i have seen this movie five times this week

Essays in Existentialism: Comic Con

please write a famous!clexa, dating, but on dif shows at comic con au.Dif schedules. Then “FOUND MA GURL”

“I’m currently filming something not comic related in Georgia,” Clarke explained, smiling as the reporter began to ask even more. “But I can’t wait to get back to the sequel. It’s going to be bigger and just… I can promise it will be mighty. That’s the best word for it.”

She dazed in and out of words, the jet lag and schedule creeping up on her slowly. Her bones ached and she barely had time to put on new clothes on the way over from the airport, but she smiled and laughed and was only relieved when she saw her cast mates that she would see in a few months to start the sequel, but had been away from since the wrap. 

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so i heard you like au’s…

  • you work in a sex shop and i just turned 18 so i have no idea what i want can you help me??? au
  • i’m the new kid and your phone went off in class so now i’m sitting with you at lunch because your ringtone is my favorite song au
  • hey i’m really short and i need to get into my attic because i think my house is haunted can you come over and pull the cord down for me??? au
  • i work in the movie theater and you’ve seen the same movie five times this week so now i have to say something about it au
  • we’re neighbors and you just got a drum set so i burst into your apartment at two in the goddamn morning because i’m a drummer and i’m going to teach you how to play the fuckin drums so i can sleep au
  • i just rescued you from a creep outside the club we were in but you passed out as we were walking away so now i have to carry you back to my place because i don’t know where you live au
  • we work in the same government office and i’m pretty sure we just discovered a massive conspiracy let’s da vinci code this shit au
  • you just started screaming at me in public because you thought i was your sibling’s asshole ex-datemate but i’m not so now you feel awful and you’re taking me out for coffee au

  • we’re both at a con and you’re in the best cosplay of my favorite character i’ve ever seen au
  • you finally gave in to your followers and posted a selfie and now i’m having a crisis because i just realized you live next door to me and i’ve had a crush on you since you moved in last year au

  • we go the same diner every tuesday night and i just realized that we both order the same oddly specific sandwich au
  • you walk by my dorm window in a different crazy hat every day so now i’m waiting outside because i want to know where you get them au