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Why couldn’t Syndicate be written and programmed this way:

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Because the way they set up the game, they made it feel like the primary focus was going to be the Rooks, and all it ended up being was an optional thing at best without much focus unless you actually used them or took down Blighter strongholds (and even that wasn’t as I expected it would be).

Why couldn’t the game—since it divided Evie and Jacob to begin with when it came to their missions—been about Jacob focusing primarily on the Blighters with a separate area he called home from the train while Evie kept to the train? Why couldn’t Jacob be underground somewhere or focused in the streets listening to the talks of the Blighter activity and then his major boss battles were the gang leaders and then Maxwell Roth?

Jacob could have been elsewhere in London with a hub of his own full of Rooks he could get information from, items from, and even recruit some from the Fight Club whenever he won or some people on the streets as he spoke so eagerly about getting people together from all blocks of life and yet, all we see, is him turning Blighters to Rooks and not much else (minus some orphans).

His side quests could have been focused on the people’s problems, recruiting new members from random places, and once a stronghold fell, the areas could be improved with the money you gained—making each stronghold reinforced and like another home away from home.

Jacob’s gang wars could be more focused about him and his Rooks and the fact that Evie wanted no partake in it anyways it would have made more sense. It would have even made the ‘they’re thriving’ praise from Henry seem more excitable with Evie unaware of what Jacob was actually doing until learning from the streets.

Evie could have been more focused on the Templars and the Piece of Eden like she was from the very beginning. Jacob only wanted the Templars because he was bloodthirsty and written horribly. The Rook idea wouldn’t feel so random and out of left field if they just let Jacob’s story stay focused on that.

This would take the ‘terror’ out of Jacob’s hands, make him seem more like his trailer ego AND a part of the sibling bickering would be gone. It would make the scene where Evie is even seen standing in the crowd of the Fight Club ideal as she’s probably waiting for her brother to finish his rounds to talk to him seriously about something. Evie and Jacob could have had a more friendly rivalry where Jacob would prove his Rooks are the key and Evie would prove they do not need them only to come to an understanding in the end.

The ‘I hate my twin’ trope has been done to death, and I just was so happy that it might not be in this game only to find otherwise. Also, I was expecting that Jacob was going to be this ‘big boss’ nobody heard or saw much of from the streets or from some of the Rooks themselves given some trailers.

Why didn’t they think to do the game this way?

More Kylo Musings

I’ve been pondering some things (as I do) about Kylo, the more spoilers we get and the more meta is published. There are two things I’d like to discuss.

The first, is Han’s death. As a die hard Han Solo fan, since the age of 7!!! (now 46) no one in my circle was as shocked and grieved about his death as me. Star Wars wouldn’t have been Star Wars without Han, and that light is now gone from our midst. It was like a body slam to me, and because of that I couldn’t even appreciate the rest of the film (Kylo and Rey’s duel) because of it. It wasn’t until I got the DVD that I was able to go back and watch (repeatedly) the battle to cement my Reylo conclusions. But back to Han. As a beloved character in cinematic history, killing him off was a major risk for the franchise’s fans. And at the hands of his own son, no less. That is like, some heavy stuff. So I am absolutely certain that the risk they took was for GOOD; to show the power of love and redemption. We already know through both the novel and the movie that Han forgave Ben. The novel says not only did he forgive him, but that he hoped one day Ben could forgive HIM. He knew he failed his son. His actions as an adult were the result of a tortured childhood. In retrospect, as much as I love Han, he was always a bit selfish. The entirety of Star Wars was him trying to get away from the fight he knew he should help out in, even being scolded by Chewie for not pitching in and helping. I know he loved Leia, and I am sure he loved his son. But his eyes were always on the skies with one foot out the door. Having a Force strong son who probably was nothing like him, coupled with Snoke being in his head and tormenting him, no doubt made the already flightly Han Solo even more itchy to bolt. While the Princess and the Smuggler were in love, they were not able to co-exist together unless it was under the blanket of war. Neither were to blame for that, but when you have a child, you have to put them first. Obviously, neither could. So yeah, I DO blame Han for not being stronger for his son, and for taking the easy way out by leaving. That guilt displayed itself on Takodana when he saw Ben carrying Rey to his shuttle, and when he called to him on Star Killer. His eyes full of tears of regret and anger at failing his son, and facing what his son had become as a result of it. No, I don’t think Han is TOTALLY to blame. But if a parent doesn’t do their job, you can’t very well blame the child.  The movie depicts him tenderly placing his palm against his son’s cheek, for the last time. A lifetime of regret and apologies was in that touch. The writers didn’t want our last view of Han to be hating his son. That would show that his death was in vain, and no peace would ensue. Han made his peace with his decision to walk out on that catwalk. And he absolved his son of the sin of patricide, even as he was dying. So for that reason alone, we are led to believe that forgiveness was granted.

