i have probelms

mannie is so boring looking but look. she’s how I feel.


He wasn’t buying it. But you had to try. The hunt was crazy and not to be dramatic but you were bleeding internally, or so you felt like.

“Dean.. I’m serious. I just went to visit some family.”

“Bullshit Y/N. You don’t have any family.” Dean was pissed, but so could You.

“Excuse me but you don’t know me that well. You have no right.” That was not called for. Yes, the life made it hard to see them but you still talked.

“Listen Y/N, if you went on the hunt just say so. Stop lying to my face.” Dean was not impressed. But he looked more concerned than angry. And you understood. Somewhat at least as your relationship wasn’t really defined. Together or friends? The big question that you both avoided.

“I just want you to be safe Y/N.. Just please.” His expression forever worried.

“Fine.” You were stubborn. And it made life so much harder for you both.

You took off your jacket and immediately Dean was by your side. Your entire shirt covered in blood. Okay, so maybe you were bleeding. But his eyes were too addicting for you to feel anything.

Helping you clean up, he made sure you laid down in your bed and sat next to you.

“I don’t want to be touchy feely or anything but I do really care for you Y/N. Just don’t go alone. You mean too much.” His words made you melt. Maybe you were more. But that’s a question for another night.