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WestAllen Wishlist

I’ve seen people make their wishlist for WestAllen moments and it seemed like fun so I thought I’d make my own! In no particular order (and not just for this season):

-Barry and Iris dancing: I’d love to see Barry and Iris dancing together to a romantic song. I’d also love to see a full production number of them dancing with choreography, but I don’t know if the show would ever do that. Maybe during the musical crossover?

-Present Iris meeting future Barry. I just love the idea of Iris having to interact with a different kind of Barry, so that could be a Barry from another Earth as well, but something about the idea of Iris meeting her own Barry from the future really appeals to me. I’d also love to see present Barry interacting with future Iris, but since we’ve seen Barry interacting with other Irises already, I’d prefer Iris being the one interacting with a different Barry this time.

-Seeing original Barry and Iris. I’m talking about the Barry and Iris from before Eobard changed the timeline and killed Nora Allen. They got married then too. What was their dynamic like? How would that Barry and Iris feel about their lives and marriage (and possibly children’s lives) being erased? Barry and Iris found each other again in our show timeline, despite Eobard meddling with their lives, and we have hope that they’ll be able to get their marriage and children back despite attempts to erase them, but things like their baby’s first word, their wedding day, memories they’ve made together are going to be different. Those memories have been permanently erased and they’re never going to get them back.

I think an interesting moment to pick if they ever show us that timeline is right before Barry goes after Eobard to stop him from killing his child self (though technically you would think that Barry would have been erased since Eobard killed Nora and Barry never grew up to be THAT Barry. That’s timetravel for you). Maybe Barry and Iris would have no idea that their lives were about to change permanently and Iris would hug Barry like it was just another mission not knowing that in moments everything they’ve built together would be erased. Or maybe they’d both have an inkling that things might change even if Barry did manage to stop Eobard and they’d have a tearful goodbye. Or maybe there was no time and they never got to say goodbye.

-Iris finding out about the 1x15 kiss. I understand why Barry didn’t tell her and let her make her decisions based on what she was going through in this timeline and not the one where she kissed him, but I’m really curious what she would think if she found out that she had found a way to deal with her feelings for Barry much sooner. In that same vein:

-Exploration of Iris’ season 1 feelings: I know this is in the past, so while it’s not really necessary, I’ve always felt they could have done more with this. We had Joe saying things like this:

And while we had Iris starting to acknowledge them even after the erased kiss, it was completely dropped in season 2.

(4 gifs above by @valeriemperez )

It’s all in the past now, so I don’t know how this could be done in a good way or even if it should be done at this point. But if they ever do another Flashback I hope they keep this in mind. Or maybe we can have Iris talk about what she went through in season 1. Or her mentioning how long it took her to realize her feelings or how she struggled with her feelings.

-Back hug: This is silly but I’d love to see it

-Proposal: Super romantic proposal

-Wedding! Imagine Joe walking Iris down the isle, Imagine Barry and Iris saying their wedding vows, Imagine Barry and Iris say ‘I do’, Imagine seeing Iris in her wedding dress, imagine getting promo pictures of Iris in her wedding dress 😭 ❤️

- Barry and Iris’ (grand)children from the future travel to the past in order to do something important. I think this could be such a cool storyline.

-Barry and Iris on an adventure/mission, just the two of them

-Lightning rod - It’d be interesting if they dealt more explicitly with Iris being Barry’s lightning rod and what that means. I’d love it if we got a moment like the one between Wally and Linda in terminal velocity where he tells here ‘You were always my power’.

-Barry serenading Iris: I’m adding this one mostly because I hope that is what will happen during the musical crossover.

I have more, but I’ll add them later.

Alien Children

((fic by @pomrania, in the Blind Faith AU. More of this might or might not get written in the future. Anyone who recognizes the Nightside reference here receives the knowledge that I think they have good taste in books.))

She had seen the two before. They hung around looking for odd jobs they could do; always together, never apart. She thought they were male, but it was so hard to tell with aliens. The little skin they exposed – how fragile were these creatures? – was closer in colour to bone than anything healthy. They had entirely too many fingers, and their heads were smooth and hornless, like a baby’s.

