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You seem to have an impressive array of paladin pictures. I was wondering if you had any of half orc women in plate mail? Sorry to bother you but I've searched all over and can't find anything useful.

I do, but they’re frustratingly hard to find, and tend to have boob plate. Which is better than the vast majority of bikini armor I find lady orcs in, but still.

Elspeth Fan Artby lorraine-schleter


Irabeth by MiguelRegodon

art by Wayne Raynolds


132 - Meio-Orc Paladina by zalmael



Collectibles scammer now collects bad reviews.

This may get long but I will do my best to reign my ramble-y self in.
(tl;dr at the end)

Names faces and some details have been changed to protect the innocent and prevent more harassment.

My little brother(in-law…known from here out as LB) told me about a decent sized FB group devoted to a type of collectible we are both into. I join the group and he tells me about this great deal he took part in. The group has sponsored vendors a.k.a. people who throw a few bucks at the group’s mod and they get a shiny star saying everyone should trust them…keyword should.

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In Your Arms - Sebastian Stan

Hello internet! Yes, I have deleted ‘Night Owls part III’ bucause it was too angsty for what I had in mind for the finale so, I’m going to rewrite it. In the meantime, I have written this because I had an amazing idea the moment I saw the gifs that you’ll be seeing in a matter of seconds. Btw, the gifs are not mine; I found them on @bucky-plums-barnes but they actually come from @thenixcat . Anywaaay, enjoy! xx

                                   SEBASTIAN STAN X READER

Summary: getting together with Sebastian at the airport after being apart for six months.

Warnings: tons of fluff, i guess. I tried to be funny, did I succeed?


Being far away from Sebastian has always been challenging, but I never thought it would increase so much. After getting married, we were definitely excited to start a new chapter of our life together, but obviously an issue came crossing our path in no time. I still remember the moment when, as we were chilling outside in the sun on our honeymoon, Sebastian’s phone started ringing and after a couple of minutes I found out that he would be leaving in a month to film for six whole months in Atlanta. Obviously I was thrilled for him but at the same time we were a little sad to have to put off our new ideas and adventures for even more time. Therefore we squeezed a lot of things we wanted to do in just one month before we gave up and decided that the best idea was to wait, then we would have been completely and happily free. We sadly said our goodbyes at the airport, promising that we would talk by Skype, Facetime and phone calls every single day and that we would immediately book a flight as soon as one of us found some time to visit the other.

And we did, we didn’t break the promise and succeeded to feel less lonely apart from each other. It had been a real nightmare sometimes to leave again after just a weekend together and with each passing day, even hanging up at the end of a phone call was getting difficult. One of the last weeks before Sebastian finally could come back home, we decided that the ultimate week apart, we wouldn’t contact each other. Maybe a text message, or if we were really really lonely, a phone call could fit in but, we thought the plan would help the excitement of seeing each other again after a long time. You know, like sleeping apart the week before the wedding to make the wedding night more special or waiting to open a present for a bigger surprise. Even if for Sebastian those examples meant the same thing on our wedding night..

Anyhow, in this exact moment, I’m waiting for Seb’s flight to land. I actually wanted this to be a surprise but my dear husband probably knows me too well to know that I’m here waiting. What he doesn’t know is that I’m quietly hiding in the back, a German family covering me from the fans that are in the front waiting for him to show up and ask him for photos. And no, I’m not wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses on the inside to “look like a civilian”.. okay, just the hat, but it’s just for fashion purposes..maybe..
When I hear over the speakers that the plane has landed, I move over a little, leaning over a wall nearby with my arms crossed. The position is perfect: I can see him as he walks down the stairs but he can’t see me. He’s looking around, searching for my familiar face, and he looks a little disappointed to not see me anywhere. Poor baby. The fans start to approach him slowly, they’re not a lot but it will take him a while to take all the pictures, and I’m sure he’s too kind to refuse. Sebastian starts talking with his fans and I slightly overhear a “Have you seen my dear wife somewhere?” with an almost sarcastic tone but I know that he’s really hoping to see me somewhere. The people around him shake their heads, shrugging their shoulders. It’s now that I decide to get into his sight.

Sebastian looks over, seeing movements behind the crowd, crossing his fingers mentally praying that I’ll show up in a matter of seconds. And he’s lucky, because I do. My figure slowly appears in the background, a few feet away, and I see everything: his brows furrowing in confusion, is it really me? Then his eyes shot open, the brightest and most familiar smile forming on his lips. I notice a few fans around him with the corner of my eye starting to record his reaction after seeing me, but right now I don’t care, what I only see is him, the world around me stopping. Sebastian starts walking towards me slowly as the crowd splits to let him pass and I mirror his actions, then his walk becomes a light jog and it’s in that exact moment that we start running, as if by looking in each other’s eyes we knew what to do. We meet in the middle with a bone crushing hug as I surround his neck with my arms and his go immediately around my waist with a steady hold, he has picked me up and my feet are dangling in the air. I smell his cologne again, feeling his face buried in my neck as a few tears fall from the both of us. And in that moment, in his arms for once more, I really feel at home.

Lost and found

[Post 5x23 spec fic]

This is me processing the last few minutes of that finale because it’s the only way I’m making it until October. Enjoy!!

Just in case…. Just in case… Just in case…

He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the destruction ripping apart the island, the island that seemed to never stop taking from him, as her voice echoed in his head. That innate protectiveness that drove him was screaming at him to move, to save them— somehow save them, no matter how irrational it seemed that there was a chance they were still alive, but it was like all the oxygen had left his body when Chase pulled that trigger. His body felt heavy, his feet glued to the spot as he clung to his son. The one part of him he knew for certain he hadn’t lost and couldn’t bear to let go of for even a second.

“Oliver…” William croaked, “Dad?”

The sound of his shaking voice unfroze him and he dropped to his knees to look him in the eye. He couldn’t find the capacity to form words yet, shock still numbing his brain as explosions continued to echo through the air, so he just squeezed his shoulder reassuringly. Like he had done so many times with Felicity when words failed him.

He tried not to think about the words he should have said to her before he let her walk away. Words he might have forever lost his chance to say.

William’s eyes drifted over his shoulder to the fire blazing on the shore, “My mom… is she…”

“I don’t know.” He wouldn’t give him false hope, wouldn’t placate him with, “she’s going to be okay,” wouldn’t assure anything else that he couldn’t be certain of. He had already made that mistake. Pain, the kind he never wanted his son to feel and would give anything to spare him from, flickered in his eyes as his small hand grasped his arm tightly.

Just in case…

The coms. He was afraid to try, afraid to be met with silence. Closing his eyes, he tapped that spot over his heart.

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Day Six Hundred Eighty Seven.

i’ve started to dive head first into novels
plunging into fictions and romances 
as if they were my own

i’ve been yearning for foreign lands 
soaking in colourful pictures of faraway places
dreaming of the day i get to walk among them

i’ve been drinking conversations 
over cups of coffee
listening from the table far away
catching glimpses of unknown lives
that feel familiar all the same

i’ve indulged in yoga
practicing the art of zen
stretching limbs like tree branches
gently swaying

i’ve been searching for myself in pockets of the world
that i never would have thought to look
finding little bits and pieces scattered 
amongst a favourite tune, the scent of summer, the comforting warmth
of the setting sun 

i’ve spent a little bit of extra time 
falling in love with myself for a change
and i couldn’t be happier 

the parent trap pt3 // archie andrews

The Parent Trap (3/12)

Words: 1.2k

Summary-Archie and (Y/N) separate, splitting their twin daughters between them. What happens when ten years later, the pair seem to be reunited in a twist of fate at summer camp

A/N-I made Jughead British, I’m sorry!!! I know it takes his character away but I needed it for the story, I hope you guys are enjoying this!!!! Pls let me know what you thought of this part, thx me babes!

