym. His princess is forever on his shoulders it’s her favorite place, one of the boys is wrapped around his left foot while the other is on his right leg, and he’s got the other boy dangling off of his arm(or Kai is carrying him). 
  • And as they grow up, he’s forever whining over his body being sore because they still crawl on him, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.


Originally posted by r-velvets

  • And last but not least I can see our maknae having three little pups: twin boys and then a year later a litte girl.
  • Headcanon, ever since he started to think of having puppies, he’s always wanted a girl. He wanted to have his own little princess that he could spoil to death but when his boys come along, he’s wrapped around their little fingers. Cried at their birth. 
  • He is forever holding them and he is always so interested in what they do and he wants to be right by their side every second of the day. 
  • And anytime you’re having a family movie night, he’s got the most loving look on his face as he watches you and your boys focusing on the silly movie. And family movie nights are a mUST, you have to have them at least two times a week. EXO is a big pack and of course he loves being with his members and their little pups all the time, but our Sehunnie loves being with just him and his boys. 
  • Then a little bit after it’s the boys first birthday, he’s like, “let’s have another baby.” And by golly does he get his little princess. Defiently cried when she was born. 
  • He litterally kills any flies that come her way because he is so protective over her. He is so gentle and causious with her. He was afraid to hold her at first and you swear that he actually thought she was made of glass. 
  • He is forever wanting to feed her or bathe her just so she can see her giggle and make some kind of mess. She is also forever on his chest sleeping and the boys are right beside her, wrapped up in his arms. 
  • Family naps also becomes a huge thing because it’s literally the best thing in the world and everyone is so warm and cuddly.

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Ahhh just imagine all the zaggar (zarkon/haggar) cuddles!


Imagine them cuddling and Honerva is just going on and on about what she discovered nerding tf out whilst Zarkon just listens and watches her sighing ‘I love my nerd wife’

Imagine them now and Haggar is talking about which planet to strip quintessence from and Zarkon just listens and then goes ‘Man.. I sure do love my evil nerd wife’ whilst she’s just going on in the background- lost in his mushy thoughts.


25 - A collab with @storiesaboutvan

Hello, everyone. Boy, are you in for a treat. 

So it all began when Rhi ( @storiesaboutvan ) and I realised we had both received wedding requests. We made the decision to team up to collab the most spectacular wedding vanfic. 12,521 words to be exact. We have spent aaaages working on this and it’s been amazing. I hope you love it as much as we do. 

So, read below for 6390 words of Van’s POV wedding goodness. Think nerves, love, kisses, and oh….Van in a suit. Yep. 

Then click here for ‘your’/ reader’s perspective, written by Rhi. 

Thank you to whoever requested these for the patience, we definitely did not forget about you. 

Love Evangeline xx 


Today was one of the days I’d been dreaming of since I could remember. Everything was leading up to this. I’d stand in the kitchen as a kid watching on as my dad would drunkenly confess his love for my mum and she’d roll her eyes and kiss him; growing up I’d think about how lucky they were to be so in love and how I couldn’t wait to have that with my own wife one day.

Every girl I’d ever fancied I’d planned on marrying, but it was always a puppy love dream. That changed when I met y/n. In fact, everything changed when I met her.

Family had always been the most important thing to me and today marked the official start of my own. I was beyond excited but right now, nerves were taking hold. I was overwhelmed with a mix of anticipation, anxiety and full-blown love. I wanted everything to be perfect for y/n; I wanted everyone to see how much I fucking love her.

I stood in front of the mirror at home, fiddling with my tie. I couldn’t get the fucking thing to sit straight. I ran a sweaty, shaky hand through my hair and groaned in frustration.

“You alright mate”? Larry asked, coming in after hearing the sound I’d made.

I was flustered. I just looked at him, my eyes clearly expressing what was going on inside my head. He came up to me and undid my tie then fixed it up so it rested flat and straight against my chest. He was already in his suit; he looked like some fancy secret agent or somethin’. We were all in navy suits and white button ups with burgundy ties to match the bridesmaids’ dresses.

“What if I fuck up? I just want it to be perfect you know and I’m just this scruffy lad who sings nonsense and she’s a fucking queen. Honestly, why the fuck is she marrying me she could do so much b-”

“Van. Don’t be stupid. She fucking loves you and has for years yeah? Maybe she could do better, but it doesn’t matter, she chose you. You love her better than anyone could and for her, that’s perfect. It’s not about your wonky tie or even Catfish,” Larry interrupted me as I started to lose it, putting a hand on my shoulder and talking with a rare sincerity.

