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someone talk plastic with me please.

hello yes i want to talk about plastic but i’ve bored everyone i know irl away so if you want to talk about plastic or are ok with me infodumping hmu please.

we can talk about glass transition and heat transfer and vitrification and warpage. i am willing to talk about any plastic. PLA, ABS, PVA, any plastic in the PE family including PET, nylons. I’ll even go oldschool and talk bakelite.

Good Girl Ch 25:  Lets Get Cooking (M)

“For some reason I feel more jealous now than when Xiumin got her virginity.” Kris’s grumbling wakes me up but I don’t move. Jihyo’s head is still buried in my chest, our legs are tangled together, our bodies fully held together, something I’m unaccustomed to.

Baekhyun joins in on the complaining, “That should be me snuggled up next to her.”

“Lets wake them up so we can get this girl out of our baby’s bed and out of our house. I don’t like not being able to talk naturally with Joo when others are around.” Kyungsoo adds.

“Please be my guest,” Suho scoffs, “Do you think Joo is going to let us kick the girl out, just like that?”

Lay is always the voice of reason, “Maybe we should leave them be a little longer, let them wake up on their own. Joo maybe use to us waking her up but the girl might freak out.”

“I’m not going anywhere, this girl could get a little too frisky with our baby.” Luhan sounds a little more aggressive than normal.

“To be completely honest, I’m really turned on by this. Do you think they would make out?” Sehun earns himself a smack to the head.

“If wanted a show, all you had to was ask,” Jihyo teases as she places a few kisses on my collarbone.

“Jihyo-ya,” I whine trying to push the girl away with no luck as she continues her chaste kisses.

“This needs to stop,” Xiumin growls, tearing me out of my bed and out of Jihyo’s embrace.

“Ya! Give me my Joo-ya back!” Jihyo pouts, snapping up, not caring that she’s only in her underwear. Xiumin glares down at her, to my surprise her bitch face falters, but only for a second.

“Get dressed and get out,” Xiumin demands.

“I don’t like that one,” I give her a teasing look remembering what we discussed last night.

I bust out laughing at her, Xiumin does not look one bit amused until I pinch his cheeks and coo, “Oh, come on Kitty oppa.” Watching the cute man’s angry face flush is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

“Joo-ya,” Jihyo whines bringing my attention back to her. “Can you make me your famous breakfast rice? I haven’t had it in forever.” I grin big at the idea, dropping to the ground I grab the girl’s hand and drag her out of the room, the idea of clothes, completely forgotten.

Lay is chasing after us with two over sized shirts in his hands as we giggle like school girls all the way to the kitchen. I sit her down on one of the stools before digging around the kitchen for all the things I need to cook a meal for 14 people. My daddies come into us still giggling and discussing how pretty the kitchen is.

“Baby,” Kyungsoo warns when he sees me reaching for the knifes. Giving him a small smile I grab the smallest one to cut the vegetables into small chunks.

“I’ll be careful.” I promise.

“Joonie told me about how you aren’t allowed to cook,” Jihyo eyes Kyungsoo up, “I’m guessing it’s this guy’s fault.”

“It was more of a group decision,” I answer for them.

“If you are going to be cooking you are going to need this,” Luhan grabs me an apron and helps me put it on. Chen does his usual thing by coming up next to tie my hair into a little top knot.

Jihyo chuckles, “Wow, such service.”

“Here Jihyo-ssi,” Lay comes to her offering one of my shirts that she happily accepts.

“So I finally get to meet all of you,” Jihyo scans the men surrounding the kitchen. “Wow, you all are really hot.”

“I have always been wondering what kind of friend our baby would have,” Luhan narrows his eyes on her, “you are not what I was expecting.”

“Should I be insulted by that?” Jihyo lifts a brow at me.

I glare at my daddies bravely, “They would never insult you. They know too well on how I feel about people being rude to my Jihyo, don’t you guys?”

“I like her,” Lay takes the seat next to her.

“Lay hyung, you like everything,” Sehun grumbles still glaring at the girl.

Lay does his weird little switch, he gives the younger a scary look, “I like anyone who can make our Jooyoung so happy.”

“Can I please help you?” Kyungsoo grumbles as he hovers around me, watching with such intensity.

“No, I’m going to cook by myself.”

“Let the boy help,” Chen encourages me, but I still shake my head. “He looks like he’s going to have a panic attack.” Looking up at Soo I understand Chen’s worry, Soo has his hands up ready to rip the knife out of my hand, his fist clenching and unclenching at any movement I make.

“She has always preferred cooking by herself,” Jihyo informs them. “I’m surprised she can cook with everyone watching.”

“Are we making you nervous?” Chen asks obviously being the nervous one here.

I shrug, “Not really.”

Jihyo whistles, “That’s impressive. You guys must be really comfortable with each other. For a while I was the only one she would cook in front of until I introduced her to the boys. Jin loves cooking too so they started cooking together when ever we hung out.” I glance up at Jihyo to see her smiling softly at me, I can tell she’s happy that I have more people I’m comfortable with.

“Do you cook Jihyo-ssi?” Lay wonders.

She shakes her head, “I can burn water. Which is why Joo had to become such a wonderful cook.”

I scoff remembering our middles school years, “You had a house full of servants yet you made me cook for you.”

“That’s because your cooking has more heart. Plus you cooked great for yourself at home too without proper ingredients, I just wanted to see how much better it would get if you had good food. Not the tiny scraps that your family left for you.” That makes me glare at her, her words don’t bother me, I know my family has issues and I’ve accepted that, it’s just that fact that she said it in front of my daddies. I pray that they didn’t hear but I can tell from the way they tense they did.