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Hello! Based on what I have seen so far Soo-Won seemed to have truly cared for Hak or Yona but still betrayed them. I don't see them ever forgiving Soo-Won, maybe moving on from the past and Hak X Yona finally together. Do you think that there is a chance that something unexpected may happen in the future causing Soo-Won to regret what he did and want Yona back?

Hmm… there’s a chance Soo-Won is already regretting what he did. Not as in “I wish I hadn’t done this”, but as in “I wish there had been another way to achieve what I wanted without hurting you”. From what we’ve seen of him, and as Zeno pointed out, he’s the kind of person to try and achieve his goals with the least casualties as possible. Soo-Won regretting killing King Il? I don’t see that happening. It was a necessary evil, and as far as we know Il didn’t have any influence or powers that could’ve made a big difference for Kouka’s future. Soo-Won regretting chasing Yona away or attempting to kill her? Like I said, he probably feels sorry for her, but it was necessary for his plans. As for the possibility of wanting Yona back to his side, I can only imagine it if he somehow lost support from the Kouka citizens and Yona was the only way to regain it. Remember that he doesn’t want anything to do with the dragons or their powers, and he didn’t love Yona (he never truly cared for anyone, he said). Even if he fails to achieve his goal and loses his battles, I don’t think he’ll call the HHB for help.

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Is there a way to convert that my kids will be seen as Jewish no matter what? If I have to do so orthodox for that to happen, can I then start attending a reform shul after conversion?

There are so many uncertainties taking place at the moment that even if you do have an Orthodox conversion, your Jewishness (and your children’s) could potentially be called into question in the future. For example, if you drop out observance and start attending a Reform synagogue — that could potentially lead into questions about your conversion. That’s a struggle that not few Orthodox gerim have gone through, and continue going through — most cases of Orthodox conversions being revoked take place in Israel, although I’ve heard a number of cases in the US and in Canada as well. 

If you have no plan to live as an Orthodox Jew, why have an Orthodox conversion? If your children decide in the future to become Orthodox Jews, they can convert by themselves. You don’t have to — and I think you should not — undergo an insincere conversion for the sake of others.

now we must pack up every piece - an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fanfiction
By movepastthefeeling, AKA Chaos_Is_A_Ladder
By Organization for Transformative Works

Ship: Jemma Simmons x Daisy Johnson

Summary: People sometimes have a way of falling back into your life. In Jemma’s case, it happens quite literally.

(an AU set in the future in which Jemma has retired from SHIELD and hasn’t seen the old gang in a while)

Written to fulfill the “meeting on a train” square on my femslash feb bingo card

Break ‘em off w/ a little preview:

“Oh my god!” Jemma exclaims as she bolts upright, spilling her tea all over her chest as she does.

Whatever unidentified object flew through the window turns over and groans.

Jemma’s eyes widen.

There’s no way, of all places…

But it’s Daisy. Daisy. Daisy, in a full tactical suit, flew through the train’s window. It’s been too long since they’ve seen each other for Daisy to be dumped back into Jemma’s life like this.

“Daisy?” Jemma asks. “Are you – ah, okay?”

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Imagen when Mccree and Sombra saw 'Agent 666' and began to cry as they saw the person who save their life as a kid, and reader say "My god I have not seen you two for awhile" and began to hug them with a smile, "I knew you two will be something great in the future... Even when the path is dark, and the other overwatch agent first time seeing reader smile?

This wasn’t the first time you had stopped a battle with your presence, however it was the first time because two of the members started crying. On both sides one of the agents just broke down when they saw you, A moment of recollection flashed through you at the sight of the Hispanic woman and tanned cowboy.

“It’s you,” Sombra covered her mouth, eyes open wide.

“Haven’t seen you since I was a kid,” McCree stuttered.

“Yes, I am me,” you said, “you are you and my god. I haven’t seen you two in a while.”

You wrapped them with a hug and a smile crossed your face, “I knew you two will be something great.”

“Even when the path is dark.”

The other agents gave a start, realizing this was the first time they had seen you smile.