For months now he’d been killing me, teasing me that he’d gotten to see y/n in her dress ages ago and that I had to wait. He droned on about it, trying to get me mad and it sure as hell worked; many incidents of wrestling had occurred. He went to help her choose her dress, which was sweet, but he wouldn’t shut up about how stunning she looked and all that. It was driving me mental, I could have rung his neck, the smug bastard! But now I appreciated his seriousness, I was glad to have him by my side today more than ever.

I didn’t get nervous often, I was usually easy going and confident. But this was all new; this was bigger than anything I’d faced yet. No amount of fans in a venue, no amount of pressure to put out a good album could match to this.

“Yeah?” I said, taking a breath in and fixing my hair.

“Yeah mate, you’re Van fucking McCann!” He smiled, pulling me into a hug.

I couldn’t have chosen a better best man.

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Home ~ Happy Birthday Mark

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~ Happy Birthday baby Mark ~

Genre: Fluffy

Word Count: 623

It felt weird not practicing or performing, despite it being the day of my birth. The hyungs wouldn’t stop showering me with affection, gifts, and loud chants. Johnny even got me a gift, as he promised. I wasn’t complaining by their extra extraness, but I couldn’t help but feel homesick.

My mom had called me earlier that day and she wouldn’t stop crying about how her baby boy was now and man and I may or may not have shed a tear. It felt nice to hear her voice, even if it was drowned out by her cries and sniffles. Despite all that, something-no, someone was missing.

I stared at the window of the moving car, each tree, figure, and building looking blurrier than the next.

“Hey, loser, I never got to give you your gift.” I playfully rolled my eyes and looked over at one of my best friends.

“What is it, man?” I chuckled, Haechan looking very suspicious.

He grabbed the gift bag that was hidden in the compartment on the door and handed it to me. I decided to humor him and gratefully took it. There was  a catch to his gift, I could feel it. Slowly opening the perfectly wrapped gift, I laughed loudly and shook my head.

“What is it?” Yuta Hyung asked.

“Go on, man. Read it out loud.” Haechan smirked.

I rolled my eyes once more, but read nonetheless. “Happy birthday man. You’re finally a senior citizen. Use those discounts wisely. You are so lucky to have a bestfriend like me. Love Donghyuk.” was written on a headshot of him, followed by his autograph.

The car erupted in loud laughter’s, expecting nothing more from Haechan. I shook my head, amused at his “thoughtful” message.

“Thanks, this means a lot to me. “ I replied sarcastically.

“Don’t thank me just yet, look inside the bag.”

I was confused, but obliged nonetheless. My eyes went wide.

“You got me Coldplay tickets?! Dude, thanks!”

“You like the tickets more than my picture and my meaningful message? I’m hurt.” he scoffed.

I rolled my eyes and gave him a bro hug, really appreciating his gifts

I sat on the cold chairs of the airport, waiting patiently for who knows what. The hyungs refused to answer any of my questions, raising my suspicions even more. Above all else, they took away my phone, claiming it was “for my own good”. I stared at the ceiling, attempting to rid the boredom gnawing away at my very being.

“Just tell me who we’re picking up already. I won’t even ask for my phone back. Just tell me why we’re he-”

“You always were impatient, Mark.” The most melodious voice stopped me mid word.

I froze unable to fathom a coherent thought. My heart beat faster and faster and before I knew it, tears were streaming down my cheeks. I covered my face to hide my tears and embarrassment, but she knew better than that. Her familiar and warm embrace was enough to bring back an immense amount of memories and all I could do was cry.

She kissed the top of my head and I finally found the strength to return the embrace. I wiped my eyes and noticed the hyungs smile a happy smile at me. Yuta slipped my phone into my hand and they all headed somewhere, giving us some privacy.

“My sweet boy, oh how much you’ve grown” she sniffled.

“M-m…” I couldn’t form the word I wanted to say

“Sh, no need to say anything, my love. I’m here now.” She replied, softly rocking me.

I felt a sense of safety, love, and nurture in her embrace. For a long time, despite not being there, I felt home and it was all because of her.

