i have seen the promise land!!!!!!

i need me some jealous kara in my life, so of course i did what any person would’ve done and came with a bunch of headcanons to satisfy my own needs because that’s what self care is all about.

  • it all starts one afternoon, they’re downtown in one of lena’s favorite restaurants and kara’s talking excitedly about the new article she’s writing when lena’s phone goes off. usually when they’re together lena ignores it, she always says it’s business associates and insists they can wait but this time lena sees the name on the screen and smiles widely, “oh it’ll be just a minute kara, sorry” kara nods, motions her to go ahead and tries to focus on her pasta until she hears lena giggling “i can’t wait to see you! it’s been, what? six years?” something inside kara twitches. who is she talking to? most importantly who is making her smile like that?! that’s usually her thing. lena keeps talking to whoever is at the other end of the line as if she’s not there, beaming, chuckling… kara’s always believed herself to be someone non violent (for most the time) but she’s now wishing she could grab lena’s phone, throw it to the ground and break it.
  • turns out, lena says to her when they’re on the car ride back to l–corp, that one of her dearest friends from boarding school is planning a visit to national city and called her to see if they could get together, “her name is molly, we were together on science club and we hit it off right away,” kara knows it’s irrational to feel so… heated at the thought of lena hanging out with someone else because damn, she’s her own person and she’s allowed to have as many friends as she’d like but… it makes her extremely uncomfortable to think about lena laughing with someone that is not her. “i have to admit i had a little bit of a crush on her when we were younger,” and kara doesn’t know molly, has never seen her and certainly has no interest in doing it so but she already hates her.
  • “and then she said,” it’s game night, james and winn have paused mortal kombat to listen to her angry rant and alex is staring at her with wide eyes, beer in hand. “oh i used to have a crush on her, as if it’s the most trivial thing on the universe, did you know she was supposed to come tonight? i promised i would let her win at mario kart, but no! molly’s plane lands today and she called to say—i’m so sorry kara, i can’t make it, i’m gonna go pick her up, maybe some other time? can’t molly call herself an uber? does she really need to have lena’s attention all to herself? gosh it makes me so upset someone would be so selfish.” winn opens and closes his mouth a few times, not sure if he should say anything about the whole situation, james and alex are looking at each other, silently deciding on who should be the first to talk until finally alex breaks the silence. “kara… you don’t even know this molly person, didn’t you also say her and lena hand’t seen each other for years? it’s normal that they want to spend time with each other, catch up with what’s been going on in their lives.” kara crosses her arms over her chest and angrily stares out the window, she wants to bury her face on ice cream because though she knows alex is right she still wants to deck molly in the face.
  • lena is never late, if anything she’s always early to arrive to their lunch dates, but for the first time in months, lena luthor is fifteen minutes late and kara’s getting impatient, maybe she got caught up on work and didn’t see the hour, maybe she had to sign some contracts before leaving, maybe… maybe… she tries and call her twice but she doesn’t answer and that’s when kara gets worried, what if something happened to her? what if while she was on her way someone stopped her and hurt her? she’s tempted to alert the deo, tell them to search for lena’s location when she enters the restaurant a little breathless and with her hair disheveled. “kara i am sorry!” she sits down across from her and takes out her coat, “molly came over to my office and we started to talk, i didn’t mean to keep you waiting.” kara’s face goes dark. it’s wednesday, this is supposed to be their day, their afternoon, their time to be with one another without people interrupting and of course molly had to come and ruin it. “did you know molly has a motorbike? she dropped me off!” oh amazing, molly owes a motorbike, so does half the population of national city, she’s nothing especial. kara doesn’t feel like eating anymore and ends up leaving early. 
  • she’s punching one of the walls at the deo repeatedly, each punch harsher than the last. her knuckles feel on fire but it’s working wonders to get her mind off lena and her new best friend molly whom today decided to invite her to the beach. “what is wrong with her?” winn whispers to alex almost scared of kara’s sudden display of anger, alex shrugs and tell him she has no idea since kara refuses to talk with anyone about it. “she’s jealous,” j’onn says without looking up from the file he’s holding and both of them open their mouths in surprise. “psychic, remember?” 
  • “have i done something to upset you?” lena asks with her cheeks red in embarrassement and her voice breaking, “you’ve been avoiding me for weeks, yesterday you cancelled our lunch date because you said you had a lot of stuff to do but then you uploaded a picture on instagram with james in your pajamas eating popcorn. look kara, i know we all need our space sometimes but i’d rather hear the truth than finding out via social media that you’re lying to me.” she sounds so hurt and she’s almost on the verge of tears, kara feels awful she didn’t mean to make her feel bad, she was just tired of hearing her talk about molly and how amazing she was every single time they got together. “you want the truth?” lena nods eagerly and kara tries, she does, to keep her composure when she catches the necklace lena’s wearing… gold with rose pendant. “that is pretty,” she points to it and lena grabs it between her hands, “thank you! molly gave it to me yesterday.” kara feels her fist tighten. 
  • “well the truth is that molly is annoying,” she says standing up from her place and lena’s eyes widen. “yes, she’s annoying and she’s keeping you all to herself. it’s almost as she’s holding you captive! she’s taking you to the beach and to that art gallery i was going to take you, you are eating potstickers with her, lena, that’s our thing!” there’s no going back now… “and she’s… she’ probably ugly too—oh she has a motorcycle, how original! you know what lena, i can fly! i could fly you from here to paris in less than an hour, i bet molly can’t do that. you know what else i can do? lift you up, with one finger probably, can molly lift you up? no i don’t think she can. does she let you win at mario kart?! she doesn’t, huh, does she even know how to play mario kart, does she?!” 
  • lena looks at her in disbelief before she bursts out laughing and kara lets out a groan, “it’s not funny lena! i am much more interesting that molly will ever be and i’m—mphm!” lena’s kissing her, her cold hands are tangling themselves in her hair and she’s pulling her impossibly close and kara feels like she’s floating. for the first three seconds she doesn’t respond, but as soon as lena slips a warm tongue into her mouth her body reacts and she’s grabbing her everywhere. her face, her neck, her waist, her ass, lena gasps and they break apart. “sorry, i didn’t mean to… i just wanted to… you see this wasn’t what i had planned,” kara looks to the ground but it’s not for long because lena is grabbing her chin, making her look into her eyes and she melts. 
  • “love… i can’t believe you were jealous of molly.” kara clicks her tongue almost offended, she was not jealous of molly, she’s about to say it, to assure lena she doesn’t feel such childish emotion when lena gives her a small peck on the lips and her train of thought is stopped. “she’s married… and has two kids!” kara wants to hide under lena’s desk for the rest of the evening.
The Fun Process of Imprinting

