i have problems i know this

I deleted my last post, but i read everything everyone said. honestly, i’m a fool. yall are too kind. I should be focusing on people like you who actually like what i’m doing instead of the people who don’t. i apologize for that. it does really suck tho, but i guess that’s the internet. i want to let you know when you take the time out to write something it really does mean a lot. like a lot a lot. i’m gonna keep going, i may not share them with the internet, but i don’t want the people who have a problem make me want to quit. i know this is silly, but thank you so muuch


Danny moved towards Silvia, in an attempt to hold her and was surprised when she quickly pushed him away. 

Silvia: Jeez, can you leave it alone?

Danny: I just don’t understand why you’re mad unless you tell me. 

Silvia: I’m not mad. 

Danny: Love, you clearly are. If you would just-

Silvia: Please. Just go to your meeting and get the investor and spend some time with your business associate, Lisanne. Enjoy your trip. 

Danny: Wait is it Lis? Is she the problem? She means nothing to me, you know that. What I have with her is a business relationship.

Silvia: Sure, well not to her anyway. 

i cannot stress this enough: if i write up a starter for you, especially if it’s done with a random muse of my choice, and you are honestly just staring at it wondering how to reply and can’t find a way. please. let. me. know. i will be more than happy to write up something knew. it’s seriously not a problem in the slightest. i’d rather you be able to reply than have to worry about how i am going to feel about you want me to. i am a people pleaser. just let me know!

So I was showing my best friend my new icon, and his response was, “You know who he looks like?” and I was like, “NO, WHO??” and he was like, “I’ll give you a minute…” so I stared at the photo, having no clue who he meant, and I glance over at his phone to see that he’s pulled up pics of MARVIN MARTIAN I’m fucking DEAD



WHY IS THIS HAPPENING I can’t unsee it

Redraw Tekkit Trio - [Lineart]

I love seeing people post re-drawings of their older art pieces. Looking at all the progress they made never ceases to inspire me. It’s fun to see where a person was and then where they ventured to. A bonus if you were there along the way to witness it all.

This is something I’ve wanted to do myself, however I always ran into problems. Overall I believe I wasn’t comfortable with it yet so decided to wait, but during the year my depression hit the strongest it didn’t seem like a positive thing to accept then. I have to thank the ones who encouraged me during that time though like @meelane and @eirawindsong and many others. I couldn’t see the things I do now, and my heart swells knowing that they cared enough to tell me that I should always push forward.

With the things I’ve learned over the past 5 or so years I’ve discovered the beauty in waiting till you’re ready for something. Though you may fall behind, or those prime opportunities are missed, I know if I didn’t wait I wouldn’t have discovered the positivity that development has given me. Something that I believe people miss out on because of the pressure that gets created around things being timely.

So without further to say, this is my re-drawing of the Tekkit Trio!

That’s Honeydew (top) Lalna (bottom left) and Xephos (bottom right) from the Tekkit minecraft series Yogscast did back in 2012. I also believe that was the year I did the original drawing if not early 2013. So about 4 to 5 years ago. Crazy to think about it in the expanse of years, but I have to say I’m still proud of that piece and the joy I’ve got from that series, plus these doofs still hold dear to me.

Hope you enjoy the comparison as much as I do. Might take a swing at coloring one day. 

Links to them seperated [original] + [redraw]

“you’re destroying yourself,” he told her. she didn’t reply. “you can’t live for just your mind and nothing else. you’re human, for god’s sake. you need love, affection, you need all the things that all of us need. please. you’re destroying yourself.”

she didn’t look at him. her fingers turned the page. her eyes read. her lashes flickered shut, just a second, before she drank the words on the paper. more information. more data. all the connections and causes the world had to offer.

he reached for her, touched her shoulder. “please,” now he was begging, “you’re not a machine.”

“but I wish I was.”

