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Headcanon: If the SLBP guys accidentally time travelled to the future (part 1)

A.N: A imagine from me XD I admit I am beyond bored in my class 😂😂😂

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• You thought he would freak out

• seeing that he was in a wholly, different, weird, alienic world than his

• But

• “I demand you to show me this fortress of yours now.”

• Not only he is not freaking out; he has a smug look on

• “Excuse me?”

• “Is my orders that difficult to grasp you insolent woman?”

• “No, I meant why in hell should I even show you every corner of my house!” You snapped back

• “What, you dare defy my orders?”

• You groaned

• well you should show him who’s the big shot or that big head of his is going to get bigger

• “Yes, so?”

• Nobunaga widened his eyes.

• Did she, a lowly misbehaved insolent idiotic woman just spoke back at him?

• “Now, Mister Oda Nobunaga, three things you should know is-” You cleared your throat “First, I am the person who brought you in after you crashed on my roof so you have no right in hell to get rude at me. Second, you shall not call me INSOLENT. Third, I am the boss here and I make the rules. You overcross them, out. UNDERSTOOD?”

• Okay maybe he’d underestimated the people in this world.

• they sure had a short fused temper.

• “…understood.”

• Well he would go along for this once

• plainly because he isn’t familiar with this place.

• When he is

• You are going to get it from him.

• “So” you handed a broom, a mop and a bucket to him and he looked at you, puzzled.

• “Why are you giving me this-”

• “Did you expect me to clean the mess you made?” You gestured at the pile of debris from the broken roof.

• He glared at you

• “Woman, do you even know who I a-”

• “Oda Nobunaga, yes. So go clean up.”

• He stared at you

• and you gave him the finger before strutting away to your room in all your glory

• leaving him with a mop

• a broom

• a bucket

• a pile of debris

• and a raging feel to strangle you on sight.

• Forget about the whole get-it-from-him part

• he is going to kill you


• “What is this?”

• “Uh… a toaster?”

• He looked at you quizzically, finger still pointing at the recently identified object known as toaster.

• “What is it used for…?”

• “Uh…” you pondered “…for toasting bread..?”

• The question mime isn’t finished yet, though.

• “…may I ask how to operate it-”

Thought you’d never ask… you smirked to yourself.

• You eagerly grabbed two slices of bread and showed him how to use the toaster

• “See… when you hear a ‘ding’, it means the bread is already uh…. suitable for eating.”

• “Really? But…” He pointed at the pieces of brownish deliciously looking toast. “…they don’t look edible to me…”

• “Huh?” You looked at him mouth gaping and he gave you a apologetic look

• “It has…. quite a unpleasant colour… Mmph-!”

• You stuffed a slice of the ‘unpleasantly coloured’ bread into his mouth before he even get to finish his sentence and he gave you a look of shell shocked hesitation. You cheshire grinned up at him

• “Don’t knock it until you try it~~~”

• You winked at him playfully, and with a sigh

• *chomps*

• he bit into the crunchy brownish roasted grain and

• “!!!”

• Wow

• You thought to yourself

• this is the first time you saw a person, a real one, looking so… sparkly eyed by eating a toasted piece of plain bread

• His eyes could outshone a billion stars and power up every solar panel in Japan with their blinding realization of the taste of

• the legendary toast

• Yes

• That’s gotta be it

• “May I… have another piece?” He shyly (not shyly) raised his empty but crumb-filled hand in eagerness and embarrassment.

• You smiled at him and grabbed a loaf off the dining table

• “Sure!” You squeaked and he smiled back

• Moral value of the story

• no one could ever resist toast

• not even the legendary perfect af Mitsuhide.

• *evil cackle*


• “G-gaah….”

• You deadpanned

• “Yukimura… for God’s sake please stop staring at those girls they’d probably think you are a pervert-”

• “Bu-but… they… woman… dressed… legs…. GAH!!!!!” He shrieked hyper high pitched after blubbering a mess of jumbled words into a full (or maybe half) sentence to you, face redder than chillies

• You sighed

• maybe it was a bad idea bringing him with you

• But you just wanted to buy some clothes for him at the nearest shopping centre - he couldn’t go full on cosplay 24/7, absolutely no

• and

• he did said that…

*30 minutes ago*

• “I REFUSE TO LET A WOMAN WANDER ON THE STREETS ALONE AT NIGHT!!!!! As a man, it is my responsibility to protect you!”