“You coming Y/N?” One of your brothers yells at you.

Rolling your eyes, you say goodbye to your friends and turn around. Your third oldest brother smiled as you made your way over to him and the rest of your siblings.

“You guys are really impatient, you know that right?” You tease Emmett, softly slugging his arm. His wife, rather, one of your sisters, grabbed you by the hand and led you into the car.

“Carlisle wants to see us right away. Esme called us and said it was an emergency.”

Your eyebrows immediately scrunch together as you pile into the family’s car. Alice starts up the vehicle as the rest of you try not to worry about what your father wanted to talk to you guys about.

“It’s probably nothing,” Jasper tried to soothe you. 

Your emotions were coming off strong as you tried suppressing your fear. He leaned across Emmett (Both of your sisters sat in the front as Rosalie called shotgun!) and took your hand in his.

Despite him having problems with blood and humans, your brother taught himself to familiarize your scent ever since you were a child. It didn’t affect him as bad as Bella did or the others did.

Seeing that you were still stressing out, Jasper began to manipulate your emotions until you felt calmer. Sending him a smile, you nod your head in thanks.

“Let’s see how much trouble we’re in now,” Emmett muttered as Alice pulled into the driveway of the house.

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Daddy Drabbles #11

- You tell Bucky you’re pregnant - Based off this

Squeezing the soft plum in your hand, you make sure to pick the best ones for your husband. Despite you trying to find the best of the fruit, he always claimed nothing would beat the plums in Romania. You laughed softly to yourself at the memory, bringing the few plums to the check out. Gripping the small paper bag you head back home.

“I’m home!” you call out opening the door, dropping your bag near the entrance. Bucky emerges from the bedroom a picture of comfort in his baggy sweats and cosy sweater. With a small smile, you walk towards him hiding the bag behind your back. He mirrors your smile taking a few steps to meet you.

“Hi” he pecks you before he raises his brow in curiosity, leaning slightly to get a look behind your back.

“Close your eyes, hands out” you order, much to his amusement.

“This feels familiar” he smirks but does as you say.

