i have posters all over my walls

Dear 2017,

A lot has changed this year.

My room had yellow and blue fairy lights up, and I’d sit there in the dark with only their twinkling lights, thinking of all the amazing things 2016 was going to bring.
I still sit in the dark. But there are no fairy lights this time. It’s pitch black, and I don’t have to worry about hiding my tears.

The walls of my room were adorned with posters all over, and I often thought about the day I would have to take them down. I figured it would a be sad day, I would probably be leaving home, and god, I would miss home, but isn’t that what growing up is about?
The walls of my room don’t have those posters anymore, but I never took them down. They just came off and fell, and I just never could get myself to put them up again. Home doesn’t feel like it anymore, and what I wouldn’t do to just leave it all behind and run away.

I had people I could count on, so many. I was surrounded by friends, and we’d laugh for no reason all the time. My phone was always blowing up with group chats for about 10 get-togethers, and we all made promises to never lose touch.
I countdown to the days I can get out of the confines of my room. Our group chats haven’t had a message in them for over 6 months, which is okay, because funnily enough, I wouldn’t know what to say if they did.

My parents pampered me and held me just a tad bit closer. Like mine, their eyes were full of hopes and dreams for me. They told me it was okay to fail once in a while, and that they would always be there to pick me up.
I think they are a little sick of me failing now, though. They aren’t there to pick me up anymore. I could swear the words are at the tip of their tongue, they aren’t sure if they can handle my incompetence any longer.

At the start of the year, the sight of food didn’t send a surge of guilt through me. My fears didn’t include the weighing scale. I used to look at the mirror and almost feel good about myself. I didn’t run away from the sight of a camera, but alas, things have changed.

The pinboard above my study table had pictures pinned of all my friends and family. It had tickets from concerts I had attended, passes for stand-up of my favourite comedians that I had the fortune to witness, funny quotes and just all things happy. I’d look up, and think of what a good life I had, and just how lucky I am to be surrounded by so much love and warmth. The same board is now empty, just a bunch of old documents that don’t matter anymore pinned up, with a little sheet of dust that I only now noticed. 

So, 2017. I really hope I have better luck with you.

All the love x

—  The glorious year of 2016 // Growing up is a fucking scam.

Title: Poster
Author: @kaijoskopycat
A/N Summary: For @victuuri-week, Day 1: Confessions

“So many posters!" 

Yuuri is clearly mortified. Viktor has seen Yuuri’s face brighten about ten different shades of red before. He’s actually a shade away from ten right now as he frantically tries to push his bedside table drawer shut. 

Not that it really matters. Viktor has seen all of them. 

All of them almost sounds like an understatement. Yuuri has posters of him that Viktor himself didn’t even know were released. It’s impressive, really. 

"So many… could you wallpaper your walls with them?" 

Yuuri turns away from Viktor, bows over the bedside table with an exasperated, embarrassed sigh. "Can we please stop talking about this?" 

"Ah,” Viktor lifts a reprimanding finger and clicks his tongue against his teeth. “I reserve the right to ask at least one more question about my posters. They do have my face on them, after all." 

Yuuri grumbles something against the surface of the table before reluctantly pulling his body back up and glancing over his shoulder to meet Viktor’s bright, sparkly grin. "One question,” he says. “And then I’m cutting you off." 

"So cruel!” Viktor snickers and leans back against Yuuri’s wall. “Why me?” He lifts his finger against to stop Yuuri’s immediate response. “Besides the obvious. Besides what I already know." 

That Yuuri admired him above everyone else. Still does. 

Yuuri bites his lip and turns away. He fiddles with the handle of the drawer before slowing pulling it open. His fingers ghost over the top poster, the most recent one released. Viktor is in the outfit he wore at his last competitive skating match. 

"You’re so…” Yuuri pauses. Viktor can almost hear the gears in Yuuri’s head clicking along, throwing away things he doesn’t want to say, supplying the real feelings he wants to express. “So beautiful." 

It’s Viktor’s turn to blush. 

"I just can’t imagine anyone else on my walls,” Yuuri continues. He caresses the cheek of the Viktor in the poster and Viktor himself shudders, wants to lean in to the touch. “You inspire more than just skating. I became more confident because of you, more determined, more real…” Yuuri chuckles softly to himself and glances over his shoulder. His smile is so soft it makes Viktor’s heart ache. 