Just realized I reached 5,000 followers and WOW OKAY LOTS OF PEOPLE. 

May sound cheesy, but whether a long-time follower or new to my blog, I’m glad you’re here. Some of you have encouraged me at my best and consoled me at my worst. You’ve seen my highs, my lows, and everything in between. Some of you are new and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for my blog. It’s been such a wonderful space for me to come to for the past few years and I love having people share in that with me. 

I love you all. Thank you thank you thank you. 

Hey guys! Since I have more followers here I thought I’d promote here instead of my main. I made a Voltron sideblog a few weeks ago, and if you’re into space teens kicking ass in space, you should…maybe…possibly…follow me??? I’m at @pidgecookies (yeah, everything is cookies, right?)

Some of y’all know I write, and I plan on writing some vld stuff in the future, but for now it’s just reblogs. 

if you haven’t seen Voltron Legendary Defender on Netflix I highly recommend it! It’s written well and there’s a lot of really great characters. It’s worth investing in, especially since the series has been approved for at least a few more seasons (season 1 and 2 are out now on Netflix). Anyway, I’de love to make some vld mutuals and chat about the show. So. Yeah…check me out! 

ALSO my really adorable Pidge icon was made by @cintrl.

They were great to work with and I highly recommend them. Here’s a link to their commissions page if you are interested 

Anyway, thanks!

Honestly, people may say that the scores/achievements in Yuri on Ice are unrealistic, and sure, perhaps that is the case now, but who knows what we’ll see in a couple of years?

One of the things I love about figure skating is how it’s constantly evolving, constantly changing, the skaters constantly one-upping each other. Back in the day people thought quads were impossible until Kurt Browning landed a quad toe loop in competition in 1988 (the quad timeline is actually really interesting), after which skaters began attempting to do quadruple rotations on more difficult jumps (as well as jumping them in combinations), to the point where having multiple quads in your program is considered a norm these days (in fact not having one in a program may be considered a handicap). No one has ever successfully landed a quad axel, but who knows what the future will bring?

As you’ve probably heard by now, recently Nathan Chen became the first skater to successfully land five quads in a single program in competition. I’m assuming you’ve already seen the spectacular performance, but if you haven’t yet, (or if you’d like to watch it again) here it is:

The amazing thing about it is that previously, people thought that four quads was the maximum a person could do in one program, that doing five was pushing yourself too hard. Nathan Chen proved that wrong. Whether doing five quads in one performance will become the new norm for figure skaters or whether it’ll be something many will dream of but only few will achieve is yet to be known, but it may very well be a paradigm shift, similar to the one that took place after the first successful quad ever.

How does this relate to Yuri on Ice, you may wonder?

Maybe through the fact that with this single performance Nathan Chen topped his personal best by 35 points?

The characters in YOI are shown surpassing their previous scores and performances on multiple occasions by changing/improving their programs and their amazing results aren’t necessarily exaggerations, as proved by Nathan Chen (who, friendly reminder, is only 17 years old).

How do their scores compare exactly? Nathan Chen scored a total of 318 points. Meanwhile, the characters in YOI:

Both Yuris broke world records as well as their own personal bests, so I would say their scores are justified. The rest certainly seems a little high, especially compared to the previous year’s GPF

but we can assume this is either artistic liberty of the writers or just a way of highlighting how good those fictional skaters really are.

Figure skating is partly about overcoming your own limits and surpassing others’ expectations. The high scores we see above could be a testament to how hard all the skaters have fought in order to get where they are.

All in all, the great achievements we see in Yuri on Ice may not necessarily seem realistic, but in a way, they are a good reflection of what the sport is in real life - a sport that changes the moment someone special appears. In a way, achieving unrealistic things is an intrinsic part of making a difference (and making a name for yourself) in figure skating. As the ever-evolving sport, figure skating is partly about doing the impossible, making history.

That is what Yuri on Ice showed us in its 12-episode run and that is what Nathan Chen proved during 2017 US Nationals.


Excuse the speed but flying Noctis is hard to control, I wish I could walk instead.

