i have seriously been waiting to make this part

YIKES! Part 2 was haaaaaard to watch! I hate r*cas and j*shaya very much, so yes that was hard for me, but even more so I just hated that everything the characters were saying was a direct contradiction of what we have been seeing on screen since the show began.

I’m telling you, it was baaaaad. I cannot wait for these ships to crash and burn so that the writing makes sense again! And of course, we will get Lucaya and Riarkle 😊😊

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'i don’t think he wants to be taken seriously as an actor per se' lol, how does that even make a lick of sense. as we've all said before, this movie is a Big Deal, this is probably the biggest deal he could ever have been apart of as his first acting gig, harry isn't stupid, taking on a role like this isn't a flippant decision to make and i am 100% that he is out to do the absolute best he can. he would not have taken the part if he wasn't serious about acting, he's up for this and i can't wait!

Listen, I know! And Nolan wouldn’t have chose him if he knew Harry wasn’t 100% serious about acting. Harry has been busting his ass making connections and networking for years. He is serious about every professional endeavor, and if he wasn’t he wouldn’t commit to it. He’s not going to be flippant about something that involves his career. He has worked so hard to build a great reputation in the industry which you can see any time another person in the industry praises how unexpectedly nice he was when they met him. So I truly doubt he went into this going “ah I don’t really care about acting but WHY NOT!” knowing that that kind of attitude would destroy some of his integrity in the industry.