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~ Admin D

We aren’t a couple
But he’s the one I call when I need help and he’s always there to answer or come comfort me
We aren’t a couple
But we go do fun things together like the movies and getting ice cream. We are always together
We aren’t a couple
But out of all the contacts on my phone he’s the one I text the most. The one that has cute emojis by his name
We aren’t a couple
But he would call me Rose, a nickname that he used to tease me, my middle name. And I would tease him about his first name, a name nobody, I mean nobody could pronounce
We aren’t a couple
But I have photos of us on my walls and he likes to come over, relax on my bed and look at them We aren’t a couple
But on the first day of my new job he came to visit me at work and then he came back on the second day too
We aren’t a couple
But people always ask if we’re dating, our parents think there is something going on between us because how can I talk about a boy that much if we’re just friends?
We aren’t a couple
But when I’m tired and so is he we fall asleep in the same bed and let our legs brush against each other’s
We aren’t a couple
But when I imagine my future he is always in it, I can’t imagine a life without him and I always will want him near me
We aren’t a couple
But when we have to go home at the end of the day I feel as if a hole was ripped through me, I shed tears over the thought of a night without my best friend
We aren’t a couple
But when times gets hard he hugs me, tells me that everything will be alright and tells me that I’m loved
But at the end of the day we still aren’t a couple
—  A willing heart// We Aren’t A Couple
Happy Birthday Iida Tenya

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  • His family LOVES birthdays, so he’s likely to go home for his birthday and let his parents fawn over him
  • In all honesty, he’d love to just spend time with you one-on-one and have a relaxing evening, but if you wanna party he’s down to party for a little bit
  • Despite the fact that everyone loves him and is likely to get him a little something, he Does Not Expect presents at all and almost sheds a tear when he receives one

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On Orihime Inoue and how a decade has changed very little

In 2006, I watched my first episode of Bleach, dubbed in English, on Youtube. I was fourteen, and wasn’t aware that I’d already known about anime for years. I’d grown up watching the 4Kids dub of Pokémon and Yugioh on American TV, but had just thought of them as Saturday morning cartoons.

Bleach was a turning point, a catalyst. I watched the dub, then the sub, and then tried my hand at the manga, and the rest – as they say it – is history. My recent re-introduction to the series, and the novelty of a decade-plus time-skip separating the storyline’s final arc and the manga’s ending, has prompted me to look back on a fandom that has changed, perhaps a bit, but not very much in the decade I’ve been aware of it.

You see, in 2006 I loved Orihime Inoue.

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Bad Boy! Namjoon:

The silent, but incredibly intimidating one who dresses in all black and seems to have a resting jerk face. He’s naturally intelligent and gets by without really having to study. People tend to avoid him like the plague because their are always mass rumors being spread about how he’s in a gang or how he’s secretly part of some wild underground cult when in reality all he does is red books in his spare time on the school roof, smoke cigarettes, and think about the hardships of life quietly to himself. You meet him one day hanging around the back of the school, scribbling something in the margins of a book and you curiously see that it’s actually one of your favorite books so you strike up a conversation and at first it shocks him, but after a while you come to know that he’s not insane or violent or anything like that - he’s just a smart guy who likes dark clothing. 

Bad Boy! Yoongi:

For the most part all he does is sleep in the back of the classroom, but the reason he’s got a bad reputation is because he has the shortest temper anyone’s ever seen. If someone as much as looks at him funny, he breaks out of his usually sleepy and tired gaze and grabs the person by the collar with no intention of being nice and asking them bluntly if they have a fucking problem. People claim that he’s fought like ten people by himself once - and won. He’s basically this ball of rage that when you annoy him get unleashed on you and no one wants to deal with that. Once you accidentally woke him up while he was taking a nap in the library and you thought, ‘oh no I’m dead’, but instead he got rather flustered after seeing you and just sort of murmured that it was fine, he’d go sleep somewhere else. Curious as to why he didn’t blow up on you, you ask him about it another day and he just shrugs and goes “I guess I can’t get mad at pretty people that easily.” 

Bad Boy! Jin:

A flirty guy who just gets way too ahead of himself sometimes. He’s not bad per say, it’s more like he just doesn’t know when to stop and that causes a lot of people a lot of heartbreak. Basically everyone’s had a crush on him and he’s been a total sweetheart, but when they end up confessing - he just sort of tilts his head, smiles, and says “Sorry, I never felt that way about you.”. He doesn’t mean to be ….. well ….. mean, but it lots of people have shed tears over being ‘lead on’ and so he’s kind of gotten the reputation of being a player. You haven’t spoken to him much, but one day you two are paired together in home ec class, and Jin sort of turns to you and expects you to be all heart eyes, but you’re not and that throws him off. Since then, it seems he’s actually sparked a genuine interest in you. 