So this whole area is very detailed, it’s not low poly like the rest of the buildings that are supposed to be seen from a distance, it even has collision so I’m guessing it was either cut from the game or saved for Ignis’ DLC.

It’s not in the video but I have screenshots. This hole in the wall leads to the room where Luna was sitting. It looks like a secret passage so maybe it was part of a quest to go see Luna. It could also have been for a cutscene, I don’t fucking know. Anyways look at this shit:

Either way I hope they do something with it in the future. I’d love Altissia to have some proper quests and not just hunts.

Like to be clear, I don’t think that like any references to like genitalia are cissexist. After all, I’m hoping to have a vagina at some point in the future, and I know many trans women who do. And I don’t even think it’s wrong to acknowledge that there are ways particular body parts are controlled thru patriarchy (tho like I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cis woman like actually approach that in a way that isn’t transmisogynistic)

It’s just the ubiquity and totalizing amount of references and like how high of a percentage that genital references made up, most of the time without any other sort of political statement. Like, going to a “women have vaginas” rally w proportionately little other political content just ended up v alienating to me both as a trans person and also as a person interested in making a lasting and material change towards gender liberation

I honestly cannot believe that the year of 2016 was literally saved by Black Mirror, Wynonna Earp and Supergirl in regards of wlw media representation.

On one end of the spectrum, Black Mirror’s San Junipero had me in tears with its beauty. Even though I can’t personally relate to the story, it’s easy to see how carefully and thoughtfully it was made. From start to finish, it was respectful and gave the starving for representation audience a chance of forever. I fucking love Charlie Brooker.

In the middle, Wynonna Earp defied the “burry your gays” trope in an almost comical way, literally giving the gay character a bullet proof vest, and opening a door to a less threatening future for wlw in television.

On the other, less vanguard end, we have Supergirl, portraying what is, to me, the most relatable coming out story ever seen on open television. The arc of Alex is painfully close to home and, for the first time in my 31 years of life, I could watch a character on a show and think “fucking hell. I know exactly what you mean. I know exactly how this feels.” which is extremely refreshing in a world where a lesbian character is killed more than once a month in television.

I really hope that this is a little ray of sunshine when it comes to proper queer representation for the years to come in television because I am sick and tired of seeing myself dead or miserable all the time.

Rapmoster:“Maknae Jungkook who suddenly cried and shocked is all”

On the 7th,at 5:30PM on MBC’S ,BTS leader Rap Monster revealed the story of how the members all cried recently.

On that day,while they were talking about their own difficulties,the maknae Jungkook cried suddenly and shocked the other members.Especially since it was the first time they’ve seen the maknae Jungkook cry like that.

About this,Jungkook said “I can endure it if the scedules are tough,but the hyungs by my side are having tough times too and there’s nothing I can do to help.Looking at them (while I can’t do anything to help them) is tough.

After that,he also said “To become a singer,I came to Seoul when I was 15 years old.I’m very thankful to the hyungs for raising me up likewise and I hope we can be together in the future as well” and moved the members and the 2 MCs,Tak Jaehoon and Lee Teuk

source jeongmilk

Why is no one talking about MBLAQ’s current situation?!

It really is quite surprising to me that NO ONE has reported on what’s happening with MBLAQ right now. Like, it’s been several days since G.O spilled everything about the company just up and fucking disappearing on them, but I’ve seen not a word on any international KPop “news” outlets. Not even trash allkpop has made a post about it and they fucking LOVE anything that will cause drama…


A KPop idol revealing that their company screwed them over so badly that he doesn’t even want to be a singer anymore and that “You guys will have to prepare for a handkerchief when you guys learn that how much all three of us got hurt in the future“ is apparently not news??!?! A big name KPop group has been technically disbanded (a regrouping after military service seems likely, but it’s still unclear at this point) and no one even says anything?!?!!

This is equally the weirdest (no one is talking about it) and saddest (what actually happened) KPop situation I’ve seen in awhile. Ugh… I was never an A+, but I have always liked MBLAQ. I hope they serve well (G.O and Mir are enlisted now, Seungho will join them soon) and come back stronger. JTC never did right by them and everyone knows it; they deserve a new start.