The second thing I keep coming back to concerns Rey. JJ Abrams said they’ve never met. At least, not physically. We know that Rey had a vision of Kylo. But has Kylo had a vison of Rey, offscreen? And his words, IT IS YOU - is that merely him pointing out the awakening in the Force he felt was Rey, or is it something else? I love how they are keeping mum about any Kylo/Rey connections. It makes me hope some shocking revelation is coming and I can’t wait. There has been a lot of love at first sight theories going on, and I agree. At least on Kylo’s part. He is clearly not prepared for her, and probably didn’t even realize how much she would affect him. I know much has been speculated about his prior history with women, and I have to believe he is totally ignorant in that respect. Adam called Kylo a religious fanatic, like a dark Monk. While the Darkside no doubt allows indulging your baser instincts, I seriously doubt Kylo had any sexual activity with anyone. I think he’d been so consumed with anger and his ‘duties’. Besides, before that he was a Jedi, and it was forbidden to form attachments. So here comes this young woman, pretty and strong into his midst. Unlike any woman he’s known, and she has the Force. Could you imagine his mindset in that forest, the desperation to keep her close? How long had it been since anyone touched his soul like that, or shared his thoughts? If he was 'innocent’, as I think, how long since a woman had looked upon him with any real emotion? Of course, in Rey’s case it was revulsion, but there is a thin line between love and hate. He begged her to allow him to train her. And I believe he was sincere. He wanted to be understood. He could have killed her a dozen times, but he didn’t. I believe he knows he’s found a kindred spirit in her, and killing her would kill the last bit of light inside of him. He needs her, like he’s never needed anything. And that disturbs and confuses him even more.

Sure, as a Reylo shipper I want them to go the distance. I’m dying to see them fall in love, and I’m dying to see Kylo redeemed. But it’s out of my hands. So I’ll just have to speculate and hope. But I can’t see why these events would be set in motion, if not for that to happen.

Yin fen?

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Words: 1250
A/N: im so sorry if this is utter shit but it is super late, and im super tired. But i just had to make this because i hate making people wait… hope you like it. xx

You were at the pub with Alec and Magnus. You sat in box a bit longer into the pub, staring at Alec and Magnus flirting in the bar. You smiled of happiness for your best friend. It was nice to see him like this, happy and with the special glow of being in love. You fiddled with your drink, the drops started to roll down the glass, and you stopped it with your finger. “Waiting for someone special, pretty lady?” You looked at the drop on your finger, before drying it of in the napkin.

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12x22 "Red Light"

Can I just say how beautiful and adorable that little reunion was between Derek and Penelope? Their friendship and love for each other is just flawless. And when Derek gave her “the talk” about how she should be a little nicer to Luke and she went all “it’s complicated”. He laughed as if he knew or could sense something about the way Penelope was acting towards Luke. And I don’t know how Penelope would find it’s complicated to be nicer to Luke unless she knows she feels something toward him. Maybe her way of acting aloof with him is to block the growing feelings.

The reunion between Diana and Spencer couldn’t have been more beautiful and tear-worthy than how it was shown. I cried so hard when they hugged and how she said “don’t leave me; ever again” LIKE GOSH, my aching heart. What I love about their relationship is through every single trouble, they’re still there for each other. Diana depends onto Reid a lot and the same goes with Reid. So, watching them being reunited like that, my heart is cured from all the pain I felt when he was in prison.

BUT onto what’s more important: I CANNOT BELIEVE THE FINALE ENDED LIKE THAT. Like why? I had a feeling that it would be as the time was ticking away and were were left with only 7 mins left for the show. Here’s a few theories or little details that I caught on, making me suspicious here and there as soon as Derek arrived.

Scratch hacked through Penelope’s phone, sending a message about Reid. He’s good, he’s savvy with the tech. Okay, we got that. That immediately sent the whole team racing towards wherever he could be. HERE IS WHERE MY THEORY RUNS: what if that message was trap like Emily said? They had just assumed it was a trap FOR Derek or FOR them to run into if they follow the instructions. But what if Scratch knew that Derek would come to the team with the message, bc he knows his baby girl VERY WELL. After showing the message, Scratch possibly knew that the team would head HIS WAY and that’s HOW he set up those damn traps on the road. And that’s how the finale ended, with both SUV getting hit but Emily’s car seems to have gotten the worst part of the incident. THAT’S what the WRITERS want us to rant or worry about until September on whether the team are okay. BUT WHAT if the real situation here is Penelope? Did ANYONE else not find the MAN that Emily spoke for a few seconds w/ before she saw Derek, SUSPICIOUS? THE WAY HE LOOKED BACK LIKE THAT, as if he was waiting for the arrival of Derek to inform about the message. And not to mention at how the writers been inputting how Garcia is slowly reaching her breaking point. What if that crash was a distraction? A trap? What if Penelope is Scratch’s true target? I mean, Derek had said that he changed his flight and will be staying for another day so he could see Reid. Obviously that would mean that he would be around the area WHEN the team got hit by the truck. What if Shemar is coming for another special episode, the premiere of Season 13? I mean, the goodbye between Derek and Penelope was all lovely but before the scene was gone, the last shot indicated toward an empty hallway. Clearly, no one isn’t around (besides the 1000 agents) GARCIA at the moment. And sadly, the scene did go on for FAR TOO LONG to just be considered as a simple goodbye.