You shake your head at his antics as your heart leaps at his utmost trust in you. Carefully, you pull a single plum out placing it in his outstretched hands. You put the bag on a nearby table and watch as his brows furrow. His hands stay still as he speaks, “this isn’t going to be last time when you put a caterpillar you found in my hand is it?” his nose scrunches slightly and you think it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. You let out a laugh, cupping under his hands with yours.

“I promise it’s not, open your eyes” you say softly as he opens them. Delight dances in his cerulean eyes as they land on the tiny plum in his hand. He runs his right thumb over the purple flesh before his eyes meet yours once more.

“Doll, we already have plums. I went to that market with Steve that’s only open on Saturdays-” but you cut off his rambling.

“That’s the size of our baby” biting your lip nervously, you wait for his reaction.

Tears begin to glaze over his eyes, a tiny whimper escaping his lips as your words sink in. “Our baby, you-you mean- we’re going to have a baby?” his voice trembles, eyes travelling down to the plum which he cradles in his cupped hands before moving back up to yours. “I’m going to be a dad?” he whispers and you nod, your own tears flowing down your cheeks. A heartbeat passes before he kisses your lips passionately, his hand moving to your belly.

“Our own little plum” he murmurs with a watery smile.

Marichat May - What if?

“Did you see that video on the Ladyblog last night?” Adrien grinned and sat beside Nino. “It was amazing!”

Nino nodded along, covering a yawn. “Oh, yeah. It was great.”

“And Chat Noir, too!” Adrien beamed as he pulled out his supplies. “Did you see how he took out that akuma?”

Nino chuckled. “Well, Ladybug took out a bunch of clones with a toy helicopter. That was impressive.”

“That’s exactly my point!” Adrien turned to look at Nino. “They’re both fantastic, so it makes sense they’d be even better together.”

“This again?” Marinette grumbled as she walked past them to her desk.

Alya chuckled. “It’s not our fault Adrien and I are the only logical ones here. Ladybug and Chat Noir are obviously perfect for each other.”

“As if Ladybug would fall for that silly cat,” Chloe snapped from beside them. “She deserves way better.”

Nino raised a brow. “Who exactly do you think Ladybug deserves?”

“Me, obviously.” Chloe scoffed. “I’d treat her like a queen.”

“I think Ladybug could do way better.” Alya smirked and leaned forward. “I’d treat her like a goddess.”

“Maybe Ladybug’s happy single,” Marinette suggested with a small smile.

Nino smiled. “Yeah, she seems like the kind of girl who could treat herself exactly the way she wanted without anyone’s help.”

“Exactly. Thank you, Nino.”

He blushed and nodded. “Sure, Marinette.”

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Right after 4CC, Yuzuru’s no-cut interview (aired on Figureskate TV on 11 March 2017 in Japan) (from 6:30 of video)

(What’s your feeling now?)
Well, it’s the same pattern again [probably he is referring to another silver medal], but I feel it has been another luxurious [fruitful] experience. For, first of all, the result was a proper… well, I cannot say it was ‘proper’ per se, but the fact is that I managed to win a medal.  In addition, I think I gained something [out of this]; a certain feeling of achievement.  And also, the feeling of frustration, which has given me more appetite for training. So, all in all, I appreciate that I have been given great experience, again.

(What’s your strategy for the World, given the appearance of another rival?)
Sure, of course, I have been thinking that Nathan is great, and Uno has also (reportedly) landed a (4)Lo, although I have yet to watch it; I have already seen him landing (4Lo) in practice. So, I feel they are very promising, and at the same time, well… I am thankful to them. [Perhaps, he thanks them as they give him further impetus.]

(So, from now on, one mistake will be fatal; what will you do?)
Well, ‘my performance’ equals ‘a performance with no mistake’, for me. In addition, it’s not merely ‘no mistake’ but ‘a performance with complete quality with no mistake’ is my performance in my understanding. If I may say, I believe that no one can beat me if I executed such a performance. To ensure that this self-confidence should not turn into over-confidence, I think I will have to engage with further training with more precision.

(Have you prepared for the changes of elements during performance like this time?)
No, I hadn’t prepared for it, no, it was the first time. It was improvisation.

(Do you think you might do it again?)
Well, I don’t think so; as far as I can land (4)S, I would not be required to do such a thing at all. As it were, I would rather like to obtain more GOE for my 3As than obtaining more GOE for 4T, and then… No, it’s not a good way of putting it. I think, the quality of my 3A is definitely better than that of my 4T. So in this sense, rather than taking a risk with 4Ts, the best (strategy for me) would be to elevate the quality of 3A even more and to ensure landing two 3As in the second half.

