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Well I mean what I say and I say what I mean.
Here’s some NSFW headcanons.

Logan NSFW headcannons:

-Oh boy you better prepare yourself, you’re in for a ride.

-This man could go for hours. By the time he’s done, he’s ready for round 2.

-Dirty talking master.

-“you feel so tight darlin”
-“You’re so ready for me, I can’t wait”

-Not okay with daddy kink AT ALL. He already feels old as it is, his lover calling him daddy would probably set in over the edge. Also it’s just a total mood killer for him.

-Speaking of Logan being old, he’s like what? Almost 100 now?? Pretty sure he’s had QUITE a few girls, so this man definitely knows how to work it.

-Loves to have you scratch his back. Yeah he’s going to heal immediately after you’ve torn him up, but he still likes the tinge of pain left behind.

-Yeah he’s dominant. Always likes taking over, but likes the view when you ride him.

-Probably up for a bit of bondage. Simple concepts though, like will probably buy a pair of cuffs.

-Will NOT allow you to use them on him, he bought them for you, and for you only.

-Likes the thought of spanking you, but probably nervous to use it on you. He might hurt you due to his strength.

-He likes going rough. But if it’s before a mission, it’s probably going to be love making, not just fucking.

-He has a super high sex drive. 10/10 down to fuck anywhere.

-Professor X stopped reading his mind after he accidentally saw Logan doing the diddle with you.

-But if it’s young Professor, he probably low key reads Logan’s dirty thoughts when he’s horny.

- Let’s be honest, he probably reads everyone’s dirty thoughts when he’s horny.

-Favorite place is in bed, he’s an old school type of person, plus it gives him more room to do what he wants to do.

-If you’re not close to bed, let alone home, get ready for an uncomfortable situation because he’s 10/10 gonna fuck you right then and there.

-Loves leaving hickeys where people can and can’t see them. Like your inner thigh and neck.

-You’ve tried to leave a few but it’s no use because they’re usually gone by morning.

-After its all said and done, he’s one for aftercare.

-Like simple pillow talks, will cuddle with you.

-If y'all take a shower after its all over and done with, be prepared for possible shower sex.


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Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
5 213
warning : smut
summary : Reader and Kai live together but are not a couple. One hot summer night he wakes up and she is not in the house.
* not my gif
keep reading after the cut 😈🔥 [somehow this one turned out longer than i thought , the original draft was like nearly 7k words 🙈 - whoops]

It was almost July and this summer appeared to be the hottest one yet. Skies were clear all day long with only small white fluffy clouds glading around as the sun climbed higher and higher. Y/N and Kai stayed inside mostly because being in the sun felt as if someone was holding a hot iron on their skin , literally the sunrays burned like fire as if trying to burn them alive.