I may be going out on a limb here, just rambling like crazy (bc it’s a huge possibility) BUT TO ME AT THE MOMENT, it’s what truly makes sense. If the team got hit like this, it was a trap made by scratch obviously - we all know that. Here’s the thing: Scratch has been mentioned to be incredibly smart and careful with every single thing he does. Why just a simple car crash or simple barbwires on the road? That’s definitely NOT his style of torturing the team. We’ve all seen what he is capable of. Why would he go through all that trouble to just aim to make the team get hit like this?

There has to be another alternate motive behind this. Or maybe this is just a part of me where I have always been like since the end of season 3. At how I’ve BEEN WAITING FOR A PERSONAL ARC story for Penelope. She is the sole member (besides the new ones) to not have a really good lengthy arc. Other than this craziness of mine (I apologize), I did like the finale. The reunion between Spencer and Diana, Derek and the team - it was all truly beautiful. BUT SERIOUSLY WRITERS?! THE CRASH?! YOU’VE DONE THIS PLENTY OF TIMES AS CLIFFHANGERS!!!

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Hi, uh, if you don't mind, I'd love to see more of that killugon celebrity au you wrote a while back. If you do want to write more for it, I don't wanna force you to write it right away, since you're already pretty busy at the moment. If you want, you can just ignore this message completely, cause I don't wanna force you to do anything. I just thought I'd mention it cause I really liked it. But yeah, that's all, bye.

So…I find this kind of funny bc I wrote the celebrity au months ago, and then out of no where I got two requests for it in one week haha

But I’ve been seriously slacking for requests considering how many I have sitting in my inbox right now, so I hope this makes up for that slightly! Sorry for the wait guys ^^;

Killugon, modern celebrity au! (Part one)

“Alluka!” Killua shouts as he runs down the stairs, taking two at a time. “Alluka?! Do you see that crowd of people out-”

Killua stops short at the bottom steps, dread pooling into the bottom of his gut.

“-side?” he finishes after a beat.

“Brother!” Alluka jumps up with a radiant smile and the stranger sitting across from her twists around in the wooden chair. His caramel-gold eyes brighten the second they land on Killua.

“Killua!” Jajaken says loudly and something deep within Killua’s chest flutters at the all too familiar voice.

God damnit. He thought he was done with this crap.

“…you,” Killua says. “Jajaken. Why are you here?”

“Killua!” Alluka gasps as Jajaken pouts. “Don’t be rude!”

Killua presses his lips together tightly. Right. Alluka likes this guy. He better play nice or he would definitely hear it later.

“And my name is Gon Freecss, not Jajaken,” the celebrity points out. Killua just makes a face at Jaja- Gon, his name is Gon- and slowly pads into the kitchen. 

He ignores the weight of Gon’s gaze digging into the side of his face as he reaches for the filled coffee pot. He says, “That doesn’t answer my first question. What the hell are you doing in my house?”

Alluka immediately chirps, “He’s visiting! Isn’t that right, Gon?”

Killua nearly gags. His sister sounds like a love-struck teenager.

Gon’s laughter reverberates around the small room like bells though, like he doesn’t mind the attention, and why would he- Jajaken is a international star. Meeting him accidentally nearly a week ago now after passing out and falling into his arms on the red carpet had been surreal enough. Turning around and seeing the guy sitting at Killua’s kitchen table, all bursting grins and caramel skin and melodic voice-

Killua’s face starts to grow warm and he inwardly curses. He’s so stupid. God.

“I am visiting, but I have a question to ask, actually,” Gon admits, tone almost shy. He peeks at Killua and the pale teen’s stomach flips. 

What was going on?!

“I, um. I wanted to know….Killua, would you like to spend the day with me? I only have a few more days here and you offered to show me the sights of Yorknew when we met last week.”

Killua’s mind whirls. He had said that, sure, but. He never expected Gon to take him up on the offer! He’d assumed the famous freckled teen had other, better things to do than follow Killua around.

But the way Gon stares at him, gaze shinning with something that Killua recognizes as curiosity-eagerness-hope-

“I’ll take you anywhere you want for lunch, it that will convince you,” Gon offers and Killua straightens.

“Anywhere?” he asks, trying to keep the excitement out of his tone. “You’re not lying to me, are you Freecss?”

Gon’s smile is bemused. “Mhm, anywhere you want.”

Killua’s heart pounds. Anywhere, Gon said. That means he can drag Gon to that new super expensive chocolate store downtown and make him buy all the sweets Killua could ever want… 

“Is that a yes?” Gon asks.

Okay, sure. Why not? If a celebrity wants Killua’s attention, he isn’t about to say no. 

“Yeah,” Killua says as a grin starts to tug at his lips. “It’s a yes.”

Gon’s entire face lights up, like Killua had just told him he won the lottery. “Great! It’s a date then!”