“The scraps they left you?” Chanyeol almost snarls.

Jihyo and I share a knowing look that trouble is about to bust out, I struggle to find the right words to explain it. “When I was younger I was really picky to the point I only really ate rice but that irritated my father for some reason. He made a rule that I could only sit at the table with them if I would eat all of my food and of course as a child I was stupid and put up a fight. He didn’t like that I was disrespecting him, how could I deny the food he so graciously offered. So he decided to just make it a rule that I was not allowed at the table with them at all. It’s fine, it taught me how to cook for myself.” I try to smile through the sting I still feel for that fight. “It makes sense though, to teach your children that they won’t always like what they get, I try to understand it better now.”

Of course, they couldn’t just leave it at that, someone has to question the story more, “How old were you?”

“Six,” Jihyo answers for me. We weren’t even friends when this first happened but Jihyo is still angry about it as if it happened yesterday. She has never liked my family and the way they treat me.

“Six?” Kyungsoo snaps. “They stopped feeding you because you were picky at six? How did you even cook let alone feed yourself?”

“Pushed a chair in front of the stove when no one was home or when my dad was sleeping.”

I avoid looking up at them as I continue cooking, knowing the anger on every face, including Jihyo. I try to avoid thinking about my family, I’m much happier here where if I was gone for even an hour someone freak out, compared to me being gone for a week and a half before I even get a call asking where I am. Like I said, they don’t treat me bad, just as if I don’t exist. Pushing that thought away I want to cry when I see the heart breaking look in Lay’s eyes as he stares at me.

“Can you all please go wait in the dinning room?” I ask sweetly but they can all hear the demand. To be honest, I don’t expect them to listen but they all huff before shuffling into the dinning room in a line. When they are gone Jihyo whistles, her eyes still on the door.

“Those are some protective boys you got there,” She nibbles on her lip.

“They are a lot like you in that area.”

She nods looking back to me, “I know, I can tell from the killer look in their eyes. Makes me think of when your sister locked you out and told your mom you ran away and I went in there screaming at that lying bitch.”

“Can we stop talking about them? My oppas get really upset when I mention anything related to my family.”

“Probably because your family are assholes, every story about them I know is them being assholes to you. I get upset when I think of your family and I know all of the things they did to you growing up. You basically raised yourself.”

“Jihyo, please,” I beg.

She sighs, “Fine. Is it done?”

I continue mixing the blend of rice, beef, and vegetables making sure it’s completely cooked before nodding. Glancing in the direction of the dinning room, I see that none of my daddies can see as I climb on to the counter for some bowls, something that could end with me getting in trouble. Quickly, I wave a confused Jihyo over to help carry the 14 bowls needed, with my hands full I jump down as quietly as possible but nothing can get past my daddies.

“Baby,” Kyungsoo calls.

“Yes?” I say back in a small voice.

“Do you need help with anything?”

“Nope, we’ll be in there in a few more minutes,” I dish up the rice mix as quick as possible without throwing it all over the floor. Jihyo helps me carry the food into the dinning room, placing a bowl in front of each man. When everyone has food Jihyo and I sit down together with Kris on my left and Lay on the other side of Jihyo.

“Thank you so much!” She beams at me. An echo of thanks comes from the men around the table who begin digging in. This whole time I’m expecting someone to say something to insult someone but to my surprise the conversation doesn’t go that way.

“You are a good cook,” Baekhyun compliments with an affectionate smile.

“She’s the best cook,” Jihyo corrects. “I’ve missed your cooking. I wish you could come over more.”

Before I even have the chance to think of a response Kai snaps back, “That will not be happening,”

“Oppa,” I start but he immediately cuts me off.

“Don’t even think about questioning me right now Baby,” Anger is bright in his eyes whether it’s from last night or brought up from our last conversation I am not sure. “Every time you hang out with this girl something bad happens. You almost got shot, you guys got arrested, and who knows all the other bad situations she’s pulled you into.”

“Kai please, can we talk about this later?” I groan.

“It’s okay Joo,” Jihyo places a hand on my thigh. She scans each mans face, taking in the anger from last night, the jealousy from the morning, and the sadness from our conversation in the kitchen. “I know you guys don’t like me very much because of my bad habit of getting our Joo into bad situations but you should remember something before you guys try to completely cut us off. I’ve known her since we were seven. We’ve had countless sleepovers, shared so many secrets, and had so many conversations that we know each other better than we know ourselves. We are connected. Our friendship won’t just disappear because you don’t like me.”

I know she is trying to help but her words only annoy Kai more. Kai stands up, walks around the table, and pulls me out of my seat and down the hall. Much to Jihyo’s dismay I give her a look before I’m out of her sight, making sure she doesn’t follow. We turn a few times before he slams me up against the wall in one of the random halls. I hold my breath as he glares down at me, my hands are held above my head.

“Baby,” His voice is husky, filled with jealousy and lust. Some how that one word sets my blood on fire, I’m staring up at him with my bottom lip between my teeth, my eyes are open wide, trying to appear innocent.

“Yes Daddy,” I coo, wiggling my arms out of his grip to wrap them around his neck, pulling the tall man closer.

His hands find my hips, “Stop being cute, I’m mad.”

“You’re jealous,” I correct, pecking his lips softly.

“Of that girl in there?” Kai scoffs. “I’m annoyed that she seems to think she can touch you where ever and whenever she wants. She thinks you guys are connected,” He spits the last word out like poison.