"And you still leave me so breathless…" 

Viktor crosses the room in two long strides, wraps his arms around Yuuri’s waist. "Quite an answer, Yuuri,” he breathes. Quite a confession

Yuuri smiles. “I did mention confidence, didn’t I?”

Viktor chuckles and presses his lips to Yuuri cheek. “You certainly did.”

Tyler Joseph teacher imagine??

“Looks good.”

I don’t answer, I never answer. Instead, I run my gaze over the history of mathematicians poster on the wall in front of me for the millionth time. He writes a theorem on the whiteboard and starts explaining it, but I don’t hear. I zone out on his face and my mind wanders to all the thoughts of how fucked I am. I’d really like to run my hands along his chest right now, and pull him into me, or climb into his lap right in his office chair and kiss him until the sun explodes and I have to stop because I’ll be dead. And touch his hands–they’re really nice.

But I don’t do that because he’s nine years older than me and I’m in high school and it’s usually against the rules to get with your teachers, regardless of how adorable and sweet they are. And the worst part is that we can’t even be friends because, for all he knows, I don’t speak. Well, I speak occasionally, but I’m quiet in class. I can’t talk because you have to breath to talk and I can never breathe around him. I’m not sure if the one-on-one teaching makes it better or worse. Probably worse. On the bright side, I’m improving in math because I’m super motivated to do a good job on homework and tests.

He says, “have a nice weekend!” when I walk out, and I say “you too,” but I don’t think he hears it.

One of our first actual conversations starts with him trying to make small talk like he usually does.

“So how are your other classes?”

“Fine,” I mumble, looking up at him for about two seconds before returning to my work.

“Which is your favorite?”

“Creative writing.”

“Oh that’s cool, you like writing?”

“Yeah, I wanna do it for a living eventually, I think.”

“What do you write?”

“Fiction, mostly.”

“I’m guessing you speak through your stories, not so much out loud.”

“Yeah.”  Heat courses through my veins and I look down at my lap, feeling my cheeks turning red.  He notices.

“It’s cool, I’d like to read them.  You seem like you have something to say,” he tries to undo whatever he did to make me feel uncomfortable.

“I hope I do.”

The next few weeks he talks to me more, almost as if that one conversation opened up a secret door inside me, and he was trying explore what was behind it.  It was terrifying and exciting at the same time.

“Wanna answer a blue question?” he asks one afternoon, barely giving me a chance to get out my things.

“Uh, a what?” I say, eyebrows raised.

He opens a drawer in his desk and drops a pile of small, blue slips of paper on the table in front of me.  I look at them blankly, not exactly sure what they were or what he wanted me to do with them.

“They’re from my mom, so sorry if they’re a little…you know,” he shrugs.

I didn’t know.  I pull out a piece of paper, despite this, and study the words on it.  'How useful are you to your family?’ What the hell is that supposed to mean?  I read the paper aloud, and think for a minute before saying, “I wouldn’t know, I’m not my family.”

“Well, I think it means…like do you do chores around the house?”  He notices me wracking my brain for an idea, and adds, “like washing dishes or something.”

“Mhmm,” I nod slowly, still slightly confused by the question.

“Here, I’ll do one too.”  He picks his own piece of paper, and reads out: “what is something you did recently that was fun?”  He scratches his head.  "I…I played soccer over the weekend, that was fun.  Have you heard of that website where you can search for people with your interests?“

”…A dating website?“

"No!  It’s just to meet up with people and form, like, unprofessional sports teams, or book clubs. Stuff like that.  Wait, are you on a dating website?”  He goes from being embarrassed to being defensive to being confused all in about thirty seconds.

“No,” I chuckle quietly.

“Ok, good.  I mean you don’t need that yet.  I guess, you could, but you’re a little young, huh?  Unless you’ve already…got someone,” he rambled on awkwardly, trying to find a way to respond to me without overstepping any boundaries.

“I don’t,” I purse my lips, unsure of where exactly this conversation was going.

“Oh, that’s fine.  There’s plenty of time for…that.”  He scratches the back of his neck and looks around the room.  "So all I learned about you is that you do the dishes…“ he trails off, a grin spreading across his face as he transitions away from the uneasy topic of boyfriends.  "What is your favorite and least favorite chore?”