(Is that your feeling after the FS this time?)
Yes, my finding after jumping two 4Ts in the latter half this time is that it’s actually easier to do the same jump [4T]. It was difficult to coordinate the techniques (do’s and dont’s) and feeling of different types of jumps when feeling tired. But in terms of doing the same jump, if I can land the first one even when feeling tired, I can do the next (same) jump with more confidence. So, (based upon this experience) I would like to think about this and that, including the methods of training from now on.

(What’s your training method?)
In any case, concentrate on short training. In the current situation where one has to jump lots of quads, the risk of injury exists if jumping quads in the latter half and the rotation ends up being insufficient. But such a mistake happens when one cannot keep adequate concentration, I think. So, I think it fits me best to train with concentration within a short period of time in an efficient manner, while thinking how to control one’s physical condition and how to take risks of injury.

(Towards World Championships)
As I said before, I aim at a perfect, complete performance for FS. To this end, I think I have started grasping a kind of training method for that purpose within this [4CC] competition. During this competition, the FS took place on the last day, so I was able to observe training methods of various competitors and their ways of jumping, which has inspired me a lot. So, based upon that, I would like to think about how to elevate my skills.
At 4CCs, I have only obtained silver medals (laughs), for which I feel very sorry to Fuji TV. (laughs)  But I do believe the silver medal this time has taught me a lot more things as compared to all the previous [silver] medals [at 4CC]. So, I would like to take advantage of all [the learnings] and polish them further, and ultimately I would like to obtain a gold medal here in a year’s time.


Translated by Sophie Moroi in YHIFG, FB.

Last September, while attending the Sherlock convention and listening to Moffat and Gatiss speak, I was struck by a moment of inspiration. I saw a small auditorium of fans ask questions to these people whom I thought were “too important” to spend time mingling with the commonfolk. Heck, even I got ahold of the microphone at one point and got a chance to ask Moffat my question. Someone as unimportant, as ordinary, as me got to participate in actual discussion of something globally pertinent, that is adored by millions of people.

At that moment, I couldn’t help but laugh at the simplicity of it all.

You want to participate in Sherlock discussions? Join them. You want to learn about the television industry? Ask them.

You want to see your stories on screen? Write them.

It hit me then that I could write my own story, that I could produce something new audiences have never seen.

So I did.

And I sent it to 3 different fellowships/festivals.

The feature film runs 109 pages. It features many female main characters and LGBT themes. It includes literary subtext worthy of Wilde, himself. It tackles compulsory heterosexuality and feminism in the media, all while killing zero lesbians – a difficult feat in modern storytelling, I know.


“In the chance of a lifetime, an aspiring young actress lands a role in the next Hollywood blockbuster. Her happiness is short-lived, as her biggest personal secret threatens life with her family as well as the path of her promising new career.”


So thank you, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, for helping me find my own voice. Because now that I have it, there’s no telling what I can do.

mattykinsel  asked:

Wait k so like afaik - the teepee wasn't taken down by police, it was moved to a more prominent position near the Peace Tower, away from the corner/edge of the yard. That's positive not negative. JTru came into the teepee, he was hella respectful and re-affirmed (with pragmatism, too) doing away w the Indian Act. And they weren't allowed to make a fire bc safety - I wouldn't be allowed to either, right? So like.. what's bad/wrong about any of this....? Can someone help me out. Where's the issue

They wanted to place the tipi directly in front of parliament hill right beside the Canada 150 signs. The cops wouldn’t let them. Later they came to a compromise, and moved it to a different location. But that took a lot of time, and before that happened 9 indigenous people were arrested and banned from parliament hill for 6 months. They were released, but to my knowledge they’re still banned. You really see nothing wrong with that? On 4/20 thousands of stoners descended on Parliament Hill. No one was warning about fire safety or arresting them (despite it being illegal at the time).

Yes, I saw Justin Trudeau came to the tipi. They have promised to eventually replace the indian act, but its not clear what will actually replace the act. I haven’t seen any new movement on that promise. Also Trudeau refuses to remove sexism from the Indian Act, and is refusing to put the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People into Canadian Law after promising he would. Justin Trudeau approved pipelines that go right across unceded indigenous land. He approved permits for the Site C dam which will flood sacred burial grounds that are thousands of years old. Justin Trudeau is still refusing to fund indigenous children equally despite being demanded to 4 times by the human rights tribunal. Justin Trudeau speaks pretty convincingly on indigenous rights. In practice he’s keeping much of the status quo.