“Because we are,” I don’t butter it up for him. “She has been there for me for almost ten years. She took me in when I would get kicked out by my sisters. She would feed me when I was hungry. She brought me to you guys. She saved me. She has done so much for me, we are connected.”

He huffs, his eyes are fixed on my face, “I still don’t like her. But you are right, she brought you to us, so we owe her something. But right now, I’m irritated and jealous that I haven’t been able to touch you this morning.” With that he leans closer, catching my lips in a hungry kiss. My fingers tangle in his blonde locks, pulling him closer as our tongues battle for dominance. A battle he ultimately wins, as always, when he starts grinding his hips against mine.

“We can’t right now,” I manage to breath out in between our kisses.

“Why not?” He whispers against my lips, “Afraid of that little girl finding you being fucked up against the wall?”

A blush spreads across my face, I push him away, “Daddy.”

He growls coming closer again, “Give me two minutes.”

“Two minutes?”

He nods placing his lips on mine again. I should say no, I should push him away for being so rude to Jihyo, but I can’t. Not when he’s looking at me with such loving eyes, he kisses me slowly, letting his tongue reach every centimeter of my cavern, his hands gripping my hips tighter when he starts moving his again.

“You’re done,” I moan, pushing him away, trying my best to ignore the aching I now feel between my legs.

“We are not done,” He gives me one of his sexy smirks, “You’re mine tonight. You are so luck we don’t have school tomorrow because you are not going to be able to walk.” It’s not the first time I’ve heard those words and I can’t help but blush at the truth in them. He steps away from me, offering me a hand he leads me back to the now empty dinning room.

“Lay and Chen walked her back to Joo’s room,” Tao explains coming out of the living room. “They volunteered to take her home.”

“I want to go,” I pout.

“Oh no, you are in a lot of trouble. Speaking of which,” He glances in the direction of the kitchen before leaning in closer, “You are really in the dog house with a certain hyung.” As if he knew, Kyungsoo comes into the dinning room to finish clearing the last of the plates, not even giving me a glance. He disappears into the kitchen with the bowls in his hands, a scowl on his handsome face.

I groan, “I’m on everyone’s bad side today.”

Tao chuckles pulling me in for a tight hug, placing a soft kiss on the top of my head, “You gave us a heart attack. We are just trying to calm down from the fact that you being in the police station gave us such scary feeling.” I just nod, internally debating on the meaning of is words. We’re they worried about why I was arrested or because I could have spilled the beans on what is going on here? He doesn’t give me much time to think about it before pushing me in the direction of the kitchen. “Go make up with him. He doesn’t cook good when he’s crabby.”

Sighing I step into the beautiful kitchen to see Soo at the sink washing the dishes. Approaching him slowly is the best option I can think of, that is until I’m half way to him and he turns around, completely unamused by my sneaking. With his glare on me I straighten, preparing for a scolding or at least some words from the heart shaped mouth of his but nothing comes. He turns around to continue his dishes, something that shouldn’t annoy me, but still does. I take the last few steps to him, wrapping my arms around his waist for a firm back hug.

“I’m doing the dishes,” His voice is like ice.

“I’m trying to give you my love,” I tease back, hoping to crack the coldness around him. When he says nothing I leave a few kisses on the back of his neck, a shiver runs threw his body.

“I’m upset with you baby.” He continues his motions.

“So I’ve heard, what are you upset about? The getting arrested? Jihyo touching me?”

“Did you cry?” He asks softly.


“When your dad told you that you couldn’t eat with them anymore, did you cry?”

“No,” I sigh, “I was happier eating alone. No one was there to make comments on my thinning face and body. They couldn’t tell me how ungrateful I was. It was when I first started to realize that I don’t need them and that made me feel strangely peaceful.” He doesn’t say anything for a few minutes, I feel like he’s still upset with me.

“You are a very good cook,” He finally says.

I smile, “That’s such a big compliment coming from a cook like yourself.”

He hums in response. There is another moment of silence before he says, “Where did you learn to make that?”

I hesitate answering, afraid to make him upset again. When I don’t answer he stops doing the dishes, turns around in my arms to look at me. His eyes are concerned as if he knows, “When there was nothing else to eat I would take the leftover rice and the few things I could find around the kitchen and make something like that. It just happened to become one of my favorite things to eat growing up.”

“I’m going to be heading out,” Jihyo busts into the kitchen, dressed in her outfit from last night. I let go of Soo to hug my friend goodbye.

“I’ll see you at school,” I say as we hold each other.

“Call me if you need anything, like an escape route or fake passport,” She teases, ignoring the daggers Soo and even Lay and Chen are giving her.

“Stop saying things like that, you are going to give them a heart attack.” With one more tight squeeze we release each other, both Lay and Chen kiss the top of my head before leading her out. Soo’s arms are around me in a second, he lifts me up on to the counter, his hips are in between my legs.

“I’m sorry you had to do that,” He whispers as he leaves soft kisses across my collarbone. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help you, to take care of you.”

Cupping his face I bring his lips to mine, kissing him softly, “You are doing a wonderful job now.” His hands slip underneath the t-shirt I’m wearing, his hands are hot against my skin. I don’t have the shirt on a moment later, either does he a second after. Our lips join together again, moving slowly, enjoying the taste of the other. I can’t help but nibble on his bottom lip, earning me a small moan from the boy. With his hands on my hips again he pulls me closer so I can feel the length growing in his pants. My arms around his neck, deepening the kiss and pulling him closer, not wanting there to be any space in between us.