“you can’t be.” he spoke gently now, hope rising up. maybe he could reach her. “you don’t have to be. it’s okay not to know things. sometimes there are no answers, or a problem that even you can’t solve. there are things bigger than any of us, and you can’t do anything to understand them.”

she froze under his touch. 

he let go. he took a breath. “it will be okay. you’ll get used to it. come on.”

“no,” she said.

he opened his mouth. she turned to him, and the shine of her eyes spoke not of life as it used to, not of curiosity nor the yearning for knowledge that had made her the most brilliant creature he’d ever seen.

“who are you?” he whispered it, stumbling, terror in his voice. she was brilliant still, and it had made her - 

“i am my mind.” she didn’t blink anymore. her fingers were curled around the book, a page crumpled up under her palm. “i was nothing before i could think like this. before i knew. before i could connect all the information, make nets and theories and new ways. don’t you see?” her smile spread over her lips, hesitating then, shying away from her wide black pupils. 

he pressed his back to the wall. his body trembled. “you are more than this.”

“no!” she hissed. her fist crashed into the book, tears springing to her eyes. “you don’t understand, stupid, stupid! my mind could be perfect! it could be brilliant, better than anyone, it could make me special. it could make me more than just another…”

“human?” her swallowed. moved. came closer, just a step. “you don’t want to be human?”

“no. yes. I want…” 

“it’s okay. you don’t have to be extraordinary, you know? it’s alright to be enough-”

“I want to be more.”

he took all the courage he had and went back to her. when he stood in front of her, silent, she touched her fingers to his chest.

“if you’re not brilliant, you’ll be forgotten.”

her fingers curled into a fist.

“I’d rather be remembered than human.”

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pls don't take offense to this I'm saying this just so you know - that bby witch who asked if there's a spell to make other people happy, there's an underlying "can you point me in the direction of where I can find that?" your answer was the most useless answer for them. they outlined that they know nothing about spells, if you want to be helpful (do you?) you should actually add in some helpful information. you don't need to publish this (obviously) but I hope you read this for future reference

i did not think i needed to teach people how to google “happiness spell”, or provide a link to my spell directory for the umptempth time. 

the last anon’s problem did not seem to me that they did not know such spells existed, they stated they knew of happiness spells, and i provided with them that all they would have to do would be alter such spells slightly with a taglock. 

do i want to be helpful - within reason. i will not personally teach every witch that comes to me the craft, that is theirs to learn and to discover, and ultimately leading everyone by the hand would do more damage than it would help. i am not google, nor will i stand in the way of an opportunity for people to learn how to use it. 

i do not have the patience to answer everyone that asks the same few questions over and over with little variation in depth. i have guides. i have links, many posts that explain these things.

however as long as we are educating on the topic of the nuance of language, you should know to start with “don’t take offense” whether buffered by a please or not, puts people on guard and does nothing ultimately to prevent them from taking offense, because being polite and non-offensive is the speaker’s responsibility, not the listener’s duty to withstand insult. “the most useless” is a direct insult, it is far less offensive to say “it did not answer their question”, you might try that in the future. your “(do you?)” is also a direct insult, if you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time you know the answer, your “you don’t need to publish this” ungracefully  and obviously covers your ass because it shows you know you would receive flack for this if anyone else saw it. i hope you consider these things when you seek to offer unsolicited advice. 

in fact, it is far less offensive to assume a person misinterpreted an ask than to outright tell them they don’t understand the social implications and nuances of normal conversation, and presume to educate them. 

Hello. My name is Stephen, though my friends call me Steve. I am 61 years old and a hotel manager in the Midwest.

I started my current health journey some three and a half years ago. I had really let my weight get too high and my fitness too low, and was really having my share of health problems. With a starting weight of 289 (and I know it had been much higher than that) I started being more conscientious about my eating habits, and also started getting regular exercise. The exercise I chose then was bicycling, and it is still my exercise of choice. In January 2014 I joined the local YMCA and added weight training, and then in November of last year I started running seriously. My weight is down to 214.