“I don’t mind cleaning my room, so I guess that’s my favorite.  Wait no, walking my dog is definitely my favorite.”

“But you have to pick up the poop,” he says, scrunching his face up in disgust.

I can’t stop myself from smiling at how adorable he looks, but I try as best I can and say: “yeah that’s not fun, but it’s worth it.”

“Least favorite?”

“Picking up my sister from places.”

“How old’s your sister?”


“Oh, nice.  Do you have any other siblings?”

“Yeah,” I sigh.  "An older brother.“

"How old?”


“Where’s he go to school?”

“Packer–where I used to go,” I tense up, hoping he won’t ask any questions about my previous school.  He notices.

“So how is it being the middle child?  I guess you don’t have anything to compare it to,” he steers the conversation back to my siblings, and I try to thank him telepathically.

“Well, I know what it’s like to be an older sibling, and a younger sibling.  It’s fine.”

He nods slowly.  "So, we should probably get started on geometry, that’s what you’re here to do.  Wouldn’t want to leave you wanting geometry.“

"I don’t really want geometry,” I mumble, making him laugh. We start class, but I feel more at ease in his presence, and I love it.

I step into the elevator and I’m immediately smothered by a small brown dog. I laugh and pull out my headphones, bending down to pet him.

“Sorry about him, he gets excited.”

“It’s fine, my dog is the same way,” I smile and then straighten back up, but stop when I see that the owner of the adorable puppy, is an even more adorable boy. And he is wearing a suit?

“I’m Josh,” he smiles at me.


“You live here?”

“No, I’m just visiting a friend.”

He nods and we stop talking until we reach the lobby.

I’m about to walk out the door, when he grabs my arm and stops me.

“Can I get your number?” he says, scratching the back of his neck and smiling sheepishly.

“Yeah,” I chuckle, accepting the phone he holds out for me and quickly typing in my name and number.

Before I can say goodbye, his dog is yanking him out the door. He calls out, “nice meeting you!” and then he’s gone.

Over the next two months, I get to know both boys better.  I find out that Josh is a Junior in (normal) high school.  He’s a total science nerd, and is crazy good at, like, every card game.  My friends love him.  

Tyler loves playing (and watching), basketball.  He plays music sometimes at bars in Ohio, his home town.  He hopes to become a full time musician one day.

I go on a few dates with Josh, then he asks me to be his girlfriend. I say yes, because my math teacher is nine years older than me so it doesn’t matter that I think I might be falling in love with him.

I kiss Josh quickly, then walk into the building. I make it back to school about ten minutes before I have to get to math, so I sit in the silent cafe and read for a while. I end losing track of time, and swearing the whole way to math, ten minutes late.

Tyler clears his throat when I walk in and states, simply, “you’re late.” His voice is soft, but when I look into his eyes, I am surprised to see him silently fuming.

“Um, yeah, I was reading out there and I just lost track of time, I’m sorry.” My words came out in a jumbled mess, but I can’t help it. How am I supposed to form coherent words under his icy glare?

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

I’m at a loss for words, the subject changing too quickly for me to keep up, and isn’t this, like, super not allowed?

“I do,” I finally squeak out, wondering how the hell he knew and why the hell he cared.

“Break up with him.”

My jaw drops.

“What are you talking about?” I ask.

“Break up with him.” His voice is soft, but firm. What am I supposed to say in this situation?

“Why?” I challenge him; it would have been more intimidating if my voice wasn’t shaky and quiet, but I was basically petrified in my chair.

“You’re not his,” he growls, lowering his eyebrows.


“Get up. Follow me,” he orders.

I stand up and follow him blindly until we reach the conference room. I am beyond confused. He opens the door and shoves me inside, then closes it behind us. We stand there for a minute. I can feel him staring at me, but I keep my eyes on the carpet.

“Do you want this?” He spoke up suddenly.

I whip my head up and finally look him in the eyes.

“Want what?” I squeak.

He moves towards me in large strides, and leans down to press his forehead against mine when he reaches me.

“You know, this,” he breathes.

I can’t speak, so I just nod, trying to tell him without words that, yes, this is exactly what I want. What I’ve wanted for four months, in fact.

“Talk to me. Tell me you want this.”

My breath catches in my throat. He’s so dominant and so hot, I’d never have expected this side of him.