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As Amelia looked through Aria trunk in search of the peanut butter, her eyes caught a glimpse of a familiar face hidden within the pile. “Hey, Aria?” Amelia spoke, catching Aria’s attention.

“What’s up, Lia?”

“I came across this picture and I don’t want to be nosy but do you know who it is?” In Amelia’s hands was a half ripped picture of a red haired man, the exact picture she had dear to her.

“My mum gave that to me when I was five, she says it’s my father.” Aria looked down at her hands, not wanting to meet Amelia’s confused eye.

“You’re lying to me.” Amelia accused, causing Aria’s heart to break at the accusation. In a short amount of time, she had grown close to her doppelgänger.

“I don’t know his name, I don’t where he is, I don’t know who he is but I know my mum and I know my uncle Jughead and I know they wouldn’t lie to me about my father. Yes, they’re protective of me but they wouldn’t lie to me about who my father is.”

“It’s just, it’s just that’s a picture of my dad.” Amelia said, possession clear in her voice.

The duo stayed silent for what seemed to be hours, neither one knowing what to say to make the atmosphere lighter.

“Happy birthday Aria!” Betty greeted the young red haired girl with a grin that made Aria feel at ease. “You’re such a big girl now.”

“But auntie Betty! It’s not my birthday, it’s my mummy’s!” but still Aria spun around to show off her summer dress as if it was her birthday. (Y/N) watched from the distance as her best friend and daughter bonded and laughed. Jughead and Veronica by her side. A sudden shift in the trio caught Aria’s attention.

“I’ve got something for you. I know, you didn’t want us to spend anything but once I saw it, I couldn’t resist.” Veronica clapped “Look how beautiful it is!” She opened the velvet box to show (Y/N) the golden heart necklace she had picked out earlier that day.

“Veronica, I-I can’t accept that. I mean you flew out here, that’s enough for me.”

“I couldn’t stand not being with you on your birthday and I wanted to make your day extra special. Accept the locket and open it up.”

(Y/N) finally surrendered to her raven haired best friend. Taking the velvet box in her hand and gently lifting the heart necklace inside. She opened it with caution. The necklace looked so delicate, she didn’t want it to break.

“The suspense is killing me,” Jughead interrupted the silence “I want to know what’s inside.”

Rolling her eyes at her brother, she finally opened the locket and was met with a picture of Archie and Amelia inside. “Veronica, y-you didn’t have to.”

“(Y/N), I wanted to, so now come here and let me put it on you.”

Pushing (Y/N)’s hair to the side and wrapping the necklace around her, Veronica watched as (Y/N) bit back tears. “I got a necklace so they’ll be right by your heart.”

“You’re the baby in the picture in my mum’s locket!” Aria gasped “It wasn’t me, it was you! That’s what auntie Veronica meant when she said ‘so they’ll be right by your heart.’ She was talking about you and your, no, our father.”

“Let’s say we are related, why have we not been made aware by anyone of the other?”

“I don’t know Amelia, there must’ve been a reason.”

Amelia sighed, looking up to Aria. She couldn’t process it all, ever since she could remember she wondered why her mom wasn’t around but Aria was right, there must’ve been a reason. Amelia sprung up from her seat and rushed over to her trunk, searching for something that could solve this.

“Aria, that picture, it’s ripped. Maybe this is the other half.” Amelia held the picture out, placing it directly in front of Aria’s face.

“Melia, that’s too close for anyone to actually see.” Aria said playfully “Show me the picture from an acceptable distance.”

Amelia moved her arm back and let Aria scan the ripped picture. Aria ran to her bed and picked the picture up, placing it to the right of Amelia’s. “Does this answer your question?” Aria raised her eyebrow “Amelia, we’re sisters.”

Amelia stayed quiet, glancing down at the floor, unsure of what to say. Questions ran through her mind, making it hard for words to come out. Why had her mother left her? Why did her parents separate? And why didn’t her dad tell her about Aria?

“Tell me about our dad, what’s his name? Is he everything mum has described him to be?”

Archie shivered as the cold hit him, even during winter, Riverdale was never that cold. “Remind me again why I let you two Brits drag me to England with you?”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes at Archie before grabbing his hand and dragging him out of the airport to her grandparents.

“(Y/N)! Darling! How have you been?” her grandmother greeted “And who is this stunner?”

“I’ve missed you too grandmother!” Jughead retorted, wrapping his arms around her.

“Yeah, yeah, miss you too.” she playfully smacked his arms off her. “How are you, Archie? Taking good care of my little angel?”

“I’ve been good, thank you Mrs.Jones and you know it, Mrs.Jones. Always have and always will.”

“Listen to me son when I say you’re still too young for ‘always will’, once (Y/N) moves back over here, you’ll find some other girl and act as if she never existed.” Edward, (Y/N)’s grandfather, spoke.

“Grandad! Stop! You’ve known Archie as long as I have and you know he isn’t like that!” (Y/N) defended. “Anyways, me and Jug are taking him sight-seeing! We’ll be home for dinner, I promise.”

“Jug and I, not me and Jug.” Josephine, (Y/N)’s grandmother, corrected “You kids have fun. Just make sure (Y/N) is back home alive before 7pm.”

Archie looked down at (Y/N) with a smile plastered across his face. She could barely sit still. He thought back to when she begged him to join her and Jughead on their visit to her grandparents. He knew that she loved her grandparents more than anything and he also knew that they treated her as if she was the most valuable thing going.

“I’m guessing Mr.Jones isn’t fond of me.” Archie sighed as the trio sat at the back of the sightseeing tourbus.

“Don’t take it personally, Andrews. He’s not very fond of me either.” Jughead remarked. “Grandfather isn’t very fond of anyone who isn’t (Y/N) or Grandmother.”

“Mum loves her grandmother. She’s always with her. Grandmother actually told me of the story of when our dad came to visit them for the first time as mum’s boyfriend!“ Aria grinned “Great-Grandfather wasn’t fond of the idea of uncle Jughead’s best friend dating mum. He’s very protective over us.”

“So mom’s grandparents are still alive?” Amelia raised her eyebrow, to which Aria nodded her head as a response.

“Mom’s family seem amazing. I’d love to meet uncle Jughead!” Amelia looked to Aria for her response, expecting Aria to frown at her hint but instead she was greeted with a grin.

“Crazy idea, I know, but what if we swapped places?”

After a great response from those of you who are following my journey I decided I would actually write a post about my weight loss journey. Before and After pictures included. I searched for pictures of me at my highest, but I did, indeed, destroy them. I only have pictures of me while seated, like this one, never standing. I wish I had ONE to do a side by side comparison.  

I met and married my hubby in six months :) Even before our wedding I had started to gain weight. We ate out all the time. I let my gym membership lapse. Neither of us knew how to cook healthy food. By the following summer I had gained 50 pounds. Over the next three years I found myself with two precious babies and ANOTHER 50 pounds. I was now 100 pounds heavier. I could not find clothes that fit me in a normal store. Even when I found something that did fit, I wasn’t comfortable. I hated the way I looked. I would get headaches a few times a week and felt tired ALL the time.

