i have received messages of great importance

                 Please don’t hesitate to spread positivity. Please don’t hesitate to send someone a message to tell them something kind. If you enjoy someones portrayal, let them know. If you like the way they write, let them know. If you like their original character, let them know. If you think they are a great person, let them know. If you think they deserve kind things, please let them know. There is so much negativity in the world and in the roleplaying community. I know, personally, when I receive a single positive message - it outweighs any type of negative message or comments that might have been sent to me. It can bring people out of a funk. It lets people know that they’re wanted around and it’s really important. I’m asking you all to spread kindness today and everyday. 

๐Ÿ”ฎ๐Ÿ˜ด๐ŸŒฑDreaming with plants๐ŸŒฑ๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ”ฎ

There are a few different ways one could work with plants to achieve certain results when it comes to dreaming. 

🌿The first steps you would need to take before doing any sort of dream work is to think about what your goal is. 

- Lucid dreaming to gain control?

- Lucid dreaming to meet an entity?

- Lucid dreaming to meet that specific plant?

- Ward against nightmares?

- Lucid dreaming during nightmares for the chance to turn them around?

🌿 The next, and most important step is to make sure the plant you select agrees to help you. 

You could take a couple of routes with this:

A) Ask a plant you are already bonded with and see if it is able and willing to help you with your goal. This has happened to me, my oregano plant guided me into a lucid state so that I could control my nightmare. We had bonded over the many energy work sessions I had done to revive it *found here for those interested*, and it willingly eased my distress. I thanked it for it’s work that morning with some charged water and more energy! 

If you have a plant you are bonded with, but the plant is unable to help (it may not like or be compatible with dream work) or unwilling to (for whatever reason), or you do not have a particular plant you are bonded with, you could 

B) Ask a plant that has qualities associated with your desired intention, and hopefully dream work in general as well. These plants may be more willing to assist you, as their natural gifts are more compatible with the task at hand. 

I also would like to note that my oregano is not big on dream work, however it has some protective and warding qualities (at least for my personal correspondences). 

If I asked it to help me again in my dreams, it would likely only show up if I have a nightmare, with the purpose of pulling me out of it. I would not want to ask it for it’s help in guiding me into a lucid state for the purpose of meeting guides or to maintain control long term, as it wouldn’t work very effectively (that’s just not what my oregano does, it’s not a set of skills it is comfortable using in that manner). 

🌿 To ask the plant for it’s assistance, you have to decide what method of receiving an answer you feel confident in. 

- Pendulums are good for yes or no answers, but be sure you are confident using it without altering the results (it’s very easy to accidentally sway it in the direction you wish it would go if you aren’t experienced in being able to tell when it is giving you an accurate reading). 

- Meditation is great if you are comfortable with plant-like communication! I actually like to use this combined with a pendulum for extra verification occasionally! 

- Cards are a little harder for this, as it leaves too much open to interpretation. However, if you feel that you have an accurate way to receive your message, that is the important part. 

- Any method you feel is accurate! 

You can touch a part of the plant and send the request to it. 

You can visualize the message being received by them mentally, or you can verbally tell them what it is you need. I like to picture my message being “absorbed” into the plant, for some reason. 

 I like to tell it why I am asking them, and the specific nature of my request. If you do spirit work, you are probably familiar with how to make a deal of some kind. Be clear and thorough, and always offer something in return. 

I’m not going to say “the plant will royally fuck up your life if you forget an offering,” but it is just good manners to offer something in return for a service. Especially if the plant is an ally of yours and a trusted buddy, of course leave them something! 

I think it is easy for some witches to feel that since they may physically care for the plant, the plant wouldn’t need anything in return. 

It is my personal opinion that it is a bit rude to think a plant should help you because it should be grateful you fulfill basic care requirements. It doesn’t hurt to make sure they know they are appreciated for their work. So please, please, remember to offer them something in return such as

- Energy (You can charge the energy with certain intents for them)

- Crystals (If they like)

- Charged waters

- Blessed compost

And this is how one could work with plants in dream workings. I have a post *here* about communicating with plants in your dreams just to get to know them or ask questions (it also has some troubleshooting ideas if you don’t find the results you are looking for with your dream work), this is more of a guide on how to work with them to achieve a goal. 

Be well, best wishes, and sweet dreams!


3. 'I gave up great shower sex to be here so don't say I never do anything for our friendship.'//Derek

I’ve decided to turn the imagines into blurbs, since I’m struggling with school.

I grab my phone of my nightstand, letting my thoughts get the best of me. I scroll down my call list until I get about mid-way there. ‘Man, I feel were drifting away if we haven’t talked for this long’,I think. Its now or never. I let the phone ring a couple times only to go to voice mail.