Suddenly his gaze softens; he pulls away from me.

“I need you to say yes to this. I don’t want to do anything you don’t like, or feel uncomfortable with. If you do feel uncomfortable, just say the word. I promise I will stop.” He speaks quietly so that we won’t be heard from outside the room, but clearly enough for me to hear and understand every single word he says.

“I…yes, I do want this. I really want this,” I say, shuddering as he runs his hand along my cheek.

Then, without warning, he pushes me against the nearest wall and grabs my wrists, holding them tightly above my head

“Okay?” He mumbles into my ear, breathing heavily.

I nod, feeling unable to communicate in any other way.

Then he swipes his tongue across his bottom lip, and cranes his neck down to kiss me.

My head is exploding. My whole world is exploding. This is not happening. But it is. He moves his lips against mine and it’s unlike any of the boys I’ve ever kissed. He isn’t slobbering all over my face, racing to shove his tongue down my throat and get in my pants. Tyler is gentle and slow, he makes sure I am enjoying myself just as much as he is.

He lets my hands fall to my sides, and pulls away from me, smirking.

“So how long have you had a crush on me?”

I feel heat rising in my cheeks and he chuckles, twirling a strand of my hair between his fingers.

“Our first class,” I mumble quietly, almost hoping that he won’t hear it.

His eyes widen and his smile grows bigger.

“That long, huh?”

I was going to answer, but he places another kiss on my lips, then gradually makes his way along my jaw and down my neck. He stops at my collarbone, stills for a moment, then steps backwards and drops himself into an office chair. I look at him blankly.

“C'mere,” he laughs, patting his thigh.

“Are you sure?” I mumble, feeing extremely vulnerable under his lusty gaze. He sighs, grabbing my wrists and gently pulling me towards him.

“I’m sure.”

I hesitate, trying to figure out the least uncomfortable way to go about this. I carefully climb into his lap, shifting around until I am sure I’m not going to hurt him in any way.

“Um, now what?”

“Now this,” he laughs and pulls my face down to his.

The Signs as Things I Have Said Aloud to Myself
  • Aries: moTHERFUCKER
  • Taurus: wait where the fuck am i going
  • Gemini: *looks over to bands poster on wall* DONT WATCH ME UNDRESS YOU PERV
  • Cancer: oww shit shit shit
  • Leo: what if little gnomes snuck in my room and took all my good clothes
  • Virgo: wtf is a blob fish
  • Libra: well fuck now it looks like im not wearing pants
  • Scorpio: what if i just hid under the bed you think anyone would find me
  • Saggitarius: wait am i really that bitchy
  • Capricorn: i am such a goddamn savage
  • Aquarius: all i have to do is-OW FUCK
  • Pices: what kinda fuckery is this

anonymous asked:

Can we agree that Square Enix needs to make more NoctLuna merchandise? Cuz I need my otp all over my walls

Fuck yeah they do, I am STARVING for stuff of them to put up!! The only reason I’ve got the poster I *do* have is cause it was in the Ultimania guide! THIS IS A SERIOUS CRIME

Yesterday you came over
And you brought posters
I have all three
Hanging on my walls now
My room looks less bare

The one I love
Is the one with your favorite quote
It hangs on the wall
Across from my bed
So when I lay on my side
I see it before I sleep

You left early this morning
Not from my house, but yours
Before you left my house yesterday
I gave you one of the things
Most precious to me in the world
Material wise at least

I told you it would keep you safe
That it was special
That it was important you take it today
So that I didn’t worry

Of course I worried anyways
I always do
I always will

You made it home alive
I think the coin helped

And maybe it’s silly
And maybe it’s insane
But I’ve had one thing on my mind
Since yesterday
That has been trying to force its way
Out of my mouth
I don’t even know if it’s true
Which is why I’ll only write it here
And not say it aloud

I love you

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8! (if you can find any, 14?)

14. what was something that you used to draw a lot that you don’t draw as much anymore?


Well, I used to draw what I hoped my dream house would look like if me, my mom and my older brother ever got enough money to get one instead of our apartment we have rn.