In the beginning of 2005 I began my weightloss journey. I wanted to be able to do things with my kids as they got older. I rented Tae Bo dvds and bought Turbo Jam. I bought a stair stepper. And I lost weight! Not a ton. Probably 25 pounds. It was enough to make me want to keep going! The following year I researched the South Beach Diet. A whole different way of eating for me since I was used to prepared, frozen, and boxed food. I ate according to their guidelines and lost another 40 pounds. I continued exercising and eating like this for a few more years and didn’t see any weight loss. Seriously the most frustrating years. I knew I was continuing to make my insides better, but I was seeing no results on the scale. I started to research food and study how it affects the body. I couldn’t limit calories and expect my body to work well!  I also switched up my exercise routine. I found HIIT and fell in love!! It made me feel strong. It was the fuel for the fire I needed to find in myself.

By 2012 I used HIIT and running for my main forms of exercise. I also had cleaned up my diet. No more processed sugars. No more “diet” foods.  I ate fruits and veggies and lean protein. I ate whole wheat, oatmeal, or brown rice if I wanted carbs. I told myself that I would not restrict myself and I would fuel my body so it could work. And it did! By the beginning of 2013 I had lost 35 pounds. I had finally lost 100 pounds. It took me 8 years. A long 8 years.

There are a few things that people who have lost a lot of weight don’t tell you. They don’t tell you about how your body will look under your clothes after you’ve lost weight. They don’t tell you about all the loose skin. They don’t tell you that your mind won’t always accept your body’s weight loss. That you’ll still see the person you were staring back at you. They don’t tell you that hearing complements is actually weird. They don’t tell you that if you didn’t love yourself before you lost weight that you’ll still have a hard time loving yourself when you do lose weight. These were all things I found I struggled with after I lost all that weight. I have maintained my weight loss, but it wasn’t until just this past year that I began to love myself and appreciate the weight loss I had achieved.

I have learned so much about myself in the past 2 years! I am not afraid to try new things anymore. I love being adventurous! I am intelligent and witty. My body is strong. It can do most things I ask of it. And if it can’t yet, I can train and it will learn. So, my story, is much more than just losing weight and getting myself healthy. It was, and continues to be, an adventure of creating myself along the way.

To maintain my healthy lifestyle I do a combination of HIIT, running, and yoga 5 days a week. I also eat mostly raw fruits and veggies, lean protein, nuts and nut butters, and whole grains. I really try to limit sugar and processed foods, as well as eating close to bedtime. Water is my best friend (ok, coffee really is) and I drink 100 oz most days of the week. I try each day to something I love: drawing, singing, playing the piano, hiking, being outside, cooking, baking. Anything to fill up that fun tank :) Feel free to ask me questions about my journey. I love hearing from you guys!

Confession #10 Me and my cousins used to drive my grandma crazy until she brought us a Word Up Magazine. She would only buy one and we all had to share it💀

We would flip through the pages and who ever snatched the poster first could have it. We had the exact one in the picture and I remember me and my cousin was fighting over a Ray Ray from MB poster and we ripped it 😂 But ya girl had that clear tape💁🏾

Y'all already know I snatched that Diggy Simmons poster real quick too😂

These confession are lowkey making me said because they remind me of a simpler time in life where I was “ME” and not searching for “ME” or wanting to be anyone else. I know it just got deep but that just how I feel 😭🥀

It was always her

A/N: The final part to It wasn’t her. Its a smack in the feels. Flashbacks & things the reader has said are done in italics. I tried to focus on everyone equally but it focuses a lot more on Dean’s struggle. There also isn’t must dialogue & it’s pretty long…sorry, not sorry.

It wasn’t her masterlist

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

Mary x Daughter!Reader    Cas x Reader (platonic)

Originally posted by bugharpoon

The ride back to the bunker was done in pure silence. Cas drove his truck back separately while Dean drove the impala with Sam riding shot gun and Mary in the backseat. Sam had offered to ride with Cas so she could ride in front but she refused; she wanted to hold her baby. When they pulled up in to the garage no one made a move to get out.

Not until Dean spoke, “You guys go inside. I’ll bring Y/N in.” Neither Sam or Mary budged, “Sammy, please.” Dean’s voice broke as he asked his brother to leave. Sam sighed and got out of the car, he walked around to the passenger side Mary was sitting on and opened the door.

“Come on Mom.” He said while reaching his hand out to grab hers. She slowly got up, delicately placing your head back on the seat. Dean had carefully wrapped your body in your favorite blanket that you always kept in the back of the impala, “It’s my emergency blanket! We sleep in this car so much that I wanna keep it here just in case. I’m doing you a favor really, this way you don’t have to listen to me bitch about being cold.” Now you were wrapped in it, only your head showing due to Mary maneuvering the blanket down so that she could look at your face. You were her little girl, she had always wondered how you would look like when you grew up and now she knew; you were a gorgeous woman who had small traces of herself and John, but she also saw bits and pieces of Dean and Sam, and parts of you were all your own.

Dean remained in the car after Sam and Mary had gone into the bunker. He just wanted quiet for a few more minutes. He wanted a few more minutes to pretend that everything was alright. That his beloved baby sister wasn’t dead in the backseat of his car. That he wasn’t going to have to carry his lifeless sister into her room while he went outside to chop wood. Wood that he would then use to build a pyre. A pyre that he would then have to watch his sister burn on until she became a pile of ashes. After that he would have to go back into his home, which would forever be different without her presence, and comfort his mother, who has been dead for 33 years, and his little brother, who had been tricked into killing their little sister.

So yeah, Dean let himself sit in silence for a few more moments before he watched his entire world crash and burn in front of him.

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*Photographs* Newt x reader

◘ howdycharlie asked:


Fumbling through some papers on the desk inside his case, Newt frantically searched for his notebook. He could have sworn he left it here earlier when you called him over to the bowtruckle habitat to help you with something. In a hurry he had set it down and couldn’t remember where he had put it.

Reaching in to his pocket to get his wand to summon it, his eyes landed upon what looked to be a pile of photographs near an open scrapbook. Newt was aware of your love for photography but from what he could see, there seemed to be a photo of him peeking out from under the book. 

Curious, the wizard picked up the scrapbook and set it aside revealing a small pile of photos; the top one being of him feeding his mooncalves. Moving it to the back of the pile, Newt found as he kept looking through it that a majority of the photos were of him. None of which he was ever aware were being taken at the time.

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Sitting on my screened in porch, I let the warm breeze blow over me from the bay. I could see the storm clouds brewing  in the distance, I would have to get moving, and get my shopping done, if I wanted to beat the storm.

Standing up slowly, I placed my hand over my expanding stomach, it had been eight weeks since I left Charming. After leaving the hospital that morning, I cleaned out my bank accounts and left town. 

Just wanting to disappear, and forget my heartbreak, I took the necessary steps to make sure I couldn’t be found. I sold my car in Brentwood, took a bus to Berkeley and bought a another car with my new identity. 

Olivia Quinn, was born in Berkeley, I just needed time to think, without people coming at me from all sides. I needed time to figure things out, it still hurt that after being together for two years, he never told me he was married.   He asked me to marry him, knowing he was still married.  It made me wonder why he even asked, and what other secrets he was hiding.

I’d rented a secluded two bed room cottage on Alamada Island, it was perfect. I need the quiet, no one around to influence my thoughts, or harass me. I had another eight weeks until Owen Kendrick was due to arrive. Once I recovered from his birth, I’d contact Chibs. I wouldn’t keep him from his child, I couldn’t do that to him, no matter how much he hurt me.

Knowing that the stress wasn’t good for me or the baby, I pushed all the memories away, and got ready to leave for the store. Glancing again out across the bay, the dark clouds looked dark and violent, I was going to have to prepare for a hellish night.

