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You know I’ve known Lena a long time, I have never seen her like this.

Lena’s probably talked about Kara over a million times with Sam. Seeing that she has no friends as she’s mentioned, and doesn’t know how deal with her feelings about Kara. Sam is trying to help Lena see the difference between, friends and being in love.

There is no other explanation of where Sam got “that’s what friends are for™” reference.

a million edits of that dumb ‘I will now buy your game’  got made, mocking the creator

they actually got so mad about it they addressed it and got indignant

due to it becoming so widespread someone found out they were actually FUCKING PURPLE KECLEON and now they’re getting roasted from every direction and will probably have to change e-persona for like the SIXTH time

Three glasses of wine later, Sasuke considered the fact that maybe, in the grand scheme of him and Naruto, he was the idiot.

I have no idea when this happened because I’ve been working flat out on patreon content (soon!) and Hunger Pangs (*anguished screaming into the void*) and a few editing gigs here and there, and thus have had little time to slum around on tumblr this month—at least as much as I’d like. But I guess it’s time for the obligatory welcome to the blog spiel? Yea…yea.

Hello, trashcans, welcome home.

I’m the vampire editor person who just wants to rest.  If you’re here for more Death smut, food discourse and or shitposting then boy have I got some good news for you.

I’m currently working on about a million and one writing projects, exerts of which can be found under various different tags, the most prolific probably being #Hunger Pangs and #the vampire werewolf thing. (ie the polyamorous paranormal romance erotica between vampires and werewolves (very NSFW extract) which already has it’s own AU despite not being published yet, as well as a gritty Scottish romance novella (extract) based on a pun, a pun based bakery romance (extract), a pun based werewolf Scottish romance (have you noticed a theme yet), and  a modern day romantic (probably smutty, I mean who am I kidding at this point) comedy concerning Scotsmen with questionable morals. Also skeleton smut now too and possibly a vampire wedding planner romcom because apparently I have lost control of my life.

If you’re completely new here you might notice some people calling me “mom” or other variations therein of familial relation. It’s perfectly okay to greet me as “mom” or “tumblr mom” even if we’re not mutuals or we haven’t spoken yet, I’m so used to it at this point I even respond to it in public. ‘Cause that’s a thing that’s happened more than once.

Please have patience if you are sending me asks or IMs. I am but a humble smut peddler with chronic health issues who somehow ended up with a high traffic blog, and a loving and devoted tumblr family. I try to answer everyone, but sometimes things get left behind. Sorry. If you get tired of seeing my health posts, you may wish to blacklist the following tags: #chronic health tag & #chronic health tag: teeth, that way I can bitch and moan into the void and you don’t have to put up with me if you don’t want to.

I hope whatever made you click on me was worth it and you enjoy the content. I try to make this blog as safe as possible for everyone. All smutty content is clearly tagged and under cuts, and if you need me to tag something for trigger purposes, please let me know, I will be more than happy to do so.

Other than that, welcome, hope you’re having a good day and don’t be afraid to come say hi <3


If BTS were YouTubers: Jimin (SugaJ-Hope | V | Rap Monster | Jungkook | Jin)

 Jimin was the hardest of the boys for me to figure out. I played around with a lot of different ideas but none of them seemed right. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that Jimin would mostly do vlogs. It has been mentioned previously that he likes doing self-cams, and I do feel like he would want to share lots of his experiences with his viewers. He would always want to make sure something interesting happened in his vlogs, or he would deem it not worth putting up. Most of the vlogs of the boys doing things as a group would also come from Jimin’s channel. As he has expressed that he has knows lots about skincare, it would probably come up, even just in passing, and fans would ask him for a video on his routine. Every 6-12 months, he’d probably make a new edition to update his viewers on new products and techniques he’d discovered. Other videos he may put up include dance videos, and maybe going on Omeagle type videos?? I think he’d really want to be able to spend time with his fans.