I used to draw how the outside, the inside and the backyard would look like, and I would always draw how I hoped my dream room would look like (One time I drew a bathroom in my bedroom and it had a unicorn toilet XD)

I would always put a bathroom and walk-in closet in my bedroom, (Pfftt, like THAT would ever be possible–) and I would put either Pokemon, Unicorn or Pusheen (and one time Youtuber) themed blankets and pillows and curtains, and I’d draw drawings and posters I had all over the walls ^w^

I can try to find some drawings I did of it, but that would probably take me WAAAY too long to do (I have a LOT of drawings =w=“)

Wrong Room - Frat Boy!Luke

Because who doesn’t love Frat Boy!Luke?!


“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” You’re jolted awake by the voice that’s too loud in your tiny bedroom. You freeze as you realise the voice is inside your room, “what the…since when did I have a One Direction poster on my wall? The fuck?” You quickly recognise the Australian accent as belonging to Luke Hemmings.

Luke Hemmings. He was like something from an old American Rom-Com. This tall, broad shouldered, blue eyed, blonde haired, God-like man that drove so many girls and guys crazy. All he had to do was chew on that ring in his lip, or give his infamous smirk, and it was enough to reduce usually sane people to puddles at his feet. The stereotypical frat boy and his idiot friends were well known for their over the top parties and their reputation amongst women. You tended to avoid them.

He was someone who had never given you the time of day. You, who would rather hang out with your friends than go to a party thrown by people you barely knew, weren’t someone who would have anything in common with Luke Hemmings. Yet, for some unknown reason, he had broken into your room. Part of you was relieved, Hemmings might be a moron, but he was essentially harmless in the intruder sense. Flicking on your bedside light, you see the ridiculously tall boy stumble backwards, his hand covering his eyes at the sudden brightness.

“Why the fuck are you in my room?” He looks ridiculous as his eyes squint, trying to adjust to the light, “why have you put posters on my wall? I mean, I like One Direction but…shit, forget I said that. Who the fuck are you?”

“I’m the fuck who’s…the…room it…this is my room, you moron!” Your mind is still half asleep, you shuffle forward so you’re sat on the edge of the bed.

“What?” He looks around the small space, “this isn’t my room?”

“Nope, yours is the room above mine.”

“Are you sure?” His brow furrows, “I live upstairs?”

“Trust me, you definitely live upstairs” you grumble, “I hear everything.” He smirks at this.

“Well, if you ever want to be on the other side of the ceiling..” He glances you up and down, “nice pyjamas.”

“I’m fine, thanks” You scowl at him, tugging at your Little Mermaid shorts.

“You sure?” He smirks.

“Very” you try not to be affected by how attractive he looks right now.

“The offer is there when you want it” he drops you a wink, smug grin on his face.

“Shouldn’t you be going to your actual room?” You sigh, nodding your head to the door. He looks towards where you’re gesturing, eyebrows knitted together.

“I could go, but I’d have to leave through the window and climb up to the next floor, which is dangerous seeing as I’m pretty wasted” his eyes crinkle as he gives you a small smile, his voice not sounding particularly affected by the alcohol.

“There is a door right there, it’s designed for you to leave through it.”

“But I haven’t got my key, Cal has, which is why I came through the window in the first place!” His eyes look worried.

“Well, go and find him then!”

“I can’t go back out there, there may be a girl that’s looking for me” you could swear there’s a slight blush on his cheeks, “can I just stay here?”

“What? Luke, you’ve got to be jok…”

“Please, please, please!” He trips over to you, taking hold of your hands.

“Get off me, Hemmings” you raise an eyebrow, “you’re not making me feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for the girl, even if she was stupid enough to sleep with you in the first place.”

“Hey!” He pouts, “she wasn’t stupid, she made a good decision! I’m great in bed, which you’d find out if you let me…”

“Stop talking now” you shut him off, “just leave.”

“Please, let me stay” he flops onto your bed, beside you, “I’m too tired to go back to the party. Can’t I just stay here with you, Y/N? I’ll be good, I promise” he grins at you, sleepily. You don’t know what shocks you more, the fact that Luke Hemmings knows your name or of how adorable you found him at this particular moment.

“Fine, you can stay here, but if you snore then I’ll be telling everyone you’re a Directioner” you give in to his pouting face. He smiles, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you down beside him. His strong arm holds you tightly against his chest, his face nestled into your neck.

“Y/N?” He mumbles against your skin.

“Yes, Luke?”

“You light up my life like nobody else”

“God, you’re an idiot” You can’t help but laugh though, as he giggles at himself.