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Pack Threat: 5

One Two Three Four Six Seven Epilogue


That night, everyone knew what you discovered at the hospital, they were especially glad to hear the good news, along with the white witch you both had befriended.

Next morning, a lot of commotion could be heard coming from within the pack house:



Padded feet running across the boards.

Jogging up and down the staircase.

The closet door opening, coats being pulled out.

Conversations coming from Yuta’s room.

A couple shouts of, “Goodbye!” and “We’ll call you!” could be heard at breakfast as Yuta and Narae rushed out the door, confusing everybody except for Taeyong and Doyoung, who wouldn’t say much.

You were walking down the halls in school, Mark by your side, hands swinging back and forth until he bumped your knuckles with his and entwined your fingers, sharing a warm glance before continuing on your way. 

It was lunch and since the cafeteria was a full house already, the pups met up in the hallway near their homeroom. 

“Does anyone know why Yuta and Narae were rushing out the door this morning?” Jeno asked, taking a bite of his sandwich as you and Mark settled down beside Donghyuck and Renjun.

You shook your head. “No, I hardly managed to sneak in a glance before they drove off.”

“I heard they had plans, and it would take a long time to finish those plans,” Mark said, holding his hand out for your water bottle and you passed it to him. 

“Having gotten to the kitchen early,” Jaemin piped up, “I just snagged the chance to ask her why they were in such a hurry?”

Donghyuck snorted. “Let’s hope it’s good news. What did she say?”

“They’re taking a drive back to Yuta’s hometown.” Jaemin smiled.

“Wait a second,” Renjun held up a hand. “Isn’t that where he met her?”

Jeno nodded, chewing the rest of his sandwich. “Yup, and hopefully, if they find where she was held captive, we contact the police and a large patrol of wolves will infiltrate the place and rescue Jisung.”

“Who’s going?” You asked, looking up from his food. “Is it just the adults?”

“Who knows,” Renjun shrugged, taking a bite of his chicken. “Taeyong hasn’t said any —”

Familiar shouts could be heard and you all looked up in surprise when Doyoung and Hansol appeared at the end of the hallway, striding towards your direction. Every other student stepped to the side, nodding in their direction but wondered if the sudden intrusion had anything to do with Jisung. Guess what? They were right.

“What’s going on?” Jeno asked, jumping up to greet them.

“You’ve already been checked out. Grab your stuff,” Hansol said while your beta quickly ushered everyone else to grab their things. “They’ve found where Jisung is.”

Your eyebrows raised in question, before turning towards him and asking, “That quick, huh?”

“No questions,” Doyoung ordered, coming around the corner while carrying Jisung’s mate’s backpack. “We’ll explain on the way there.”

“There?! As in there?” Mark asked, incredulous, holding your stuff as you quickly threw on a coat.

“Taeyong will explain in the van,” Hansol shushed him.

“You’re right,” Mark turned to you, handing over your already packed bag. You threw it over your shoulder as he added, “That was real quick.”

The three cars: Taeil’s, Doyoung & Taeyong’s, and Johnny’s vans were all parked in the front of the school as you all scrambled inside them. You and Mark rushed into the eldest’s van and sat in the back, allowing Jaemin, Renjun, and Donghyuck to climb in after.

“What the hell is going on?” Donghyuck burst out, sitting in the passengers seat.

Taeil pressed a finger to his mouth and plugged his phone into the speakers. “Taeyong’s gonna do a mass phone call, he’ll explain everything,” he glanced at his dongsaeng’s annoyed face. “Be patient.”

And soon enough the phone rang and Taeil pressed the answer button as he drove away from school. Everyone else leaned into the closest speaker beside them, anxious to hear their alpha’s words.

“Hey everyone, and mianhae pups,” he apologized, sounding uncertain. “Narae found where Jisung is. It’s a day’s drive, and we need every wolf we can get. We’re heading into dangerous territory, so listen carefully.”

Everyone nodded, even if he couldn’t see it. 

“The place isn’t too far from the forest where Yuta found her, but it’s hidden underground, that’s why she found it so quickly, because it really is just nearby his old home. His former pack is graciously allowing us to stay in their own pack house for these next few days, so you’ll be sharing with a whole other pack — Donghyuck, Chenle, you WILL behave. Anyone disrespect their pack and I’m sending you home.”

Everyone chuckled as Donghyuck rolled his eyes but muttered, “Yes hyung.”

“We’ve packed a pair of large suitcases full of your clothes and toiletries, which are in my car now, we’ll return them when we arrive.” There was a pause, a few mumbles in the background, then Taeyong spoke again. “After finding your stuff, we’ll discuss everything at dinner. This is all I know, hopefully this information will hold you for now so no questions unt— Chenle, what did I just say? Put your hand down.”

The phone clicked off, leaving the rest of the pack giggling in their own mirth.

Once you arrived at your location, everyone was surprised to see only Yuta’s former alpha and luna at the front door.

“It’s not much of a pack anymore,” Yuta explained when Taeyong asked him why the pack house looked so empty. “Most of us have grown up and found other packs to live in. For now it’s just the current alpha and luna taking care of the house.”

“So where are you sisters?”

“Moved out too.”

Everyone slipped into the living room, surrounding the suitcases filled with each pack member’s stuff. Once your clothes and toiletries were handed out, you and Mark headed up to your assigned rooms (their was a sticky note with a room number on your clothes), and froze when both of you read the same number on your sticky notes.

You didn’t speak, just awkwardly stood there, facing the door, confused. Then in slight panic immediately shouted to Eunjung, “Unnie!” you called out to her as she and Taeil worked together in hauling the suitcases to their own room. “Someone accidentally assigned us the same number.” You and Mark held out your sticky notes for them to see, the number 20 written out in bold sharpie.

But instead of saving you from the awkward crisis, the mated couple smiled sweetly and confirmed the numbers. “Honey, we know you snuggle together every night,” the woman snickered.

“What’s the difference?” Taeil asked, chuckling along with her and pointed to the room behind you. “It’s just sleeping.” With that said they entered their room, leaving you and Mark standing against the staircase railing, flustered.

But then a scarier thought crossed your mind. “Did Donghyuck hear that?”

Mark swallowed thickly. “Probably.”

“We’re screwed.”

You both turned back around to stare at the door, eyeing the number before letting yourselves in.  

There was a queen sized bed with navy blue sheets, a rug on the floor, a small desk pushed aside, a long bookshelf, a small bathroom, and even a large window where you could look out past the forest and into the city lights. Still holding your clothes, you walked around the bed to look at the framed photos sitting atop the bookshelf, even picking a few up before setting them back down again. 

“See Yuta in any of them?” Mark came up beside you, picking a picture up and searching for his hyung’s familiar face. 

You scanned the rest of the room, eyes falling on a larger picture hanging on the wall. Maneuvering over to take a closer look, you found a man and woman standing about shoulder deep in water, laughing at something out of the frame. The color seemed to have faded all but leaving the faintest of reds and yellows, and you wondered how old the picture was. “I wonder who they are?” you thought out loud, feeling Mark’s presence beside you once more. 

“Perhaps they’re the owners of the room,” he shrugged.

“It’s the beta and his mate.” The speaker made you both turn to find Yuta standing in the doorway, smiling a little. “They were laughing because one of the pups fell into the lake.”

You grinned. “How old is the photo?”

“Pretty old,” he nodded, “but I can’t think of an exact date.” His eyes mulled over the room. “I hope you both like the room, don’t mess it up,” he joked.

“We do, and don’t worry,” Mark reassured, “We’ll keep it nice.”