• “But- ”

• “I won’t hear any of this! I’ll just tag along and you do your thing!” Yukimura straightened his back confidently


• …just like that

• but now you are not that certain who is the protector

• Who would know that Yukimura would be so terrified of women in skimpy miniskirts?

• “W-why do they… wear so… thin…”

• You looked at Yukimura who is turning pale-ish with scarlet tints to the ears

• …looks like you gotta get him outta here or the poor boy is going to combust

• “Yukimura, come here” You tugged on his arm forcefully, intending to lead him to a nearby department

• “GAH!!”

• You looked back at him, a huge question mark forming on your head

• “I- I can walk on my.. own…” Yukimura said, face darkened into a more prominent shade of scarlet than you thought possible, prying his arm away from yours and walked awkwardly towards a store.

• “Yukimura,”

• He almost jumped at the mention of his name

• “Y-yes!”

• “The clothing department’s this way”

• “O-oh… ok.”

• You almost laughed but you pinched yourself to hide it

• what a flustered cinnamon he is


• “….little lady…”

• “What is it Saizo” you called out, hands fumbling over some stray pins and rubber bands on your hair

• “Your device is singing”

• Saizo spoke, monotone as always

• “Just ignore it” You said, holding a pin with your mouth due to your already full hands “-oh wait, can you tell me the words on my phone?”

• Saizo glanced at the black device that had just sprinted bright with life and music “Mom.”

• “Ogh mom..” You mumbled, hairpin still between your teeth when it dawned on you

• “WAIT MOM?!!!”

• There was a violent thud, some crashing


• You sprinted towards Saizo, grabbed the phone from his hands and received the call

• “Hello? Mom??” you tucked a hand in your disheveled hair

• Saizo looked at you indifferently, watching your face gradually becoming pale

• “NO….! MOM NO…! Don’t come please I am not ready how many times had I told you I DONT HAVE A BOYFRIEND IT IS TRUE THAN THE FACT YOU ARE MY MOTHER”

• well Saizo had a hunch that things are going to be entertaining in a sense

• “MOM…! NO-” you paused your yelling, and stared in disbelief at your phone

• She had hung up on you

• she is coming

• right now

• and

• You looked at Saizo


• as expected, Saizo merely shrugged

• “Why should I?”

• You groaned

• “Please…. HELP… or if she sees you you and me are going to die”

• He raised a eyebrow, clearly amused “and why is that?”

• You almost pulled out your hair

• “Saizo, I AM SERIOUS. If she sees you… then… you are going to…”

• “What?”

• “become… my… boyfriend… or let’s just say… fiance… because my mom came to keep an eye on me and… she is kinda… anxious in marrying me to any guy…”

• Now it was his turn to look at you

• “No.”


• “I don’t-” Saizo’s speech was interrupted by a roar that suspiciously sounded like a engine from your lawn and you spotted a suspiciously familiar looking car just outside….

• “I DONT CARE ANYMORE YOU ARE GOING WITH ME!” you screamed, grabbed his hand

• pushed him in a closet, and locked it

• The door popped open and out came your mom

• “DARLINGGGG how are you lately!!!”

•You sweatdropped at the sight of her imposing image and Saizo’s attempts to get out of the locked closet

• “Uh… just fine mom!” you piped up when you hear a loud thump from the closet behind you

• “Um sweetie what was that?”

• You gave a good kick to the closet beside you


candy floss

length: 1.9k

genre(s): the fluffiest angst

triggers/warnings: none!

an accident in class turns simon’s hair pink, triggering old memories for baz and bringing the two of them closer than before

a/n: much love to @cherryonsimon for the beta! go tell her nice things!! @bazwillendinflames i don’t know if this is exactly the fic you were imagining but thank you for getting me out of my writing slump ^__^ from now until the end of july i will be posting a new fic every wednesday so you can track the tag #egfics to keep up!! (the readmore might not work on mobile so just click my url to get to the post!!)


I smell Snow before I see him. I’d know the scent anywhere. The cloying smokiness of him; forever the cruelest joke. I hear him too, clomping up the stairs in that way of his. Like he’s always got somewhere to be, and he has to be bloody loud to get there.

