i have serious problems with photoshop

I got bored and played with Photoshop. A Romance Card in the style of the Dragon Age Keep, but for Iorveth/Iorweth from The Witcher 2

I might have a serious problem with the absence of this elf … just a tiny bit

That picture is actually for a fandom wall in my new room … you know something to be embarrassed of when people come over

Who says I can’t be serious? Oh wait, never mind!

I just like adding extra stuff just because I can~ :P

Hurrah, I’ve finally figured out how to make GIFs that doesn’t go over the 2MB limit! I was getting frustrated but then I discovered that Photoshop can make things a whole lot easier– I can even put two scenes into one no problem! :D It’s a little bit faster than it actually is, but it will do!

honestly i think half the problem was that i have crappy colored pencils. like to any kid in school the fancy box of 50 shades is obviously a dream come true but i see shit all the time on youtube about how Serious Artists need to consider investing in literally ANY other brand because crayolas are for coloring books, they don’t really distribute the color or blend very well

the other half the problem, of course, is that i can’t fucking color with pencils,

OMG there are idiots out there that think the Black Widow poster is getting hate because she’s “sexy/feminine”… uh, NO. NO. Have you SEEN that poster? NO ONE is hating on BW for being sexy. Sexy is good! Feminine is good! She is a character who uses those to her advantage. Sexy is fine, and Scarlett Johansson herself is freakin’ gorgeous.

And that right there is the problem.

Scarlett Johansson DOES NOT NEED TO BE PHOTOSHOPPED INTO SOME CREEPY ELONGATED CIRCLE-BOOBED ALIEN CREATURE IN ORDER TO BE SEXY. We are not mad or annoyed because the character is feminine. We are mad that whoever photoshopped this doozy of a poster, because they did a HORRIBLE JOB. The pose itself could have been done better (it makes very little sense IMO), but sexiness in and of itself is NOT what anyone is protesting. It’s the godawful photoshop mutilation of an ALREADY sexy/beautiful/feminine woman. SHE DID NOT NEED THAT - ANY OF IT.

I mean serious did this amazing woman right here:

REEEALLY need to be turned into THIS creepy alien monstrosity for the sake of “sex appeal”?:

Spoiler alert: NO. NO SHE DID NOT. It was all STUPIDLY unnecessary. And WHY? Seriously. Did they start by making her legs ridiculously sexy-long, then realized OOPS her arms needed to be longer too (without realizing elbows don’t go there, btw)? Then, oops, need a SUPER skinny waist! And god forbid the boobs aren’t outlined and enhanced and highlighted/shaped all to hell even though… that’s just… not how boobs work (seriously is she just smuggling hamburgers in her bra - if so I’m okay with that, but I’d have some follow-up questions if that’s the case). AND COME ON, BOOBS ARE AWESOME. EVERYONE LOVES BOOBS - ACTUAL BOOBS. We do not need them “fixed” on photoshop, we really don’t! Boobs are great, let them be boobs!

And nevermind what’s going on with her ribcage, shoulders and head. How is that all even WORKING. It’s not. It’s just… not.

So no, do not EVER think anyone’s judging this awful poster just because Scarlett Johansson is feminine/beautiful/sexy. Well actually, that’s accurate but not in the way you think. We’re mad because she’s sexy, yes - but BECAUSE she’s already sexy, she did not need this horrible treatment. Hell, no one does. Let sexy be sexy, stop turning women into anatomically impossible sex-doll-lookin’ masturbation fodder and calling it “empowering”. You know what would be more empowering? Scarlett Johansson’s real waist. Try that.

anonymous asked:

I'm pretty sure Sakakura's closure was ep 11. Compared to most character, he got a lot. Despair Side's ep 10 first half was all about him, and Fure Side's ep 11 second half was all about him. He stole the show, he's now seen as the Messiah by the fandom. He did everything wrong, but it doesn't matter because he's loyal and for some reason that makes him precious (sorry that's my salt talking). His death sequence got him the title of "heroine". Munakata cried a bit for him. But it's not enough?

Firstly, I’m going to ask if you know what “closure” means, because you seem to think that “closure” means “more screen-time.” 

Closure means not having any regrets. It means that you solved the problem you’ve been working to solve, or that you got your questions answered.

Sakakura died thinking his friend abandoned him, so no he didn’t get closure.


“He stole the show, he’s now seen as the Messiah by the fandom.”

For the 10,000th time, “Sakakura is Hope Jesus” is a JOKE. I thought that was evident by the fact that I took the time to photoshop his face over a portrait of Jesus. It’s a joke. A meme. Not serious at all. 

Why do Sakakura-haters think we’re so serious about this? 

“His death sequence got him the title of “heroine”. “

Would you look at that, it’s another joke. Where is your sense of humor?

“Despair Side’s EP10 first half was about him.” 

I didn’t realize a 4-minute scene out of a 25-minute episode (less than 4 minutes, even) makes the episode “all about him,” but okay.

“Future Side’s EP 11 second half was all about him.”

Yeah. He served as a plot device to save Naegi’s life, so Naegi could tell him about the televisions and so he could get the idea to go back to the power room in the secret room that he opened (no one else knew it was there), and turn off the power.

He came back specifically to keep the plot moving. It was hardly “about him” at all.

I couldn’t care less if you hate Sakakura, I’m not forcing anyone to like him. But try not to be biased and actually think a little bit before saying things like this.