Yuta said his goodbyes, closing the door behind him and moving onto the room next door, making sure everyone was settling in comfortably.

Upon his leave you and Mark spread out your clothes on the bed, realizing both had enough clothes to last a few days. You collected the clothes and set them on the small desk as Mark took a short shower. Falling back onto the bed, you ran your hand over the blankets, smiling as you realized how soft they felt on your skin and relaxed, listening to the shower’s water. 

Your eyes wandered over to the photo on the wall again and began to wonder how old the werewolves were. A hundred-forty…hundred-seventy…seems legit, you smiled. They must’ve known each other for a long time.

Wolves grew at a normal human rate until their twenties hit, causing your age to slow way down, and eventually stop somewhere around your fifties (although your appearance stayed in your thirtys) From then on, the only way for a werewolf to “age” older would be caused by emotional/mental pain and fatigue from that wolf’s soul.

You glanced at the photo again, the beta and his mate — you stopped. Why don’t woman and mates have titles, you wondered, knowing it was the same title system in your pack as well. This question kept circling your brain for a few minutes, a little disappointed that you haven’t thought of that before. Seems a little unfair to me, you huffed, chewing the inside of your mouth.

When you heard the shower shut off, you rolled your head to face the bathroom door, eager to ask him this question and watched as the door opened, revealing your mate dressed in sweats and a white fitted T-shirt, towel in hand. Mark glanced your way but stopped when he saw the pout on your lips. “Why are we scowling?” he teased, settling down beside you and ruffling his dripping hair with the towel.

You rolled onto your side, balancing on your elbow, hand in your hair. “Why don’t mates have titles? It’s just ‘his mate’ or ‘her mate’, it’s really objectifying.” Mark paused in movement, letting the question sink in before lowering the towel. You then added, “I know it makes sense in the animal world but, honestly, I don’t care for it too much.” Your words were blunt but your tone gentle.

Mark nodded, understanding what you meant. Even being part wolf, a human doesn’t like being property, it didn’t feel right. For a moment you thought he wouldn’t reply, but he did, and the words he spoke took you by surprise. “Eunjung actually asked that same question when she first met us. Since she’s human, although has all the qualities of a werewolf besides the phasing, she definitely did question our ways before finally agreeing to be part of the family.”

You perked up, this time sitting up behind him and grabbing the towel from his hands, began to dry his hair. “What did they say?”

“That mates didn’t need titles because overall they were to be respected, especially if you’re a woman.” He reached up to hold your wrist, stopping your movements in order to grab your full attention. “A mate is a wolf’s life, and a woman is emotionally stronger than the rest because not only do they run the pack and keep everyone alive, but they defend it with all their passion and intensity.”

You thought about his words, then proceeded to scrunch the towel through his hair. “So why do the males have titles?”

Mark chuckled. “Because that’s how the system worked since the very beginning. I don’t know the exact answer.”

You smiled. “Am I your life?”

He grinned, glancing down at the ground. “When were you never?”

You pressed a kiss to his cheek in appreciation, then wrapped your arms around his shoulders from behind, leaning against his back. “You too.”

Soon you took a shower after and then both of you headed down to eat dinner.

When you jumped down the last few steps, the sweet scent in the air gave away your guests. The vampires had returned this time, and a metallic scent also hit your senses, suggesting that the drink in their mugs was blood.

Everyone was sitting around the table, including Yuta’s former alpha and luna. They were the cooks that night and their warm hospitality was most welcoming.

“Yah! Mark, Y/N!” Donghyuck shouted out, startling everyone. “What’s it like staying in the sa —?”

You cuffed the back of his head while Mark pinched his ear, cutting him off. Everyone chuckled at the troublemaker’s annoyed face, and you were glad nobody seemed to notice the flare of pink in your cheeks.

“We know where he is, and what room he’s being held in,” Agent Kim spoke first while everyone was digging into their food. “We sent Amber, while invisible, down there to check out the place and map it all out.”

“The problem now,” said Isuel, sitting next to him, “is that we’ll have to rescue every single supernatural creature being held if this mission is followed through.”

The investigator standing behind her nodded in agreement. “It’s a whole experiment we need to shut down.” He set his hands on the back of his mate’s chair, and you noticed his finger tracing mini patterns on her back. “According to Amber, they’re trying to discover how we live longer, heal faster, and our weaknesses.”

Your blood ran cold and felt a shiver next to you. You discreetly squeezed Mark’s hand in comfort.

Taeyong was next to speak, swallowing a bite of food. “After dinner, you have a little time to yourselves before I call every adult wolf into the conference room. We’ll look at the map Amber drew out and discuss our plans.” He then turned and faced your way. “That includes you and Mark.”

Your eyes widened. “But we’re still pups.”

Mark nodded beside you, skeptical. “Aren’t we a little too young to be going?”

But Taeyong shook his head. “No, you two will be adults soon, so this will be your first real mission.”

You and Mark shared a glance but nothing was said.

Then to everyone’s surprise, Yuta’s former luna spoke in a firm but soft voice, catching everyone’s attention. “Bring her along with you too.” She gestured towards Miseong, who’s eyes shot open in surprise.

The alpha next to her nodded in agreement. “It’s important she goes with you.” He turned to face the young girl. “Is your link still open?”

“Yes,” she murmured shyly. “His emotions keep fluctuating, albeit, I haven’t felt any pain, yet.”

You all breathed a sigh of relief.

“But why do I have to be there?”

“If you’re the first person he sees, it’ll give him the strength and energy he needs to help carry out the mission,” the luna explained, smiling gently at the young girl.

“That’s true,” Narae piped up. “They don’t give you much food and water to live on.”

By the time dinner was over, everyone went back to their rooms, wondering how the night would turn out.


Okay now since that’s done I can write past the writers block geez I really hate writers block!

But You Didn’t (Home)

Broke up a year ago, our suitcases got swapped and why do you still have a picture of us together?

Frosting war and now we’re making out on my kitchen counter


Uh. Yeah so, I’m just now kinda going through a breakup. I don’t really feel sad about it? Cause it was beginning to become very one-sided and. I’m just so tired. I was tired of him always ignoring me, blah blah blah. So yeah. This is gonna be sappy and angsty as all hell so. Woo.

And a message to every living breathing person out there. If someone is treating you like shit, is treating you like they don’t care about you, talk to them. Figure out what’s going on. Sometimes, they’re truly not doing it on purpose. Sometimes, they’re not the one. And I know that hurts to say, but you will date people who are not the one.

Quite like this asshole who I was with. So yes. If you’re with an asshole, like I was, run, run far away.

Anywho, onto the Finnegan

Tags: @moxtiel and @nickysmum1909 bc THEY REQUESTED THESE IDEAS AND YEAH I COMBINED THEM as per-usual, sue me. And tagging @hardcorewwetrash @fuckyeahbulletclub and @darlingkatrina MY FRIENDS, MY PARTNERS IN CRIME, MY LOVELIES, YES ILOVE THEM. Also tagging @helluvawriter @imagines–assemble @alexispoo @caramara3 @itsaminionthing  AND ANYONE ELSE WITH FINN FEELS. Just shoot me an ask or message if y’all wanna be tagged in my stuff. 

Me: *Is 2 pages in* 

Also me: *Sobbing uncontrollably.*

Admittedly, I am slightly intoxicated as I write this, I will fix my mistakes through editing, but if I miss something, ya know. Ya know why.