 Jimin would probably be one of the last of the boys to start up a channel, as while he is quite loud and confident now, starting something new (and as huge as having millions of strangers watch your own content) would be a bit daunting for the boy. In the beginning, he’d always try to feature another one of the boys, as to “keep you guys interested”. But, like, no babe, you’re interesting pls just sit there and talk to us about literally anything I’ll love it bc its you. His confidence is something that’s been built up over the years, and I think that through his videos, you would definitely be able to see him coming out of his shell. All the examples above are of fairly recent videos, in which he is much more confident in himself and the reactions of his viewers. As he gained more confidence, he’d start doing more videos that involved him just sitting down and talking/reacting to things. He’d also start to rely less on showing the other boys in his videos.

As Jimin is the last in this series, I thought I’d add in this little bit. With so much talent in such a small group, it seems almost impossible for them to not receive a fair bit of recognition for their content (I’m looking at you Mnet). The Streamys seemed the most appropriate medium for them to receive recognition in this situation. The boys may be nominated in comedy, production, fashion, gaming, food, lifestyle, pranks, dance, music and audience choice categories. They would most likely win at least one of their nominations, with such a large, diverse fan base. Once returning to Korea, the boys would immediately start brainstorming ways to thank their fans.

- Admin M

hey kiddos, you’ve probably noticed, i haven’t posted in a long time! this is going to sound so basic but i simply just haven’t had time to write and make and set up and edit my stories. but recently i have been really missing this community and wanted to come back, so howdy, sage the really annoying awkward teen is back!

(and also, don’t expect like 20 million posts a day, i am still trying to get back to the swing of things and still have lots of homework, yay)

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Hey I just want to say thank you for taking time out of Schedule to write and post the time travel story and tbh people don’t have any right to complain because you are giving this to us for free when you could be using that free time to get ahead on work or home stuff so I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending probably what little free time you have to give us this amazing and wonderfully crafted story

Ohhhh thank you so much! No one has actually complaaained (as far as I know! oop) so thank goodness, because that would stress me out a million times more.

But it does take quite a bit of time. Disregarding the actual writing process which was super long, even just editing, or prepping the chapter, or responding to comments takes a lot of my time. But it’s fun! I like writing and getting to share it with you all.

Warner clearly felt a three hour movie was just too long for a mainstream theatrical release, and the length indeed would’ve reduced the total number of daily screenings by 1 or 2 showings, cutting into per screen average box office. In addition, the extra footage is overwhelmingly non-action scenes, so there was probably also some concern that the film needed to get to the action set pieces faster. However, it’s also clear that audiences rewarded a two hour forty-five minute Batman movie — The Dark Knight Rises — with more than $1 billion in revenue, so an extra 15 minutes to completely explain plot points and develop character doesn’t seem like all that much more to ask in hindsight.

I have trouble taking seriously the claims that it’s some sort of cinematic sin to require three hours to tell a story in this case, when plenty of other movies have taken nearly that long or longer and been praised to the point people defend them by literally arguing “arbitrary time limitations aren’t a valid argument for criticizing storytelling, if a story needs longer to unfold then the judgment should be based on content rather than stopwatches” and so on. If we can accept The Dark Knight Rises needing 2.75 hours to tell its story, then where exactly is the logic in saying 3 hours is somehow absurd and unacceptable?

It’s also true that, despite being half an hour longer, somehow the film actually feels faster overall. The pacing is improved, for one thing, and I think that makes it flow by in a different way that reduces the sense of passing time. In addition, since it engages us more in the characters and unfolding mysteries, our more active participation likewise makes the time go by faster. So adding 30 minutes doesn’t really harm the viewing at all, and in fact makes it better.

As for how the longer length would’ve cut down daily screenings, in the long run the improved reception would’ve probably meant a larger overall audience for the film, longer legs, and more repeat viewings. I think the final box office tally would’ve been closer to the $900+ million mark if the Ultimate Edition had been released as the theatrical cut. Perhaps it could have a few scenes trimmed, including some of the violence edited down in Batman’s scenes (notably, the car chase), for a final runtime under three hours while helping removing the issue of “did Batman really kill those people?” aspects that tainted some of the discussions as well.