He gets closer to the room, and I brace myself. I don’t know what kind of mood he’s in, but I don’t feel like fighting today. I haven’t been to any of my classes . Instead, I’ve been working on a paper for my last one of the day, and I still haven’t finished. (It’s Snow’s fault, of course. I’ve had days, but he keeps distracting me.)

The door to our room flies open with a bang and there’s Snow, breathing heavy and scowling. He looks like he’s just been for a run. I almost comment on his appearance, something snide and cutting. Something sure to remind him that we hate each other.

Then I notice his hair. It’s…

It’s pink. Simon’s hair–his normally bronze hair–is pink. Not just pink, but the colour and texture of the candy floss. The kind I used to get whenever I went to the fair with my mother when I was a child. When my mother was still alive. The memory hits me hard. She’d despised the stuff. Hated the way it made everything sticky and pink. But she knew I loved it, and made sure to get me one every time.

Feelings that had been locked away for years threaten to spill out, and I turn my head. I can’t look at him. Not with that hair. It hurts too much. I can feel Snow glaring at me, though I can’t imagine why. Surely he can’t be blaming me for this. I wasn’t even in class today; again, I’ve been working on this paper. I wonder what I missed.

He clears his throat. “This is all your fault.”

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The Darkest Knight - Part 2

@phati-sari guess what’s finally done????? THAT’S RIGHT. IT’S PART 2. 

Find Part 1 in my index! Also, I know I said that this would be three parts but i lied, it’s gonna be much longer most likely.


“Tell me again why I had to come with you?”

Arnav cast a sidelong glance at his younger brother who was sulking in the corner of the limousine, glaring darkly at him every couple of moments.

“You wanted to be Robin so badly, didn’t you?” He scoffed, feeling a smug delight in Dhruv’s answering groan.

“That’s crime fighting, bhai. That doesn’t mean I have to double as your wingman.” Dhruv quipped, before a devilish smirk lit up his features, and Arnav’s heart immediately sank in response.

“Whatever you’re about to say -” Arnav began steadily, pointing a warning finger in the brat’s direction only to be interrupted almost immediately.

“But then again, I would only be a wingman if you had even the slightest chance with her. To her, you’re about as attractive as Himesh Reshammiya in a speedo.”

“I have no idea who that is.” Arnav snapped, turning to stare stubbornly out the window as he saw Dhruv shudder out of the corner of his eye.

“Well… lucky you.”

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It Felt Like Art

A/N: So, this started out as a poem. But then it turned into a fic? And I don’t know what happened? 

Tags below~


Painting on skin was never like painting on canvas. The polyester never moves. It stares blankly down the barrel of each tube of paint and waits to be used. It doesn’t move. Doesn’t sway in the wind when the window is thrown open to get some air in. The painting needs to move. It needs to breathe, live. Needs to inhale dust and exhale smoke.

Rae always hated canvases. The stillness of the fabric. The way her acrylics dragged against the dull, stretched cotton locked away under thin layers of primer. It urked her. The fire that sat wet and delicate when it should have crackled and flickered against the swirl of color behind it. How, when she looked at the oceans she’d painted all she would see was a blur of white and grey and every shade of blue imaginable, because the waves never broke. Never crashed into the sand or crawled up the shore like they’re meant to.

She hated how dead it felt under her roaming, disappointed fingers. No amount of sunshine could brighten the colours; the moon beams were never able to illuminate her palette like she wanted them to.

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How To Drown In The Desert :: Ch4

read on ao3 or ffn

Hope you enjoy! Special shoutout to @knivesama​ and @tgeartone​ for the fanart they did of the fic! (Find it under the “stuff for me” tag)


When she woke up, the other side of the bed was empty. Her hand stretched out, searching for any traces of warmth on the soft sheets, and finding none. She knew that Shiro was a restless sleeper―she had found him wandering the castle during its nightcycle more often than not―and the Sjarkans had been nothing but hospitable, but still; the idea of Shiro walking around a strange castle all by himself made her uneasy.

The rush of relief she felt when she saw him standing, straight-backed and tense, on the doorway of the small balcony attached to their room was almost overwhelming.


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So I was tagged in this favorite beauty products thing by oiltipped and b–ae! I’m very excited about this tbh!!