I sigh, putting phone back on the night stand.

‘Its 11 PM Y/N what do you expect. He’s probably fucking someone for all you know.

’ I try to compose myself from screaming. I hated the fact that I had fallen for Derek. I mean, its not like he’s gonna like me back. I’m just his childhood friend nothing more. If he wants a girl, he can get one in no time.

About 3 hours later, I was watching OITNB on my laptop, when my began to ring. I smiled at the caller ID, then cleared my throat and put on a straight face.

“Hey Derek,” I say quietly, putting my phone on speaker and playing with the ends of my hair.

“Hi Y/N, I have this really hot girl in my apartment right now, so can you make it quick.” My face dropped entirely when he mentioned ‘hot chick’.

“You know what, this can wait, go get you some pussy, have fun!” I hang up the phone and just bury my face into my hands.

My phone dinged for I don’t know how long after, telling me I had received a message

Open the fucking door its cold

. I didn’t even have to check the ID because Derek was the only person I knew that complains about the weather all the time. I open the door for him and let him in. “This better be important because I just gave up great shower sex to be here so don’t say I never do anything for this friendship.” Derek growled sitting on the couch.

“Uh, thats why I called you, about our friendship.” My leg bounced up and down nervously.


“Derek I feel like were drifting apart and you’re the bestest friend I’ve ever had, I don’t want to lose you. You mean a lot to me. You’ve been here during my worst and my best. Ever since you went on tour with Nate, as the days passed my feelings got stronger. I do understand if you don’t have feelings for me but I’ve been thinking about this alot and I just felt the need to get this off my chest.”

“Damn, Y/N, that was cute and sweet and deep.” He chuckled and smiled before removing his hat and running his fingers through his hair. “I mean, you’re not the only one who’s been feeling that way. I caught feelings for you too, that’s why I’ve been trying to have sex with these other girls just to get you out of my mind but its not working. I guess one of was bound to let their feelings out at some stage.” He smiled at me.

“Do you want to try this out?“ I asked looking at the flat screen TV before us.

“I’d love to.” He opened up his arms letting me crawl into them

anonymous asked:

BTW !! I just want you to know Alien is my ultimate favorite movie I grew up on. Ripley was the first strong female lead character I was introduced to. She was one of my first role models as a girl growing up... I know that might be weird, but it's true !! Following your blog is an absolute blessing. It's so amazing to see you portray my role model so well and bring her to life, reminding me of my roots and what has helped me be as strong as I am. I just want to thank you.

WOW,  THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF THE GREATEST MESSAGES I HAVE EVER RECEIVED.    —–     You have absolutely no idea how much I understand this. Ripley is so important to me.   My family will go through the Great Movie Ride in Disney World simply because they know I want to see Alien’s show case.   I love hearing the announcer talk about how ‘the queen of sci-fi’ changed roles for woman with this simple movie.   How Ripley’s role was originally supposed to be for a MAN.    I love listening to the commentary during Aliens and hear Micheal Biehn say how he wanted RIPLEY’S ROLE.    There’s a lot of powerful woman out there,  but nobody like Sigourney took the 80′s and made a character so outstanding.   Ripley’s just about everything:   she takes no bullshit,  she’s intelligent,  she’s handsome.   Nothing about this role was promiscuous.    This was a woman in an engineering role that didn’t wear high heels or make-up.   Everything about the movie was spot-on, characterization wise.   The coverall outfits,  her tone as an officer aboard the ship.

Anyway,  thank YOU for loving Ripley.    That means just about as much to me.

The third movie butchered a lot,  but when you’re in a time of need always remember one certain Ripley line:

‘  your ass is already on the line.   the only question is:  what are you going to do about it?  ’

SU Theory: Gem colors and the Diamonds

Okay, so I have been thinking. So the diamonds are different colors

Blue, Yellow, Pink, and White. 

So what if the gems that live under them are assigned to a diamond depending on their color of the gem. Like take Blue Diamond’s gems for example:

Also as my friend @theterrifyingrenegadepearl pointed out these are most likely Amethyst gems (at their normal size). So that is really fucking cool to see.

They all seem to be on a spectrum of Dark blue to purple. Now there are Pink and Red gems in there but I think that they are Gems who severed under Pink Dimond, who most likely started the rebellion and these are the gems that picked to not rebel against the other diamonds. So I assume that they were rewarded by being placed under a different diamonds rule.

Now let’s take a look at the gems that are under Yellow Diamond

These gems seem to be on a spectrum of Yellow to Green. So this means then that Yellow Diamond would rule over the green, orange, and yellow gems.

So with this we would have to assume that the gems that live under Pink Diamond (Which we are going to assume is Rose) are anywhere from light Pink to a Dark Red and the gems under White Diamond are anywhere from White to as dark as Black.