Thus, while I still loved the theatrical version and I understand the reason it was shortened, I think it was a mistake to trim it so much and I believe it harmed the film’s reception.

The more positive reception for the Ultimate Edition should provide some added good buzz as we head toward the release of Suicide Squad in August, and it comes amid a flurry of positive buzz about Justice League in the aftermath of set visits that helped win over — even if only temporarily — some of the harshest critics of Batman v Superman.

—  Mark Hughes 
Miss Right
Miss Right

Use earphones for best effect!!

My humble attempt at a 3D edit. Please let me know if you have any suggestions/pointers! Thanks guys!

This is version 1 which sounds more like you guys are in the same room or whatnot.

Version 2 has 2 different voices but yeah idk hahaha <3

This probably has been uploaded like 10 million times but here you go xDD

Requests also open for fanfictions, text edits and audio stuff

can be any group! :3

My masterlist of everything is here.


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Submitting twice for both mods: Headless, what's your best/faovrite writing tips?

I have sat on this question since you submitted it so I could think long and hard about it. Here’s what I have for you, in no particular ranking order:


Please. If you are serious about writing, please be serious about doing it well.

Learn how to use a thesaurus. Really learn.

Thesauri are not the devil, but they can trip you up if you use them blindly. “Demand,” “order,” and “request” might all pop up if you search for something to use besides “ask,” but not all of them are going to work. If you look up words and just pick one at random, you may end up conveying something completely different from what you want to say.

There is conflicting advice in the world about “concise language is best!” and “descriptive language is best!” The reality is that you need to be good at both, if for no other reason than diversifying how your cast of characters speaks. There will be characters who say “That’s nice” and characters who say “That’s phenomenal” and characters who say “That’s awesome.” Characters speak in different ways—they have different vocabularies and different speech patterns and preferences.

Similarly, there will be times where you refer to something is big, only for the characters to come by a massive thing later on. If you refer to things in the general area of “large” simply as “big” or “bigger,” we will have no sense of the scale of the massive thing. Conciseness is great, but sometimes you need to break out of it to truly, effectively describe something. Your thesaurus can be your friend—just know how to use it.

Find a writing/editing/critique buddy or a writing community to share with.

I still struggle with this, I need to get better about sharing my work. Hearing what someone else thinks about your work will do a few things for you:

  • Get you used to critique. Not necessarily good critique or bad critique, but something you will need as a writer if you ever intend to publish is a thick skin. Not all criticism is justified and not all critique is going to make you leap for joy. An invaluable skill to have in your writer’s repertoire is the ability to take critique, evaluate it, and grow from it.
  • Get you used to sharing your work. I am incredibly bad at this and I wish I had gotten started with sharing my work a lot sooner. Having someone else read, edit, revise, and critique your work is an incredibly important thing for writers. Sharing your work can be validating, and it can also be terrifying. Putting your work in a public sphere can be scary, but if your end goal is to be published, you will need to be able to handle exposure. This also helps you…
  • …Learn where you struggle. When we reread our work, we know exactly what we meant to say, we know exactly what the characters are thinking and feeling and intending to do or the point they are trying to get across. This does not always make it through to the reader. Something very important about critique is having someone tell you what is not working. This is not a failing on the part of the reader or an inherent flaw in your writing style: this is learning where, how, and possibly why a part of your story is falling flat. With an outside perspective, you can gain more insight on where you tend to get caught up in things and forget to give information where it is needed.

Finding a buddy also comes with the double bonus of having someone to talk about writing with. What a wonderful world!

Learn how to write out of order.

This is one of the greatest things I ever learned to do as a writer. The last five things I finished, I only managed to finish largely due to the fact that I could hop around and write anywhere in the plot, rather than restricting myself to writing linearly/chronologically.

Knowing how to outline, even if you prefer not to outline, can also help you better grasp how stories are structured and how pacing can work. If you write up an outline and decide not to use it, this can still help you get a broader view of your story and help keep you on track. I am a big believer in knowing where you intend to go with a story.