I like to think I am living proof that it is NEVER too late to make a change in your life and get on the right track.

I tag @fatmaninalittlesuit

My aunt visiting from California offered to go to the grocery store with my mother. Now she’s calling me on the phone because mother wandered off like a child and isn’t answering her phone and my aunt is pissed and wants to know how to deal like… Hon, I have to deal with her every day. You volunteered babysit her so she’s your problem today.

About Mary

People are having a problem with the way that Mary is being portrayed. 
I think I know why. 

Essentially we all most of the fandom hold Mary Winchester up the same way Dean does did. 
So the way that she is being written is really messing with us the same way that it is messing with Dean.
I think that this is intentional. 

She isn’t supposed to be there. She is supposed to be dead. Which was mirrored with tonight’s episode with Gavin being somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be. Gavin made the decision to go back where he was supposed to be. Dean watched as he became a spirit and finally he and his love passed on to where they belong. 
Dean is also watching as his mother makes decisions that even Dean “makes all the bad decisions in the name of saving Sammy the greater good” Winchester even recognizes as terrible. 
This is going to play into the season some how I’m sure. Dean wants his mother around, but he also just discovered that she is betraying them. She is working with the people that tried to kill Dean, the people that tortured Sammy. Now knowing Dean, the trying to kill him part can be overlooked, but those people tortured Sammy. That is unforgivable on every level possible in Dean’s eyes. 

In my opinion Dean, from this point on, will not feel like he can ever trust his mother. She is supposed to love and protect them, protect Sammy, and she has betrayed that trust. 

Mary, you may be able to buy Dean’s forgiveness with beer and burgers when he thinks you are just away hunting or healing, but Dean protecting his Sammy is a completely different ball park, one where he won’t even forgive the very person that birthed the both of them.
In 12x06 “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” when he made that deal with Billie and was shoved through the door, the first words out of his mouth were asking about the welfare of Sam, an experienced hunter who at this point has more time hunting than you, who has fought monsters alongside Dean his whole life, who Dean damn well knows can handle his own, but still, asked after Sam. Not his mother. 
So the fact that you are working with the BMoL after what they did to Sam, is a betrayal that is going to take a long time to get past, if he ever does. 

This will eventually lead to a Winchester Death™ I’m sure. I am assuming that it will be a brother, probably Sam. Then to redeem herself to Dean, Mary will bargain to take Sam’s place. She will reason that she wasn’t supposed to be there anyway, that not only will this get Sam back to Dean where he belongs, but she will go back to where she belongs. 

I might be wrong. But I will be interested in seeing if I am.

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My life seems to be falling apart. I have no one anymore. I feel lost and broken and lately I've been thinking about ending my life and yeah I know people say that's not the way out but god it hurts so much. Everything hurts. I don't wanna feel anymore pain.

We all have our fair share of problems, but if you don’t believe in anyone or anything at this very moment… believing in your own survival is a terrific start.

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I have a great family and I know they'd be super supportive whenever i choose to come out to them as ace someday, the problem is I'm just a super awkward person and I have no idea how to bring it up. any suggestions for how to come out to them? thank you!

fictional characters are your best friend if you want to bring it up before coming out!! jughead is a great example, others might include possible aces like Sherlock Holmes or anyone you really think could be canonically ace. In this conversation, you could also educate them a bit about asexuality and possibly even come out

In three months I will be a certified personal trainer. I want to help people build strength & flexibility & confidence & self esteem. I don’t want to focus on weight. I don’t want to focus on “problem areas” or “beach bodies”. want to help people recover their physical injuries & years of mental self-abuse.

I don’t think this business model will work realistically but please let me know if any of y'all have input / interest. I will be doing online sessions & securing a space in DC asap.