“I’m going to be a little rough, okay?” He warns me between kisses.

I chuckle at his cuteness, “Go right a head.” With my permission he unzips his pants and takes out his already very hard manhood. My brows go up, “I didn’t think our conversation was something that could get you like this.”

“All I can think about is how much I want take care of you, to make you happy, to make you feel good.” His hot kisses start at my shoulder, leaving small red marks in his wake. A little moan leaves my lips, how can such little kisses set my insides on fire, it feels so unfair that he can do this to me. I’m too distracted by the kisses to stop him pulling my panties to the side until he slams himself in me, balls deep.

It’s not a little moan the slips threw my lips, instead, a very loud, “Fuck!”

“Oh baby such a dirty mouth,” He chuckles, pressing those heart shaped lips to mine.

“I already know Lulu is going to scold me, I don’t want to hear it from you too,” I groan out, trying relaxing myself with his massive length in me. Thank god he gives me a minute or two to adjust to his size before he begins moving. Even then the strokes are slow and teasing, like it always is with Soo. Him, Suho, and Chen are all the gentle type regardless of how many times I slept with them, the others enjoy both gentle and rough. “What happened to being rough?” I tease as I buck my hips for some more friction. He slams into me, another line of swear words fly out of my mouth.

He says nothing, only groans when he picks up the pace, fucking me for all he’s worth. His face is in the crook of my neck, his hands are gripping my hips so tight there will be bruises, not that I mind. My walls are clenching tightly around him as the knot in my stomach curls tighter and tighter. Just as I’m about to find my release he stops, I open my mouth to complain but he pulls himself out completely before pulling me off the counter and bending me over the island. I claw at the granite when he slams back in me.

“Daddy,” I whine softly when he doesn’t being pumping, just buries himself in me.

“What baby?” He teases.

“Please,” I try to beg but he quickly pulls out and slams back into me before I can get the words out, only moans escape my mouth.

“Please what baby?”

“Faster,” Is all I’m able to get before he does it again. “God damn!”

“Wrong name baby,” I can hear the grin in his voice.

“Kyungsoo,” I moan softly.

“Yes my beautiful baby?”

I beg, “Please go faster.”

“Since you asked so nicely,” He kisses my shoulder before pounding in again like before, filling me so good.

“I’m so close,” I whisper, my hands try to hold on to anything as the pressure in my center continues to build.

His pumps become more erratic, he leans forward and whispers in my ear. “Come for me baby.”

The next few chapters are for her birthday so I’ll upload all of those tomorrow night! Hope you all have a good night! Enjoy!

The Contest-Part 15

To celebrate Supernatural’s 15th season, the producers have decided to hold a contest to cast an unknown in a recurring role as Sam’s rumored love interest.  They are doing open casting calls all over the country.  Your best friend Nikki wants to go and she drags you along.

A/N: My inspiration for Nikki is the one and only red, @oriona75.  So I am actually telling two stories here, Jared and Readers, and Sam and Gemini’s.  It flips back and forth, so try and keep up! :)

Characters: Jared Padalecki, Reader, Best friend Nikki(OC) Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard, PA Emily (OC) Cliff, Other Supernatural cast and crew

Master List

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

I had tried calling Nikki several times, but she wasn’t picking up.  Jared and Jensen had both tried Misha, and he wasn’t picking up either.  

“What should we do?” Jared asked me.

“Nikki just texted me an address.” I commented, peering at my phone in the dim light of the bar.

“Misha just texted me one too.” Jensen said, looking at his phone.  He showed it to me.  It was the same address that Nikki had sent me.

I let out a groan of frustration.  “I guess we had better find a cab.  This had better all be a big, fucking joke.  They are probably both drunk off their asses. I swear, I am going to wring her neck!”

“What if they are serious?” Jensen asked, rubbing his hand across his face tiredly.  “Those two idiots deserve each other.”

“No…this is so not happening.” I snapped.

Jared threw some money on the table to settle our bill as we hurried out to find a cab.  “You know Y/N, they are consenting adults, so if they really want to do this we can”t stop them.”

I took a deep, calming breath before speaking.  “Jared Padalecki, there is only one person on this planet I am afraid of….one.  If I don’t stop this, she will come here, and destroy us all.”

Jared and Jensen both looked confused.  I smiled ruefully.  “You two think Nikki is a handful?  You haven’t met her mother.”

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Ever notice how people only ever seem to talk about how platonic friendship between characters is So Important when one of the characters isn’t conventionally attractive?

camiii  asked:

I have been thinking about hot modern witch gemma and her brother harry all day. I NEED IT LIKE BURNING

ahaha okay, it makes me really happy you have been thinking about it, because i have too!!! So, I hope you don’t mind me publishing this because I want to use it as an excuse to talk more about hot modern witch gemma and her brother harry on my blog!!!

okay, there is just something super appealing to me, thinking about how the differences in Harry and Gemma’s personalities could sort of be reflected in their magic and the way they used it!!  Like, not that either of them would necessarily be more powerful, but just like Harry’s magic maybe seeming bigger and more volatile and colorful and Gemma’s maybe feeling more measured and precise.  And how differences like that could lead to small jealousies between the two of them.  Just like small sibling rivalry hurts because Harry feels a little like no one takes his magic seriously, even though he is very skilled and can use it subtly, and Gemma feels like her magical creativity is constantly being overlooked because she has always been so good at the academic side of it.