It took me a million and a half tries to figure out what worked best for me, and it may take just as many for you. I invite you to give the “out of order” rollercoaster a try: it has done wonders for me.

Accept failure.

What I DO NOT mean: Nothing you do will ever be great.

What I DO mean: Not everything you do will be great.

Especially on the first go-around with something, know that producing something perfect is difficult for everyone. Accept that failure is a part of the process, and that it does not reflect on you as a writer or as a person. A truer reflection of you is how you handle and grow from failure, critique, and rejection. Making mistakes is how we learn. Embrace failure as a learning opportunity, rather than fearing it as an obstacle.

Try new things.

Write in a genre you normally shy away from. Hit “random” on TvTropes and run with whatever pops up. Do things that are unfamiliar and strange. They may not be great, and you may never decide to use them again. That is fine. What is important about this is the doing of something new, the practicing and training and flexing (and showing off) of your writing muscles.

The only way to get better at something (at least, until we can download new skills into our brains because technology is amazing) is to practice. Try something new. Practice what you want to get better at. It will not be amazing on the first try, I can almost guarantee (see above).

And that is fine.

End your day on the second sentence of the next paragraph.

This probably sounds like a bizarre thing to mention, but just trust me on this. Especially with Camp NaNo coming up, this is one of the the greatest tips I can give you for writing over long periods of time.

If you leave off at the end of your last paragraph, stretch, and call it a night, chances are you have trouble picking back up in the morning. If you leave yourself something to go from—a sentence or two of what’s to come next—you might find it easier to get back into the swing of things. This way, when you wake up and boot up your document or open up your notebook, you see immediately where you were going and what you wanted to do next.

Learn how to self-edit.

And learn to do it well. Editing is a seriously critical part of elevating your writing from good to great. Figure out what methods work for you to help you catch your own mistakes. The techniques I swear by:

  • Read everything aloud. Dialogue, plot-driven passages, dialogue, character descriptions, DIALOGUE, everything. Especially dialogue. I read things aloud with such frequency that I wonder whether or not I should consider a second career as a voice actor. Of course, this is not about the delivery, but making sure that things sound natural and flow well. How better to do that than to read it aloud?
  • Rewrite it all. Completely. By hand. Every word. All of it. Copying and pasting just does not cut it. Taking it word by excruciating, painstaking word will force you to stare your mistakes in the face. They are a million times harder to miss this way (though a few are bound to slip through).
  • Change mediums. If you typed it, print or handwrite it back out. If you handwrote, scan it or type it up. Editing in a different medium than you wrote in can give you a new perspective, since you have changed the way you see it.

(A thing to bear in mind: I am a tactile/kinesthetic learner, which means that I need to physically do things for myself in order to understand and learn or benefit from them. This is probably why a lot of these techniques work for me. If your learning style matches mine, you might well find success with these as well. If not, they may only be a bit helpful. There is no best way to do any of this, and trying new things to find what works is a part of the writing journey.)

If you love it, take care of it: BACK UP YOUR WORK.

PLEASE DO THIS IF YOU WRITE ELECTRONICALLY. PLEASE. If you take nothing else away from this post, please back up your work. Email it to yourself, store it in the cloud, use Dropbox, something, anything is better than suddenly losing years of work.

(I know this from experience. I was inconsolable. Do not make this mistake: BACK UP YOUR DAMN WORK.)

Similarly, never throw anything away, where writing is concerned. 

Always keep the older versions to look back on. Always. ALWAYS. I cannot stress this enough. Keep a clipboard document to paste things you want to cut out of the story, just so you can have them around if you decide you need them after all.

Learn to recognize and let go of what doesn’t work.

Sometimes you will write something beautiful and amazing and utterly brilliant… and it just will not fit into the story. No matter how you try, something refuses to work with the context, a line is just too out of character, a location description needs changing and that positively lyrical turn of phrase no longer fits.