Bad Boy! Hoseok: 

A class clown who keeps landing himself in detention and in the dean’s office because he can’t cool it with the entertainment and jokes. He’s not really doing anything ‘bad’, but because he doesn’t focus on school and instead spends a lot of time goofing off - the people he hangs around with or who encourage him to keep doing stupid jokes in class, aren’t the best group of people. One day the dean calls you in and pairs you up with Hoseok in hopes that you can help teach him that school is more important then dumb antics. After a while, you learn that Hoseok’s confident and rowdy self is just a front for a boy whose scared of being abandoned or left out of the group. Hoseok even confesses to you that your the first person he’s ever told this too, but sometimes he really wants to just focus more on grades in order to make his family happy and plus, he doesn’t feel like the friend he has now are really his friends…..

Bad Boy! Jimin: 

He’s more of a naive, lost kid than he is a bad boy but because of this sometimes he does stupid things in order to have ‘fun’. Likes to wear leather jackets and snapbacks because they make him feel a little more ‘wild’. He goes around drinking beer with some other students and like setting old TVs and stuff on fire for the ‘thrill’ but other than that he isn’t really a bad person at all. Once his friends tried to convince him to steal from this supermarket, but he couldn’t do it all and that’s how you meet after seeing him walk out of there with a sad look on his face. You know him from class so you’d asked what was wrong and he just kind of sighed and was like “are there fun things to do that aren’t like….dangerous?”. You’d laughed because you thought he was joking, but after figuring out that he wasn’t you’d taken Jimin out to karoke where you’d found out he has a really strong voice. After complimenting him, Jimin had taken your hands in his and confidently thanked you for helping him find a new outlet that he could focus his energy on! 

Bad Boy! V:

Reckless and wild, V barely shows up to class and when he does, both the students and the staff end up questioning his sobriety. He apparently loves the nightlife of Seoul; that means the drinks, the one-night hot romances, and the many many clubs that litter the city. He’s basically your party boy without a care in the world. Everyone wants to be his friend because they can only imagine how fun of a lifestyle that is to live. But one day, you find him walking the streets with a bloody lip late at night and you ask what happened and he kind of just tries to laugh it off, but you find out that there was a fight at the club he was at and he had tried to protect this girl from this creep, but had gotten beaten up for it. You offer to nurse him back to health because hey, he’s your classmate and while you’re cleaning his lip up he kind of chuckles and admits that although it’s true he likes to party and all that - he can’t help feeling like drinking can really turn people into monsters. You end up having a conversation about it and V ends up opening up a lot to you and learn that the wild, reckless boy is actually a very concerned, protective boy who keeps getting into fights with drunk creeps that try to hit on scared girls rather than living it up at parties. He even tells you that the reason he goes out so much used to be because he was bored of everything else, but now it’s more because he doesn’t want someone innocent to get hurt. 

Bad Boy! Jungkook: 

A star athlete and a perfect student, Jungkook is literally everyone’s dream - minus the fact that he gives everyone the absolute cold shoulder. No one really likes him because he refuses to make friends and is down right rude to most people. All the student mumble behind his back that he’s stuck up and puts himself on a pedestal. One day you end up having to do classroom chores with him, but when he doesn’t grab a mop like you, you get frustrated and tell him that he can’t throw all the work on you. When he doesn’t answer, you slam a bucket down on his desk and that startles him and you just point to it like “Jeon Jungkook you better clean with me, I don’t care if you’re going to Seoul National University, that doesn’t make you better than anyone else.” After that, being the only one that’s ever been truthful to his face, Junkook started growing a soft spot for you. For a couple of weeks it freaked you out, but after a while you two grew close and under all those cold stares and uninterested shrugs - turns out Jungkook’s just a cute kid into video games and stuff. 

marrying michael would include:

• him having the ring for nearly a year because he was too scared to propose to you just incase you said no

• him going out for dinner with your mum and dad to ask for permission for their daughters hand in marriage 

• yours and his mum constantly asking when he’s going to do it (and the boys)

• calum, ashton and luke convincing you to come out during disconnected at one of their shows so michael can propose 


• you already realising whats going on along with the fans 

• “y/n i think youre the bestest…i mean you’re the most wonderful thing…what I’m trying to say is i love you so fucking much, will you marry me?”