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream (London)–I’ve seen this product on a lot of people’s lists, and with good reason. The pigment is nice, it goes on smooth, and looks v matte/natural without drying out your lips. AND it’s relatively cheap! London is a really nice nude color on me–but MUST be paired with a brown lipliner to prevent ashiness. I also recommend “Monte Carlo“: a bright, pretty red.

Nivea Creme–I slather this on my face before bed each night. You can buy a huge 13 oz jar for $7 at Walmart. It is a bit heavy, which is why I use it only at nighttime, but it’s perfect for my dry skin. I honestly wake up glowing when I put this on and I can see the difference (AKA dullness) in my skin when I don’t. 

L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder (Soft Sable)–Okay, honestly? The most ridiculous name. But this foundation is pretty high-quality. Luckily I got it on sale for around $4 but it’s regular price is somewhere closer to $10. The coverage is medium to heavy, but it doesn’t feel heavy at all. It’s a liquid foundation, so I just apply it with my fingertips and it sort of disappears into the skin. There’s a matte, powdery finish to it that I like. It’s not cakey or too heavy and about as natural looking as a heavier-coverage foundation could ever be. *thumbs up*


Shea Moisture African Black Soap–Um…duh?

L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara–wow I didn’t realize how much I like L’oreal products? Isn’t this a Zionist company though? I need to look into that…because, yikes. Anyway, this is my favorite mascara. It gives volume and separation without looking too extra but also without looking too boring. I get compliments on my eyelashes everytime I wear it.

J.R. Watkins Petro Carbo Salve–a staple since childhood. I put this salve on everything from scratches to pimples and it works.Like, I could get shot and my mom would tell me to go put some Watkins salve on it. Put it on a cut and it’ll heal up without leaving a mark. This stuff is magic in a pretty red&gold tin case.

Covergirl Clean Glow Bronzer (Spices)–It’s so HARD to find a bronzer without sparkles or shimmer in it. So when I stumbled upon this in a dollar store I bought it immediately. This is a really lovely bronzer and gives me a warm,all over glow when needed.

NYX HD Concealer (CW08 Nutmeg)–The only concealer I have ever bought that works. My dark circles have resisted everything from Maybelline to NARS concealers, but in just a few dabs this concealer covers everything. And it doesn’t cake or get into the fine lines around my eyes. A real #winner

Chocolate Candles–Okay, so like, this isn’t a beauty product. But I just want y’all to know that lately i’ve been obsessed with this chocolate and cacao candle my boss gave me. It smells so good. Not too sweet, like some floral scents can be. It’s rich but not sickeningly so like vanilla. It’s a scent better for bedrooms than bathrooms, but yeah. If anyone knows where I can buy some more really nice chocolate scented candles (none of that Hershey’s/York Peppermint Patty/Reese’s crapola like please…spare me) then let me know!

This was really long but honestly idc because i LOVE talking about beauty products. I tag disenado mujibro flickerman plumtint arnika1997 arvndhathi and ghostworld2001 because I’m really curious about your faves! Leak your beauty secrets please and thank you!!!


So I was tagged by fwriosa do this answering question thing

I tag bookishgimp nightvalecommunityfanon thatsthat24

● What was your:
- Last beverage:
Orange milk
- Last phone call: The radio station, to warn the public about Route 800 growing tongues
- Last text message: from WZZZ’s automatic text service (“141 39 152 64 12″)
- Last song you listened to: Partly cloudy, seventy percent chance of rain in the evening
- Last time you cried: the opera, when Frank Chen’s still-completely-human-appearing character made that emotional speech about discrimination against dragons

● Have you ever:
- Dated someone twice: Does it count if their double killed them during the Sandstorm, and I later dated their double?
- Been cheated on: Does it count if it was with my Sandstorm double before I got around to killing her?
- Kissed someone and regretted it: Hooded figure. It was on a dare, okay
- Lost someone special: No, but a childhood friend just started as a radio intern, so it’s only a matter of time
- Been depressed: Yes, last week when that creeping ennui came through town
- Been drunk and threw up: Not that I remember

● List 3 favorite colours: infra-white, hooloovoo, and The Color Out Of Space

● Last year, have you:
- Made a new friend: Haven’t quite finished, but a couple more bones and we’re good
- Fallen out of love: No, praise the beams
- Laughed until you cried: Gave the Feelings Delivery Service a 5-star rating for that one
- Found out who your true friends are: It’s funny, a person can secretly live in your home your whole life, and then one day it turns out you never really knew them at all
- Found out someone was talking about you: One evening the entire radio broadcast was about me!