What I mean here is that recognizing when something is not working and letting it go for the sake of the overall story instead of trying to shoehorn it in where it does not belong is hard, but incredibly important. Learning to put the story first and really, truly editing with the fist of an angry god and a red pen of vengeance is an important, enviable, and useful skill.

(Of course, this is where the clipboard comes in. If you hang on to said scraps of beauty, you may find a home for them elsewhere. Think of it like your own private prose bank.)

Use a procrastination sheet and a bookmark word.

My procrastination sheet for the story I am writing/revising is 24 pages of 10 point, single spaced type. All of it (all of it) is notes on the story, things I need to change, things I need to research, and some notes from a friend of mine about things I need to take a look at. The point of a procrastination sheet is to keep you on track, despite what the name may make you think of. In the course of writing a story, you may hit something that you want to do more research on. “Hmm, I need to figure out what on earth coal mining is like!” The procrastination sheet gives you a place to write that down to do later, so you can focus on writing.

Then, the bookmark word helps you out (though this is only useful for electronic/word processor writing—taking the place of actual bookmarks and sticky notes). Whenever you break sequence from your story for some reason—maybe you feel like skipping this particular scene for some reason, or there is something you need to research in order to make this passage shine, or there is something here that you want to check again later for plot holes or something—you use a bookmark word. Mine is usually pamplemousse—the French word for grapefruit, a word that would never, ever come up in my story. Your bookmark word is a word you never use within your story, so that when you Ctrl/Cmd+F search your document, only instances of “THIS THING NEEDS ATTENTION” pop up. Whenever you want to remember to come back to something, write in your bookmark word and move forward.

A large part of writing is figuring out how to keep moving and getting it done, however you do it. I have found that a procrastination sheet and a bookmark word work wonders for me to power through a rough first (or second or third or fourth…) draft and provide me with a ready-made list of things to look over in the editing and revision.

Do not qualify your writing. Do not be ashamed of it. Do not apologize for it. Love it.

No more “I’m sorry if this is dumb, but…” and “I don’t know if this makes sense, but…” No more “This is really stupid, but…” and “I know it’s lame, but…”

Stand by it. Your words are amazing. Trust me, they are. Never be ashamed to be excited and thrilled and empowered by your writing. Never feel like you need to apologize for rattling on about plot twists and how much you love your characters. If someone tells you to tone it down, rocket away on the glittering wings of your creation because that kind of negativity is not something you need in your life or in your editing circle.

Hearing this from a writer always makes me sad. More often than not, it tells me this is someone who, at some point, was told that their words did not matter. That is absolutely not the case. Get excited. Be overjoyed. Love your writing.

Take care of yourself.

Believe me, I know how easy it is to get into a zone where you are so inspired and the writing of your story is the only thing you can think about. You skip lunch to keep up with it and before you know it, the sun’s gone down and your dinner’s cold on the table. (Or warm, I have no idea what you eat.)

Remember to take breaks. Remember to stay nourished and hydrated. Remember to get up and stretch every so often. If something is hurting, stop. (Story time: Years back, before I had a word processor, I handwrote some essay or something through what I considered to be “annoying” wrist pain. This has caused me permanent wrist damage, and it still hurts for weeks on end sometimes.)

Take care of yourself. You come first, always.

Never forget why you started.

Writing will not be easy from start to finish. It will not be fun every step of the way. Sometimes you will want to pull out your hair because your brain refuses to cooperate, and the words will not come. Or, if they do come, they are far from what you hoped.

Hang in there. Get up and take a break. Remember why you started writing this thing in the first place. You can do it. We have your back.

Go forth and create, tumblbud.


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you've probably answered this a million times before but i have no idea how to find them if you did, but do you have any good pinterest recommendations? fave pinners/boards?

Yeah, I keep deleting my FAQ as I change my theme, but the tag for this sort of thing would fall under editing or editingask

Thank you babe! So first, I want to direct you to this ask because I gave a technique before and I think that could be helpful. Start there. But I’ll try and list some things I think about when I’m writing.