“Y/N?” He asks again.

“What now?”

“I’m glad I found the wrong room, you’re really hot” you can feel him grinning.

“Shut up, Hemmings”


I have ideas for a part 2 if anyone wants one 💕

What perplexes me the most about the fragile masculinity of straight men is the fact that machismo is not what women want. Lets look, for example, to the men girls have plastered all over their bedroom walls in highschool. What could be a better insight into the deeply personal sexual psyche of a girl figuring out what she wants? Sometimes the posters are of jacked action movie heroes or football players, but I would argue you’re more likely to find those in a boy’s room, not a girls. When I remember my friend’s bedrooms in highschool, I remember willowy anime heartthrobs, singer-songwriters in eyeliner and tight jeans, soft-lipped big-eyed child idols, and rock stars that kissed other boys on stage. When I think of the two biggest movie dreamboats from the 2000s I think of Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Every other girl in my high school had posters over her bed of a swaggering trinket-laden trickster diva and a flawlessly blonde gymnastically graceful Elvin beauty. Both excellent examples of masculinity, neither at all traditionally macho.

It’s almost like boys model their sexual expression off what other men perform for one another instead of actually listening to what women want or, God forbid, performing their own personality.

hc that Tim has this random fixation with things that glow in the dark. Just…. he’ll just kinda stare quietly at the thing in wonderment. And then Bruce finds out and totally buys Tim all kinds of cool glowy things.

Like, those stars that stick to the wall or ceiling, tape that glows (it’s a thing. I have it and I border my posters with it. it’s bat-symbol covered and it’s hella cool Tim totally has that stuff), or baubles that glow and twinkle (bat-symbol wall stickers are plastered all over his bedside wall and door).

And at first Tim’s probably a little like, “Bruce c'mon I’m like fifteen I’m waaay too old for this kinda thing.” bUT he totally loves it and knows Bruce knows this.

“ I have quotes all over my walls from bvb along with posters and such, but I hate how I found like six pages of Andy quotes and like four of Ashley and Jinxxs three of CC and when I looked for Jake quotes I found seven total quotes.  Not pages quotes.  Do people feel like certain members are more important that others because they’re all amazingly talented and equally important in the band ”

This is the case with a lot of bands, the front man and those with more eccentric personalities tend to get more attention than the quieter members. Sometimes quotes are just waiting to be found, however. Watch some Jake interviews and quote him yourself. No rules against that.


So I came back to the dorm from work today to find my roommate Thomas ( @hunhan-never-dies ) went and stuck posters all over our bedroom wall.

Keeping in mind our dorm rooms are literally two meters wide, he’s being a bit of a wall hog tbh

and he hasn’t finished yet.

Not that I’m complaining, I mean they’re pretty fucking gorgeous. Just…could you warn a guy next time? Like for real bro, it kind of scared the crap out of me.

Are we even allowed posters in our dorms? Well we’ll find out. *cough*

Oh, and he owes me a new desk.


First off, a big thank you to all who’s been messaging me, leaving comments and sending me emails asking about prints, i’m so glad that you are showing interest in having my work on your wall. Means a lot truly. So i finally got my act somewhat together and made a print available. Check it out and grab one if you like it and want to show your support! Thanks guys!

 Head over to: http://www.redbubble.com/people/otterclou ! Cheers!🍺🍺🍺


Fluffy Michael Imagine - Moving in with Michael

A/N Sorry, I know this is really fluffy but I hope you like it xx

Requested: Yes

Word count: 690

Warnings: none (but make sure to keep it to a level with your hotness because the global warming thing is meant to be taken seriously)

Resquest: Michael and y/n moving in together? You’re imagines are fantastic! ^^

Michael’s POV

Y/N lit scented candles everywhere around the flat to cover the smell of fresh paint which was still very prominent. We met each other every once in a while when we put different furniture into each room. Every time I passed her I pecked her lips and went on carrying the heavy boxes to the places they belonged. She was now standing on top of a ladder, hanging vinyl records off the ceiling and hanging up framed posters of bands we both liked. This was our music room. Unlike other males having an own apartment I preferred something like this over a hobby room in the basement.

On the left wall all my guitars were set in their stands, surrounded by multiple amplifiers and a microphone along with its wires and recording utensils.

