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Relationship status: Told myself I wouldn’t pursue a relationship until I finish this draft of my novel, but there’s an engineer sending me elephants and he’s kind of cute, so. We’ll see. 

Favourite Colour: Symbolically, Red. Because passion/love/cherry-flavored things. But like, aesthetically? I prefer writing everything in purple pen.

Pets: My roommate had a cat, once, and my sister has a dog. And lots of my friends are having babies. I’m excellent at loving creatures that I’m not responsible for. 

Last song: Liability, by Lorde. A friend posted a cover of it on Facebook, so I looked up the original. The cover was better. (No offense, Lorde.)

First Fandom: The only fandom I would say I actively belong to is Harry Potter. Harry Potter is my Past, Present, and Future. I’ve watched every episode of Potter Puppet Pals, all three musicals, and own all eight terrible movie adaptations. (jk… the first four don’t suck.) I’ve even read Dramione fan-fiction. That is the only fan-fiction I really get into, actually (sorry if any of you are fanfic writers… it’s just not my thing!)

Hobbies: Having friends. Eating full meals at regular times. Personal hygiene. (Writing and reading are not hobbies; they are life.)

Currently reading: Beautiful Creatures, by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, STILL, because it’s really long, guys, I’m sorry. And on Sundays (the day of rest from reading YA), I try to read Stephen King’s Under the Dome. Which is, believe it or not, even longer. I’m on page 600, and I’ve been reading it for like three years. 

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