Killua’s smile freezes in place. Wait, what?

“A…date?” he says weakly and when Gon laughs again, Killua’s mouth goes dry.

How could laughter sound so stupidly nice like that?!

“Yep!” Gon says happily. “Go get dressed and we’ll head out. Okay?“

Killua doesn’t know what to say to that. But then Alluka jerks her head to the stairs and Killua’s feet somehow start to move of their own accord.

He’s passing the front door again when he hears Gon say thoughtfully to his sister, “We should probably go out your basement though, if that’s okay with you. I don’t want the paparazzi to see us leaving. I could always tell them Killua is just someone I keep running into, but I’d rather avoid them all together…”

Killua’s head spins and he takes a deep breath to steady his pounding heart. If this is what the morning was like, today was sure to be one hell of a day.

Looking for a second matchmaker!


Have you ever wanted to make matches for strangers on the Internet?

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Love,  JewishDating

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Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Vilde make the "real bus boss" post about Sara? Also weren't some of the bus girls, when Sana overheard, saying that Vilde told them Elias called Sana slave, without context? What happened to Vilde was awful & no one should have to deal with being bullied like that but she certainly dumped on Sana to fit in on that bus. It's sad that Isak figured out something was wrong before the girl squad. It annoys me that Sana will end up groveling while they get a pass.

halla anon! 

yes, right now it does seem like vilde has said some stuff about sana to the other girls. but we literally have no idea exactly what she said, or how she said it. those girls also concluded that the fight had to be about “they are gay and the other guys are muslim” without really knowing anything at all, so im hesitant to take anything they say too seriously. 

about the bus boss thing, i do think that if you go back and watch the earlier episodes, you see that vilde starts acting a bit strange after they join the pepsi max girls and sana takes over the bus boss position. the chat where they talk about it, eva and noora are a bit negative, while chris is positive and sana is saying they shouldn’t be so negative, while vilde isn’t saying anything at all. in a chat about the bus! which has been her number one priority their entire time at nissen. so basically, vilde loses her position as the bus boss and she is suddenly on the same bus as the people who threw her out of their bus last year. we know how insecure vilde is, and i think it makes perfect sense for her to work as hard as she possibly can to fit in with these girls this time around. including sucking up to sara as much as she can. and i do think they all became friends for a while, at least eva, chris and vilde seemed to enjoy hanging out with them, until all this drama started, and once again the pm girls proved that they had no problems with going after vilde in a very cruel way, proving vilde wasn’t really considered a part of their group after all.

and of course, this doesn’t excuse her behaviour towards sana, whatever it is that she has said to the pm girls and how she continues to be very ignorant about sanas religion. i really really do hope we’ll get a good scene where all of that is addressed, because it really should be. and the fact that sana is now in a position where she is asking the girls for forgiveness for the account, doesn’t mean that they can’t also realise that they have been inconsiderate towards sana a good amount of times during this season. at least i hope so! i don’t think we’ll have apologies and explanations for every single thing that has happened during this season, but i think we will see them making it up to her somehow, either by sticking up for her and being the amazing group of girls we know they can be or by ackowledging that they haven’t been the best of friends to sana lately. and i really cannot wait, i love the girl squad together and i seriously doubt that this season will end without them all being on good terms! 

Marketing Tactics and Shipping; the Story of the Next Generation of Naruto

So another trailer for the upcoming Boruto movie came out not too long ago as PeaceLover2blog pointed out to me. And judging by what the trailer promised us, it seems as if the prediction I made a week or so before the trailer was even released turned out to be correct and we are going to find out the identity of Mitsuki’s parent(s) in the movie (even though all signs seem to point to Orochimaru), which may also mean that the identity of Metal’s mom will also be revealed in the movie.

And I know some of you are probably thinking to yourself “Well if that the case, why doesn’t the trailer advertise the movie revealing who Metal’s mother is?” I can give you two reasons as to why the trailer doesn’t bother with the mystery of whom the mother of Metal could be.

1. Mitsuki plays a more central role in the movie than Metal does.

2. The “mystery” of the identity of Metal’s mom really isn’t much of a mystery to those who have an eye for detail.

But regardless, this trailer is just another link in the chain of everlasting ship-teasing that is Naruto; The Next Generation.

I swear, practically every Naruto release after Chapter 699 has been part of a grand plan to lead the shippers on so they can give all their money to the people who make Naruto (Kishimoto, Shonen Jump, Studio Perriot, etc.) just so they can piece together the left out parts of their favorite romances. 

Seriously, with all that has gone over since chapter 700, I can just picture this hypothetical conversation between Kishimoto and the fans.

Naruto Fan: Wait, the Naruto manga is almost over, but what about the characters? What happened to them? Who did they end up with? I NEED TO KNOW!!

Kishimoto: So you want to know the fates of the characters huh? Well just so happens that I’m releasing an epilogue chapter simultaneously with Chapter 699, so you should go buy the latest issue of Shonen Jump to find out what happened to Naruto and the others. Trust me, I think you all will be satisfied.