Betrothed 5

Summary: You have been betrothed to a disgusting pig to settle your father’s gambling debts. The night before your wedding, you are rescued by an unlikely party.

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here. Read Part 4 here.

A/N: Here you go! Please pay attention to the warnings on this one. I’ve put a break where the big one ends, basically the story is going right where the last part left off. Let me know what you think! (Also, some of the tags are not working! Sorry about that!)

Warnings: alcoholism, gambling, arranged marriage, bullying, maybe even verbal abuse, anxiety, unwanted attention/harassment, assault/rape (it doesn’t get too far, but major tw for that last one)


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rolo and nyma’s origins

alright alright so hear me out, we don’t exactly know much about rolo and nyma

but their designs have too much detail and emphasis for them to just be one-episode minor characters. whenever the previous shows lauren and joaquim worked on introducted minor characters, THEY ALWAYS CAME BACK TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE STORY IN SOME WAY. (bumi, suki, jet’s team, teo, haru, pakku, sokka’s sword master, jeong jeong THE LIST GOES ON) so i’m definitely expecting rolo and nyma to return in the future

so what’s their backstory????

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Axel - Mitch Marner

Originally posted by laurafortino

Notes: Hi loves!! I’m glad you all enjoyed the other two imagines, so here’s a requested Mitch one for all of you. I’m 100% not Spanish, so if any of my translations are wrong, don’t be afraid to send me a quick ‘you’re dumb, fix it’. Also I know the World Figure Skating Championships were in Finland this year but shh. I hope you enjoy, and keep requesting to keep me busy!

Mentions: Auston Matthews

Warnings: Panic attacks

Requested: Yes | No

Teaser: “I did horrible, I’m never going to medal with that routine.” You cried, your shoulders slouching over as you threw your hands to your face. “I thought you did okay?” Glaring at him, “You don’t know anything about figure skating, Mitch.” You groaned, “I thought your good looks alone would get you a gold medal.” “Don’t talk about my sister like that, Marner.”

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Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader- Feather

Also has a bit of Poison Ivy X Reader

Warning: Suicide in general, angst, swearing, mentions of mmuuurrddeerr

Clutching onto your armored legs, you watched Gotham from afar.  Your chin rested on your knees, aching from the knee pads digging into your skin.  You were sure that your lip was still bleeding from biting at the chapped sections, but you couldn’t care.  He was gone, he left you alone in this unforgiving world.  You finally understood how the world worked, giving you something to love and hold on to until it’s torn away from you.  Bruce was gone, heading to some event to deal with the man that killed him.  Thinking of his name made you want to puke.  Bruce wasn’t going to kill him, you knew that, and then he was going to be sent to Arkham.  He would escape again, kill again, and be captured again.  It was a deadly game of cat and mouse you had involved yourself in, and death is the penalty for losing.

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WATCH: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated 48 years ago Monday.

Chet Huntley reported the news in an NBC News Special Report, seen here.

King was in Memphis, Tenn., where sanitation workers, almost all of them black, had been on strike for weeks.

The night before he was killed, King gave the last speech of his life, the famous “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech, before an audience of striking workers and their supporters.

He ended the speech by saying, “I don’t know what will happen now. We’ve got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn’t matter to me now, because I’ve been to the mountaintop. I won’t mind. Like anybody, I’d like to live a long life. Longevity has its place but I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will and He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the Promised Land. So I’m happy tonight. I’m not worried about anything. I’m not fearing any man. "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord.”

The next evening, April 4, 1968, standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel, King was hit by a single rifle shot fired from the window of a nearby boarding house.

Chapter VI | Tell Me - A Harry Styles Uni AU

Main Story page is here.

Song for the Playlist - Wonderwall by Ryan Adams (cover)

Instagrams are here - (none for this chapter because the app is being a dick)

Word Count - 4250…ish

“Just gotta be safe, love,” he whispered.

“My protector,” she said back into his ear and a shiver ran down his spine.

He manoeuvred them until she was lying flat on the bed and he could straddle her thighs and view her perfect body from above, and leaned down to kiss her lips once again. Her hands ruffled through his hair as he abandoned her lips to find her jaw, nipping at her and his hands lingered at her neck, tickling, until he moved further down and found a perfect spot to suck on to.

Her breath hitched at his teeth on her neck, a slight moan coming from her mouth and her grip on his hair tightening until he pulled away wishing the small bruise would appear that second to mark her as his.

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