* * *

“Someone looks hot.“ said Kai walking into the living room , looking at Y/N from head to toe. Suddenly she closed her sketchpad and left it on the coffee table , looking a little startled. Her hair had stuck to her face and her cheeks were a bit rosey. He wondered what that gray smudge on her cheek was. He had been downstairs in the basement to grab a blood bag , not realising she’d be out of bed by the time he got back upstairs. The past few days Y/N walked around the house barely wearing a t-shirt and Kai found that more than distracting. He knew it wasn’t her intention to do that , she just couldn’t stand clothes in that heat. A couple of times he caught himself day dreaming about her - having her in his arms and finding another way to make her feel like she is on fire. Y/N would reach for something at the top shelf in the kitchen cabinet and the shirt would lift itself just enough for him to slip into his dream and imagine himself standing right behind her , his hands roaming her body all over , tearing that shirt off her.
“What?” wondered Y/N , her eyes widening a little at his words. Even more seeing him wearing only his boxers again. Suddenly the room felt hotter and it had nothing to do with the heat coming from outside. Her skin felt as if it was on fire and it was all because of Kai. Seeing him shirtless did that to her every time.
“From the heat I mean.” he said smiling nervously. “And in general.” he muttered to himself. “Do you want a popsicle ? Might help you cool down.”
“Yeah , t-thanks.” smiled Y/N. She looked at him , somehow doubting he had meant the heat as a reason. Or maybe it was wishful thinking.
“I still cannot believe you said ‘yes’ when I asked if I can move in with you.” said Kai , opening the freezer to get him and Y/N one of the popsicles he had made the day before. He turned around , giving her the frozen treat unable to take his eyes off her. The heat was driving her insane , but the way she was dressing was driving him completely mad. Kai felt his skin burn and it had nothing to do with the heat outside. It had to do with her.
“I didn’t.” said Y/N. About 7 months ago , right after the wedding Kai had shown up at her doorstep asking if he can stay over for the night. That one night had turned into another and another… “You showed up at my doorstep covered in blood saying ‘can I sleep here?’ to which I replied ‘yes’ and ever since I can’t seem to be able to get rid of you.”
Y/N laughed , punching him playfully in the shoulder. Her tongue licked her popsicle from bottom to the top before taking a small nibble of the top.
“You love having me around. Admit it.” he teased , laughing along with her.
“Fine.” she said with a smile , raising her hands. “I actually do love having you around. At first you were annoying me 24/7 , now you are annoying me like 12/7. What would I do without your constant talking and that smile in my life.” she reached towards him and pinched his cheek. “Plus without your cooking I’d starve and die.”
“I wouldn’t let you die , Y/N.” said Kai suddenly serious.
Y/N smiled , gazing into his eyes. She wondered what that had meant. Every now and then Kai would say something like that or she’d catch him starring at her and when she asks him about it , he’d just say ‘nothing’ and change the subject. A few times there had been these moments between them when he or she would reach for something , resulting in both of them standing barely an inch from each other , longingly gazing into each other’s eyes. Those moments took her breath away but also frustrated her a lot. Y/N had feelings for him. It was inevitable - how was she to resist his charm and those sexy blue eyes of his that somehow seemed able to get her to do whatever he wanted. Kai had gotten under her skin and no matter how much she tried to shake him , it just wasn’t possible. Y/N had been trying to find a way to tell him but words always got lost on their way to her mouth. Her had reached for her phone on the coffee table , knocking down her sketchpad along with it making a few pages of it she had torn away spill on the floor.
Kai’s eyes went wide. He blinked a few times to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. On the ground there were a couple of sketches with his face drawn on them - on some he was smiling , on others he appeared to be looking at something.
Y/N followed his gaze. “Oh sorry. I was just -”
“Why would you draw me ?” he wondered , halfway through his popsicle. Kai reached for one of the papers , seeing a drawing of himself in profile. It hadn’t been a picture of him she had drawn. It had to have been by memory , but why would she draw him ? He held the drawing to his face , imitating the image on the paper before starting to laugh. “Those are really good. I didn’t know you are that good. Hey maybe sometime I can pose for you to draw…or something”
“Thanks. I might take you up on that.” she smiled. “And I couldn’t help myself. How can I resist drawing your handsome face. You are not mad , are you?”
“Flattered - yes. Mad at you - never.“ he said a little amused. “Well except when you steal my pork rinds.”
“I have never-”
“They walked out of the kitchen cupboard all by themselves then.” he said amused. Y/N stared at him and started to laugh.
“Fine. It was one time.” she said , finishing her popsicle. “I was hungry. I’ll buy you more. Promise.”
Kai smiled at her ,tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear catching her gazing into his eyes. He had feelings for her , even though he couldn’t understand them completely. All Kai knew was that he’d anything for her. Y/N was constantly in his thoughts - day or night. Always lurking in the corners of his mind. At first it all had annoyed him a little - not being able to focus on anything else but her. Then it confused him , even more so after he had become a vampire and his emotions got heightened. Those feelings have been the reason he had shown up at her door step. Kai wanted to be with her only he never seemed able to find the right time or way to tell her. Sometimes Kai wondered if his feelings weren’t one sided. Specially in moments like this. She could’ve drawn whoever she wanted but instead had chosen him. But it wasn’t just that - intentional or not Y/N had been wearing his t-shirt the entire day yesterday and today too. It had to mean something right ?
“Y/N , there is something I have to -”
Y/N’s heart rate had increased the past few moments. Kai was starring at her again , his eyes drifting all over her. Her phone rang and for a few moments she hesitated getting up. Whoever it was , they’d have to wait.
“Wh-what is it?”
“Nah … it can wait.” he waved his hand.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah … yeah.” said Kai getting up. “Do you want another one ? Popsicle I mean. I made quite a few of them. Had a feeling you might like them.”
“Yes please.” she beamed at him , taking her phone. Her eyes followed Kai until he left the room and walked into the kitchen. A sigh left her lips. He looked hot as hell from every angle , it made her knees weak and if she hadn’t been sitting , probably she would’ve dropped on the floor. The way he had been looking at her a moment ago had her head spin out of control. She had wanted to lean in towards him , push him onto the couch and touch every inch of his chest , and almost had. Probably would’ve too if the phone hadn’t interrupted them. Y/N waved her hand at her face trying to create any wind , however small , to help her cool down with no luck. “Damn…”

* * *

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so, enjoy my fun graphic xD but, as 2016 comes to an end, i want to recognize some people. on a personal level, 2016 has been a fantastic year for me. i was accepted into my education program, i started in my education program, i made friends at school, i made friends at work, i started in a new job that i actually really like. while 2016 has had many ups and downs, it’s also been a great year for me in regards to rping. i’ve just passed my 1 year and 5 months mark on this blog – the longest i’ve ever had an account for. i’ve just passed 1,750 followers – the most followers i’ve ever had before. i’ve made some really great friends, i’ve had some really great plots, and i’ve developed better as a person myself. i want to thank everyone who has been there along the way, who has helped me become the person i am today because without you guys, i wouldn’t be that person at all. so, thank you to everyone. this is in no particular order ( actually, it’s in alphabetical order but shhhhh )

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a few shoutouts bc these people are awesome. it ended up being beneath a cut bc it got really long. apologies xD

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I’ve been working on some longer projects recently, so I haven’t had as much time to make gifs. I have a few left over from other sessions that I’ve never posted though, so over the next few days I might post a some of them until I get a chance to work on some new stuff. Some are variations on gifs I’ve already posted, and some are things I liked but didn’t quite work out the way I wanted.