Naruto Fan: Wait, Chapter 700 showed us that all these couples became canon and they produced all these kids. How did all these people hook up?

Kishimoto: So you want to know how these couples became canon huh? Well just so happens that I’m working with Studio Perriot on the Last Naruto Movie, and the film happens to be all about romance. So you should go buy a ticket and see the film to find out how these couples happened. Trust me, it’ll be a worthwhile watch.

Naruto Fan: Wait, the film only showed NaruHina with some slight SasuSaku. What about the other ships? What’s their story?

Kishimoto: So you want to know the stories of the side characters huh? Well just so happens that I have these series of books coming out. They are called “Naruto Hiden” and they fill in the blanks as to what happen between Chapters 699 and 700. So you should go to your local book store and buy every installment that you can. Trust me, they are an interesting read.

Naruto Fan: Wait, those books didn’t cover all the side characters. What about that cat lady that Kiba was with in chapter 700? What’s her deal? Is she Kiba’s girlfriend/wife?

Kishimoto: So you want to know what’s the deal with Kiba and Tamaki huh? Well just so happens that I made a mini chapter explaining the situation between those two. However, I gave it to the people behind the Naruto art exhibit, and it’s now part of the showing. So you should pay for admittance of the exhibit if you want to know what Kiba and Tamaki are to each other. Trust me, you won’t be wasting your time.

Naruto Fan: Wait, you been so dead set on establishing how the canon couples got together, you didn’t take the time to flesh out the new children. What about them?

Kishimoto: So you want me to do stuff with the next generation huh? Well just so happens that I’m making a 10 chapter mini-series centered on the new batch of children, with stories of their own to develop their origins as well as their character. So you should make sure that you don’t miss one chapter of this exciting mini-series. Trust me, you are going to love it.

Naruto Fan: …KIshi?

Kishimoto: Yes?

Naruto Fan: You have been pulling us around for the past couple of months. It started out being sort of cute, you playing coy with our favorite characters and such, but now it’s getting ridiculous. I have long accepted the fact that you probably will not go into much detail about most of the canon ships or the offspring of said ships. But there are still two questions that need to be answered.

Kishmoto: Ask away then.

Naruto Fan: Who is Mitsuki? And what’s the deal with the Mini-Lee traing with Rock Lee in chapter 700?

Kishimoto: So you want to kno-

Naruto Fan: ENOUGH!! NO MORE! No more tricks. No more beating around the bush. No more of this utter nonsense. Just tell us what we need to know.

Kishimoto: Well I could tell you about about Mitsuki and his origin.

Naruto Fan: …And?

Kishimoto: The thing is, Studio Perriot and I have this new movie coming out, featuring all the next generation children.

Naruto Fan: And let me guess. We have to go see the movie in order to know everything about Mitsuki. Right?

Kshimoto: Now you’re catching on.

Naurto Fan: *groan* Fine then, what about Mini-Lee?

Kishimoto: Oh him. Well I can give some detail on him.

Naruto Fan: R-really?

Kishimoto: Sure. Why not?

Naruto Fan: Well? What are you waiting for? Details man, details!

Kishimoto: Well, the kids name is Metal.

Naruto Fan: Yes.

Kishimoto: He’s in the same class as Boruto and the others.

Naruto Fan: Yes!

Kishimoto: He’s Rock Lee’s son.

Naruto Fan: YES!!!!

Kishimoto: *deep breath* And that’s it.

Naruto Fan: …that’s IT!?!?

Kishimoto: That’s it.

Naruto Fan: Bu-but what about Metal’s mom. Who is she? Is it Tenten? I mean, Metal has her eyes and his ninja headband is black like Tenten’s instead of red like Lee and Gai’s are. Plus Tenten’s bangs now resemble Lee’s youthful fringe. So am I right in saying that Tenten could be Metal’s mom?

Kishimoto: I can’t confirm nor deny your assumption at the moment, but perhaps the upcoming movie may or may not have the answers you’re looking for.

Naruto Fan: …When does the film come out?

Kishimoto: August 7th of this year. Make sure you bring your friends and family along so they can enjoy the film with you. Trust me, you’ll be completely satisfied.

Naruto Fan: Trust me, I won’t.

And as we all like to say how despicable Kishimoto and company are with toying with the emotions of all the shippers, particularly with how Naruto Gaiden messed with both SasuSaku and SasuKarin. The fact of the matter is that what they are doing is making us acquire anything Naruto related.

We can’t deny it either. We all have been clamoring for as much information on the Next Generation as possible. Whether it’s from leaks of chapter 700, fan translations of the novel appearing on Tumblr, or how Tumblr is basically foaming at the mouths whenever something vaguely relating to the Next Generation children jetés on down the information highway that is the internet.

And this behavior is all due to the fact that Kishimoto and company were tactical in how they presented the information relating to the Next Generation. From Chapter 700, to the Last, to the Hidden Novels, to Gaiden, each subsequent release giving the audience just enough information to peak their interest but not so much as to give away the entire mystery (at least not at first).