1. Your rough draft will always be shit. Just get out what you want to say first and worry about the wording and details later. I always come up with the baseline dialogue before anything else. Build off of that. 

2. When you are describing emotions, think about the specific expressions and features that alter under a certain feeling. Take anger for example: arms crossed defensively, eyes narrowed, lips pressed together in a thin line.

3. Describe more than just color, whether that’s referring to eye color, the sky, clothing, hair. Talk about it in terms of memories, or other senses. Talk about the emotion behind someone’s eyes or if they seem glossed over or distant. Do they have dark circles under their eyes? or are they strained? That kind of stuff tells a lot more about your character than just the color of the eye. 

4. This seems basic, but always start a new paragraph when a new character is talking. Otherwise it gets confusing. In terms of writing fan fic, always give some kind of summary, even if it’s small. I personally won’t even try to read fics if they don’t start new paragraphs or have a summary. 

5. Reread and edit a million times! Say I write like 1000 words at a time, the next time I go to write again, I reread everything I wrote up to that point and probably add at least 500 words in editing and added detail alone. Everything you go back and read and edit, it gets better and more complex and more detailed. 

Those are just what I try to keep in mind when I’m writing. That being said, it is so much easier to write fan fic because the characters are already established. I’ve been trying to write my own work for a while, but it’s a lot harder to introduce characters without it seeming too rushed I think. Its something I’m working on anyway. 

I hope that was what you were looking for! 💕


Hello guys!

So I also want to introduce myself to the community as a celebration gift for Jack’s channel reaching 11 Million subscribers.

My name is Jana (but Jane is absolutely fine ^_^), I am 30 years old and l live in Weimar, Germany. You might have seen some of my Jack edits and gifs here on Tumblr. I love gaming, Supernatural and a lot of other series, Youtube and Music (going into detail would take forever :P). My favourite series of Jack would probably be Uncharted 4 by now. I just love these storydriven action games with stunning visuals. And it has basically every single one of Jack’s commentary facettes in it. But Happy Wheels is also an all-time favourite series and I always love his collab videos. He just seems so happy all the time <3

I have been in the @therealjacksepticeye​ fandom for about a year now and what a crazy year it has been! I first started getting to know Jack in one of Felix’s or Ken’s GTA V videos as just “that voice”. After I got over initially being a bit annoyed by him (XD), I just had to admit that he was funny as hell and the first time I saw his face was actually in the Forest collaboration videos with Mark.

From then on it was a spiral downwards into the fandom vortex XD I have consumed his videos daily, went through older playlists, made gifs and edits  and I just loved looking at this fluffy goofball having so much fun all around. (Also holy hell, I gained over 100 more followers the past few weeks Ö__Ö thank you guys so much for the great feedback! <3)  I think the Vlogs and Reading Your Comments videos eventually made me fall in love with him completely. I have never in my life met a person who is so down-to-earth with this potential amount of influence and with everything he says and comments I am just amazed a little bit more of how humble and genuinely nice he is. Seriously, it feels like he is a friend to each and everyone in the community. And I have been in many fandoms. But this amount of fan interaction is something I have never seen before. And I am not just talking about Jack interacting with us. I love the fanartists, the gif makers, creators and rebloggers, fans and likers all the same. Without all you guys this fandom would be dead. It seriously is so cool to be a part of it.

I swear I’m gonna end this rant soon but not before I tell you all how much this community and Jack have helped me. Some of you might already know that I have been struggling with depression since my teen years and the past few years have been especially dark for me. But somehow this Irish bean has managed to spread his energy and positivity through the screen and helped me believe in myself a bit more. I even rediscovered my love for creating things and slowly started returning to the once cheerful person I used to be and more importantly, accepting this person.

So from the bottom of my heart: Thank you Jack, and thank you guys! I hope to meet some of you at the Omegle Meetup (|X| |X|) later <3 It’s from midnight to 6 am my time, so not sure how long I can stay online haha. See you there!