Like just imagine them collaborating on brewing a potion in Gemma’s kitchen on a Friday night.  Gemma is stirring the cauldron, her blonde bob perfectly in place despite the steam, and Harry’s is perched next to her on a stool, wearing a shawl and holding one of his toads while grumbling under his breath about how she never lets him do the stir.  And Gemma keeps rolling her eyes because of Harry’s special tips about when to add the newt eyes to make the potion look extra iridescent because  “there’s nothing wrong with a potion that’s functional as well as beautiful.”  and Gemma already knows that doesn’t need to be told four times.  

but then as the night goes on and they have more wine and they bottle more potions they start talking about their magical insecurities and build each other up. 

“Your magic isn’t boring!  How can you say that? It’s stylish, you must know that!  You have a very distinct style in everything you do.  I wish I could make choices that way! Don’t listen to anyone else.” 

“They’re underestimating you because they’re not as smart, Harry.  People that don’t take entertainment magic seriously are snobs.  I wish I could do half the spells you do, and so do they!”            

And so they would just bicker a lot of the time and get frustrated with each other but also just love each other so much, too.  They’d be so protective of each other in such a nice way and i love thinking about it.   


Luke: “Okay Y/n now all you have to do is simplify what’s in the radicand. Do you remember how to do that?” Luke asked you. “No I may or may not have forgotten that.” You blushed, embarrassed that you forgot what you learned from your last study session with Luke. “That’s okay I’ll refresh your mind.” He smiled. You were never good at math and your teacher saw you struggling so she asked the best student in your math class to tutor you, Luke.  You never had a tutor before, you were usually the one tutoring others. You just never understood math, and you’re glad you didn’t.  You always had a crush on Luke and you got the chance to get to know him when he tutored you. Often you two would get side tracked or spend time at your house after tutoring just talking and getting to know each other. You looked up at Luke and watched him furrow his brows in deep concentration, trying to solve the equation for you. “Okay y/n does this make sense now?” He asked. You looked at the answer and his scribbled notes, then tried to solve the  equation below the solved one. You followed the steps Luke explained to you, and solved the equation. “I did it and it only too twenty minutes this time!” You cheered.  Luke looked over your work and sat down on the chair next to you. “Well Y/n you’re really smart, you just need to have a little patience with this stuff.” He complimented. You gave him a small smile and looked at your paper in awe. “ Thanks Luke, but I’m not the math brainiac. You’re the one who can do this without breaking a sweat.” You giggled. “That’s not all I can do.” His voice grew dark and his eyes fixed on your lips. For a second you were confused about what Luke meant,but suddenly. you felt his soft lips brush yours for a few seconds. He opened his eyes and pulled away for a brief moment, as a way to see if you were okay with him kissing you. You nodded your head and he cupped your face, this time kissing you deeply. Your hands went directly to his hair and you tugged on it as your lips moved in synch, kisses changing from soft to rough within a matter of seconds. You broke the kiss, both surprised and happy about what happens. “After our next study session, maybe I can take you out?” Luke asked in a tiny voice.  The fact that Luke was more shy asking to take you on a date than kissing you made you like him even more. “I would love that.” You replied. He  began smiling ear to ear and pink grew in his cheeks. “You know I waited so long to do that?” He kissed your cheek and began packing up his books. Thank god for math.

Calum: “Y/n can we have a study break now?” your best friend whined. Calum lately has been flunking history and if he didn’t pull his grades up his parents won’t let him play at a gig next week. “No Cal no more breaks! If you don’t pass the next test you’ll have summer school and you can kiss the band goodbye.” You answered. He groaned and threw a pillow of your bed, aiming it at your face.For a second, you were going to throw it back at him. But you knew nothing would get accomplished if you two goofed off. “Come on y/n learning about a bunch of dead guys is brutal. I deserve a prize for putting up with this.” He was acting like a little kid. Not once has he picked up a book and put effort into his studies. “Okay than, if you pass your next test I’ll get you a little treat.” You offered.  He sat up and began to open his textbook. “And I know exactly what I want from you.” He grinned. “Pick your poison.” You shot back.”Well see I have this really hot tutor, but she’s also my best friend. And I really want to go out with her.  If I only could find a way to ask her out.” He hummed.  You raised your eyebrows at his request. You and Calum both had feelings for each other, it was only a matter of time before something happened between you two. “Okay Cal, one date for one A on your next test.” You agreed. “I knew you would say yes.” He said in his cocky voice. “Now study up! This only happens if you get an A.” He jumped up from your bed and opened all of his books. It only took one date for Calum to study his ass off.