Now at this point in time, less than 3 weeks before the Boruto film is released, the only aspects of the Next Generation that wasn’t fully explained are Mitsuki and Metal Lee. And by golly, at this point, Kishimoto will keep anything related to those two under lock and key so fans can to the theaters to watch the Boruto movie all in the hopes of getting the answers they pine for ever so frequently.

With Mitsuki, all that the people behind Naruto had to do is release that one teaser in order to raise interest on his backstory.

With Metal on the other hand, Kishimoto decided to gradually give us hints in erratic successions.

Initially in Chapter 700, we got to see Metal training, being seemingly out breath like Tenten would be, his eyes were more similar to Tenten’s than his fathers, and Tenten now sported a hairstyle similar to Lee, Gai, and Metal. The character designs for the Boruto movie futher prove the similar eye shapes of Tenten and Metal. Then a trailer comes showing off Metal in action and we notice a black ninja headband around his waist, similar to Tenten’s headband in Shippuden (as opposed to the red headband traditionally worn by the purveyors of youth). Then the magazine promo shows Metal’s name, allowing fans to make the connection to the kid’s forename and Tenten being a weapons kunoichi.

And finally there’s the promo that displayed those semi-family trees for all the Next Generation kids all the while putting question mark at the spot where Metal’s mother should be and another where Mitsuki mom and/or dad would go. Those question marks immediately caught the eyes of the majority of the Naruto fanbase, encouraging the fans to speculate and debate among themselves as to who the identities of said question marks could be.

And it worked beyond what I think Kishimoto and company expected it to. I mean think about it, even fans from Japan, the home country of the series’ creator and center of the Naruto fandom, are debating the subject of LeeTen’s canon status.

One example of this you can see in the comment section of a LeeTen fan-art on pixiv.


The comments, as well as the description of the fan-art itself, when translated show that the people are unsure on the canon status of LeeTen, but nevertheless are also optimistic.

Another example would be when another Japanese fan posted the following piece on Twitter, showing how LeeTen is connected to Rock and Roll using Kanji and Japanese pronunciations, making another connection between Metal’s name and Tenten’s character.

So I think it goes to show you that everyone that isn’t directly working on any Naruto product are in the dark when it comes to Metal and LeeTen.

I do think that what Kishimoto is doing with LeeTen fans is a bit on the annoying side and I do wish he would just come out with it already, but I know Kishi wants as much people speculating as possible so more people can come and see the movie.

So to the entire Naruto fandom; let’s all just go on our normal business, don’t try to provoke one another, and all the while, continue to politely debate on the maternal heritage of Metal Lee, hopefully up until the upcoming movie is released.

And Kishimoto, if by some exceedingly minuscule chance that you so happen to read this (for what reason, I can’t think of one), I’ll leave you with two options; you can just get it over with and tell everyone who Metal’s mother is, or you can carry on with this never-ending string of ship-teasing. Chances are you’ll choose to do the latter option. So if you do keep on leading LeeTen shippers on with the idea of Tenten being Metal’s mom,

there’s just one thing that I gotta say.

Luke ditches you for Arzaylea- part two

This imagine picks up pretty much right after the old one ended. It’s so cliche, no judgement. Also how do you make a master list? ❤️

As the tears began to dry in itchy streaks down your face, you lifted yourself off the floor and walked over to the living room. Sitting down on the couch you began to think deeply.

Luke didn’t even respond, to his credit you only have him about three seconds before you closed the door. But then he just walked away, without even trying to talk to you again. You laughed bitterly, he was probably at Arzaylea’s house sharing all the little details of how you embarrassed yourself. Fuck.

This was all too much for one day, you confessed my love, and lost your best friend. Curling up under the blanket you kept on the couch, you fell into a deep sleep.

~Luke’s POV~

I can’t breathe. I can’t see. I can’t think. Wait yes I can. What the fuck? Y/n loves me, or loveD me because now I made an ass of myself by leaving her. I heard her crying behind the door, and I walked away. Shit.

I always had a relationship one step further than friendship with y/n, but she always seemed oblivious to my flirting. So I had tried to distance myself with Arz, yeah she was pretty but I always found myself thinking of y/n. Has she wanted me all the time I wanted her? Is it love?

Yeah. I think it is.

~end POV~

The bangs on the front door wouldn’t let up, you groaned and checked the time. 7:23. You’d slept through the entire day. Peering out the window you noticed heavy sheets of rain pouring down, fun.

Bang bang bang

Scrambling up off the couch you walked to the door, and couldn’t be more shocked. It was Luke, shivering head to toe holding a large and drenched bouquet of roses. His arm shook as he handed them to me, sniffling slightly.

You put them on the foyer table and turned back to him. You were honestly so over Luke right now.

“What do you want Luke? I don’t need a pity party for my feelings ok?” You said, eyes already watering. Damn you cried a lot.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for ditching our movie nights. And for distancing myself from you. I’m sorry for getting a girlfriend just to distract myself from you. But I’m most sorry for not noticing the way I feel is exactly how you feel. I love you.”