• you nodding repeating ‘yes’ over and over while tears stream down your face as michael jumps up and hugs you tighter than ever before

• everyone including the boys shedding a tear or two 

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markbum headcanon with daddy jaebum and baby boy mark: mark really likes putting on big sweaters and when he’s insecure about his body but still wants his daddy to fuck him he wears them and jaebum lowkey loves it because mark looks so tiny and when he’s whinning he covers his face with little sweater paws and his baby boy looks so cute he can help but kiss him over and over again while fucking the air out of him ☺️

i actually might shed a tear
this is so fucking cute and So my sort of concept yES thank you so much
he would blush so much when jaebum takes his hands away and kisses his nose while rocking into him :( and imagine jaebum wanting to play with mark’s nipples but he feels too insecure to show them so he does it and jaebum tells his baby what to do 😩 oh gosh im so soft(?) for these two


Love is weakness.

That’s what I was taught.

Love can make you vulnerable to the point where you opponent has the upper hand.

Knowing this, I made it my person goal to never fall in love with Peter Pan, but god it was hard. His smile whenever we were together send my heart flying and the way he would place his hand on the small of my back while hunting made me blush like crazy. It wasn’t until we kissed that I gave up. The minute his lips touched mine I knew I was done for.

We were never official, I’m not sure what we had but all I know is that I was completely in love with him to the point of no return.

“So what happened then?” The lady sitting in front of me in the cafe asked. “Uh well one night we were sitting on the edge of a cliff together and I watched him as he gazed over Neverland, ‘you know, it’s so hard to be in charge of all these boys but it’s better than being alone. I think that’s what I’m really scared of, being alone’ he told me. I placed my hand on top of his and he looked into my eyes. I will never forget those green eyes. 'I’ll never leave you, I love you Peter.’ He smiled sadly. 'I know, and love is weakness.’ Then he pushed me over. I could have sworn I saw him shed a tear. Luckily I was dead before the mermaids could find my body. I honestly think he did it because I am his weakness and he would rather have me die by his hand than tortured horribly by another’s, but I’ll never know.” I shrugged before sipping my tea.

“Maybe that’s why you’re down here, because you don’t know and that’s your unfinished business.” She speculated. I shrugged, “Maybe, anyways I’ve got to go.” I said before getting up and walking out.

The underworld was nice. I mean if you didn’t count what a jerk Hades was but I know what villains are like, they always have a story and I try not to judge him too much.

Maybe one day Peter will come down here, but until then I’ll wait.

I just hope he can find Balefire, that boy must have escaped somehow

the signs as edgy bullshit people spout when they want to look like Good Homestuck Fans
  • Aries: aradia isn't boring, she's really Whacky and Silly and has a Great Sense of Humor because she played with a hat that one time
  • Taurus: tavros!! is not!!! shy!!! he's ~super sassy~ and frankly kind of an asshole. yeah an asshole is definitely what tavros is. yup
  • Gemini: [N/A because sollux's presence in the fandom outside of erisol, arasol and solfef is virtually nonexistent. something about him not liking bees probably.]
  • Cancer: karkat isnT SHOUTY ALL THE TIME OK he's super nice to People He Cares For [out-of-context screencaps of him being civil to kanaya or eridan][screencap of him telling aradia he liked her better when she was alive]
  • Leo: nepeta isn't weak. she can kill u with her BARE HANDS. she is STRONG. she is UNASSAILABLE. there is literally no chance that a teenage girl would EVER shed tears over being rejected by a boy she cared for are you forgetting shes super STRONG and have i mentioned how STRONG she is yet or
  • Virgo: kanaya isn't a Boring Classy Lesbian. what is she exactly? who knows. like three people in the fandom have taken the pains to actually analyze her character ever
  • Libra: terezi doesn't just lick things all the time!!1! she's actually very manipulative and has great depth of character. she has Depression and Anxiety and was abused by gamzee pre-retcon, which is pretty common knowledge by now but i still think earns me brownie points here for some reason
  • Scorpio: you know she's more than just bluster and abusive actions right? she's so Unhappy and had a really Rough Childhood what with having to kill all those people to feed her shit lusus. really i think people only hate her because she's a girl. ask her h8rs if they hate gamzee just as much to get a good idea of how misogynistic they are
  • Sagittarius: equius ISN'T CREEPY. he made robot parts for people he wasn't friends with and doesn't let his racism get in the way of being polite, just as i don't let common sense get in the way of shipping canon equara
  • Capricorn: gamzee's not just Dangerous and Unpredictable, he's really goofy and sweet? sopor gamzee aka the one on literal mood altering drugs is the True Gamzee. but don't get me wrong he's IRREDEEMABLE TRASH and i fully support him being locked in the fridge after the retcon without any attempt at explanation or assistance
  • Aquarius: eridan wasn't desperate! or lonely! or sad! or any of the reasons people in the fandom relate to his behavior! because i am incapable of simultaneously defending a character AND acknowledging their neuroses. i'm actually really progressive you know. i still manage to find him abusive btw
  • Pisces: despite literally no one ever implying that feferi was useless, i feel compelled to remind you every few hours that she was, in fact, not useless. she's a very complex and kind-hearted character who has never been ableist in any shape or form. if u disagree then ur compelled to hate everyone who's ever been written to say the r slur and also ur a huge misogynist who ships erisol probably [pauses to reblog some erifef art]
New Beginnings Ft Taehyung

