i have seriously benn laughing at this word for like ten minutes

Jamie Benn imagine

Montreal has a pitbull ban so Jordie couldn’t take Juice with him (i think ?) so this is either Jamie taking care of Juice after Jordie’s trade or he’s just randomly walking his brother’s dog any other time before that…enjoy :)

500 words

(i’m still not over how good he looks in this gif)

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You were just finishing your morning jog in the park when you saw a cute dog sitting near one of the benches all alone. Normally you wouldn’t approach a random dog if you didn’t know that it was harmless but this little buddy just calmly walked over to you and rolled over, presenting his belly for you to rub.

“Hey buddy,” you slowly reached out to him,”what are you doing here all alone?”

The dog whined a bit and started wiggling, definitely demanding more belly rubs. You got to work and petted him for a bit before standing up again. The dog sat up as well and looked up at you with his big brown puppy eyes.

“Let’s go look for your mommy or daddy, okay?”

You walked forward a bit and were delighted to see the dog follow you. You started your jogging pace again and your new friend started running beside you. You ran for maybe ten minutes when you heard a guy calling for … juice? Beside you the dog stopped and so did you. He whined so you bend down and petted his head.

“Is that your daddy buddy? Let’s get you home okay?”

You followed the man’s voice until you saw an attractive man walking threw the park hastily. He saw the dog and came closer. Your new friend looked up at him then at you then at him again and when he couldn’t decide what to do he flopped down on the ground again and presented his belly for rubs. The man kneeled down and happy obliged.

“Oh Juice you little devil I thought you had run away again. You know Jordie would kill me. Don’t do that again you hear me?”

He clicked a leash on his collar and stood up.

“Thank you so much for keeping him safe. I don’t know what I would have done if something happened to him.”

“It’s okay but Juice, seriously? Do you have another dog called Smoothie running around?”

The attractive stranger started to laugh.

“No. He’s my brother’s dog. I actually have no idea why Jordie named him Juice but oh well. I’m Jamie by the way.”

He held out his hand and you shook it.

“Y/N. Pleasure to meet you. You shouldn’t let him run around like that or you’ll get in trouble with your brother.”

“Well, I have to thank you for finding him and basically saving my ass. Would it be too awkward to ask for your number?”

He chuckled a bit and looked down shyly. He was a stranger but he was also cute and kind of had a dog so whatever.

“It would be awkward but I’ll give it to you anyway. You are kinda cute so if you ever want to hang out…”

He gave his phone to you and you tipped in your number. You petted Juice one last time and turned around to walk away but only managed to walk for a few yards before your phone rang.

“Hey, I know you’re supposed to wait like three days before you call but do you want to go get coffee?”