No. He doesn’t get to do this. He doesn’t get to suddenly realize his feelings when I have been agonizing over mine for three years. This was all too much.

“I…I need time. Please leave.” You mumbled, closing the door.

“Wait” Luke shouted. “I’ve waited so long to tell you, and now you need more time? Why?”

“Because, Luke, when you left this morning you broke my heart. And I need time to decide if I even want to love you anymore.”

Ooh! Angsty. Part thee? Like and give feedback. But seriously how do you make a master list.

YIKES! Part 2 was haaaaaard to watch! I hate r*cas and j*shaya very much, so yes that was hard for me, but even more so I just hated that everything the characters were saying was a direct contradiction of what we have been seeing on screen since the show began.

I’m telling you, it was baaaaad. I cannot wait for these ships to crash and burn so that the writing makes sense again! And of course, we will get Lucaya and Riarkle 😊😊

Episode 29 Needs

Since episode 28 ended with kissing your crush, I figured I should give my input on what I need in episode 29 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I mean really, after that kiss scene I want to know the boys reaction, your reaction, the awkward talking, etc. #1 thing on this list here that I want to NOT happen.

2) Meeting Parents(?)

Not sure if being grounded for a month means not bringing over your new found boyfriend, or even bringing yourself to their parents, but who knows?

3) The secret event brings tension

In either a good or bad way is fine with me. Like possibly Amber having a fit, the event making it hard to talk to your boy, another boy making your boy jealous. I’m sure it’s gonna happen eventually. Couples have to fight some times, and they have to work together always.

4) Every. Single. Girl. Fangirling.

Not gonna lie, I love that reaction when you tell your friend you have a crush, then you’re actually dating them. I want like another sleepover or something because honestly Rosa has been waiting this long for something ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Like seriously, I want a tiny cat or a a BIG dog, or a snake??? I’ll take anything at this point. I want them to be a part of the story too ;-;

anonymous asked:

'i don’t think he wants to be taken seriously as an actor per se' lol, how does that even make a lick of sense. as we've all said before, this movie is a Big Deal, this is probably the biggest deal he could ever have been apart of as his first acting gig, harry isn't stupid, taking on a role like this isn't a flippant decision to make and i am 100% that he is out to do the absolute best he can. he would not have taken the part if he wasn't serious about acting, he's up for this and i can't wait!

Listen, I know! And Nolan wouldn’t have chose him if he knew Harry wasn’t 100% serious about acting. Harry has been busting his ass making connections and networking for years. He is serious about every professional endeavor, and if he wasn’t he wouldn’t commit to it. He’s not going to be flippant about something that involves his career. He has worked so hard to build a great reputation in the industry which you can see any time another person in the industry praises how unexpectedly nice he was when they met him. So I truly doubt he went into this going “ah I don’t really care about acting but WHY NOT!” knowing that that kind of attitude would destroy some of his integrity in the industry.

Living Nightmare | Part 6

Part Five

Sideman: Simon

Warnings: depends, maybe a tiny bit sad idk


It’s been an hour.

The doctors have gone in and out of Simon’s room multiple times now but I haven’t heard a thing. The others came to say bye 45 minutes ago but have stayed until we hear something now. I don’t understand what is taking so long. Seriously, he’s awake. Can I see him now?!

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From what I understood a certain person thinks they're better as just friends with another person in SL2. Do you think it parallels with the way Riley "thought" and said her and Lucas were better as brother and sister? If so, square dance?

You know what’s an interesting game?


I recommend keeping a list of the various “spoilers” you’ve heard handy when Ski Lodge 2 airs, because you’re going to be blown away by how many of the “spoilers” out there are imprecise or inaccurate. A lot of them also involve taking clearly intentionally ambiguous scenes/conversations and filling the gaps in with headcanon rather than waiting to see if part one sheds any light. (And on top of THAT, several scenes have been shared with SERIOUSLY jacked up versions of the tone/delivery.)

I suspect part one is going to clear up those ambiguities quite a bit, but until that happens…well, let’s just say that the phrase “just friends” doesn’t even come up in part two. And to claim that it’s “hinted at” is also a bit of a reach, frankly, but I can see why people would make that assumption given the ambiguity (I can also see how that *could* be shown to be true in part one, potentially, but I think the reasons for it are going to be helllllla important, if so).

But as for me…I’m basing my personal interpretation of the events of SL2 on what we’ve seen in the show overall so far, and I’m holding off on making any sweeping public assertions about it until we get part one. 👍

               first question
     why are there this many people following me?
               second question
     where can i get more hershey’s chocolate bars?
               third question
     why are there this many people following me?

but honestly, i was surprised when this blog hit 450 followers, and now we’re two months old and i now have 900+ followers. i never expected this blog to blow up this quickly but i’m glad it did. i’ve gotten so many new friends and new RP partners because of this blog, and even if we haven’t talked that much or even followed each other that long, i more than appreciate you guys!! i’m really bad at showing my love and appreciation, but you guys have made my summer not only tolerable but memorable. this fandom has been nothing but kind and sweet and accepting of me, and i can’t thank you enough!! and i seriously can’t wait for future interactions!!

     and now onto the fun part. oh god.
     it’s already longer than i planned to
     make it.