Ashton: Today was a normal Saturday for you. You watched cartoons earl in the morning and hauled your ass to the library to tutor elementary school kids. You usually tutored kids in groups, but this weekend you were tutoring a boy named Carter, the younger brother of the cutest boy in your homeroom, Ashton Irwin. You hoped you could talk to Ashton for a minute before you have to tutor his brother. You walked into the library to see Ashton and a little boy sitting at a tiny plastic table meant for third graders. Ashton squeezed himself into the the small chair next to his brother, arm wrestling.  You approached the boys and started to laugh. “You know if you’d like a normal sized chair you have to go into the study hall, not the children’s room.” You laughed. Ashton looked up from his chair and stood, desperately trying to detach the chair from his butt.  “That makes a lot more sense. Each room looks the same it’s all books! I figured the chairs were just made for educated midgets.” He gave a toothy grin “I can take it from here.Come on Carter let’s go find you a big boy chair.” You knelt down to talk to the little boy. “Y/n Ashton’s going to study with us today! And later on me and him are gonna get ice-cream and watch cars.” Carter exclaimed. “Is that so? In that case let’s go find two big boy chairs.” You smiled. You lead Ashton and Carter into the studying room and began to go over the subjects he needed help with that week. Every so often you would get sidetracked by Ashton, he would always make jokes; earning a laugh from both you and Carter. “Okay smartypants you deserve a break before we start wrapping things up! I packed some cookies in my bag if you’re hungry.” You said to Carter. “That’s so nice of you Y/n, Carter say thank you.” Ashton told his brother who was already cramming cookies in his mouth. He muttered a thank you between bites and rigged through your bag for more food. “He’s such a cutie, and really smart.” You said to Ashton. “He is. Carter loves you tutoring him and always talks about you. I just had to see for myself how you are with him. You’re so good at teaching y/n.” Ashton said, with a slight blush in his cheeks. “Carter talks about you a lot too I’m glad you tagged along.” You smiled and glanced over at Carter. “Ashton can we have a play date with y/n after this?” Carter asked. “Well bud, if she would like to join us after this she is welcome too.” He looked over at you and you nodded your head yes. “A play date with you two sounds nice.” You said to Carter.  “Yay! Y/n you and Ashton should have a playdate one day too. He talks about you more than I do!” Carter bellowed. “I would like that too you.” You chuckled. You were definitely going to be tutoring Carter a lot more lately.

Michael: Great, this was just great. You hated Michael with a passion ever since you started high school. He hit on you all the time as a joke and always found a way to piss you off. He was relentless. Michael would hang around your locker, make comments in class every time you spoke, and made it clear he couldn’t stand you . You what happened for Michael to hate you, but you certainly know why you hated him.  You had to admit he was good looking, but his attitude towards you is what made you grow a disliking to him. So when your teacher begged you to tutor him in English, you weren’t exactly thrilled. “Okay so where do you want me to tutor you?” You asked Michael after class. “Well princess how about today after school? I’ll drive you to my house.” He asked. “Don’t call me that. Can’t we go to a library or a classroom?” You spat. “Nope.And if you disagree I’ll tell our teacher you didn’t show up to tutor me.” He smirked.  You rolled your eyes and walked away to your locker. “I’ll drive you there after school princess!” He yelled from the other end of the hall. After last period you went back to your locker to find Michael waiting there for you. You pushed him away and got your books. After you packed your bags you followed Michael to the car, not saying a word. On the car ride to his house you listened to a cd Michael popped into the sound system.You turned up the volume when a doors song came on. “Oh the princess likes rock. You strike me more of a Bieber kind of girl.” He laughed. You gave him the finger and looked out the window. “My dad always played this in the house. I grew up on this kind of music.” You struck back “Oh daddy introduced you to good music? How interesting.” You found no appeal to fighting with him so you pulled out your headphones and zoned him out. When you got into his house you set your books down in his kitchen and asked if you could change in his bathroom. With no response from Michael you  walked through the house until you found the bathroom. You changed out of your uniform and walked into the kitchen to see Michael sitting at the kitchen table. “I know we both can’t stand each other but for an hour let’s be civil and get this over with.” You said coldly.  “As you wish princess. Your wish is my command.” He got up from his chair and bowed. “Sit your ass down.” You replied bluntly. For the next hour you explained to Michael how to analyze books and relate it to the real world. He was a slow learner and he often grew frustrated with himself for not understanding anything.  After another grueling hour of explaining central themes to Michael, he understood the material he was learning. “Wow I actually get this.Thanks y/n” He said to you. “No princess? I’m shocked.” You said sarcastically.  “Well you did something nice for me. I don’t hate you all the time.” He smiled. “Why do you hate me? I’ve never done anything to you and yet you want to make my life a living hell.” You asked. “It’s because I want you.” He took you by surprise. You began to laugh, this was a great stunt Michael was pulling. “You’re funny Clifford now cut the shit.” You said in amusement. “I’m being serious. I want you. And you used to have a boyfriend. The only way to get you out of my head was to hate you, but I never did.” He looked sincere, but you didn’t want to buy into this if it was a joke. Michael got up from his chair and tilted your chin up. He kissed you hard and slipped his tongue in your mouth. Michael actually did like you. You kissed back even harder and got up from your chair, pushing him to sit down. You wrapped your legs around him while he sat. His hands traveled to the back of your shirt and he touched every possible inch of your skin. He began to kiss up and down your neck, leaving tiny love bits on your sensitive skin. You let out a moan and tugged his hair hard. Michael pulled your shirt over your head and began to kiss your chest. “I’m all yours.” You whispered in his ear. He looked up and began to kiss you hard on the mouth again. You pulled away from the kiss teasingly. “I knew you wanted me too. Now get your lips back here I’m not done with you yet.” He growled. You snaked your arms around his neck and he continued what he started.