● How many people on your fb friends list do you know in real life?: All of them. All of them. Some of them don’t realize that I know, but I know

● Firsts:
- First surgery: Throat spider prevention
- First piercing: Unspeakable
- First best friend: A tarantula in my kindergarten class
- First sport you joined: Competitive obelisk-raising
- First vacation: Svitz in the summer
- First pair of trainers: Scouting troop leaders, in karate and chanting

● Right now:
- Eating: Big Rico’s
- Drinking: Orange milk
- I’m about to: Pray in my bloodstone circle
- Waiting for: the secret police officer outside my window to go on break so I can have an illegal muffin

● Your future:
- Want kids: Nah, I’d only lose them
- Get married: Only when marriage equality is available to everyone, regardless of species or number of heads
- Career: Anything not run by Strexcorp

● Which is better:
- Lips or eyes: I’ve only ever dated people with both, so I can’t judge
- Hugs or kisses: Depends on whether they have lips
- Shorter or taller: Not confined to a single physical form
- Older or younger: Has lived for more years but is mysteriously frozen at a younger age
- Romantic or spontaneous: Depends on whether they’re spontaneously doing non-romantic things
- Nice stomach or nice arms: Nice tentacles
- Sensitive or loud: Screaming into the void
- Hook-up or relationship: Depends on whether there are literal hooks involved
- Troublemaker or hesitant: Misbehaving, book-reading, not-missing troublemaker!

● Have you ever:
- Kissed a stranger:
See previous question re Sandstorm doubles
- Drank hard liquor: To forget
- Lost glasses/contacts: Only when the Faceless Old Woman steals them
- Sex on first date: No, curse the beams
- Broke someone’s heart: look, my insurance covered all the repairs, do we really need to bring that up again
- Arrested: Only when the Sheriff’s secret police deem it absolutely necessary
- Turned someone down: After I realized I’d accidentally been leading that hooded figure on
- Cried when someone died: Who does that? You still get to see them at Homecoming, and that’s if they don’t spontaneously come back to life over the next year or so
- Fallen for a friend: Like I’d been dropped off the side of Radon Canyon

● Do you believe in:
- Yourself: how foolish and arrogant would that be?
- Miracles: only when the BROWNSTONE SPIRE permits it
- Love at first sight: no, because love is different from “having a crush” or “being infatuated”, as the guy on the radio eventually figured out
- Heaven: I certainly wouldn’t know anything about the structure of the tiered heavens
- Santa Claus: is a CIA conspiracy of drugged and costumed bears, obviously
- Kiss on the first date: only if you’ve filled out the necessary papers
- Angels: what are you talking about? Angels are not even a thing. Who let you in here??

Title: The Night Before
Synopsis: Tasked with looking after Lucifer for a night, Chloe has clearly bitten off more than she can chew.
Rating: M (for dirty smut)
Notes: This is a long one folks (giggity). But yeah. My oneshots used to be like, ten thousand plus words each and I’m slowly trying to work my way back there. So here’s some smut for you all because I love it, you love it and the Devil told me to do it. Or did he?

“Oh don’t look so glum, Detective!" 

Chloe stood in the doorway of Lucifer’s extravagant apartment, her overnight bag hanging from her hands and looking every bit like she’d rather be anywhere else. Lucifer wasn’t put off by her silence though. 

"It’ll be fun! You and I, together, alone for the whole night,” his voice fell into a suggestive leer as he spread his arms over the back of his couch and crossed his legs. He even threw in a little eyebrow waggle too.

“Lucifer,” she said warningly and he retreated hastily, holding up his hands and sighing,

“Yes, yes alright,” he half pouted. “Strictly business. If you insist, you party pooper.”

“I hope you know this is all your fault anyway,” she grumbled, stepping inside and closing the door behind her. When she turned back he was giving her a very unamused stare.

“My fault? How is it my fault if someone threatens my life? I needed someone to look out for my newly mortal self while Maze is away.”

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