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You and Chan end up sitting next to each other in one of your morning classes.

You nearly jumped out of your seat, startled when you heard the chair next to you slide across the floor. Your eyes had flown open and you looked over at the person next to you, slightly annoyed, who had awoken you from your much needed sleep. But he didn’t notice you - at first anyway.

A high contrast against your tired and somewhat grumpy demeanor, he seemed content, eyes up at the board, waiting patiently for the teacher to come in and begin the lecture. His notebook was open to a fresh page and he had a pencil in his hand, ready to take notes. A small part of you envied how organized he seemed, which made you notice just how messy you were. Your hair was all over your face and was probably flying everywhere, and your books were nearly falling out of your bag on the ground next to you. 

You leaned forward on your elbows and wiped at your eyes. The only worse than not having any sleep was being woken so harshly when you’d fallen into a very deep sleep. 

“Are you alright?” the boy asked you, looking a little concerned. 

“Yeah,” you said with a yawn. “I’m just not great in the morning.” And of course, they had given you an early morning class this semester. As if the registration office had gone out of it’s way to make your life miserable.

He smiled, and you couldn’t help noticing how cute his teeth were, like a rabbit’s. “Yeah, I get that. Don’t worry, I hear even though it’s early, the actual class isn’t too bad.” His optimism comforted you a little, but you knew yourself better than he did. When you were this exhausted, it was like half of your body functions shut down, and it made you incapable of doing anything productive. 

“I’m Lee Chan, by the way,” he said, nodding a little and tapping his pencil against his finger. “I’ll make lot of noise so you’ll be awake the whole time.”

You laughed a little. For a guy you just met, he was pretty sweet. “Thanks. I’m Y/N,” you said, and he perked up a little, surprised at how less grumpy you seemed already.


After a few weeks, however, things weren’t too great. You’d been hustling to class every day after snoozing through your alarm most of the time and you were exhausted. Chan had noticed the toll this class had been taking on you and tried helping as best he could. Flash cards, wake up calls, anything he could think of. He couldn’t stand seeing someone this distressed and tired all the time, so he made sure to help you to the best of his ability. Although you were exhausted and grumpy all the time, you definitely were appreciative of him.

When Chan walked into class he saw you, your head on your desk again. “Hey,” he said gently, placing a hand on your arm. “Wake up.” You weren’t asleep, but you were trying to shield your eyes from the bright lights of the classroom. 

“I’m awake,” you mumbled, sitting up and pushing your hair from your face. Pulling your bag into your lap, you dug through to find that your laptop was missing. You leaned back and let out a tiny groan.

“What’s wrong?” Chan asked. “You okay?”

“I was in such a rush this morning and I must have left my laptop at home,” you said, running your fingers through your already messy hair. “Looks like I’m not getting any notes today.” You couldn’t believe your bad luck, of all days for you to forget your laptop, you had unconsciously chosen the day that the professor had said would be the most lecture heavy of all the days in the semester.

You looked up from your lap to see that Chan had placed his laptop in front of you, a blank Word document open on the screen. You looked over at him questioningly, obviously confused. “You can use mine,” he clarified, seeing your confused expression. “It’s okay. It’s important that I learn how to handwrite notes, anyway. Y’know, work out my finger muscles and stuff.” 

“What? No, I can’t take this from you, especially not today,” you began to slide the laptop over to his side of the table, but he put his hand out to stop it. He looked at you straight in the eye.

“You need this more than I do,” he said seriously. “And besides, you’ve been having a rough time adjusting to all this, and maybe this will make today a little easier on you.”

After much protesting on both your parts, you were too spent to argue. You decided to muster up the little energy you had left and put in the effort to take the best notes you could, not just for you. You planned to give a copy to Chan, also, in case he needed it, and to show your appreciation.

A couple weeks later, you and Chan waited anxiously in your seats as your professor began calling out names and handing out the exams your class had taken day before. She was a quick grader, and you still felt shaky from frequent studying.

Chan gently placed his hand on top of yours. “You studied really well,” he said quietly. “Be proud of yourself no matter the score.” Coming from anyone else, this would have annoyed you. But something about the way Chan said it eased your mind a little.

However, you no longer felt eased when your professor called your name. You brought your test back to your desk, face down. Chan looked up at you curiously.

You flipped the paper over and saw a “98” scribbled across the top. You gasped, and flipped the paper over to show Chan. His mouth stretched into a big grin and he gave you two thumbs up.

“Good job, Y/N! See? Told you you’d be proud.” He smiled, and he looked almost as happy as you felt.

You were feeling good, so you decided to take a chance. You sat down in your seat and hugged him, finally being able to thank him properly for all his help. “Thank you so much,” you said softly into his shoulder. “I couldn’t have done this without you.”

He laughed a little and patted your shoulder. “You’re welcome, Y/N.”