Warnings: It’s gon’ be sweet, sweet love making. That’s right ladies and gents. I’m writing smut. That isn’t rough. I know, it’s a shocker. A real brain teaser. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO ACTUALLY WRITE SWEET SLOW LOVE MAKING WOW OKAY I HAD TO BACKSPACE HAIR PULLING ABOUT… Okay, more than I probably should have. But yeah. Yeah. I DIDN’T WANT THIS TO BE DIRTY, DIRTY SEX (my subconscious did but I did not let it win.). It’s beautiful and supposed to make you cry. (But Finn is def still in charge.) Yes. I DON’T THINK I EVEN USED ANY CUSS WORDS IN THIS, THAT IS HOW MUCH FINN LOVE MAKING MEANS TO ME, OKAY ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME KNOWS I HAVE THE MOUTH OF A SAILOR.

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The kiwi goes to space

Hello friends and family~ 

It is I, your favorite Jen on planet earth (probably not lmao) here to announce that it is now official: I´m going to sell stickers! 

You have seen me talking about it a lot, because I get super excited about things very fast. I sat down and made some designs and now you can see the results over at redbubble.

Click here to get to the shop or search for spacekiwi on redbubble.

These pictures don´t show them all, I ordered some to check the quality. There will be three sets and individual stickers, so you can pick whatever you prefer. What I like is that they are “pre-cut” so you don´t have to cut them out. They come to you as shown in the picture above (the stripes are the size “small” and the larger one ist “medium”)

At the moment you can choose between six designs of BUNKOOK , seven designs of BTS DESSERTS (which I redrew only 90 kids will remember…) and some random three designs of the BUNMODE of Jungkook. 

You can basically get them in four sizes: 

Things I can´t recommend: Buying the sets in small. They didn´t turned out that good, so I´ll have a proper look at this later. But everything else should be fine. :) If not you can hunt me down. 

The price varies of course regarding the size you choose between 2,18 € and 13,10 € (something about 2,50 - 15,20 $ / 1,95 - 11,45 £) plus shipping which varies depending from where you´re from. 

The stickers are of a quite thick matt material, they are easy to release from the paper and also feel really nice… But don´t lick or eat them kids, that´s unhealthy. 

I don´t know if there is anything else to report… If I missed something let me know. If you have questions in general let me know too!!! 

I´ll put the link in the blog description too, so everyone can find it. 

If you guys are happy with the stickers, maybe I can create more designs in the future. But for now I think its a good start :)… I hope you guys like the output! 

I would love to hear some feedback if anyone of you order some! That would also help me regarding to correct and improve. So… yeah. ok I guess that´s it.

Love you guys - Jen 

With Needles Rebuild gaining hype and resale prices trending up, it’s about time I mention some smaller Japanese brands that do similar remake work but can be found for much lower prices, assuming you can even find them at all. There’s a lot of flavors of patchwork, from punk and crust inspired clothes to boro patchwork and unconventional stitching. I’ve collected as many as I could think of here, though I ignored some labels like Kapital and Remi Relief because they’re already pretty well known.

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half-light chapter 11

one /// two /// three /// four /// five  /// six /// seven /// eight /// nine /// ten


He drives. Scully sits in the seat beside him, flipping through a book. She is surprisingly placid for the news they’ve just received. (She’s just received. Why did he say “they”?) The flowers he’d bought her sit in the back seat, untouched.

They pass a sign for West Virginia. “Scully, I thought we were going to Pennsylvania,” he says.

“No,” she says. “We’re going to Oregon. I told you that.”

He blinks, confused as to why they didn’t just take a plane. He’s more confused that he should be, he thinks. He notices the wedding band on his left hand.

“Scully, you’re my wife,” he says.

She looks up at him, all concern. “Mulder, I’m really worried about you,” she says. She holds up her left hand. No ring.

“Where’s your ring?” he wants to know. “I-I put it on your hand. We did a bunch of sentimental junk we don’t normally do, but I wanted to do it, Scully. For you. I don’t want to lose you.” He’s babbling, nonsensical, confused, but he needs to know if his memories are real or not. He remembers a courthouse, the ring clunkily sliding over Scully’s tiny knuckle, her mouth hot under his. It can’t be fake; it’s too vivid.

“I think you should just focus on the road,” Scully says. Her nose is bleeding, and she doesn’t seem to notice. “I called you this morning to come to the oncology ward so I could tell you about my cancer. That’s what we did this morning.”

“I drove you to the hospital. I waited for you.” Or did he? His mind is a muddled mess of confusion and he has no idea what’s right and what’s wrong.

The lower half of Scully’s face is eerily stained with blood. “Just drive, Mulder,” she says, so fucking softly. “For me. Please.”

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What Happiness is Really Like

A/N) so I know this took forever and my apologies to the dear anon that requested it. Hi I really liked this prompt and decided to do it. I hope you like it and it lives up to your hopes and dreams.

Summary) a girl with a physical handicap is stuck in a wheelchair for her entire life. Because f this, she doesn’t think anyone will ever truly love her. One boy proves her wrong.


My hands shook from anticipation. Not from fear. I wasn’t afraid. Not yet. But under the unnerving stares of the other students, I didn’t think it would take long for fear to take over.

Of course they stared. Everyone did. Or they averted their eyes, or stared me only in my eyes, or pretended they didn’t see me at all. I didn’t know if that was better or worse than straight up acknowledging what they saw. I was a witch in a wheelchair. It was their issue if they couldn’t deal with it.

I stared straight ahead as I pushed myself through the crowd in the entrance hall, excited to reach the great hall. I wanted to know who i was; I wanted an identity of my own other than the wheel chair I sat in. This was my time, I told myself. This was my time.

I was broken out of my moment by a crash and the sound of someone falling. All the children in the hall turned to look. On a heap on the floor were four boys, each varying quite noticeably in appearance. A scrawny chestnut haired boy with the buddings of scars dancing on his neck. A boy thick as he was tall, bubbly and talkative, with sandy blonde hair and bright eyes. A boy with pitch black hair and olive skin, glasses askew on his nose. And one that I couldn’t seem to keep my eyes from. His hair was as black as the other boy’s, but his eyes were a shocking grey against the pale shade of his skin. He was pretty, I noticed. I had never noticed anyone like that before.

By the time the professors came in, muttering about how it was too early in the year for this and that they should wait till they were sorted for this behavior so their houses could “feel the impact of their misdeeds,” but the boys just laughed and stood before continuing with the rest of the group to the great hall. My eyes seemed to follow them.

I watched them as they each stepped up to the sorting hat and discovered who they were, and then it was suddenly my turn. The hat was brought to me, to avoid the hassle of maneuvering the chair up the stairs.

And when the hat called out gryffindor, I knew.

Suddenly it was like all the fog had been cleared away. This was the new piece of my identity. Gryffindor. I was a gryffindor.

I grinned excitedly and I rolled to the end of the gryffindor table, parking my chair and looking back up to the hat, where more children were being placed.

In the corner of my eye, I watched him.

The boy was too intriguing not to look at. He was this colorful bouncy thing, with a sensitivity and gorgeousness that was too hard to resist. And even as my life fell into place for the first time, I was looking at him.

By fifth year, I had a personality. People had gotten used to the chair, other than the fort years that flowed in every year. But they knew better than to mess with a fourth year.

I wasn’t just the chair anymore. Or, at least, I could distract myself from the chair. It was almost like I was a normal person. I was a gryffindor. I was good at defense against the dark arts. I loved the pudding in the great hall. But in the back of my mind, I was still the girl in the wheelchair.

I took my place in potions on a brisk Monday morning in October. The dungeons had more of a stingy cold feeling than they usually did, but the fires of our burners helped chase the chill out.

I had been taking this class all year, sitting behind him.

It was almost an experiment. I studied him the way one would study a lab rat.