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Yo, could i request a scenario with V where he bullied you in school, but in later life, goes to one of your concerns with bts {you’re an idol} and he recognises you? angsty please, thank you, fighting 💜

Taehyung x Y/N

A/N: I’m literally so sorry this took me so long; coursework deadlines have been a mess; but I hope this lives up to your standards. (apologies for any spelling errors) Much love, Ally.


“Yah! Y/N I asked you a question” Taehyung shouted at me as he had me pinned up against the wall with his friends standing behind him sniggering.

“I-I don’t know” I muttered

“What did I say about not doing my homework on time?” he sighed

“T-that, you would p-publicly embarrass me” I stuttered

“Urgh, it really hurts me to do this Y/N-ah, but you said it yourself.. be at the school gates tomorrow 8am sharp and await your punishment”
he hissed, releasing my bruised wrists from his grasp.

Taehyung, the schools angel.. or so everyone thought.. he was a bully, my bully.. each year a person would be targeted.. just for the sake of his own entertainment and homework slave, someone who was in atleast two of his classes, quiet, loner, someone who blended in so well with the crowd that no one knew who they was even though they’ve been attending the school since nursery, me.

I regretted my decision to stand up to him as my time with ticking away, second by second, minute by minute, my time was running out and was nearing the time of my public appearance. Taehyung hated me for knowing him so well, we were friends .. believe it or not, before all of this, the bullying happened, the fact that I knew him better then anyone else made his blood boil.. the fact that I didn’t tell his deepest darkest secrets to anyone irritated him even more.

As my time ticked away, I wiped away the tears I shed for someone I used to know, if I was going to be embarrassed publicly I was planning to take it with pride.


I met the dusk of dawn from the view of my window, looking upon the settled fog and the blazing rays of the sun, aware of my surroundings and the fact that I didn’t have any sleep last night.

“Let’s get this over with” I mumbled to myself, I had my spare clothes in my bag just incase Taehyung decided to get his boys to cover me in food, my hair in a bun and no makeup, I was practically bulletproof(that irony I was yet to understand), as I could wipe away the mess within a matter of moments.

Standing in front of the gates, awaiting for his army of minions to attack me, I stood there pondering how we got to this exact moment, how he was once in love with me, how that love was now hate and how it was so evident within his eyes, he looked at me in disgust, in rage, in wrath .. how did we end up here Taehyung?

he approached me , cupping my cheek and stroking his cold thumb across my sensitive skin, for a moment I thought I saw a glimpse of regret.

“I’m not sorry it came down to this, this is what happens when you don’t do what I ask Y/N” he smirked, nudging past me as he walked away into the school.

At the very moment a bunch of boys, I’m guessing from outside of school came zooming by on the motorcycles throwing tomatoes and eggs at me, some even throwing balloons filled with flour, students crowded round with their phones recording everything as I was targeted.

Although, I expected this, I didn’t think he’d actually go through with it.
Unbeknown to him, I made myself a promise that night depending on whether he’d actually go through with it or not. He was unaware that, that very day.. was the last he’d ever see of me.

~present day~

I wiped away the excess oil from my skin and awaited the makeup artist to begin painting me as her finest portrait. Reminiscing on the day I ran away, while the artist powdered my face evenly. A year and a half of being a trainee was worth it, although I was shy and insular I was hard working and consistent regardless of my hardships, 2years after my debut, my group “Primrose” we’re doing so well, we had fans globally and our fan base were increasing by the day. They called themselves “primrosettes”, touring globally didn’t leave time for me to be aware of other groups, I was either rehearsing, eating, sleeping or pooping. Although, the other 4 girls in my group were adamant in making sure I network with other idols, I refrained as much as possible.