Mother-in-law shared her honest opinion of me. I hope she enjoys her relationship with her son and grandchildren.

I met my husband when we were 17. We got married several years later and just celebrated our 20th anniversary.  I know this man, I have seen how much he remembers things.

My relationship with his father was always tense. With his mother, it seemed we were close but about 7 years ago I realized she had never and would never consider me part of the family (this was at the point my husband and I had spent half our lives together, with a great future foreseen). I acknowledged the issue and tried to move ahead in a positive way to support my husband and allow my children to have access to their grandparents.  

Last Christmas there was a HUGE blow-up at the in-laws’ house. His father started in on me, then his sister and finally his mom. When my hubby walked out of the room to pack our things and go home early (a 2 hour drive), his mother took a moment to say some of the most horrible things about me I have ever heard. Things about my personality, my parenting skills, my friendships, even my mother and sisters.

I admit, I responded with one very unladylike sentence.

Since that day, I have not contacted her nor communicated with her. The revenge though has been sweet: the boy she raised, who married me and has become an amazing man, is now in charge of the relationship with his parents. This means he (not I) sets up visits, buys and sends birthday cards, calls them every week or two.

Or not.

Because you see, this wonderful man is extremely forgetful and doesn’t plan ahead well. ADHD can be difficult that way. Every few weeks for 9 months I have heard him say things like, “Oh shoot, last week was their anniversary,  wasn’t it? I forgot to send them a card.” Or, “Man, I haven’t called my mom in a couple of months. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. ”

I am not keeping him from anything. I would not have a problem with him taking our children for a visit - they have seen their paternal grandparents twice in 9 months (my parents live in the same town we do, so my kids have a good, strong relationship with their maternal grandparents). But I know him, I know me, and I know how our relationship has worked since we were 17.

I have received a few emails asking if we are coming for a visit. This week we again received a card in the mail “reaching out. ” They have called him a few times to try to set something up, but (as I could have told them) in our relationship, I am the one who finalizes most plans and whoops! Hands off for me!

TL;DR Hope my in-laws are enjoying their empty mailbox, unused guest room, and the phone that isn’t ringing. Their son is over 40, they need to deal with him directly. Oh, too bad, ADHD.

EDIT: Gold!? AND no more relationship with my in-laws? It’s like I’ve won twice! Thank you!

Hamilton vs Trump

How does Hamilton
A rap-inspired
Hit, nonconformin’
Broadway Performance
Somehow endorse an
America of diversity
Where anyone can express their opinion
Regardless of who’s winning?

Mike Pence was in the room when it happened
The boos and the clappin’
The news was recappin’
I didn’t go cuz I was
confused by the rappin’
But I’ll respond anyway

Dear Hamilton:
I don’t do tweetstorms
But when sweet Mike P.
Attended your musical
He just wanted to see
An oversensitive VP
Fighting an imagined slight
Then you go and ask him
to defend your rights!
Now you call yourselves “anxious”
Say that you’re “alarmed”
That you’re “truly hopeful”
This is a call to arms!
I’ve been harmed
I have the honor to be Your Great Big Leader
@ realdonaldtrump

Mr. future President:
VP demands an apology
And Hamilton says no
Talk in in theater leads to war
Eexactly re-enacting our show!
Even if I said what you think I said
Ain’t it getting a little meta?
After 200 years you’d think we’d be better
And yet a—

New president can’t cope
With a little poke of our cautious hope
Wishes that we had never spoke
What a tired trope.
I won’t apologize for being woke.
I have the honor to be Your American Musical,
@ HamiltonMusical

Careful how you proceed, good show
I don’t care about your Tonys good show
You must create a safe space even though safe spaces
are for the weak, Good show.

I’m sorry if it seemed rude
I can’t help if the audience booed.
All we did was stand and share a
hopeful message
It’s on you if that’s offensive.

I’m coming, Hamilton.
Richard Rodgers. Now.
Look. Out.

Sold out.

I have the honor to be selling out until 2020

@ Hamiltonmusical

@ realdonaldtrump