But he was anything except a rat. High set cheekbones, grey, dancing eyes, lovely black hair that swept his neck.

I discovered his name was Sirius Black. He was in my year and my house, which I already knew. He was friends with a small group of boys and girls, but he seemed closest with three of them. Their names were James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. They were hilarious to watch. Like a comedy show performed live at Hogwarts. Something was always happening with them. Pranks and jokes, and laughter that always seemed to emanate from them.

I still had kept away from them. I was a new person from when I arrived at the school, but I was still the wheelchair girl. And until I could get over my disability and believe that I was someone other than the someone in my chair, it would stay that way. It almost broke my heart. I was separated from someone who didn’t know I existed, but it hurt so much to think about. Like we had this unbreakable bond that he just happened to not be aware of.

By the time potions had begun and Slughorn had started his lecture, I was too busy being enraptured by Sirius to pay attention. He was stealing glances at James while looking back at his notes, as if studying James instead of potions. I tried to take down some notes, more to make it look like I was paying attention, but only ended up doodling.

Doodling the back of his head.

It was, of course, an accident, but it ended up becoming a full blown drawing after a while. I wasn’t what one would call an artist, but drawing him seemed to take my hand away. It was easy, like I had been doing it forever.

The bell rang suddenly, and I was shocked out of my hazy daze. I began to pack my things away, attempting to slide them over the table and onto my lap so I could ride with them there instead of putting them in my bag. But everything came tumbling down.

Muttering curses under my breath, I began to gather all my things up, bending over my chair and scooping things toward me. After I managed to pick up half my things, I noticed the feet standing directly in front of me.

It was like a cheesy movie that I didn’t want to watch, let alone be in.

When my eyes reached the face of Sirius Black, he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking at the paper in his hands, where half of my notes were and where a giant doodle of him was. His lips curled up in one corner before he dropped his hand, meeting his eyes to mine.

“Nice drawing, y/n.”

He placed my things in my lap and walked out the dungeon door.

My heart just about exploded out of my chest. He knew my name. I knew how much I sounded like a star struck teenage girl, but he knew my name. I had never talked to him once in my life and he knew my name.

I raced down the halls, my mind going as fast as the wheels on my chair. I forced myself to be calm and sensible. He probably heard it on the class roster or something. That was it. He didn’t know my name. He just happened to have heard it. My heart slowed a bit.

But the picture.

Oh Merlin, the picture.

How the hell was I supposed to explain that to anyone? He probably told his friends. They probably thought I was a freak.

The bell for our next class rang, and I decided to do something about it.

When lunch rolled around, I took a deep breath and searched for him. He was in his usual place with his friends in the great hall. My hands all but shook as I made m way over to him and tapped his shoulder.

My breath got caught in my chest when his eyes met mine. I choked down my panic.

“Can I talk to you for a second?” I asked timidly, my voice barely above a whisper. But he heard it. He smiled and nodded, before nodding to his friends as if to let them know. They all stared over his shoulder curiously as I turned and quickly hurried away, not even checking to make sure he was following me.

I found a deserted classroom almost immediately. I knew where they all where because I used to eat lunch in the when I was a first and second year to avoid the stares in the great hall.

When I finally turned around, he was looking around the room with interest, and I waited for his to make their way to me. When they finally did, they looked quizzical.

“What color are your eyes?” He asked. I was taken aback, and I stuttered before choking out the color I was looking for. He narrowed his eyes. “Strange. I couldn’t tell. They changed from when you were in the dungeon to now,” he informed me, and I felt my cheeks heat up. Thank Merlin for the lack of light in the room.

“Um, okay,” I muttered, and he looked at me with a slight smirk on his face. I shuddered in a breath. “So I just wanted to apologize-”

“No need!” He cut me off. “I loved the picture. You’re really talented.”

My eyes were wide. “Thanks,” I said in a strangled voice. His smile widened. “Where did you learn to draw like that?” He asked, taking a step closer. I backed away a tiny bit. “I don’t want to keep you from your friends,” I told him. He shook his head. “It’s okay. The see enough of my anyway.”

I didn’t know what to say. He was looking at me expectantly and I was at a complete loss. “My grandpa,” I blurted out finally. It startled us both. Sirius laughed. “Really?”

“Yeah” I said. “He was a wonderful artist, and he taught me a few things before he died.”

That was all it took. That tiny piece of information in his hands, and it was like he was holding my heart. The way he stared at me when I talked, the way he was so intent on catching every word, made me feel so singled out. I usually didn’t like being the center of attention, but he made it so I wasn’t. I was what he was focused on, but the way he focused was the center of attention.

By the time the next class started, he had somehow learned all about my grandparents. I don’t even know how it happened. But talking to him was so easy. It was like breathing.

“Meet me in the courtyard, yeah? We’ll talk more,” he said before rushing out the door without waiting for my reply. I wondered if I’d ever stop getting winded when I talked to him.

The answer, I discovered, was no. Months had passed, conversations had flowed, and Sirius Black still managed to take my breath away.

It was like we had taken turns releasing all of our agitation. I learned about his family, and he learned about my disability. Talking to him made me feel like I was standing there with him instead of sitting in the chair looking up at him.

Per my request, I hadn’t met any of his friends. I was still so unsure of everything, it was like stepping on fresh ice every time I spoke about myself.

But I loved listening to him. Even in the midst of his saddest stories, his eyes would still be alight with a flame of rebellion that just made my heart do things that I didn’t know hearts could do.

And on a warm day in march, I discovered that his might have been doing everything mine was.

We found ourselves in the Gryffindor common room during dinner, and it was vacant if everyone aside from ourselves. We were talking and talking and the we weren’t. A silence fell between us. Not a bad silence. A contemplative silence. He broke it.

“Why didn’t you ever talk to me?”

The question shocked me. I decided to play dumb. “What do you mean?” I asked, my eyes on the flame in the hearth. He chuckled. “You know what I mean.”

I pressed my lips together and looked at him. He was sitting there with an open expression, just waiting to listen to me. “I’m in a chair,” I said lamely. But that was all it took for understanding to flood his features. He pushed off the couch and kneeled in front of me. I didn’t look at him.

“Y/n, can I tell you something?” Sirius asked. I nodded. “You have made your own life very hard because of your insecurities,” he told me. I looked up at him, unsure of how to feel. I knew he was a blunt person, so i decided it wasn’t meant to offend me. I just waited for him to continue.

“I know you see yourself as a chair with a body in it,” he started again. “You are more than that. As much as you don’t allow yourself to believe it.” He stood up and walked around my chair, turning me to face the fire.

“You are brilliant and articulate and talented and beautiful and so so so very important,” he declared, dropping to my level again. I said nothing, but watched him with uncertainty as my face flooded with color. My heart was beginning to conflict with my head. Everything he said, just because he said it, rang as true to my heart. But my head denied it with all of its power. His words went against everything I had every believed about myself. It was like throwing away a religion and grabbing onto a new one. But he was relentless.

“You told me about your life and everything that happened. I know how you’ve been treated in the past. I’ll never be on the level you’re on, but you’ve heard my stories, too, Y/n,” he continued, speaking so fast that his face turned red.

“I know I’ll never be able to force you to believe me. I know you have to find it within yourself to accept how perfect you are. But I’m sick of standing by and waiting.” He pulled my chair closer, and I leaned back as his face came in close mine. I could feel the warmth of his skin, even at his distance. Proof of the fire that never died within him.