The opposite had a huge shelf with all of our CD’s and a huge stereo in the middle. A big leather couch was placed against the third wall, covered in blankets and pillows.

When Y/N was about to get off the ladder I glanced into the room, seeing out of the corner of my eye that she was about miss a step and I rushed towards her, dropping the different cleaning chemicals I was about to treat the bathroom with. My hands gently supported her back and she didn’t even notice that she would’ve hit the floor if I wouldn’t have been there to hold her.

“Michael” she smiled at me as I picked her up, carrying her a few steps to sit on the couch, putting Y/N on my lap as I let my back burry into the pillows.

She snuggled into my chest, soon finding my hand to entwine her fingers with mine.


As we lie there, breathing in sync and playing with each other’s fingers, I looked up to face Mike.

I pulled a crumbled paper out of my jeans, once again reading my to-do list for our moving-together.

“Setting the couch” I read out loud.

“Check.” Michael nodded, grabbing a pillow and waving it in front of me, symbolizing victory.

“Decorating the music room” I moved on.

“Check” my boyfriend nodded, grabbing me even tighter, snuggling into my shoulder.

“Putting up the furniture” left my lips again.

“Check” he commended, pressing a kiss on my neck.

“Installing the bath tub” I read out again.

“Wait what? Installing?” my boyfriend asked doubting.

“Check” I grinned and got up, pulling him along with me. “I did that earlier” I added still having Michaels hand in mine when I lead him towards the bathroom.

The huge white tub was the most luxurious things I’d ever seen before. Since Michaels job was really lucrative and I felt bad for him always taking me out, we agreed to pay our flat divided with two. I saved so long to finally effort the bath tub I always wanted.

I pushed two buttons on the little keyboard next to it and water flushed into in from all directions. It shined in a blue share due to it having lamps integrated.

“NO WAY!” Michael said loudly, squeezing my hand a bit more.

“I feel like taking a bath right now” he grinned already undressing himself and he played with the hem of my tee.

“You wish” I laughed out, pulling out the check list again. “We still got plenty to do” I reminded him, letting the piece of paper glide down his now bare torso.

“Oh…” he gave me a small smirk, coming closer and making me walk backwards. “I think there’s something you need to check in the bath you know?” he kept making me stumble backwards until the back of my legs touched the edge of the bath. “You know… I think its damaged and you really need to fix that Y/N” he chuckled and now gripped my waist.

“DON’T YOU DARE!” I yelled, but Michael ignored me and put me into the hot water even though I was completely dressed.

Mike followed me soon after and kissed me passionately, making it impossible for me to be mad at him.

A/N I enjoyed writing this, please keep the requests up xx ♥ lots of love to y'all!

zozeebo Amazingly (and very gratefully) I’ve been on the front cover of quite a few magazines over the past few years. However, when I saw that I was on the front cover of GirlTalk, I got all nostalgic and felt emotional. This was the magazine I would beg my parents to let me have every fortnight between the ages of 8-12 and I would save them all and cut out all the posters and blue tac them to my bedroom wall. Imagine someone telling me as an 8 year old that one day there would be a poster of me in there, or that I would be on the front cover or even on another little girls bedroom wall. It’s just so crazy! Thank you all for your continued support with everything that happens on this journey. Your positive messages and comments never go unnoticed! ️ I just love you all (but also, never give up on something you love, regardless of whether people try and tear you down, keep your head up and carry on doing YOU) xxxxxx

Do you wanna build a robot (do you wanna build a snow man BH6 edition)

-5 year old Hiro-
Do you wanna build a robot, come on lets go and play! I never see you any more, all you do mourn, like someones gone away! We use to be close brothers and now we’re not, I wish you’d come out side! Do you wanna build a robot? It doesnt have to be a robot!
Go away Hiro.
Okay. Bye….
-10 year old Hiro-
Do you wanna build a robot!? Or help Aunt Cass in her cafê? I think some company is over do, I can hear you talking to the posters on your walls! It gets a little lonely, my big big room. Watching the hours tick bye!
-14 year old Hiro to post fire, in a coma Tadashi-
Tadashi? I know you’re in there.. The others are asking where I’ve been.. Aunt Cass says to have courage, that she knows you’ll pull though… We only have each other, and Aunt Cass too.. What am I gonna do… Do you wanna build a robot?
Tadashi- hey knucklehead…