Which brings me to the Pearls that help the Diamonds. As been seen the Pearls seem to be the same color as their Diamond

Blue Diamond’s is a blue color

And Yellow Diamond’s is a yellow color.

Now, why would the Pearl’s need to be different colors? I think that this is to help the Diamond’s remember what Pearl is their Pearl. Since they have a lot of gems that live under them (with many repeats) it is hard for them to remember what Pearl is theirs.

This is also proven when Yellow Diamond asks Peridot “Which Peridot” in the episode “Message Received” when she calls her. 

But there is one thing that is bugging me. 

Why is the Pearl we all know and love a pale white? Why is she not a Pink or a light Red color since she served under Rose? 

I think this is because she isn’t actually Rose’s Pearl (at less not initially) I think that she was meant to be White Diamonds Pearl! But, for one reason or another Rose ended up taking her in. 

This is most likely because her gem is not the right shape, so she is a “Defective Pearl”. So of corse White Diamond wouldn’t want a Pearl that wasn’t perfect in her court. 

But Rose being the kind and loving person that she is decided to take her in and make her, her Pearl (She either didn’t have a Pearl to start with or had more than one).

That is so amazing to me because this doesn’t only show how gem society works but it also just proves one more time how kind Rose is and what an amazing leader she must have been.

Now while this isn’t the most important theory in the world I still think that it is pretty cool to see how the gem society may work. I can’t wait to see more and see if I can prove that this is right.

To the anon that sent me an ask that sent another one saying they felt sick after sending it, don’t be embarrassed. That blog has disappeared, but the person behind it is someone of great importance to me and your message will be passed along and undoubtedly well-received.

I love you to itty bitty pieces, anon. And i hope you don’t mind me not publishing what you said, i thought you seemed a little embarrassed and didn’t want to post it if you were having second thoughts about it being published

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The only reason u dont respind to my mssgs is cuz u know im right lol loser


The reason I don’t respond to anyone’s incredibly hateful messages are because I have consciously chosen that I am not wasting my time on them anymore, seeing as they don’t hurt me and are not important enough. The hateful ones are only .5% of the 100% of BEAUTIFUL messages I receive, so why focus on the hateful ones? We are merely reflections of one another. You need healing, I need healing.

I follow this:
“If people are sending out negative energy and not meeting your expectations, it is important to send them unconditional love. They are simply being themselves, doing the best they know how. You will find great inner peace when you do not need others to act in a certain way to be happy yourself. When you send someone unconditional love, it is no longer possible for you to be harmed by his or her negative energy.”
- Orin.

Hope ya find peace, lil buddy.

BF5 interactions since JiNi left KARA:

List of interactions among the five members of KARA after Jiyoung and Nicole left the group in 2014 + interactions after the group official disbandment in 2016.

- In Hara/Jiyoung’s 6th debut anniversary (2014), Seungyeon also congratulated Jiyoung.
- Hara retweeted Nicole’s 1st solo mini album audio preview.
- During HARA ON&OFF, Hara mentioned she contacted Nicole and Jiyoung. She said she supported Nicole’s solo debut and also tried to meet Jiyoung in Japan (she showed their personal messages). video
- Hara mentioned on ‘HARA ON&OFF’ that she wants to drink with the 6 members of KARA (she was including Nicole&Jiyoung plus Youngji who was added after JiNi’s departure).
- Nicole and Jiyoung had a dinner in Japan during Nicole’s solo japanese debut promotions.
- Even though Nicole and Jiyoung went to a japanese store in different days, they let their autographs side by side.
- Nicole mentioned DSP’s tweet with Hara’s Choco Chip Cookies MV as she left a tweet saying to everyone support Hara’s solo debut.
- In Hara/Jiyoung’s 7th debut anniversary (july 24th 2015), Hara congratulated Jiyoung by also mentioning her name “(…) Our Jiyoung too”. Seungyeon congratulated JiRa as well “(…) meaningful one is our little sisters’ 7th years anniversary since debut”. And then Gyuri also tweeted: “…anyway, it’s a happy day because of Seungyeon’s birthday and Hara & Jiyoung’s 7th debut anniversary, so let’s all have a great day today”.
- In her message for her 7th anniversary, Jiyoung also mentioned something about important people, which most of fans think she was talking about Seungyeon (it was her bday) and Hara.  “It’s a day I want to give congratulations to important people, and of course, receive a lot of congratulations!”
- Nicole and Seungyeon took their dogs together to bath(?) (dog pool or something). You can check Nicole’s instagram
- Nicole promoted Jiyoung’s movie ‘Assassination Classroom’ when it started airing in Korea through her instagram.
- Jiyoung confirmed during an interview in China that she went to Karasia (translations/<-source).