I stared unsure into his eyes, but was met with only a fierceness that startled me. I had never seen anyone so passionate about anything. “I’m gonna be here to give you the push you need to accept yourself,” he whispered. He looked at me, and I looked back. I fumbled for something to say.

“How do you do that?” I finally whispered. He cocked an eyebrow in confusion, and from this distance, I could have counted his brow hairs. “What am I doing?”

I sighed gently, lowering my eyes to my lap. “Make it sound so easy to believe,” I told him. Hi fingers grasped my chin and pulled my gaze back to him. Like looking into an open flame. “It should be,” Sirius said. “It should be.”

And suddenly he was moving in. And then his lips brushed mine, and I tried to stifle my gasp. And when he pushed a little more toward me, we collided.

He kissed like he thought. Like he spoke. Like he stared. Passionate. Honest. Heated. All I could do was become absorbed in his flames.

I don’t know how long we stayed there. I only know the voice that stole me away from his lips.

“Bloody hell, mate!”

Sirius broke away slowly, as if reluctant. He turned his gaze to the door, where his friends stood, gaping with surprise. I immediately ducked my head. All I could think was that they must have been shocked to see him with someone like me. I must have ruined him. I must have turned his friends against him.

But his hand folding into mine seemed to send a different message.

“This is Y/N,” he told them. I swore there was pride in his tone, but I convinced myself otherwise. My overthinking came to a sudden halt when he finished what I had thought was a final sentence.

“My girlfriend.”

Eyes wide with disbelief, it was my turn to gape as all eyes turned to him. But he stared only at me. His lips were curled in a hopeful smile. “If she’ll have me,” he finished. I smiled, feeling my cheeks come to life.

“Duh,” I whispered, smirking boomed out laughter. His eyes twinkled with something I had never seen in anyone’s eyes before when they looked at me. I would have to figure out what it was.

“These are the idiots that follow me around,” Sirius explained in a matter-of-fact voice. “Watch it, Black,” James said, tossing a quill at his head. The other boys began to hatter and introduce themselves, and I was suddenly in the middle of that cloud of laughter that seemed to follow them everywhere.

Yes, I would have to figure that emotion out. But now wasn’t the time. I was happy right now, a new but welcome thing. The warmth around me drew my attention. I hoped from then on that I would never lose that warmth again. And, from the look on Sirius’ face, I won’t.

The answer was love. I never knew it. I had never seen it before. But that’s what it was. I didn’t know it resonated in my eyes as well.
“If you drop me, you’ll understand pain,” I warned Sirius as he pointed his wand down at me. He rolled his eyes. “When have I ever dropped you?” He demanded. I raised an eyebrow. His face quickly shifted to apologetic sheepishness. “Let’s not dwell on the past, love.” I rolled my eyes.

“Wingardrium Leviosa,” he said. I felt the magic wrap it’s warmth around me and lift me out of the chair. I floated gently over the ground and toward Sirius until he clasped his arms around me and the magic vanished. He held me tight and upright, my feet stepping on top of his.

He smiled. “Shall we dance, m'lady?” I laughed and nodded. “We shall!” With a flourish of a wand, music spilled into the room and carried us away. We danced around the room to a song I don’t remember. But his arms were wrapped around me as he lead me through the room.

“This is good practice,” he told me. “Yeah,” I replied. “And you’re getting better!” Pride lifted his features. “Well, it’ll have to be absolutely perfect for the wedding.”

Butterflies erupted. The wedding. When Sirius proposed I had laughed, believing it was a joke. But I had never loved anyone more than I loved him, and I allowed him to convince me that he was telling the truth. That he wanted to marry me.

And he told me he wanted to dance.

Nerves had quickly accumulated, and I thought I would have to tell him there was no way. But he figured it out. He used the spell on me to bring me to him, and held me as he danced. He learned how to dance with me. And he practiced every day. We would glide around the room to a new song, and though we never matched the tempo, it never mattered.

I stared into his eyes again, jut to watch the flame ignite.

“Oh, for Merlins sake. Stop being all soggy,” James whined as he opened the door to the apartment. Sirius laughed, guiding me back to the chair and sitting me down. Lily, Remus, and Peter followed James in.

“So how are plans?” Peter asked, excitement alight in his face. Sirius grinned. “We booked the place for the ceremony and the reception. Going to be at a fancy park, isn’t that right, love?”

I blushed lightly, still not used to being the center of attention in this group. “Erm, yeah. A place down in Scotland near Hogwarts,” I told them, ducking my head. Lily sighed dreamily. “I wish James had been that romantic,” she joked.

“Ay!” James protested. “I’m romantic!” He declared. Lily gave him a sarcastic smile. “Yes. I believe you, dear.”

“Well, what about the finances? Need any help with the books or anything?” Remus pressed, looking between us for information. “Sit down, mr. Smarty pants. Funds are taken care of. Ish. Enough,” Sirius told him. I tried to hide how untrue that was.

“Well, if you need me to-”

“We got it, Remus,” Sirius insisted. “Relax for once in your OCD life.” Remus smiled and rolled his eyes. “Like I could.”

Lily dove into a conversation about dresses, but I had floated away. I was out of my body and looking down. And what I saw made tears well up in my eyes. I saw a me that danced. A me that smiled. A me that didn’t make me ashamed. And it was all because of him. I unconsciously reached out and grabbed his hand, smiling gently at him. Just to see him smile back.

This was happiness. I finally knew happiness.

anonymous asked:

Hey I really need help! I have a con this weekend and I'm cosplaying Miku's Senbonzakura outfit but I can't seem to get the captain's hat over her pigtails ;;; I've tried putting the pigtails in different spots and putting a headband on the hat but nothings working out so far. Do you have any advice please? ;;;;

AHH! Yes that is a bit of an emergency. I see your problem. 

WELL yep! After a quick google search for senbon miku cosplayers it looks like most people put the clip ons really low. 

But if you say you tried that and it’s not working I believe you. Especially since all these cosplayers have pictures of them holding their hats like THEY ARENT ACTUALLY ON HAHAHA. 


YOU CAN, sew your hat onto your wig. I know that sound weird, but you totally can. Your wig is made from net, so you can sew anchor points by hand form your hat into you wig. Maybe one on each side. Then clip the tails just below the hem of the hat. That way it wont fall off from its precarious position. 

If you dont know how to sew, safety pins might work. 

Now if you wanna go hardcore, and fix this issue forever, you can convert your clip on wig into a cheaters real pigtail wig. That way youll be able to fix on the hat right over the pigtails once you cut them off the clips. 

Safety Lifting:

Okay I want everyone to know not to give out any information. I know you guys probably trust other lifting blogs, but remember someone can always make a lifting blog just to get information from us. 

So here’s the story;

I was doing some research and decided to google “Shoplifting” and a lot of REAL articles popped up with tumblr blogs that are really popular and known throughout the lifting community. (Articles contained screenshots and all.) This scared me a lot because anyone can see these articles. Just because your tumblr won’t pop up when searched doesn’t mean people still can’t find a way to find it.

1. Be aware of when taking pictures of your hauls. DO NOT have all of your rooms showing just in case someone can identify your room. Try to take pictures of your items with solid colored backgrounds or sheets. 

2. Never give out your phone number, name, location. 

3. I would also recommend not giving out your age if you are over 18. You never really know who is on to you so for all you could know is someone could be investigating and counting up all your stolen goods.

4. Don’t describe stores that you stolen at too well. For example, Costco isn’t in every state, so don’t say I just lifted from Costco and then went across the street to Wet Seal. Believe it or not it is not hard to narrow down where the store is located.

I’m not trying to sound paranoid but always remember the key is making sure no one can connect the blog back to YOU!