Preference #7 High School au Part 2 (Requested)

A/N: okay so this was requested like 5 times, I’m sorry that it took me so long to write it but I had no motivation for this so I am so sorry that its shit but anyway I hope you like it, please request something :-)

Part 1


I knock on his door at 5 o’clock on the dot, I stand there waiting for him to open the door. I hear running from inside starght after the door is flug open “Hi (y/n)” Anne said “I’m here to see Ashton, for a school project” you said “yes I know, he hasn’t stoped talking about you since he got home, come in love” she said smiling, standing aside to let me through the door, the house was lovely it was modden with a little bit of history to it excatily like I remember and I liked it. “Ash” Anne called “ He’ll be right down” she smiled “thank you Anne” I smiled.  Ashton came running down the stairs “hey” he said “hi” I smiled “my rooms upstairs if you wanted to get started” he giggled, there was something about his giggle that made you smile, it was cute, like a little kid I guess. He lead me up to his room, there were posters of some of my favourite bands; All Time Low, Artic Monkeys, Mayday Parade, Green Day, Nivarna, Fallout Boy, Good Charlotte, The Fray, The Scrpit, The 1975, “wow” was all I said admering all the posters and cd’s “wait you like this type of music?” he asked “I may look like someone who likes pop music but I don’t” I said picking up The 1975 album “never thought you were like that” he smiled “a lot has change since primary school and year 7 you know” I said “yeah I know” he sighed, both of us remebering what our lives used to be as best friends “wait is (y/n) here?” I heard Harry shout “I’ll beat you to her” Lauren shoutted as two children ran into Ashron’s room tackeling you in hugs “(y/n)! I haven’t seen you  in ages” Harry exclaimed and Lauren nodded “yeah, I know, you guys have gotten so much bigger since I last saw you” I smiled “okay guys (y/n) and I have to do a an assinment” Ashton said pushing his brother and sister out of his room “and yet they have still gotten cuter” I laughed “try living with them, then you might change your mind” he joked “but serously, they have missed you so much, they used to love it when you came over every weekend” he sighed, I looked down, I missed them to but Ashton and I just drifted away from each other, barley talking at school, we both got different freinds and we stoped hanging out “I missed them too” I sighed “what happened to us (y/n)? We used to be best friends, how did we drift away so much?” he asked “I don’t know, I guess we changed” I sighed, I looked over to his desk, something caught my eye, I walked over and picked it up, it was one of the friendship braclets that we both had; to remind us of each other, I chuckled “I never thought that you would have kept this” I said showing him the braclet, he chuckled “I still wear the other one” he said showing me his wrist, he looked down at my wrist  “and I see that you still wear yours” he cuckled as he picked up my wrist, I smiled “well it looks like we both remembered the promise that we made when we got them” I smiled “to remeber each other forever, and to never take them off” he cuckled as he resited our grade 6 promise to each other “little did we know that two years after that, we wouldn’t be friends” I gave him a sad smile, it was true though, and it’s not like we had a big fight, we just drifted apart, and it killed me, he knew everything about me, I knew everything about him, we made a promise that we would never drift apart but promises will be broken, we should have known that we were never going to last as friends, we were too young and nievae, we were oblivous to everything, but I miss that with him. I miss doing anything and everything with him.


I look around the room trying to find a seat that is avaliable, there was one seat left and that was next to the really hot guy, I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, I am going to say that it’s a good thing, lets just hope that I don’t faceplant or trip on my way to the seat that is like 10 meters away. I make it to my chair safly, sitting down I glance over and see the hot guy staring at me, when I caught him staring he quickly looked away I smirked, this was going to be a good year if I get to sit next to him all year. The rest of the day went smoothly, english is the only class I have with the really hot guy but I have a few classes with his friends apparently, well thats what my knew friend Emily told me, I was glad that she sat next to me at recuss and decided to get to know me, because I hate new making new friends and I hate sitting alone. I got home exaused after my first day of school, thank god that I didn’t get lost, I walk up to my room, dumping my school bag in the corner and changing into my shorts and a tank top since it was a warm day, I walk to the kitchen grabbing some food from the fridge when mum walked in “Hi Honey” she smiled “I mum” I said while taking a bite of my cake that was left over “how was your first day at school?” she asked “alright, I made one new friend and her name is Emily and we have most classes together which is good, and I didn’t get lost thank god because that school is massive” I explained “thats good Honey and I’m glad that you made a friend today” she smiled “by the way, your dad has his new band that he is manerging in the recording studio and they seem really busy so if you don’t want to get yelled at by your dad later I wouldn’t go in there” she explained and I laughed, as tempting as it was to go in there I decided against it and walked into the lounge room turning on the television flicking through channles seeing what is on, I decided to leave it on a show that my dad would love, it was one of those older shows that everyone from his era knew, I didn’t mind these types of shows, I was used to them because my dad would always watch them. I laugh at something that someone said on the televison when I heard someone playing some music, I turn the television off so I can hear them better, there was more then one voice, there was also drums, bass and either one or two guitars from what I could hear, they sounded good really good, it was kind of a mixture of pop and rock, so bascially my type of music. The music stoped and I could hear people talking and laughing, I guess that the sesion has ended, I turn the television back on, flicking through the channles trying to find the best thing on the television, which was nothing, turning off the televison I walk to the kitchen looking for some food, I don’t know about you but sitting down watching teleivsion is really tiring and I need food afterwards. I heard my dad’s laughter and some chatter, my dad and four boys from school walked into the kitchen, I reconised them all, Calum Hood (the really hot guy I sat next to in english), Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin, holy shit they were all hot and they could sing, thats the best thing about my dad mangering bands, most of them are hot, and it’s my life goal to marry a band member so dads helping me make that dream come true even though he doesn’t know. 