“30minutes” one of the staff shouted

“30 minutes till go time” I thought.

“Y/N, you’re done, just go get your hair straightened up” the artist spoke

“Okay, Gamsamida Unnie” I hummed
She nodded; continuing to a free chair I waited for my stylist to add the finishing touches.

“Yah! apparently BTS are going to be at our performance” Jae Hee nudged me, stopping me from getting a few minutes shut eye.

“Okay” I replied

“Unnieeeee, come on! Don’t you know who BTS are?” she nudged again, jumping up and down while using her whiney voice.

“Annniiii, can you stop jumping on me” I hissed

“They are the hottest boy group right no-”

“Okay, go away and tell someone else”

“Ani, so there’s Jin Oppa; Suga Oppa; JHope Oppa; Rap Monster Oppa; Jimin Oppa; V Oppa and Jungkook Oppa”

“Yah! are they your friends to be calling them Oppa?”

“Aish, sunbae’s then sunbaenim”

“Arrasso, what kinda of name is V anyway” I laughed

“It’s his stage name, his real name is Ta-”

“5minutes, come on girls” She was cut by the sound of the staff member

“Performing “Tink” by Primrose, Y/N, Jae Hee, Ji Hye, Dalnim and Yoonah”

Our names were called and we took the stage ready to wow our audience.

Taehyung’s POV


“huh?” Jimin asked

“Uh, nothing.. I thought I heard one of the girls names to be Y/N” I chuckled while rubbing the nape of my neck

“Mm, you heard correct, she’s the one in the middle, she’s similar to Jungkook actually, she’s the best at singing, rapping and dancing in her group”

“Ohh” I mumbled

scratching my head as I tried to recall the person who I missed so much since that day, 3 and half years since I’ve last seen her, her cheeks had the beautifulest shade of peach, her hair would always cascade down her face so prettily, her soul was nothing but warmth, Y/N..

The girl that was reported missing by her parents, 2years ago, but was withdrawn through some form of contact.

I remembered that day so vividly, how she effortlessly came into school that day, outside the gates, hair tied, no makeup, it seemed as though she was in a hurry from over sleeping, yet she looked so beautiful.

Smearing her tear across her cheek with the pad of my thumb, I admired her natural beauty, if only she knew, it wasn’t out of hate that I bullied her, but out of love, the boys were going to bully her anyway.. physically, I prevented it through only public embarrassment. Oh, the hatred she must’ve held for me, the disgust she must have towards me.. it must still remain.

“Oh, I thought it was Y/N L/N who was performing” I chuckled, hoping that it was secretly so I once can be reassured that she’s alive.

“Mmm it is hyung, you know her?” Jungkook asked

“ermm, something like that” I explained

I wonder if she would ever look at me again, should I show her my face? I must.. mustn’t I?

I deserve a slap and a kick and a punch, I deserve everything that’s coming my way.

I admired the way she swayed her hips, the way her voice soothed my soul, her face was something sculpted by the Greek gods. Oh, how I missed her, her presence, her being, I missed Y/N so much, hoping that I’d find her one day.


Her performance was over, and the band and I needed to greet the girls, as a part of our network.

“Yah! I can’t wait to meet Y/N, she’s so pretty!” Jungkook whispered to Jimin.

Backstage we entered their dressing room, there she was seated, tapping her foot to the rhythm of the song given by her ear phones, she looked undeniably breath taking, even with the sweat beads resting on her skin as though she was glistening.

the other girls stood up, bowing to us, while she stayed seated, unaware of our presence.

“Yah! Unnie, come say hello” one of the girls nudged at her.

“Ani, I’m busy!” she hissed

“Sorry about that, Y/N can be quite insular and antisocial” one of the girls giggled

“Ani, I AM insular and antisocial” she corrected

Still the same Y/N, just a tougher backbone.

“Y/N?” I spoke , while approaching her.

“What? can you not see I’m-”
she shouted turning around, stopping as she noticed who I was.

“doing something..” she continued returning her focus back to her phone

“Y/N? do you remember me?”

“No, who are you?” she hissed, stabbing a knife into my heart purposely, I already saw the fear cloud her eyes when she noticed it was me, pretending to not know me.. to hurt me, she knew what she was doing.

“Kim Taehyung.. we grew up together, I lo-”

“I recall, the one who bullied me, causing me to run away? how could I forget you” she chuckled, after cutting me.