GIRLS LIVING OUTSIDE SOCIETYS SHIT is a mindset & I carry it with me always

We wanted honesty and clarity and we got it. I don’t like the way they handled all of it, but it is what it is. They both made their choice. I don’t like it, I still think SC belong together but obviously they don’t agree with me/us. I have no interest in their SO’s, I don’t understand what they see in them, but I don’t have to. Not my life, not my problem.

After being really pissed about all of this in the past few days, I somehow feel “free”. I don’t have to worry anymore when there is a hiatus coming, because I already know they won’t be spending it together. No speculation about what is happening in SA in the coming months because nothing juicy will happen. Just work.

They will make a GREAT season 3, I’m sure of that!
They are still the perfect Jamie and Claire, I will not let everthing that happened or will happen ruin that for me. So that’s what I’m focussing on from now on. Outlander, books and show, all the characters and everything that comes with that.

I’m always looking for something good in a bad situation. Not being so involved in the lives of people I don’t even know feels like a good thing. To not have the urge to check in here all day every day to know if something happened or not is a good thing. Of course, I would have liked things to be different, especially after the past 6 weeks when we had an overdose of good stuff. But it isn’t and now it’s time for me to just let go. There is no SC in the way I would like them to be. I love their friendship but I don’t have to ship that, it’s already there. 

So now I only have to figure out what I’m going to do with ALL that free time….. ;-)

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there's a big difference between trying to understand people and then talk to them, and just trying to understand people. liberals seem to only have been doing the latter (with varying levels of success). also it's not an exact parallel but you could compare it to the way people often talk about eating disorders

Oooooh, I think I see what you mean. Like there’s ‘hey, [audience presumed to contain none of the Problem People]’, here is What You Need To Know about [the Problem People] so that they can be prevented from [handing the launch codes to a dishonest self-aggrandizing asshole]/[influencing Our Children]’, and even though this technically involves describing What It’s Like To Be A Problem Person, it’s not doing so from a perspective of ‘here’s how to be an ally to them’ but from a perspective of ‘here’s how to contain/manage them’.

On the other hand, I don’t want to be an ally to people who want to deport my friends; the closest we’re going to realistically get is ‘we understand where the other person is coming from and that they are not a cackling villain’. 

So because I need to rant…I didn’t realize until now just how bad my school system is.  

I am a senior in high school.  I have taken honors English for three years and am enrolled in an online AP English class.  Why is my AP English class online, you may ask?  Because they replaced it with an advanced drama class.  NOT AP drama, but just a regular advanced drama class. I have no problems with drama classes, but I really don’t think they should replace an AP core class with it.  

Continuing on with my horrible English teachers…my first year of honors was good and that teacher is an amazing one, but that’s freshman year.  I remember nothing.  For the last two years, I’ve had horrible honors teachers.  One didn’t read the essays we wrote, just gave it a B and called it good.  The other didn’t bother to explain how we could improve.  I’ve never given a speech.  I don’t know how to write a proper research paper.  I don’t know how to write an analysis paper properly.  I had to ask my AP teacher how to find fucking SYLLABLES in a word.  I now have to learn how to write a bibliography because guess what?  I’ve never written one. 

I have an ACT score of 31.  For those who don’t know, you score out of 35.  31 is HIGH.  Particularly when the average score in your state is 18.  I have been accepted into an amazing college.  I was interviewed by an even better one that ranks high in national ranks.  

But I can’t write a goddamn bibliography and I had to e-mail my teacher about how to figure out syllables, something a second grader should know.  There is nothing more discouraging than realizing that.  

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I kind of have a problem with cursing because I've been cursed but the person who cursed me thinks I deserve it. One persons morals will never match another and you never know every detail of someone's life or how making their life harder might make it harder for them to change or grow.

I curse rapists, abusers, nazis, etc. I’ve never cursed someone who didn’t deserve it.

i hope everyone i talk to knows like. if you have a problem w me or i make you uncomfortable i have absolutely zero problem with you telling me like. i don’t like making ppl ucomfy but i can’t really change if i’m not told to