I walked to Luke’s frount door, at 5:30pm on the dot, the time that we had both agreed to meeting at, I knocked on the door, I heard shuffling from the other side of the door, the door swang open reveling Luke in a band tee, black skinny jeans and black vans with no socks, funny I thought, were both prectily wearing the same thing, I was wearing band tee, black skinny jeans and black vans with no socks, the only difference between our outfits was that he was wearing a Fall Out Boy tee and I was wearing a The 1975 tee. “Hi” he smiled, I love his smile, it was the one dimple smile, but it was hot as hell, heck he was hot when he wasn’t in our terriable school uniform and wasn’t wearing glasses “Hey” I smiled back, he stood to the side motioning with his hands for me to come in. His house was nice, it was clean, there were photos of him and his family on the walls, and damn him and his borthers are just wow, no words needed, the hotness in this family was unbelieveable. “Great choice in the band t-shirt by the way” he smiled and I laughed “I could say the same for you Hemmings” I smirk “We should probably get studing because I am pretty sure that you don’t want to fail this year” “yeah your right, I can’t offord to fail this year, and plus my parents will kill me”. “Come on” he said walking up the stairs, I follow him walking into his room, I thought that it would be messy, like most boys rooms, but his was clean, he had a gutair placed neatly in the cornor, he had a few cd’s on his desk as well as some peices of paper in a neat pile. “Wow Hemmings I’m impressed, it’s clean, and you have a great taste in music, like holy shit” I grabbed a Blink-182 album “yeah I’d have to give my mum credit on the room being clean, and I never would of thought that you would’ve liked punk music” “punk music is my life man and I know I don’t really look like the type of person to like that sort of music but you know having brothers really helps your music taste” I explain “yeah thats true, I guess guys have better music taste” he smirks “oh please Hemmings don’t flatter yourself, and they don’t always I mean you just have to look at Josh and the rest of his group and know that they like pop music and all the main stream stuff” I laughed “yeah okay you have a point not all guys have great music taste” he laughed. I find it funny that I have been here for half and hour and we’ve only been talking about music and joking as if we have been friends for years, we techanlly were not even friends yet, like today we just started talking properly for the frist time, but I liked this side of Luke, the one that only his friends and family get to see, at school you see the neardy Luke with glasses and knows all the answers for the math questions, speaking of math we should really be starting doing some work ‘cause other wise I’m going to fail this year. “You know, you’re not like how I expected you to be, I thought that you would be girly and into pop music, but your the oppersite” he smiled “I thought the same thing about you” I smiled back at him, “you know we should probably actually start working because I don’t think you want to fail this year” he smiled “yeah you’re right, lets start”.


“I told you that he likes you more than a friend” Lucy excalims “whatever, thats what Luke said, unless I hear Michael say it to my face, I will no believe anyone, not even his mum” I sigh “fine whatever, I’ll get him to say it to your face” “good luck with that” I laugh “just watch me” she says as we walk off to our first class. “So how are you planing to get Michael to say it to my face?” I ask “oh you know, black mail, no biggy” she smiles “oh please what kind of black mail do you have on Micahel?” I ask, Michael was one of those people who wouldn’t care what was said about him, he was also out there, there were only a few things that Michael wouldn’t want anybody to see, and only a few people (his closest friends) would have seen, unless it’s nudes then I don’t know whos seen them and I don’t really want to know because as far as I know Michael hasn’t sent any but who knows becayse he is a teenage boy and who knows what they get up to in their spear time. “You know something that he doesn’t want you to know” she smirked “oh come on you can’t tell me that and not tell me what he doesn’t want me to know” I sigh “whoops” “I won’t tell anyone I promise” she laughed “yeah but if I told you that would mean that I couldn’t use that against him as black mail, so good try but I’m not going to tell you” she smiled “you know what, you suck so much” I sigh “yeah what of it, and plus, you love me” she smiled “keep telling your self that Lucy” I walk ahead of her slightly. I had my first class with Lucy, Calum and Luke, which it was never a good idea to put Luke and Calum in a class together because they did no work at all and it was usually Lucy and I writing down all the notes and giving them to the boys or explaining something to them, I am honestly suprised that they have never been caught talking in class because they do it every lesson, and I don’t think that they are about to stop anytime soon. “Hey guys” I greet Calum and Luke who are already sitting at our table, “Hey (y/n)” they both smile at me, I take my usual set next to Luke, Lucy sits down next to me and Calum, “guys (y/n) doesn’t believe that Michael likes her more than a friend and she said and I quote ‘unless I hear Michael say it to my face, I will no believe anyone, not even his mum’, you guys have to help me her believe me” she exclaims “fun fact: I’m right here and I can hear you, I don’t know if you realised or anything so I’m just going to let you know” I reply sarcastically, yeah I really need to stop being to sarcastic, but then again sarcasm is my humor so I don’t think I’m going to stop being sarcastic, I learnt that from Michael and tumblr. “Fun fact: I know your here so shut up” Lucy replys, “why doesn’t she believe you? I mean all you have to do is look into his eyes when he looks at her or talks about her” Calum says “yeah thats what I tried to tell her but she won’t listen to me” Lucy sighs. Oh great, they’re never going to let this go. Ugh.

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Dude. So I have a straight best friend and she's really hot and she knows I'm gay and we're really close as of recently. I lowkey think she's flirting and I lowkey flirt too but I don't know. Help man?

(as in don’t do it)

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ok I have a great story to tell: so my brother's really hot friend was over at my house today and he saw my 5sos shirt and was like "I have a great song by them" and I was like "oooh which one?" and he was like "I know all of the words to it" and he started playing slsp and I was like (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and then he just started playing it around MY house and I was in my kitchen singing along and he was staring at me and we made eye contact and laugh and now I'm (✿◠‿◠)

WHAT omfg that’s so cutee aye go for him you already have things in common 

i hate having facebook friends that have really hot friends!!!!!! because they are just out of my reach!!!!! and i see them on photos on facebook!!!!! and im like ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  but alas im not their friend!!!!!!!!!!!!! so its like fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! literally shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not fun!!!