“I can explain Y/N-ah!, Just give me a-”

“chance?” she cut

“3years too late, anyway I have to go, I have an appointment” she hurried

“Nice to meet you, Namjoon sunbae, Jin sunbae, Yoongi sunbae, Hoesok sunbae..” she bowed to the others, apologising for her rudeness

leaving me to fade out in the abyss I call my memory.
Standing there, frozen, clueless as to what to do as I watched the love of my life run out of the door. It’s amazing how someone’s presence can flood you with all the emotions and feelings you’ve ever felt for that person simultaneously at once.

“Oppa? Can I call you Oppa?” I heard

“Mm” I nodded as I sat there in the once occupied seat of my love, zoned out of reality.

“here,” she handed my a piece of paper with a number on it.

“it’s her number, I didn’t realise you were the taehyung she was talking about in her diary, or the one she sometimes screams when she has nightmares” the mature girl spoke .

“I’m Dalnim ” she said sticking out her hand to shake mine

“Thank you,” I smiled

“She says that, a lot of the time you think you know someone but you don’t know them at all, I guess she’s referencing you?” she asked

“Mm” I nodded

“Well-” she stopped herself

“Give her a call sometime, try work things out, if anything you can have my number and I can set her up so she meets up with you” she suggested

“I think that’s the only way she will meet me if I’m honest” I chucked.

“Well, we have a break in two weeks, she likes afternoon tea, so I’ll tell her meet me at our favourite place, and then you’ll be there instead, I’ll text you the address and everything” she suggested

“Thank you Dalnim” I smiled

“Anytime Oppa”
she sang.


It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen Taehyung at our last concert.

his voice sounded somewhat nostalgic to me, hearing my name leave his lips left my heart thumping in anticipation for when is my next punishment.

“Unnie,” Dalnim called.

“Mm” I answered

“ let’s have afternoon tea at 6,”

“hmm sure, which place?”

“Dina Rose’s?”

“sure, a-”

“okay I’ll meet you in an hour, I have to go buy a couple things and run some errands” she scurried off


she seemed suspicious but I thought nothing of it.

an hour passed and I made my way to dina’s it was my favourite little place, with the cute sandwiches, cupcakes and desserts.

walking in through the shop I greeted Dina Rose herself.

“Here to see Dalnim?” she asked


walking me over to the table I saw a masculine frame, the closer I got, the more I recognised the stature .. Taehyung.

I could either flee or face this head on, before I could make my mind up Dina whispered “this young man has been waiting an hour, talking to himself, I think he has cue cards so he knows what to say, hear him out” she smiled.

“Dalnim set you up to this isn’t it?”

She nodded and actioned me to take a seat.

“Taehyung” I stated

“Y/N!” he stated, standing up from his seat.

“Sit down, stop being so melodramatic” I sighed

“Aren’t you surprised I’m here?”

“Initially, but then I thought something was suspicious”

“Okay, let me explain mys-”

“What for? what’s done is done” I huffed

“But ”

“But nothing Taehyung, there I exchanged some words with you, I’ll be leaving first” I stated while getting up

“Wait!” he stood up

“Wait wha-”

I was cut by the softness of his lips collided with mine, too shaken up by the fact that I thought he was going to assault me I stood there shaking.

Pulling away, he grasped my hips to steady my balance.

“What’s wrong?” he mumbled

“I thought you were going to h-hit m-me” I stuttered

“Why would I hit you?”

“Because after the school day a bunch of boys were waiting for me in the alley near my house saying that Taehyung sent them, they physically abused me, then ran away”

falling to his knees, crying while grasping the floor beneath him.

“Y/N, I know you can never forgive me, but I am so sorry, for everything, I did it to protect you from getting physically hurt, I thought eggs and tomatoes were better then feet and fists, they just wouldn’t leave you alone, so I thought if I bullied you they would but they wouldn’t and I just, I just , I don’t know what I was thinking and I -I ” he waffled on

helping him up I wiped away the tears resting on his cheeks. smiling weakly.

“I forgave you along time ago”


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Oh mygoodness the ask box is open I'm so unprepared... .. [pulls out carefully crafted list of requests] if you're comfortable writing pregnancy could I request omega! Hanzo and reaper telling their alpha they're going to have multiple pups? (And if it's cool can hanzo's alpha be mccree and Reaper's be 76? Idk if you only do pairings with s/o but either way, cheers!)

Both ships are gud w me nonny ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)b Tbh ships are free-rein on this lil blog okay
Also my omega bois,,,, yes,,,,,, //sheds single tear thank u,,,,

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