(UPDATED - after KARA “disbandment”) 
- Jiyoung’s cat Leon has its own instagram account and Hara started following Leon in january 2016. In the same month, Hara also created an instagram account for her cats, Pico & Chacha.
- Seungyeon congratulated both Gyuri and Nicole in her 9th anniversary since debut. 
- On their 9th anniversary, Hara liked Gyuri and Seungyeon’s ig posts about their 9th debut anni. 
- In the same day, Seungyeon liked Jiyoung’s post on ig. 
- Nicole also congratulated her “unnies” for their 9th anniversary since debut in her commemorative ig post.

One of the main things we talk about here is societies view on sex and why it can be dangerous and how to teach people (especially young people) how to have healthy views on sex.

Of course one of the easiest ways to do that is popular media like tv shows, movies, and music. Of course a lot of times we’ll talk about unhealthy information in media, like misinformation being spread by tv-shows or movies, but occasionally I’ve gotten to talk about good depictions of sexuality.

Enter Beyonce’s new album.

So many of the songs on her album are her talking about how much she loves her husband and most importantly how she loves having sex with him. Now, there are a lot of songs about sex out there and a lot of them aren’t very empowering. What we hear from this album is the great message to young women that it’s just as important for you to receive pleasing sex as it is for your husband. I hear so many stories of young women being told that sex is a tool to please your future husband and something you just have to grin and bear. What this album does is celebrates women and female sexuality. Of course people are already talking about how sexual and “inappropriate” the album is but I say it’s super appropriate. It’s about a woman enjoying her relationship, her husband, her children, and above all her body. Yes, it may prompt conversation in young people but that’s what we want! I could probably develop a whole curriculum around the lyrics. “Can you lick my Skittles, it’s the sweetest in the middle/ Pink is the flavor, solve the riddle” can give me a chance to talk about the clitoris.

What are some sex education related messages you’d like to see out there more often? What are some negative messages we as a society need to let go of?

Your Majesty,

I have with great sadness received the news of the horrific attacks today in Brussels, which resulted many killed and injured people.

This tragedy in the heart of Europe reminds us once again of the importance of protecting our core democratic values.

On behalf of myself and the Norwegian people, I send Your Majesty my condolences and I ask you to pass on my condolences and deepest sympathy to the bereaved and to the Belgian people.

—  Condolences message conveyed from His Majesty King Harald to His Majesty King Philippe of Belgium in connection with the attacks in Brussels translated with google translate.
So many words today...

… here are some more. I hope, you don’t mind me chiming in as well …

I joined PWS in October 2013 and officially “took over” admining this blog in December of the same year, after having been “in charge” for already quite some time.

And a lot of things have happened in those many months. The work on PWS for sure has changed my view on photography. tvoom wouldn’t have been possible - at least not the way it is now. Apart from all the inspiration I get day by day by seeing all of your amazing photos, the encouragement I receive by messages and comments, there are some more things I learned. All of them way more important than photography.

I learned that - as much self-confidence you need to put your own artwork out there - it demands a great deal of dedication and “putting your ego aside” to constantly work on a project like this.
I learned that ideas - how amazing they might be - are worth nothing, if you can’t put them to work.
I learned that real passion is the driving force behind everything successful.
And I learned that if a person feels appreciated, they will do way more than is expected.

PWS is a family. I didn’t get to know new friends through this project, I found brothers and sisters (and uncle Tiernan).

PWS is a unity. All members are equally important, have the same rights. Yes, yours truly and Gerardo have the steering wheel in their hands, but that’s just because someone has to make decisions.

PWS gets so much support by other curated blogs. Just to mention a few: ms-excuse-me, gray-card, luxlit, beautifullyframed, beautiful-and-mysterious-world, ponderation, mistymorningme,… and so many others. Thank you for this! It means the world!
To us this proves that we seem to be on the right path in our goal to strengthen the community.

I could ramble on for hours, but there has to be an end ;) PWS for sure is one of the smallest supporting blogs, we never aimed to gather a huge following, we never looked for notes, we’ve been told numerous times that PWS is “just a blatant copy of all other curated blogs that heve been there before”, that we are an “annoyingly loud blog”, that we do everything wrong.
Sure. If that is wrong, I can live with that :)

Oh…. and here is a tree. You are welcome ;)

- Pete

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When people think that it's okay to be narrative about your relationship, I get super irritated for you. The amount of energy that people take out of their lives to bash on you is just a sad representation of who they are. I die for the way you represent yourself. You have a great sense of positivity, witt, and brevity (yes this is important) -- I adore you + I feel like you are a wonderful representation of a successful working woman in your 20s.

This is actually my favorite message I’ve ever received. From Sarith and myself: Thank. You.